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Challenge: 180
Season:Season 6
Spike leaves before "As You Were" to improve himself, for himself, on kind of a quest to find out in his own

heart if he was changing and then he returns around the finale, either soul having or just chipless but KNOWING

he was a good man. Joint challenge Corinna and Redwulfe.

Challenge: 179
Post Chosen, but AU/AR after that. Buffy/Dresden Files crossover.

When the Powers bring Spike back, they have a job for him. Spike along with Harry Blackstone Copperfield

Dresden must get the AI crew away from Wolfram and Hart and back to working with the Watchers Council. Easier

said than done since neither side trusts the other. But with the Senior Partners secretly playing "divide and

conquer" the fate of the world rests on getting everyone back together. It's up to Spike and Harry to get the

job done.

Please no Buffy whipped Spike. I know he loves her but I like my Spike with a back bone.

Also please no character bashing. I don't mind someone getting told off when they deserve it but please no

bashing. Anything else is up to you, so have fun!

Challenge: 178
Season:Season 5
Too many plots and not enough time!!! Remember the movie "Groundhog's Day" where Bill Murray repeated the same

day over and over till he got it right? I want to see Spike and Buffy repeat a day over and over till they fall

in love, so I want this challenge to be set before "Out of My Mind". It can be at anytime prior to that

episode. This was caused by any plot device you can come up with.

Must haves:

1. Happy, fluffy ending, but it's okay to have some angst before hand (like them blaming the other for the


2. Buffy has to figure out Angel and/or Riley is not good for her.

3. The movie Groundhog's Day

4. Spuffy having sex in an unusual location and being caught by someone.

Can haves:

1. Drusilla

2. Ethan Rayne

3. Gem of Amara

Challenge: 177
Name:Chanel 5
Season:Post Chosen
My challenge - I would like to see Buffy and Spike get married. This should be post "Chosen," post Angel S5,

and canon up till then. I would like to see:

1. Spike getting into a brawl at the bucks night.

2. Buffy drunk at the end of her hens night, crying to whoever will listen how sweet Spike is and his prowess,


3. An ex partner (or two) showing up and trying to stop the wedding.

4. Dawn getting caught in a compromising situation.

5. Illyria.

Can't haves:

1. How Buffy and Spike get together, unless it is in SHORT flashbacks.

2. Kennedy, unless its Kennedy-bashing. What? I'm allowed to have Kennedy-bashing in my challenges!

Thats all. Have fun!

Challenge: 176
Season:Post Chosen
Season Eight Challenge (has no connection with Angel season five please)

Must haves:

1. Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Andrew, Anya, Spike

2. Buffy/Spike (whether or not they start off together or not doesn't matter)

3. Follow the Buffy tempo (start at the end of summer with only brief mentions of what actually happened during

that time)

Can't haves:

1. Willow/Kennedy

2. Angel

3. Move to L.A

4. Buffy/Immortal pairing


1. Giles, Robin, Faith, New Slayers, Oz, and OC's

2. Pairings outside of B/S

The gang can move anywhere other than L.A. the plot is your choice and you can do what you want with the new

slayers. It should be fairly long considering that its a season. Besides that though, have fun

Challenge: 175
Season:Season 4


Actually anytime after the Something Blue episode, PWP between Spike/Buffy. The only must have is that Anya and

Xander walk in at the end. Anya bet Xander that Spike and Buffy were having sex and now that Xander lost, he

has to get DEMON BUTT MONKEY tattooed to his forehead.

Challenge: 174
Season:Post Chosen
Two days after "Not Fade Away" occurs, Spike, Illyria, and Angel are the only survivors. The Scoobies came and

helped them out. Buffy wants Spike back, but he's being stubborn. Spike has shanshued and everything from the

past eight years (from when he met Buffy) suddenly hits Angel at once, and Cordy has to help him out of his


Must haves:

1. Buffy says the line, "I drive the men I love away"

2. Xander never dating anyone else besides Anya

3. Anya's a ghost and has been hanging out with Xander for the past year

4. Andrew/Dawn romance

5. Oz/Willow romance

6. Cordy/Angel romance

7. Ghost Anya/Xander romance

8. Buffy's been stuck in a depression since Spike's death

9. A teenage Slayer who hates Spike and Angel, despite the fact that Spike's not a vamp

10. Faith and Robin are married; Faith's pregnant

11. No Buffy pregnancy

12. A Spuffy marriage in which Giles gives Buffy away

13. Connor falling for the teenager Slayer who hates Spike & Angel

14. Nina showing up and a cat fight ensues between her and Cordy

15. A four year old Slayer named Elizabeth, who calls everyone weird nicknames

16. Buffy knew Spike was back the whole time; she dated the Immortal to make him jealous


Ghost Anya being resurrected as a human; Giles being head of the Council; Buffy saying Spike's speech in

"Touched" to him; A hormonal, pregnant Faith cries at the drop of the hat; One of the Slayers mentioning they'd

like to slay Faith's hormones

Challenge: 173
Season:Season 4
A cross-over between BtVS season 4 and Smallville season 2. Buffy, Dawn (who is somehow already in it and no

longer the key ??? but she used to be. You can explain this however you want) and a reluctant Spike travel to

Smallville, Kansas to stop a big-bad. Buffy/Spike and Dawn/Clark are the preferred pairings anything else is up

to you. Buffy/Spike must, of course contain bloodshed and the fic should be fairly fluffy

Challenge: 172
Name:Elizabeth Anne Summers
This would be pre-BTVS but can take you into first season and so on, depending on far you choose to take it and

how you work it. Use the premise of the movie (so this is for those of you that have seen it or you can go rent

it, obviously) and take out Pike, using Spike in his place.

