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Challenge: 434
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 2
"Once in every immortal generation, there is turned a vampire, given great power and strength. He, and he alone, will protect the creatures of the night from those that would seek to destroy them. He is the SLayer of Slayers"

In another world, the demon community has their own version of the Slayer, the Slayer of Slayers. After the Slayer kills the Master, the Council of Demons sends their current Slayer of Slayers, William the Bloody, to Sunnydale, to protect the demon world from this new threat.

Must Have

-The revelation that while there are evil demons and Vampires, there are good ones as well. And Spike fights for the good ones.

-The Slayer is seen, to the good demons, as the same kind of threat the Master was to Humanity. According to the demons, Buffy is the Big Bad, and the Scoobies are seen as her 'minions'.

-Spike has his own version of the Scoobies, a demonic version.

-A happy and why is up to you

Can Have

-Drusilla is Spike's demonic Watcher.

-Angelus was not evil, but was infact the first Slayer of Slayers. When he was cursed with a soul, he, to the demons, turned "evil". In other words, Angel is the Faith to Spike's Buffy.

-Spike's team have members that are demonic that weren't in the original universe (for example, Tara is part of it and is, in fact, part demon)

-The Treasure of Amara, while having the ring, also has the Slayer of Slayer's version of the Scythe. 

-Spike going through the history of the SLayers he killed and explaining why they were Big Bads (The Chinese one was going to The Mouth of Heaven that would have unleashed holy energy to kill every demon there was in China; Nikki Wood had discovered a potion that turned Vampires back to human...whatever).

Can't Have

-Spike being a whiny, pathetic creature. He is the Slayer of Slayers, a tough battle ready fighter...not a wimp.

Challenge: 433

Buffy and Spike are sent back in time to some point in the late1800's London - Buffy is without memory of her slayer self, but Spike is himself but must pretend to be his former William self as to not bring unwanted attention to them. In the mean time he has to try to protect Buffy in this time without letting on to anyone that he isn't William. In this story I see Buffy somehow slipped into a persona of a proper lady of the time with a family and life there but Spike is aware that things aren't right and he has to try to get her to trust him and figure out how to get them back to their own time. I think the interesting part would be seeing Spike struggle to go back to being his former William-self even though he is bursting to rebel.

Challenge: 432
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 5
"If you wanna make the world a better place, gotta look at yourself and make a change!"

-Michael Jackson, The Man in the Mirror"

When Buffy makes the comment that she can't understand how Spike can act like he does, she gets a chance to find out: She and Spike swap personalities (they know who they are, and remain who they are, they just gain the others traits and quirks).


-Buffy is still the slayer, only now she is British, likes the punk look (new hairdo, makeup), steals a coat from a demon she beats, enjoys kitten poker and Passions, thinks Xander is annoying...basically, she acts exactly as Spike would act.

-Likewise, Spike now wants to look fashionable, wants to be friendly with the Scoobies, is stuck with Valley Girl slang...he reacts like Buffy would act.

-Dawn not being annoying. She should actually help lead to the answer to fixing things.

-And just to make it one point, the Scoobies must hear a full gospel choir sing the Michael Jackson song, "Man in the Mirror" (how and why...and even if it is a human choir or a bunch of demons is up to you).


-I would love to see the other Scoobies also get switched (Dawn suddenly wearing tweed and cleaning her new glasses, Giles pouting and idolizing Spike; Xander thinking about sex and money while Anya is ashamed of him; Willow shy and timid and Tara getting a taste for dark magic). Heck...go wild with who gets affect...image Joyce brooding and using too many hair care products while Angel mothers Buffy and makes Spike Hot Coco.

-Glory taking one look at this insanity and deciding her key must be elsewhere

-Faith seeing the new and improved Buffy and horrified that she's been "Out Faithed"!


-Angst...or much of it. If you can't tell, this should be a funny

Challenge: 431
Season:Season 6
Super Heroes

When Willow did her forgetting spell during Tabula Rasa, the Nerd Trio were trying a spell  to make themselves into super heroes, somehow the spells got mixed up. The Scoobies now think, (or really are, your choice) they are all super heroes. The Nerds just get their memories wiped, or they can be the villians. (the Penguin, Lex Luthor, The Joker, etc...)Spike: Batman Buffy: Cat WomanGiles:AlfredDawn: Batgirl Anya, Willow, Tara: your choice, Cordy: Wonder Woman (she gets really dizzy when she spins though) Xander as Robin would be a plusAngel thinking he is Superman, then he repeatedly trying to fly only to keep falling on his butt Any other characters you want from the BtVS AtS verses can be super heroes too.

Challenge: 430
Season:Season 1
Episode: Nightmare (Remember Billy, the baseball kid in a coma, and everyone's nightmares came to life.)

So...the idea is that even though the Gang manages to wake Billy and save reality and all that rot, Buffy is still stuck a vampire somehow.  Then, you know, do some fastforward or whatever to bring Spike in.  Let the drama and Spuffiness ensue.

Must Have:

Also Preferable:
-Buffy NOT being totally evil.  (I guess you could make her a bit evil if you really really really want to work it in, just please, not Angelus evil.)
-Drusilla not dying.  (I love her!)
-Xan/Will can be a sideplot.  
-Darla gets brought back.
-Angelus for entertainment or something.
-Mrs. Calender NOT dying.

This plot is really up to you guys, heck, I might even write a "response" to my own challenge.  But you guys are definately better.  =P  Be creative and amuse me!

Challenge: 429
Buffy's a normal human, Spike is a vampire. Faith is the Slayer, Giles her Watcher. Willow is a witch, and Buffy is mostly clueless. Until she meets Spike...

Either in Season 2, 3, or 4.

If it's Season 4, Riley can be Buffy's original love interest.

Romance can play out however you want, but there must be Spuffy, of course! 

Dawn is optional.

As little Xander as possible.

Angel can be present, but not Angelus. Faith can't work with Angel or think of any vampires as "good."

Neither Spike nor Buffy can die.

Other pairings optional.

Challenge: 428
Name:Madeline Black
Season:Post Chosen
Post Chosen
ATVs Ending - Post

During the final battle with the senior partners and hoardes of demons, Spike realises that the Dragon is another dimensional key and when killed a portal will close and the battle will end.

Angel manages to kill the dragon and he and Spike are shanshued although keep strength and speed abilities.

However Angel wants to be with Buffy so he sends Spike to another dimension.

Buffy finally starts a relationship with Angel after them being 'friends'

This thing is struck by confusion as Spike is returned.

Him and Buffy sleep together and she gets pregnant.


Spike being feral before Buffy finds him
Spike claiming Buffy

Implied rape of Buffy by Angel so he thinks the child is his

The Child MUST BE Spikes.

Can Haves:

New Slayers
Scooby Gang


Spike or Buffy dying

Challenge: 427
Season:Season 4

Time travel, I know it’s been done so many times but they make the best stories. This would be pre chipped Spike.


Spike and Buffy are both finding it hard after their break ups from Dru and Angel. Battling away together in the cemetery, Halfreck grants them a wish when Buffy laughs at Spike saying how she wished she could've seen him back in his sad old days. She knows this from the stories Angel told her. Spike wishes this to, only his wish was meant for the bad ass Spike. But his wish gets misinterpreted.

Both time travel back to London, before Spike is sired. Buffy has to depend on Spike. Spike feels like Buffy is a bad rash, following him all the time. He only helps after she blackmails him. She tells him she WILL find his former self if he does not help her. Spike still wants to keep the big bad image in her eyes. Spike uses his old house for Shelter and clothing for Buffy.  (Mothers away visiting family) but his memory did not serve him right and William returns early.

