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Challenge: 534
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6: Gone
Spike hears the Social Worker and quickly cleans up living room and hides his blanket. Maybe goes into the kitchen and looks like he’s working on a grocery list or dishes or something. Basically saving Buffy’s tail.
Bonus: When the social worker asks who Spike is, Buffy, feeling touched by his help and off balance enough, tells her that he is her boyfriend.

Challenge: 533
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6: Bargaining
Spike is with Dawn and helps her talk Buffy down off of Glory's Tower.
Bonus: Buffy willingly takes Spike's hand.

Challenge: 532
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6: Entropy
Spike catches up to Buffy after he asks her why she won’t sleep with him again, and she tells him she doesn’t love him, he demands she look him in the eye and tell him that, and she can’t do it.
  1. Make it funny, like first she stares at his chin, then tries again, but looks at his chest/forehead, the back of her own eyelids.

Challenge: 531
Season:Season 7
Alternative of 07x15 Get it done

Buffy doesn't turn down the offer of power but she won't have just any demon "becoming one" with her. The Shadow Men offer compromise. They would bring one demon she knows. She can choose between Angel or Spike and chooses Spike. They will do the ritual as it was in original episode. The ritual should help her defeat The First so a massive boost of power. Plus she should know everything Spike has done as demon. The ritual isn't permanent after they defeat The First Evil Buffy and Spike's demon will separate but the whole thing will alter the slayer line. From this time on every active slayer will have "bonded" vampire..they just have to find each other. (yep Spike is Buffy's)

Can have:
Spike's soul will stay in his body and is up to you if he wakes up or not.
While "merged" with Spike's demon Buffy can have some appearance changes as fangs or yellow eyes. 

Can't have:
Spike dying

Challenge: 530
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6 – Pre-smashed or during smashed
What if a pissed off Spike runs into Tara and Dawn just as they are heading home, and he ends up telling Tara about the kisses Buffy had initiated, and then the way she promptly acted like he was a raving lunatic for even thinking she’d do it again. Tara asks him to tell her what led up to each kiss, and when he finishes, she points out that each time he had been leaving, and that maybe Buffy was afraid he would leave her, and that perhaps Buffy is afraid to love him, since everyone she loves, leaves. Tara tells him that Buffy’s aura is the same lost and confused color it had been when she first came back, only tinged now with anger.
  1. Buffy being confused by this gentler Spike who she hadn’t seen since she first came back.

Challenge: 529
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 4
Season 4: Something Blue
Spike goes with Buffy to the magic shop and on the way back  they stop in front of the wedding store, Buffy sighing dreamily and leaning against Spike, when Riley trots on over. How would that have gone?

Challenge: 528
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6: Wrecked

Spike, instead of pissing Buffy off when they wake up, basically appeals to her feminine side, which wants to be told how much last night meant to him, preventing her from reacting so harshly to a romantic Spike as opposed to a cocky Spike. Then he begs her for a chance, just a chance, take her to dinner where no one knew them, show her what he had to offer.
1. Buffy is trying to work up a good rant at him, but for every half-hearted insult she throws at him, he calls her a 'golden goddes' beautiful girl, and other flowery things, quite derailing her ranting.


Challenge: 527
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6: Before Once More with Feeling
Buffy is drunk and hanging out with Spike, they’re sitting together and somehow Buffy notices the bite mark left by Drusilla, remembering his story of Drusilla saving him from his human life and loving her for a hundred years, utterly forgetting that he was willing to stake Dru for her. So, in her drunken state, Buffy decides to fix what she’s decided is a problem, and bites hard enough to draw blood and says “mine”.
  1. Spike caught between, ‘what the bloody hell?’, and major lust.
  2. Buffy letting him go, admiring her bite, and oblivious to his shock.

Challenge: 526
Season:Post Chosen
Everything happenad the same way in Chosen except Spike's death.He believed Buffy that she is in love with him and he left with her. Sunnydale is still destroyed. Buffy and Spike are slowly building their relationship. And everything is fine for a while. 
Until some group of people/initiative/demons (really don't care who) decides that their best revenge on Buffy is to hurt Spike. They kidnap him and torture him. When Buffy finally finds them she is too late. Spike is alive but they robbed him of his soul. This challenge should be about their relationship and how much soul really matters.

Must have:
Good ending (have as much angst as you want but ending must be good)
Spike's soul is destroyed there is no way to get it back.
Buffy thinking about how are Spike and Angel different and why Spike can love her without soul when Angel can't. Musing about Angel/Angelus personalities.

Challenge: 525
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 3
Season 3: Lovers Walk
What if the Mayor hadn't sent his group of attack vamps? Buffy, Spike, and Angel get to the warehouse and Willow does her spell, but we all know how well Willow’s spells work, don’t we? How could a simple love spell go wrong?