Can haves:

1.A connection between Spike and/or the Aurelian line and Lothos

2. The other Aurelians

3. Merrick not dying (Maybe Spike saves him)

4. Maybe her slayer dream visions that she gets before Merrick finds her, that at least one or two have Spike

in them

Can't haves:

1. Pike, obviously

Challenge: 171
Name:Elizabeth Anne Summers
You can pick whichever season you want or if its an AR setting, but Buffy and Spike make a bet based on Buffy's

assertion that she could resist Spike even if they were naked. Even for a week or a month or something. So,

they must remain undressed and see if Buffy really can resist Spike. Feel free to have Spike use some dirty

tactics, because his ability or lack thereof to resist her is not part of the bet. :P (Idea based on the same

bet that occurs in the second chapter of Dark Shadows, so feel free to read up on that if you think you feel

the need.) This challenge will probably occur in a PWP or something, or if you can turn it into a chaptered fic

then go for it!

Challenge: 170
Season:Post Chosen
I like long stories. I like a good plot that has to be developed and nurtured so that the author has time to

introduce and incorporate some new character(s). I'd like to see more good future-fics, based on canon that

explore, and answer in their own way, some of those gazillion loose ends we were left with at the end of both


This challenge is probably overly optimistic, but if someone wants to make an old lady happy...

Must haves:

1. A far older Buffy who still slays, ages really slowly.

2. A New Scoobies team who are the successors to Giles, Xander and Willow.

3. Some serious threat with angst, fear, blood. So probably NC17

4. Spike Spuffy ending (not necessarily fluffy)

Can haves:

1. Giles, Xander, Willow or any of the AtS crew that might have survived

Challenge: 169
Sixteen years ago, Drusilla die giving birth to a little girl named Dawn, with Spike. The only problem with two

vampires having a child in their plain of existence is that such a birth is impossible, unless something is

mystical is behind it. Which also, when it come to any mystical pregnancy and/or birth, some kind of minor or

major disaster will occur because of the child. For Dawn, she was created by the minions of Glory, a Hell God,

as 'The Key of the Beast'. that will help her bring will bring the armies from her Hell dimension, to Earth, to

start her campaign to conquer all of the lower planes of existence.

Because of this, Spike is forced to make a pack with 'The Powers That Be' to save his daughter. The Pack is

that he has to win back his soul and help a slayer save the world from the Hellmouth if he want his daughter

life. Being the idiot Spike is, he excepts the pack not releasing that the Powers are screwing him over by

leaving it up to him keep his daughter away from Glory and every other power on Earth that wants her dead or

alive! And when it comes time to do what he is "destined" to do; he finds that he's going to have deal with The

Slayer, Buffy Summers, near homicidal opinion of him, his ensouled grandsire's century old vendetta against him

for stealing Dru from him, magic-addicted witches like Willow, Tara, and Amy, a racist demon hating watcher

named Rupert Giles, a jackass like Alexander Harris and a demon hunter by the Charles Gunn, who's the only one

who isn't out to kill him for no reason at all! But with allies like these, Spike is going to need all the luck

he has to survive the major problems of the Hellmouth, when he has to face off with the Scourge, the Circle of

the Black Thorn, The Master, Wolfram and Hart, Darla, Sahjhan, and the Immortal.

And things get really complicated when in the mist of all this chaos Spike and Buffy Fall in love with each


Must haves:

1. Angel has to hit on Dawn so Spike has a reason to beat the crap out of him.

2. Buffy and Spike must gradually come love each other.

3. The Hellmouth must be in LA and not in Sunnydale.

4. Spike doesn't tell anyone about having a soul right away.

5. Xander has to make a smart ass comment of why the rest of the Scooby Gang trusts Angel and not Spike just on

the basis of a soul (when the Scoobies still don't know that he doesn't have a soul).

6. Dawn and Spike beats some sense into Buffy and forces her help Tara, Willow, and Amy with their magic

'problems'. Which causes to start respecting them.

7. Angel can't lose his soul but his still a psycho-asshole anyway.

8. Tara, Willow, and Amy are involved with each other


Challenge: 168
Living in a world where robots are real, Buffy's human and trying to get over her last relationship with an

abusive Riley.....every night since, she dreams about a vampire 'Spike', who always leaves her a tiny bit

scared and a lot turned on. Willow suggests going to a this company that specializes in specially made robots (i.e. to make Buffy's, 'Spike the Vampire Robot'). And she loves the outcome even though he seems to be missing

something. But what happens when the real Spike the Vampire shows up.

