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Challenge: 27
Season:Season 2
Before the whole Judge thing or the monkey love between Angel and Buffy, Spike is feeling very horny, for lack

of a better word, and is looking for some action. Spike happens upon Buffy and decided "why not?" he's been

dreaming of her enough any way. Spike gets Buffy all hot and bothered but they don't do the *deed*. After days

of frustration, loss of concentration, and nights of fevered dreams Buffy has sex with Angel - after running

from the Judge, half of the reason to mentally show herself Spike doesn't make her hot etc. etc. Angelus comes

out yada yada yada... That tortures Buffy and makes her not so focused on slaying, Spike comes around to

looking for a spot of violence after dealing with Dru/Angel shag time for hours, Spike wins the fight with

Buffy and turns her you make up reasons for that........

1. The judge is still around and the newly turned Buffy thinks of him like a toy

2. Spike basically spoiling Vamp!Buffy and treating her to the Grand Vampire lifestyle

3. Angel wants Buffy cause he wants everything that Spike has

4. Spike claiming Buffy

5. Buffy falling (in love) for Spike

6. Dru dies some way don't care how

7. Angelus is either re-souled or killed by Spike to ensure Buffy's safety and making him (Spike) the new

master of Sunnydale

8. Spike getting mad at Buffy for some reason making her pout and all that like a child, that can happen but

only for a day at the most (Not a lot of angst on this one please.)

NO Haves:

1. Souled Spike or Buffy

2. Acathala (stupid rock)

3. F/F no Dru and Buffy!

4. Judge has to die somewhere maybe Buffy gets bored and plays practice with a rocket launcher (Oops!)

5. Non-con anywhere, any: person, place, or thing got it?

6. Vamp!Willow, Vamp!Xander, Vamp!Oz. You get it, NO vamped Scoobies. I don't care about them.

Ok, so this is obviously a vampire story so that means lots of biting, blood, and sex. Yes, it must have lots

of smut.....yay!

Challenge: 25
High School Story- With a twist!

Buffy's the geek at Sunnydale High with no friends. Her Dad, a widower from a horrible car crash, is never home

business as usual. Buffy usually goes right to her house after school, never going anywhere and that doesn't

help her social life. But little does Buffy know that someone watches her. Someone watches how she cries at

night, studies hard, and even sees the beauty beneath modest out of style clothes and glasses. Of course, it

does help that he watches her when she bathes too *wink wink*. Spike is the silent observer that watches Buffy.

One night he watches as she comes home with more life and warmth he had ever seen, she breaks the normal

routine and for the first time goes to the Bronze, where a horrible prank is played on her making her wish she

had never listened to....(whoever you chose to say) to come here. Spike very angry finally shows himself to

Buffy introduces himself and asks her on a date. In the next following weeks, he lavishes Buffy with new

clothes, contact lenses, fine jewelry, expensive restaurants, and physical exploration. Meanwhile, Buffy's

school life is at an all time low mostly being recognized in a bad way, teased and such, Spike does something

about it and you get to decide what.

1. Spike is a vampire but Buffy is not the slayer

2. There are no other vampires in this fic except a few fledglings and minions

3. Buffy has NO friends, not even Willow or Xander... none!

4. Buffy thinking she is not good enough and lots of low self esteem

5. Buffy's eyes are opened to the vampire world, she can be a vamp if you want, but she just has to find out

about it

6. NO Spike cannot hide his vamp-y-ness from Buffy. She must know for lots of bitey goodness to happen

7. Lots of Smut


How Crazy are You? by Wicked_Angel_3 (wip)

In the Shadows by spikesbabyblues (wip) -STORY ABANDONED

Challenge: 24
Season:Season 2
In season two, instead of the costume spell on Halloween, Ethan uses a different tact. He places a spell to

turn Buffy, Angel, Dru, and Spike into their most primal selves. As Dru and Angelus corner Prehistoric! Buffy,

Cave!Spike shows to save the day. After the big battle and the two doofuses are run off. Prehistoric!Buffy

exhibits the horny part of the hungry and horny slayer package by jumping Cave!Spike's bones. In the midst of

their long, heated, detailed, graphic, gratuitous sex scene Buffy claims Spike as her mate, and he returns the

claim. About the same time, Giles breaks the spell and Chaos insures.