  1. Buffy mocking Spike about where Xander and Willow are “Not in the warehouse huh?”

  2. Xander getting hit with the spell and crushing on Angel, and Cordy not minding that at all.

Challenge: 524
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 4
Season 4: Something Blue
Just one of those, something small, instigates something big, the spell is broken and the group is walking back to Giles’s, and Buffy and Spike sort of gravitate towards each other, and when they get back, Buffy realizes she and Spike are holding hands, and everyone sees it.
  1. Buffy keeping the ring.

Challenge: 523
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 4
Season 4: Something Blue

If Spike, when he’s under the spell, loves Buffy so much, wouldn’t he have tried to fight, even knowing he’d be in pain? Would finding out that he can hurt demons earlier change anything? Especially since it would be in defense of Buffy so maybe no announcing that he's an animal?
  1. Buffy and Spike go all swoony after they each save the other from one of the demons, cooing about the hero bit.
   2. Willow breaks the spell, and Spike and Buffy kinda miss the moment for a few minutes while smooching.


Challenge: 522
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6: Before Once More with Feeling

Dawn and Spike are in the Summers kitchen, Dawns version of biting her thumb at the scoobies and their high handed handling of the current situation, working on some of Dawn’s homework, Dawn is giving Spike a condensed progress report of Buffy and how she isn’t eating much, or at all most meals. Dawn says she is worried that with her higher metabolism, Buffy could put herself in the hospital pretty quickly. Spike, faithful stalker that he is, knows how much Buffy loves to eat, and he can also tell, faithful big brother that he is, that Dawn is beginning to feel neglected and ignored. So, conspiring with a now happy Dawn, Spike arranges that (whichever day of the week it is that Xander works and the witches are out, will be a Spike, Buffy, and Dawn night out, maybe start with simple picnics or something.
  1. Dawn all but dragging Buffy out of the house for the first picnic.
  2. Tara finds out and cheerfully helps. Maybe buy cooking meals or just making sure no one else is around on those nights.

Challenge: 521
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6: Any time after Buffy gets her job at the Doublemeat Palace.

Buffy has just worked a double shift, filled with rude people and just every little thing going wrong, and is exhausted physically and mentally, walks straight into Spike, mumbles something along the lines of ‘hi, ‘m sleepy’ ‘n your comfy’ and promptly falls asleep on him.
  1. Does he take her back to his crypt or does he take her home?
  2. Could be funny if she snores.
  3. Spike having a sappy moment staring down at her sleeping face and remembering why he loves her so much.

Challenge: 520
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 4: Something Blue /Season 6: Post OMWF and possibly Tabula Rasa but before the end of smashed

Buffy and Spike are arguing about the kiss/kisses and whether or not it’s going to happen again, but they get popped back to season 4 just as Willow says the two should get married. Both sets of Buffy and Spike get hit. However, season 6’s Buffy and Spike are actually in like/love.
  1. Justice of the peace anyone?
  2. If Spike and Buffy pop into the past in the same spot they had been, and no one’s around, well, they did just get engaged…X3

Challenge: 519
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6: Smashed
What if, when the two were fighting in the house and you know, not really paying attention to what they were destroying, when Spike slams her down on the stairs, he manages to impale her on an old piece of railing?
  1. Spike rushing her to emergency, pleading with her to be alright.
  2. Buffy waking up to Spike holding her hand, apologizing quietly and swearing he’ll never bother her again if she’ll just open her eyes.
  3. Buffy realizes he’s serious, and it finally clicks that he genuinely does love her.

Challenge: 518
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season 6
Buffy and Spike have started a relationship back in season 5, shortly before Buffy had to jump. Willow and Xander are convinced that Buffy is in a hell dimension and are determined to resurrect her. Tara tells Spike about the plan, and he stalls them, asking them to let him try a spirit walk, and maybe find out where exactly Buffy was, having a solid hunch that she was in heaven.
She is and the pair hold each other for awhile, Spike apologizing for not being fast enough. Buffy assures him that it wasn’t his fault, and that things just happen. Before he leaves, Spike is assured by whatever beings is guarding heaven, that when he does finally dust, he will be going there, and Buffy promises to wait for him, but encourages him to not give up ‘living’ yet.
He returns to his body and tells the Scoobies what happened. Willow seems to accept it outwardly, but as usual her inability to deal with loss rears up, and she convinces Xander that Spike is lying, and the two carry out the revival, which works the same way it did before.
  1. Due to their connection during Spike’s spirit walk, pike senses Buffy’s fear when she wakes up in her coffin, and gets there in time to help her dig herself out.
  2. Willow gets kicked out of the house, and Tara refuses to even speak to her, and Xander is equally on the naughty list.
  3. Xander notices Anya’s cool behavior towards him and summons Sweet.
  4. Buffy and Spike end of singing a love song.
  5. Tara sings about her heartbreak over Willow
  6. Dawn sings about how she is happy and sad that Buffy is back
  7. All four sing a ‘we’re family song’
  8. Anya sings about her worry about the relationship
  9. Xander sings about his irritation with Buffy and  her attachment to Spike
  10. Anya breaks up with Xander when she realizes he still loves/is obsessed with Buffy far more than he’ll ever love her.
  11. Anya gets with Giles.
  12. Willow still attempts the Tabula Rasa Spell.

