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Challenge: 334
Season:Season 5
This is a stroy I would love to write, but just don't have the time.

What if Spike wasn't in love with Buffy? He still has the Chip, and helps the Scoobies, but has no warm feelings for the Slayer.

What happens when Buffy falls for HIM?

Must haves:

1. Angst - it has to have lots of angst
2. non-con
3. Buffy claiming Spike and him hating her for it
4. Story has to follow season five in some way
5. Spuffy with bite
6. and most importantly, A HAPPY ENDING

Can haves:

1. Joyce living
2. Riley dying
3. Angel and the fang gang turning up

Challenge: 333
Season:Season 6
Post "Once More,With Feeling", Joyce's ghost turns up to help the Scoobies and get Buffy and Spike together.

Buffy and Dawn are freaked out at first.
Ghost!Joyce lets everyone in on her plan to get Spuffy together.
Joyce,Anya,Willow,and Tara magically seal Buffy and Spike in the crypt for 43 hours.
Xander,Giles,and Dawn find Buffy's "engagement ring" from "Something Blue" and hide it in the crypt so Buffy and Spike find it.
Buffy admits she loves Spike in hour 41 after she finds the "engagement ring".
The two make the most of their last two hours in the crypt.
Xander and Anya get married,Spike and Willow are co-best men.

Spike and Buffy get engaged at Anya and Xander's wedding.
Ghost!Joyce is a bridesmaid in Anya and Xander's wedding.

Can't Have:
Character bashing

Challenge: 332
Name:spike and buffy
Season:Season 7
Must have:

1) Dawn dieing.
2) Spike and Buffy having a secret relationship again.
3) Spike and Buffy temporarily moved to a different dimension.
4) Anya and Xander getting back together.
5) Dawn and Andrew dating briefly.
6) Willow dating trying to find the girl of her dreams.
7) Giles being possesed for a week without anyone noticing.
8) Spike's chip playing up.

Can't have:

1) Attempted rape
2) Kennedy
3) The amulett
4) Any visits from Angel


If you want to you can put flashbacks of Spike and Angel's killing days in the 1800.

I look foward to seeing the results of my challenge good luck!

Challenge: 331
Season:Season 4
What if evil!Angel got chipped?

Challenge: 330
Name:Alias watch it if u havn't
Season:Season 5
Riley doesn't leave and keeps following Buffy around and being over protective of her. Buffy has had enough and she dumps Riley After that Riley takes his anger out on Spike.

Must have:

> Spike getting hurt by Riley (dont hurt Spike too much)
> Buffy beating up Riley for revenge
> Riley being kept in Buffys basement and being tortured.
> Dawn kicking Riley in the balls
> all the Scoobies are mad at Riley
> Scoobies accepting Buffy's love for Spike
> Xander and Spike finding a level of understanding/friendship
> Lots of Spuffy
> Anya regaining her power - what she does with it is your decision
> Riley being gagged
> Spike's chip going kablooey
> Rileys death (I don't care how he dies as long as he does - maybe Spike can drain him)
> Dawn embarrassing Buffy
> It has to be longer than 16 chapters

Can have:

> Dawn telling Xander to grow up and accept Spike
> Drusilla making a surprise visit with Darla

Can't have:

> Spike being killed
> Anya losing her power
> Riley surviving
> The Initiative

Looking foward to your stories!!!

Challenge: 329
Season:Post Chosen
It's the last episode of angel and Angel, Spike, Gunn, and Illyria are the last remaining fighters. As they plunge into battle, Buffy suddenly comes in with an army of slayers. Buffy still doesn't know that Spike's alive.
I was thinking maybe Buffy could see Spike for the first time during the battle, maybe they're both fighting and they turn around and suddenly BAM they see each other, or maybe Buffy gets attacked and Spike saves her, at first not knowing who he's saving...I don't know. Be creative.
MUST HAVE a good excuse for why Buffy was going out with the Immortal, if the issue comes up at all.


Sapphire Haze by benslilbug (complete!)

Challenge: 328
Season:Season 7
I want something that deals with everything that season seven didn't deal with, basically a story that fixes the errors of the season.

Must have:

1- Buffy and Spike talking about their relationship in season six.
2- Spike and Dawn becoming friends again.
3- More emphasis on Xander's maturity and his developing acceptance of Spike and Spike.
4- Willow coming to terms with her issues of power thirst
5- A good explanation to Giles' behavior
6- Xander and Anya working things out
7- Xander loses his eye
8- Anya and Andrew bonding

Must NOT have:

1- Character bashing
2- Willow/Kennedy
3- Angel coming back
4- Amulet


Buffy kissing Spike outside the house and the potentials watching from windows and commenting
Andrew having a crush on Xander
Giles and Dawn bonding over research

Challenge: 327
Season:Season 4
Okay, I don't want to be that guy that comes up with a challenge thousands of others have come up with and this will sound similiar but hopefully no one else took it. Basically it starts off at the Gift when Dawn opens the portal and instead of Buffy dying, Spike jumps into the portal instead.

