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Challenge: 233
Season:Post Chosen
Buffy hears about a new big bad so she and the other scoobies go to fight it. When they do they meet up with Spike and the others from the WRaH fight. Together they go fight.

Must haves: Spuffy!, India Cohen (slayer before buffy) helps is brought back to help with the fight.,and Dawn training as a watcher.

Can not have: Buffy/Angel

Challenge: 232
Season:Season 6
I got this really neat t-shirt from a booksigning with a quote written on the back: "The sweetest kiss leaves a chestwound"

I'd like that to be the title of a fic! Besides that, I only have one requirement: Spuffy mating/claims!

You could also include this:
spike/buffy/other: How far will you go?
spike/buffy: Too far.

(& it would be great if it was a dark/angst fic.... with a bit romance...ofcourse) ;)

ps: I had to select a season, but don't care about that! You decide! (and please don't care about my bad english; I'm from Norway!)

Good luck!

Challenge: 231
Season:Season 6
I'd like a short story that works as a crossover with Dr.Who where "the doctor" that Spike was egg sitting for was Dr. Who and the eggs were an important alien race. Feel free to make Riley an intergalactic most wanted for the "murder" of the alien offspring with suitable punishment! This could be done as a comedy or drama but must include Riley being shown up as an idiot who knows practically nothing of demons. It needs to turn out Spuffy of course!

Challenge: 230
Season:Season 2
By a lucky streak Drusilla (or a minion) intercepts a delivery for the Mayor. The result: Drusilla gets her hands on the gizmo Faith used in canon season four to switch bodies with Buffy. Now Drusilla has a delightful idea how to get her daddy back and switches bodies with Buffy. While Buffysuit!Drusilla goes after Angel, Drusillasuit!Buffy has a big problem. If she goes to the Scoobies they will just believe Drusilla has a really insane episode and stake her. Her only hope is to play Spike as Drusilla to get him help her back in her body.

- bitey fun all around
- slow Angel
- Drusilla impersonating Buffy for a time
- Buffy impersonating Drusilla for a time
- backswitching between Drusilla and Buffy
- Buffy having to deal with the expierience

Can Have:
- Angel bashing
- Spuffy mating/claims
- Buffysuit!Drusilla turning

Challenge: 229
Season:Season 2
By a lucky streak Drusilla(or minion) intercepts the a delivery for the Mayor. The result: Drusilla gets her hands on the gizmo Faith used in season four to switch bodies with Buffy. Now Drusilla has a delightful idea how to get her daddy back and switches bodies with Buffy. While Buffysuit!Drusilla goes after Angel, Drusillasuit!Buffy has a big problem. If she goes to the Scoobiesthey will just believe Drusilla has a really insane episode and stake her. Her only hope is to play Spike as Drusilla to get him help her back in her body.

- bitey fun all around
- slow Angel
- Drusilla impersonating Buffy for a time
- Buffy impersonating Drusilla for a time
- backswitching between Drusilla and Buffy
- Buffy having to deal with the expierience

Can Have:
- Angel bashing
- Spuffy mating/claims
- Buffysuit!Drusilla turning

Challenge: 228
Season:Post Chosen
After "Not Fade Away", Spike, Illyria, and Angel are the only survivors. Angel has been traumatized and hits rock bottom. The Scoobies, the Slayers, Spike, and Illyria try to help him. Spike and Buffy are trying to make their way back to each other, while Xander and Illyria are falling in love with each other.


Buffy says, "Xander's a demon magnet of love".

Xander/Illyria romance.

Buffy and Spike are fighting a lot, but it leads to kissing every time.

Willow/Oz romance.

Dawn/Connor romance.

Spike makes Buffy think he doesn't love her anymore.

The truth comes out,and they become a couple.

Faith/Angel romance.

The traumatized Angel is helped.

Dawn says to Angel, "You must always fall for Slayers or something".


Faith is the one who brings Angel back.

Spuffy marriage.

Challenge: 227
Season:Season 6
In Dead Things, Buffy goes too far and stakes Spike. Of course he can't stay dead. The who, what, when, where, and why's of his return are up to you, but, of course, he must return.

Must have:

1)Spike/Dawn friendship

2)Spike wary of Buffy

3)Eventual Spuffy

I leave all other decisions up to you, but make Buffy work for Spike's trust.

Challenge: 226
I guess I am not sure what season this would fit into, so you make it what you want.

I read this story a long time ago over at, but it was never finished. I would LOVE to see this story finished from the UNOFFICIAL ending. I have gotten permission from Nauti and the other writers that are still around to post this as a challenge to be finished.

You can take this and turn it into a saga, or you can just finish it off. Any way you choose to do it, I will trust your judgment; just make sure you pick it up from where Willow is brought in.