Challenge: 517
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 5
Season 5:
Buffy and Riley have an oopsie and Buffy winds up pregnant. Riley promptly decides that of course, they will get married, and Buffy figures that that’s the best thing to do. Except she keeps dragging the wedding planning out, and doesn’t feel terribly excited about it, and keeps thinking back to when she and Spike were planning their wedding.  Riley seems to think that being pregnant is going to turn Buffy into helpless girl, and even while insisting on doing everything for her, he isn’t very helpful. The morning sickness grosses him out, and he gets offended every time Buffy gets upset with him, when her hormones are out of wack, and he misses several ultrasounds. One night Buffy has a craving for something random and asks Riley to run to the store to get it for her, he gets annoyed and tells her that he’s not running all the way to the store for something so trivial, then he gets a call from Graham for something important, actually a party, and leaves. Buffy gets pissed and knowing Spike is right outside, leans out the window and asks Spike to go get it for her. He’s surprised, but obediently does so, and when he returns, she invites him inside, and she eats her gross whatever, and he has some hot chocolate. Possibly Dawn and Joyce join them.
  1. Riley is spotted by Willow and Tara at the party.
  2. Buffy admits to Spike that she likes having him outside her house, feeling like it’s another layer of protection.
  3. Buffy and Spike are a bit friendlier, since as she loses mobility, he’s been taking a lot of her patrols.
  4. Graham not realizing that Riley just left Buffy at her house, thinking she was either out or going to come with him.
  5. Buffy getting Baby showers right and lefts. Her dorm mates, her friends, her mom and her friends, Graham and some of the nicer initiative soldiers, that dorm from Doomed that throws a party for any reason.  Dawn and her friend’s sort of hosting a mini-baby shower so as not to feel left out.
  6. Out of the blue some of the nicer demons lead by Clem give her what they consider appropriate baby gifts.
  7. Buffy having a breakdown and beating the crap out of somebody (not Spike) maybe even just a random demon, due to all the stress she’s under, what with Baby, wedding, Glory, Riley, her Mom, Dawn.
  8. If it’s Riley, and it was at Lowell house and the new commanding officer hears the whole thing including Riley’s accusations about her and Spike and tells her about the vamp whores, and that she’s fat or something and when some of the soldiers try to get the General to capture her, he just shrugs and states that ‘hell hath no fury’ and apologizes for Riley and orders him taken to the medical ward but that he was also under arrest for fraternizing with the enemy.
  9. Spike taking her to one of her ultra sounds and holding her hand, and the two share their first kiss.
  10. Buffy is arguing with Xander over Riley and Spike and she tells him that she wishes that Spike were the father.

Challenge: 516
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 4
Season 4 Post Something Blue but before Buffy and Riley are too involved.
Buffy and Willow win a raffle where they each receive a 100 dollar gift card to a store in the mall, however, Xander has to work and Giles has ‘something very important’ to do and cannot take them, and they figure with 100 dollars each they’ll need a car to carry their stuff.  They keep whining and Spike, who’d been ignoring them finally, tells them that he’ll take them in his car, if only they’ll stop whining. By the time they get to that mall, the three are laughing, mostly about the radio which Spike and Buffy keep switching manually, and Willow keeps changing with magic. Once there the girls proceed to treat Spike much like they would Xander on a shopping trip, first linking their arms through his, and dragging him to the store, then cheerfully using him as a pack mule to carry their choices while they look for more.
  1. They buy him dinner in the food court as a thank you
  2. One of the girls asking him the dreaded “Does this make me look fat?” question.

Challenge: 515
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 3
Season 3:  Lovers Walk
Instead of going to the magic shop, Spike confronts Buffy about it being her fault that Drusilla cheated on him, but he ends up crying and Buffy can see that he’s genuinely heartbroken, and feeling like she owes him a bit for helping her the year before, takes him to her house to sober up. She and her Mom feed him some hot chocolate and after Spike finishes telling them about Dru, Buffy relays her trouble with Angel, where she knows she shouldn’t love him anymore, and is trying to keep to her just friends hold, since she isn’t ready to let him go. Then somehow the subject of the Mayor come up and Spike perks up, and ends up offering to stay and help, since he thinks it sounds like fun. Buffy isn’t sure at first until Spike grumbles that he doesn’t want to go crawling back to Drusilla just yet, and that he’ll stick to pigs blood while he’s in Sunnydale.
  1. Faith and Spike flirt, much to Buffy’s distress.
  2. Angel wants to tear Spike apart over the easy camaraderie he and Buffy Share.
  3. Giles rolling his eyes when he realizes she now has two vampires in love with her.
  4. Sam Lawson, the 40’s vamp Angel turned, shows up, hearing that both Spike and Angel were helping the Slayer, and wants to work with them, with Buffy as his ‘commander’ so he can have a mission finally.
  5. Spike spots Xander and Willow, and tells them how crushed their significant others would be to find out that they’d been cheated on, since he knows firsthand how it feels.