Must Have: The portal takes Spike into the past where he's in his body only without the chip and with the Gem of Amara.

Spike becoming a White Hat without the need of a chip/soul. Okay it can have the soul, but I don't want him to change because of it, instead because he falls in love with Buffy sooner.

Can't Have: Buffy/Parker, Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Angel.

All is to the imagination of the author.

Challenge: 326
This challenge is gonna be Time Travel.

Ok, after Chosen, Spike was sent to Buffy's Season One timeline. The consequence of wearing the necklace was, Spike lost his soul but still remembers everything.

He's getting second chance to help/save Buffy. I want angst. Angelus must make an apperance but not because of Buffy.

Must have:
I don't want spineless Spike, but the pre-soul Spike we all love.

Can have:
If you like, Cordelia and Anya can also be sent from the future.

Must not have:

Challenge: 325
Season:Season 6
This takes place when Buffy comes to Spike's crypt to break up with him, after Riley and her just blew up his downstairs.

1. Spike preempts Buffy and actually breaks up with her before she can.

2. Emphasize Spike's weariness and resignation with the whole situation. (Anger too cause his home was just destroyed with a lot of memories.)

3. Make the whole incident NOT his fault. (Use your imagination.)

4. Spike moves from the crypt and doesn't tell anyone where he lives, not even Dawn. (she'll blab of course)

5. Spike avoids Buffy and her friends at all costs for a short time.

1. Spike gets a female friend that Buffy mistakes for a girlfriend. (Spike can or won't rectify this, your choice.)

2. Moves in with Clem or some other demon buddies he may still have.

3. Joyce alive so he can talk to her.

Can't Have:
1. Angel/Riley loving Buffy.

That should do it, the rest is all up to the creator's imagination.

Challenge: 324
Season:Season 4
I'm very much pro Spike pre-soul redemption. I don't think the soul made him 'good'. I don't really think it was the chip either but I think that led to him realising he could be good. Spike was never very evil with the chip, but he still could have been. There are ways to get around that.

So, my challenge is basically, show that Spike could be good before the soul, with the chip.

My idea is that, what if Angelus got chipped too? Either at the same time in season 4, or even more interesting would be in season 5 or 6. Angel can have lost his soul, or he could have his soul and say he and Buffy (or someone else) aren't 'careful' anymore because they don't need to, and then have him loose his soul but Willow can't restore it immediately.

I'd like to see the contrast between Spike with a chip and Angelus with a chip. I can't imagine Angelus joining the good side like Spike did. I think he'd do whatever he could to still remain evil, either manipulating others or having minions, the choice on how he does it is yours.

I think this could enlighten the gang on how much good Spike did, when he didn't have to, especially if it was set in season 5 or early season 6 when Spike's been helping so much already.

Anyway please take my idea and run with it however you like. I have no other restrictions or things I want included, just thought it would be interesting if someone took this idea and turned it into a good pre-soul Spuffy fic! Though cookies if you make it a long fic. :)

Challenge: 323
Season:Season 4
Okay, this is the "I've watched too much Veronica Mars" challenge. Buffy and the gang go to a frat party at Lowell House, and the next morning Buffy wakes up in or near the house. She doesn't remember anything, but she knows she's been drugged and raped by someone at the party.

Must include the following as suspects:
- Xander
- Riley
- Spike
- Forrest, Graham or someone else from the Initiative

May include as suspects:
- Parker
- Angel (or Angelus)
- Oz
- Other characters of your choosing

Buffy has to piece together the clues and her patchy memory of that night to figure out who raped her. Spike is a suspect, but as he helps her to solve the mystery, they find themselves falling for each other.

It's up to you who the rapist is (and just because Spike develops feelings for Buffy, that doesn't have to rule him out).


Closure by Eowyn315 (complete!)

Challenge: 322
Name:Moon Goddess
Buffy and Spike become trapped in Spike's favorite Soap, Passions. It doesn't matter if it is a spell or a demon that transports them to this world, but it CANNOT be a dream. Spike and Buffy should NOT have been together before the incident, this should be a way to get them together.

Must include
-Spike as a human (but only while in this world)
-Apperances of Spike and Buffy must change somehow

Others may or may not be involved, whatever is helpful.


Passionate Encounter by benslilbug (complete!)

Challenge: 321
Season:Season 4
This challenge is the result of an all night tag chat with Lady Yashka and Miss Onyx, forgive me if it has already been done :D

This can be set any season 4 or beyond.

Spuffy in Oz.

All of the BtVS characters in the land of Oz.
Buffy and Spike are somehow sucked into a portal (or a spell gone wrong) to the Land Of Oz.

Must have:
Buffy and Spike searching for a way home, but finding out that they are home as long as they are together.
Tara as Glinda.
Giles as the Wizard.

Can have:
Any characters questing for something they need, you don't need to keep to the courage, heart and brains thing unless you want to.
Maggie Walsh, Willow, or Dru as the wicked witch.
You can have Angel and Riley in here if they are not good guys, they have to be minions.

Can't have:
Spike torture
Spike/other unless very briefly
Buffy/other unless very briefly


There's No Place Like Sunnydale by benslilbug (complete!)

