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Challenge: 77
Season:Post Chosen

In Angel, Season 5 - instead of Spike becoming corporeal via the little "flash-in-the-box," let's try something

a bit different.

Must haves:

1. Corporeal Angel and non-corporeal Spike switch bodies (you decide how/why).

2. Buffy escorts Xander to L.A. for an eye transplant, courtesy of Wolfram & Hart.

3. Spike doing various humiliating things to Angel's body (ex: bad wardrobe, home perm, etc).

4. Spike and Angel return to their own bodies, respectively.

5. Spike becoming corporeal.

6. Spuffy bitey goodness, of course.

7. HUMOR. I want to be wiping tears of laughter from my eyes!

Can haves:

1. Andrew - because he's funny.

2. For whatever reason, we can't hear ghost-Angel.

3. Nina

4. Dawn, provided she's not annoying.


Ghostly Inhibitions by Ariel Dawn (wip))


Ghostly Inhibitions by Ariel Dawn (complete!)

Challenge: 76

Spike and Buffy are married and have a son (I will just call him son since his name is your choice). The son

doesn't know that his mum and dad are vampires. You can start it from what ever season you want or just start

with them being together but you have to say how they got there. There son has to be in high school. Faith,

Angel, the Scoobies, Spike, Buffy and others (your choice, who) are all friends. One day the son's school holds

a disco and the whole family can go. While at the disco, the son is with his friends. Half way through the

disco, the Council breaks in with an army. They want to take the slayers back to the Hellmouth and kill Spike.

One of the army men hit the son for trying to get away and Spike losses it and kills the man (very painfully).

The son is shocked when Buffy, Faith and Angel start to take out the rest of the army once Willow has put a

force field around the people that weren't the bad guys or fighting the bad guys.

Must haves:

1. Must deal with next couple of weeks/days after disco.

2. Buffy, Spike, Angel and Faith all dress in sexy things. (Preferably leather).

3. Buffy, Spike, Angel and Faith all vamps.

4. Faith and Buffy walking to the middle of the dance floor start dancing and becoming the main attraction on

the floor.

5. The son seeing three army men shoot Angel several times and it having no effect on him.

Can haves:

1. Faith/Angel being together.

2. The leader of the army calling Spike "William the Bloody" and saying he's gone soft and making Spike go for

him instead of one of the army men, hitting the son for trying to get away and Spike losing it and killing the

man (very painfully).

Challenge: 75
Season:Season 6
I would like to see things go a little differently in Hell's Bells when Buffy sees Spike with his date. In your

version, I would like to see Spike not leave. Buffy sees "Tarantula" all over Spike and the jealousy makes her

snap. She finally makes the decision to fight for her man. No matter what it takes!

I only have one requirement:

When the Scoobies find out about the relationship; Anya, Dawn, and Tara must come to Spike's defense and be

appalled at Buffy's behavior.

Challenge: 74
It must be Spike/Buffy/Angelus, and as a threesome, not as Spike/Buffy + Spike/Angelus + Buffy/Angelus. It must

be NC-17. There must be non-consensual sex (it doesn't matter who forces who, but someone has to force someone



Button, Button by anaunthe (complete!)

Challenge: 73
Season:Post Chosen
Buffy has broken off from the Council, but she doesn't know the Council is still meddling in her life. She

doesn't know they set up a slayer to pose as "Buffy" in Rome, nor the Immortal situation, nor the fact that

Spike is back. She does know Angel is running W&H. Buffy is in the U.S., someplace warm, but not California.

She's living a quiet life when the Powers-that-be decide her duty is not done.


1. If the W&H/ Dark Thorn apocalypse happened

2. If the apocalypse happened if Angel survived (Spike MUST survive)

3. Some place warm; i.e. Florida, New Mexico, etc.

Must haves:

1. Spike/Buffy romantic relationship

2. Over protective Dawn, then Spike/Dawn friendship

3. Spike biting Buffy during sex

4. A visit from angel!Joyce to explain a prophecy regarding Buffy and Spike

Must pick at least two:

1. Buffy biting Spike

2. Movie night with a sappy movie, Spike is the only one that watches it

3. Spuffy!Baby prophecy

4. True mating between Buffy and Spike

5. A new, improved Mr. Gordo

6. The Immortal figuring out that the woman he was seeing wasn't "the" Buffy Summers


With All My Heart by Spikeslovebite (complete))

Challenge: 72
Season:Season 3
Remember the episode 'Enemies' when the Mayor tries to steal Angel's soul? Well, what happened it he had been

successful? What if our favorite fake blonde happened to stroll into town bent on revenge because all Dru

whines about is the loss of her "Daddy"? Where you go after that is up to you but Spike has to team up with


Must haves:

1. Spuffy goodness

Can haves:

1. Angel getting back his soul, how is up to you (or you can kill him)

2. Angelus/Faith

3. Spike kicking Angelus' butt

4. Joyce having Spike stay at their house

Can't have:

1. Spike/Faith)

Challenge: 71
Season:Season 6
Further Seems Forever- For all we know. lyrics are here:

Use this song to start a fic towards the end of season 6, when Spike leaves and then have him come back, with

or without soul. If you read the lyrics it will make more sense.

