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Challenge: 128
Season:Season 6
Willow makes a slight error in bringing Buffy back from the dead: she brings back an alternative reality Buffy.

A Buffy that is nicer towards Spike. What she is exactly, that's up to you. Slayer, vampire, ordinary girl,

whatever, I don't care. Just no angst, purely bitey, fluffy Spuffy.

Challenge: 127
Basically it going to go down like this. Like originally in the Buffy and Angel television series, Angelus does

kill the favorite daughter of some gypsy clan, in Romania, in 1898, and pisses them off! But instead of

ensouling just Angelus, they also ensoul Spike, in a way to get back at Darla by destroying the happy family of

psycho killing vampires she's made for herself, which also leads to Drusilla committing suicide (because she

has lost her precious 'Daddy' and William)! Anyway you fast-forward about a century where they're both

champions for the PTB and end up meeting in Los Angeles together to retrieve a few related prophecies from the

Scrolls of the Nyazian Prophecies. The LA branch of Wolfram & Hart and the Watchers' Council are waging a

secret war, even to the demon underworld, to claim these prophecies since they will determine the major players

in 'The Apocalypse (The Cosmic battle over this dimension and the resurrection of some of the Old Ones)'.

It's safe to say that Spike and Angel, after beating the crap out of each other and the rest of the bad guys,

get the prophecies with somewhat ease. After a painstaking amount of research and translating these prophecies,

they're shocked by what they find. Not only do they find out that their future actions may bring or stop the

Apocalypse, but they soon [learn ] something new will be coming. Two Slayers that will bring balance to the

slayer line in someway. One who will be the last guardian of the Californian Hellmouth; and a Slayer that will

be a champion that will bear a miracle child that will play a major roll in the 'Days of Darkness'! And that

the four of them are intertwined by a destiny of some kind or another. And these slayers happen to be named

Buffy and Faith. But the problem is that they don't know which one is meant for which prophesied destiny!

With this shocking realization, every power on Earth is going to make the West Coast become a free-for-all

battle in the preverbal war of Good vs. Evil!!! And of course, this will begin in LA and end up in


Must haves:

1. No true moment of happiness clause

2. Angel keeps the name Angelus

3. Darla comes to LA to get revenge for being disgraced

4. Spike hires Fyarl demons to help fight Wolfram & Hart/Council

5. Include villains from BtVS/AtS shows

6. Pairings: B/S, A/F, W/X, G/J

7. NC17

Can haves:

1. Use other characters from the show

2. Send the gang to Pylea

Can't haves:

1. Can't kill any of the 4 pairings

2. No weird stuff with sex (not counting claiming)

**** See challenger for explanations on that last one ~ SpikesKat

Challenge: 126
Name:Elizabeth Anne Summers
Season:Post Chosen
What if in Chosen Buffy decided to change her mind and not let Spike wear the amulet. She wears it herself

instead. Does Spike stay with her... does she appear in Angel's office all ghosty then months later... or is

she revived somewhere/somehow else by the Powers?

Must haves:

1. Spuffy bitey smut

2. The other Scoobies, whether they come to LA when she appears ghosty or if they are the ones who receive the

amulet instead or any other idea you may come up with

3. If she goes to LA, the Halloween party ep... that was very good and needs to be in it

4. Cordelia returning (not just as an apparition when her body dies... maybe she wakes up finally... or if she

dies she is revived or comes back as a messenger from the Powers... etc)

Can haves:

1. The Immortal (seen a lot of good fics where he wasn't just after Buffy's bod... so maybe he's involved

somehow else)

2. Andrew coming for "watcher business"

3. The return of Connor

Can't Haves:

1. Bangel yuckiness

2. Immature Dawnness

**** The challenger has started a fic similar to the challenge. You may want to read it first before attempting

a response. ~ SpikesKat

Challenge: 125
Name:Ariel Dawn
Season:Season 7
Set in Season 7 and after Buffy tells Spike that she wants Snarky Spike back, write a fic in which it is

revealed that Kennedy's last name is Hornhouser, which Spike immediately makes fun of and starts calling her

'Pornhouser,' only days before Kennedy's birthday, inspiring themed present goodness.

Must haves:

1. Kennedy bashing

2. Kennedy's comedic death (cause she should die and we should laugh about how she died, possibly a nomination

for a Darwin award?), -Buffy and Spike basement porn, which gets filmed by Andrew (you decide if the Scoobies

see the video or not)

3. Cause it's random, partial lyrics of Patricia the Stripper, by Chris Deburg or Sweet Transvestite, from

Rocky Horror Show or some other similar song that seems appropriate

4. Bitey, cause well, why wouldn't you?

5. A Mr Gordo Scene

6. A total of 17 "dear lords," from Giles

7. Implied smut between 2 other couples (but not Kennedy/Willow, cause I don't like Kennedy)

Can't haves:

1. Weepy Willow over Kennedy's death

2. Wood, cause I don't like him either

3. A moral or lesson learned

4. Demons = bad moralizing from Xander or Giles

5. Please don't make this a song fic

Challenge: 124
Season:Season 2
In Season 2, we meet Spike, the Big Bad, the Slayer of Slayers, the most successful thief in modern history?? I

wanna see a Spike who gave up on the whole murder and mayhem thing in the sixties the same time he gave up on