1. After the spell, Buffy's slayer side is much stronger and Spike's human side is as well.

2. Slayer Buffy loves both sides of her mate, Spike and William. Buffy hates William but likes Spike side a


3. Spike also loves both sides of his mate. And again Slayer turns William on, but he detests Buffy.

4. Buffy instigated the claim so the only way to end it is challenge her. Staking Spike would send Buffy on a

killing spree according to Council records.

5. Buffy and William can't be in the same room for more than 5 minutes without coming to blows (without slayer

or vamp strength amazingly), and within the first few blows, Slayer and Spike take over and screw each other


6. Angel and the Scoobies are trying to plot Spike's death BUT the Council and Quentin Travers play good guys

in this fic and protect their slayer and vamp and the possibility of children.


Primal by Kari Mouke (COMPLETE) *Archive on old BSV*

Challenge: 23

Season:Season 6
From "As You Were," Riley's wife, Sam is really a secret project by the Initiative to reproduce their own force

of Slayers (Sam= Slayer Augmented Metabolism) and the whole reason for being in Sunnydale is to test her

fighting skills.

Challenge: 22

Season:Post Chosen
Robin Wood really died in the school bus at the end of CHOSEN and the First Evil took possession of his body,

thus being "made flesh." (Review Wood's reaction when regaining consciousness there. SOMETHING must have


Challenge: 21

Season:Post Chosen
The immortal, instead of being a bad guy, finds out that Spike is alive in Los Angeles with Angel, tells Buffy

about it, and helps her reunite with her one true love. Oh, and the Immortal and Illyria share some kind of

past together.

Challenge: 20
Season:Season 6
After catching Anya and Spike together and the confrontation with Buffy over Spike, somehow (could be magic.... I'll let you decide) Xander temporarily (but not just a day...a reasonable amount of time) becomes a chipped soul, just a chip.

Lets see how he deals with his situation whilst a vampire and then again once he is human again.

Must have: 1. Xander drinking blood 2. Somehow Xander has to find a way of fixing his relationship with Anya. Can be whilst a vampire or after. 3. Spike and Buffy interaction OF COURSE! 4. Xander being hunted by: human or vampire or slayer, or for the hell of it...all of the before mentioned.

Can have: 1. Angel and or Riley death!! 2. Faith in Sunnydale

Can't have: 1. THE BATHROOM never happens, does not exist....... Responses: Through Another's Eyes by Diabola (wip)


Through Another's Eyes by Diabola (wip)

Challenge: 19
Season:Season 5
Post into the Woods, a drunken Buffy decides the only real reason she needed Riley was for the sex. And since

Spike caused her to lose her sex monkey, her drunken brain decides it is Spike's duty to replace him. So, give

us a PWP of Drunken!Buffy and Drunken!Spike shagging each other sober, then give us all about the fall out.


The Substitute by SpikesKat (complete!)

Drink Me by Spikeslovebite (complete!)

Through the Looking Glass *sequel to Drink Me * by Megan_Tam (complete!)

Challenge: 18
Season:Season 4
Post issue 100 of Nightwing - the comic, Dick Greyson finds himself in late season 4 of BtVS. Dick meets a

bleach-blonde Vamp fighting other vamps behind the Bronze and jumps in to help. As time passes, Spike gets the

one thing he has never had before, a friend.

1. Every time Spike calls himself Evil, Dick makes a smartassed comments showing he doesn't believe him and

points out the number of humans the vamp saves in a night.

2. The Scoobies first warn Dick of the evil that is Spike, then begin to think Dick is evil as well especially

since Dick has lots of money.