Here is the link for the story:
Again, I want this finished from the UNOFFICIAL continuation:
Must have:
1)Fulfillment of the positions that they were talking about when Willow was brought in.
2)The dirtier the better!
A happy ending



Ring Around the Buffy by anaunthe (complete!)

Ring Around the Buffy - Conclusion by anaunthe (complete!)

Challenge: 225
Season:Season 6
I just want a story about Buffy and Spike using that back massager Willow bought her.

Challenge: 224
Name:Sark Silver
Season:Season 6
I want to see a Season 6 story in which Willow notices that Buffy keeps going to Spike after they bring her back. So Willow predictably does a spell to show Buffy that Spike's not worth her time. She manages to mistically block Spike's feelings so that he no longer loves Buffy.
Meanwhile, Spike and Buffy are going throught the 'I can't love you, you're a thing' stage.

Must haves:

>Buffy realizing she loves Spike (of course)
>Spike beating Angel in a fight (because that'd just be fun.)
>a yelling scooby-fest
>Spike speaking in a foreign language
>the spell breaking at some point

Have fun. :)

Challenge: 223
Season:Season 5

We know from watching Btvs that Spike came from an influential, perhaps noble family as a human soooo, What if he had kept up his connections to his family. Sort of a well looved Black shhep of his family :P. In season 5 His nephew a member of the landed gentry from England shows up in Sunnydale looking for his Uncle Spike to give his daughter away at her wedding. Since his being chipped Spike had cut connections. With his family, please show Spike's softer side towards his family and his family very protective of therre 'disabled' Uncle.

1. Spuffy of course.
2. Riley Bashing

Can haves
1. Maybe one of Spikes nephews are in his crypt during "Into the woods" when Riley stakes him with the wood grained plasic stake, and Nephew beats Riley's arse :P

Challenge: 221
BtVS canon storyline up until the episode 'Lie to Me'. Turn AU after Buffy stakes Ford. Spike attacks Buffy in the cemetary and their fight turns into a mating dance, which ofcourse Spike wins. Spike sexually dominates and claims Buffy, forcing her to acknowledge his claim. Oz and Jenny Calender find out and Ms. Calender does a forgetting spell leaving only herself out of it. Back to canon storyline until Spike makes the Angel comment in 'The Harsh Light of Day'.As Spike is trying to figure out why the thought of his GrandSire sleeping with the Slayer pisses him off, Buffy gets the Gem of Amara off of Spike's finger. Jenny's spell starts fading from Spike. Several months later, around when 'Something Blue' would have happened, Riley finds Spike reclaiming Buffy in her room at her mother's house.(Note: Spike never ran into the Initative, though he has heard of it, and Buffy is in the beginning stages of dating Riley) Spike knows that Riley is watching, but Buffy doesn't.

Challenge: 220
Season:Season 7
After potential Spike accidently gets ammesia. Dawn tries to fix it before Buffy finds out but her spell goes wrong and everybody begins to act weird. Willow thinks that she is five and Buffy and Spike are her parents, the potentials think they are the power puff girls and are out to kill Spike, Giles wants spike to do the interiors of his new home and offers to pay him 100 bucks, spike refuses and Giles spends the entire story trying to convince increasing the price like he's making a bid(300 dollars. going once, going twice, oh common say yes)
Anya wants to have sex with spike and is trying to make him think that he's her boyfriend Andrew is trying to do the same. Buffy isn't happy about it. Xander wants Spike to turn him into a vamp. Spike thinks everybody is mad and have kidnapped him. He thinks Buffy has a funny name and asks if she made it up all by herself. Buffy tries to make Spike believe he's in love with her but he's not buying.
In the near end scene the hose is under attack from bunnies and faryl demons, anya is screaming'i want another round on the table', Andrew is proffessing his undying love for Spike, Buffy is screaming that Spike is her guy. Xander is drunk and singing'i'm a barbie girl' Willow is crying for a bedtime story and Giles is still making his bid. then Dawn manages to lift the spell. Spike asks ' for the last time who are you wierdos'. How does the Gang fix Spike and how do they react to their own bizzare behaviour. Make this story a comedy

Challenge: 219
Season:Season 6
Nice and easy challenge here. The smuttier the better.

Spike got hit by the invisibility ray rather than Buffy.

Challenge: 218
Any season after Riley leaves town, AU if you like.

Buffy has a slayer dream and reviews her boy and male friend relationships - the good, the bad and the ugly - as well as how her own actions (particularly her childish clinging to the desire for normality) contributed to the bad parts of those relationships. When she wakes up she comes to terms with them in person, if possible, and with Spike and her feelings for him.