Dru. Now he robs banks and armored cars. He is showy, he's flashy, he owns the Gem of Amara. Wanna see at least

one scene where Spike and his gang rob something worth millions with no fatalities and lots of explosions and

theme music :P Spike uses Sunnydale as his base and therefore doesn't like anything strange happening. He

doesn't allow his gang to feed and has been known to throw in with the good guys to save the world. When Buffy

meets him in "School Hard" he is there to warn her about the Anointed one, whom he kills soon after. A still

unliving Darla and Dru try to get him to avenge the Master but he blows them off. When Angelus returns he is as

much after his errant grandchilde as he is after Buffy, but with less result. Spike only recruits badasses.

Buffy begins to fall for Spike as they battle Angelus, then runs off with him after Acathla. You choose the

time and place for the bitey claimy goodness.

Challenge: 123
Season:Post Chosen
The only Rock station within a hundred miles of Sunnydale has changed formats and now plays Talk Radio. Write

us a fic where Spike goes on a rampage about it, as the

Scoobies try to talk him out of pulling there tower down with his Desoto, burning down there studio Buffy

realizes she totally wants this bad boy :P

Must haves:

1. Lines that must be used: Spike saying, "Its the only bloody station that plays the Ramones." Giles saying

about the whole thing. "I think this is proof positive that even a demon as evil as William the Bloody can be


Can haves:

1. The other guys secretly hoping he gets away with it and Giles openly asking how is what Spike is doing



I Want my K-Rock! by Jerzeyanjel (complete!)

Challenge: 122
Season:Season 5
I couldn't have been the only who was holding my breath, hoping and praying that the end of "Out of My Mind"

wasn't really a dream. Not that I didn't enjoy Buffy and Spike's tumultuous affair in season six, but I think

it would have been better if they had given into their mutual UST during season five instead. That's why I want

someone to write a fic where OOMM turned out to be real. You can write it as a standalone, but I would prefer

if you would tell about the aftermath too.

Please don't woobify Spike or portray Buffy as a cold unfeeling bitch without reason. All I ask is that you

just make their character voices ring true.


Once Upon A Dream by Hollydb (complete!)

Challenge: 121
Season:Season 6
Basically, I want you to kill off Angel shortly after Connor is born. (Can be Holtz, can be something else).

Knowing that Connor is going to be a target because of what he is, Angel leaves a will saying that Buffy (and

Spike, maybe) get Connor to take care of, in case Angel dies. Get Buffy out of her heaven-depression and get

her together with Spike, over Connor. (Baby bonding, yippee)

Must haves:

1. Spike/Connor awkward fun. Make us laugh and make Buffy laugh

2. Dawn goodness, don't make her a brat

3. Bitey Spuffy Happiness

Can haves:

1. Spike and Buffy both feeling a bond with Connor through Angel's blood. Family claims, etc. You know the

whole nine yards of vampire-family-whatever.

2. Scooby bitchiness would be appreciated


Ties That Bind by Dark Dreamluver (wip))

Challenge: 120
Season:Season 6
Right after the bathroom scene happens, Buffy has some sort of epiphany and takes off after Spike. I would like

to see Xander left stuttering in the hall. She gets to Spike's crypt as he is throwing his stuff together into

his bag. I want Buffy to completely fall apart, crying and begging him not to leave her too. Transitioning into

complete hysteria and the only way he can calm her down is to bite her (you figure out how he comes to that

conclusion). What happens after that is completely up to you other than Spike cannot leave.

Challenge: 119
Season:Season 6
Dawn closed the portal instead of Buffy. Everyone forgets about Dawn, they just

think of her as the key. Giles goes back to England, Willow and Tara are busy with each other and school.

Xander and Anya are on their honeymoon. Buffy and Spike become closer as he helps her deal with the death of

her mother. With all her friends living their

lives, she decides to leave Sunnydale taking Spike with her.

Must haves:

1. Buffy finds out about Angel's baby

2. Buffy no longer sees Angel as the love of her life

3. Angel still thinks of Buffy as his even if he seeing someone else

4. Buffy must not say sorry for dating Spike to anyone

5. It must be pointed out to Angel that he left her and he give up on them, she must not say sorry for that

6. The chip must come out

7. Buffy must never live in Sunnydale again

8. Buffy kept the ring and give it to Spike so they can go out in the sun together

Challenge: 118
Season:Season 2
Someone casts a spell on Buffy on purpose or accident it's your choice - Buffy is then turned super sensitive,

the lightest touch affecting her in certain ways. *wink wink* And Spike just happen to be around when a lot of

touching is going on, *more winks*

Must haves:

1. NC17

2. Bitey

3. Happy ending

Can't haves:

1. No other plot.

Challenge: 117
Season:Post Chosen
Waaaay post "Chosen," have Buffy become cookies seemingly to late as Spike seems to have moved on. Let us see

Buffy having to prove herself to Spike for a change.

