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Challenge: 285
Season:Season 6
I want to write this myself but i dont think i'll ever get around to it. No harm in letting someone else try.

Premise is simple: What if Joyce didn't die?

I figure the rest of season 5 carries out pretty similar to canon, except Joyce is alive during it- you can elaborate more on this or just say everything went the same as the show.

The fic should be set in season 6 (with a bit of season 5 if you do want to go from before she dies in the show). Buffy still died and the gang still bought her back (with Spike and Dawn still not knowing they were going to - your choice if Joyce knows but I figure she wouldn't).

See i think season 6 may be quite a bit different if Joyce was around. Buffy will still struggle to adjust to being back, but she won't have the extra worries. I'd like to see how the Buffy/Spike relationship would have altered if Buffy wasn't *so* depressed- hopefully it be a bit more healthier, or if not then Buffy being called on how unhealthy it is (such as say, Joyce noticing Buffy and Spike's matching bruises and cuts, or Spike's bruises after 'Dead Things').

Apart from that, run with it.

Things i'd like to (but dont have to) be included:
- Spike/Dawn friendship and maybe Spike/Joyce friendship.
- A mixture of angst, drama and fluff. I dont think just because Joyce is alive everything would be perfect but there would be more chance for some happiness admist the lows.
- Make it a long fic, include everyone and everything.
- A happy ending.
- Lots of Spuffy interaction and Spuffy lovin'.

Have fun and do let me know if you take up this challenge.


Borrowed Time by msclawdia (complete!)

Challenge: 284
Season:Season 5
What if Spike go mind sucked by Glory instead of Tara? The gang takes pity on him after finding out he protected Dawn and tries protect him from himself. Glory convinced him he was very bad and he tries to be good and/or kill himsef.

Must Haves:
-Spike eventully regaining his sanity with the help of Willow and Tara
-No winnibego
-Spike being instrumental with defeating Glory and saving Dawn
-A surprising friendship between Gile, Xander and crazy Spike
-No Scoobies die

Challenge: 283
Season:Season 6
Instead of Buffy and Spike going the violent sex way and keeping Dawn and the other scoobies apart from Spike, try this. You remember how in the Dracula episode buffy could sense more strongly when she drank his blood, what if when buffy tastes Spike's blood (however that may happen, preferrably non-sexual at first) she is able to feel his emotions, thus slowly opening herself up to her own emotions.

Challenge: 282
Name:Tonia (LadyYashka)
The World Cup starts today, and I get to go see the Edmonton Eskimos(CFL Football)tonight. (June 9,06) So in honor of this I want a fun, light hearted story about the chaos this brings.

Obviously Spike, Wesley, and Giles are for England. Angel is all for Ireland. I want rivalry, bickering, shouting at the TV, and near heart attacks when someone???s team is close to winning. Hell, throw in Ethan for all I care. Any sports fan knows what I'm talking about. Have fun, go crazy, and most of all, enjoy yourself.

Challenge: 281
Name:Megan McDonald
Season:Season 5
In the episode 'Spiral' I'm sure we all remember the Winnebago. Well, I'd like a story about the car trip.

Must haves:

1. Glory and the knights have somehow been slowed down so they wont reach Buffy for 5-7 days
2. No stopping for sleeping. There are sleeping arrangments for the Winnebago and Spike/Buffy must be together.
3. Buffy being attracted to Spike
4. Must include/end fight
5. Buffy doesn't die at the end of the fight
6. Funny and light-hearted

Can't haves:

1. Buffy trying to think she doesnt have feelings for Spike
2. Depressing

Challenge: 280
Season:Season 7
1. take The First and chuck it out of existence.
2. think of a new big bad(how about a slayer-kid principal?)
3. bring Andrew and Jonathan into town and into the scooby-gang.
4. get spike out of his insanity spell and into his crypt.(don't want him to be in casa summers yet and don't ant him to be a weeping Nancy boy either but do want the post-soul guilt thing.)

Now Willow Dawn Andrew and Jonathan win 2 tickets for a month long holiday to---(u decide)
to decide which 2 will go they split into 2 teams(Willow-Dawn, Willow-Jonathan,Willow-Andrew, Dawn-Jonathan,Dawn-Andrew,Andrew-Jonathan.. have ur pick)and have a competition. each team gets a couple-spike/buffy Xander/Anya.whichever team gets their couple hooked up first get the tickets. not an easy task cos Anya is still mad and Giles is being all anti-vamp boyfriend, then there's the big bad to beat and of course all of spike and anya's ex's and buffy and xander's potential lovers have decided to hop into Sunny D.

Must have:
1. no angel or Dru
2. comedy
3. some adventure and demon bashing

Challenge: 279
Season:Post Chosen
Post-Chosen, Post-NFA
Angel's curse should be gone, or irrelevant, but there must be an explanation (it can be brief).
Plot or lack thereof is up to the writer.