Can have: Angel, Xander, Riley, Parker bashing - verbal or physical.
Optional: Buffy Spanking for Wolfie


Verita Rivelata by pfeifferpack (complete!)

Challenge: 217
Season:Season 5
I want to laugh. I want to laugh so much I cry. But I want a fluffy Spuffy ending for all involved.

2 universes collide!!! We must have Slayer Buffy and Vampire Spike, Slayer William/Spike and Vampire Buffy and BuffyBot and SpikeBot.

Somehow the 6 of them must meet. They must fall in love, Slayers with vampires and bot with bot. I want to see mixups and matchups. You can even include the Scoobies from each universe if you want. The more the merrier I say.

Challenge: 216
Season:Season 7

Could someone PLEASE write somthing that points out that Angel gets a free pass on all that Angelus does when unsoulled but Spike seems to get trashed nearly every time.

The crappy near rape is nothing compared to all Angelus did in season 2 but all is forgiven whereas Spike was doing good BEFORE the AR, also please mention that Buffys behavoiur up to that point ENCOURAGED the whole NO means YES delusion Spike was under.

Id just like to see all the sorry scobbies told that Buffy does'nt need them all thinking they know best and that all their lives arent exactly pearly white and pure
ie: Giles was Ripper
Willow is not in a conventional relationship with ANY of her lovers
Xander, dont get me started, EVERY single girlfriend he has had is either a demon, an ex demon or someone that turned demon

last thing: if Spike in Angels eyes is not good enough for Buffy even souled, how come Angels okay with Cordy being with him, also a souled demon, smacks of do as I say not as I do if you ask me. include that with the subsequent arse kicking from Cordy if possible.

Redwulf is my new god as she kicks arse, Angels most times. Id love it if you took up this challenge. You could do it justice

Challenge: 215
The Five Ways Series Challenge! A Bloodshedverse/Fang Fetish Challenge

Within the Buffy universe or alternate universe (pre btvs to Buffy death) write five different ways that Buffy could have been vamped. Spike does not have to be the vampire who turns her, but he should be a reoccurring character as this is a Spuffy challenge. Fluff to dark accepted

Please utilize the format of one reality per chapter (either as a series of 5 drabbles or chapters)

I have reserved a category in Round Three of the Fang Fetish Awards and every entry submitted to BSV which meets Fang Fetish guidelines will be automatically entered into the category, unless the author wishes otherwise.

If people later wish to expand a chapter to an actual fic later, those will also be considered for nomination.

The deadline for receiving a round three nomination is May 15th, 2006.

Challenge: 214
Name:Golden Buffy
Season:Season 5
This is set after Riley leaves and Buffy is all down in the dumps, you no no rainbows and puppies. Spike sets out to cheer her up, but of course she is annoyed by this, but secertly likes the attention. Over time Buffy develops feelings for Spike. The scooby's can be for or against the relationship, you pick.

Must Haves:

Someone saying :It was a drive by staking."

Spuffy of course

Bitty goodness

Don't Haves:


Can Haves:




Challenge: 213
Name:Golden Buffy
Can be set at anytime. I want a fic based on the lyrics to this song: Can be smutty or not its up to you.

Challenge: 212
Season:Season 7
Joint challenge written with AthenaHahn -

"Spike first appears in Sunnydale... accompanied by his longtime love Drusilla, who was suffering from garlic poisoning (having narrowly escaped an angry mob in Prague) that could only be cured by the blood of the vampire who had created her, Angel." -

Using that strange canon concept, please write the following fiction.

Spike's soul was returned and upon arriving back to Sunnydale, the gang proceeded to treat him as if he didn't have a soul. (You know like they acted in season seven, they still hated him and no one forgave him) Spike managed to contract a case of garlic poisioning and started to become weaker. Buffy discovering that the only cure for this was Sire's blood set out to L.A. with Spike in tow.

Must have: 1) Buffy threatning to stake Angel for refusing to help. 2) Buffy being shocked that Dru's previous weakness was caused by contracting garlic poisioning and that it was the only thing wrong with her. Funny quip following something like "Didn't you think a good enema would clean that problem right up?" or "Wow, gives a whole knew meaning to the word heartburn"

Can Have: 1) Someone in Sunnydale finally pointing out to Buffy that they forgave Angel for what Angelus did; but still held Spike's pre-souled days against him. Perhaps mentioning that they seemed to have a double standard concerning good, evil, and souls depending on which vampire they are discussing. 2) Spike losing his soul for some reason (magic etc) and Buffy deciding he is still a better man without it then Angel is with it.

Can NOT have: The trigger or the First playing with him.

Challenge: 211
Season:Post Chosen
There is a comic book series called Fray that deals with a Slayer in the 23rd century.