Challenge: 116
Season:Season 6
In the episode where Spike goes to the Magic Box and winds up screwing Anya, instead have him wish vengeance

like this. "Just once I wish Buffy could see the truth behind ALL the men in her life." Give us a fic where

Buffy has to face the fact that Xander is in lust with his own image of her, that Giles still thinks of her as

"his" Slayer/weapon, that Angel never loved her only his vision of her. And that Riley was a manipulative

bastard. In the end, have her truly know all about these men and Spike... a little to late as Spike has already

left for Africa.

Must haves:

1. Post Africa bitey buck nekked nasty sex

Challenge: 115
I want you to make Spike be the one cursed with a soul. Not Angelus/Angel! It has to be in Romania, during the

year 1898, like before. But this time, the girl that Spike is going to kill isn't just going to be a slayer,

but a gypsy. She'll be the second second slayer Spike kills, since he will have already killed one in China.

Instead of having him moping around for a century trying to come to terms with what he's done, have him start

being a champion by the time he's reached 'The New World (America)' by 1902. Have Whistler help put him on his

path. And when he reaches Sunnydale, have some of the villains from both series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and

Angel show up for an Apocalyptic free-for-all for power over the Hellmouth and the fate of the world!

I would also really like if you could have at least a Darla/Angelus/Drusilla pairing in this story and make the

Spike/Buffy as realistic as possible. Without any loopholes in the curse. And if you can work in a

Xander/Willow pairing that would be really great.

Challenge: 114
Name:Elizabeth Anne Summers
Season:Post Chosen
What if Buffy had been the one to go to LA to get the rogue slayer instead of Andrew. She usually is a hands on

sorta girl and probably wanted to see it was done properly, hehe. Anyways, what happens when she arrives at

Wolfram and Hart where there is a man wondering about who she thought was dead?

Must haves:

1. Angel trying to keep them both in the dark about the other one being there (for example -doesn't need to be

the idea used, but could use this- Buffy actually sets up a meeting for Angel's cooperation and Angel

purposefully makes sure Spike is busy with something far from W&H and that no one mentions him to Buffy... etc)

2. The Immortal at some point at least, or can be an integral character

3. Much Spike/Angel bickering hilarity

4. Spuffyness and Bitey Smuttiness as per rules of the site

Can haves:

1. Calling the other Scoobies in for back up?

2. Connor coming back for some reason?

3. Lorne having them all sing to help resolve some "issues"

4. A kid Spike didn't know about

Can't haves:

1. Any Buffy/Angel kissing or sex, whatever... that's icky icky icky

2. If you bring the other Scoobies in, no continuing to be asses to Spike (except maybe a little uneasiness

from Xander), I mean, he gave his life for them and all!

3. If you bring her in, Dawn immature brat-iness... have her at least mature a little


Secrets and Lies by angelic_amy (wip)


Secrets and Lies by angelic_amy (complete!)

Challenge: 113
Season:Season 7
During the "cookie dough" speech, Buffy said to Angel that she didn't see fat grandchildren with Spike in her

future. Well, what if????? Create a story that makes it happen. Could be great if it is a series. **** modified

for clarity ~ SpikesKat

Challenge: 112
Season:Season 3
Set at the end of Lovers Walk. Spike singing in the Desoto as he heads out of town. Buuuut with a pressie for

Dru. Buffy is tied up in the backseat (amongst the rubbish) mouth taped shut and practically mummified with

ropes. He'd grabbed her before leaving Sunnyhell- after she and Angel had the talk in the mansion.

Must haves:

1. Slow build of friendship as they drive to South America - Spike gradually realizing that she is more than

just a Slayer and Angel's ex.

2. Her discovering that he'd packed bags for her and Mr Gordo is there for the trip as well. Weepy Buffy

because of this.

3. Spuffy bitey of course - maybe a forced claim to protect her from something or someone. Or to subdue her,

then slowly Spike's and her feelings shift.

4. The Scoobies think Angel has done something to Buffy as he was last to see her and maybe they either force

him out of town or dust him.

5. Spuffy of course - before they get to South America - maybe car breaks down and they are forced to wait for

parts in a small town on coast and the relationship progresses.

Can haves:

1. Dru being dusted by Chaos demon for being a bit weird.

2. Joyce and Giles getting together - mutual worry for lost Buffy leads to comfort.

3. Buffy contacting her Mum (after she and Spike get together) and tells her what has happened and she is not

coming back as she wants to live and not die defending the Hellmouth. Joyce gives her blessing.

Challenge: 111
Season:Season 6
Think of when Willow brought Buffy back from the dead. Well, what if she bought back Buffy from an alternate

dimension? A Buffy that is smarter and nicer about matters that concern Spike. You can chose which dimension

she comes from but angst is not allowed, purely fluffy Spuffy with bite.

Challenge: 110
Season:Season 5
I was ready Future child, the scene where Dru doesn't like the flowers for her birthday, and I thought to

myself how hard it must be to deal long-term with a person with mental problems. So, my challenge is to write a

fic where Buffy becomes mentally diseased, like Tara was at the end of Season Five. Maybe have Buffy

brain-sucked instead of dying - you decide.