They have to explain everything.  Buffy starts falling for William on their path to find a way back to their original time. Spike gets a little jealous, but also feels good that the Slayer could love his original self.

William takes Buffy and Spike to a masquerade ball. Spike makes a play for Cecily, with his badass charms. Only to tell her at the end of the evening she is beneath him. During the evening Buffy shares a kiss. But with whom? She is certain it’s William. But is it?

It’s coming to the time when William will be sired. They all know this has to go ahead, can’t change this, otherwise it would be drastic for the future. Spike can see that Buffy and William have fallen for one another. So he tells them he will stay behind and William can take his place back in the future. He will make sure nothing changes in the past, so the future will be safe.  On kissing Spike goodbye, Buffy feels the warm feeling but not in her stomach, but her heart. She’s unsure what this means. William and Buffy go forward to the future. Everything is exactly the same. Spike had done what he’d promised.  Is she happy now?  Is William happy? Did Spike do anything different through history? Does Spike love Buffy? But most importantly who does Buffy love?

Would like:

Sex Scene/s

Funny banter between Spike and Buffy and William and Spike

A small part for Angelus, Dru and Darla (Fanged four)

Part for Anya/ Anyanka


Challenge: 426
Season:Season 5

What if when Tara and Willow performed the Teleportation spell on Glory, Spike & Buffy were teleported to somewhere as well, (not with Glory though). They can be teleported to somewhere like a deserted island, or maybe even another dimension (not an alternate Sunnydale though). And since Willow was still working on the ‘kinks’ in the spell, they do not know where Spike and Buffy went (originally, but the Scoobies can work it out if you want).

Must haves:

Spike and Buffy claiming each other - so obviously some bitey-action ;)

Obviously it will be pre-Crush so Spike is in love with Buffy, but Buffy doesn’t know it yet

A nice fluffy spuffy ending :)

Can have:

Either Xander, Angel or Riley, or any combination of those, as the antagonist/s once they return from wherever Spike and Buffy went – can also have baddies were they were trapped though

Can have some angst but not too much

If you make it an alternate dimension, you can make it so that the blood in the dimension is different & inedible to Spike, so Spike has nothing to eat & gets weaker & weaker... you can then add Buffy's Slayer blood in there somehow as she would be the only one that can feed him... up to you! ;)

Cannot have:

Glory (only mentioned at start or whatever, but don’t make the story revolve around her)

Shy Spike

Angelus, Drusilla or Darla

Joyce dying… or any other Scooby for that matter!

No instant love between Spike & Buffy – I want it to build up (for Buffy anyway)

Challenge: 425
Name:Molly Rosenberg
Season:Post Chosen

I'd like to see a grand reunion for Spike and Buffy in Rome. Buffy doesn't know Spike is back and after the big battle at the end of Angel, he goes to find her. Buffy is holding in depression cause he's gone and is drunk on a roof thinking about jumping when he finds her. Angst... and then some fluff at the end.

Must haves:

- Angst!

- Andrew, cause he's quite funny

- Dawn trying to help Spike

- Lorne in Rome for whatever reason

- A humourous conclusion

- The use of the following words - 'nifty', 'great spanking bollocks!', 'get out of my bathtub!' and 'crazy like faith was'

Challenge: 424
This one has been banging against my skull for a while and I almost feel the buzz of its urgency to be written, but I have no time... so I'll just post it as a challenge and hope some one will write it. Or if it's out there somewhere, I'll be directed to it.

AU/AR season 5 ( I suppose you could try going away from that, but I don't see how you could... maybe season 4.)

The Challenge:
Spike is the Key.

Must haves:
His history remains the same excluding the chip. You may let him keep it or not - that's up to you
Spike is still in love with Buffy (but whether or not he's told her is up to you).

Can have:
Dawn (I don't mind her; it'd be interesting to keep her as a character)
The Buffy-bot (and maybe with a Spike-bot thrown in, pretty please?)
Character death (I'd actually prefer this) but it can also have a happily-ever-Spuffy-ending.

cannot have:
any hints of Spike/Willow or Spike/Xander whatsoever.?I absolutely loathe the pairing.

Have fun!

Challenge: 423
Name:ghost writer
Season:Post Chosen

Buffy's Eleven


I want an Ocean's Eleven-type of Spuffy fic.

It's post NFA, Buffy and Spike have found each other and have been together for at least a year when they and some of the other Slayer's have to pull off an Ocean's Eleven, Twelve or Thirteen style job.

It can be on anybody 

- a new master vampire that's really into high tech

- a new branch of the Initiative

- Ethan Rayne

- even just a training exaercise, it's all up to you

but there has to be a good explination for why they're doing it

- make the girls act as a team

- get some majical or technological do-hicky, whatever comes to mind

I want humor, thrills and chills *wink, wink*, and just overall fun. I know that there's someone out there just dying to do this one, have fun and good luck!

~Ghost Writer

Challenge: 422
Season:Post Chosen
Post Chosen. Buffy thinks back on Spike's death and why he sacrificed himself for the world and decides that if he had never fallen in love with her all those years ago, he never would have died. She misses him so much and laments the fact that only now will she admit to herself that she loves him. Distracted by her grief, the oldest living Slayer yet makes a mistake and says "Oh, I just wish he never fell in love with me!" Unknown to her, a vengence demon whose raison d'etre involves avenging the pain of losing a loved one and specilizes in time-travel hears her wish and grants it. Suddenly, our mourning Slayer is thrust into the past, to the beginning of season four and her college life, as a matter of fact. (This is because the vengence demon sent her back before the time when the foundation of Spike's love for Buffy was built - when he got the chip.) This time, future Buffy gets a chance to change things. Can she still love Spike when he's soulless and chipless? Will the events of season four be completely altered? Buffy can only go back if she finds the demon that granted her wish. Does she want to? Will she if given the chance? One thing's for sure - life is not going to be the same - future Buffy's going to make sure they all get a happier life than before. But does she help or make things worse?


Spuffy. They gotta get together somehow. (Except this time, Buffy already loves Spike and he's the one in denial.)


Buffy is more accepting to Anya. Maybe she recommends Anya and Giles go into buisness together or something a tad early.

Taking down the Initiative. Maybe they can stop Project 314 before Adam is finished. After all, Buffy knows some things this time.

Willow/Oz or Willow Tara. Maybe Buffy tries to keep Willow and Oz's relationship together by diong something about Veruca, but maybe they fall apart anyways. Maybe Tara is also introduced to the group even if Willow stays with Oz. You choose!


Buffy does NOT go to LA and do the whole 'i will remember you' episode with Angel. This Buffy's already used to their seperation and not whining.

Buffy/Riley. nope.

Joyce death. Buffy has her mom go to the hospitals for check-ups earlier! so no death!

Dawn. Technically, Dawn hasn't been made human yet, so she doesn't exist. This is gonna be strange for our Buffy!

Challenge: 421
Season:Season 6
As I was playing Guitar Hero and (badly) singing "Hotel California" I thought it could make a cool story. So my challenge is to get Buffy and Spike trapped in the Hotel California until they kill whatever  is keeping people there.

Can haves-

Can be set in any season, but I love re-worked season six stories.
The thing keeping them there can be a demon or a human, like Ethan Rayne, or a witch, that's up to you.

Must haves -

As many details of the song as possible (such as, "dark desert highway", "dancing in the courtyard").
The nightman saying "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave".
Lots of sexual tension followed by lots of sex.

Must not have -

Buffy or Spike dying.
Spike being Buffy's punching bag.