Challenge: 278
Season:Season 4
In this AU Buffy didn't make her mistake with Parker till after Spike was chipped. After much teasing by Spike Buffy decides relationships aren't worth it soooooo she decides to use Spike for sex. The problem??? Well mostly that after while she falls for the guy and finds out she is preggers with his child. Soooo when Spike finds out how does Buffy know if he loves her or just their unborn child.

Challenge is cooooooommmmmpletely Tam's fault.

Challenge: 277
Season:Season 1
Alright write a long fic where Spike and Buffy were already together at the begining of the show. There should be a telepathic link between them so they can read eachothers minds literaly (this can be from a claim or another reason). Keep it as close to cannon as possible, it should be funny and have brain!smutt (like phone sex but in thier minds). Have Spike and/or Buffy reveal thier relationship during or after 'School Hard' try coming up with a reason that Spike is acting like a bad!vamp that isn't completly stupid.

No Drusilla

Much Angel bashing

Bitey smut!

Otherwise have fun!!!!

Challenge: 276
Season:Post Chosen
Remember Wes's father being a robot in ATS5? Well, what if it wasn't just him? What if BTVS7's Giles was a robot, too? And the Travers that blew up? Robot. This is a far reaching plot but of whose? That's up to you. I am leaving this challenge pretty open to do with as you like. I just want it Spuffy with the all of the Scoobies accepting of the relationship. No Spike torture unless it's consensual, sexual, and with Buffy.

I don't mind angst, but not between Spike and Buffy. Let them be happy, darn it.

Challenge: 275
Buffy has been told by Giles that Slayers cannot have babies. She finds out differently, that Slayers can only be impregnated by master vampires. With the help of Willow, she does a spell to bring loads of vampires to Sunnydale. Guess who the spell drags to Sunnydale looking for the Slayer?

Must haves:

1. Big cover-up by the Watchers Council. (Basically the Watchers Council are our bad guys.)
2. Spuffy with a bite.
3. Spike, like when he first popped up on our tv. Cocky and evil to everyone, except this time, not to his Buffy.
4. Spike being older than the master, and rich.
5. Spike discovering what the Slayer wants and can't wait to get started.
6. Willow like she was in season six. (The only thing is she's not homicidal, just really protective of Buffy.)
7. Keep them together.
8. NC-17 (Lots of smut)

Can haves:

1. Willow and Tara
2. Xander and Anya
3. Xander being an ass and helping the Council try to make Buffy lose the baby. (Abortion pills, drugs, etc.)
4. Giles believing in the Council but changing his way by the end.
5. Spike being very possessive and growly to Buffy. (Is growly a word?)

Can't haves:

1. Angel(us)
2. Drusilla
3. The baby dying/miscarriage

Challenge: 274
Season:Season 4
In Season 4's episode "Something Blue" Willow's spell works on Buffy but not on Spike write us a fic of Buffy chasing around a terrorified Spike demanding he marry her. To the point that che claims him only seconds before the spell ends :P

Must Haves
1. Poor Spike is sooooo not interested :P


Something Blue-ish by Lenore (complete!)

Challenge: 273
Name:Kyra Storm
Season:Season 7
I was thinking about writing this, but I'll never have time.

A dark fic, set after Empty Places. The First uses Buffy's absence to bring out the darkness in Giles, Anya, Faith and Willow. After using her friends to defeat her, The First tells Buffy that if she will consent to join it, it will send Dawn away to another dimension where she can be happy, otherwise it will torture their souls for eternity. Buffy reluctantly agrees, and she is made Queen or Ruler Over the Hellmouth, with Spike as her King/Mate.

The story should start a year after this. Sunnydale looks like a hell dimension, Buffy and Spike???s reach extends throughout most of North America. Spike is just returning, with the AI team in chains, after having been gone for months hunting them.

The story should be about even in the darkest places true love can survive and triumph. Buffy and Spike rely on each other and take comfort in each other, the perfect team, but it shouldn???t be too saccharine.

All of the Scoobies are out to destroy Buffy and Spike???s relationship for one reason or another. The actions of the Scoobies should be very twisted and sick. It should be noted that they go to excesses that Spike never even dreamt of when he was the Big Bad.

Must Have:

Giles, back to being Ripper, torturing, dominating or brain washing the SIT's so they become obedient Slaves.

Willow is slightly mad from her power addiction.

Anya is a Vengeance Demon again and she turned Xander into a demon, but keeps him as her pet on a leash.

Faith desperately trying to seduce Spike. She was on the mission with Spike to capture Angel and she tries to get Buffy to think something happened between them.

While both Buffy and Spike are bad, they aren???t completely evil, their love protects them from that.

Illyria is with the AI team, so season 5 Angel happened without Spike???s reappearance there.