Must haves:

1. Some angst, Some Humor

2. Spike (of course) being her main caregiver

3. Buffy having small periods of lucidity

4. Spike, on occasion, not being able to cope

5. Spike having to deal with slayer strength

6. Buffy getting better, eventually

7. Spike biting Buffy to help her get better (you never know, it could happen!)

Can haves:

1. Buffy not wanting to have a bath

2. Buffy trying to hurt one of the Scoobies, (not Dawn)


Challenge: 109
Season:Season 6
Season 6 by two time travel fic. The trio, instead of building an invisible ray, accidentally build a time

travel ray. They experiment with it one night and shoot Buffy and Spike as they are patrolling, sending the two

back in time to season two, or right before it.

Must haves:

1. Angst. Hardcore. Make the readers weep and gnash their teeth angst.

2. Senior Buffy slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y figuring out that Angel is an over bearing sanctimonious self righteous

bitch. :P

3. Senior Spike having adjusted slightly, he is now chipless and has all the benefits of the Gem of Amara. Plus

possibly take the horde of money and invest it in stocks he knows will do well (after all he is still kind of


4. Junior Buffy and the Scoobies actually being more accepting of Spike than the season six ones.

Can haves:

1. Either Spike beating Angel or Angelus to death, literally.

Challenge: 108
Season:Season 2
I challenge YOU to complete Killer Instinct , a response to Challenge 42. Continue my take and continue it with

the Council coming after Buffy. Use my Killer Instinct as a set up for what is to come: Angelus Returns.

Must haves:

1. Spuffy romance

2. Same characters; same canon characteristics i.e. don't make Willow uber-Witch

3. Buffy and Spike leaving Sunnydale

4. Angelus shows up

5. Dru is sympathetic to Buffy & Spike relationship

6. The council comes after Buffy (& Spike)

Can haves:

1. Joyce, Rupert, Buffy, Spike, Angel(us), Drusilla, Willow and Xander plus anyone that didn't die in Killer

Instinct .

2. Explain why Drusilla thinks Buffy is special (i.e. does she have a new power?)

3. Angelus testing the "boundaries" of Buffy/Spike relationship

4. Buffy kicking Angelus' ass

Can't haves:

1. Angelus/Buffy... no rape, no domination BS

2. Buffy killing Joyce)

Challenge: 107
Name:Superstes Diligo
I love the stories of Spuffy where Buffy's a geek so I had an idea for a new geeky

1. Buffy is the geek in high school, she has NO friends except for her cat: (name him/her yourself) which goes

everywhere with her (even school).

2. Spike sees Buffy and his inner William comes out to play

3. Spike sees Buffy get humiliated in the Bronze and sticks up for her...

4. Buffy's dad steps in the way of her relationship

Can haves:

1. Buffy and Spike dancing in the Bronze and all the other girls watching in jealousy

2. Spike getting covered in chocolate sauce... (you figure out how)

3. Buffy getting into a bitch-fight with Cordy over Spike

Challenge: 106
Drusilla takes Buffy when she's a child (say ~4 y.o.) and brings her to Spike who is upset at something Dru did (you pick)!!! Spike decides to piss Dru off by letting Buffy-the-kid go and actually takes her back to her

home. She weeds her way into William's (not the demon) heart by hugging him or something utterly cute like

that. Years later- Buffy is called to be a Slayer. Will Spike remember the 4y.o. sparkling green eyes as she

fights him for her life?

Must haves:

1. No Angel/us stalking Buffy

2. Spike and Drusilla on the outs

3. Spike biting (claiming or turning) Buffy in a sensual way

Can haves:

1. Set before Sunnydale

2. PG13 - NC17

3. Spike checking up on Buffy as she grows up

Challenge: 105
Season:Season 2
Spike S6 and Spike S2 get swapped and the Spike in love with the slayer must put up with a slayer in love with

Angel and the Scoobies get to remember what a nasty, vicious, Dru loving vampire Spike once was. Maybe this

should be two challenges. Anyway...

No must have, can haves; oh, ok, one - S2 Spike must know or find out about the S6

Spuffy loving. Other then that, just let your imagination guide you.

Challenge: 104
Name:Kristina (BloodyTearsOfLife)
Season:Season 3
Since my own prom is coming up, I thought of this wacky idea. So Buffy's senior prom. Angel brushed her off and

so some reason Spike's in town. The two meet up and Buffy decided that going with Spike would be the perfect

revenge. No strict rules, but you have to have Spike in a tux and have Angel still show up and create chaos and

have Buffy choosing to dance with Spike instead of Angel. And of course, to be on BSV, have some bitey



One Perfect Night by Spikeslovebite (complete!))

Challenge: 103
It is only Kinda Au. At the end of 'Chosen' when Spike denied her love Buffy was having none of it. She Grabbed

him and screamed that she did. They kiss and The light from the amulet surrounds them and transports them into

a room. Just a white room with nothing in it. Buffy is fine but Spike seems to be slowly dieing. Buffy offers

her blood to him and he claims her. She returns the claim. shortly after a 'representation' of the Powers that

Be shows up. They tell Spike and Buffy that things didn't turn out right. That Buffy and Spike were supposed to

realize their love a lot sooner. That Willow's spell that made them want to get married was engineered by the

powers (Willows spell said that they should get married NOT that they should fall in love) The Powers have

decided to give them a second chance and they will be sent back to the first time that they were ever truly

happy (aka during the spell).