In Fray it is also explained that somewhere in the twenty-first century "a Slayer, possibly with some mystical allies, faced an apocalyptic army of demons. And when it was done, they were gone. All demons, all magicks, banished from this dimension." (Along with the Slayer in question herself.) Although never stated, many fans believe the Slayer in question was Buffy. If such a theory is true, though, it would mean that it had to happen after both BtVS and Angel, as neither show hints even remotely to such an event. Although some fans theorized that this apocalyptic battle begins during the final scene of the Angel series finale, comics depicting events after the battle don't give any hint about a major apocalyptic event.

Challenge: Write a fic that details this apocalyptic battle (making it Spuffy, naturally) and what happens to Buffy after said battle. Feel free to make it whatever category; angst, comedy, romance, whatever you can fit in, and ensure that there is some sort of closure; I leave what sort up to you.

Challenge: 210
Season:Season 7
"The alternate version of the Chosen script revealed Dawn as the third Slayer, as she was made from Buffy's own blood, and the one the First sought. She also fought with Spike over the Amulet used to destroy the Hellmouth."

Okay Joss decided not to do it - anyone up for the challenge?

- Quote from

Challenge: 209
Season:Season 7
Found this quote - write the missing episode and make it Spuffy Centric - Spike helps her decide perhaps?

"While speaking at the Wizard World Chicago Convention in August 2004, Joss Whedon revealed that he had planned to bring the character of Tara back from the dead at the end of Season 7. The episode would have centered around Buffy being granted one "life-altering" wish. Buffy would have struggled the whole episode trying to decide what she wanted to do with the wish (including, possibly, restoring Angel's humanity). The episode would have ended with Buffy telling Willow that she'd just gotten a great new pair of shoes, and when Willow asked her if she used up her wish on new shoes, Buffy would have said, "No, silly!" and stepped aside to reveal Tara."

FYI - quote goes on to say they think Joss made that up

Challenge: 208
Season:Season 6
This will be set post "Once More,
With Feeling".Buffy is falling in love with Spike,but a surprise visit by the Fang Gang with Connor changes everything.This will be set post "Birthday" for Angel.Angel and Cordy notice the tension between Spike and Buffy and try to figure out what's going on.

Cordy doesn't become a higher being.
There is no fake prophecy about Connor so Wes doesn't kidnap him.
Spike is immediately drawn to Connor.
Buffy freaks out about the possibility of getting pregnant because Angel got Darla got pregnant.
Angel,Spike,Darla,and Dru are the only vamps in the world who could conceive.
Dru shows up in Sunnydale after the Fang Gang with a three year old daughter named Skye;the baby is Spike's.She didn't die because she found a spell;The baby was being watched by Dru's new childe;
Darla didn't even know about Dru's pregnancy.
Skye has visions like Dru,but isn't crazy.
Buffy loves Spike in daddy mode and adores Skye.
Anya and Xander do get married;no one tries to ruin the wedding.
Magic isn't a problem for Willow.
The Trio is taken care of by Dru and Angel.
The Scoobies try to get Angel and Cordy together.
Angel/Cordy romance.
Willow/Tara romance.
Angel and Cordy sleep together and he loses his soul.
Angelus's soul is restored on its own after a week.
Fred/Wes romance;Fred becomes pregnant and Wes freaks out.
Dawn baby-sits Skye and Connor.
Lorne reads everyone and is surprised by what he sees.

Cordy gets pregnant the night Angel loses his soul.
After his soul is restored,a guilty Angel tries to get Cordy to break up with him,but she knows what he's doing.
Dawn,Cordy,and Anya walk in on Spike and Buffy.

Challenge: 207
Some of you may have read Kantayra's "Double Spiked" and PaganBaby's "The Sitter". Both featured two Spikes, or Spike/William. Now, what if there are two Buffys, and one Spike (or William)? Let your imagination run loose!

Smuttiness optional, but would be REALLY appreciated. *LOL* ;D

Challenge: 206
Season:Season 5
This story has to be set in season five. Joyce isn't sick. Dawn wasn't the only sibling for Buffy created by the monks.Dawn's twin brother Joshua(Josh),a ten year old brother named James(Jamie), and a six year old sister named Eleanor Rose(Ellie Rose)were also created. Josh, Jamie,and Ellie Rose are parts of the Key. Buffy and Spike have been instructed to take care of the Keys,and fall in love during the process. Spike isn't so sure he should be with the Slayer though. Glory doesn't know that her Key has been split into four parts. One part of the Key doesn't open the portal.


Ellie Rose calls the Scoobies by "Aunt" or "Uncle";Giles is "Daddy".

Giles and Joyce begin a relationship.

Buffy/Spike romance.

