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Challenge: 385
Name:Claudia n
Season:Post Chosen
Post NFA . Buffy , Spike and Angel had just stopped another impeding apocalypse together, they won and Angel Shansu'ed.

Must haves:

1. Buffy telling Angel that he deserves a normal life now. Something that she never can offer him.

2. Buffy and Spike agreeing to be just friends, good friends...but Spike can't resist the jealously for the Immortal.

3. Willow revealing Spike's past fantasy after the episode "The Initiative", something about that "fuzzy pink number"

4. Spike seducing Buffy like he used to do it in 6th season; in this case has to finish in biting and claiming.

5. Smut, smut, and more smut

Challenge: 384
Season:Season 4

We have seen the mysterious Cheese-man in some of the weirdest and most important dreams, but no one ever actually accepts the offer. In this story someone has to eat one slice of this dream-cheese. As a result there will come a revelation of any sort, good or bad is not important, but it has to be something grand.

Other than that you may play as you like, story may be full of angst, humor or adventure. It may be a one-shot, or a long story with this challenge filling only a small part of the work. Only thing that is not aloud is universe without magic, anything else is a fair game.


Challenge: 383
Season:Season 4
Season 4 episode number 13, "The I In Team".

So... what if Spike was maybe just a little less dismissive of Giles when he starts rambling about 'higher purposes'? What if Spike and Giles maybe talk a little; what if they maybe actually start to get along?

Spike and Giles are actually getting along pretty well, and Spike's helping with the whole 'lonely poor old mid-life crisis me' Giles.

That's really all I want. But it has to start with Spike actually talking to Giles in that bit near the beginning of the episode, and not getting all, 'our business is through, got it?'
And from there... Spuffiness! It would be awesome if you managed to do it so Spike achieves the respect, etc. of her friends first, without making him too fluffy. As realistic as possible, please.

Challenge: 382
Season:Post Chosen
This takes place in the summer in-between season 7 of BTVS and season 5 of Angel, right before Spike shows up in Angels office...

Its been 3 months since the fall of Sunnydale.  Buffy, having driven miles away from L.A. where the other Scoobies are temporarily holding up, sits down in front of the crater that was Sunnydale and thinks.  All of a sudden, a shadow floats towards her and it happens to be...Drusilla!  What happens when they talk about their(and our) bleach-blond vamp?  You decide.

~Drusilla in all her nutty glory.
~Buffy somehow is able to tell what Dru is trying to say.
~Buffy finds out from Dru that Spike is alive(que Spike materializing in Angels office).
~Bitey, Spuffy goodness!!!
~Dru seeing Spike, and giving her blessing.
~Angel and Spike banter.  And lots of it!

~Buffy and Dru trying to kill each other.
~No Bangel(cause that's just gross!!).

~The Scoobies hating the idea of Spuffy(except for Dawn).
~Angel, with the help of Giles, tries(and fails) to keep our blond duo apart.
~Riley comes back to try and capture Spike(why is up to you).
~Much Angel and Riley bashing!

Anything else is up to you!

I know, I'm not really good with the explainy-ness of this challenge, but I hope it comes out right.  Have fun!

Challenge: 381
Season:Season 1

Much is made of the fact that at the outset Buffy didn't have the instinctive Slayer sense for vampires that she should have had, and it never worked all that well.

What if she did have an acute vamp sense when she arrived in Sunnydale?

Imagine that first night... Angel is stalking her as she walks to the Bronze... She immediately knows he's a vampire... ergo a quick businesslike fight  in that alley with a vamp trying to warn her of the Harvest while unprepared for battle and not wanting to kill the Slayer he was supposed to help. Result... instant Angel dustiness and puzzled Buffy! All his own fault of course... what a stupid (and sneaky) way to introduce himself!

How would things have gone differently?

Must have:
Sticking as closely as possible to canon (same monster of the week etc where appropriate) but needn't be a 'season rewrite'. (After all the good stuff doesn't start until School Hard!)
Buffy dying at the hands of the Master and being resuscitated as per canon to trigger Kendra's calling, before finishing the Master off.
Spike & Dru arriving as scheduled... but of course no Angel to 'fix' Dru so she quickly wastes away completely to dust.
Joyce comforting a drunken mourning Spike with the hot chocolate with little marshmallows.
Joyce refusing to believe Buffy when she tells her that Spike is dangerous. 'He's my friend'.
Darla is the season 2 Big Bad as Angel wasn't there to dust her. Spike resents her and ends up teaming up with Buffy to defeat her.
An eventual Spuffy outcome... of course....

Can't have:
Angel becoming re-undusty... unless the PTB decide that although he failed in his mission with Buffy he is given a second chance in LA and we only hear of it by chance.
An instant Spuffy sexual relationship. Buffy's only 16 at this point for heavens sake and Spike is still evil and in love with or mourning Dru!
Faith. (No Dru to kill Kendra in Sunnydale. If she gets killed it will be in a different timeframe and another potential will be called rather than Faith. Sorry, I just didn't like the character. Here's an opportunity for an OC if you like!)

Can have:
Whistler popping in with a pronouncement from the PTB.
Events unfolding as they would have been remembered in season 5 after Dawn has arrived (ie include young Dawn in plot).
Spike helping Buffy at the Cruciamentum (if you get that far).

I look forward to seeing how Buffy deals with her relationships (particulary with Spike) without Angel's biased influence and the pain of Angelus. Also how Giles and the Scoobies react to a potential Spuffy relationship without having to suffer through the Angelus business.

Challenge: 380

I've been thinking about how different the demon gods in the Buffyverse are portrayed, and I'd love to see a fic of Spike during/after Angel season 5 travel back in time...taking Illyria with him into BTVS season 5.  Illyria considers Spike her pet, and seems to care for him a bit, so maybe she'd join the good fight against Glory...and how funny would that be?  Buffy finding out Spike has a soul and his time-travel to help her would also change the response she has to his feelings for her.  Hopefully a story with a happy ending to season 5, a living Joyce, and a less annoying Dawn.  This is a loose challenge~I love Spike and Buffy together, and I think a god fight between two massively different characters that are both demon gods with heavy superiority complexes would be amusing.  Being an Illyria fan tho', Glory must not win obviously, and Illyria and Buffy should not hate each other.  Hope someone responds!