Can Have:

Hot reunion sex between Spike and Buffy (bitey, of course)

Ethan working with Giles.

Amy as Willow???s manic disciple (think Renfield).

Riley???s head hung on a pike as a warning to others who try and stop Spike and Buffy. Maybe other Initiative soldiers hanging with him.

Angel being turned into Angelus.

Faith being turned by Angelus.

Illyria helping Buffy and Spike escape to be with Dawn, where they can be happy.

Buffy giving up or losing her soul when she joins with the first.

Spike asking for his soul to be taken away as well.

Giles ???breaking??? Kennedy.

Challenge: 272
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 4
Can start from "Something Blue"

When a chaos demon hears Buffy complaining about how her life is so unbelievable, it decides that maybe she should see just how wrong she is. One quick soul-swapping spell, and Buffy, Spike and the Scoobies find themselves in our world, at Comic-Con, in the bodies of the actors that portray them on tv. Stripped of their powers, will the gang be able to get home? And will this little ???vacation??? be just the thing the doctor ordered to get her into a more Spuffy mood?

Must haves:

1. Spike + Buffy goodness
2. The gang meeting actors and reacting badly (IE, meeting Seth Green, or the actress that plays Glory)
3. Fan girls and boys.
4. The gang finding this website
5. The gang arguing about what movies ???they??? have been in (IE, Buffy horrified to learn she was in Scooby Doo, or that ???Faith??? was in Bring it On and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back)

Can haves:

1. Bitey goodness
2. The gang finding some fake nudey sites with Sarah Michelle Geller and the other actresses on them
3. Spike watching "Bones" and making fun of Angel.
4. Spike getting made that he plays Brainiac on Smallville
5. The scoobies looking at their merchandise from the show.
6. The gang watching the DVDs of the show.
7. Joss Wheldon helping them get home
8. Each member of the Scoobies trying to go to ???their??? respective shows (IE, Willow trying to act on ???How I Met Your Mother???)
9. Andrew (if included) getting made that everyone thinks he???s gay (with the rest of the scoobies shocked that he isn???t)
10. Angel Crossover
11. Members of the scoobies not wanting to leave.

Challenge: 271
Season:Season 6
Takes place after Buffy's Bday in Season 6 but before "As you were" Some reason Buffy and Spike have very heated argument over their relationship, they fight (mainly Spike blocking her hits)during fight Buffy starts to break down, her hits to his chest less and less powerful and her crying becomes sobs..somewhere in there she confesses she's in love with him has been for a while.Spike of course is shocked by this but not as happy as he thought he'd be, cuz obviously her loving him is tearing her apart.
Story must deal w/ Buffy being afriad of being deserted by yet another man she loves (dad,angel,riley,giles)
Buffy must say, "I do love you, God forgive me I do" playing on her fears loving him might cause her never to see heaven again.
Spike swears he'll be a good man for her till the end of time,no more killing ever and he'll try to even get a soul if that's what she wants. Buffy makes Spike swear that he'll never leave her no matter what..ever! Then they go back to her house (for some reason they have house to themselvs) and happy spuffy smut ensues.

Challenge: 270
Spike and Drusilla never make it to Sunnydale together Season 2.

Drusilla and Spike obviously had a falling out when Angelus puts out a familial call after he losses his soul.

Years go by, and Spike - after years of not having his Ripe Wicket Plum at his side - go to Sunnyhell and see what's up. (gem of amarra? - subplot!)

How will this Change the volatile Slayer/Vampire relationship?

-Spuffy. Duh.
-Clem is a friend of Buffy's BEFORE Spike is even in the picture.
-Some sort of Friendly Demon Coalition that Buffy works with during apocalpyses.
-Tara/Spike friendship somehow.

pref. NC17.

Challenge: 269
Season:Season 5
Buffy has decided to flee Sunnydale with the Schoobies(Preferably before Tara gets attacked) but doesn't know were to go. Thats when Spike decides to contact his only living relative for help. His late siblings great-great-grandchild, Warren Worthington the Third. Also known as Archangel from X-men. Just a crossover idea I had a while back.

Must have:
Spuffy, of course.

Challenge: 268
Season:Season 5
In Season 5, "Buffy vs. Dracula," Spike is real flippant about ol' Drac. Maybe he can do all that creepy stuff too, just really dosen't like to; he did after all say they were rivals. Means he must be down with the mo jo too. Why not have a nice fun showdown between Drac and Spike - maybe over Buffy?

And of course have fun-hot biting and some major Riley-bashage, and Riley feeling insignificant.