Challenge: 514
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 2
Season 2: School Hard
What is, instead of Drusilla seeing 'nothing', when she looked for the slayer, she saw the future with Buffy and Spike, like seeing some of the events of Crush and she starts crying. "Horrid, naughty girl, she takes you, my William, she takes you away from me." "And you go to her, you're covered in her, you betray your princess for her."
1. Buffy at some point when she finds saying "What, dating bad boys came back into fashion?"
2. Spike trying to point out to Drusilla that he hadn't even met the Slayer yet.
3. Spike dancing with Buffy at the Bronze that first night.

Challenge: 513
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 1
Pre-series/Alt Season 1
Drusilla has dusted and Spike is the one with the death wish now. He seeks out the Slayer, thinking that being killed by the Slayer would be a fitting end. Unfortunately when he finds her, she’s been the Slayer for about three days and even holding back, he can totally kick her butt. Annoyed with this, he scolds her for being so pathetic, and she bursts into tears and rants at him about it not being her fault, she didn’t ask to have her life ruined, and endangered on a regular basis, and what right did he have for insulting her. Eventually he decides to train her himself, when he sees that her Watcher isn’t terribly useful in that regard. Being Spike, he naturally falls in love her, and since Buffy hasn’t been heartbroken by Angel or any other men, she’s much more open to idea of liking a soulless vampire.
  1. When Buffy burns down her school, and she gets expelled, and her parents get the divorce finalized, she runs straight to Spike and begs him to come to Sunnydale with her, when she and her Mom move. He does.
  2. Spike manages to save Jesse, putting him in Xander and Willows good books.
  3. Buffy’s Mom knows about the slaying, what with Buffy having a show and tell vamp right there with her.
  4. Angel’s royally pissed off that Buffy likes Spike so much, and mostly thinks that Angel is kinda creepy.
  5. Angel/Willow on the side. I can just see him buying her chokers and cute little hats to wear.

Challenge: 512
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 5
Season 5 after Out of my Mind but before Crush.
Dawn invites Spike over for a movie night and Buffy and Joyce join them and they watch “The Princess Bride” and Spike gets the idea to use the phrase “As you wish”, to tell Buffy he loves her. Denial girl that Buffy is, she doesn’t get it at first but he keeps it up, until she starts specifically asking him to do things for her, just so he’ll say “As you wish”. At some point he asks her to hand him his coat or something simple like that and she says “As you wish”, to him.
Buffy and Spike at some point after she accepts his feelings are dancing at the Bronze and he’s telling her he can’t believe that they’re together and what not and Buffy looks up at him and says “This is true love... you think this happens every day?”

Challenge: 511
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 4
Season 4:
Buffy somehow meets Tara before Willow does. Tara becomes a good friend to Buffy and quickly becomes a referee between Buffy and Spike.
  1. Obviously Spuffy, but maybe also some Buffy/Tara/Spike
  2. Buffy and Spike arguing over something silly and Tara threatening to put them both in a corner if they won’t behave.
  3. Willow and Xander getting jealous over what they see as their replacements.
  4. Spike having to tell Buffy that Tara is gay and has a crush on her.
  5. Tara not an hour later, telling Buffy that Spike has a crush on her.
  6. Buffy confusedly stating, when she sees them both again, that she thought they had crushes on each other.

Challenge: 510
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 4
Early Season Four - Buffy sleeps with Parker, and afterwards begins to do her best to not notice some changes happening to her, when the My Will Be Done Spell happens; she tells Spike and they sneak out and go to the doctors. They confirm Buffy's suspicions that she is pregnant and she and Spike make an appointment to come back and leave. Willow breaks the spell and Spike, to Buffy's surprise, does not to tell, though he is much more careful around her. The night of her appointment arrives and she goes, surprised to find Spike waiting for her, and he goes to the appointment with her.
Hopeful bits:
  1. Buffy admitting to someone that she knew Spike loved her when he was willing to massage her sweaty swollen feet.
  2. Her informing Parker of her pregnancy and then telling him that if he came anywhere near her or her child, she’d do something horrible to him.
  3. Joyce’s reaction.
  4. Baby stuff shopping!

Challenge: 509
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season Six: Tabula Rasa
Buffy and Spike have just gotten back their memories and Buffy has doubled over due to the pain of the returned memories, instead of running off though, she collapses and Spike catches her, she struggles for a moment and then gives up, sobbing. She eventually falls asleep and he takes her home. Dawn is still up and anxious about Buffy’s absence, and as soon as Spike enters, she attaches herself to him and after he gets both girls upstairs, neither Buffy or Dawn is willing to let him go, and so he ends up holding them the entire night.
Hopeful bits.
  1. Buffy wakes up and when Spike looks worriedly at her, she frowns sleepily and tell him that “tweed is itchy” and Spike laugh at her since she has a perfect imprint of his coat on her cheek.
  2. Side Rupert/Anya