In The Space Between by DreamFlight (wip)

Challenge: 379
Name:Mr. Chaos
When William turns his mother, instead of the demon having full control, Anne is very much like her son is: a stronger, more confident version of her human self.

120 some odd years later, Spike and Anne arrive at the Hellmouth, and the lives of the Scoobies will never be the same.


-Anne and Spike having a good, non-creepy relationship (IE, no incest thoughts or Spike being a big momma's boy...he's grown up in the last 120 years and now has a mature relationship wth his mom)

-Anne has also achieved the rank of Master Vampire (up to you how). Thus, while she isn't Angelus evil, she should show a similar level of determination and baddness as Spike. Also, she should have a 'the ___" nickname, given by the Watchers, like Dru the Mad and William the Bloody.

-Anne having adapted like Spike, and not wearing her old victorian dresses ala Dru (in fact, don't make Anne a Dru replacement). What style she wears is up to you.

Can Have:

-Joyce taking an interest in Anne and becoming friends with her, much to Buffy's annoyance.

-Spike and Anne having abandoned Angelus and the Scourge early on

-Anne and Spike tag team fighting Buffy.

-Anne conspiring with someone else to get her son and Buffy together

-Anne (wow, alot about Anne in this challenge) while getting Buffy and Spike together, telling Buffy all about the joys of being a vampire, in hopes of convincing her to allow Spike to turn her  and join Anne and Spike.

Challenge: 378
Season:Season 4
About: What if Buffy was more understanding when Spike gets chipped?

Timeline: S4 After Spike gets chipped and goes to the Scoobies for help.
?????????????????? Post Ats/Time Travel optional

What would have happened if Spike, finding himself unable to be a proper vampire anymore, cast out from the demon community, and thus allowing his human side to resurface after so many years, would have gotten more understanding and acceptance from Buffy?

I think the whole change he went through in 2 years would have been quicker and less painful.

So, starting when Spike comes to Giles' house, I want Buffy to see beyond the fact that he's an annoying and vicious vamp, see beyond the demon ?and the mask he puts on, and understand that he has feelings too, that he's not just an animal, and so?react consequently.?Spike, not feeling the usual?contempt from Buffy, but understanding of how it feels to suddenly finding himself helpless, warms up to her until he falls in love with her.

There are, I think, two ways of having Buffy see Spike this way, choose which one you like best:
  1. Buffy displays a?more mature behaviour and deeper??insight into?Spike's nature, thus being?able to overcome the?"soulless vampire= evil" way of thinking caused by the Angel/us trauma and the Council's teachings.?Even better if you include Buffy meeting other not evil demons.??The starting point of her change of mind can be her realizing the parallels with her experience during the Cruciamentum.

  2. Time Travel: a post-series Buffy, who is very much in love with Spike, ends up in S4?(you choose why/how) just before Spike comes to Giles' house, so, of course she knows Spike?can be?more than he lets on, BUT she knows that at this stage telling him of the future and her undying love would only make him laugh at her, so she chooses to be subtle and?just be there for him... much to Spike's bafflement ;)

  • If you choose Time Travel: Buffy can't/won't tell anybody she's from the future (you find the reason) until it's revealed (much) later. The same applies towards Spike.

  • Some of/all the others not understanding/agreeing with Buffy on her treating Spike "like a human being" even after Buffy explains her reasons.

  • Buffy putting Xander down when his taunts become too hateful.

  • Spuffy happy ending

  • Buffy seducing Spike or Spike Buffy and them jumping straight in bed! I mean, there HAS TO BE some character growth first!!!

  • Let's not forget that Spike's a demon too, so don't make him a sensitive romantic hero - that's just a tiny part of him ;)

  • Seeing as Giles doesn't understand Buffy's new and improved way of thinking, them?having a discussion on the nature of evil and demons, and maybe Giles changing some of his world- view

***I?hope this is a good starting point for a? fanfiction. Please let me know even if you only want to write something similar to what I posted: I'd like to read it!

Challenge: 377
Season:Season 7
  Spike's been fighting alongside the scoobies since the Initiative but execpt for Dawn and Tara (who is alive because of Spike), no one knows he's in love with Buffy. During one of the First's chats with Buffy she tells Buffy that Spike is in love with her, thinking it will confuse things at worst and end up with Spike dead at best. Buffy is shocked to say the least, especially when the First also tells her that Spike's chip doesn't work.

Must Have:
-Buffy never died.
-She considers Spike a friend.
-Spike is training the potentials.
-The First visits Angel and tells him about Spike's feelings.

Challenge: 376
Season:Season 4
Funny little piece. We are all told that Buffy can't cook for chickens in the later seasons, so in an AU Pangs, when Buffy decides to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the Scoobies, things get kinda crazy, sometimes kinda non-edible. None of the Scoobies can cook either. So when Spike swings by asking for help, Buffy asks, 'can you cook?' and accepts him in for that very reason that he can. Lots of funny kitchen Spuffiness, can or cannot include the Native American attacks from the series. Just was working in the kitchen and thought 'Hmmm... Spike and Buffy in the kitchen.... mmmmmmmmmmm...' =D Have fun!

Challenge: 375
Season:Season 4
I really want to read something where Buffy is the one who chases Spike. It shouldn't be too angsty, but not only fluff.
Maybe post-Something Blue?

Must haves:
Buffy chasing an unwilling Spike.
Anya approving, and threatening to withhold orgasms if Xander tries to stop her.
Buffy standing up to the gang.
The gang fighting some big bad, and Buffy and Spike either getting trapped somewhere together, or defeating him/her/it together.

Can haves:
Joyce being overjoyed.
The female scoobies trying to help Buffy get Spike.
Riley/Angel bashing.