Must haves:

1. Gummy bears
2. Buffy in Stilletos
3. Pretty green gowns
4. Igor
5. Passions
6. Have fun.

Challenge: 266
Name:Stacie B
Season:Season 3
Set after Buffy left and went to LA. She is depressed and lonely when Spike appears in her life again. They start out as enemies, but something happens and things change. It has been done before but maybe sopmeone can put some originality into it...
Can Have if you want:
- appearance of Faith/Angel
- Scoobies looking for/finding Buffy

Challenge: 265
Season:Season 5
For some reason Spike has decided to keep a diary. It is season 5 (but feel free to make it any season you want). The diary is extremely Bridget Jones-esque. Note the "extremely." It'll just show the events of the season through Spike's PoV, except making it Spuffy, of course. Must be similar to Bridget Jones.

Challenge: 264
Season:Post Chosen
Two years post NFA, Buffy and Spike hate each other thanks to their talk-first-think-later nature during the LA battle. But they are forced to work as matchmakers-in-arms when Buffy finds that Dawn is in love with Connor and Spike finds out that though Connor is marrying Kennedy (Willow dumped her and you do what you feel like with her) but is in love with Dawn. Can they fight their own attraction as they help the kids get together?

Must have:

1. Willow and Xander helping at some point

2. Angel determined nothing shall crash the wedding

3. Spike, Connor, Dawn, Andrew, Rona, and Clem guarding the Cleveland hellmouth.

4. A Dawn/Connor and Spike/Buffy double wedding

Challenge: 263
Season:Season 6
The troika land all the Scoobies including Dawn, Spike and themselves in an alternate world where human aren't just human but witches and warlocks.

Must have:

1. Spike has stake and holy water and cross allergy but no sun allergy

2. The trio the Scoobs(including Giles and Dawn) are 17

3. Xander's the best at magic ( except maybe Spike, if you choose)

4. They have their memories intact but not the people in the A.A.

5. Troika + magic = evil

6. They have other people's parents (eg. Buffy may have Andrew's parents and Andrew Willow's parents. Giles and Spike can be brothers)

7. They go to magic school.

Challenge: 262
Season:Post Chosen
Post AtS Dawn is in love with Connor and he loves her too but doesn't realize it (common he's Angel's son and thus has to be a little daft)and is marrying Keneddy. Spike obiously can't see his'Bit in pain and convinces the scoobies to help him crash the wedding. Meanwhile Angel is determined that the wedding be perfect. So basically it's the Scoobies against AI.

Must have:
Angel Spike and Illyria somehow killed those demons from NFA and the PTB rewarded them by resurrecting all dead members of AI.

Some light-hearted Buffy-Spike banter.

If you decide to use the Sanshu have it shared among Angel and Spike.

Challenge: 261
Back story: The Council retreives Buffy after she burns down the Hemery school gym. They kill Hank and Joyce and abuse Buffy in the name of training.(Not sexually) The Council try to recreate the First Slayer causing Buffy to go feral. They control her with an electric collar. They keep her in a cage, enchanted so she can't break it and blessed so vamps can't get her while she's in it.

Challenge: Spike sees a Watcher prodding the feral Slayer to slay and shocking her when she attacks him. After several nights of seeing this and similar incidences Spike kills the Watcher.

Buffy disappears until she goes into her first Heat, at which time she encounters Spike.

Note: Spike is still killing, he is not a white hat. While, unless you have him turn white hat during the story.

Challenge: 260
Season:Post Chosen
Buffy hears about another big bad and goes to fight. The other scoobies follow along to try and help. She meets up with Spike and the other survivers of the fight at WRaH.

Must haves: Spuffy!, Dawn in watcher training, and India Cohen(Slayer before buffy) coming in to help with the fight somehow.

Challenge: 259
Season:Season 6
post life-serial Spike, Clem and some demon buddies are taking a road trip and a drunk buffy stows away in their car. Now Buffy is good with sticking people with pointy stuff but not much for street smarts. Also we know that she is not a demon encyclopedia and doesn't know to kill every demon without research and there are gonna be many nasties on this trip.we know that not every demon is souless and evil but how will buffy react to meeting some of this category?and ofcourse not all of spike's demon buddies can be trusted. so what's this trip about and will buffy survive it? well u tell me.

Challenge: 258
Season:Season 6
the nerd-trio send everyone(buffy,spike,willow,tara,xander,anya,giles,dawn,the trio) to hogwarts/Drumstrang/beauxbatons(you decide)
The result:they are ALL seventeen and magical. Buffy's slayer powers are reduced and spike has vamp sense sans sun allergy and a obsession with food.

How do they get back when they have:
1. lessons and teachers but haven't hot the hang of spell-casting
2.magic addicted willow surrounded by magic
3. watcher unused to teenage hormones
4.demon-magnet xander
5. dawn enjoying being same age as buffy and getting all the guys
6. the nerd-trio redefining magic abuse and wrecking havoc

Buffy's agenda:
1. save school from the trio and xander's demons
2. keep from falling in love with spike now that you are equals and keep other witches and Andrew away from him while you are at it.
3. get giles out of the library and boys away from dawn
4. pass your tests and help tara control willow
5. get spike to stop eating and Anya from turning everyone into toads.
6. go back home

Challenge: 257
Season:Season 6
In ENTROPHY, what if Spike and Anya instead of doing the table top thing, remain sober enough and team up to teach their respected ex-lovers a lesson in love and appreciation. Include lots of Anya wit and Spike-Dawn friendship is optional.