Challenge: 508
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season Six: Doublemeat Palace
Dawn gets Spike to take her with him when he goes to see Buffy, and so when she has her break, the three of them sit around and talk, and Spike and Dawn manage to coax a smile or two out of Buffy.  Spike makes fun of her hat, and caught up in the friendly teasing atmosphere, Buffy starts chasing him and trying to stick the hat of his head, while Dawn wishes loudly for a camera. Buffy catches Spike finally and stuffs that hat on his head, and as the two grin and laugh at each other, they forget about Dawn and kiss, until she squeals in happiness over the thought that they might be getting together. Having been caught, Buffy must admit that she and Spike are together, unwilling to tell Dawn ‘oh, it’s just sex’. Dawn agrees to keep the secret while the par sort out their new relationship. Spike thinks Buffy was only telling Dawn that and wasn’t really going to change anything, when she surprises him by asking him to come over that evening to watch a movie or two with her and Dawn.
Hopeful bits.
  1. Buffy has a nightmare about her hat.
  2. Spike gets a job bartending at Willy’s to help Buffy pay her bills.

Challenge: 507
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 5
End of Season 5: Spike manages to drag the doctor with him, which effectively seals the portal, his legs break at the base of the tower. Buffy has killed Glory, and unties Dawn; the others are waiting for them at the bottom, ready to celebrate, but both Summers’ girls race past them over to Spike. Buffy hauls his arm over her shoulder, while Dawn ducks under his other arm.  As they walk, Buffy thanks Spike and he laughs weakly, and asks if he can have a thank you like her last one. Buffy rolls her eyes, but stops walking and kisses him. As she pulls away, she smiles, and informs him that once his legs have healed properly, he may take her on a date.
Would like to see:
  1. Buffy in a panic about what to wear on her date, and Spike in an equal panic about where to take her.
  2. Tara scolding the others and keeping them off Buffy’s back when they complain about her ‘encouraging’ Spike.
  3. At the end of the first date, Spike being worried that she won’t go on another one with him, and Buffy shyly asking him on a date.

Challenge: 506
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Season Six: Tabula Rasa
Just before Willow’s spell kicks in, as Buffy is leaving, both Tara and Spike have gone up to her, Tara hugging her and Spike with his hand on her back. Spike tries to catch the girls as they fall. Spell happens and they all pass out. When they wake up, the three are curled up together; Tara admits that she does feel attracted to both of them, while Randy and Joan admit that they are attracted to each other, so the three think that they were all together. Everything happens more or less the same until the spell breaks, just before, Buffy and Spike, while Tara watches, have defeated the vampires, and the three hug, before kissing.  Then the spell breaks.
Bonus stuff:
  1. Buffy being all avoidy girl, Spike is confused, and Tara is torn.
  2. Tara finally hunts the other two down and says that she has had a bit of a crush on both of them since her family came to town. Buffy, for being the one to say that she was part of their family, and Spike for proving to her and everyone that she wasn’t a demon.
  3. Dawn being thrilled at the idea of all three of her favorite people being together.
  4. Willow and Xander accusing Spike of using a love spell to get Tara and Buffy.

Challenge: 505
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 4
Instead of some big event causing Buffy and Spike to get together, Spike becomes her friend first, just in a gradual way. Buffy breaks up with Riley when she realizes that while Anya and Tara, and even Spike have happily adjusted to fitting into the group, Riley doesn't really put any effort into it. And basically after that she and Spike just spend more time together so that when feeling come out, there both in the same place emotionally. Could include funny bit about Buffy getting one of her shoes eaten and he has to carry her piggy back.

Challenge: 504
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 2
Alternative Second Season: Dracula shows up and kidnaps Buffy and Drusilla. He holds them prisoner in Transylvania after Buffy declares that he could never get her or Dru to willingly love him. He keeps enough of a thrall on them that neither can escape or think up a plan to do so. Spike and Angel agree to work together to get the girls back. During months of captivity the girls bond, with Drusilla first claiming that her William would come for her, then later, that William was coming for them, since Dracula is only allowing Dru to drink bagged blood, hoping that showing Buffy that he was also willing to do so to win her, Buffy has begun taking care of Dru and growing attached to her. As time goes on and Dru talks about their, Dark Prince, Buffy begins to cling to that. So when Spike and Angel do finally show up, Spike is helping Dru when she scolds him for nearly forgetting ‘our Sunshine’. Spike/Drusilla/Buffy

Challenge: 503
Probably Post Chosen/AU but any season works. Total crack fic! The gang winds up in Cleveland (can be because of the hellmouth or not your choice). But the demon or whatever they are after is apparenlty working for or hiding on the set of Jerry Springer! (The show is based and taped there) The gang winds up as guests on the show.  You can have any "surprise guest" you want. From Angel, Riley, Dru who ever you want. If it before season 2 then Angel would be there and Spike would be the surprise guest. You get the idea. Let them all wave their freak flag high and all their dirty secrets come out! Spuffy ending of course, but how you get there is all your own.

You pick the season and the guests. But please no whipped puppy Spike, no matter the season. If it's post soul then have him be his own man. If it's pre soul he can be evil or not. Your choice.

Everyone is fair game from both shows.