Must haves:

1. They go back 'as they are' meaning that spike's chip is gone and he has a soul, that Buffy has died and gone

to heaven, They have all their memories and all their strength.

2. They are the ultimate champions for the powers and are therefore both immortal (Buffy must still be human,

as in warm/heart beat etc.)

3. I want Xander to 'freak' and be completely put in his place.

4. Dawn and Tara eventually important to the story.

5. Lots of Bitey goodness.

Can haves:

1. Riley getting beat up

2. Angel getting beat up

3. Faith good or bad. (if the body switch happens Spike can tell)

Can't haves:

1. Spike/Buffy dying

2. Dawn or Tara dying

3. Giles leaving

Challenge: 102
Season:Season 6
Yes, my first challenge. Figured since I update this page, I could finally break down and add one. And, it just

came to me as I was sitting here adding the last challenge requests. goes. ^_^

Canon up to "Normal Again" then diverting into my challenge. Buffy still slips into the "alternate universe"

courtesy of the Trio, but instead of the institution, she's "teleported" to the scene from "Dead Things" with

Tara and her discussing Buffy's "wrongness". Tara, in her objective wisdom-y way proceeds to show Buffy how

not-wrong the slayer is, showing Buffy her forgiving nature. Make mention of: (You can do this in a "Christmas

Carol"-type scenario.)

1. Xander's hyena-ness and bad behavior, Angel!bashing-ness - including the not telling of the


2. Buffy's birthday party when she comes back in season 3, and the Scoobies shitty, holier-than-thou attitude.

3. Giles' betrayal. (Cruciamentum)

4. Willow's slip into the dark magicks and hurting Dawn.

5. Xander, Willow, Anya, and even Tara (and she feels guilty as she says this) bring Buffy back from the dead.

6. Also, make mention of Spike's good deeds. (Punching Tara [at which "Tara" laughs and makes some kind of

funny comment], beating at the hands of Glory, his lack of involvement in her resurrection, watching Dawn all

summer, liking Joyce.)

Must haves:

1. Bring Buffy back a little wiser, a little less with the pleasing of her friends. (Sometime before "As You

Were." Either, right after the "talk" plays out, or sometime afterwards.)

2. A tentative friendship between her and Spike, where she treats him decently, and defends her budding

relationship with him to the others.

3. On routine patrol, they swing by Spike's crypt so he could grab a few things to take back to the basement

and are confronted by Riley, who wigs naturally, blaming Spike for harboring eggs (They were planted by someone

[Scoobies, Riley, whoever] because Spike has been secretly sleeping in Buffy's basement) in his crypt. Buffy's

reaction to whoever it is is up to you. ^_^

4. Spike helps Buffy to destroy them, but gets hurt. He's unable to keep any blood down, and slowly

deteriorates. Buffy decides to feed him herself.

5. Cuddly bloodplay.

6. Relationship slowly builds to sex.

Can haves:

1. Spike making a wish for Anya, nothing too harsh though. Be creative! (Which also means that Spike/Anya don't

get it on.) *wink*

2. Ending season 6 differently. (Tara's death.)

Challenge: 101
Season:Season 3
Challenge "Becoming Redo" AU starting with Becoming Part 2:

Must haves:

1. Instead of Spike just shrugging his shoulders and leaving Angel to kill Buffy as he exits with Dru, he

instead hesitates and decides to lend a hand.

2. As the fight progresses, Angel gets re-souled and Spike ends up going through the Portal, closing it down (a

logical reason would be nice).

3. Life goes on over the Hellmouth with Buffy and Angel trying to work through everything, but having

difficulties. Such as Buffy not being able to comprehend the differences between Angel and Spike.

4. Neither Buffy nor Angel leave Sunnydale.

5. What happens to Dru is a variable. Kill her, have her run away only to return later and muck things up. Your


6. Have Buffy start dreaming of Spike in a similar fashion as to the dreams she had on the show of Angel (But

perhaps, not quite so fluffy). 7. Have Spike come back from Hell all feral, bonus for showing (either directly

or in flashbacks) exactly where it was he went.

8. Have Spike come back from Hell all feral, bonus for showing (either directly or in flashbacks) exactly where

it was he went.

9. Slow building Buffy/Spike trust. She feels responsible for what happened and wants to make amends. I want

them to be friends first.

10. Angel getting jealous and broody, possibly even violent. But all within character.

11. Buffy trying to decide what she wants (isn't she always?).

12. In the end Buffy chooses Spike. ;-)

Can haves:

1. Spike reading Buffy one of his poems (Her reaction is up to you).

2. A confrontation between Spike and Giles involving scotch, London Theatre, and Passions.

3. Joyce and Spike having Hot Cocoa ala "Lover's Walk"

4. Angel admitting to being wrong. Don't care what he was wrong about. Just want him to do it.

Can't haves:

1. Angel bashing.

2. Scooby bashing.

3. Anything resembling song!fic.


Becoming Spike by Peyton (wip)

Becoming Undone by Spikeslovebite (wip))


Becoming Spike by Peyton (wip)

Challenge: 100
Season:Season 5
Take the following to pic manips and write a fic either from both or separately. :P

Pic One .