Must haves:

1. Riley coming back trying to get Buffy to forgive him, and Spike kicking his butt.

2. Must have a reason why Buffy was dreaming about Spike.

Can haves:

1. You decide if Spike!bot has vampire weakness)

Challenge: 167
Season:Season 4
"Something Blue" What if Willow couldn't reverse the spell without some ingredients that she couldn't get until

the next day. We all know that Buffy and Spike were engaged, and there were snuggles, so there had to be sweet

naughty things whispered into ears...what we they? Also we didn't get nearly enough Spuffy out of that

episode...expand on the "engagement" at least long enough for an engagement party and a call to the poof to let

him know about Buffy's upcoming wedding. PWP or if you can expand it please do so. *grin*

Must haves:

1. Lots of naughty thoughts/actions/promises/events

2. Riley getting a eye full of B/S in 'action'

3. An understanding Willow

4. Alone time for Buffy/Spike

5. The rest of the Scoobies knowing what happened but pretending to not know.

Can haves:

1. Xander being smacked by Anya for being an ass

2. Joyce being supportive

3. "Tub fun" with or without chains

4. Anya blurting out something sexual about S/B (witnessed or heard)

5. Giles begging to be allowed to remain in denial

6. Angel fainting

Challenge: 166
Buffy and Spike magically get sent into an alternate dimension. When they awake they realize everyone they have

ever known has disappeared with the exception of a few select Buffy/Angel verse characters. Slowly the

characters start disappearing (or dying).

Some kind of action needs to be taken before Buffy and Spike can return to their universe. (Something that

forces them to work together and finally admit their love).

Idea somewhat borrowed from A Christopher Pike book I read ten years ago.)

Challenge: 165

AR Fic where Buffy isn't a slayer and has no idea vampires exist. Spike is, of course, a vampire though. Basic

storyline: A recently dumped Spike (by Drusilla? Your choice) gets seriously injured, and a 16-18 yr old Buffy

saves his life by taking him back to her house. Well, once the sun comes up Spike gets stuck there all day but

for some reason he just can't seem to kill the girl.

Must haves:

1. Buffy being either turned of mated with (by Spike :P). If it's the second try come up with some original

after effects.

2. Buffy meeting Spikes vampire family.

Can haves:

1. Other characters

2. Buffy living in LA or Sunnydale

3. Angelus (only if he's not a bastard - go by how he acted in all the flashbacks, not season 2 of Buffy)

Challenge: 164
Season:Season 5
There have been a few stories where Spike ends up taking care of a kid, this challenge is for stories like

that. Somehow he ends up with a baby in early season five. Who does he turn to for help? Joyce and Dawn.

Somehow use all this to bring our favorite pair together.

Must haves:

1. Spike being very serious about taking care of the kid himself.

2. The Scoobies don't know about it right away.

3. Riley being a bastard. (What else is new?)

4. If the fake stake makes an appearance it must become known by all three of the Summers women.

5. Joyce living.

6. Riley bashing. Give him what he deserves. (And I'd really like for him to get beaten up by Joyce.)

Challenge: 163
Season:Season 6
In Schehrezade's Tempus de Muto story (which is totally excellent and if you haven't read you really

should!!!!), she has Buffy say that if she found the prophecy that Wesley found that she would kidnap Conner

herself and have Spike be the getaway driver.

So what if Buffy did find the prophecy and enlisted Spike, Dawn, Tara and Wesley to go on a cross country trek?

Buffy receives a note and prophecy in the mail. For whatever reason, you make it up, she calls Wesley to help

her with the translation. He comes to Sunnydale, and when the translation is done he spills the beans about

Angel, Darla and Connor. They enlist the others to help them kidnap Conner. Off to LA they go where Wesley

kidnaps Conner, hands him off to Buffy, makes plans to meet later and goes on to a confrontation with Holtz

where he tells Holtz the baby is safe. (Oh please write this even if I put it in the challenge, I would love to

see this part, too.

Must haves:

1. Definitely Spuffy, with bitey because can't post here if you don't. Would prefer claiming/mating but can

just be bitey

2. The others with Spike and Buffy accepting them.

3. A fun, terror-filled trip just one step ahead of both Holtz and Angel

4. Oz, Ms Calendar (I know she is dead, but this is BTVS after all), Riley (may have bashing I hate, hate, hate

Riley), Doyle (ya he is dead, too) joining the groups along the way. Dead people can be ghosts, reincarnated,

resurrected or whatever takes your fancy.

5. The rest of the Scoobies/AI team, including Giles, starting their own trip to find the missing Scoobies.

6. Happy ending for everyone except Holtz and Riley

Can't haves:

1. Holtz getting Conner, so no dimension hopping just to have a teenager show up later.

2. Angel challenging claim or killing

**** The author has given permission for this challenge. ~ SpikesKat)

Challenge: 162
Season:Season 6
In the series, Spike goes to get his soul after attempting to rape Buffy. What if he had gone much earlier, and

left on a hopeful note? Rewrite the finish of season 6 as if Spike left after he saw Buffy at the wedding in

"Hells Bells." He managed to make Buffy jealous, and they were able to talk together in a friendly way. This

made Spike believe that maybe if he could prove how much he loved her, once and for all, by getting a soul, she

would admit to herself that she loved him back.

Must haves:

1. Spike leaves Clem in his crypt. He also leaves sealed letters, one for Buffy and one for Dawn promising to

come back and telling them he loves them.

2. As Buffy goes through the events that lead up to the season finale, have her discover how much she misses

and does in fact love Spike.