Challenge: 320
Season:Season 6
Spike decides he's had enough and makes up him mind to leave, sometime during Season 6. Dawn finds out and she decides to go with him after a disagreement with the Scoobies. Later on, Buffy and the Scoobies find out just how different the demon scene around Sunnydale changes after Spike's departure and they are unable to locate him or Dawn. Meanwhile, the Watchers Council is hatching some diabolical scheme.

Must have:
- a Spuffy ending
- Dawn finding out that Spike is really her father
- Spike, Dawn (and company?) causing chaos at Council HQ
- Cordelia getting mad at Angel for his obssession over Buffy

Can have:
- Buffy thinking that Dawn went to see Hank and blowing up at him while her father is all confused
- Spike beating up (or trying to beat up) the Immortal with Dawn cheering on
- Angel getting humiliated
- Andrew

Can't have
- Buffy or Spike moving on
- Tara dying

Challenge: 319
Season:Season 6
Darth Buffy: Seeing Red A/U Challenge

1. Dawn dies instead of Tara.
2. Buffy going on the WARPATH. I'm talking completely round the bend RAGE here. All this time the Nerdy Trio have dared think they was a true match for Buffy, now they see just how pathetic they really are against the Supernatural world's top Predator.
3. Buffy goes Darth Buffy, tapping levels of the Slayer never touched by any Slayer save the First Slayer herself; the abilities and powers gained by her are your choice, but should make her the equal of canon Darth Willow at the very least.
4. Buffy killing Warren in such a way that it seriously disturbs Spike, and scares the hell out of the Scoobies.
5. Spike saves the day.
6. Buffy retaining her advanced powers, due to the fact she held those powers for too long. Bonus points if Buffy has to go to the Coven to recover.

Would Love to See:
1. Darth Buffy vs. Willow/Giles. Bonus points for Giles being able to pull the same trick with Buffy that he did with Willow, making her feel the pain of EVERYONE in the World.
2. Anya as Vengence Demon saying she's never felt anyone in so much pain; so much pain that it scares Anya.
3. Buffy showing some physical changes as a result of her brush with her Dark Side.

Can't Have:
Attempted Rape
Tara dying
Spike getting his Soul

The reason I'm posting this is I've always wondered what it would be like if BUFFY was the one who went mad in Seeing Red, with Spike eventually doing for Buffy what Xander did for Willow in Canon. I am desperately hoping someone will take this Challenge :)


Dark Reflection by daniel_nieves (wip)

Challenge: 318
Season:Season 5
I'd like to see more Spike/Joyce and Dawn/Spike friendship. But, of course, this will be Spuffy too. Have Spike really get to Joyce about his feelings for Buffy over a cup of cocoa. She begins to realize that he really wants the best for her daughter, and she likes him better than Angel or even Riley.

Must Have:

happy Spuffy ending
take place after Crush

Extra Bonuses:

Dawn ganging up with Joyce to play match-maker
Spike moving in
Angel coming for a visit
Joyce is sick and believes Spike will take care of her daughters if she doesn't get well
Xander beginning to actually like Spike, and Buffy feels everyone is friends with him but her

Can't Have:

Lots of Riley

Challenge: 317
Season:Season 6
Challenge: Spike & Buffy are together. They've always played around with handcuffs & things, but gradually they start to develop into somewhat of a Sub/Dom relationship, each time getting a bit more daring. While Buffy is turned on by their games, she's still a bit nervous. But one night, Spike goes too far & hurts Buffy fairly bad physically & emotionally. She didn't want to use her safe word, because even though she wanted him to stop, she still loved him and was afraid to say anything. But when Spike finally realizes what happened, can the damage be repaired?

Season doesn't matter to me, though I would prefer not to have the Scoobies too involved.

Challenge: 316
Season:Post Chosen
I want to see a story where Giles feels guilty about trying to kill Spike after he died a hero. I mean, what would have happened if he wasn't there to save the day? Giles must realize that if he succeeded with Wood that Spike wouldn't have been there to wear the necklace. Seeing Buffy upset over Spike's loss, I'd like to see Giles try to do something about it. He could possibly look into whether Spike ended up in hell or heaven. It is up to you on the rest. You can have Giles find out about Spike in LA, or Giles could try to retrieve him from hell, or he could even bring him back from heaven (although seeing how that didn't work out so well for Buffy, you have to give a good reason why Giles would go that far).

Hope to see a good response soon!

Challenge: 315
Season:Post Chosen
Set During AtS Season 5. Buffy comes to Wolfram and Hart during Destiny, while Harmony and Spike are having sex. Go with it from there.

Must Haves/Be

-Spuffy (duh)
-happy ending
-heavy angst
-Buffy knowing somehow that Spike is alive
-The Fang Gang
-A follow through to the apocalypse (not necessarily the NFA one, or even how it happens. Just a little adversity for our favourite duo).
-Puppet Angel
-Lorne reading Buffy (whether purposely or accidentally up to you).