Passage Back by Holliday1081 (wip)

Challenge: 420
Season:Season 2
A Spuffy Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered!
This idea has stuck in my head and since I'm not gonna do it I can at least hope someone else will!

Spike decides that he loves Dru more than he hates magic and a love spell is the way to get her back. As with all his plans, this one goes wrong. Every girl in Sunnydale falls in love with him except Buffy! It can be in season 2,3 or 4(it's your choice, but if you choose season 2 there must be Angelus and at the same time there musn't be a wheelchair for Spike).

Must haves:
~ Willow Joice, Faith, Cordy, Tara, Anya and Harmony all in love with Spike(of course some girls won't be there, it all depends on which season you'll choose)
~ Spike getting into trouble and Buffy helping him and vice versa
~ Buffy being angry at all the girls and calling Spike her vampire
~ Buffy?fighting with?another girl /girls over Spike?
~ Spike and Willow kissage(sorry, I just can't help myself) and at least two other girls making out with Spike
~ Angelus, Angel or Riley being jealous(again depends on the season )
~ A very Spuffy ending and lots of fun!

Can haves:
~ Dru not being under the spell
~ Dru coming to Sunnydale(if you choose season 3 or 4)
~ Buffy dusting Harmony 'cause "she can't keep her hands of her vampire"
~ Darla or/and Kendra
~ Spike and Angel friendship

Can't haves:
~ Character death(except Harmony) 'cause it's supposed to be fun after all
~ Spike bashing(not even a bit)
~ Dawn
~ Buffy/Other(only lots of Spike/other)
~ paralyzed Spike

Well, I think that's it! Yeah, I know it's a lot but I hope that if you pick it up, you'll have fun while making me the happiest girl!

Challenge: 419
Season:Season 5
Just something silly and fun.

Set in a non-Glory Season 5 where Riley is already gone, the gang for some reason(go nuts on the reason, whatever you want) spends an evening hanging out with Spike in his crypt.

Must have at least 5 of the following:
Buffy flipping out over a spider
Xander screaming and hiding behind Anya
Tara accidentally turning one of the sarcophagus' into chocolate
Willow and Dawn singing something funny
Spike uttering the phrase "Hmph. Angel never complained when I kissed HIM."
Xander saying that he would do Spike if he was gay.
Buffy laughing hard enough to fall over.
Spike talking about his 'Woodstock experience'
Tara getting drunk
A talking frog
Anya revealing she had a relationship with The Immortal
Dawn drifting off into a Spike/Angel fantasy.
Willow finding out that Spike was a poet
A joyride in the DeSoto, with everyone crammed in
The gang watching 'American Pie' and saying how the girl looks just like Willow
Can't Have:
Angel Bashing
Xander being TOO much of a dick to Spike

Have fun!

Challenge: 418
Season:Season 6
The Scoobies all turn blind in a matter of days, including Spike. Dawn and Buffy aren't afflicted, and it turns out it's all because of  a demon they fought when Buffy was dead. Takes place after ''Once More With Feeling'', so Buffy must balance with blind friends, blind Spike demanding explanation for the kiss, and the fact that she was in heaven and everyone knows it, as she tries to find the demon who caused most of the mess. Scoobies must be able to see again by the end, but Spike mustn't, but Buffy should stay with him nevertheless.

Challenge: 417
Season:Season 5

I've been watching (and loving) the Dr Who spinoff Torchwood in which there is a rift in time and space in Cardiff. John Barrowman is mega cute and sexy as ‘Captain Jack Harkness’, and James Marsters has guest appeared as 'Captain John Hart' in the first episode of season 2 as a rather naughty and extremely sexy rogue time agent (and he will again in the finale of season 2. Yay!).

My challenge is for a Crossover alternative ending to the season 5 finale 'The Gift'.

After Buffy squishes Glory, Spike and Buffy are together at the top of the tower trying to free Dawn and fighting 'Doc' when Dawn's blood opens the portal, then when Buffy jumps to close the portal Spike grabs on to her to stop her but gets pulled into the portal with her.

Buffy and Spike are drawn through the portal (which closes) and they are dumped out of the time/space rift in Cardiff and end up in Torchwood.

Newsflash to Torchwood! Vampires are real…and despite their initial assumption they ain’t aliens.

Has to have:

Not all angst or fluff, has to be a bit of both and some humour.

A 'slow burn' relationship between Buffy & Spike (no jumping straight into bed together) but the classic 'stranded together and can only rely on each other which builds respect and trust which becomes love' theme. Don’t forget Spike has already declared his love for Buffy who reacted badly, but he is still at the stage of ‘I know you’ll never love me’ and is resigned to his love being unrequited as he places himself in her service.

At first either Buffy or Spike should be attracted to either Captain Jack or Captain John (nothing more than flirting and a bit of kissage) before they settle down into the Spuffy relationship. The one not doing the flirting has to display jealousy.

Spike’s chip has to be fried in the trip through the portal/rift. How they discover this and Buffy’s reaction is up to you.

There has to be a vampire Slaying (not Spike!) in front of Torchwood witnesses.

Spike can’t be all fluffy and doormatty. He has to display his demon’s violent characteristics at some point.

There has to be biting and claiming!

While trying to figure out how to get home Buffy & Spike help the Torchwood team on a time/space rift mission, utilising Buffy’s Slayer capabilities and Spike’s Vampire senses.

There has to be a happy Spuffy ending when they get home (Giles’ & Scoobies’ reactions up to you).


Can have:

Dawn could be drawn with them. If Dawn goes too her Keyness has to feature in the story and Spike has to be all ‘sworn to protect her’ and overprotective which irritates her at the same time as she loves him for it.

Doc could be drawn with them. This would result in either a messy Slaying as Torchwood find them or a protracted search for him during the story.

Contact with the Watchers Council in London in an attempt to get them home… and if you use this you have to introduce magic to a sceptical Torchwood team.

‘Back at the ranch’ scenes describing how Giles and the Scoobies are trying to figure out where B&S went and how to get them back.

Can’t have:

Any mention of Angel, unless it’s to show him Buffy & Spike claimed and happy together and to get in a bit of Angelbashing.


B&S would be 'in the future' as far as they are concerned when they land in Cardiff (about 2010), so would they learn that Sunnydale is a big sinkhole? Would these events change the future (regarding the FE) for them once they get home? How do they get home? How much time has passed in Sunnydale? Is there a prophecy involved? Do the PTB get involved? Does Dr Who turn up? All up to you.

Challenge: 416
Season:Season 6
'Came back wrong'

Canon up until 'Dead things', then...

What if when Tara sits Buffy down to tell her the outcome of her research into the resurrection spell she has to tell her that she HAD 'come back wrong'?

Obviously it's nothing too dramatic as Buffy's emotons and behaviour are just a bit 'off', and what the problem is is up to you.

Everything else is open to your own imagination, but it HAS TO BE that it turns out the only way to stabilise Buffy is for Spike to claim her.

Challenge: 415
Season:Season 7
Season 7, no particular episode.

Buffy, the Scoobies and the Potentials are preparing for the big fight with the First, when they get an unexpected visit from their LA friends. The AI and the Scoobies working together? That's not going to end well.

Must have:
- Cordelia not being evil but still having visions (thanks to them she knows what's happening in Sunnydale and convinces Angel they should be there)
- Connor (because reading about Buffy's reaction to him is going to be priceless)
- Spuffy (duh!)
- Spike and Dawn at some point being friends again
- Spike and Angel constantly arguing about everything

Can have:

- Spike and Connor getting along (for the pure pleasure of annoying Angel)
- Dawn and Connor (if you like it)
- Spike befriending Fred / Wesley / Gunn / Cordelia...