3. As time passes moving up towards Adam, Spike falls into the roll of hero, more and more, finding that

fighting beside the former Robin to be fun. By the time Adam shows up, the two have developed a trust and Spike

goes undercover for Nightwing and the Scoobies.

4. Buffy doesn't want to believe Spike is a good guy, but after Adam, it gets harder and harder to ignore as

her feelings develop.

Can haves:

1. Spike offered a position with either Titans west or the Outsiders.

2. Buffy getting jealous because hero!Spike has fangirls

Challenge: 17
Season:Season 6
Silly fic challenge, The Buffyverse faces its weirdest crisis yet as the nerd trio accidentally brings the the

Women of the Bloodshedverse to Sunnydale right after "As You Were."

*rolls eyes at Wulfie, yet laughing hysterically. The ultimate Mary Sue fic! * ~Bloodshedbaby~


Challenge: 16
Season:Season 5
After the dream in "Out of My Head," Spike panics and makes a deal. Well, people make deals with the devil, but

Spike makes a deal with an Angel (heavenly kind). The Angel agrees to give Spike three wishes in exchange for

his help. Not thinking of consequences the panicky Spike accepts.

Spike's wishes?

1. Forget the slayer.

2. Get the buggerin' chip out.

3. To just forget the whole thing.

The consequences:

1. Humanity or a weird version, a living body with both a vamp demon and a soul.

2. Spike to become a champion.

3. His memories entirely

The perks:

1. A human job, appt, blah, blah, blah

2. Well, sunshine and stuff

3. The fic should be a rather long one as a basic rewrite of season 5.

Must haves:

1. Scoobies still hate/fear this Spike thinking it is a trick of some kind.

2. Spike not caring, hey he doesn't know these people.

3. Riley not leaving but being turned, and Buffy blaming Spike.

4. Spike and Buffy slowly falling first into like then into wild, passionate sex.

Can haves:

1. Xander discovering the new improved Spike first, being an ass and getting his ass kicked.

2. Spike getting a restraining order against the Scoobies

Challenge: 15
Season:Season 5
PWP, Christmas fic, Buffy/Spike, a gallon of chocolate sauce, Angel's dust, Spike singing his version of

"Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" The words along the lines of:

Slayer got run over by the Big Bad....She had a doc mark on her forehead, and incriminating Spike marks on her



Jingle Bell Drunk by Jerzeyanjel *outside link* (complete)

Challenge: 14
Season:Season 1
William the Bloody, the eternal Champion, last saw Buffy Summers 80 years ago at her funeral in Rome. Over the

years, he has since convinced himself he hated her. So what happens when the Elders (Charmed Supreme Good)

reward him by sending him and his Whitelighter, Nikki Wood, back to the first Episode of Season 1.

1. Must have Spike as semi-human, possibly they de-age him to about 18.

2. He meets Buffy and the future Scoobies in time to save Jesse

3. Buffy crushes on him immediately, but Spike all but runs from her

4. He likes the Scoobies and Joyce. Have Buffy chase him right in front of a fuming Angel, till she catches


Can haves:

1. Xander in a pink tux with a purple shirt. Singing James Bond theme songs.

2. Spike shagging Cordelia, to try to get Buffy to leave him alone)

Challenge: 13
Season:Season 5
Set somewhere after Spike finds out he loves Buffy. Doesn't really matter. And though its a key element in the

BtVS seriously try not to include Glory cause she takes angsty to a whole new level and I like Joyce

waaaaaaaaaay too much so she CANNOT die. Buffy and Riley move in with each other much to Spike's dismay but not

everything is Christmas and puppies. Spike finds out about Buffy and Riley's relationship - which is abusive -

and really ,really bad; Riley's always hitting and hurting Buffy. When Spike confronts Buffy about it after

seeing bruises that even slayer healing can't heal quick enough she begs Spike not to say anything. Buffy,

meanwhile, is screwed up in the head thinking that since Riley is a human maybe this is normal and that this is

the way normal people have a relationship. I really hate Riley make him mean and nasty. Spike ends up nursing

Buffy's wounds when Riley just gets rougher. Buffy falls in love but is afraid and Spike has to show her that

being loved doesn't mean getting hurt (both mentally and physically).