Can Haves

-Cup of Perpetual Torment
-Riley (no Biley at all though!)

Can't Haves

-Fred dieing (or Wesley!)
-Too much Angel bashing
-Spike being shanshued. Sorry, I just prefer him as a vampire.


Challenge: 314
Season:Post Chosen
Two years post "Not Fade Away", Buffy and Spike are the parents of three year old Rhiannon Joyce Pratt and two year old William(Will)Alexander Pratt.A visit from an alternate universe child of Angel and Buffy reveals that Spike and Buffy have to save the world from a group of villians who have been resurrected to help along an Apocalypse.Buffy and Spike have to work together,but have been broken up since Will's conception.

The villians are the Master,Glory,
Jasmine,and Lilah.
Angel and Buffy's daughter from the AU verse is named Katherine; she was conceived the night Angel lost his soul.
Buffy desperately wants Spike back.
In the beginning Spike/OC romance.
Buffy/Spike get back together.
Rhiannon is a Slayer like her mother.
Will is a warlock.
After a patrol gone back,Angel went insane and three Slayers were killed;Buffy and Spike are taking care of him.
The Apocalpyse is stopped and the villians are re-killed.
Angel eventually regains his sanity.
Katherine stays with Buffy and Spike since her Buffy,Angel,and Spike are dead.

Faith/Robin romance.
Dawn/Connor romance.
Buffy gets pregnant again.

Challenge: 313
Tara must be or turn evil. You can turn her back if that works.

Spuffy of course and bitey if possible. Any season since it will have to be AU.

Challenge: 312
Season:Season 3
Give us a story set around the time of the episode "Anne". A depressed Buffy, exhausted and not making enough money at the diner, decides to give prostitution a try. Spike shows up and becomes her first (and only) client. This is not to be too fluffy a fic. Spike and Buffy need to be true to canon (at least in the beginning).
Must have:
NC17 rating
Spike becoming love's bitch
Spuffy ending

Challenge: 311
Name:Blowing Candles
Season:Season 6
Write out what happened during Smashed after Buffy and Spike fell through the floor. Has to be dirty. Dirty talk. Dirty position. And it has to correspond to the series. Like, explain how Spike got Buffy's underwear in his pocket.

Challenge: 310
Season:Season 7
Set season seven right after Potential SITs and Spike talk about Buffy both as the slayer and as a girl. Short pwp with lots of dialogue. And keep it clean, not that I don't like all the lovin' fics though.

Must have/be:
1.) Spike talking to the SITs about Buffy as the Slayer and as a girl.
2.) Lots of dialogue.
3.) Set after season seven Potential.
4.) PG-R.

Can have/be:
1.) Spike telling SITs a William the Bloody story.
2.) Dawn telling them a pre-slayer story.
3.) A call to Angel to confirm a story.
4.) Buffy busting them.
5.) Comedy.
6.) Riley bashing.

Can't have/be:
1.) Unrealistic character behavior.
2.) NC-17.

Challenge: 309
Season:Season 6
Should take place immediately following Buffy's beat down of Spike (don't remember the exact episode) when he was trying to stop her from turning herself in.

1. Buffy walks home (what she does and think on the way home up to you) and leaves Spike.

2. Spike survives sunrise gets home and think on his relationship with Buffy in a negative light.

3. Spike goes on to have an epiphany and ends it with Buffy.

4. Spike tries to find a girl who cares for him instead of the other way around like normal.

5. NO sex scenes involving any girls that aren't Buffy.

1. May or may not have a semi-perma girlfriend (doesn't have to be an OC though it'd probably be easier canon-wise).

Basically thats it....oh yea must end up Spuffy. The rest of the story I'll leave to creative license.

Challenge: 308
Season:Post Chosen
I read somwhere that they had wanted to get Mechelle T. to come and do the episode of Angel that Tom L. was in. I always thought it would be interesting to see what would have happened if Dawn had gone to L.A with or without Andrew in "Damaged".

So thats what I want. Dawn goes to L.A to get the wacko slayer. Everything else you add or take away is up to you. I just want Dawn in L.A. Although Dawn and Andrew going there together would be funny.

Challenge: 307
Season:Season 6
Set during 'Tabula Rasa'. The spell wasn't broken, and the gang are trying to break it. Randy and Joan end up claiming each other, and right after, the spell ends.

Must have:
-The others don't know about the claim.
-Spike wants a relationship, Buffy doesn't.
-Buffy blocking the claim, causing Spike both mental and physical pain.
- Later Buffy wants them to have a secret relationship, Spike doesn't.
-Buffy wants to sleep with Spike, he asks if she'll tell the others about the claim, she doesn't answer and he rejects her.
-Xander is against the relationship. Anya, Tara and Dawn want it.
-At least seven "dear lord"s from Giles.
-A spuffy ending.

Can have:
-Angel (Jealous and angry)
-Riley (Angry and jealous)
-Xander calling Angel and/or Riley.
-Nerd trio
-Angel and/or Riley bashing

Can't have:
-Giles leaving
-Tara dying
-Buffy using Spike
-Instant spuffy loving

Challenge: 306
Season:Season 4
Angel never came to Sunnydale. All the crap with Buffy and him never happened.