Challenge: 70
Season:Post Chosen
Season 6 as prologue. Between "Smashed" and "Wrecked" the powers had called for a meeting with the Watchers

Council. Visions linger because the First is waking up with Buffy's resurrection. The Council fertilize

[Buffy??] to have a mother substitute ready that will take take the place of the new slayers if they die, so

the slayer lineage is recovered. B/S to wake up without knowledge of what happened thing during that time

interval. Then, season 6 has to follow the same without alterations. [Ok, since I'm translating this a tad, I'm

going to alter this challenge a bit. Victory, if this isn't what you intended, let me know, and I can fix it to

suit. ] During Chosen, while wearing the amulet, Spike and Buffy make love, activating the "dormant Spike


Must haves:

1. Giles the first to find out about the baby.

2. Willow or Giles interrupt date with Immortal. [Buffy has had the baby, but she's secretly pumping the

Immortal for info about future apocalypses and the role her son/daughter may play. She doesn't know about Spike

being alive.]

3. Spike returning to Rome after "Not Fade Away" and finding out he's a father.

Challenge: 69
Buffy jumps off the tower and instead of dying is transported into an alternate reality. Buffy, complete with

memories wakes up in her own body. The catch... she is herself, however she has been in a coma since Xander

revived her with CPR after dying at the hands of the Master. Timeline is up to you. She has to have been in a

coma for a minimum of a week, maximum your choice. How does Buffy, with full memories of possible upcoming

events react with Spike, and her family and friends.

Must haves:

1. Spike eventually claiming Buffy

2. Angel getting pissed off and acting like a jerk (you know like himself)

3. Joyce alive (doesn't have to be in the story but don't kill her off)

4. A reality that is similar to the original reality

Can haves:

1. Dawn


Long Way Home by Aisling (wip)

In the Mind by WendyJane (wip))


In The Mind by WendyJane (complete!)

Challenge: 68
Season:Season 4
Angel was never cursed with a soul and after Spike killed his first Slayer Angelus tried to kill the younger

Vamp by feeding him more Slayers. The problem, Spike kept winning and draining Slayers and soon became way too

powerful for Angelus to control. So the two began a Kari Mourke style friendship, where Angelus tormented the

slayer and watcher till he broke them, then Spike moved in and killed them one on one. Problem the secondus: as

spike drained more slayers he began to loose his Vampiric edge basically refusing to kill any humans but

Slayers and in the early sixties he broke and left his Family. In season 2 Buffy still had to defeat a group of

Vamps to close Acathla, but not any of the Scourge of Europe, and Spike showed up unannounced and helped her at

the end. He doesn't return till season 4 where he and Buffy are both captured by the Initiative and spike is

chipped. The two escape and begin working together to bring down the Initiative.

Must haves:

1. Angelus, Darla and Dru showing up angry that any Human would dare strike at one of them this way.

2. Buffy fighting a losing war against her attraction to Spike.

3. Giles explaining how since the break with his family Spike has several times saved the world, either helping

Slayers or alone.

4. Riley tortured to death by the other three members of the Scourge.

5. Bitey!claimy goodness between Buffy and Spike.

Can haves:

1. Buffy and Darla catfights verbal or physical

2. Buffy preggers with Spike's child

3. Dru calling Buffy her Daughter

4. Joyce and Dawn liking Spike

Challenge: 67
Season:Season 5
"Out of My Mind," the chip comes out, Harmony gets staked, and Spike takes off with Buffy to a hidden place

were they can finish their fight. Spike wins, and Buffy is turned! How will things go from here?

Must haves:

1. Claiming

2. Spuffy, if she keeps her soul or stays good or not is up to you, but she has to be with Spike

3. Spike/Dawn friendship

4. Spike/Joyce friendship

5. Joyce doesn't die

6. Angel makes an appearance

Challenge: 66
Season:Season 4
Spike returns sooner after the Gem incident, showing up during Beer Bad. Cave Buffy decides she wants him. And

what she wants, she takes. The next day she is back to normal, but nothing seems to end her Spike cravings.