Challenge: 502
Season:Season 7
Ok, I was just thinking. What if, instead of the potentials becoming full slayers, Willow's spell brought back all the past slayers to fight the First Evil, including Nicky Woods and the Chinese Slayer?

Must Have
Spuffy Happy Ending
Slayers 100% behind their sister slayer Buffy and Spike! (To the shock of Robin Woods!)
Giles (Council of Wankers) bashing for plotting to kill Spike
Spike somehow survives the amulet
Scoobies bashing for kicking Buffy out of her own house

Can't Have
Bangel (not even the slightest whiff!)

Hope someone takes this up!


Challenge: 501
Season:Season 5
Glory’s mojo was tearing down the walls between dimensions, around the same time Angel and company were opening portals to Pylea. What would have happened if Buffy, Spike and Dawn had fallen off of Glory’s tower into the vortex and the three of them had wound up in a different dimension? Maybe even Pylea? The fact that Buffy fell through closed the portal Doc opened stopped the apocalypse and Giles killed Ben just like before.
Spike got thrown from the tower by Doc. Buffy beat the crap out of Glory just like before. But both of them made it back up to the top of the tower. The dimensional rip caused the tower to collapse with the three of them on it. They fell thru the vortex.
Did they wind up in Pylea? Or did they find themselves somewhere else? Do Buffy and Spike still have their powers? Is Dawn still the key? Or is everyone all human? If Dawn is still the key can she get them home? How long will it take? What will happen between Buffy and Spike while they try to find a way home? Can the gang bring them home and how will they find them?
Will Spike like it in the dimension they find themselves in? Will he want to go back? Did they get moved into their corresponding bodies in this dimension? If so did the personalities from this dimension go to the home dimension? What could happen then? Do Alt Dimension Buffy and Spike know each other? Are they a couple where they come from? What would the gang say about that? What about Dawn does she exist in that dimension or was she only created in one dimension? If our Buffy, Spike and Dawn aren’t part of the Alt Dimension how do they survive? How do they explain their appearance in this dimension? Do they stick together?

Challenge: 500
Season:Season 6

"A girl is dead because of me."

"And how many people are alive because of you? How many have you saved? One dead girl doesn't tip the scale."

"That's all it is to you, isn't it? Just another body!"


She screams, her guilt and rage exploding, all of it directed at him.

And then she stops. Turns. Continues onward toward the police station.

Suppose that Buffy, fully convinced of her guilt, refuses to allow Spike to stop or distract her, and confesses to killing Katrina Silber to the police. What happens then? Does the Sunnydale police, despite their record for Olympic-class cluelessness, actually conduct an intelligent investigation into the crime despite a confession by a young woman with a history of violence? What does Spike do? How does Dawn cope? How do the Scoobies react? Does this one small alteration dropped into the Buffyverse--a refusal by Buffy to misdirect her fury despite her hopelessness and desperation--cause only tiny localized changes that quickly fade out into the larger story, or does it spread its ripples far and wide?

This is your story, and I make no demands for what you can or cannot have in it. I do hope, however, that 1) the story will remain true to character and 2) actions lead to logical consequences.

I would be happy to beta if you decide to give this challenge a good home. :)

Challenge: 499
Season:Season 6
During Entropy

When Spike is talking to Anya, he makes a wish that he would forget he slept with Buffy. Anya grants it and his memories are altered so that he only remembers them talking and hanging out and being friends.


Eventually Spike and Buffy get together

Challenge: 498
Season:Season 4
First of all I can't remember if I've posted this before so if I have just take it down. (This site really needs a challenge search engine). And it can be any season it would work in especially if the writer is crafty.

Ok here it is: What if Xander finally lost it and did something in an effort to make Buffy love him only it turned out more like Seeing Red? What if Spike came to the rescue and Buffy finally realized the truth?

Must have: Xander attacks Buffy. Spike saves Buffy.
Can't have: Please as little OC as possible. No easy resolutions either.
Can have: Rape, attempted rape, seriously injured Buffy in need of more then just patching up.

Other then that i'm pretty cool with however you want to write it.
Thanks so much!

Challenge: 497
Season:Season 7
What if the deal Angel made with Wolfram and Hart was a little different? What if they told Angel that they would save Connor but he had to wear the amulet, not take over the law office. If he refuses or let's anyone else wear it the deal is off and the gang and Connor remember everything. They want him gone/usless and coming back as a ghost is perfect. They know dusting him will only make the powers bring him back, but turning him into a ghost is not a problem.

Buffy tries to send him away, but Angel won't let her. She demands to know why and the whole story comes out in front of everyone. I mean everything comes out, Darla coming back, Dru siring her again, the lawyers, sleeping with Darla, Connor, Cordy turning into a higher being, Jasmine all of it.

This makes Buffy really see the differences between the two and how they act and she tells Spike before the battle that she loves him. Angel wears it and the first is defeated.

I would like it if Buffy and Spike both make it out but that is your choice.

Other than the kiss in the temple no Buffy/Angel.