Buffy admits her feelings for Spike first.

Xander is the first one to notice the fact that Buffy/Spike are getting closer;he doesn't hate Spike.

Anya/Xander romance.

Hank Summers arrives on the scene to see the five children he hasn't seen in years; Joyce gets angry and drunk.

Willow/Tara romance.

Buffy, Dawn,and Ellie Rose are cramped into one bedroom; Josh and Jamie share the third bedroom.

Spike calls Dawn by "Nibblet", Josh by "Twin Nibblet",and Ellie Rose by "Little Nibblet".

Drusilla reappears.

Spike/Buffy finally get together after much angst.

The four Keys defeat Glory with the help of the Scoobies.No main character death!


Joyce learns she's pregnant with baby number six after Glory is defeated.

Buffy and Spike get married.

The Scoobies are mean to Hank for abandoning Joyce and the five Summers kids.

Buffy and Spike sing Queen's song,

"Another One Bites The Dust" after defeating vampires.

Challenge: 205
Season:Post Chosen
This story is set after "Not Fade Away".Spike and Angel are the only ones who survived the alley fight.Angel retreated into himself and is stuck in a depression.Spike is also in a depression,but he and Buffy are a couple.Buffy somehow got pregnant the night of the End of Days,the day before the battle against the First.She and Spike have a four year old daughter named Taryn Joyce Summers-Allen.(Allen is Spike's human last name.)Taryn is a Slayer just like her mother. Buffy is hurt on patrol and has to go to the hospital.While there,
she decides to help Spike and Angel out of their depressions.

Buffy and Spike are engaged.
Buffy freaks about going to the hospital and starts crying.
Buffy learns she's pregnant again,but the baby's fine.
Willow/Oz romance.
No character death.
Angel says the line,"I can't get over watching all my friends die".
Taryn has a vamp face.
Giles and Angel are called Grandpa by Taryn.
Buffy and Spike have a huge fight after she gets out of the hospital,and he walks out.
Buffy freaks out about the fight and thinks that Spike doesn't love her anymore or will come back.
Willow is also pregnant.
Angel and Spike come out of their depressions.

A pregnant Willow's powers are going wonky;Dawn and Andrew are a couple;Angel has given up on love even though the curse is no longer in effect;Dawn is a Slayer.

Challenge: 204
Season:Season 6
Post Grave:
While looking through the mail, Buffy finds a card addressed to her from her Dad.
Curious, she opens it. The card says:

???On this day,
The day of your birth.
You often look back
At the years before.
Would you change something small?
Or something big?
Or would nothing change at all?
Think real hard??
Then make a wish!
It???s a one time only wish,
To find a world you truly wanted!

Happy Birthday! May your dreams come true!

When she makes her wish, every thing goes back to just before her birthday. Almost nothing has changed but, Buffy isn???t the Slayer. She runs the Magic Box and is engaged to Xander. Anya is a chipped Vengeance Demon, unable to grant wishes or harm humans. She is also in love with William ???Spike?? Morrison, the Slayer. Giles is still gone Willow and Tara still split, with Willow trying to stay away from magic. Dawn is Spike???s sister, and is unhappy. Everyone walks around like all is well while Spike tries to deal with life after being in Heaven. What does Buffy learn from her new life and will she even want to go back to her old one?

Challenge: 203
Name:Chanel 5
Season:Season 5
Mothers Day Challenge

I know mothers day is still a way off, but did you, like me, wish that Buffy HAD been able to resusitate Joyce in 'The body'? If so, I'd like to challenge you to rewrite season 5 and 6 with Joyce still around. The only requirements in this challenge is that it must end Spuffy and Buffy's death in 'The Gift' should still occur.

How will having her mum around effect her resurection? Her relationship with Spike??? What other changes will Joyce bring about?

Challenge: 202
Season:Post Chosen
After closing the hellmouth Buffy and the others head to London the rebuild the concil. Buffy is depressed over Spikes death but tries unsucessfully to hide it. Willow seeing that Buffy is in pain desides to resurect Spike- believing he is in hell.

I know the whole Willow tearing someone out of heaven has been done, but I always wondered what it would have been like for Spike to go through that.

Must haves:
1) Spike/Buffy (Duh!)
2)Spike/Dawn friendship
3)Spike telling Giles or Andrew he was in heaven

Challenge: 200
Season:Post Chosen
Buffy AU Challenge: Old One Reborn

Summary: Buffy has been through Hell and back for her friends and her family; only to be repaid by betrayal. Fate's version of Payback is REALLY going to be a bitch.....

I've been having Idea bounce in my head for awhile, so bear with me. I would like a What If focusing on Buffy being kicked out of her own home by her own "Friends" and family.