Can't have:
A spell making Buffy like Spike

Challenge: 374
Season:Season 4
Could be placed in Something Blue, but actually could take place in any of the seasons at any time. Anyways, I was looking through a cookbook and came across a recipe called: "Better Than Sex" Cake. I think it would be funny to have Spike and Buffy come across the same recipe and decide to make it. And maybe decide they have to test its claim. Thought a cute and realistic setting could be that Spike and Buffy under Willow's 'Will Be Done' spell could go off to Buffy's house to tell Joyce about the big wedding plans and when she isn't home they decide to look at recipes or something. Anyways, have fun, include much funny Spuffiness, and go wild.


Bake Me a Bloody Cake by Abby (complete!)

Challenge: 373
Can anyone write a very dark and gothic epic style romanctic Spuffy fic? That's it, I just want to have my heart ripped out. And I don't  mean another "horrible mean Buffy stomps all over poor Spike's undead widdle heart" fic. Spare me. I want them both to go through equal amounts of pain and angst.

Think of scenes/episodes like the end of Beneath You, Spike's death in Chosen, all of Dead Things for the kind of mood I'm looking for. Except write them as even more melodramatic than they were on the show. I want Shakespearean tragedy, Spuffy style. Get it?

Challenge: 372
Season:Season 5
In 'The Gift', Buffy says that if Dawn dies she's quitting slaying.

What if that really happened? What if Dawn jumped instead of Buffy?

Must have:
  1. Spuffy, off course
  2. Willow and Xander going all judgemental on B&S's relationship
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Buffy crying in Spike's arms
Can have:
  1. Joyce alive
  2. Riley coming back after he heard Dawn died
  3. Angel
  4. Buffy getting raped/attempted rape
Can't have:
  1. Joyce not liking the Spuffy relationship
  2. Evil Willow
  3. Dead Tara
  4. Giles leaving

Challenge: 371
Season:Season 5
So, basically, I want a fic where Spike and Buffy gets sucked back in time together. The time is your own choice.
Must have:

  • NC-17

  • Before Crush, and B&S realizing their love when they???re away

  • Bloodplay

  • Corsets

  • A blue stuffed elephant

  • The line ???Love???s a bitch and so am I???

  • Buffy telling Spike he???s a pig atleast 20 times

Can have:

  • The gang trying to get them back by doing dark magic

  • Dawn

  • Jealous Riley

Can???t have:

  • Too fluffy

  • Too dark

  • Rape of any kind

  • Season 7 Spike, I want him bad :)

All the rest is up to you.

Challenge: 370
Season:Season 2
Okay, you know when Spike goes to Buffy to strike that deal to take down Angelus? You know how Joyce finds them talking and the two of them make up the pathetic 'we're in a band' excuse? Well... my challenge is, somehow Joyce thinks they are a couple. Either she asks, 'Is this your boyfriend?' or instead of the band excuse Buffy ( or Spike ) says they're going on a date or something... Your choice. Have fun with it. Do whatever else you what. Somehow this sham relationship they have in Joyce's eyes leads to Joyce/Spike friendship, Joyce more accepting of Buffy's Slayer status, and - of course - major Spuffiness! Go crazy!

Challenge: 369
Season:Post Chosen
This can be any season, actually - as an AU/AR, but it'd probably work better as a post-chosen story. Or even a series of stories... So... the challenge...

Buffy finds out Spike's alive.

Must haves -

Angel hopelessly, and rather desperately in love with Spike (why or how or how long is up to you; i.e., he's under a love spell, he's mated with him, etc.)
Harmony and/or Drusilla with a soul (why or how she has one is up to you)
Connor who has somehow gotten addicted to magick
Cordelia in love with Fred
Fred in love with Gunn
Buffy in love with Spike and in LA for him (whether she's angry at him or not is up to you)
Buffy must catch Angel and Spike in a compromising situation the first time she sees both of them.
A plot OTHER than romantic

Can have/can be

Dawn and the rest of the Scoobies
Can be Spuffy-ish or Spangel-ish.... or even Spuffangel (Spike/Buffy/Angel - what? It's good for a laugh...) the pairing is really up to you - you can make it anything BUT Spander or Spillow... sorry - don't understand those ships
Anya in one way or another

Interesting twists I would like to see

Illyria infecting Spike instead of Fred
Spike falling in love with Glory the Hell-God (of course, you'd have to figure out a way to make her come back)

I think this could make up for an interesting story (or stories). It would be interesting to see it as a dark story rather than a parody. I suppose it could possibly work as something other than a parody... but yes...

It's really all up to you.

To be posted on this site, the pairing would have to be B/S of course. ~ Dia


Web by TwilightChild (wip)

Challenge: 368
Season:Season 5
Buffy cheating on Riley with Spike. This is all I ask.

Can't have:
Character death

Apart from that, I leave you to your own devices.

Challenge: 367
Name:ghost writer
Season:Season 6
Knocked Up

Sometime after Buffy and Spike get physical, Anya decides that she wants Xander's baby. She casts a spell without telling anyone and, par for the course for Sunnydale, the spell goes wonky, affecting the entire group and both Spike and Xander end up knocked up.

Can Have:

- the spell also affecting Angel after his tryst with Darla (I don't know if this adds up right but when has that ever stopped us? grin)

- Buffy and Spike having sex and Buffy freaking when she feels the baby move

- the boys experiencing the full spectrum of pregnancy issues; the morning sickness, the odd cravings, the mood swings, etc. and the girls not knowing how to deal with it

- "Xander/Anya/Buffy/Spike is feeling a little odd about being a daddy ... mommy ... whatever." being said several times

- Willow and/or Tara becoming pregnant as well

- Giles (if he's around or if he comes back) cleaning his glasses and saying "Dear, Lord," at least ten times (or over the phone)

- the baby bringing Buffy out of her post-heaven funk

- Mature!Dawn being the only one able to calm/soothe the boys when they get in a mood

- funny, funny, funny, I want to laugh until I cry

- and, of course, a very Spuffy ending

Can't Have:

- Spike staking himself to have the baby (a la Darla) must be happy (can use a spell to deliver)

- Anyone wanting to get rid of the pregnancies, they can be freaked but still wanting to go through with them

- Riley, unless Buffy and Spike flaunt their happiness in his face

Challenge: 366
Season:Season 6
Post "Life Serial", a bad thunderstorm pounds California, especially Sunnydale. The roads are flooded,and all the Scoobies and Spike are stranded at the Summers house. Spike and Buffy keep sneaking off together to talk, and Buffy ends up realizing she's in love with him.