3. Spike returns to Sunnydale during the summer and is found by Buffy in any way you choose.

4. Spike went intentionally for his soul. Chip can also have been removed, but it cannot have been his primary


Can haves:

1. Dawn reading Buffy's letter secretly and discovering from it about the Buffy/Spike relationship.

2. Buffy and Dawn discussing what they loved about Spike as they console each other over his absence.

3. Spike returning either insane or in bad condition, where Buffy must care for him.

4. Tara survives.

5. Willow may or may not attempt to destroy the world.

6. Buffy resists attempts by her friends to turn her against ensouled Spike.

7. Spike leaving his duster to the girls as a memento and pledge.

8. Angel or Riley arriving and distrusting Spike.

9. Council interest in another ensouled vampire.

10. Buffy finding another job (please, oh please. I hate the Doublemeat Palace)

Can't haves:

1. The First Evil or potentials (Does not apply to any sequels to the original challenge response.)

Challenge: 161
Season:Season 6
Spike convinces Buffy to slip away for a weekend. They go choose big city of your choice. While there,

they head out for a night of shopping and bar hopping. While shopping, they end up at an adult toy store. After

the store, they head out for a night on the town.

Must Haves:

1. Purchasing a few different toys, be specific.

2. One of the toys MUST be a wireless butterfly.

3. Spike makes Buffy wear butterfly to the bars, BUT, he has the remote.

4. Much liquor consumed

5. A very kinky Spuffy ending

Can haves:

1. Buffy getting pissy (like usual) and hitting on other guys.

2. Spike getting back at her by USING the remote.

3. Flavored oils or lotions

4. Showering

5. Toys for Spike too

Can't haves:

1. Please don't overdue the slurring speech, some is fine, but not every other word.

2. No passing out

P.S.- I have been to and hosted many "toy parties", so do your research, I know my stuff!!

Challenge: 160
Season:Season 6
Post "Chosen," possibly even Post "NFA," Buffy somehow, (you decide how) is sent back in time to the episode

"Tabula Rasa" in her younger body. She gets there just as Spike is doing the "Randy Giles" rant about why not

just name me 'Desperate for a shag' Giles. Without thinking Future Buffy replies, "You don't have to be

desperate, I'll shag you anytime." then go from there. PWP. ^_^


Past Perfect by SpikesKat (complete!)

What A Girl Wants by spike_spetslayer (wip)


What A Girl Wants by spike_spetslayer (wip)

Past Perfect by spikeskat (complete!)

Challenge: 159
Season:Season 6
Anyone watch Forever Knight? How about a crossover? Nick and Natalie come to Sunnydale during Season 6 tracking

a vampire, possibly LaCroix (sp?). They meet up with Spike, Buffy and the Scoobies.

Have Buffy and the Scoobies understand the redemption that Nick is trying for....BUT Spike still goes to Africa

for the soul and Season 7 happens the same way. After Chosen, have Dawn and Buffy break away from the Scoobies

for still maligning Spike even though he had the soul and sacrificed himself. They go to Toronto to visit Nick

and Natalie. Spike reappears, recorporealizes, and for whatever reason (you decide) he goes to Toronto, also.

Spike and Buffy meet up and Spuffiness ensues ending with mating, marriage and monkey-sex.

Challenge: 158
Season:Season 6
First take your copy of "As You Were" and throw it out the window into a busy street. The countdown to Xander

and Anya's wedding is now at around one week and the Spuffy sexcapades are still in full swing. Anya hears

it's bad luck for the bride and groom to sleep together in the week before the wedding. So what does she do?

Has a spell cast so Xander can't be involved in any form of sex until after the wedding. Well, you know how it

is with Scoobies and spells, and now SPIKE can't have sex until Xander and Anya have said "I do". How will our

favorite couple deal with the growing frustration with no form of release? And what revelations will this

"break" cause Buffy to reach?

Must haves:

1. Buffy and Spike being very upset over this.

2. Buffy, Spike, or both convincing Xander to go through with the wedding, without revealing their own selfish


3. The moment the spell ends the two go to the first private place available (bedroom, bathroom, broom closet,

anything) to let out the week's worth of tension.

4. One to three hours later, a Scooby search party finds them in a very compromising position, and that being

how the Scoobies learn about them (No revelations before then).

Can have:

1. Major bonus points for comedy. Lots of laughs and funny situations.


Wedding Bell Blues by Spike_spetslayer (wip)

'Til Undeath Do Us Part by spikeslovebite (complete)


Wedding Bell Blues by spike_spetslayer (complete!)

Challenge: 157
One of our heroes (Spike or Buffy) is captured, sold as a slave and bought by?? the other one of our heroes.

What is the new owner going to do? To free his/her slave, to cuddle and hold him/her as a pet, or to treat

him/her cruelly? Later, slave and master (or mistress) end up in bed together. But will it happen after a sweet

and irresistible seduction or through the assertion of the owner's mere right on what belongs to him/her? And

does the slave willingly submit or does he/she fight (in vain) to protect his/her dignity?

The story can be set in an alternate universe in which slavery is normal or in our world. In case you choose

the second, you should make the slave traffic credible in our democratic age. (It could be vampires secretly

dealing in humans or vice versa, unleash your creativity!)