The rest is up to you. I just think it would be great to read a crossover like that.

Challenge: 414
Season:Post Chosen
Its been 6(or longer your choice) weeks since the fall of Sunnydale.  The Sunnydale Gang is holding up a the Hyperion untill some other arangements can be made.  No one wants to go back, except for one-Buffy.  Stealing the Angelmobile, Buffy makes her way back to the Crater.  To the one man that lost his life.  Driving up to the Sunnydale crater, Buffy sits down on the ground.  As she begins to think about Spike, a being floats out of the shadows.  Its Drusilla.  Write a one-shot (or more if you like)  about what they talk about.

~Drusilla in all her nutty glory.
~That eventhough Drusilla is crazy, Buffy is able to figure out what she says.
~Buffy getting the hint that somehow, someway Spike will/has come back.  You can either stick with canon(where Spike ends up at Wolfam and Hart) or make up something else.
~Angel trying to stop Buffy from seeing Spike(when he does come back).
~Riley coming back for Hostile 17(and failing of course).

~Spikes mother(i'm gonna call her Anne) meeting up with Buffy and thanking her for 'saving my son'.

~Buffy trying to stake Drusilla or Drusilla trying to kill Buffy.
~No character death.

Anything else is up to you.  Good luck and have fun!

Challenge: 413
Name:Mr Chaos
Season:Season 4
Someone (Willow, Ethan Rayne, some OC character…heck even a character from ‘The OC’ if you are really crazy) performs a spell, hoping to make Buffy into a normal girl. Spike interferes, and the spell is altered (again, how is up to you): Instead of becoming normal, Buffy and Spike slowly begin to transform into a pure Slayer Demon and a pure Vampire demon.

While I would prefer this to be more of a humorous/action/adventure story, I don't mind if people throw in SOME angst (but please...don't make it all Buffy whining about her suddenly...I don't know...growing to 7 feet tall or spines shooting out of her wrists...unless it is done in a funny way!)

Must Have

-The pure Slayer and pure Vampire are uber demons…the best of the best. As a result, both enjoy some of the changes (strength, new abilities…so on)
-The change isn’t merely mental; Buffy and Spike both begin to physically transform into demonic versions of themselves. These forms are up to you, but should be more then “Buffy gains fangs”…I want to seem the two of them get some really cool new bodies…see the ‘Van Helsing” demon-bat vampires for reference.
-We all know that Dawn, Tara and Joyce would be there to help Buffy and Spike as they undergo this metamorphosis. But what about someone we don’t expect? Thus, someone we would never think of comes to their aid and offers them comfort.
-Buffy and Spike using their new forms to save the world.

Can Have

-Buffy and Spike permanently changing (IE, no spell to undo this)
-The revelation that a pure Slayer Demon and a Vampire Demon are infact the same species: The females are slayers, the vamps males…thus Spike and Buffy feel a primal urge to come together and make with the Spuffy.
-The demon community celebrating the transformations (as they feel a demon slayer should side with them and that now Buffy is one of them) with parties, a parade…76 trombones…whatever makes you happy.
-The famous “This is all a prophecy!” story plot-point
-The transformation destroying the chip

Can’t Have

-The transformation being little more then “Buffy gains fangs”
-Spike’s pure demon form being that hideous green demon form Angel went into in Pylea…come on, make it cool!

Challenge: 412
Name:Winchester Hemery
Ok, so if this story has already been written, then hey ! Tell me where you saw it, cause, obviously, I want to read it.
This is an idea that I have been kind of working on myself (but it has taken a backseat to some other fics I have going), but I think it would be really neat to see what other people would do with the idea. I think this basic idea could support several fics, as everybody would be coming from a different perspective.
This is a crossover with Buffy, Angel, and Supernatural.
What if  "The First" , "Jasmine", and "The Yellow-Eyed Demon" and their respective Apocolypes were somehow connected? What effect would knowing that (or finding out after the fact) have.
The story can take place 'Buffy season 7, Angel season 4, and Supernatural season 2', or 'ATS season 5, Supernatural season 3, and BtVS pre season 8(comic)', or it can take place at, or after 'ATS finale, BtVS pre season 8, Supernatural season 3 finale (my version has the AI gang meeting , and saving, Dean in Hell. Yes, I do slightly reference the Angel comics.)'. 
You can reference the Buffy season 8 and Angel after the fall comics if you want. 
Sam and Dean can be meeting the others for the first time, or have a past connection. And you can involve them romantically with whomever you want ( but if it is Buffy it can only be temporary, she should end up with Spike). Also in my version Dean is Buffy's half brother ( they look so much alike!). Who knew that Dean's biological father was Mary's highschool sweetheart ( who ditched her to go to college) Hank Summers. Feel free to use this plot point in your scenario too. 
Can have: dead character's brought back ( as long as you have a good explaination).
Must nots:  no babies, or Mating of characters. And no Wincest.

Challenge: 411
Season:Season 2

Groundhog Day


Set during Season 2 - 4, goes off canon from there. Inspired by the Supernatural Episode „Mystery Spot“.


Spike finally succeeds and kills his third slayer. Well, she dies, at least.


Shortly after, Spike gets approached by the Powers To Be. If he goes back in time and saves Buffy (actually saves her, not just not kills her), they are going to grant him a wish (which depends on which scenario you want to take. But they are lying to Spike, anyway.)

Spike actually tries and doesn't kill her himself, but then she dies in another way. The day gets rewinded and Spike has to try again, because once taken the deal, he can't break it. But no matter what he does, Buffy just keeps dying. He gets to know her in the meanwhile and falls in love with her much earlier than he is supposed to be. But Spike just can't figure out what he's doing wrong...



Possible scenarios, pick one you like or think of one yourself:

  • „Halloween“: Giles breaks the Janus statue just a minute later and Spike actually manages to kill Buffy. The scoobies and Angel are grieving and of course Angel refuses to help Spike to save Drusilla. Angel then gets locked in the cage by Kendra and this time actually dies, because Kendra stops Willy from helping him. Spike can't find another cure for Drusilla and she turns to dust. The Powers offer to save Drusilla.

  • „I only have eyes for you“: Angelus and Buffy take the right roles and Angelus shoots Buffy. This puts a stop to his obsession over Buffy and he takes off with Drusilla, leaving Spike behind. The Powers offer to erase Angelus from Drusilla's mind once and for all.

  • „Lover's Walk“: Not Cordelia, but Buffy falls through the stairs and gets impaled on that pole. She dies. The Powers offer to erase any thought about Spike being obsessed with Buffy from Drusilla's mind.

  • „Amends“: The First succeeds and gets Angel to kill Buffy.

  • „Graduation Day“: The Mayor succeeds in killing Buffy.

  • „The Harsh Light of Day“: Spike kills Buffy during the fight for the ring, he returns to an upset Harmony, who in the meantime plotted her revenge: She waits until Spike is asleep, then takes the ring from him and destroys it (wearing it herself doesn't cross her mind; Spike would take it back from her anyway) The Powers offer Spike the ring.

  • „Pangs“: The chip, being the prototype that it is, stops working and Spike kills Buffy in Giles' home, only to get staked by an arrow from the native american spirits. The Powers offer Spike his life.



This doesn't totally make sense yet, but this idea is stuck in my head, so... please take it out of there and write a great story. Pretty please?