Buffy was attracted to Spike when they first met but knew it could never happen cos he was a killer.

Now when Spike comes to the Scoobies for help after he's been chipped, Buffy decides he's not a killer anymore because he can't hurt people.

She's decides she's finally got her chance with him. She just knows he's a good man deep down.

Spike on the other hand is convinced that the slayer is raving. He's a vampire and there's no good in him. He's evil through and through and he could never have feelings other than hate for the slayer.

Can Buffy convince Spike they're meant to be?!

Must haves:
-Willow and Joyce all for a spuffy relationship. Everyone else against.
-Events of "Something Blue" but with Spike having to pry Buffy off his lips.
-Buffy protesting to Giles' and Xander's treatment of Spike.

Can haves:
-Buffy refusing to accept their engagement is broken when the spell ends.

Challenge: 305
Season:Season 6
In "Entropy," instead of Spike pouring out his misery in the form of sex-with-Anya, Drusilla makes a sudden, whirlwind spin back into Sunnydale and surprises him. Whatever he does after that point is your decision.

-Big surprise in the form of Dru
-Buffy gets jealous (whether she acts upon this jealousy or not... your choice)
-A Buffy/Spike sex scene (it can be implied.)
-Spuffy ending.

-Buffy has an epiphany and realizes she loves Spike (but let's be realistic... that's highly unlikely to happen. Still... it would be nice, wouldn't it?)
-Spike staking Dru (because she never really officially died).
-Buffy staking Dru (which would be cool)
-Dru falling into a tree-branch, dusting herself (which would be mui funny)
-Anya and Xander working out their problems.

Can't have:
-any Spike/Anya sex.

Challenge: 304
Who's seen "Interview with a Vampire?" Who remembers Kirsten Dunst in that movie? If you haven't, here's the basics... Kirsten Dunst (as a young girl) gets turned into a vampire so she won't die. After many years, she begins to ask why she can't get older, why she can't be desireable and beautiful like other women, etc.

So... for this challenge: Spike turns Buffy into a vampire when she's a young girl (btwn the ages 6-12) because Drusilla says she wants a spankin' new playmate. Many years pass (10 or more) and Buffy's now a woman trapped in the body of a young girl. What's more is that she's in love with Spike who still happens to be with Drusilla. What will she do?

- Buffy must leave Spike for an extended period of time to go to a witch, demon, whatever you'd like to change her.

- Spike must NOT be able to recognize her IMMEDIATELY when she returns.

- She must find a way into Spike's heart without Drusilla dying or going off to frolic with some other demon.

- This fic must include:

.... a scene that involves a room full of candals

.... Mr. Gordo

.... a drunken scene of some sort

.... a scene where Buffy sings. Be semi-realistic. Buffy DOESN'T have a good voice.

.... A birthday party for somebody.

.... an appearance by Angel or Angelus (doesn't have to be a major character)

.... Giles.

.... A Latin phrase.

.... A scene that takes place in France.

Challenge: 303
Season:Post Chosen
After the battle in "Not Fade Away",the Powers That Be sent everyone to alternate univeres(Different TV shows)until they could use them.Now an Apocalypse is happening,and the Powers restore everyone's memories and bring them back to their real universe.

Willow is called Lily Aldrin; she's in "How I Met Your Mother";
Willow/Marshall romance.
Wes is in also in the How I Met Your Mother universe,he's Sandy Rivers,Wes/Fred romance.
Cordy is called Kendall Casablancas;she's in the Veronica Mars universe.
Buffy is in the Scooby Doo universe;she's Daphne;Buffy/Spike romance.
Angel is in the Bones universe, he's Seeley Booth; Angel/Temperance romance.
Spike,Dawn,Giles,Robin,and Xander are still watching over things in the real universe.
They remain memories from both universes.
The people in the other universes are surprised by the truth.
Spike makes fun of Buffy as Daphne.
Buffy/Spike marriage.
Angel tries to talk Temperance out of using scientific and anthropological facts for this.
Angel isn't so broody or angsty anymore.

Faith is in the "Tru Calling" universe.
The people that got sent to the alternate universes are going back and forth between their real personalities and their AU personalities.
Gunn's dead.

Challenge: 302
Season:Season 7
Robin manages to dust Spike in the garage. After Buffy goes ballastic, she demands that Spike be returned by any means necessary. The challenge is how to do this.

must have:

1. Buffy realizing how much she loves Spike now that he is gone.

2. everybody's reaction to Buffy's state.

3. Buffy's reaction to Giles' betrayal.

4. Xander putting his foot in his mouth as usual and Buffy crying because of it and then slapping him.

5. Dawn telling Giles off and then kicking him in the shin.

6. Long with lots of angst and eventually a spuffy ending with lots of smut


Though I Walk Through the Valley... by randi (complete!)