If they both make it out, the gang heads to the Hyperion and sets up slayer central there with the AI gang and the story can end or go from there. Spike getting the Shanshu (a modified version because we know he hates to be weak) would be a bonus. Can't you see Spike on the beach in LA?!

If you want to mention Angel coming back as a ghost go for it. You can even have Fred and Willow try to give him back his body. But by time they do the relationship between Spike and Buffy is solid and he can't break them up.

{I always figured that the Senior Partners wanted Angel to wear the amulet. I mean really they are the senior partners, they had to know that Pavane was in the building and having ghost Angel being hounded by him would probably drive him crazy or at the very least send him to hell. They wanted him out of the way in a bad way.}

Challenge: 496
Name:Mr. Chaos
Season:Season 4
A spell causes one or more of the Scoobies (other than Spike and Buffy) to travel to an alternate dimension where Buffy and Spike are together and happy. The traveler(s) at first argue against the relationship, but when the alt. Scoobies explain why it is right for Buffy and Spike to be together, the traveler(s) return to their own dimension and decide to set things right there.

Challenge: 495
Season:Season 6
Instead of Buffy, Spike drank from Dawn (without killing her, of course) and jumped into Glory's portal. Buffy becomes depressed, realizing that she loved him, and the scoobies bring him back. You decide if he was in heaven or hell.
Would like to see:
-Spike less sure about his feelings after being brought back.
-It'll be cool if he's brought back human.
You decide what happens after he's back.

Challenge: 494
Takes place during/after Crush. Spike asks Buffy why she won't be with him. After a lot of insults, the main reason is clear: he's a souless vampire. So he goes to the Africa demon and gets his soul and humanity. Buffy is shocked when he somehow returns to Sunnydale.
Must have:
-Major Spuffy
-Vulnerable/crazy Spike
-Buffy helping Spike overcome his craziness
-Riley bashing (if you include his at all)
-Dawn having a brother/sister relationship with Spike
-Scoobies (or just Xander) not believing Spike has a soul/is human and telling Buffy he's still evil
-Happy ending
Can have:
-Xander bashing
Can't have:


Remenissions by adrianiling (wip)

Challenge: 493
Season:Season 7
AU S7/Near future. Spike who returned from Africa with a soul minus the chip, slowly made amends and became part of the gang, somehow loses his soul. Manages to keep souless state secret for months, tries to be good but has occasional slip ups. Scoobies somehow find out, all hell breaks lose. They respect his efforts but don't trust him, what conditions are placed on him sticking around? How do the support/control him? can he defy his nature and prove himself? Eventual S/B.

Challenge: 492
Season:Season 4
Inside the comics there is mention of a Danish Slayer that Spike kills in 1940. But in canon Nikki Wood is the second slayer Spike kills.
What I want is this: Spike kills Sophie Carstensen in 1985 instead and she becomes his third slayer killed. 
Sophie's watcher as revenge kills Drusilla. Spike is lost and he doesnt know what to do with his unlife anymore. He hears about a demon shaman in Africa who grants a wish if you pass his trials.
Spike wants Drusilla back but the shaman cant do it. Spike then ask for a purpose. The demon gives him back his soul and the task of kills demons and vampires for the side of the light.
Spike arrives in Sunnydale for the first time at the beginning of the fourth season. 

Must have:

-Spike finds and keeps the Gem of Amara
- Spike's a litterature professor at the Sunnydale college
- Spike has visions from the PTB to know what to do and where to go
- The Demon shaman works for the PTB

Can Have: 

- Buffy/Riley at first. Nothing too graphic though
- Drusilla brought back by W&H instead of Darla but as vampire
- Scoobies and/or Riley and Angel bashing
- Spike stays in Cleveland for a few years before arriving in Sunnydale

Can't Have.

- A sad or tragic end. I want an happy ending.
- too much angst
- Spike as a whimp and as a "willing slave" to Buffy. He knows who he is and what he wants and doesn't accept bullying or insults from anyone

Challenge: 491
Season:Season 6

This would be a season 6 fic sometime before Seeing Red but after or starting at Dead Things. Buffy finds out that only her body was pulled out of heaven, her soul is still there. Willow messed up the spell and now Buffy is soulless, with no way to retrieving her soul.   

Must have:

1) Spuffy

2) Must be a struggle for Buffy to accept that she is just as soulless but doesn't 'feel' any different then when she was souled.

3) At some point Buffy must deal with the way Angel changes without his soul. (Angel bashing encouraged, not demanded) 

Can't have:

1) No other romantic entanglements for our couple.

2) Spike being a total wimp. He maybe loves bitch but can he please keep his balls?

3) Spike must be undead and kicking at the end of this fic.

4) Please no severe out of character behavior.  


1) A happy Spuffy ending.

2)  UST

3) Assertive Spike with everyone but Buffy. 

Challenge: 490

Spike isn't just any vampire. He's also Angelus and Darla's son. But that's another story. This is the fallout after Buffy & the Scoobies find out. 

Must Haves:
1. Eventual Spike/Buffy.
2. The Fang Gang also discovering this long-held secret.
3. Giles and Wesley discovering a prophecy about a human child born to two vampires.