Challenge: 410
Season:Season 3
   This challenge begins at the start of "Earshot". Basically, a vampire gang is having a fight with the telepathic demons, maybe for being on their turf. Of course, when vamps fight, biting is involved, and one of the vamps ingests some of the telepathic demons' blood. Buffy shows up and gets blood from a telepathic demon and vamp mixed on her, so when she begins to hear thoughts, she isn't hearing humans, but hearing vamps and maybe demons. The point is that Buffy can hear Angel's, Spike's, and any random minion vamp's thoughts and can compare them and how they think about her and things in general.
   BTW, you can have vamp thoughts be between a demon and a more human side having a conversation, or just like a demonic voice, or even change the telepathy to include pictures or colors or feelings. Go wild!

Must Have:
Spike thinking naughty thoughts about Buffy at least once when he doesn't know she can read his mind.
Angel thinking some impatient or exasperated thought about Buffy being immature and her going off at him, preferably with Spike watching.
Buffy going on patrol and runing across some very dark, animalistic fledgeling's thoughts while fighting him--can be serious and creepy/scary or wigworthy funny

Can't Have:
Vamp!Buffy  This is supposed to be a fun fic, not a tragedy
Angel dying, though he can get beaten up by Spike or Buffy

*If you want a more specific challenge, Challenge 408 is also Earshot but a little different from mine.

Challenge: 409
Season:Season 5
There is a new demon in town, a beautiful demon. Enchantress (feel free to pick another name) is a demon with the appearance of a gorgeous woman, strong (not Glory strong but come on!! She???s the Big Bad after all) fast and with a special power on top of it all. EVERY man that happens to see her falls in a sort of love spell, the same obsessive devotion but controlled by her power. What she wants is up to you. Open the Hellmouth? ?Conquer the world? Annoy the hell out of Buffy? Go wild with it.

The personality of the demon is also up to you, so try to make her a little smart -- after all she has the whole male population under her thumb, she could give Buffy a run for her money.
?It can be placed in season 5 (although without Glory) or in season 6 with her in the place of the Nerds.
Must have:
♣Spike under her spell. After all he IS a man. You can play the card ???I love Buffy too much to kill her?? but nothing beyond the whole "I'm fighting lousy and really slowly so you can defeat me". He cannot fully override the command of the demon.
♣Spike showing an immunity of sorts in the beginning (He IS under the spell but due to the command of Enchantress pretends being the same ol???Spike) and tells Buffy that he is sick of following her around and has stopped loving her. Buffy Does NOT reache an epiphany (Oh I love him and all the insecurities and traumas that haunted me for years suddenly went away) but does get somehow wounded by this fact.
♣Dawn (I sort of like the annoying little sister who happens to find Spike cool) so make her friends with him.
♣Mr. Gordo (I also like the goddamn pig so?? mention him? o.o)
Can have:
♣Willow and Tara falling under the enchantment; after all, it would be fun seeing Buffy research and beat the demon without the core of the Scoobies. If you feel like it, you can also take Anya away (come on, she is so sexually open that she might be a victim of the spell) So it would be Buffy and Dawn (and Joyce maybe) against the male population (and some females) Oh boy!
♣A limit to her power, for example if you cut contact with her for?? say a day. You are free. That???s it until you see her again of course.
♣Making someone blind to avoid said relapse xD.
♣Anything else that is not forbidden below.
Can???t have:
♣Soulful Spike
♣AND unless it is a long fic with character growth, it can???t have a ???happily ever after??. I found that sometimes a look, a caress, an amiable word or a change in the relationship that only the reader can see is more satisfactory than a rushed ???I love you??

Challenge: 408
Season:Season 3

A episode rewrite of Earshot-Spuffy style!

We all remember the episode where Buffy was able to hear everyone’s thoughts right?  Well, remember when she was trying to hear Angels thoughts, and he said something about how he was vampire and all, and that she wasn't able to read his mind?  Enter a certain bleached-blond vamp.  Dru has dumped him again and he’s gunning for his third dead slayer.  But while Buffy may not be able to read Angels mind, what if she could read Spikes mind instead?  Could the reason be that he’s more 'human' then Angel?  Or maybe the Slayer and the Vampire are more then a match then anyone thought possible?  Its up to you.

~Buffy finds some interesting things about Spike, including the real reason why Dru left him in the first place.
~Spike saves Buffy instead of Angel.
~Spike stays, while Angel leaves as per in cannon(meaning that Angel is there in the whole episode rewrite).
~Angel bashing-vest!
~Claimed Spuffy!

~Spike, Buffy and Angel Killing each other(though, you can have them fighting, just no dusting).
~Buffy/Spike/Angel.  This isn't a threesome fic folks!

~At the end of the story(an epilogue maybe?), you can tell what happened at Graduation, with Spike being there to help out with the Mayer(keep as close to cannon as possible i.e.; Angel Leaves, etc.)

The reason why Buffy can read Spikes thoughts but not Angels is entirely up to you, so have fun!

Challenge: 407
Season:Season 7
Buffy: Season 7


Spike has returned with his soul, but the First is not around yet.  Spike is NOT acting crazy, and he has come back to make up for what he's done.  Buffy, however, knows that she's pregnant.  She found out while Spike was in Africa.

  • Buffy must find out on her own that Spike now has a soul.  He CANNOT tell her.
  • The Scoobies must react accordingly to how their character would probably react to Buffy's pregnancy and the fact that the baby is Spike's.
  • There must be a prophecy involved.
  • Angel cannot be called in to help with the prophecy.  Other characters are fine.
  • Buffy must come to terms with the bad blood between her and Spike, and she must forgive him.
  • No character bashing of any kind, unless it's Riley.
  • Focus on other pairings. 
  • Attempted rape or rape of any kind.
  • The First
  • Any exes.  No Angel.  No Dru.  No Harmony.  No Riley, etc.

Challenge: 406
Season:Season 5

What if…

In ‘Family’ when Spike punches Tara on the nose it doesn’t hurt… him.

Although she has been shown to be part demon, the Scoobies support her choice not to go with her family who have no idea what type of demon she’s supposed to be. Big Scooby research…

Tara turns out to have a touch of a similar sort of demon to Cordelia’s, with the glowing and the hovering and the healing. This type of demon doesn’t originate in a ‘Hell’ dimension, but in a ‘Heavenly’ dimension… hence Tara (and thus Cordy, but that can’t be helped! LOL) is part Angel!

As her new talents manifest she develops the ability to see through bluster and denial and pretence and deliberate deception and magic to see into the ‘real person’ within. Any other neat abilities she might have are up to you.

This means that she can see:

  • That ‘Glory is Ben, Ben is Glory’.
  • That Dawn is The Key.
  • That Spike’s developing feelings for Buffy (They are already there, even though at this point he is as deeply in denial as Buffy) are genuine and that he is truly trying to be a ‘better man’ for her. That given the slightest encouragement he really is willing to ‘turn his back on the whole evil thing’ to be worthy of her and if he should be accepted and integrated into the group he would become a formidable ally/partner.
  • That Giles is feeling bored, lonely and under-appreciated.
  • That Riley still doesn’t understand Buffy’s primary motivation in all things is her commitment to her Calling. He is fully aware that he and Buffy have no future and he is making a futile and misguided attempt to understand her through the vamp biting but is getting addicted, and is therefore a danger to them all because of the likelihood of being turned.
  • That Buffy doesn’t really love Riley. She’s only dating him to keep everyone (including herself – denial much?) happy that she’s ‘normal’. She is suppressing her true nature in an attempt to live up to Angel’s selfish wishes for her to ‘have a normal life’ (his feeble excuse for leaving her) even though she subconsciously knows she’ll never be ‘normal’ and will never find happiness with a ‘normal’ guy.
  • That Xander is terrified of becoming like his father and although he’s really fond of Anya he’s still pining for Buffy.
  • That Willow is so lacking in self-esteem she’s desperate for power to control her surroundings and is starting to delve far too deeply into dark magics in an attempt to do so.
  • That Anya is unhappy with the way that Xander treats her but she is so scared of her new mortality and is so desperate to ‘fit in’ and not be left on her own that she accepts it as a necessary evil.