Challenge: 301
Buffy tells Spike that she loves him the night before the final battle. Spike and Buffy claim each other. The battle happens the same way except for the "no you don't but thanks anyway" phrase. Now the challenge is to bring them together.

must have:

1. Buffy mourning for Spike and then knowing immediately that he is back.

2. Angel's reaction to the claim.

3. The scoobies reaction to the claim.

4. must be long and rated R or NC-17.

5. lots of smut, comedy and angst.

can haves:

1. Connor having the hots for Dawn and Spike having fits because of it.

2. Dru getting jealous.

3. And extra bonus points for Angel dusting

Challenge: 300
Season:Season 6
This is basically a "What if" Challenge based on 'Seeing Red'. Let's assume that instead of Tara dying, Dawn is the one slain. Add to this that Buffy goes more than a bit crazy as a result.

Now let's further assume that Buffy really DID come back 'Wrong', and finds she's far far more than any Slayer save perhaps the First Slayer herself. What would happen then?


1. Buffy goes Darth Buffy, tapping levels of the Slayer never touched by any Slayer save the First Slayer herself; the abilities and powers gained by her are your choice, but should make her the equal of canon Darth Willow at the very least.

2. Buffy killing Warren in such a way that it seriously disturbs Spike, and scares the hell out of the Scoobies.

3. Spike saves the day.

4. Buffy retaining her advanced powers, due to the fact she held those powers for too long. Bonus points if Buffy has to go to the Coven to recover.

Would Love to See:

1. Darth Buffy vs. Willow/Giles. Bonus points for Giles being able to pull the same trick with Buffy that he did with Willow, making her feel the pain of EVERYONE in the World. Bonus Points if Buffy decides to destroy the world.

2. Anya as Vengence Demon saying she's never felt anyone in so much pain; so much pain that it scares Anya.

3. Buffy showing some physical changes as a result of her brush with her Dark Side.

Can't Have:

Attempted Rape
Tara dying
Spike getting his Soul

If your Muse perks up at this, but finds my requirements too restrictive, feel free to alter whatever is required. I mainly want to see a Darth Buffy that has been pushed too FAR by everything, and decides she's going to make someone PAY.

Challenge: 299
Name:bic medium
okay im in a bit of a mood today so place thic fic in victorian times with torture thrown in!:)please:P
must haves:

can haves:

can't haves:


Challenge: 298
Season:Season 5
Hey evereybody

So this is my challange

Around season 5 before Riley leaves, Spikes chip goes kablooy (think season 7) and it makes him sick (with feaver, or whatever)
The scoobies kinda take pity on him when Buffy brings him back from patrol and not knowing what to do, they call Angel and his gang. Rating: PG13 or NC17

Must have:
-Lots and lots of Spuffy
-Joyce still alive
-Angel worried about sick Spike
-Angel-Spike bonding
-Angel kicking Rileys ass, cause it's so damn funny when he does that
-Riley bound and gaged on a very uncomfy chair
-Riley getting dumpt in the basement
-Faith getting releasd from prisson and comming to Sunnydale
-The scoobies and the AI-team giving Faith a second chance
-Angel/Faith pairing
-Bring Doyle back from the dead somehow (as worker for the powers that be or something)
-Doyle/Cordelia pairing
-Gunn and/or Wesley kicking Rileys ass, when they discover that he goes to the vamp-whores
-Gunn/Fred pairing
-Fred kicking Riley in the balls
-The scoobies acepting Spike and Spuffy relationship
-Faith begging about Riley:"Can i please kick his ass? the guy is giving me a migraine" and Buffy actualy saying: "Please do, he is getting very annoying."
-Angel discovering that Riley staked Spike with a plastic stake, and of course kicking his ass again :-) (you see the kicking-Rileys-ass theme?)
-Gunn making a comment about The Powers that sit on their Behinds
-Angel getting rid of that stupid curse so he can have lots of happyniss with Faith
-Faith and Buffy getting pragnant at the same time (think slayer hormones! find a way arround the Vamps-can't-have-kids rule, maby someting magic or the fact that our vamps are from a special vamp-familly)
-Darla showing up pragnant (She does have to stake herself for the baby)
-At least 15 chapters or more

Can have:
-Lorne taking everybody to Caritas for free drinks and songs (the Scoobies and AI-team singing karaoke)
-The dead of Riley (i really don't like him)
-Xander/Anya getting married

Can't have:
-Buffy hating Spike, dislike is okey at first, but think: a Spuffy(+Fangel) happy ending

My e-mail isn't working at the moment, but if you have MSN you can always add me(the same e-mail)and than ask me your questions.

Hugs and kisses

Challenge: 297
Season:Season 5
Inaapropriate song fic song fic challenge

rewrite any episode of season 5 onward as Spuffy, but with the characters hearing inapropriate theme music.

For instance post Wrecked everytime Buffy enters a room that Spike is in the gang all here AC/DC's she shook me all night long. :P Anya get's hit with the oldie "American Woman" lol

Oh yeah and if ya hit Spike with "Back in Black" that would be soooooo kool :P

Challenge: 296
Season:Season 4
Instead of splitting the scoobies up before the fight with Adam, Spike for his own reasons help the scoobs take the jerk down. That night instead on the weird First Slayer Dreams the scoobs see Sinyea, Nikki Wood and the Slayer Spike killed in 1900 attack and then drain our Vampire hero then drag him away. At first Buffy thinks it poetic justice but her slayer dreams convince her otherwise as she has nightmares every night of Spike's humiliating torture.