Must haves:

1. It must be NC-17; consensual, semi-consensual or non-con sex are equally welcome

2. The main pairing must be Spuffy, while any secondary pairing can deal with whoever you want

Can haves (bonus points):

1. A slave auction (It can be described while it's taking place, it can be recalled by one of the characters or

through any other expedient your fantasy suggests you)

2. Hurt/comfort: the slave is hurt (emotionally or physically or both) and the master (or the mistress)

comforts him/her

3. A happy ending

FYI: This person runs Bloody Twilight (Italian Spuffy site) and will be contacting any authors that respond to

this challenge to see about having the fic translated into Italian and placed on her site. ***SpikesKat


Belonging by jl1980 (wip)


Belonging by DreamsofSpike (complete!)

Possession by icemink (complete!)

Slayer For Sale by spike_spetslayer (wip)

Challenge: 156
Name:Eleanor Boswell
Season:Season 5
1. Spuffy

2. Buffy must have unexpected pregnancy by Spike

3. Must have Xander and Spike in a 'interesting' situation (you decide what sort)

4. Can have Giles/Anya relationship

5. Must have funny game face scene

6. Can have clown suit (on Spike?)

7. Can rub it in Riley's face

Challenge: 155
Season:Season 5
During Crush . After the first scene at the Bronze goes story goes AU. Out on patrol Spike gets stung by a

glarghk guhl kashma'nik demon (the one in Normal Again - I got the spelling from Buffy and Angel episode guide)

and gets caught remembering his worst memories both as a human and demon. Not knowing what happened to him,

Willow suggests going into his mind to find the answer. Buffy is the one that goes in to find him reliving his

worst moments which is in direct contrast to what he described to her in Fool for Love.

(Suggestions - use any or all that you what or your own ideas)

1. Cecily's rejection and how he got vamped.

2. Buffy rejecting him at the end of Fool for Love.

3. Angelus' treatment of him pre-soul and after losing the soul.

4. Staking by Riley with plastic stake.

5. Dru's statement about him being covered in the slayer and dumping him.

6. Some of his captivity in the Initiative. While Buffy is trying to help Spike the Scoobies discover that

Drusilla is back in town looking for Spike. How will this change Buffy and Spike's relationship and what will

Spike decide when Dru says she wants him back.

Can haves:

1. Buffy stating "Always been bad, huh?"

2. Dru helping the Scoobies get the antidote for Spike.

3. A Spuffy ending of course...anything else is totally up to you


Sympathy for the Devil by ComedyofErrors

Challenge: 154
Name:Danni Rand
Season:Season 5
In season 4 of "Angel", there was an episode called "Spin the Bottle". In it, the AI team (except for Lorne)

reverted to their teenaged personas. I want that to happen to the Scoobies, and Spike.

Must haves:

1. Buffy's persona pre-slayer

2. William writing poetry for Buffy

3. No Riley! Takes place after he leaves.

4. Dawn stays the same. She's already a teenager.

5. Willow and Tara not knowing about their relationship- Dawn has to explain at some point.

6. Lots of use of the word "effulgent" and other words like that.

7. Spuffy (duh!) Bitey (duh! To be on this site) but claiming is optional.

Can haves:

1. Joyce alive

2. Anya hitting on all the guys, including William (show his response)

3. If alive, Joyce also acting like a teen

4. Willow and/or Tara not accepting their relationship. (Willow was quite straight back then, right?)

5. Dawn figuring out by herself how to fix the problem and saves the day

6. Be placed in any season (5 and up). Riley obviously must be gone.

7. Commenting on their appearances ("Look at this clothing! Look at my hair!" etc.)

Can't haves:

1. William accepting flirting from Anya. Have him repulsed :)

2. Giles hitting on any of the girls, other than Joyce (though it can be the other way around)

3. William acting like Spike. They are too different. Accent must be more refined, as well.


Check Point by Xela (complete!)

Challenge: 153
Season:Season 4
Story Starts off in Harsh Light Of Day (Season 4), where Buffy & Spike run into each other at the Frat Party.

Must Haves:

1. Buffy & Spike sparing as soon as they see each other.

2. Spike grabbing Buffy & kissing in front of Harmony & Parker.

3. Harmony slapping Buffy & calling her a name & then Buffy punching her in the face.

4. Spike telling Parker & Harmony to sod off.

5. Confessing their feeling to each other at the frat party.

6. Buffy & Spike dancing & making love to Bif Naked's song Lucky.

7. Buffy & Spike claiming each other during their love making. (Bitey Smut)

Can haves:

1. Parker spreads rumors that Buffy's a slut.

2. Spike beating up Parker.

3. Buffy telling the Scoobies she & Spike have deep feelings for each other & claimed each other.

4. Buffy & Spike making love at the beach in during the sunset. (Spike has the Gem Of Amara.)

Challenge: 152
Season:Season 4
Actually, this challenge is for the summer between Seasons 4 and 5. We all love holiday fics, right? Well

there's one holiday that vampires hate: July 4th! Independence Day, on which everyone is armed with fireworks.

Write a story in which Spike and Buffy come together while fighting monsters around July 4th.

Must haves:

1. A trip to a fireworks stand for weapons (keep in mind smoke screens, noise makers, things that explode)

2. Spike + Roman Candles = fun

3. Riley breakup (send him back to Iowa where he belongs, either before or during the fic)

4. A fair/carnival/picnic featuring lots of cotton candy, funnel cakes, etc.

5. Spuffy love with bitey.

Can haves:

1. Claim

2. Buffy and Spike being overheard while they

3. Buffy confessing that she's always wondered what it would be like with Spike

4. Xander fainting

5. Giles lecturing someone

6. Spike being adopted by Joyce and the Scoobies, and given his own key chain

Can't haves:

1. Angel

2. Dawn (not that I don't like her)

3. Buffy hiding her romance with Spike from her friends

Challenge: 151
Name:Claudia N
Season:Post Chosen
Post NFA . Buffy , Spike and Angel had just impeding another apocalypse together, they won and Angel Shansu'ed.