The order these appear and the rest of it, it's up to you. This can be any season but if you can somehow work it into BtVS Season 5 or 6, it'd be awesome.

Have fun!

Challenge: 489
Season:Season 4
The Initiative put the dreadful chip in Spike's head with the intent to trick his brain into thinking he was in pain whenever he harmed a human being.
However, a little faulty placing goes a long and humourous way. They accidentally connect Spike's chip - not to the pain center of his brain - but the pleasure center. 

No must have's and no restrictions.


Challenge: 488

Challenge: Since before he was turned, Spike has spoken to a Higher Power. Then, one night, this Higher Power makes him an offer he can't refuse.

These are the only rules
1. Spike must be and must remain a vampire
2. Spike/Buffy

The offer can be anything you wish and it can be offered whenever you wish. Or you can pick any of these:

A. Time-Travel AU/AR
               1  Spike is given the chance to fix everything. The catch is - no one except Buffy and/or Giles can see him.
               2. Spike is offered the chance to save Buffy's life by giving up his own life or killing Glory.
               - if he kills Glory, he has to do it by drinking her blood, which has to change him in some way.
               - if he chooses to give up his own life, Spike, like Buffy, ends up in Heaven only to have Willow bring him back from the dead.
               3. Spike is sent back to the night he rose as a vampire to stop Angelus from ever being cursed with a soul and preventing Buffy from ever falling in love with Angel.
B. AU/AR (no time travel)
            Spike is given the offer to become a Higher Power (yet still a vampire - think vampire-god) ....
             1. Just as he walks into the bathroom during Seeing Red.
             2. Just as he starts running up the stairs of Glory's Tower
             3. In the alleyway behind the Bronze after Buffy tells him he's beneath her.
             4. The first time he sees Buffy dancing at the Bronze
             5. After Buffy leaves him in the alley during Dead Things
6. After Buffy and Riley blow up his crypt.
             7. After Buffy dies but before Willow brings her back from the dead.

You don't have to pick any of the options given. But if you wish to combine or mix these options up with your own ideas, feel free.


Challenge: 487
Season:Season 7
I call this the Kill Xander challenge.

The exact season doesn't matter in particular, although 6 or 7 would probably work best. I want to see Xander die and Spike get wrongly blamed for it. I'd like to see Buffy in the position to have to defend Spike's innocence, whether or not she actually loves him yet or not. Can the remaining Scoobies and/or Giles be convinced to go after the real killer, or will Buffy have to choose between Spike and the others. 

Challenge: 486

This would be an AU/AR season 2 story. The challenge is - instead of Drusilla being sick, it's Spike who's dying.

Must Haves:
1. Spike/Buffy!!!
2. Angel caring about Spike and not being a complete bastard.
3. Drusilla coming to Angel and Buffy to tell them about Spike's illness. She has to mention that he was made for Buffy.
4. No immediate falling into each other's arms and bed for Spike and Buffy. Buffy can love the idea of having someone made for her, meant for only her, but she can't fall into his arms and declare her undying love. I want to see some angst over it.
5. Spike slowly getting sicker until it's obvious he's dying.

Can Have:
1. Joyce/Spike friendship.
2. Dawn 
3. Angel losing his soul and/or choosing to sacrifice Drusilla to save Spike's life. This should have unexpected consequences.
4. Souled!Spike (I've chosen to keep an open mind. Souled Spike wasn't really all that different from UnSouled Spike except he was a little less ambiguous  - and I don't think Spike really notices his soul very much).
5. A 'mating' claim between Spike and Buffy and a familial claim between them and Angel.
6. The rest of Spike and Angel's vampire family show up. (Penn, Lawson, James & Elizabeth, and anyone else you wish to make up) to try and save Spike. I would, as an aside, love to see Anyanka/Penn/Xander pairing, but it is by no means necessary.
7. Spike dying at the end. (And, as extra option, evolving into one of the Powers that Be).

Challenge: 485
Someone - say, Andrew, makes a crazy wish that Spike were a sparkly daywalking vampire. A justice demon, or something else, overhears him. As a result, Spike wakes up from a week-long coma back in 1880 as a daywalker who sparkles when he shifts into game-face in the sunlight and with all his memories intact. This, of course, changes everything.

Must Have:
1. Spike thinking he's gone insane because his mother's supposed to be dead, not crying over him because she thought he was dying.
2. Spike hunting down and finding Angelus, who is surprised to smell him as his own Childe. (Make this scene as hilarious as possible with Spike trying to explain himself).
3. Spike eventually resigning himself into reliving it all
4. Despite his best intentions, he still ends up with the title of Slayer of Slayers.
5. This must end up as Spike/Buffy.

1. Pre-Slayer Buffy somehow dreaming about Spike and everything he ever did for her. She, of course, would think he's her soul-mate - but he's not real. So she's settling for Angel until she sees Spike.
2. Alternatively, having Buffy end up her Pre-Slayer Buffy body in the past.

Have fun!!

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