At first she and the scoobs convince themselves they are only saving Spike because of the fact that it was their spell that got Spike caught, but as the dreams take a suprisingly erotic turn Buffy begins to doubt her reasons.

When Bufy fights her way through to a grove filled with Slayers Sinyea asks her just one question. "Why?" Buffy answers "Because I love him, he's my mate."

Instead of a fight Sinyea leads her to Spike who is playing chess with a slayer and they all live happily ever after, well after Buffy punches Spike a few times for scaring her to death.

1. Dream Spike is fair game, but no torturing real spike :P


Life On Earth by FetchingMadScientist (wip)

Challenge: 295
Season:Season 6
My challenge is to put the entire group of Scoobies, including Spike, Dawn and Giles, into intensive group therapy. Everything comes to a head and someone in the inner circle realizes it is life or death to get mental health care for all of these soldiers of light.

Must haves:
1. Xander gets called to task over the hyena episode, issues with his parents and vampire issues...specifically his issues concerning Spike.
2. Confrontation of Willow concerning use of magics and the reasons behind it.
3. Buffy deals with abandonment isses, the trauma of dying twice and being ripped from Heaven by her friends, and her relationship with Spike.
4. Spike shares about his life with both his real family, his vampire family and his feelings of rejection.

Can possibly have:
1. A Buffy/Dawn private session.
2. Couples therapy for the couples.
3. Buffy/Giles private session.
4. Giles/Spike private session.
5. Spike and Xander find common ground.
6.Use of therapist with some connection to the supernatural and therefore knowledge of demons and slayers.
7. A forgetting spell, or some other type of spell, done by one of the Scoobies on a regular therapist.
8. A therapy retreat of some sort, to get them away from demonic activity, to facilitate the amount of therapy needed.
9. A cameo appearance by a character no longer on the show during season 6. (For example, Buffy's mom, Cordelia, Angel, Oz, etc...)

Challenge: 294
Season:Season 3
Vampire Steering Committee

Characters of the 'verse try to 'Jiminy Cricket' Spike through past events. They want to change the way their lives went, but have do it through proxy, and for some reason, Spike gets tapped.

Must Have:

1. Spike is the only one who can see or hear the members of the 'Steering Committee'. They can see each other though.

2. At least one scene (or snippets of multiple scenes) from the POV of someone around Spike while he has a lively conversation of some kind with one of his phantoms.

3. Spike gets drunk and makes a fool of himself.

4. Different committee members have different opinions/styles on influencing Spike.

6. At least one committee member doesn't like Spike very much, but is involved anyway.

7. Required Committee Members: Faith, Wesley, Willie. All other characters present in S3 are optional.

8. Spuffy interaction, and hopefully romance (or the beginnings of one). Spike's life is changed too, whether or not that was part of the plan.

Challenge: 293
Name:Nika Dawson
Season:Season 5
Season Five. Buffy feels trapped in her relationship with Riley, and her dreams of Spike aren't helping her mood much. So when Riley announces that his family is coming to Sunnydale to meet her, she is determined that the worst is going to come. Riley's little sister, who is convinced that Buffy is to good for her brother, sees Spike and Buffy giving each other looks that neither sees, and enlists the help of Dawn to get the vampire and the slayer together.

Must Haves:
1.Joyce is not sick
2.Riley's parents finding out about Sunnydale's nightlife in an unusual way.
3.Riley finding Buffy and Spike together in bed.

Can haves.
1.Glory still being a problem.
2.Buffy and Spike dancing in the rain.
3.Spike and Buffy cleaning out the Desoto.
4.Drusilla coming to Sunnydale.
5.Spike singing in the shower.

Challenge: 292
Season:Season 4
In season six, Spike's chip stopped working on Buffy. What if it never had? If the chip worked not by detecting human/not-human, but instead it detected natural/supernatural, who does it work on, and who does it not? How does it affect the progression of events and relationships?

Must haves:

1. Spike and Buffy fighting, and loving every bit of it (though Buffy may try to deny it).
2. Spuffy banter.
3. Acknowledgement of Spike's capabilities as a fighter by Buffy and/or Giles. Whether they let Spike in on that is optional.
4. Buffy and Willow talk about Spike. Girl talk!
5. Spike and Giles seriously talk about Spike's place in life and his future.

Can't haves:

1. Extreme fluff or darkness.
2. Answers coming too easily. They don't know how the chip works, or what it'll mean, and it takes time (and preferably a few mistakes) to figure things out.
3. No (graphic) Buffy/Riley or Buffy/Other.