Must have:

1. An ongoing Spuffy love affair.

2. No chip.

3. No relationship with Riley.

4. The sexual possession still happens, Spike catches them.

5. Lots of bitey sex.

Challenge: 65
Season:Season 3
A simple challenge for once: It says Season 3, but Season 3-Beginning of 4.

Must haves:

1. Vamp Buffy

2. Lots of Smut

3. Bitey Goodness

4. Buffy feeling pity for Spike after he is dumped by Dru ( In character pity, though.)

Can haves:

1. Angel/Spike background

Can't haves:

1. Angel/ Buffy

2. Too Much angst

3. Souls (except for Angel, unless you make him lose it... and the rest of the humans) Just no souls for either

Spike or Buffy.)

Challenge: 64
Season:Season 2
One of those "Buffy has to have a baby to fulfill a prophecy or the world will end" type of fics. Ok, I KNOW

it's been done before, but shut up, I like these kind of plots. How to make it slightly original...Oh! How

about this. Giles discovers that once Acathla has been disturbed, the only way to prevent it from fully

awakening and sucking the world into hell is by *gasp* having an impregnated and claimed slayer.

Must haves:

1. Can't just be ANY sperm impregnating the Slayer, oh no. Can't be anything less than quality Grade A Master

Vampire sperm.

2. Angel is already Angelus, so just who is going to have to sacrifice himself as stud-for-hire?

3. Spike *duh* who hasn't reached the 'truce' mindset at this point and will most likely be a bit resentful.

4. Giles having to explain to Spike and Buffy (either together or separately) WHY it is so important that they

go through with it while being completely appalled and shocked by the idea.

5. Joyce involved somehow and finding out Buffy is the Slayer before the Becoming timeline.

6. Not very angsty and a happy Spuffy ending

Can haves:

1. Xander singing "Let's Do It For Our Country " from the Grease 2 movie/soundtrack

2. Either have the mystical pregnancy dissolve or carry it over, your choice.


Extraordinary Considerations by Opalenergy (complete!)

Duty Bound by Always_jbj (wip)

Duty or Destiny by Tasha (wip)


Extraordinary Considerations by Opal (complete!)

Duty Or Destiny by Tasha (wip)

Challenge: 63
Season:Season 4
Ok, first challenge ever here, but this had been bugging me for a while. I just seem unable to write proper

Spuffy. So, here we go. Remember the beginning of season 4, when Kathy the demon roommate tried to steal

Buffy's soul? Just pretend she succeeded and a slightly soulless Buffy goes on a fun trip through Sunnydale.

She meets Spike. They do soulless-people stuff. They land in bed. I would like to see a claim, but just lots

and lots of steamy loving is fine with me. Somehow Buffy has to get her soul back, may it be the Scoobies, or

Kathy's family, I don't care. Just make Buffy realize that even with her soul she likes her new wild side, and

Spike, somehow.

Must haves:

1. Scoobies protesting, of course.

2. Tipsy, or drunk Buffy, preferably by the lovely stuff with the worm in it.

3. A vamp, preferably Spike trying to bite Xander and Buffy telling him to 'spit that out, you don't know where

it's been'.

4. Leather pants.

5. Someone calling Buffy tiny and getting the beating of their (un)life for it (They don't have to survive).

6. Spuffyness, and lotsa.

Can haves:

1. How "This Years Girl" might turn out after Buffy took a trip on the wild side of life.

2. Spike/Tara bonding.

3. Someone teaching Buffy to drive properly.

4. 'Death by soap opera', whatever your definition of that might be.

Challenge: 62
Season:Season 6
Mid season 6, Buffy having a drunken conversation with Spike's spike. Porn ensues.


The Very Thought of You by Spikesdeb(complete!))


The Very Thought of You by SpikesDeb (complete!)

Challenge: 61
Season:Season 2
When Buffy blows up the judge, she 'accidentally' blows up Angelus and Drusilla as well. Can Buffy summon up

the compassion/sympathy to look after and feed Spike while he recovers?

Must haves:

1. Bites

2. Wheelchair lovin' ;)

3. Scooby gang

Feel free to run with the idea! Cheers!


I Lose Myself by Enigma_K(complete!)

Challenge: 60
Season:Season 2
Buffy meets Spike when she was 12 years old, during Halloween, because Drusilla wanted to eat(?) her. The

meeting was at the cemetery. Spike rescued her and they became friends. They find each other five years later

in School Hard and he discovers she is the slayer. No Angel at least not as Buffy's boyfriend. You can develop

story as you want. **edited slightly ~ SpikesKat

Challenge: 59
Season:Season 6
In the final fight of the Initiative, Spike's chip is deactivated, other then beating the hell out of soldiers

during the battle, he hasn't attacked any humans that the gang knows of. Will Buffy stake him at Riley and the

Scooby's insistence, or will the unusual debates and moral questions Spike brings up during their encounters

lead her to accept the gray area? And how will the growing sexual tension affect her decision?