Dawn, Anya, Willow and Tara notice that Spuffy keep sneaking off.
Buffy and Spike sleep together during one of their "talks".
Everyone in the house hears them.
Buffy realizes she's in love with Spike after they get caught.
Xander's okay with the relationship.
Dawn tells Spike and Buffy she is traumatized because the "noises" won't go away.
Xander convinces Buffy to admit her feelings to Spike.

Everyone is stuck in the house for three days.
Warren, Jonathan and Andrew try to attack while Buffy's guard is down, but Warren and Jonathan drown.


Flood Of Emotion by ya_lublyu_tebya (complete!)

Challenge: 365
Season:Post Chosen
Seven years post NFA, Buffy and Spike are getting married. Things aren't turning out the way they want them to.

Giles walks Buffy down the aisle.
Hank Summers shows up with his third wife and is vocal about his hatred of Spike.
Buffy's dress rips two days before the wedding.
A vampire tries to get invited to the wedding so he can kill Buffy.
Dawn/Connor romance.
A nine months pregnant Dawn goes into labor in the middle of the ceremony.
Buffy and Spike do their own vows.
Willow/Oz romance; their two month old baby starts crying in the middle of the vows.
Buffy and Spike do end up getting married despite all the things going wrong.

Can Have:
Dawn doesn't make it to the hospital and ends up giving birth in the church lobby because she insists on watching Spuffy get married.
Angel scares Hank away.
Drusilla, Riley and Harmony show up.
Bridesmaid Faith's cell phone rings just as the priest announces that Spike and Buffy are husband and wife.

The ring-bearer, three year old Nicolas Lehane-Wood refuses to walk down the aisle because Buffy makes him mad.
The flower girl, five year old Keely Chase(daughter of the resurrected Cordy and Angel)trips and falls while walking down the aisle.

Can't Have:
Buffy or Spike trying to back out of the wedding because of things going wrong.

Challenge: 364
Name:mckay\'s pet
Season:Season 7
I always like to watch and read many things and i like to read *good* crossovers. Since i can't do them i would like to read one like this.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Harry Potter!


The deal is i want it to be Spuffy obviously and want Harry to be with Hermione!!! but i want Hermione to be claimed by a vampire, namely Spike! It can happen to give her the protection from vampires and other magical creatures because she will be seen as a property or as beeing under protection of The Clan of Aurelius...Which means dementors, warewolves *the bad ones* etc, or for any other reason you can think of!
Why she knows Spike? Its up to you, i thought about Him saving her life from a dementor after her 4th year because Voldemort learned about her from Skeeter articles and saw her as harry's weeknes and since she could not use magic to defend herself Spike helped her. But that is just a background story that is not relevant.

What is relevant: I would like to see two moments in the story:
1: a; Hermione telling Harry she loves him and him telling her he loves ginny, it will be temporary, it can be a love potion i do not really care the point is Hermione is heart broken but she tells harry she can now give her whole heart to someone else and stop living on false hope.

this lets her to the conclution that she can go through with the Claiming, which means she gives herself to Spike both in blood and body, but the last part is negotaible.

b: Spike must claim hermione afer Dru broke up with him but before the chip, he must do it to protect her or because she reminds him of someone from his past, up to you! Buffy must not know about it till later on the story!

and my other moment:

2: hermione is sitting in class i would like to see it as a potions class but with Snape, if it's happening in book sixth it may be DADA, the point is hermione is CLAIMED by Spike and for those taht do not know that means she can always sense him. But suddenly she feels empty, and starts to cry histericly and mumble about it. like *i cant feel him* or *im empty* etc. she must look at draco and through the teers almopst see Spike but when she reaches him the feels it's not her mate so she pushes malfoy quite hard and he falls, can have broken bones...few coments like *get your filthy hand of me you mudblood* can be a plus. and then hermione colapses and snape anoyed come to her, she should touch his cheek and call him william before passing out.(this may happen at the moment Spike dies or he claims another person *cough*buffy*cough*)

3: buffy finds out about Spakes "Mate" and is worried that he may acctualy love the other girl... she is jelous but lives in denial land!

Ok that is what i would like to see, bonus info:

1: Hermione can be one of the Potentials. (optional)
2: Snape has been bitten by a vampire and has a signature in him that Hermione senses. And it is ovrheard by Harry when Snape is explaining it to someone (optional)
3: After Harry tells hermione he does not love her, she starts to treat him more like she does Ron. Less hugs and less touchy feely. the contact is missed by harry and he starts to think more about his true feelings for hermione! (a must)
5: After she is claimed, Hermione cuts her hair or changes her apperance. (optional)
6: After the claim Hermione touches al males with more reserve.
7: the claim gave Spike got half of hermione's soul and she got strenght and speed and vampire senses
So any takers??
I would write it myself but i just do not have time!

Challenge: 363
Season:Season 4
A short comedy piece set in a slightly AU mid season four (around the time of Hush/Doomed) in that Oz is still around, there???s no Riley and Spike has already started to have feelings for Buffy.

Basically I want Fred and Velma from the Scooby-Doo 2 movie somehow transported into the show.

1.Fred thinks Buffy is Daphne.
2.There must be lots of flirting between Fred and Buffy, to which Spike gets very jealous.
3.Velma and Willow getting on well. Until??
4.Velma meets Oz and thinks he???s Patrick (the museum guy in the movie).

Other possibilities:

-Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby arriving.
-Daphne being jealous of Buffy and Fred so flirts with Spike.
-Shaggy and Xander becoming good friends.
-The two 'scooby gangs' teaming up to fight a lame villain/monster.

Challenge: 362
Name:Kay R
Season:Season 4
Blame the fact that I have been watching the entire series on DVD and need something to read as well.