Must Haves:

1. Pairing is Buffy/Spike or Buffy/Spike/Angelus, with a rating or 'R' or higher.

2. Buffy aquires the Scythe and kills Caleb, but she doesn't crawling back to her betrayers. Instead She leaves the Scythe where the others can find it first before leaving. Bonus points if Buffy uses the Scythe to pin Caleb's dead body somewhere interesting within sight of the house. Please give reactions to this from the Scoobies.

3. Buffy either working as an assassin specializing in killing demons, or looking for clues to a series of Slayer Dreams she has regarding the nature of Slayers. Either one of these will give Buffy reason to understand that there is no real black/white in this world.

4. There must be a time of 1-5 years where Buffy has vanished before the Scoobies encounter her directly. There is either a Prophecy or Slayer Dreams (or both!) dealing with an Old One and Buffy, and whoever else she'll be paired with.

5. Buffy being hunted by the Scoobies, L.A. branch of W&H, and the Big Bad. Major Bonus points for Buffy resisting to the point of open warfare. Whether she's willing to do anything permanent to her one-time friends is up to you.

6. Buffy must undergo some form of demonic Ascention to defeat the Big Bad; if you not want to have Buffy gain the full power of an Old One, you can have Spike and/or Angel(us) also Ascend, dividing the Power between the three of them.

7. Happy ending for Buffy and her lover(s). Bonus points for an ending scene set in the far future showing how far they have come.

Challenge: 199
Season:Season 2
When Angelus was trying to break Drusila before he turned her he failed and so she hated him but was subserviant to him. When she turned shy bookish William she saw her chance and claimed him as her mate. Angelus in a rage drove the two from the Scourage, but because in this world vampires hold Mated pairs as sacred he couldn't kill them. Later when Angel received a soul he traveled with the two for a while but when Spike was forced to killl his fourth slayer in the 20's to protect the three from Council experiments Angel's guilt forced him to leave.

Skip ahead to season two where again Dru is injured when they get to sunnydale the diffrance being that mated couples are less likely to be violent and tend to brown bagg it without souls or chips. Spike recruits Buffy, and Angel to save Dru. then they leave. Unknown to the scoos Spike used the Gem of Amara and not Dulac's cross to save her.

between season's 2 and 3 an assain kills Dru and gravely injures Spike. Spike thinking that it was his grandsires unsouled counter part comes back to Sunnydale in a rage with the Gem of Amara inserted into his body. His only goal to kill Angel then die.

However the killer was Mayor Wilkins spin us a story where it is Dru's spirit and Angel's manipulations that drive season three Buffy and Spike together hoping to save them both.

If you show Buffy fighting Angelus have her wondring why he doesn't love her but Dru and Spike are so cvapable of love.

Challenge: 198
Name:Spikes Slayer2
Season:Season 7
Spike askes buffy to stay in the basement for a while after she gives him the amulet. one thing leads to another and while "it" happens, the amulet lets off a strong glow, meaning: (you can choose any of these, whether that be one or all..)

a) Buffy is now pregnant
b)spike is now human
c)Buffy is a gains vampiric qualities (e.g. extra super human strength.. )
d) spike and buffy are transported into a strange dimension that shows the future (you could show the battle of the first and its after effects..)

Challenge: 196
Season:Season 6
Idea taken from the next round of The Fang Fetish Awards new awards section *NEW* The Butterfly Effect - One difference can mean an entire new world. Best UNIQUE twist that spawned a new world. In the episode, "Smashed," instead of the "only thing better than killing a slayer" line, Spike wakes up thanking Buffy for showing him heaven and possibly cries. At this, Buffy can't get pissed, so she gets embarrassed saying something like "I'm not that good." After that, Buffy still tries to use Spike, but now Spike KNOWS how to make her be a bit nicer. Rewrite till the end of the season with Buffy being nicer and nicer to Spike, and defending him more and more. Maybe when Xander brings Richard to her birthday bash, Buffy gets pissed and announces then and there that she has a man, the best man she has ever known.

Can haves:

1. Riley bashing
2. Xander humiliation
3. Angel dust

Challenge: 195
Season:Season 4
Soon after Spike becomes dependant on the Scoobies' care, Giles finds an ancient text on Vampire packs. After reading it, he has the perfect solution to William the Bloody. Problem is convincing Buffy. Vampires are by nature "pack" animals, a creature like Spike needs to be in a pack, and his demon will follow the "Pack Leader." Problem? He must be dominated while not under the influence of the chip. Giles thinks this means Buffy beats the crap out of him, but Buffy's inner slayer knows the truth, sexual domination.

Can haves:

1. Angel dust-age
2. Xander humiliation
3. Riley bashing


Blood Bound by DreamsofSpike (complete!)