Must haves:

1. AU season five, WITH Dawn and Glory

2. Spike killing Dracula in a one on one fight

3. Riley's vampwhoremongering

Can't haves:

1. Chaining up Buffy, without her permission anyway

2. The key portal opening

3. The Buffybot

Challenge: 58
Season:Season 6
Crossover with The Hobbit/LOTR, Spike catches himself when he is thrown from the tower in The Gift. He makes it

back up just before Buffy jumps, drains some of her blood despite the pain and jumps. The portal closes and he

finds himself in middle earth around the time of the Battle of Five Armies. Several months later in the

Buffyverse, an attempt at reviving Spike instead pulls the whole Scooby gang into Middle-Earth around the time

of the Fellowship, will they get home? And what are these legends of a great warrior called "William the


Must haves:

1. The chip doesn't work from the moment he goes through the portal, and he knows it

2. Spuffy

3. Spike/Dawn friendship

4. Spike being friends with Aragorn, who was six when Spike showed up

5. Spike having connections to the White Council

6. Vamps in middle earth being different, no sunlight allergy, human strength by day, almost troll-like power

at night

7. The duster does survive unharmed

8. Spike and at least two of the Scoobies being involved in one of the major LOTR battles

9. Willow goes magic addict with Sarumon

10. When they get back to earth, Angel attacks Spike, Spike beats him easy


When Worlds Collide: The Fellowship by Enigma_K (wip)


When Worlds Collide: The Fellowship by enigma_k (complete!)

When Worlds Collide: The Journey by enigma_k (complete!)

When Worlds Collide: The Return by enigma_k (wip)

The Circle Unbroken by DizzyB (wip)

Challenge: 57
Season:Season 6
The Necroyakuza, an undead Asian mafia sets its sights on the west coast, starting with the Hellmouth. Can the

Scoobies protect it from an army of vampire samurai, ninjas, Chinese warrior, and Mongolians? And what sort of

history does Spike have with its generals?

Must haves:

1. Spike and a general having a sword fight

2. A ring of fire

3. Buffy getting jealous of a female vamp who knows Spike

4. A samurai raised by vampires for the purpose of being turned and becoming their leader

5. Lots of Spuffy

6. Ninja assassins)

Challenge: 56
Season:Season 6
Crossover with Hellboy. After Dead Things, Buffy finally runs Spike out of town, not something that makes her

happy, though she'll never admit it. Spike, meanwhile, goes to New York and ends up working for the B.P.R.D.

with H.B. and Abe. But when word of Demonic WMD's being sold by a "Doctor" on the Hellmouth, and the anti-demon

marines buying them, drag him and his new friends back, will Buffy seize this second chance?

Must haves:

1. Spike with semi-automatic pistols and nti demon bullets

2. Warren as The Doctor

3. Riley selling Buffy out to Warren

4. Someone asks Abe if he was on the swim team

5. The chip comes out

Challenge: 55
Season:Season 6
I'd like to see a smutty Spuffy fic with two Spikes or a Spike/William duo. I'd like it to be light on angst

but heavy on smut and bitey goodness. Season 5 or 6 preferably but other seasons are fine if (?) [not sure what

goes here, canon maybe?] is respected. I'd like admissions of love. Free range is given as to why there comes

to be two Spikes or why William comes to play with his vamp counterpart. No holds barred on the smut: the

dirtier the better... combined with fangs, yummy! NC17 naturally. I'd like to have some humour in this fic,

preferably targeted at Xander! (especially about how loud the threesome is!) I want to see Willow and Tara

blushing, Giles blustering, Anya making very funny inappropriate comments etc. I want Xander barging in on them

with hilarious results and snide comments by one or all of the participants. MOST OF ALL, this is meant to be

fun, not to be taken seriously and pain-free to both Spikes and Buffy.


The Wish Realized by Jeni (wip)

Challenge: 54
Say that Buffy had decided to stay with Spike at the end of chosen. They get sucked into the amulet but instead

of being in nothingness they get sent to the land in Dante's Divine Comedy, Buffyverse style.

Must haves:

1. Bitey

2. Deceased Buffy characters making appearances at the appropriate levels that they're traveling

Can haves:

1. Tara being the guide

Challenge: 53
Season:Season 3
Takes place during the episode 'Bad Girls.