Challenge: In "Yoko Factor" When the Scoobys have their falling out Buffy storms off saying "Now I see why there is no ancient prophecy about a Slayer...and her friends."

Well I want there to be such a prophecy. Can be anytime after season 4, even be the thing with Adam.

Must Haves:
1) Spuffy obviously.
2) The prophecy has to be old, like First Slayer old.
3) The council doesn't have to be involved but there should be explanation as to the isolation of Slayers.

Other than that have fun!

Challenge: 361
Season:Season 5
This is one I would like to write, but I don't think I'll have the time. Anyways, instead of the monks going through a very complicated process of inserting a teenager into the life of a Slayer and changing the memories of a bazillion people, they insert the Key into the life of the Slayer in a more literal, even more personal way- by creating human life from her blood in the shape of a fetus and having it grow inside the Slayer. In other words- Buffy's pregnant.

  1. Riley thinks it's his but when Willow does a magical test for her worried friend in front of him and the test results says 'no way' he totally flips out on Buffy.

  2. Buffy being totally upset at first and unsure if she can go to Joyce or Giles or even Xander in fear of their reaction.

  3. Must start at the very beginning of Season 5 or maybe even the summer before .

  4. Giles decides not to go to England not because of the whole Dracula business (can or cannot still happen) but because of her pregnancy.

  5. Buffy crying and Willow and her having a girls' night and watching chick flicks but then somehow teen pregnancy is mentioned and Buffy starts crying again.

  6. Everyone in the gang relaxing after they find out the baby is merely Buffy-DNA (aka, no father) but Buffy still freaking cause she still has to have the baby.

  7. Research like crazy to what could have happened- don't find out until the monk-thing that happens in the show during 'No Place Like Home'.

  8. The events of the episode "The Replacement" happens to either Xander, Spike, Buffy, or Giles but focuses on the two copies different reactions towards Buffy's pregnancy.

  9. Riley and Buffy splitting up soon after Riley can't handle her pregnancy news.

  10. Spike's idea to cover patrol so she won't have to- weeks before necessary.

  11. The events of "Fool for Love" still happen but both more worried about Buffy's well-being and her asking just because of the baby, not because she is almost killed.

  12. Spike and Buffy's conversation about Slayers he killed in the past really does lead to their first kiss.

  13. Spike and Buffy's relationship develop slowly the whole time she's pregnant and after lil Dawnie is born.

  14. The birth of lil Dawnie and Spike being totally sweet with the 'lil nibblet'.

  1. Buffy's moving back into her house.

  2. Buffy fighting and saying that her opponent made their first mistake by messing with a very hormonal Slayer.

  1. Buffy seriously considering getting an apportion.

  2. Joyce getting sick.

  3. Harmony (she conveniently decides to visit ol' Cordy earlier than in the shows).

  4. Everyone/Buffy suspecting/finding out she was pregnant because she faints or has morning sickness (sooooo over-dramatic and actually not as typical as they are made out to be).

Challenge: 360
Season:Season 4
I was thinking that it would be neat, if someone wrote a story where - upon their new relationship - Xander changes for Anya instead of the other way around. Because of Xander's willingness to change for this woman he thinks he may just be able to love, he is willing to put behind past grievances, and maybe, just maybe, accept the good side of the demon world. Because of this, HE is the most understanding when Spike goes a-knocking with a chip in his head.

  1. Anya being of great use to the gang after Xander's encouragement.

  2. Xander/Anya relationship not just based on sex.

  3. Tara if she is included - coming clean about her 'demon-ness' sooner because she sees how accepting they (Xander, Anya, Spike, and Joyce at least by that point) are.

  4. Joyce approving of Xander's new attitude .

  5. The rest of the gang not understanding.

  6. Willow to come to terms with Xander first, before introduction of Tara.

  7. Spike still locked up at Giles.

  8. Xander and Anya and Joyce having a conversation about how Spike may be a good match for Buffy.

  9. Xander suggesting Spike and him being roomies in their own apartment and both getting a job (could happen, could not- i like the idea of Xander also deciding he had to be a tad bit more responsible now that he's with Anya).

  10. Spike and Buffy eventually hooking up (dur!).

  1. Willow's will-be-done spell.

  2. During the spell, Xander says to Spike "See, I knew you'd come around some time".

  3. Anya fawning over Buffy and Spike's

  4. Xander NOT trusting Riley.

  5. Xander and Anya going to a demon bar and having a good time meeting some of Anya's old demon friends.

  6. Spike and Xander eventually becoming good friends.

  1. Riley and Buffy doing anything more than a very minimal amount of kissage (if any).

  2. Xander being ashamed of Anya's demon heritage.

  3. Anybody but Joyce immediately agreeing with Xander's new views.

  4. Xander and Spike being such good friends that they don't tease each other any more - need the funny insults!

Challenge: 359
An idea just popped into my head while I was reading and I can't help but submit it as a challenge. Anyways, after all the events of Buffy through Chosen, Buffy wakes up. Seasons 6 and 7 never happened- they were the nightmares of Buffy's version of Hell after she died in The Gift. Her friends just resurrected her, but everything went smoothly and she came back above ground. They knew she had been in a Hell dimension because of some research they had found concerning the closing of the portal that Glory had been trying to open. Everyone agreed they had to bring her back, since they went 'bringing her back from the dead' but merely restoring her spirit back into her body. This guess of theirs is strengthened when they dig up her coffin and find her body looking exactly the same (no decay). Buffy is therefore glad to be back and extremely upset and worried about her nightmares coming true.


1) Major Spuffy relationship after she comes back

2) Buffy also tells Spike about their relationship and everyone about all the events of her 'dream'


have fun, be creative, do whatever you want for the rest of the plot


1) Kennedy

2) Buffy being depressed about her 'death'

3) Further character death

Challenge: 358
Season:Season 1
Whilst reading the fabulous 'Dreams and Desotos' I read the lines 'If only it had been Oz who had befriended Buffy on that first day of school rather than Xander.... Events most likely would have taken a much different course entirely, he thought wryly'. Now can anyone please expand on this and show how different it could be

Challenge: 357
Season:Season 1

*Buffy was turned by the Master in the season finale.