Challenge: 256
Season:Post Chosen
4 yrs. post NFA Dawn is in a school of Film and media arts, training to be a script-writer. She is paired with a cute half-demon Indian boy called Shlok, but they never manage to stop fighting to do the assignment. Faced with their teacher, a panic mode Dawn blurts out Buffy and Spike's love story. Unfortunately the teacher , a friend of spike's,knows where the script came from. He tells them that if they can get Spike and Buffy married by end of term, he'll give them top scores or else they fail. Can they stop bickering long enough to get a retired Slayer and a busy-fighting-evil vamp to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, come to Paris and get married in 3 months when Giles, Angel and the Immortal have them convinced that they are not meant to be?

Must have:

1. Wiilow, Xander and Buffy bonding. Will and Xand know part of Buffy's soul will always love Spike and vice versa. claiming.

give me a rom-com

Challenge: 255
Season:Season 3
In "Lovers Walk" Buffy says, "I can fool Giles and I can fool my friends, but I can't fool myself. Or Spike, for some reason." Write a fanfiction based on that.

Must have:

1. Spuffy(duh!)
2. Buffy trying to keep an embarrassing secret and Spike is the only one that can tell.

Can haves:

1. Be in any season
2. Dawn

Can't haves:
1. Any Scoobie aside from Spike knowing the secret.

Challenge: 254
Name:jolly holly
Season:Season 6
Take place before 'As You Were' Buffy and Spike arguing about relationship, turns into fight, still arguing while fighting, the more Buffy says the more Spike blocks hits instead of giving them, the more Buffy talks the weaker her hits are, Buffy starts to cry, then just lamely hitting Spike in chest, confesses she's in love with him then quickly sobs. Spike shocked and not has happy as he thought he'd be, cuz Buffy loving him is obviously tearing her apart. Buffy must then talk about
1. Being scared of being deserted by another man she loves (dad,angel,riley,giles) and if Spike left it'd kill her.
2. Must say, "I love you God forgive me I do" -from dracula but I just love that line- to play on her fears loving him will keep her from returning to heaven.
3. Buffy must make Spike swear he'll never leave her..NEVER

Spike must say that
1. He'll never leave her
2.He'll be good till end of time, no more killing
3.That he'll find a way to get a soul if that's what she really wants.

They hold each other and both tear up a bit, after a bit calm down, head back to her house (for some reason they have house to themselves)bitey sweet smut ensues. Afterwards Spike offers to leave so not to be caught by a Scoobie in morning, Buffy refuses saying she's tired of all the lying. Buffy's still scared of everyone's reactions but as long as they're in love she knows it'll all be okay.

Challenge: 253
Season:Season 2
Buffy is the foundling daughter of the Goblin King Jareth and his wife Sarah Williams (the only one to beat the Labyrinth). Buffy was found by Joyce Summers the night after the stillborn birth of her daughter and Joyce adopted Buffy. The only contact Buffy has from her biological parents is through dreams that she remembers and learns from, but only half believes.

Start the story in the season two Halloween episode.
Dru died a week-month ago
Buffy got the memories of all Slayers when the spell ended as a chaotic side-affect and went primal.
Buffy claimed a not quite reluctant Spike as her mate.
The Slayer memories tell Buffy that the Fae are real, so she and Spike try to find a way into the Underground and/or a way to contact her parents.


Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack (complete!)

Challenge: 252
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 5
Revelations of the Surprising Kind

We all think we know the characters of the buffyverse. But do we know them really? What if some of them aren???t what they seem?

In this challenge, you have to select one character from the show, preferable Buffy or Spike (but can be anyone or more then one person) and have them reveal that they aren???t who we thought they are. This revelation causing shock in the group, and also helps bring Spike and Buffy together at the end.

Must Have

1) The secret should be humorous somewhat. The more crazy, the better. For example, Buffy reveals that she is infact Mrs. Buttersworth.
2) You must explain how the character hid their true identity without magic. For example, let???s say Buffy reveals she???s really Mrs. Buttersworth. You must explain how she changed her looks without the aid of magic. Make it far fetched and out of left field.
3) If Buffy or Spike is the one with the secret, the revelation should cause the other to come to them and admit their feelings. For example, if Buffy is Mrs. Buttersworth, Spike should tell her that it???s ok to be a syrup bottle.

Can have

1) Xander freaking out
2) Riley or Angel bashing
3) Anya admitting that she knew the secret all along and that being _____ means better orgasms.