Must haves:

1. Spike is at the Bronze while all the dirty dancing is going on.

2. In the scene where Faith kills Finch, Buffy also kills a human.

3. Bitey

Can haves:

1. Wesley polishing his glasses and they turn to powder.

2. Spike dancing

3. The headline Buffy reads in the newspaper is 'British Invasion hits Sunnydale.'

Challenge: 52
Season:Season 6
Buffy "really" ends up in hell when she jumps into the portal in the season 5 finale. The time she was gone

translates into more than 100 years in hell. (Exact time is up to you). As a result of her time in hell, Buffy

is now a hell Spawn. Just like the comics and movie, Buffy is "still" a hero. Buffy/Spike/Dawn become very

close (exact details up to you). Bonus point for crossovers (Spawn is a crossover in concept only.).

Challenge: 51
Season:Season 4
Take any icon from the art folder and create a fic that suits it.

1. Angel and or Riley death!!

2. Faith in Sunnydale)

Challenge: 50
Season:Season 2
This can take place during any episode of season 2. Some type of forgetting spell is done (like in Tabula Rasa)

and like in that episode, Spike "forgets" he is a vampire and assumes he is a man. The duration of the amnesia

can be up to you, but eventually their memories are returned and they have to deal with the repercussions of

what they learned about themselves and each other during the spell.

Must haves:

1. Biting smut

2. A happy ending

3. The spell starting while they are fighting each other in a cemetery

4. Joyce not being under the spell

Can haves:

1. Either all of the Scoobies under the spell's influence or just Spike and Buffy

2. Angel under the same spell and being evil

3. Buffy buying Spike new clothes


Keep the Night by SpikesDeb (complete!)


Keep the Night by SpikesDeb (complete!)

Challenge: 49
Season:Season 4
When the monks created Dawn they added her into Spike's mind as one of his. So from the very start of season 4

Spike protects Dawn and in all of their memories he always has. Write a fic with Spike as Dawn's Knight


Must haves:

1. When Harmony and company kidnap Dawn Buffy gets there just as Spike stakes the last of them, and listens as

her sister and mortal enemy make jokes.

2. In out of my mind instead of trying to get his chip out, Spike just refuses to help the wanker that chipped

him, and tells Buffy that he would help any of the other Scoobies free, but hopes Riley dies painfully.

3. Spike never tells Buffy about Riley's vamp addiction and Capt. Cardboard is turned, but still Buffy blames


4. Riley joins with Glory.

5. Spike still falls for Buffy but he never lets her know

6. With these weird restrictions give us Spuffy love and bitey goodness.

Challenge: 48
This can happen at any point during the series. Buffy/Xena crossover. Buffy and Spike are sucked into the

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" episode of Xena. For those familiar with Xena this is the episode where they takes

on Bacchus and his bacchae (the Xena version of vampires).

Must haves:

1. Bitey, spuffy, a quick solution to the language difference

Can haves:

1. Buffy making a few quips at Bacchus

2. Buffy and Spike meeting Anya (I'm not sure how old she actually was as to whether this would fit or not)

3. Willow's magic involved.)

Challenge: 47
Season:Season 4
Buffy finds an interesting article on the internet and decides to try it out on Spike. Suggested article:


God Bless St. Valentine by Slaymesoftly (complete!)


God Bless St. Valentine by slaymesoftly (complete!)

Challenge: 46
Season:Post Chosen
Setting: The final battle in the alley. Situation: 1) Angel and company are rescued by the Immortal's security

force. Motive: 2) The Immortal rescues Angel and Spike so that the three of them can fight for Buffy's hand,

winner take all. 3) From Buffy's POV, blow by blow details, plus a legitimate reason as to why she would

allow herself to be the prize in such a contest.

Challenge: 45
Season:Season 1
Everyone remembers the Nightmares episode in season one where Buffy crawls out of her grave as a vampire.

Must haves:

1. Spike is the one that is at her grave and not the Scoobies.

2. Buffy feeds.

3. Bitey.

Can haves:

1. The world does not have to go back to normal or the world is back to normal but Buffy is still a vampire.

2. Drusilla can make an appearance.


In Dreams, What May by Always_JBJ (wip)


In Dreams, What May... by Always_jbj (complete!)

Dreams of Forever by DarkBloodyMistress (wip)

Challenge: 44
Season:Post Chosen
In response to Challenge 40, when Willow inadvertently sends post Chosen Buffy's mind to the past it also

brings sixteen year old Buffy's mind to the future causing the Scoobies to have a much more malleable Senior

Slayer. Write a fic of the Scoobies manipulating this young woman into a relationship with the Immortal. But

then falling in love with Spike.