Must haves:

1. Buffy telling Angel that he deserve a normal life now. Something that she never can offer him.

2. Buffy and Spike according in be just friends, good friend...but Spike can resist the jealously for the


3. Willow revealing Spike's past fantasy after the episode "the initiative", something about that "fuzzy pink


4. Spike seducing Buffy like he use to do it in 6th season, in this case have to finish in biting and claiming.

5. Smut, smut, and more smut

Challenge: 150
Season:Post Chosen
In the alley at the end of "Not Fade Away," Buffy and Co. (you decide which ones) show up, only to reveal that

she has always known Spike has returned (you decide how). Spike was a spy on the inside to find out what Angel

was doing at Wolfram & Hart.

Must haves:

1. Bad guys defeated

2. Angel put in his place

3. Very Spuffy ending

4. Bitey either before or after Spike's return

Challenge: 149
Name:Demonica Mills
Season:Season 6
Take places during the episode "Gone." What would have happened in the kitchen if Xander hadn't walked in and

interrupted Spike and Buffy?

Must haves:

1. Spike and Dawn friendship

2. Buffy internal debating about her relationship with Spike

3. Whatever your imagination can come up with

Can't haves:

1. Character bashing

Challenge: 148
Season:Season 6
I would love to see a fanfiction that Buffy becomes pregnant with Spike's child during their affair. Maybe the

story could take place after Doublemeat Palace or Older And Far Away ? Either way, I have had this idea

floating around in my head and I'm just not a great writer, so I would greatly appreciate anyone who would be

willing to help me help this crazy idea of mine.

Must haves:

1. NC-17

2. Buffy freaking out about not remembering when her last period was

3. Buffy fainting after taking the pregnancy test and find that it's positive (whether by going to the doctor

or taking a home test)

4. Buffy finding it hard to accept but loving the idea that she is carrying Spike's kid

5. Spike finding out that Buffy's pregnant by her telling him

6. Spike moving in

7. Dawn loving the idea of being an aunt

Can haves:

1. Buffy contemplating abortion

2. Dawn reading Buffy's diary

3. Spike being shocked and unbelieving at first

4. The Scoobies finding out by walking in on Buffy and Spike celebrating

5. Spike 'nesting'

6. Buffy not being allowed to do any physical activities

7. Buffy gorging herself on food, friends laugh at her doing so

8. Buffy finding out that she is carrying around more than one kid

Can't haves:

1. Buffy getting rid of the baby

2. Spike not wanting it

3. Character death

Challenge: 147
Buffy is a high ranking society girl in London. She had the life, until one fateful night she runs into

Angelus, and is tortured and turned. Buffy escapes from his grasp, and lives in L.A. Her life in the shadows is

going great, until she runs into Spike, who is from the family line, of the monster who turned her into a

vampire. What is her life now, that she works with Spike.

Must haves:

1. A party where Angelus first sees Buffy

2. Buffy walking the streets home alone

3. Buffy being kidnapped and tortured by Angelus

4. Spike and Buffy mating

Challenge: 145
Season:Season 4
Instead of Spike escaping the Initiative like he did in the original series, he is held captive and

'experimented' on up till 'Something Blue'. In there little attempts at "behavioral modification", they royally

scramble his brain with the chip in his head so he'll have no memory of who or what he is. After the Initiative

screws with him enough, they decide to "release" back into the outside world. Professor Walsh believes so much

that Spike rigorous ordeal is a prime example of the Initiative's prime directive of controlling and harnessing

the power of the demon world for the greater good of the military

Challenge: 144
Season:Season 2
Spike and Dru come to Sunnydale, on the prowl for Angelus and to restore Drusilla to health. But, Dru, becomes

obsessed with having the slayer on their side. So, Spike, turns Buffy when he meets her at the Bronze...

Must haves:

1. A foreplay between Dru and Buffy *Slight F/F action*

2. Buffy, Dru, Spike, and Angelus reeking havoc

3. Spike and Buffy mating

Can haves:

1. Buffy and Angelus fighting

2. The Scooby gang finding out Buffy is dead

3. Buffy and Willow come face to face


Challenge: 143
Season:Season 3
Much to everyone's disappointment, after a few dates with Riley, Buffy decided that he was as boring as she

originally thought, and broke it off. Now, as the end of the season approaches and with Adam on the loose, she

finds a need for a new partner (in more ways than one). She turns to Spike before Adam does. What would a

little kindness mean to him? Spuffy love for one thing.