A Penny Saved by benslilbug (complete!)

Challenge: 251
Season:Season 5
what if the monks gave Buffy a sister 6 yrs older than her instead of younger?

Must have:
1. sister still called Dawn but cool instead of whinny
2. naturally Buff's got to be jealous of her big sis
3. Riley actually wants Dawn and is using Buffy to get her. Bash him when this is revealed
4. Older Dawn likes Spike just as much as younger Dawn did but being older gets more freedom
5. lots of sisterly banter.
6. Spike dumps the crypt for a cool Manor with a personal gym and pool.

The beast doesn't have to be Glory, surprise us. Have fun.

Challenge: 250
The challenge is in fact the fic i wanted to write but never get beyond general idea.

Canon till season 2 and goes AU with Spike's first arrival to Sunnydale.

Spike is alone - Dru dumped him a while ego. He came to fulfil the prophecy - to find a mother for his heir who will help him start his own clan, stronger than every clan ever known. The mother can only be a Slayer. And she must cooperate!

Must have:
- Spike being really evil at the beginning of the story but getting softer under Buffy's touch
- Spike finding a way to blackmail Buffy to cooperate, maybe kidnapping somebody precious to her (NOT JOICE!)
- impregnation requiring multiple intercourses, not just one (how many - your choice)
- Spike being Buffy's "first one"
- Spike and Buffy fighting and shagging and hating each other but finally falling in love - but not without hurting each other first, both physically and/or emotionally
- lots of angst but rather happy ending
- lots of Spuffy smut (OF COURSE!)

Can have:
- some dark and scary fertility rituals
- some sex on the verge of consensual, but not rape
- bloodsucking and claiming
- Buffy not getting pregnant because prophecy was fake (W&H might be involved)
- if you pick the one above, also Spike knowing at some point that the prophecy was fake but not telling Buffy because he enjoys the situation more and more
- Angel or Angelus, if you find a place for him, but make him go away soon
- Xander being an ass and showing his disgust of what Buffy decided to do
- Spike being Master Vampire with minions, fancy mansion as a lair and all that stuff

Can't have:
- character death, except maybe Angelus
- Darla
- actual rape
- Spike/Angel (Angelus)
- Kendra
- open-minded Giles, at least not form the beginning

Challenge: 249
Season:Season 6
What if Darla came to Buffy and Spike instead of to Angel with her pregnancy. How would this affect the Spuffy relationship? Show how this little difference would affect seasons 6/7 of BTVS and seasons 3/4 of ATS.

1. Spuffy, of course. Preferably bitey, but doesn't have to be.

2. Keep Connor's name just so keep the confusion down.

3. Tell Riley to go to hell.

Challenge: 248
In all realities so far the Powers have made Buffy and Spike fall in love. It hasn't worked out in any of them, for the two or their worlds. So in this world the Powers decide to make it exactly what Buffy always said it was lust pure and simple and sweet as sin, violent as animals lust. From the first time they meet, they literaly tear each others clothes off to get to each other. Pick a season and awaaaaay we go.

Back story, or story points must haves.

1. Buffy never slept with Angel, Angel leaves Sunnydale over the jealousy over Spike/Buffy sex.
2. Dru was healed but left Spike for the same reason.
3. Buffy and Spike still swear they are going to kill each other, but no one believes them anymore :P

Challenge: 247
Dru has been dust for about 50 years and Spike has gotten emotionally harder since then.

He sees Buffy just after she was called and decides that this Slayer will be his new 'toy'.

After burning down the school gym and being sent to an institution, Buffy starts getting 'visits' from Spike. He trains her into seeing him as her 'Master'. By the time Buffy gets out of the institution, she is mostly submissive to Spike. The only thing sexually he hasn't done to her is intercourse (vaginal or anal). And he only inflicted pain in ways that appear to be self-inflicted. Spike has Buffy thinking that she is not yet worthy of him taking her completely.

Canon Season 1

Season 2. Spike reinforces his training in Buffy, punishes her for being around Angel and being bitten by the Master. He also finally takes all of her.

Write your version of the described events and continue the BtVS series with this BDSM Spuffy couple.

Whether or not Spike and Buffy come to love each other is up to you, though I would perfer if they eventually did.

Challenge: 246
Season:Season 4
Set post "Something Blue".Buffy and Spike are fighting,but things take a surprising turn when another spell of Willow's goes wrong and the future is revealed to everyone.Anya tries to help Xander work out his issues with his parents,Buffy and Spike are freaking out,Joyce goes to the doctor,and Angel and Cordy are nervous around each other.


Spike is surprised by his future self's feelings for Buffy.

The Iniative is taken care of immediately.

Willow/Tara romance;Willow gets help with her powers.

Buffy and Spike keep sleeping with each other every time they run into each other.

Xander is helped with his insecurities;Anya/Xander elopement and pregnancy.