Challenge: 194
I'd really like to see a pre-chip piece where Buffy is turned, but doesn't keep her soul.

Must haves:

1. Spuffy
2. Not turned by Spike.
3. Riley/Angel bashing

Can haves:

1. Spike/Buffy/Angelus

Can't haves:

1. Dawn
2. Joyce (at least not as a key figure, she can flitter around in the background.)
3. Dru/Spike/Buffy

Challenge: 193
Season:Season 2
When Buffy and the Scoobies go to the old mansion looking for Angelus, and Spike sits in the shadows listening to their conversation, unlike in the show, Buffy's "Slayer sense" kicks in and she knows he's there. Because of his wheelchair-bound status, he's basically helpless and she takes him back to her house to question him about Angelus' and Dru's plan, over the course of several days.

She plans on finding out what she needs to know and then staking him, but as he reluctantly begins to talk to her, she pieces together the similarities in the way Dru has hurt him and the way Angel has hurt her, and they find some common more ways than one. ;) By the time all is said and done, he voluntarily agrees to help her take Angelus down.

Beyond this take the story pretty much wherever you want...just the beginnings of an idea that started in my head...:) Go where the muse leads you...

Must haves:

1. At least one *realistic* Drusilla-rant in which she has a vision about "her dark knight" and the Slayer...have her and Angelus figure out as little or as much as you want from it.
2. Buffy and Spike lovin' in the library!!...just because :)
3. Bitey-ness of course...Slayer blood could help finish Spike's healing
4. Have Joyce find out early about her daughter's Slayer-ness and vampires and such...but she still doesn't like Buffy's holding Spike prisoner and treats him like a guest during the first few days while Buffy's trying to "interrogate" him

Can haves:

1. Xander/Willow...just because I always liked that match :)
2. Giles/Joyce...always loved that too :)
3. Much Angel-bashing...kill him don't re-ensoul him please.)

Challenge: 192
Season:Season 2
A fic set between "Surprise" and "Innocence" in season 2. Only, Angel goes *Angelus* at the beginning of sex with Buffy instead of at the end of it, and Buffy's first time turns into rape. She is injured and bloody and for whatever reason, cannot escape as Angelus intends to return and *play* some more. Angelus leaves and goes to Spike and Dru to gloat. A shag-fest with Dru begins right away. A disgusted Spike (in wheelchair) goes to Angel's apartment to free the Slayer. He licks her wounds to help her heal....many wounds...*all over*. Buffy can enjoy this but remember she has just been raped. Trust is established and a relationship develops. Buffy repays Spike with allowing him to drink from her repeatedly. Buffy eventually gets over the rape by having sex with Spike. Much graphic smutty goodness all the way through this fic please.

Challenge: 191
Season:Season 4
Spike is taken by a government facility that experiments on vampires. The scientists there are working on turning vampires into mindless killing machines to let loose in enemy countries and such. They implant a chip like the one the Initiative used but it has the ability to be turned on and off. Of course, with Spike being Spike, things don't go exactly as planned . During a fighting session, Spike manages to escape because the chip is turned off. Before Spike can get out of range of the facility, the chip gets turned back on. He gets to the woods outside of Sunnydale and meets up with Buffy. Buffy somehow gets hurt by a demon she's fighting and Spike takes care of her. If you can find a way for them not to be found for while that would be lovely.

Must haves:

1. Bitey and claiming
2. Rating: R or NC-17
3. Spike hunting food for Buffy

Can haves:

1. Dawn. (After the Scoobies find them ,of course.)
2. Pregnant Buffy

Can't haves:

1. Character death

Challenge: 190
Cordy really did become a Higher Power at the end of season 3. Middle of Season 7 (AU/AR) Spike is in the Summers' basement, no longer triggered but unsure of his place in the battle and Buffy's life. Angel is cut off from the Powers and Conner is a loose cannon. The First Evil is ready to strike and Wolfram and Hart want to take advantage of Angel's isolation. Things become quite complicated when Spike starts having terrible visions.

Not sure what to do Buffy calls Angel after a pretty nasty vision comes true. Turns out Spike is Angel's new seer. Where does that leave Buffy and her fight and how do they keep Wolfram and Hart away from the Hellmouth and Spike?

Please no character bashing and the longer the story, the better. ^_^

Challenge: 189
Name:Chanel 5
BTVS/Firefly (Serenity) Crossover. I'd love to see a Spuffy fic set in the future, about 500 years from tomorrow.
Like... A reunion fic where Buffy and Spike finally find each other after so long, with a bit of help from the crew of Serenity... A fic where Buffy and Spike help the crew to rescue the kids left at the academy. Or... Spike gets the crew to help him save his mate, Buffy, who somehow has been kidnapped by the Academy.