Can haves:

1. Spike's chip works on Willow and other magic users, but only while they're using magic.
2. Spike/Other is fair game, so long as Spuffy is a major part of the story.
3. Exploration of the origins of the Slayer, but preferably nothing conclusive.
4. Faith. Good, bad, naughty, or all of the above.
5. Spike surprising everyong (including himself) when he saves the life of a Scooby.
6. Spike going back for whatever remains of the Treasure of Amara. He can get some loot, but not enough to make him more well off than the other Scoobies.
7. Riley and Spike throw down. I leave the circumstances to you.
8. Finally, you can set this in S5 if you like. Paint in the S4 part with flashbacks or however you want, if you do.

Challenge: 291
Season:Season 4
During "New Moon Rising" Spike and Oz talk. Spike leaves with Oz at the end of the episode but does not tell anyone. Dawn gets worried and convinces the Scoobies to look for him. They hear he's in LA and up to trouble. They find him in a small club playing in a band with Oz. They decide to stay for the set and at the end go see him. Spike makes a comment before beginning the last song about how the song is sort of like a relationship he had with a girl in the last town he was in. The comment is obviously about Buffy. The song in called "Strange and Beautiful" by Aqualung.

Must haves:
1. Spuffy
2. Comedy
3. Tight friendship between Oz and Spike

May haves:
1. Joyce
2. La gang
3. Anya making comments about Spike that make everyone very uncomfortable

Challenge: 290
Season:Season 5
During season 6, a "darker" Buffy from an alternate universe shows up, one that is an uber scientist instead of Slayer and more than a bit crazy. She is the American Dictator and is looking for Spike to impregnate her with the perfect heir to her throne. How far will our Buffy and the Scoobs go to save Spike and the alternate World?

Must haves:

1. Comedy
2. Not have much angst :P

Challenge: 289
Season:Season 5
What if at the end of "Out Of My Mind" it was Buffy who admitted she was in love with Spike and she was the one who woke up from the dream?

Must haves:

1. Dru coming to Sunnydale to get get Spike
2. Riley death (don't care how)
3. Buffy and/or Xander have to say "bloody hell"

Can haves:

1. Joyce's illness and death
2. Glory


And the Dream Will Set You Free by randi (wip)

Challenge: 288
Name:Lisa Jones
Season:Season 6
Set during or after "Tabula Rasa." Giles is sent back in time about 9 months before Spike is born. Giles realizing that Spike really is his son after he gets back.

Must haves:

1. Fluffy Spuffy
2. Giles and Spike bonding as father and son
3. Giles playing matchmaker for Spike and Buffy
4. Giles saying "Oh Dear Lord" at least 10 times

Can haves:

1. Joyce still alive, romance with Giles, she can help with the matchmaking
2. A spell going wrong and turning Xander into a girl for a short time and Anya saying Willow did it on purpose


Family Ties by benslilbug (wip)

Challenge: 287
Season:Season 6
Riley and Sam come to Sunnydale with several surprises-When they were chipping the vampires and demons,one night the Iniative took the Scoobies and Fang Gang. They took genetic material from them and conceived magical children.For the pregnancies,they used surrogate mothers.Riley and Sam bring the two years olds to their real parents.Buffy and Spike have a two year old daughter who brings them together EDITED BY THE BLOODSHEDVERSE, REQUIREMENTS TOO SPECIFIC AS SUBMITTED.

Challenge: 286
Season:Post Chosen
So this Challenge is set after NFA. Instead of team Angel facing the battle all alone Buffy comes in with her team and a whole bunch of Slayers. After this, all the main characters from Buffy and Angel are given the gift of being able to have a one weekend reunion together in a huge mansion where all their loved ones that have passed away jion them. Smut, Spuffy and wackiness must ensue, but the rest is up to you!

Challenge: 285
Season:Season 6
I want to write this myself but i dont think i'll ever get around to it. No harm in letting someone else try.

Premise is simple: What if Joyce didn't die?

I figure the rest of season 5 carries out pretty similar to canon, except Joyce is alive during it- you can elaborate more on this or just say everything went the same as the show.

The fic should be set in season 6 (with a bit of season 5 if you do want to go from before she dies in the show). Buffy still died and the gang still bought her back (with Spike and Dawn still not knowing they were going to - your choice if Joyce knows but I figure she wouldn't).

See i think season 6 may be quite a bit different if Joyce was around. Buffy will still struggle to adjust to being back, but she won't have the extra worries. I'd like to see how the Buffy/Spike relationship would have altered if Buffy wasn't *so* depressed- hopefully it be a bit more healthier, or if not then Buffy being called on how unhealthy it is (such as say, Joyce noticing Buffy and Spike's matching bruises and cuts, or Spike's bruises after 'Dead Things').

Apart from that, run with it.

Things i'd like to (but dont have to) be included:
- Spike/Dawn friendship and maybe Spike/Joyce friendship.
- A mixture of angst, drama and fluff. I dont think just because Joyce is alive everything would be perfect but there would be more chance for some happiness admist the lows.
- Make it a long fic, include everyone and everything.
- A happy ending.
- Lots of Spuffy interaction and Spuffy lovin'.

Have fun and do let me know if you take up this challenge.


Borrowed Time by msclawdia (complete!)

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