Must have:

Riley showing his insensitivity, disgust and bigotry at discovering Tara’s true identity.
Riley dumpage. (Bonus points for Riley punchage.)

Can Have:

(At time of Aprilbot) Tara seeing the danger that Warren is to become.
If at any time Angel should show up, Tara sees his true nature… {shudder}
Drusilla dustage.
Riley getting together with Harmony when he’s dumped.
Riley being turned.

Can’t have:



Eventual BiteyClaimySpuffy… of course…

Challenge: 405
Season:Season 5



 What if:


In ‘Crush’ when Buffy tells Joyce and Willow about Spike’s (almost) declaration of love and Buffy admits “I do beat him up a lot. For Spike that's like third base.” Joyce expresses horror that Buffy would be so cruel as to beat up on someone who can’t defend himself, just because she can.

Joyce realises that what she has been sensing in Spike in the past few months when he’s been popping in to see her, is his growing regard for Buffy.

When she realises that Buffy knows exactly what she is doing (continually beating him up despite the effect she knows she is having on him, re: the third base reference) she points out to Buffy the obviousness of her own developing feelings for the vampire.

Willow (as always) follows the example of the current authority figure and supports Spike, acknowledging that he has been changing and helping them. Shows similar sympathy for him as she did in ‘Doomed’.

When Buffy goes back to the crypt to ‘talk to’ Spike she finds the ‘shrine’ and using her new insight gained from Joyce’s and Willow’s perspectives is flattered rather than disgusted. Once she comes around from being zapped, when Spike does his whole rant she can see how genuine he is and gives him his crumb.

Drusilla dustage.

Spike releases Buffy immediately, but then he realises just what he’s done and starts mourning Dru.

Buffy comforts him and when Harmony turns up Buffy gets rid of her (whether by chasing her off or dusting her is up to you).

Spike is accepted into the Scoobies, albeit only reluctantly by Giles & Xander, but Giles soon recalls his ‘higher purpose’ idea from the beginning of ‘the I in Team’ and becomes more enthusiastic..

Spike is therefore present at one of Ben/Glory’s presto-chango’s and this leads to Glory being defeated without Buffy (or Dawn) dying.

Must have:
Snarky UST and SlowBurnSpuffy!

Can’t have:
Disinvite spell.


Challenge: 404
Name:Jocelyn Summers

Buffy: Season 6
Angel: Season 3

Buffy MUST HAVES: As Buffy and Spike have been sleeping together, Buffy suddenly ends up PREGNANT, wham bam morning sickness and missed periods. Out of worry she calls Giles over in England and he discovers a prophecy referring to two children born of blood.

Angel MUST HAVES: Holtz never entered the picture, Darla died while giving birth to Connor and Angel and Cordelia are raising him.
  • A New Big Bad Villain 
  • Angel being pissed off that Buffy is expecting Spikes baby even though he loves Cordy
  • Buffy not coming straight round to being with Spike (typical Buffy would put up a fight)
  • Xander and Anya getting married
  • Buffy and Spikes baby being a girl
  • Prophecy referring to the two kids ending demon life
  • A Claim between Buffy and Spike
  • Connor Must Stay A Baby

Can Haves:
  • The Trio (Andrew/Warren/Jonathon)
  • Xander/Spike bonding
  • Faith
  • Tara not dying/Willow not going evil
  • Drusilla

  • Buffy/Spike/Angel/Cordelia/Connor or Buffy & Spikes BABY Dying =[
  • Giles trying to kill anyone
  • Old Villains

Challenge: 403
Name:ghost writer
Season:Season 6
During season 6, sometime before Once More with Feeling, the Trio (or some other villian) have gathered together the bones of past Slayers.  They plan to raise them as zombies to defeat Buffy but end up actually resurrecting the past Slayers.


- one or both of the Slayers Spike killed being brought back
- the Slayers remembering heaven, like Buffy, or remembering only up to their deaths(either/or)
- one or more of them not knowing English
- Buffy saving Spike from one of the Slayers he killed and the other Slayers not trusting her because of it


- character bashing or death

Other than that go wild and have fun.

~Ghost Writer

Challenge: 402
Season:Season 7
Something causes the Scoobies to relive the "My-Will-Be-Done" spell during season 7 with all the potentials present. Those not affected by the spell have to find a way to break it.


1) A happy or fluffy Spuffy ending.
2) Angel and his team come to Sunnydale after a phone call from Dawn, to help break the spell.
3) Some angst when the spell is broken -- after all Angel is there.


1) Drusilla somehow coming to help.
2) Dawn or Andrew mentions how the relationships bewteen Buffy, Spike and Angel are kind of like the Bella/Edward/Jacob triangle from Twilight.
3) Some reference from Kennedy how Buffy's attitude is like Katy Perry's song Hot 'N Cold (could have lyrics.)

Challenge: 401
Name:ghost writer
Season:Season 5

The Spuffy Halloween/Horror Challenge

Since Halloween is so near, your challenge is to write a scary spuffy story.   It says season five but it can be any season you choose, stick with cannon or go completely AU, I'm not picky.

You can make it a crossover with your favorite scary movie or throw in some urban legends you like

example movies: Nightmare on Elm Street, Dawn of the Dead, Hellraiser, etc

urban legends: Bloody Mary, Hook Man, Spiders in the Hair, etc.

Fics can be long or short, scare your pants off horrifying or even campy and silly(think Gacnar the mini fear demon) so long as they're Spuffy and keep with the Halloween theme. So go crazy and have fun.

Happy Halloween and a blessed Samhain :)

~Ghost Writer


Challenge: 400
Season:Post Chosen
During the episode where the crazy slayer Dana is on the loose, instead of cutting Spike's hands off, Dana gets slayer memories of Spike helping The Slayer aka Buffy and asking for help. Spike wasn't helping Angel, and Andrew find Dana, so Spike and Dana are on the run from Slayers and Angel's WRH. Their eventual destination is reunion with Buffy, so we can get some Spuffy lovin'!

Challenge: 399
Buffy's been having nightmares of a burning Spike, coupled with a burning Angel. Sometimes Spike, sometimes Angel burning alive to save the Hellmouth. At one point she wakes and simply mutters "I wish". A vengance demon appears in he mirror, says "Done" and Buffy finds herself transported back in time.

The time travel can happen at a few critical points:

1. Right before the Master klls Buffy
2. Before Buffy kills herself
3. As she wakes from being dead (i like this one)
4. Shortly before the final battle.

It should nclude Spike remembering everything, as well as Buffy, so when we first see Big Bad, he is already in love.

the rest is basically up to you.

Challenge: 398
Season:Post Chosen
I've been thinking on this story for a while, but I'm so busy and haven't time to write by myself, so...:
It would be set at the beginning of Buffy Season Eight comics, but wouldn't take into account Angel's Season Six comics. It'd start when Amy cast a spell on Buffy and she falls asleep like Sleeping Beauty.
Must have:
- Romance, some Angst and some Comedy, NC-17.
- The only way to wake up Buffy is when someone that she loves (in a romantic way) kisses her.
- Spike never resurrected in Angel Season V.
- After Spike's and Cordelia's deaths, Buffy and Angel become real friends (they don't love each other anymore) and share their own love losses.
- Dawn is the only who knows about the new relationship between Angel and Buffy; the others still think they love each other.
- The guy who Dawn lost her virginity with, was Connor (giggles).