Must haves:

1. Bitey.

2. 43 boxes of thin mints (a girl-scout cookie)

3. The girl scout delivering the cookies to Spike's crypt.

4. Creative use of the cookies.

5. Buffy falling for Spike first (without more magic). He follows suit.

6. Defeat of Adam requiring both Spike and Buffy fighting

Can haves:

1. Riley bashing and/or death

2. Jealous Riley

3. Giles/Joyce as a side romance.

4. Anya telling Xander off about objecting to Buffy/Spike

5. Someone singing "They're Coming to Take Me Away (Ha ha, he he, ho ho)"

6. Staking Harmony with a toothpick threats

7. Parker getting what he deserves from Spike

8. Understanding Tara

Can't haves:

1. Buffy and Riley sex in the fic.

2. Angel

Challenge: 142
Season:Season 3
1. Plot based on the song 'Darling Niki' by Prince

2. Can have any characters from the show

3. Must have Spuffy moments

4. Can have a big fight scene

5. Write whatever your imagination comes up with

Challenge: 141
Season:Post Chosen
After NFA, Spike and Buffy are now married and the Scoobies have accepted their relationship. It's their

wedding anniversary and Spike gives Buffy an anniversary gift - it's a book the Karma Sutra and they decide to

try every position. Write a Karma Sutra Spuffy fic using all the positions. Very NC-17 and bitey goodness.

Challenge: 140
Name:Chanel #5
Season:Season 6
This is something I thought of a while ago, but since I'm never gonna get around to it, I hope someone else can

give this a go.

Set in season 6, around the time of Dawn's wish to Halfrek.

Dawn wishes that the Scoobies wouldn't lie anymore and that they'd tell the truth or be more honest, etc.

Straight away the guys find themselves unable to lie, and as time goes on they find they are less able to keep

things to themselves either. The more they try to not tell their secrets, the more they end up blurting them

out at an inopportune time. To start with this really divides the Scoobies, but eventually it might help them

be closer then before. This could be done as a drama or as a comedy.

Please include, if you are able:

1. Buffy announcing, at a bad time, that she would like Spike to bite her.

2. Tara being really truthful and letting off some steam.

3. All the guys, at some time, saying something Anya would normally say, and, if Anya is there, she then says

'I was going to say that'.

4. Dawn must say, several times, that she wishes she hadn't been told (or heard) that.



Careful What You Wish For by spike_spetslayer (complete!)


Be Careful What You Wish For by spike_spetslayer (complete!)

Challenge: 139
Season:Season 2
I want something completely focused on Spuffy without moving off into other plot areas. I want a season 2 fic

with no Angel. Buffy alone and depressed for some reason or another sees a man (our fav vamp) in the Bronze and

that's all she can think about for the next few weeks little does she know that the man she's slowly falling

for (without him even being there) is planning her demise...that is until he finds out about her

....attraction. I know a little vague but it give you lots of space to work.

Can't have:

1. Angel

2. Council

3. Subplots)

Challenge: 138
Name:War-Prince 9
Season:Post Chosen/AU
After Spike kills his second slayer, and before Prague, he, for any reason you want that isn't a soul, decides

to fight the good fight. Have him turn up in Sunnydale anytime you choose between the start of the series and

his season 2 entrance.

Must haves:

1. Angel instantly tries to turn them against Spike going on and on about how he can't be

trusted (Ignoring the irony of wanting them to trust him)

2. Spike is still just as much of a badass as always

3. Spike is more helpful, not just dropping by with vague warnings but telling them

what's going on and helping stop it

4. Angel bashing

Can haves:

1. Spike and Giles bonding over alcohol and good (Rock) music

2. Xander bashing

Challenge: 137
Apocalypse time! When the PTB find *themselves* suddenly under attack (by what exactly is up to you), they send

Buffy back to earth as their only hope, so that she might be able to stop this newest big bad (whether she

comes back as the Slayer or something else is entirely up to you).

Must haves:

1. Spuffy lovin'

2. Bitey/claimy goodness

3. Include Drusilla, Angel and Oz in some way

4. What or who the big bad is, is up to you but it should be at least Glory scale badness

Can haves:

1. LA crew

2. You can chose whether or not Buffy stays on earth or whether she returns to heaven once the threat is over

3. Angel being overly jealous of the Spuffyness

4. Set in either LA or Sunnydale

5. Any past characters of either series (eg. Doyle, Joyce)

Can't haves:

Sever bashing of any of the Scoobies

Challenge: 136
Season:Season 2
What happens when Joyce meets a nice young man at her gallery and decides to invite him for dinner...and maybe play matchmaker with her young, single daughter Buffy? How does the slayer react to a mother that doesn't know about slayers and vamps and a vampire determined to encourage her mother's efforts?

Must haves:

1. Buffy trying desperately to keep her mom from finding out about her chosen status

2. Spike discovering his feelings for Buffy earlier than in canon. (Set maybe season 2-3)

3. Buffy finally giving in and agreeing to a date (much to Spike's surprise)

Can haves:

1. Angel jealous that Joyce likes Spike

2. Buffy plotting fun little ways to stake Spike without Joyce seeing, but her daydreaming keeps turning naughty

3. Angel starting a fight and Buffy defending Spike


Electric Barbarella by Bloodshedbaby

Challenge: 135
Name:War-Prince 9
Season:Post Chosen/AU
After Spike dies in Chosen he somehow ends up in Gotham City. Write a fic were he joins the Bat Brigade in some

way, shape, or form as a new superhero, The Wraith, and somehow he and Buffy find each other again.