*Buffy does not feel guilty about killing humans for food, although she would never kill if she didn't need them.

*Buffy's roamntic relationship with Spike must evolve over the course of the story, starting with them just being friends at first.

*Cannot have Buffy, Spike, and/or Willow bashing.

Can haves:

*Other character bashing (preferably that of Xander or Giles)

*Willow also being turned, although if that happens Willow realizes her lesbianism and starts a romantic relationship with Drusilla.

I hope I get some responses!! If my challenge goes against anything in this site, please let me know.

Challenge: 356
Season:Season 6
Willow did the ressurection alone with Xander instead because Anya and Tara didnt want to. Anya and Tara find out and call Giles. Willow going to England so does Xander. Two months later the spell works.

Can Have
-Anya and Xander breaking up
-Willow and Tara breaking up
-Angel bashing(by Dawn/Buffy or both)
-Tara getting over shyness
-Spike,Tara,Buffy,Dawn,Anya bond
-Willow, Xander, giles returning
-See Spuffy
-Buffy doesnt let Willow live in house anymore
-Spuffy romance

Challenge: 355
Name:ghost writer
Season:Season 7
Into every generation a Slayer is born, but there are also thousands of others with the Potential.

I was watching season 7 the other day and this thought occured to me, what if the First wasn't just killing the Potentials of the next generation but those of previous generations as well?

I want a fic where older Potentials arrive in Sunnydale along with the 15 year olds and one or more of them help Buffy and Spike get together.

Required Potentials:

- at least one is pregnant

- a fiesty seventy something biker chick who keeps pinching the boys' butts

- a forty something mother of three whose two daughters are also Potentials

- several Potentials turned Watchers who were in the States when the Council blew up

- Dawn is a Potential as well as Amanda

Must Have:

- at least five entire families arriving (husbands, wives, kids, the family pet)

- funny bathroom moments i.e. people walking in on each other, fights breaking out over whose turn it is, etc

- Buffy moving every body to the mansion on Crawford Street

Other than that let your imaginations run free, and have fun.

I'm really hoping that someone will do this, I have a few ideas but want to finish my others fics first.

~Ghost Writer

Challenge: 354
Season:Season 6
My sister and I want to see a fic with Clem as the main character. He should be a match-maker to get Buffy and Spike together (he wants to see his best buddy happy). We also want Clem happy, so get him with Dawn.

Must Have:

-Clem offering Dawn cheetos
-Clem seeks a spell to make him look hot (human, or what he thinks is hot)
-Clem bonds with a kitty that Dawn gives him. Spike tries to eat it

Could Have:

-Clem beats Riley up, or tries to, with Dawn cheering him on
-Spike getting a waterbed
-Spike and Clem playing video-games with their lady loves
-Spike and Clem watching Passions together

Can't Have:

-Clem dying

Challenge: 353
Season:Season 5
Season 4, 5, pre-sex 6

Someone human from Spike's past (not a romantic someone) is quite old, and he wants to see him/her one last time. Could be someone who saved/spared Dru many years before, or someone he saved/spared for whatever reason, or an illicit business partner who became a friend or ??? Buffy reluctantly makes the trip with him. Maybe Giles sends her along for slayer or Magic Box business. (If Season 4 or early 5, Spike is no more thrilled than she is.)

Can be romantic, angsty, funny, bitey, or action-packed, so long as at the end of the day our heroes are together.

Could even involve time travel to the time Spike and his friend met.

Can't have uber-bitchy Buffy or Spike/ or Buffy/other. (G-rated references to Riley for plot purposes are fine.)

If you don't use the time-travel option, remember to come up with a good explanation why that old friend is still alive. Spike being turned 1880, the friend would have to be at least 135 years old, assuming they were more or less an adult when William knew them. ~ This addition was made by Dia.

Challenge: 352
Season:Season 4
A fic where Spike's chip only prevents him from biting, but not from violence.

He may or may not team up with the Scoobies, but Buffy is definitely in the picture.

Challenge: 351
Name:Chaotic Soul
Season:Post Chosen
Ok, heres an idea thats been floating around my head for a while now, but i don't have the talent to do it justice.
1. Buffy stays with Spike in the Hellmouth and become a ghost like him in Angel S5.
2.Goes through every episode of Angel S5, but with Buffy there.
3.Spike/Buffy, Wesley/Fred, Angel/Cordelia, and Angel/Nina.
4.Have Dawn show up at some point(with andrew or dating the Immortal were my two ideas, but feel free to use your own!).
5.Provide an explination to the "one time" Angel and Spike were intimate :)

Challenge: 350
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 3
Spike returns to Sunnydale, drunk and miserable. Fighting the slayer, he manages to knock her out, and returns to his hideout to have some fun before he drains her.

But when Buffy wakes up, Spike finds out she doesn't have a single memory of her life as the Slayer. Deciding to have some fun, Spike convinces Buffy that she and him are the evil masters of the Hellmouth.

Can Have

-Spike creating an elaborate history for the two of them, twisting the past to make her seem evil

-Faith finds out about Buffy, but decides to keep quiet so she can remain the only Slayer.

-Buffy and Spike murder the mayor...violently and publically...cementing their status as the big bads.

-Buffy either never getting her memory back, or deciding that she prefers being bad.


-BigBagBuffy torturing Spike or making him a weakling.

Challenge: 349
Season:Season 3
During Helpless, before Buffy's mother is kidnapped, feeling sick and weak, Buffy is cornered in an alley by a lone human male and visciously raped. Spike discovers the rape either in progress or afterwards and kills the rapist (not knowing who the victim is.) After he is finished with the rapist, he realizes who the victim is and decides to help her. This turns into friendship and later love.

Must haves:
Spike talking to himself about not believing in rape and Buffy overhearing him.

Buffy being afraid/not wanting to have anything to do with Xander or Angel due to the hyena incident and Angelus' threats to her and his past.