Must Haves:

1. Angst lots of it (make me cry!)

2. Spike taking Buffy out on a secret date and Riley or one of the Scoobies finding out about it

3. Cheese Flavored Yogurt

4. Bitey Goodness (YAY!)

5. Riley going on and on about him being Buffy's savior and stuff

6. Rite Aid Bandages

7. True Match Foundation

8. Jealous!Angry!Protect-y!Spike

Can Haves:

1. Shy Buffy

2. Dark Xander

3. Angelus (though I don't know how you would but you can!)

4. A Teddy Bear

5. Dawn .....your choice if you want her or not......

6. Kittens (but not for gambling)

Can't have:

1. No Character Deaths (except Riley, Riley can die lots and lots of times if you want)

2. Shy Spike

3. Instant romance between Spike and Buffy

4. Angel

5. Drusilla

6. Giles going all Ripper (again, unless its on Riley)

Challenge: 12
Season:Post Chosen
After Chosen Buffy is given a reward by the Powers That Be. She may go back in time and directly change any one incident (other than actually becoming the slayer) from her life.

Obviously, whatever she changes will have an indirect effect on other events.

What would Buffy choose to change, and what will the effects of her interference be?

Must have: 1. Spike obviously!!! 2. A red cocktail dress 3. A black Arabian horse.

Can have: ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT!!!!! Responses: Regrets by Azrielle (wip)

Challenge: 11
Season:Season 5
A story based on Chaos Bleeds, the video game.

1. Must be Spuffy

2. Must include several little quips from the game, like Xander saying "This ain't hot sauce", a vampire

saying, either "Can't you see I'm dying here?" or "Pain is not my friend."

3. Must include my personal favorite, "Bring on the bloodshed..."

4. Buffy saying "Sharp, pointy.... I think I'm in love." The more quotes the better!

Can include:

1. All the other characters that are featured in the game, especially Sid, the Dummy

2. Can take any scene/level from the movie and twist it, preferably before they get sucked into that alternate

dimension. You don't have to include the whole Cassandra/Ethan Rayne/First/Kakistos... whatever, little side


3. Can focus on the Spike/Buffy interaction, which was sorely lacking.

Challenge: 10
Any season or AU. Ethan is in town and up to his old tricks. Spike and Buffy find themselves trapped (and unable to escape) inside a magically possessed amusement park after hours. All around them everything is coming to life.

Must haves:
  1. Spike feeding Buffy cotton candy.
  2. Spike and Buffy on either the Haunted House ride or the Tunnel of Love.
  3. Spike casts a reflection in the hall or mirrors.
  4. Spike and Buffy must be chased onto a roller coaster by killer clowns and Buffy has to admit to Spike that she is terrified of roller coasters.
Can haves:
  1. One or both of them having a conversation with a large ice-cream cone.
  2. A fairy coming on to Spike.
  3. A 'Mary Poppins' style ride on a magical carousel pony.
  4. Spike tap dancing in the street (can sing too)


Roller Coaster of Love by slaymesoftly (complete!)

Challenge: 9
Season:Season 4
While escaping the Initiative, Spike discovers two Scoobies and one future Scooby imprisoned as well. The bleach-blonde vamp grabs Willow, Oz, and Tara as he makes his escape. Write a fic where the three Scoobies have been chipped and abused. They have been missing for several weeks when Spike brings them home to Giles' place.
  1. Buffy and Spike are at first reluctant allies against this Nazi-like threat, but working so closely together brings on bouts of hormones and pheromones ::wink, wink, nudge::
  2. Spike at some point relates the events of his capture by Nazis, and Giles confirms his story.
  3. In this story, Riley isn't stupid or evil, just brainwashed and delusional (yeah, I hate the guy but nice for a change)
  4. Pepper the story with bigoted themes coming from the Initiative, like "The only good demon is a dead demon.", "If you aren't fully human you aren't..."
Can have: light humor)