Anything, really. Please appease my need to mesh Spuffy and Serenity.

Challenge: 188
Season:Season 5
Really season 5 or 6. B/S/B. As Buffy is fighting her loathing/animal attraction to Spike after the events in the episode "Crush," a second Buffy appears one from a universe where Spike truly died in "Chosen" and this Buffy wants the Bleached-Blond Menace; she wants him now and she wants him often. Rewrite the last few episodes of the season with a second Buffy, a Bot!Buffy and the normal Buffy. By the end, have Buffy 1 and Buffy 2 possibly sharing time with Spike.

Can haves:

1. Riley bashing
2. Xander humiliation
3. Angel dust-age

Challenge: 187
Season:Season 6
When Spike and Anya are talking pre-sex in "Seeing Red," Spike wishes that Xander and Buffy could understand how it is. With very interesting results as Anya is now the Slayer and Xander is the hapless Big Bad in love with her. (Please keep Xander clueless, ineffectual, and as stupid as he normally is.) Spike/William is now the former Vengeance Demon shopkeeper and Buffy the construction grunt that left him at the alter.

Can haves:

1. Xander or Angel stake-age
2. Riley abuse

Challenge: 186
Season:Post Chosen
Why is Buffy really hanging around the Immortal in Rome? And how did the Immortal get his moniker?

The Immortal has the ability to make humans and demons truly immortal, and Buffy is tired of losing people she

loves. She is trying to manipulate the Immortal to make her and Dawn immortal without truly giving anything

back to him. The Immortal has other plans and sees Buffy as his bride and is trying to seduce her before he

performs his magicks.

Enter Spike after NFA... ready to fight for what is his. Is he too late? Did the Immortal seduce Buffy?

Challenge: 185
Season:Season 6
Spike is kidnapped from Sunnydale and as Buffy and the Scoobies reluctantly search for him, he is doing slave

labor at the North Pole. It seems the elves are on strike and Santa needs toys. Can Buffy save Spike from Santa

and save Christmas from the evil of corporate lawyers and labor unions? Only YOU can tell us.

Can Haves:

1. Xander Bashing

2. Riley castration

3. Angel dust-age

Challenge: 184
Season:Season 5
What if the monks made a mistake? What if there was a mix up and the wrong blood was used? What if Spike came

back to his crypt and found his sister, Dawn, who had disappeared when she was fifteen? How does a vampire

handle human relatives cast more then 120 years into the future? How does the Scoobies anti-demon propaganda

hold up against such things? And how does a slayer keep from falling in love when she sees the caring poet

hidden away? No real must or can haves here. Answer these questions however you want to.

Challenge: 183
Season:Season 2
I've been toying with this idea since I saw Pirates of the Caribbean but never got around to it. We all

remember the Halloween Buffy became a noble woman named Elizabeth. How about that same day Spike gets his own

costume? What happens when William Turner and Elizabeth Swan are reunited for one

Hellmouth of a night?

Can haves:

1.Appearance by or reference to Captain Jack Sparrow.

2.Parlay jokes.

3.Will and Elizabeth don't have to disappear when the spell

ends. (If you decide to end it right away)

Challenge: 182
Name:Bloody Tears of Life, Ariel Dawn, & Opal
BTL, AD & I came up with a Spuffy Challenge... so to you all we challenge you to do this: Go to the website Ok. Now that you're done having a hell of a laugh, write a spuffy based comedy/smut


Must Haves:

1. Must use slogan from, "Because Vampires Always Get Invited In"

2. Bitey, Bitey, Bitey

3. Smut, Smut, Smut

4. May be either Season 2 or Season 5 Buffy/Spike setting or Season

5. Goth Buffy

6. Buffy wearing a spiked dog collar

7. The random appearance of cheesewiz

8. Spike gets tied up ??? with a phone cord



Invite Me In by Spikez_tart (complete!)

Always Invited In by Ariel and BTL (complete!)

Challenge: 181
Name:Chanel 5
Season:Season 6
Sometime during their relationship in season 6, Buffy should 'happen' to find Spike's journal. Please include

in the journal, entries about:

1. Spike catching Dawn stealing something.

2. Xander doing something mean to Spike that Spike doesn't tell her about because it would hurt her feelings.

3. Two or more things that happen to Spike (good or bad) that are not from the show.

4. An entry written while Spike has had too much to drink.

5. How Spike feels when Buffy leaves after sex.

6. Also please have: Spike getting frantic when he can't find his journal.

7. A short poem (original).

8. The seven dwarves, only Sleepy's real name is Snoozy. Extra points for having the short poem about the seven


9. Spike finding something really interesting (to him) while looking for the diary.

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