Pic Two .

**You know you owe me, right, Wulfie??? ~ SpikesKat

Challenge: 99
Must haves:

1. Buffy never really mends fences with Giles after "Lies My Parents Told Me".

2. Buffy dies in battle and Giles is somehow thrown back in time to season 6 and decides to play matchmaker for

Buffy and Spike because he believes it was losing Spike that led to Buffy's death.

3. Sexy bites but no claiming stuff.

Can haves:

1. Giles/Anya as a side romance.

2. Spike and Buffy becoming parents

3. A wedding where Giles gives Buffy away

4. Willow dying in Tara's place


Secrets and Lies by selfishbeauty

Challenge: 98
Season:Season 4
Buffy is not the slayer but a vampire who was sired by Dracula. She gets together with Spike when Dracula comes

to Sunnydale to face the slayer. Neither must have souls. They do not have to stay in town.

Must haves:

1. Spike talking about the bet

2. They meet before **not sure who "they" is ~ SpikesKat

3. She has powers like Dracula therefore only gets fangs

Challenge: 97
Season:Season 4
Something Blue-ish. Okay, so I've always wondered, what would have happened if Willow took

D'Hoffryn up on his offer? Would the blond duo have gone through with their wedding plans, would Giles have

gotten his sight back, and what about Xander's little attraction problem?

Must haves:

1. A reasonable solution to the situations above. (No Deus Ex Machina)

2. A quote from West Wing or Terry Pratchett A mention of Isopropyl Alcohol (If you can make that one funny,

extra points)

3. Aloe Vera gel

Can haves:

1. A quote from Season Seven

2. An Angel quote A joke about the orders of angels (Thrones, Choirs, etc)

3. Computer shopping

4. A destroyed suit

5. A Political Maxim

6. A mention of Robert Rankin's book The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse

Challenge: 96
Name:chanel number 5
Season:Season 6
I would love to see a fic where Spike, Buffy and Dawn leave Sunnydale. Post Wrecked and/or Gone, Social

services are threatening to take Dawn away and she is having social problems at school. Buffy loses her job at

the Doublemeat Palace and receives notice that the bank is going to foreclose on her house. She hears about a

job that's elsewhere and decides to leave the hellmouth.

Must haves:

1. Spuffy, of course, with a Dawn cheer section and a healthier relationship then in the show.

2. Buffy getting a good paying job.

3. The Scoobies hassling Buffy to come back to Sunnydale.

Can haves:

1. Willow as the baddie.

2. The Scoobies getting Angel to hassle Buffy about coming back to Sunnydale.

3. You decide if Buffy tells the gang she's leaving or if they make a run for it.


Bad Influences by Elizabeth Anne Summers (wip)

Challenge: 95
Season:Season 5
In season 5, as the battle with Glory heats up, but before "Intervention" the

Scoobies are fighting Glory's lackeys, when, with a burst of smoke and a dash of light, a portal opens and two

future Scoobies step out. One-eyed Xander who now has steel grey around his temples and carries a load of High

Tech weapons. With him is future souled Spike. The two were on a mission from the Council when diverted, but

once in the past, the two work as a well-oiled machine to bring down Glory and her minions. In the future,

Spike is married to Buffy and Xander is married to Faith and/or Willow, BUT the two decide to have fun with

their younger selves by pretending to be a couple.

Must haves:

1. The younger Spike being repulsed, but the younger Xander being secretly intrigued

2. Younger Buffy being freaked and asking Xander why it is alright for him (Xander) to be Spike's sex monkey

but not her (Buffy)

3. The older two eventually letting past Buffy and Spike in on it.

4. Future Xander and Spike's wives showing up to save them, much to past Spike's pleasure and past Xander's


5. Red hot bite-y, claim-y drunken past Spuffy sex

6. Past Xander being very jealous

Can't haves:

1. Anything more sexual between the future two than hand holding

Challenge: 94
Season:Season 6
Must haves:

1. Buffy is forced to reveal her relationship with Spike after he gets injured and she takes him home to care

for him

2. Buffy and Spike at Hyperion, rescuing Angel from???

3. Confront-y goodness with Angel, big fight to be resolved as you see fit.

Can haves:

1. Spike singing "Behind Blue Eyes"

2. The Big bad they need to rescue Angel from is the demon from the musical episode

3. Cordy hitting on Spike

Challenge: 93
Season:Season 4
Spike and Buffy make love before Willow reverses the spell in "Something Blue" and after the spell is reversed,

Buffy tries to continue having a normal life and dating Riley. Spike is crushed when he finds out that Buffy is

dating Riley and leaves Sunnydale. What Spike does not know is that soon after he leaves, Buffy finds out that

she is pregnant. Buffy thinks that the baby is Riley's, yet once the baby is born, Buffy takes one look at the

baby's blue eyes and knows who the real father is. A year later when Spike returns, he hears that Buffy has a

baby and has to see it with his own eyes. Spike is surprised to find that Buffy is still living at home with

Joyce and not with Riley. When Buffy hears that Spike is back in town, she becomes overprotective of the baby

and refuses to leave the baby's side. Little does she know is that Spike is watching her and the baby and once

he gets a good look, he knows that he is the father. The next night, Spike confronts Buffy about this and she

freaks. She talks Riley into going on a trip and tries to run away, but Spike follows them.