Angel/Cordy romance.

Everyone knows about everyone's future.

Faith wakes up from her coma and isn't evil.

Can have:
Faith/Giles romance.

Anya is pregnant with twins-A boy named Alexander(Alex)and a girl named Anyanka(Anna).

Joyce gets an early diagnosis and doesn't die.

Dawn still appears,but Glory is quickly defeated.

Dawn has Key powers-hopping through other dimensions and being able to read and speak every single language in demonic and human history.

Riley dies during a battle against a demon.

Buffy declares her love for Spike first.

Spuffy marriage.

Wes decides not to screw up his future relationship with Fred.

Gunn decides that he won't begin a relationship with Fred.


Fred avoids going to Pylea and kills her professor.

Wes/Fred marry immediately.

*BSV note* challenge edited due to its requirements being too specific.

Challenge: 245
Season:Post Chosen
I'd like to see an dark romance fic post The Girl In Question.

Buffy POV
R or NC-17.

Spike tries to move on, to be his own man for once.

Buffy knows that Spike's back for a long time and is offended by him not even telling her that. After Not Fade Away she comes back to LA.

Angel dies at the final battle and Buffy is a bit shaken by it. She couldn't really approach Spike on those days. It kills the slightest hope in Spike that she maybe loved him, because of it he tries to push her away whenever she's approaching and doesn't really seem to care about her.( But he does care about her, still has feelings for her, but they're secret yet =D)

Deep down, Buffy's in love with him but it's hard for her to go through her complicate feelings and discover that she loves him. And would she swallow her pride, risk everything she counts on for love?

Spike wants all of her his time. And absolutely not gonna settle for less.

It's author's choice whether to write a happy ending or not. I think he'd finally give in because he's love's bitch. After Buffy learns how to treat him of course=)

And I think it'd be great if it'd be a claiming/bitey fic.

Challenge: 243
Crossover between BtVS and Lost Boys

?? Spike and/or William in place of Michael
?? Buffy in place of Star
?? Keep all other Lost Boys (that???s Marko, Paul, Dwayne and of course David)
?? Include any other characters from either canon that you see fit???even the Coreys if you really feel like it :)
?? Location???s up to you???Santa Carla, SunnyD, none of the above, whatev.
?? Must be Spuffy, though a convoluted route to that end is okay
?? While bits of story from either canon may be borrowed and scene-stealing is encouraged, try to avoid a simple rehashing of the original LB plot???be innovative with the characters, and try to weave together equal parts of both canons
?? Any length will do, from drabble to saga

Bonus points for the following:
?? Use of the line ???Death by Stereo??
?? Use of the line ???One thing about living in [insert town name here] I never could stomach. All the damn vampires.?? Extra bonus points if you get Giles to say it
?? ???People Are Strange?? by the Doors/Echo and the Bunnymen as background music to any scene

Challenge: 242
Name:Elizabeth Anne Summers
It can be any season or even AR, but my idea is the use of a voodoo doll. Either Spike uses the voodoo doll to get Buffy as his personal slave or Buffy uses it on Spike!

Must Have:
1. Use of voodoo doll to make target change their look (hair, clothes, etc), get piercings, and/or tattoos
2. SMUT! Lots of kinky, bitey SMUT!

Can Have:
1. Angel(us) or Riley humiliation and even death
2. Turning, claiming, pregnancy, etc..
3. Other magic-y fun thrown in the mix?

Challenge: 241
Season:Post Chosen
post Ats While Spike has moved to a new town(pick which one) and owns the coolest night-club in town The Crypt.(he's mad at buffy for sleeping with the immortal and she's mad cos he never called).He's made friends: an ex-vengence demon(think anya), a healer(think Tara) and a gay sc. wiz(think potential love interest for andrew) and ofcourse Clem. Spike and his pals rescue a four yr. old from some demons and the nice lady frm social services convinces spike to adopt him.

What happens when 2 yrs. later it is found that the kid is future champion and Council sends Buffy to collect him. Spike is not going to let go easy. So how's this kid gonna effect spike and buffy's relationship(think kid tantums and stuffed animals)and can they potect him from those who wish to kill the poor kid?

Angel Gunn and Illyria have restarted AI and only come into the story if Angel is married to a newly reincarnated Cordy.