Challenge: 43
Season:Post Chosen
Angel Season 5 did NOT happen. Two years after the collapse of Sunnydale, another Apocalypse threatens the

whole world. However, the collective force are not enough to stop it. Enter the Fang Gang. With them comes

Cordy, who died because of the Jasmine debacle, manifested and offered help from the Powers that Be. The Powers

are to send warriors to help in the fight in the form of former allies who had fallen (ie. Spike , Tara, Anya,

Jenny calendar, souled Darla). The catch is that they have to go back after the fight. Resurrected Spike, who

incidentally still loves Buffy, decides to let her go. After all, it's a futile exercise as he is to go back

after everything else. Buffy's ambivalent feelings cemented (oh, it's Spike I love after all!) when she gets

jealous over Spike's unnatural closeness with Cordelia. Spike gets mad, thinking that Buffy is all about loving

him only because of feelings of possession. And they lived happily ever after...or not.

Challenge: 42
Season:Season 2
Do you remember the episode where the dress that Ethan sold Buffy turned her into an old-fashioned kind of a

girl for Halloween? Well, what if she had second thoughts about the dress and decided that she wanted to make

fun of her whole destiny by getting something else from Ethan shop, Instead she gets fake fangs and fake blood

so she can be a vampire for Halloween. So when Ethan spell turns Buffy into a vampire who else does she run

into than none other than our favorite vampire, Spike. (Vampire!Spike + Vampire!Buffy = Trouble for Sunnydale

with lots of Spuffy goodness.)

Must haves:

1. NC-17

2. Dru/Angel bashing

3. Spike & Buffy claiming each other and staying together.


Halloween Bites by spikeshunny (wip)

Killer Instinct by Karbear57 (wip)


Halloween Bites by spikeshunny (wip)

In-a-gadda-da-vida by GoldenBuffy (complete!)

Challenge: 41
Season:Post Chosen
Future!fic set some 10 years post-Chosen. R - NC17, Het., essentially Spuffy but not necessarily fluffy. I like

action and angst, and I like my fanfic writers to make me jump, scream, laugh and sweat it out before a

satisfactory climax is achieved...

Must haves:

1. Giles, Spike and Xander in L.A. running a Bounty Hunting Agency for The Balance... (interpret that how you


2. Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Angel & Oz work as freelance Bounty Hunters.

3. Giles acts and appears more Ripper than Librarian (echoes of Ethan) and lives over the office with a key OC


4. Spike has found ways to balance his demons' needs for blood, sex, violence and the scent of extreme human

emotions with his human desire to 'be what she deserves' (whether the reader agrees, or is comfortable, with

that balance is entirely in the hands of the writer...)

5. Spike shares an apartment with Xander.

6. Xander is still the baseline for social normalcy (as it exists 10 years post-Chosen)

7. Buffy is done cooking and whining and has mellowed with time. She has a small apartment just outside of Rome

but spends most of her time 'hunting' bounty.

8. Willow and Dawn share a house in London. They have developed a mystical empathy borne from surviving pain

and loss.

9. Angel & Oz share a place in New Hampshire. Why? I haven't a bloomin' clue!

10. There should be two key Original Character throughout this fic. One, a chipped vampire and the other, a

human/demon hybrid.

11. The Big Bad(s) should be well organized and powerful enough to cause the Bounty Hunters widespread trouble.

That trouble somehow link together the San Andreas Fault, the Appalachian Trail and The Balance.

Can haves:

1. Innovative exploitation of the Initiative's (bio) technology

2. Mini-subs and glass bottom boats

3. Mine shafts and lumberjacks

4. Willow on a broomstick

5. Giles/Spike/Xander erecting a tent

6. Someone finding out they suffer from ichthyophobia (fear of fish)

7. Someone showing that they can "Love, give, forgive"

Challenge: 40
Season:Post Chosen
Post Chosen, a very miserable and grief-stricken slayer is aching for the vampire she realised too late that she loved. Willow (without Buffy's knowledge) casts a spell which is meant to take away some of the pain, to take her back to how she was before she realised her love for Spike... Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at things) as always with Willow's spells, something goes astray. Buffy finds herself in the alley behind the Bronze inside her 16 year old body, with ALL her memories intact, and facing a certain clapping blonde vampire.

Must haves: 1. Spuffy, of course! 2. Bite-y.

Responses: I Remember You by Azrielle (wip)Prologue of Life/I Know You by Patti (complete!))


Prologue to life / I know you. by slaymesoftly (complete!)