Spike knowing or figuring out what Giles has done and confronting him with the knowledge.

Buffy not wanting to help humans anymore because of what one did to her and Spike trying to convince her to keep going.

A happy, Spuffy ending with a romantic/sexy love scene (NC-17.)

Can have:
Buffy confusion over a soulless demon helping her fight the good fight and trying to convince her to keep fighting.

Spike/Joyce friendship.

Joyce/Giles relationship.

Angel bashing.

Buffy finding out what Giles has done.

Cannot have:
Buffy and Spike immediatly falling into bed. I want to see Buffy have time to heal.


Spike bashing (at least by Buffy.)

Challenge: 348
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 5
When Spike is able to stop Doc, Whistler appears and reveals that Spike has unbalanced the Scales of Karma (Buffy's death would balance out Glory's). In order to maintain the balance (and prevent the First Evil from gaining a foot hold), The Powers that Be declare that Buffy must become the new Big Bad, making her a Hell God

Must Have

-Spike trying to teach Buffy how to be a Big Bad (lessons in minion managing, dressing like an evil person, how to laugh like a villian)

-Buffy really getting into being the Big Bad (to the point where even Spike is a little scared/turned on by her evil ways)

Can Have

-Dawn becoming the head of the minions (and reallyenjoying bossing them around)

-The gang seperating from Buffy to try and free her and kill Spike (believing it is all his fault)

-Riley is sent to kill the new hell god, not realizing it is Buffy.

-Angel bashing

-Buffy giving Spike a power boost (anything from just taking the chip out to making him also a Hell God)

-Buffy throwing a Big Bad party, with Skip, Jasmine, Wolfram and Hart, The Immortal and others getting chummy with her

-Spike using hisnew status as mentor to Buffy the Hell God to get free beer from Willy.

Challenge: 347
Season:Post Chosen
Must be after the battle that took place at the end of Angel, the episode Not Fade Away. That battle wasn't the true Apocalypse. That one is still on the horizon.

Must Haves:
1. Spike receives a reward of some kind after the battle/apocalypse in NFA (the exact nature of the reward is optional).

2. Illyria must survive; the others are completely optional.

3. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse must be present at the final battle. (Well it wouldn't really be the final one without them would it?)

1. Spike being distant to Buffy because of the past (theirs and/or the snub Angel took that encompassed his whole team during the crazy slayer episode).

2. Angel bashing/Xander bashing/Riley bashing

3. Acceptance of Spike by Buffy's friends (contradicts the Xander bashing I know but you can have both).

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head except of course for the obligatory 'must be Spuffy' at the end.
Oh yes if you don't remember the Horsemen's names you can look it up, some sources have different names for them, just choose the ones you feel comfortable with.

Challenge: 346
Name:Open hearts catch dreams
Season:Season 6
write a oneshot that centres around Anya's hilarious fear of bunnies. Xander has to get turned into a rabbit and Anya discovers him in the morning. This is meant to be light and funny!

Must haves:
1. Anya having to take the rabbit to Buffy's house where everyone else is.
2. Xander remembering everything that happens to him and he must be able to talk.
3. Xander shouldn't realise immediately he had been turned into a rabbit.
4. The trio are responsible for Xander's transformation (something going wrong...?)
5. Spuffy - not dark and angsty!(We all know she loves him really)

Can haves:
1. Xander getting shut in the microwave.
2. Dawn feeding him bacon

Can't have:
1. Anya getting over bunnies
2. Xander hating Spike completely
3. Character bashing


Hippity Hoppity Harris by benslilbug (complete!)

Challenge: 345
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 6
Takes place after the Alley Scene in "Dead Things".

Drusilla has a vision of Buffy beating Spike in the alley. Enraged, she envokes a justice demon to make all that harmed her Dark Knight suffer.

Must Have

-The justice demon is an old friend of Anya who rivaled her in creativity (think The Joker in terms of plotting his attacks)

-The justice demon at one point holds a rally for the demons of Sunnydale, convincing them to help him 'torture' to Slayer

-Clem, in some form.

While I would prefer someone more humorous (the justice demon annoying the Scoobies and causing more emotional and mental pain then physcial), feel free to make it as angsty, horrific or scary as you want.

Challenge: 344
Season:Season 5
I think that this is a good idea but I suck at fanfic so bear with me. Okay, this is set in season five, Dawn is actually Buffy and Spike's kid from the future. The monks decided that it would have be easier to put the key in someone with Buffy and Spikes DNA so that they would have protective feelings toward her. They brought her back in time and erased all of her knowledge from the future. She some how, you can do it however you want, remembers her future life on the night that her blood opened the portal.

-must haves
1. angel/Riley bashing
2. an equal mixture of fluffiness and angst
3. a happy ending

-cant have
1. evil willow
2. major character death (that does not include angel or Riley as they are not main characters)
3. beyond bitchy Buffy (just don't
make her act like season 6 Buffy)
Have Fun!

Challenge: 343
Season:Season 7
I really want to see a story with these things in it but I don't have time to write it.Anyone who wants to give it a shot by all means go ahead.

must have:

>Dawn telling Buffy that she wants to go to LA with all of the gang and Buffy actually saying "lets go there".
>A long car trip thats in a van with some spuffy moments and at least 2 ewwws from Dawn during the car ride.
>Scoobies finding a hotel Dawn,Buffy and Spike sharing a room Buffy and Spike have to share a bed.
>A whole lot of Spuffy and Dawn trying to pair Spike/Buffy up all of the time think of a constant matchmaker.
>Blinds being left open and Spike wakes up on fire.
>All the scoobies going to a restaurant including Spike and ending up at the beach at night time.
>Xander accusing Spike of taking drinks from the minni bar in Xanders room.
>No one knowing about Spike and Buffy going out except Dawn.
>Everyone returning to Sunnydale and finding out about Spike/Buffy, I want some good reactions to this.

Cant have:

>Wolfram and heart Angel lives in England whatever you want just not in LA.
>Rape/attempted rape.


>mentions of Angel are allowed like the poofter or peaches, overhanging forehead be creative.
>Anya and Willow talking about how hot or cute Spike is and Buffy getting jealous.