Challenge: 8
Season:Season 3
Between seasons 2 and 3, Spike is forced by an outside force to begin his road to redemption, soul him up, or just make him have a change of heart. Whatever, but the entire Scooby gang except Angel and Buffy accept him. Buffy hates him because whatever he has done is permanent, and Angel hates him cause his 'path' was a reward for helping Buffy stop Angelus. Over the course of the season, every time Buffy argues with Angel she winds up fighting Spike till... BAM... It turns into wild, violent sex. After that, Buffy finds she can't quit shagging Spike and Angel gets more and more enraged.


Blvd of Broken Dreams by Jerzeyanjel (wip)

Challenge: 7
Season:Season 4
Post "Something Blue" but reversed: It is Slayer!William and Vamp!Buffy. And I mean reversed, William is a shy poet except when he slays, very introverted, and often ridiculed even by his Scoobies. Buffy is a very possessive, yet protective, Vamp. After the "Will be Done" spell she gets more and more protective of William.
  1. Xander is still a Scooby and still insults and berates William while trying to get in Buffy's pants.
  2. Willow has a serious crush on Will and hates Buffy.
  3. Give William a Cecily, maybe Harm or Cordelia.
  4. Buffy firsts jumps/seduces William as kind of a pity fuck, but after the first time she is hooked, boy howdy.

Challenge: 6
Season:Season 5
After becoming a vengeance demon again, Anya comes to Buffy's house to try and talk one of the girls into making a wish for her. All the other female Scoobies are there, but when she arrives she realizes that Buffy is under a typical vengeance spell. The spell numbs and twists all love-type emotions the person has for anyone but one person so she/he can never love someone else. At the same time it makes them feel artificial love for this one person. After Anya's revelation the girls - with help of some spells - figure out the following: the spell was cast in LA, the "one" person is Angel. The gang (no Xander, he put some space between himself and vengeance-Anya, but including Spike) go to LA where they learn that the ones responsible are Wolfram & Hart (after the Darla-disaster they wanted to make sure they still have a safe way to remove Angel's soul should the need arise). Once the spell is removed Buffy is more than horrified about the way she treated Spike - we all know why - (she's also not numb anymore, that wasn't because of heaven but the spell) and goes into overdrive to make up for her behaviour.

Must have:
  1. Buffy getting into a fight with Connor 'cos he's not nice enough to Spike in her mind.
  2. Angel not getting how she can care about a soulless vamp.
  3. Big fight between Anya and Xander 'cos he won't accept the B/S relationship once he returns but still wants Anya back (vengeance demon or not)
Can't have:
  1. Any mentioning of Spike and Angel ever having been lovers (hate that) ;-)
  2. Riley
Rating: smut is good, but not necessary.

OOps, 'cos there has to be some biting if I post it here. But it hasn't to be an important part of the story...

Wanted to do this one myself, but there are so many ideas and so little time ;-)

Have fun....

Challenge: 5
Season:Season 6
We all know Buffy had money problems during season 6. What if she had accepted the Loan Shark's (Tabula Rasa) offer of free-lance debt collection? How does she handle being both Slayer and muscle (cause you can't kill them if you want them to pay you)? How does the demon community handle it? And how does this affect her relationship with Spike?

Must Have:
  1. Bitey, cause other wise it wouldn't be listed here (also, I've always wondered, if Spike could hurt Buffy, why didn't he ever bite her?).
  2. Buffy hiding said bites lamely (if you can use the same scarf she used to cover Drac's bites, and have someone point it out, that would be a plus).
  3. Buffy's salary negotiations ("Why kittens? Can't you people use money like everyone else?")
  4. Buffy helping Spike pay back those forty kittens he owes, without stealing them from another demon she's collecting from.
Can Have:
  1. Memory lose. You can choose to keep the episode cannon, and have her accept the job after dusting his minions or break off before the spell and have her accept in the graveyard.
  2. Some other Scooby member besides Spike finding out how Buffy's making her money. If she's collecting from them, that would be even better.
  3. NC-17. Hey, it's my request, and I want grunties.