- After Angel knows about sleeping Buffy's state, he mails to the Scoobies something that the Slayer asked him to find, Spike's Medallion. (How Angel gets the medallion from Sunnydale's crater depends on you)
- Of course, the medallion brings back Spike (you choose how and when).

- A happy Spuffy ending, with Scoobies's acceptance and Angel's blessing.

Can Have:
- When Spike comes back, he doesn't remember anything or he's a ghost.

- Cordy's resurrection.
- Dawn can still be giant.
- Angel and Buffy don't know anything about Dawn and Connor's relationship (you choose how they find out).
- Willow has broken up with Kennedy and she realizes she is in love with Xander or Giles. (LOL)

Challenge: 397
Season:Post Chosen
Also post Angel.  Since it's post Angel, means that Fred and Wes are dead. But Gunn, Angel and Spike survived, obviously.

Everyone knows that Willow is a goddess. Also know that Greek mythology comes into play when it comes to those spells that they do.

So what if the gods of Mt. Olympus decides to intervene and help Spike and Buffy reunite?

Here it is: some gods or goddesses are unhappy with how spuffy ended, so they send down their "assistants" to help the couple along, but it's harder than they thought, cause Xander and Giles are against them.  Angel,  Willow and Dawn totally support wanting to reunite the couple.

Has to end with Buffy being immortal but still a slayer.

Add in some Kennedy's death (don't like her), some Spuffy sparring and smut (if possible)

Challenge: 396
Season:Season 7
  This concept was first imagined when a friend and I were discussing the the flaws and lost potential (no pun intended) of the Seventh season of Buffy.  While we both adore Nathan Fillion, we feel that Caleb was somehow a dud and not worthy of Nathan's charisma.  So we made up a scenario where Caleb comes into play a lot earlier.  He's not southern this time, or at least he has no crappy accent.  Spike doesn't trust him from day 1, but everyone else does so he shuts his mouth, as much as Spike is capable of doing so anyway.  There must be a lot of juicy Buffy/Spike/Caleb drama before it's finally revealed that Caleb has been an agent of The First all along.  The details not mentioned are up to author as long as the results are pro-Spuffy.  Hopefully this is specific enough to work with.  Thank you!

Challenge: 395
Season:Season 1
In the episode 'Angel', it isn't the Three that the Master sends after Buffy, but the Slayer of Slayers himself. Spike comes to Sunnydale before Angel and Buffy really get it together. With or without Dru, you decide. Must become Spuffy eventually, but not at first; at first, he just wants to kill her.

Challenge: 394
Season:Season 2

Not the hero

Lately I have been getting sick of these stories where chipped and/or souled Spike is the romantic hero of the story and tells Buffy how deeply he loves her all the time (and especially during sex).  I don’t want to see the happy end coming by the time they first get into bed with each other.  Am I the only one thinking that love needs some time to grow and to be noticed?

So I want something deeper and more exciting, I want the characters to really work to get to that happy end  - and I don’t mean they only have to fight some terrible evil,  with real work I mean actual character growth that might go off canon.  Make me cry and laugh in only one story.

I won’t suggest a special plot-line - that’s up to you.

I would like something in season 2-5.


Must haves:

  • Spuffy in the end
  • DEMON-Spike. He is still a demon, falling in love doesn’t change that.
  • A happy end. And I mean END. I don’t want chapters-long happiness that makes me scroll forward to the actual end, because it bores me. I would also accept an end that leaves a few little questions.  
  • Actual character growth. Make them face new things, new emotions, new situations that scare them deeply. I want desperation, emotional pain, doubts, hopelessness, sadness, fear and all that other stuff that’s terrible to go through.
  • Some new and exciting evil. Something that hasn’t been there before and stands an actual challenge to them.  Surprise me here.
  • Most importantly: Stay in-character. If a character changes in any way, there needs to be a reason for that.

Can’t haves:

  • Romantic-Hero-Spike. I think I covered that point, but I want to be sure. If I read him getting all emotional “God, I love you so much” more than once – or maybe twice if it fits - in the whole story, I am going to get sick.
  • Vamp!Buffy, Dark!Buffy. That’s just too easy.
  • A chipped/souled Spike. You can think about some other way to make him nicer, but be creative here. If you still want him to be changed by the initiative, think about some other way, or make the chip work differently.
  • All human AU

Can haves:

  • Another Dimension (Cordelia’s wishverse for example)
  • Other side pairings, even with Buffy or spike, as long as there is Spuffy in the end
  • A spell,  side-effects of that spell, some ritual, curse etc.
  • Mystical pregnancy (I like that one!)
  • Anything else you can think of

So, take out your pencils, papers, plotbunnies, whatever else you need and start writing!

Challenge: 393
Season:Season 6

What if the last fight against the ultimate Evil was just the first battle in a long war?


I think, the First wouldn't have been defeated that easily. There's more to come. I can't write it myself, so I want you to do it for me.

After being defeated by a bunch of Slayers, the First tries a different strategy. Not being able to win against more than two Slayers, it decides to go back in time and prevent them from calling the potentials by trying to kill either Buffy, Willow (or Giles, so the potentials don't show up at all) in advance. And the potentials are getting killed by the bringers. So we're talking end of season 6 here.

Now how to do that?

Pick one (or two if it works) of these strategies:

  • Resurrecting all the (relatively) big bads they had killed over the years (Glory, Adam, the Master, the Mayor, Caleb, the Beast and last but not least Angelus – turning Faith or Willow evil again is a possibility too.)and throwing them at the Scoobies (And yes, I got this Idea from “Charmed”.)

  • Using one of the old demons; one of Illyria's kind. There were hundreds of demons dead in those sarcophaguses in the Deeper Well. Why not resurrecting one of those? It worked with Illyria and Drogyn is not there anymore to guard them.

  • Creating a whole new evil, stronger than all of the former evils combined. But be creative here. I want something that's never been there before.

  • The First finds a different way to become corporeal and attacks all by itself

  • Sending the Scoobies to a different dimension (Wishverse, Doppelgangland, Quor-toth,...), so they won't be there at all to protect the world while the First opens the Hellmouth again

  • Sending only Buffy or Willow of the past to a different dimension (maybe season2-time) and changing the future all together

  • Blocking out the sun, having the Vampires rule temporarily, maybe enslave humans


Must haves:


  • Spuffy.

  • The First's actions prevent Spike from getting his soul, but the attempted rape does take place. I don't care what you do with the chip


Can't haves:


  • A whiny, crazy, romantic-hero Spike

  • Kennedy

  • Harmony

  • Spike and Buffy immediately falling into bed with each other

  • Joyce not dying. But she is supposed to be alive if you go back to an early season, of course

  • Riley. The Initiative is possible though. Just leave him out of the picture!

  • Dawn dying

  • VampBuffy


Can haves


  • Tara or Oz or both still in the picture, due to changes the First made in the past

  • Spike/Dawn Friendship
  • Spike and Buffy getting drunk
  • Drusilla showing up at some point

  • Buffy or Spike in another relationship (temporary of course). Maybe Spike tried to move on because he can't have Buffy, maybe Dru wanted him back and he is love's bitch again

  • the Gem of Amara still intact

  • Xander, Faith, Giles or Willow dying. But think about the consequences!