Challenge: 240
Name:jolly holly
Season:Season 6

Take place before 'As You Were' Buffy and Spike arguing about relationship, turns into fight, still arguing while fighting, the more Buffy says the more Spike blocks hits instead of giving them, the more Buffy talks the weaker her hits are, Buffy starts to cry, then just lamely hitting Spike in chest, confesses she's in love with him then quickly sobs. Spike shocked and not has happy as he thought he'd be, cuz Buffy loving him is obviously tearing her apart. Buffy must then talk about,but not necesarily in this order 1. Being scared of being deserted by another mad she loves (dad,angel,riley,giles) and if Spike left it'd kill her. 2. Must say, "I love you God forgive me I do" -from dracula but I just love that line- to play on her fears loving him will keep her from returning to heaven. 3. Buffy must make Spike swear he'll never leave her..NEVER
Spike must say that again order not important 1. He'll never leave her 2.He'll be good till end of time, no more killing 3.That he'll find a way to get a soul if that's what she really wants. They hold each other and both tear up a bit, after a bit calm down, head back to her house (for some reason they have house to themselves)bitey sweet smut ensues. Afterwards Spike offers to leave so not to be caught by a Scoobie in morning, Buffy refuses saying she's tired of all the lying. Buffy's still scared of everyone's reactions but as long as they're in love she knows it'll all be okay. both say i love you to the other but this time no tears but w/ smiles.

Challenge: 239
Season:Season 1
Spike has been in a feral state since Drusilla dusted two years ago. He knows that he wants something but not what it is. Spike ends up in Sunnydale while looking for what he wants (love/a mate).

Have Spike find Buffy as she is going to the Master and decide that she will be his mate.

How will this feral vampire deal with the Master biting Buffy?

How will Spike react to Angel and Xander's feelings (lust) for Buffy?

How will Buffy react to a strange feral vampire claiming her?

How will Spike win his mate?

Will Spike go back to normal before or after he claims Buffy? With help from her blood? A spell? Naturally?

Challenge: 238
Season:Season 2
What IF the Iniative had been around in season 2? Drussiala was healed but then Spike instead of being put in a wheel chair is chipped. He escapes at about the time that Angelus emerges. Because of Dru and Angelus treatment he trys to set out on his own and rule Sunnydale. However the scoobs find out that he is unable to harm humans and track him to his lair where Xander is beatin on him, Drusilla then does a spell that is supposed to remove Spike's chip. Instead she brings a Spike from ten years in the future that while no longer chipped has a soul. While he has outgrown his love for Buffy after years of abuse, He has no problem staking Angelus or Dru either.

Must Haves
1. Buffy finding out why he got his soul and falling for him.
2. Xander getting the living shit beat out of him.
3. Dru and Angelus dustage :P

Challenge: 237
Season:Season 1
"When a Slayer reaches her peak, she unconsciously starts to seek a mate by listening in on people's thoughts to find one suitable to her. Very few Slayer's live long enough to reach their peaks and it doesn't happen to every girl at the same age. But once it does, she will be able to read thoughts until she-she chooses someone, male or female, a-a-and physically mates with them. Then a mental link is-is created between the, er, two so that it is possible for her to want to stay at her peak.

A Slayer's mating is for her life, be it a few days or years, the longer it is, the more you'll start to develop other abilities, such as empathy towards one another or even feeling what the other is physically."

Giles from 'If You Could Only Hear' by Saber ShadowKitten

Challenge is to use this idea to write an in character late Season One - Season Two Spuffy story.

Disclaimer: Origanal idea belongs to Saber ShadowKitten.

Have Buffy a little darker/more primal (Maybe because of her death at the Master's hands)

Don't have Buffy/Angel (At least not Buffy responding to Angel)

Don't have Buffy and Spike give in to the mating easily, have them fight the feelings for awhile.

Permission given to post this challenge by Sabershadowkat BSB

Challenge: 236
Season:Season 4
Spike has the Gem of Amarra but never confronts Buffy. He is captured by the initiative but escapes before he's chipped. Spike comes to Buffy and tells her that she is sleeping with the enemy and that what the initiative is about to unleash will destroy the world humans and demons alike.

Must haves Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Spike, angst, and a happy ending for Spuffy. This should not be a Riley friendly fic overall. Giles gets a shot at Maggie :)

Challenge: 235
Season:Post Chosen
duct tape fetish NC-17 :] Spuffy smut. Spike kidnaps buffy and trying to get her to tell her true feelings about him. whenever she lies, she gets one of the duct tape pulled off of her body parts. though she struggles she secretly loves the pain and the story will continue as she purposely lies for worse punishment and spike knows it...

include: duct tape on at least 5 parts of her body

include 5 other sex toys :]

thats about it/..

please let me what you think.. this is my first challenge so please forgive me if i made any mistakes :)

Challenge: 234
Season:Season 1
Info for the Challenge: Every Slayer has a link to a Master Vampire that manifests in dreams. No Slayer has ever met the Vamp that was theirs and none every told their Watchers about those dreams.

Have Buffy linked to Spike. A Spike that is fed-up with Dru's 'Daddy' issues.

Without changing the canonverse timeline show how this can change the story.

Will it change Buffy's personality? Her tecnique? Will she look him up in the Watchers Diaries? How will she react when he comes to Sunnydale?

No Dawn in this story!!!


Dreams to Dust by maharini (wip)

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