Challenge: 39
Season:Post Chosen
Post "NFA" by a few years, Spike and Dawn have regained their friendship so when Dawn is getting married she

hounds the poor bleached one to attend her wedding. Buffy in the meantime is thoroughly pissed that SPIKE of

all people is going to be there. She, of course, attends with that slimy Immortal git.

Must haves:

1. This is Spike and Buffy's first face to face meeting since Chosen, and both come with other people.

2. At Dawn's pleading, Spike sings White Wedding at the reception and is promptly drug off by Buffy to be dealt


3. As the Scoobies laugh at the supposed demise of Spike the two argue, come to blows, then start shagging like

shagging is about to be outlawed.

4. Xander and Slime bucket, err the Immortal, go to find Buffy and discover her bent over the sink screaming

Spike's name AND her eternal love for his manly bits.


White Wedding by Azrielle (complete!)

Hey Little Sister by Spikesdeb (complete!)


Hey Little Sister by SpikesDeb (complete!)

Challenge: 38
Season:Season 6
Must haves:

1. Angel getting a hold of the Buffy!bot (repaired, of course) & having a relationship with it. (since there

are no perfect moments of true happiness with a robot...)

2. Buffy finding out about it.

3. Spike jealous of Angel's new relationship and they compete over her.

4. Buffy witnessing the argument.

5. Willow, Xander & Andrew have to be in the story.

6. There must be a bottle of massage oil used somewhere in the story.

Challenge: 37
Season:Post Chosen
Rupert Giles, the watchers Council and the Scooby gang are called to Rome where the Pope has announced to them

he will Knight a Holy Protector and Champion of the People. As Buffy tries to decide between a newly Shansu-ed

Angel and her new beau the Immortal, both of which assume they will be Knighted, the story begins.

Must haves:

1. Spike has been captured state side as he runs from the remnants of the Blackthorn's armies.

2. Buffy still has no idea Spike is alive.

3. When the 'party starts it is Spike is led forward and due to his choosing to become a champion he is the

newly Knighted protector.

4. His position is a well paid one.

5. Buffy finds out that Immortal magicks and Angel manipulation is what has kept her lover her from her. (I

want a very brutal violent reaction to this and not just from Buffy.)

Can haves:

1. Would love to see Xander kick the now human Angel's ass over this while Buffy lays the smack down on that

poncy Immortal git.

2. Massive amounts of Spuffy sex.

Challenge: 36
Season:Season 4
What if instead of Buffy and Faith switching bodies, Buffy and Spike got switched instead. Just imagine the


Must haves:

1. Buffy threatening to do something to Spike's body if he does anything 'gross' to hers.

2. Buffy insisting Spike stay at the house so she can keep an eye on him.

3. Spike suffering through PMS, mood swings, and cramps while in Buffy's body.

4. Riley trying to coax "Buffy" to sleep with him, Harmony trying to get "Spike" to sleep with her.

5. Angel and the gang being the only ones able to put Buffy and Spike back where they belong.

6. And in the end, lots of hot Spuffy lovin!


Who Am I? by SciFi_GK (wip)

Challenge: 35
Season:Season 5
Ok, this challenge has been inspired by the TLC song "Creep." (Listen to it if you haven't heard it so you know

what I'm talking about). I want an early Season 5 where Buffy cheats on Riley w/ Spike because she suspects or

knows that he goes out at night. She can't know he's going to the vamps though, she just thinks he's stepping

out on her. I want cover-up, hiding, lying, the whole nine yards from both parties.

Must haves:

1. Spike still finds out where Riley goes at nights and tells Buffy. But change the "Are you naked?" scene just

a bit. (NC-17, baby!)

2. Riley comparing where he goes to Buffy going to Spike, and Buffy saying it's different cause feelings are

involved (whose is up to you).

Can haves:

1. Though I usually don't go for them, can be a dark, angsty fic if you feel like it, but I still want some

funny almost caught, lying through their teeth moments.

2. Either Riley leaving or being turned, rather have him leave though.)

Challenge: 34
Season:Season 1
Doesn't matter where or when it's set, but it Spike must still be a vamp and Buffy, The Slayer, and it MUST be


Must haves:

1. Must include all members of the Scooby gang, past and present.

2. Spike and Buffy being caught in a compromising position in an unusual place.

3. Angel being dusted by EVERY member of the Scoobies past and present.

4. Include a reference to Angel being 'Angel Dust' or PCP.


Fear in a Handful of Dust by AmyB (wip)


Fear in a Handful of Dust by AmyB (wip)

Challenge: 33
Season:Season 6
Imagine if during "The Gift," if Buffy sleeps with Spike when they go back to her house to get weapons. Spike

thinking he had nothing to lose, went ahead and claimed Buffy. A few hours later, Buffy dies in the battle.