I wish you all luck and I hope I get lots of responses! :)

Challenge: 342
Name:ghost writer
Season:Season 6
The gang from season 2 gets brought to season 6 sometime after Once More with Feeling.

I'm leaving this open to interpretation, but must be Spuffy as always ;)

Challenge: 341
Season:Season 7
WHAT IF when Angel came around, Buffy refused his kiss and let him wear the amulet instead of Spike? (of course she would show the feelings she showed to him by giving him the amulet in another way...)

Challenge: 340
Season:Post Chosen
First time...

Set around the time of Atvs Season 5 epiosde Damage.
Buffy finds out she is pregnant with Spike's baby, and decides to break the news to Angel so she flys to L.A and enconters a familiar blonde.

Must Haves:
1. Dawn & Spike friendship
2. Good Angel & Spike fight
3. Cordeila (however you want to include her just do)
4. A bit of Angst
5. A happy ending
6. And a body switch

Can't Haves
1. Character Bashing

Anything else is fine with me have fun!

Challenge: 339
never done this before.. here goes

I saw this Documentary on BBC last night, it was called "Lost world of the Raj ep1" now onto my challenge.

Exploring British India under the Raj. Raj society was based on a formal order of precedence, but behind the scenes there was a great deal of flirtation, fun, affairs and misdemeanours. This programme tells the story of how young British women sailed out to British India in the hope of finding a husband, and visits the decadent hill station of Mussoorie, where the prestige of the Raj was discreetly maintained in the local hotels where lovers would meet.

To set the mood.. a few facts that I remember:

  • Mussoorie, was a town/place in the mountains and the summer location for the Raj (Maharadjah). It is known as the "pleasure town where men went to have liaisons outside marriage".

  • The Beautiful people congregated there, It was the town of legendary parties with The English occupation power and Indian royalty.

  • Many English "Grass widows" spent the summer term in Mussoorie in pursuit of young beautiful men.
    The so called "liaisons" never occured in the ladys or gentlemans premesis, but always at a hotel, and the two were never allowed to have bedrooms next to eachother.

  • The Raj was very interested in color film and would "tape" the many parties with scantly clad women.

  • There was a very famous Club in the Town of Mussoorie where everyone meet up to be with the Raj, and obviously benefit from the many diffrent people that wanted to be aquainted to him.

  • There was a prominent "gentlemans club" that excluded people due to race, No colord man was welcome.

Outtake from the Documentary:
[i] There was a beautiful young local woman working in a shoe shop in Mussoorie.
She got sent for by the Raj and did not come to her work for 10 days.
Then she was dropped off , she came in and said she had been offerd money to spend time with the Elderly Raj, but she insisted that all he had wanted to do was watch her bath 5 times a day, and true to his word this was all he did do.

LINKS: Imagine in 20s-40s

Anyways I know you all know how to google. So google!

There's so much I could get down here but I don't wanna steer a fic in any particular way since I'm a sheit writer and have no imagination.
And I don't want to spoil eventual "discoveries" and building up a passion for onself about this topic.
If you can catch it on TV or for download on torrent please do, it's terribly interesting, for this fic episode 1 is most of relevance.
I hope someone will burn for this as I do!!!! This'll be unique, no ? :D

Must Include:
1. Mussoorie
2. Spuffy
3. Angst
4. You can Supernaturally twist it as you like
5. Period of 1860s-40s

Not Haves:
1. Dawn (unless shes some poor bastard child of indian/english descent, spawn of Raj hidden away ?)
2. Riley
3. Potentials


Challenge: 338
Ok...sorry a bit similar to Dagny's challenge, but with a twist.

Must haves:

1. Angel got chipped instead of Spike.
2. Spike got a soul instead of Angel.
3. Strong Tara or Oz featured. (cause I love them both!)
4. Even though I put AU/AR, you can choose any season or episode you wish.
5. Angel or Reily bashing is highly acceptable!
6. Can have a 'bit' of angst, but don't make us cry too much.
7. And the most important: Resolve the issue of the character "Pike" from the movie. I don't believe we were ever given even a speculation as to what happened with him. Pike/Spike show down would be highly amusing.

Can't Haves:

1. Sappy gaga Spike (cause let's face it, we all love the bad boy).
2. Beyond Bitchy Buffy (even though she was in the series...come on, give the guy a crumb!).
3. No Parker! (I assume the author means it can't have Parker, not it can't have no Parker. Will remove this edit if I'm wrong. ~Dia)
4. No Dawn, cause she's too whiney...

There can be hints of relationships with others, but no other pairing of Spike and Buffy

Challenge: 337
Season:Season 6
Must Have:

1. A new strong, mature female character who is in love with Spike.
2. Jealous Buffy at some point.
3. Serious groveling on Buffy's part for Spike.
4. The story should culminate with both Buffy and Spike having to make choices. Buffy between Spike and her friends (or so she believes; that's up to the writer) and Spike between Buffy and the new gal.
5. Spike and Dawn friendship.
6. Non-souled, un-chipped Spike at some point.

Must Not Have:

1. Spike's love interest ends up being evil.
2. Angel-bashing
3. Drusilla or Darla (references are fine).
4. Male slash.

Optional (this is what I would like to read but is not required):

1. It would be neat, I think, to have Spike's new love interest be human and completely accepting of Spike in a way many of us hoped Buffy and the Scoobies would have been. Basically, a character who poses a real threat to Buffy when it comes to Spike's affections.
2. Joyce might be nice to have around.
3. Mild Riley-bashing would be cool. ;)
4. The story can be set in season 5.
5. A suspenseful plot would be great.

Challenge: 336
This is basically a fic that completely switches it around from being Spike pursuing Buffy to Buffy pursuing Spike.

*There is basically free-reign over the whole story-line as long as Spike doesn't automatically open his arms to her.
*Don't make it nearly as bad as what Buffy did to Spike but something believable with Spike rejecting her.

Optional: *Have it start sometime after Buffy ended it with Spike and wanting him back.

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