You see, there are lots and lots of ideas that I have, they don't even fit into one fanfiction. So if you are interested, do me a favor and response to this challenge, so this plotbunny leaves me alone.
Have fun!

Challenge: 392
Season:Season 2
Okay, its season 2, School Hard, and Spike is just about to come out of the shadows clapping, and tell our Buffy, the Slayer that he plans on killing her on Saturday. BUT, when he tries to speak, nothing happnes. He has no voices. Buffy heard his clapping, but doesn't know why he isn't speaking, just moving his mouth. So she tries to say something, but finds she can't speak either!! That's rigth people, the Gentlemen came round to Sunnydale a few years earlier.

1) Spuffy... eventually, not right away

other than that... just do whatever comes to mind!

Challenge: 391
Season:Season 1
I always wondered how the Buffy show would be different if it were Xander, not Jesse, that was turned by Darla and killed, and therefore Jesse, not Xander, who became good friends with Buffy. Think about it, Jesse likes Cordelia, not Buffy. Willow had a major crush on Xander, not Jesse. Already cuts out a lot of drama! And I was thinking, perhaps Jesse would be more accepting of demons and vampires. I could even see him as becoming good friends with Spike. Somehow, the story must be made Spuffy. Don't know how, that's for you to play around with.

Challenge: 390
 Something involving Buffy being turned (why is your choice), and Spike becoming the only one she can run to (reluctantly?). As loveable as Spike is in 'Chosen', I was thinking along a darker, more evil, redemption-less route. This can be set whenever, and wherever you'd like. Be imaginative.

Must have:

- Buffy as a non-human, 100% vampire.

Can Have:

- exploration of Buffy's relationship with the Scoobies; whether they accept or reject her is up to you.

Can't Have:

- Spike as the one to turn Buffy.

The more dark and exotic, the better.

Challenge: 389
Name:sosa lola
Season:Season 6

Xander just left Anya at the altar and feels guilty about it. He wants to fix things. He gets a chance except he has to go back in time and help Buffy and Spike to get together. Of course, that's not a pleasant task for Xander because he doesn't like Spike and he "thinks" that Buffy feels the same way, too. But his love for Anya is greater than everything and he agrees.

Must Have:

- Some of Xander's tries fail and he ends up making Buffy and Spike further apart.

- Xander discovering that Spike is worth being loved and that he'll be a good man for Buffy which makes him relieved that he had done the right thing going back in time to get them together.

- Xander succeeds in the end and Buffy and Spike become together.

- Being too busy trying to get Buffy and Spike together, Xander unknowingly starts to neglect Anya.

- Anya ends up with someone other than Xander. Not Giles.

- Xander ends up alone.

- Reasonable writing of Xander and Willow, I find these two always getting bashed in Spuffy fics.

Can't Have:

- Character bashing.

Can Have:

- Which season Xander ends up with when he goes back in time is up to you.


Challenge: 388
Season:Season 6
During "Smashed" Spike ends up cornering a woman in an alley, believing his chip isn't working anymore. He talks to her, to himself, builds himself up to bite her, switches faces, goes for it!-- and is thrown back from pain when the chip fires. I want a fic when all this happens, but the chip really doesn't work anymore. No pain. Buffy can be as different or same as you want her to be; Spike's chip can have stopped because of magic, an enemy, a higher power, or plain-old technology. I'm leaving a lot of leeway for creative license, but everything that passed earlier in season six should be the same, and it should be in that scene that Spike learns the chip no longer works. How would that change what happens between Spike and Buffy?

Notice; Spike cannot go evil just because the chip stops working and he can not vamp Buffy!
I came up with the idea because I was considering everything that happened and Buffy's treatment of him and her calling him an evil, disgusting thing so many times and how Spike was driven into a corner. The point of this challenge is that he isn't trapped between not being a vampire and not being a human by the chip. Instead, he'd making choices because of his feelings and thoughts and without the chip as an excuse for everyone to use.

Also, I don't like Angel being Buffy's great love, so if he somehow gets involved in any replies to this challenge, make sure he knows just how inferior to Spike he really is, in any way you want! Thanks!

Challenge: 387
Season:Season 4
What if the Initiative captured all the Scoobies because Walsh knew they would be a threat to her projects. The Initiative should be using magic and science to alter them. The Scoobies are set free from the Initiative (or escape), because Walsh knows the new "powers" will be their downfall.

When I get ideas for stories, I always write a description (for fanfiction). So here's mine :D

The initiative captures the Scoobies & Spike, altering them in horrible ways that slowly drive them apart- and insane. Can they work through their problems and come back together to defeat a greater evil- or give in to the powers of darkness?
I don't know what the 'give in to the powers of darkness' bit of it means... so whatever. Use it if you want to.

Angst with some comedy. (From Xander bursting out crying and Spike :))

Must haves:

  • Drusilla has been captured by the Initiative and is the one telling Walsh about how the Scoobies would ruin her plans.

  • Willow should be given a power boost, or something that gives her an early addiction to magic- she has to go completely insane, but not evil Willow insane.

  • Willow kills Oz. (Or he dies some other way- I like him, but he needs to die for Willow to be even more insane.)

  • Xander should be given empathic powers, so he feels whatever anyone in a one mile radius is feeling. He bursts out crying alot. :)

  • Giles: I thought of Giles being telekinetic- so that if he even thinks too hard he can send someone flying across the room. But you can do whatever you want with him.

  • Buffy: can be changed in appearance (more demon-like)- But MUST be made so that she has less compunction about killing humans, if none at all. But she can't be all evil.

  • Spike: Still chipped, but something else is done to him as well. (I thought he might be given something where he can travel throughout time, but has no control over it. If you choose to do this- he should see Buffy's death in season 5 and realize his love for her sooner)

  • TONS OF RILEY BASHING :) He has to be tortured for information

  • A hat rack being used as a weapon

You can change a few things from above, but keep it pretty close.

Can haves:

  • The big bad of season four doesn't have to be Adam.

  • Tara.

  • Buffy kills Walsh. :D

  • Riley: Sticks with the Initiative. Is thrown across the room 'accidentally' by Giles.

  • In the end Drusilla can have been helping the Scoobyies (if she helped Walsh- she would've been dusted) But she still hates them for stealing Spike.

Have fun :D

(And if you change some stuff to make it easier to write- I'm okay with it. But I absolutely want Willow insane.)

Challenge: 386
Buffy and Dawn come to LA fleeing from an abusive father. There she meets two rival vampire gangs; the leaders are Spike and vamped Riley.

Must Have

- Bad ass Spike
- Buffy and Dawn's father finding them and trying to make them go back with him
- Harmony and Spike to start off with but then something happens to make her leave and join with Riley
- Angelus on Spike's side and second in command

Can Have

- Willow and Tara witches on Spike's side
- Bashing of Riley and/or Xander (I really don't like them)
- Buffy getting into lots of fights and kicking ass

Cant have

- Wimpy Spike
- Dawn over 16

Challenge: 385
Name:Claudia n
Season:Post Chosen
Post NFA . Buffy , Spike and Angel had just stopped another impeding apocalypse together, they won and Angel Shansu'ed.

Must haves:

1. Buffy telling Angel that he deserves a normal life now. Something that she never can offer him.

2. Buffy and Spike agreeing to be just friends, good friends...but Spike can't resist the jealously for the Immortal.

3. Willow revealing Spike's past fantasy after the episode "The Initiative", something about that "fuzzy pink number"

4. Spike seducing Buffy like he used to do it in 6th season; in this case has to finish in biting and claiming.

5. Smut, smut, and more smut

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