Must haves:

1. Rating: R or NC-17

2. Spike gets the chip out while he is away

3. Buffy and Riley's relationship falling apart after the birth of the baby

4. Big confrontation in a hotel room

5. Bitey Smut

Challenge: 92
Season:Season 5
In the episode with Dracula, he turns Buffy. Buffy doesn't want to be with Drac but, she can't get away. When

Buffy doesn't come back the Scoobies go searching for her (with Spike's help, of course). They split up and

Spike finds her first and helps her get away!

Must haves:

1. Bitey-ness


3. NO DAWN!!!!!!!!!(unless you can work her in well)

4. Angel coming to town and getting humiliated!


Dark Destinies by Elizabeth Anne Summers (wip)

Needlework by Holly (complete!)

Challenge: 91
Season:Season 6
A Buffy from another dimension is somehow brought to Season six Sunnydale. In the alternate dimension, Buffy

and a completely unchipped and soulless Spike are together and very happy (and have been for some time...

details up to you) and he works by her side helping her with her slayer duties. In her dimension, her friends

and Giles all get on well with Spike. Whether the Angel relationship ever happened in the alternate dimension

is up to you.

Must haves:

1. The Scoobies finding her when she first arrives and taking her 'under their wing'.

2. Alternate dimension Buffy seeing the Scoobies and Buffy's treatment of Spike and being disgusted and or

upset by it.

3. Spike and alternate dimension Buffy strike up a friendship very quickly.

4. Buffy being jealous of alternate dimension Buffy's easy friendship with Spike. And show the Scoobies

reaction to their friendship too.

5. Dawn doesn't exist in the alternate dimension. (How alternate Buffy deals with Dawn is up to you

6. Bitey Spuffy goodness

Can haves:

1. Alternate dimension Buffy helping Buffy deal with the whole pulled out of heaven thing, her difficulties

with standing up to her friends and her feelings for Spike.

2. Alternate dimension Buffy getting to go home to her Spike or staying in this dimension however if she stays

she should be happy so maybe a relationship could develop between the two Buffy's and Spike.

3. Events in season six could possibly be severely altered by having not 1 but 2 slayers there.

Can't have

1. Alternate dimension Buffy ever treating Spike badly.

Challenge: 90
Right after Buffy was called in L.A. she meets up with Spike. They fight, her being a new slayer and all, he

wins. Spike turns her and him, Buffy, and Dru head out to Sunnydale for whatever reason.

Must haves:

1. Bitey

2. S/B/D

3. Angel bashing

Can haves:

1. Dust of Angel

2. Giles wondering where Buffy has been

Challenge: 88
Name:Hells Author
Season:Season 4

Challenge you say? Initiative!! When Spike gets nabbed Buffy does too! They can be in the labs for however

short or long as you wish and can be in one or two cells, though if separated when caged, they MUST be next to

one another, so they can accuse one another when they wake up. When blood bags drop from the top one must be

given to Buffy, her reaction is optional.

At the time of escape, one must break out the other, freeing the rest of the demons and vamps is optional.

Must haves:


2. Friendship of circumstance after escape and/or truce until the military unit is put out of business.

Can haves:

1. Dawn

2. If Angel is present, Buffy does not put up with his Spike bashing

3. Blood play optional )

Challenge: 87
Season:Season 2
(Or 3) Another early season "lost somewhere and having to rely on each other to survive" Spuffy story in the same vein

as Castaway, Stranded, The Game series, etc. (Oh come on, you know these kind of fics are fun). The challenge?

Trying to come up with a plot/story line that is somewhat unique (or not) yet keeps us on the edge of our

seats. Can be time travel, stuck somewhere, kidnapped, etc.

Must haves:

1. Spike and Buffy blaming each other for their predicament

2. Bitey smut

Cannot have:

1. An alternate dimension


Legacy by Kyra Storm (wip)

Lonely In Your Nightmare by Bloodshedbaby (wip) ***Hey! It fits! ~ SpikesKat


Lonely in your Nightmare by bloodshedbaby (wip)

Legacy by Kyra Storm (complete!)

Challenge: 86
Season:Seasons 3
During season 3's "Helpless" episode, Spike finds out about the little test and enters the house to kill Buffy

before Kralik does and finds Joyce tied up while Kralik is taking the Polaroid pictures of her, just before

Buffy gets there.

Must haves:

1. Spike hearing Kralik's little speech about how he is going to turn Buffy and Joyce's face will be the first

thing she sees and not liking it.