Must haves:

1. Spike DOESN'T get a colorful spandex costume. He designs his own costume

2. Buffy not caring about the objections from Giles, Xander, or Willow and doing what she wants, namely being

with him

3. Spike makes some secret identity for his non-costume hours, legitimately employed

Can haves:

1. Buffy becoming a superhero

2. Spike joining a super hero team (Besides the JLA or JSA)

3. Spike making friends in the superhero community (as well as having more than one female superheroes come

onto him)


Blood Knights in Gotham

by Wayward Childe (wip)


Blood Knights in Gotham by WayWard Childe (complete!)

Challenge: 134
Name:War-Prince 9
Season:Post Chosen
After becoming corporeal and beating Angel, Spike decides to hell with the Shanshu and that he was fine the way

he was. After leaving to find Buffy (Beginning of "Harm's Way" I think) Angel has him captured and imprisoned

in the Wolfram & Hart basement without telling the rest of the Fang Gang. A week or more later Wesley mentions

Spike in a conversation with Giles. After all locater spells point to LA but no exact local, a certain slayer

stomps into Angel's office and demands they form a search party.

Must haves:

1. Angel trying to convince them to give up on Spike

2. Buffy breaking Angel's nose at some point

3. A Spuffy ever after

Can haves:

1. One dead Kennedy

2. One watcher-y Dawn

3. One Ripper-like Giles

4. Many appearances of bloody pulps once called Angel

Challenge: 133
Name:War-Prince 9
Season:Post Chosen
Post NFA, Angel is gone (Shanshu, dust, living it up with the Werewolf girl, whatever). Spike decides to start

a new life. Illyria has nothing better to do so tags along with what she would call a friend, if she wasn't,

well, her. Gunn is sick of LA and the three go to New York. A year later they have an established a routine of

demon asskicking. After Buffy breaks up with the immortal (preferably with no emotional baggage and with many

of his bones broken) she decides to go back to the States and gets a job at the NYPD. Our favorite couple is

reunited, how do things go from there?

Must haves:

1. Gunn is back to his original character, badass demon hunter, though he still has the lawyer knowledge

2. Illyria uses her shape shifting to make some human identity (Not Fred) to avoid attracting the attention of

the 'simple pests'

Can haves:

1. Conner joining the team

2. Dawn coming with Buffy

3. Other members of the team that haven't been mentioned (maybe Oz?), can include original characters

Challenge: 132
Buffy's confused about her conflicting feelings for Spike, she knows she hates him because his a souless

monster who went out of his way to protect her sister and confessed his undying love to her. Buffy sees she has

some kind of feelings for him, but she knows she loves Angel. At her birthday party she wishes she could meet

someone who's going through the same problem. Some kind of way both Buffy and Spike get sucked in Xena's


Must haves:

1. Spike and Aries (god of war) getting drunk at a local bar going on about Hercules and Angel

2. Buffy giving advice to Xena on loving Aries but not realizing her advice relates to her as well.

3. Don't care who but two people bathing either in a bathe house or outdoors in lake, etc. with the other two

spying on them.

4. Buffy and Xena agreeing that Spike and Aries both look good in tight black leather/denim pants

5. Last but the most important biting or claiming you pick, can be done before or after they return home. (Rating PG13- NC17)

Can haves:

1. Spike and Aries making fun of Angel and Hercules' hair

2. Willow using magic to help with Buffy's wish

3. Xander actually accepting their relationship

4. The comparisons between Xena's love triangle (ie Aries and Hercules are brothers and hate each other but are

in love with her, and Aries will do anything in his power to win her love) and Buffy's

Challenge: 131
Name:Seven Deadly Sins
Season:Season 4
Father Gabriel's (from "Pangs") brother comes to Sunnydale seeking vengeance for his brother's murder. He

secretly curses each of the Scoobies with one of the seven deadly sins. Can they overcome their weaknesses

before they are consumed by them?

Choose your season, but must be Spuffy & Bitey. Don't remember your seven deadly sins? I'll help...

1. Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, also known as Vanity.

2. Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.

3. Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

4. Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

5. Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.

6. Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, also called Avarice.

7. Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual)


Seven Deadly Sins by BuffyMeetsSpike (complete!)

Challenge: 130
Season:Season 1
Post "Prophecy Girl." What if Spike saw Buffy in LA after she killed the master? He is intrigued by her and

follows her for awhile. Buffy catches him and fighting ensures. One of two things can happen then: 1) When the

master killed her Buffy's slayer side is more apparent hence the reason for bitchiness. So Buffy's "primal

side" is somehow attracted to Spike's demon and they get together (Dru can be involved as well) 2) Buffy knows

he is a demon and doesn't care ... they get together anyway. Either way have them and Dru in Sunnydale at the

beginning of season 2. Rest of plot is up to author.

Must haves:

1. Bitey, including claiming.

2. Dru in fic .... if not as S/B/D then as Dru/Angel & B/S

3. Buffy does not stay a bitch the entire fic...she deals with her issues

Can haves:

1. Spike and Joyce bonding over marshmallows and the badness of Angel

2. Spike, Dru and Buffy taking over the Hellmouth

3. Angel becoming angelus when he sees Buffy/Spike couple, however they just dust him.

4. Similar to Buffyverse however Mrs. Calendar doesn't die and there is no Acathla

5. Faith is called instead of Kendra (and she stays good and alive)

Can't haves:

1. Any kind of Buffy/Angel relationship

2. No Dawn/Glory

3. Tara dying

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