Now, the Scoobies do not want anyone to know that Buffy has died. Xander builds a coffin for her, and Willow

does a spell to preserve the body, since they can not have her embalmed. Now, 147 days after she dies, Willow

does the resurrection spell to bring Buffy back. The resurrection spell revives Buffy, including Spike's sperm

from when they had sex right before she died. Then two months later, Buffy is sick and finds out that she is

pregnant. Now Buffy has to deal with not only being pulled out of heaven by her friends, but that she is having

Spike's baby.


1. Pairing: B/S. R or NC-17, hopefully NC-17

2. Setting: Starts at the end of season 5, episode "The Gift"

3. Spike does not try to rape Buffy

4. Buffy finds somewhere to work other than The Doublemeat Palace

5. Include the Trio's argument of Connery vs. Moore vs. Dalton

6. Include the line "news from the file marked 'duh.'"

7. Tara is shot but is not killed

8. Spike being overprotective of Buffy

9. Angel finds out that Buffy is pregnant by Spike

Ideas you can use:

1. Angel being jealous of Spike

2. Spike bonding with Dawn or the Scoobies

3. Angel tries (unsuccessfully) to bond with the Dawn & the Scoobies as well

4. Riley returns to Sunnydale

5. Spike, Xander, Giles getting drunk together

6. Xander and Anya get married

7. Spike and Angel fighting (physically) over Buffy

8. Giles laughing to Buffy's confession


Seed Born of Blood by Starshine and Bloodshedbaby (wip)

Challenge: 32
The slayer(s) come to the Bloodshedverse to rescue the poor women here from the evil menace that is REDWULF.

Can have: Pain...lots of pain!!! Wulf pain that is!

Can't have: Wulfie getting it on with anyone...especially not a slayer!

Well...ok...maybe Wulfie can get it on with Angel or Riley! Responses: The Bloodshedverse Gets Its Revenge by SpikesKat (wip)

Challenge: 31
Season:Season 5
Between seasons four and five Buffy goes to Spike for help patrolling, she walks in on him masturbating and

freezes up, as she stares he turns towards her and she sees his manly bits. Write a PWP from there.

Bloodshedverse note-Challenge has been edited slightly.


A Devil's Embrace by Megan/Peta *outside link* (complete)

Are We Friends? by Patti *outside link* (complete)

Touch for Your Lust by Crackers4Jenn (complete)

Captive Pleasures by Always_jbj (complete)


Captive Pleasures by Always_jbj (complete!)

Are We Friends? by slaymesoftly (complete!)

Touch For Your Lust by crackers4jenn (complete!)

Challenge: 30
Season:Season 2
Can happen in seasons 2-6. The spirits of future Buffy and Spike help their younger selves along. It seems

denying their love eventually caused the world to end. So, the two would-be lovers have to force their younger

selves to see the light.

1. Only past Buffy and Spike can hear them they are ghosts.

2. Remember the spirits didn't wind up together, they love each other very much, but a lot of bad blood here.

Could be used for humor.

3. At some point the Scoobies find out and for a short while all of them along with Spike and Buffy can see the

two spirits.

Must haves:

1. Quick Spuffy Sex, and eventually, Spuffy love.

2. Future Spike making fun of Angel, Riley, and Xander and Future Buffy having to agree with him.

Can haves:

1. Future Dawn playing referee to the two others.)

Challenge: 29
In any fic currently being written or finished where there are Spuffy kids, I would love to see a

post-Christmas fic where Spike is worse than Santa Claus, he is so merry; and Buffy is Miss "Bah Humbug." Buffy

is jealous of her child/children cause Spike spoils them rotten and Hank sucks. Also, Buffy is pissed because


Challenge: 28
Season:Post Chosen
Eight years ago Spike had to kill his wife and Mate to save the world. Fast forward 18 years later: he is

confronted by the daughter he never knew he had. She looks exactly like Buffy (her mom) and has been raised by

the Scoobies to hate him. As his daughter stalks him to kill him, Spike falls into the intrigue that is the

Scoobies and Watchers council.

1. His daughter doesn't know Spike is her dad.

2. The Scoobies have her convinced he killed her for leaving him for another man.

3. The Buffy Spike killed wasn't their world's Buffy. Unknown to both Spike and his daughter, the Scoobies have

the real Buffy but she is in suspended animation, and can only be healed by her true love. The Scoobies think

that is Angel, but he is DEAD.

4. Give us a globe-hopping "Spike-against-the-world" story, until his daughter discovers her mother and decides

maybe the evil vamp is telling the truth.

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