2. Spike "saving" Joyce

3. Spike helping Buffy defeat Kralik

4. Angel and Giles witnessing Spike's assistance (through camera, whatever)

5. Spike biting Buffy at some point to get an slayer packed energy boost (the drug doesn't work on vamps


6. A satisfying ending, not where Spike just leaves

Can haves:

1. Joyce seeing Spike biting her daughter

2. Joyce leaving the house 'to get help'

3. The Council watching


The Unexpected Hero by Sandy (complete!)


The Unexpected Hero by Sandy (complete!)

Challenge: 85
Season:Season 6

A hair band musical episode. For instance, Buffy singing to Spike Alice Coopers "Poison" Spike to Buffy, Bon

Jovi's "Always." (Ask Corinna for the lyrics)

Challenge: 84
Season:Post Chosen
Buffy/Lost Boys crossover. Instead of Buffy leaving at the end of Chosen she stays and gets sucked up into the

amulet along with Spike. Instead of being stuck in the amulet, though, they are thrown into the world of the

Lost Boys.

Can haves:

1. In the Lost Boys world it is their rules for turning vampires.

2. Spike being able to fly like the other Lost Boys vampires.

Challenge: 83
Season:Season 2
Set during "When She was Bad," Buffy's encounter with the Master has more than just the psychological effects

that were shown in the episode. What if it had changed her physical makeup as well.

Must haves:

1. Buffy leaves her father early in the summer after meeting Spike (and Dru if the author wants)

2. This would be told in flashbacks of some sort.

3. Spike shows up in Sunnydale during the episode.

4. Spuffy

5. Bitey

Can haves:

1. During the chewing out of Buffy by Cordelia, Buffy's physical changes are made apparent.

Challenge: 82
Season:Season 2
Set during the episode "I Only Have Eyes For You," instead of Angelus and Buffy as the lovers, it is Spike (since he can walk by this time) and Buffy.

Must haves:

1. Spike is playing the student while Buffy is the teacher (opposite of what the episode had happen)

2. Spike realizing what he has done and attempts to save Buffy instead of offing himself. Buffy survives, how

Spike does this is up to the author.

Can haves:

1. Xander trying to get into the school and getting attacked by wasps.

Can't haves:

1. Any descriptions of Dru/Angelus romance

Challenge: 81
Season:Season 1
Starts during the episode "Prophecy Girl" (Season finale of Season one) at the point of Buffy meeting the

Master and getting bitten. Spike is the one that finds her in the water and somehow resuscitates her.

Must haves:

1. Xander and Angel get to the Master's lair after Buffy and Spike have left.

2. Buffy still has to defeat the Master somehow.

3. When she wakes up all slayery, her inner slayer has some kind of reaction to Spike which will continue after

the Master is dead.

4. Bitey (besides the Master biting Buffy)

Can haves:

1. Drusilla. If so, she has to be there when Buffy is revived. B/S/D.

2. Character death

Challenge: 80
Season:Season 3
In Season 3 Angelus returns, but not alone, he leads the entire Order of Aurelius back into Sunnydale to end

the world. Well, except for Spike, who shows up to stop him. Our Vampiric hero knows he isn't enough alone or

even with Buffy's help to stop the

Aurelian hordes, so he invokes a demon Prophecy. He attacks and turns Buffy. But she doesn't become a Vamp. Oh

no, she becomes very near Pure Slayer with almost no Buffy left. When the Super!Slayer wakes she can't kill her

Sire, but she can claim him as her Consort in the coming War.

Must haves:

1. Slayer!Buffy killing Angel by ripping out his heart and staking him with a tooth pick.

2. Consort Spike playing at being submissive around the Scoobies, like buying and wearing a collar, sitting at

Buffy's feet, etc. And this must annoy the shit out of his mate.

Challenge: 79

Buffy crossover with the movie Dracula 2000, somewhat. One of Buffy's ancestors was the one who watched over

the coffin of Dracula, using Dracula's blood to keep themselves alive. Through the passing of generation(s)

this blood also becomes part of Buffy (similar to Mary in the movie). Buffy has not actually been called as the

slayer but had been mistaken for one because of the powers which had been passed on to her through the blood.

How diluted is the blood? What does Buffy do when Dracula is released and comes looking for her? This does not

have to take place at the point in the series that Buffy vs. Dracula occurred in the show.

Must haves:


1. Bitey

2. Anya allowed to show off her knowledge

Can haves:

1. Buffy not knowing that she actually isn't the slayer.

2. Buffy showing off her Dracula related powers if she gets to discover them.

Can't haves:

1. Dawn

2. Riley

Challenge: 78
Season:Post Chosen

I want a fic based on a comment made by Joss Whedon about what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on

Angel. Joss's reply "Gunn is dead. Illyria keeps fighting. Angel loses an arm. Spike gets Shanshu'd and Xander

loses another eye, which is funny, because he isn't even there."

Must haves:

1. Write a fic which uses this ending and then moves onto Spuffy from there.

Can haves:

1. Wesley can be bought back if the author wishes

2. Xander's eye doesn't have to be his good one (or real for that fact)

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