Challenge: 4
Season:Post Chosen
All you know about Buffy in season 5 of AtS is a lie concocted by the Black Thorn. Buffy isn't in Rome dating the Immortal, she is in London with her twin children, William and Joyce. Imagine her surprise when she turns on the TV to watch news of the LA Apocalypse and sees her baby's daddy fighting the good fight. Oh yeah, bitey goodness.

When Spike asked for a soul he said "Make me what I was, so I can give her what she deserves." What if the soul was just the beginning. As time passes his body becomes less Vamp and more male slayer.

Must haves:
  1. Kennedy dies a bloody painful death, cause I really don't like her.
Can haves:
  1. Spike in a Toys"R"Us
  2. Willow accidentally killing Wood. (cause I hate him too)

The Un-Gettable Get by Starshine (complete)

Challenge: 3
Season:Post Chosen
Would love to see Spike either ditch Angel when they are in Rome and hunt down Buffy. Or he could sneak back stealing W & H plane and searching for Buffy. He finds her, and Buffy is in denial that Spike is back - maybe thinks it's a spell?
  1. Spike has to kick The Immortal's bum in a fight (something like the fight sequence in Bridget Jones film - the first one that is).
  2. Also have a big reveal that the Immortal is EVIL! And during the fight, which Buffy witnesses The Immortal admits to only wanting her cos she was both Angelus's and Spike's lover - also have the Dru and Darla marathon sexathon come up during the showdown between Spike and Immortal.
  3. Andrew must have a meltdown and throw his arms around Spike and being all weepy man! And in the process lets slip to Buffy and Dawn that
    a) He saw Spike in LA and kept it a secret as he promised to Spike.
    b) That Spike and Angel had been to the flat and looking for Buffy - and that he had sent them off and never told the girls.
  4. Andrew's fate - well anything goes!
  5. Must include Spike and Buffy shagging in the Trevi Fountain - sorta have the image of Buffy doing a Dolca Vita and then Spike jumps in and grabs her?
  6. And of course nummy claiming bite - doesn't have to be in the Fountain though...
  7. Must include Buffy calling Giles to announce she has been mated to Spike and Giles faints.
Also must have Dawn driving a Scooter in Rome and Spike riding pillion - him muttering about Angel usually being to one behind him on the scooter *wink*

Is this enough?? Have I done this right cos this is the first challenge I have posted!!

~it's great sweets!! I just wish I could write it... (resists call of the plot bunny) Thank you!!~


Challenge: 2
Season:Post Chosen
Post "Chosen" and Post "Not Fade Away" the PTB call Spike to an audience where he is to receive his rewards.
  1. He doesn't Shanshu but is made a Vamp in a living body, all the Vamp powers doubled, none of the weaknesses.
  2. The remove the geas that forced him to Love Buffy.
  3. So write us a fic about a love-sick Buffy courting her former Vamp love slave.


A Fortune Told by Always_jbj (complete!)

Cara Mia by Confused Muse (wip)

Challenge: 1
Season:Season 4
Ok, during the the Episode "Harsh Light of Day" Buffy falls asleep one night and becomes comatose for three days. During that time she is asleep, she has a detailed slayer dream of the rest of the series and the full 5 seasons of Angel. At first she thinks it is bull, but after her finale fight of the episode with Spike she realizes the truth. Write a Spuffy bitey fic of her actions.

Must haves:
  1. She plans the "Something Blue" 'marriage' in advance.
  2. She keeps the Gem of Amara.
  3. After "Pangs" Buffy constantly harasses Spike on and off patrol to try to make him a better person. (remember she knows already how the chip works.)
  4. Spike is the one in denial about loving Buffy.
Can haves:
  1. Someone calling Spike 'Buffy's Big Bad booty daddy'
  2. Giles wearing a tutu and singing AC/DC songs

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