Happy Birthday, Dia!
Jun 07 2021
Happy birthday to our site guru. I hope she's having a wonderful day.
by slaymesoftly
Another new year!
Dec 26 2020
Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season, and a happy and healthy 2021.  Let's just pretend 2020 never happened, 'K?

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by slaymesoftly
Less happy new year
Apr 22 2020
But we carry on. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and that we will put all this behind us one day.  Dia has been hard at work fixing the issues that took us off line for a few days. It seems to be up and running, but if you run into any problems, please let someone know. I'll be checking the site more often in an effort to weed out the spammers.
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by slaymesoftly
Happy New Year
Feb 09 2020
Happy 2020 everyone,
Long time, no comments from mods. Also no modding to speak of. My bad. The result is over 900+ applications for membership in the queue. Needless to say I expect 99% of them to be bogus so I'm deleting them a few at a time. I am not bothering to investigate every one of them for legitimacy, so if you've applied for membership and haven't heard anything, please let me know via the site message center or an email to my listed account. As of right now, I'm treating them all as bots or scammers and deleting them. If I can get our admin to do so, they'll all be elimnated in one fell swoop rather than a few at a time as I can do it. (Dia, are you out there?) Either way, I'm not validating any of them unless I happen to recognize a name or email from somewhere else.

You don't have to be a member to read here, so if that's all you want to do, just carry on as you were. We get very few story updates or new submissions now, so it seems to be primarily an archive of older fics. I do monitor submissions, so if you want to contribue fic, just do so. I will keep up with that aspect of the site and you will be notified if it's accepted (and you'll see it on the main page's list of new fics). But at this point in my life, I just don't have the time or inclination to keep up with all the bogus membership requests, so I'm treating them all the same. 

That said, we're still here.

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by slaymesoftly
EU law
May 26 2018
Hoi everyone,

surprise visit from the mostly absent admin. ;-)

Supposedly the new EU privacy laws shouldn't affect us since there is no commercial aspect to the verse, but it can't hurt to be too careful. You'll find a link to our privacy policy in the footer, hopefully it covers all the questions that may come up.

I've also turned on SSL encryption for the site to increase the security.
by Diabola
Welcome to 2018
Dec 31 2017
Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and a safe, healthy, happy and fic-filled 2018. Quick reminder about the spam issue that makes me reject 99.9% of membership requests, so let me know if you've applied and haven't heard back. Once I know you are a real person with legitimate reasons for being here, you'll be good to go. You do NOT need to be a member to read here, so please don't let that stop you from enjoying the fic. 
by slaymesoftly
Happy Birthday, Dia!
Jun 07 2017
Wishing a very happy birthday to the behind-the-scenes person who actually keeps the site running. Hope you're having a great day. 
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by slaymesoftly
Happy 2017
Jan 09 2017
Welcome to another year at the BSV. We've started the year off with a bang spam-wise, so I want to remind prospective members of two things: #1 - you don't need to be a member to read here (or to comment, I think, but I might be wrong about that), and #2 - 99% of our membership requests (and challenges) at this point are spam bots attempting to gain access. As a result, I delete membership requests with a pretty heavy hand. If your user name or email addy mentions an obvious product to sell, you're gone. If your addy is from a suspect email site (ru, I'm looking at you), you're gone.  If I can't spot either of those warning flags, I will usually google the addy to see if it shows up on one of the many spambot lists. On days like this where, after only two days away, I had 16 membership requests and 7 challenges, I may or may not take the time to google. So, if you submitted a legitmate request to be a member and haven't been notified that you are, please send an email to me via the BSV and tell me who you are and that you are a real person who likes Spuffy fanfic. Then you can resubmit. (all I want for Christmas is the ability to delete multiple requests in one fell swoop)  Challenges also have to be deleted manually one at a time, but I just click the X and I'm done. Way fewer steps than the membership requests. 

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by slaymesoftly
Special characters
Sep 23 2016
Hi all, surprise visit.

There was another platform upgrade earlier in the week, and as you probably noticed, it messed up some of the special characters in the stories. I think I fixed it everywhere (stories, whole stories, printable, preview), but if I missed something let me know.

OK, so I should have checked my fix on more than two stories. The additional errors I ended up creating should be gone now. Sorry about that.
by Diabola
Jul 04 2016
I just bumped up the information on how to submit a challenge at the BSV. You can either read the original post from 2009, or scroll all the way to today's date at the bottom of the thread to read it there after the bump up.
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by slaymesoftly
It's Spam season again.
Apr 25 2016
Or so it seems. All the membership requests lately have been for spam bots or known spammers. And some spam itself has shown up here and there. We do our best to keep it out, but spammers and trolls are tricky people....
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by slaymesoftly
Happy New Year and reminder
Jan 17 2016
I hope 2016 is a good year for everyone - our authors and our readers.  Just want to remind those seeking membership: #1, it's not required to read here, but #2 If you do apply for membership, we may well ask you to email us (me) so that we can be sure you are a real person. Probably 90% of the requests for membership I respond to are spammers or spambots. Some times it's easy to spot them, (if you've got "cheap handbags" as your user name...) but sometimes it's hard to be sure, and if the person doesn't show up anywhere else as a reader of fanfiction, I'll be suspicious.   I try to err on the side of caution because deleting spam posts is tedious and time-consuming. So, if you've applied, and you haven't heard from us (either an approval, or in some cases an email asking you to contact me), you should send an email to let me know who you are.  Thanks!
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by slaymesoftly
Jul 02 2015
I just realized that our category "Comics" is also labeled "season 8". Given that season 8 has finally gone away, (all pause to give thanks) I hope that designation (which I can't change to just "comics" or I would) isn't keeping readers away from any fics categorized as "comic based". Most comic-based fics that I've seen are either totally AU from comic canon, or begin there and go elsewhere. It's not usually necessary to be familiar with the comics to read and enjoy the Spuffy. This is particularly true now that Spike and Buffy are together. Will it last? Who knows? But it has given authors something to write about. 
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by slaymesoftly
Sweet Temptation
Jun 01 2015
FYI - It appears that the link to Sweet Temptation is no longer valid, no doubt because the site no longer exists. Until Dia has a chance to remove it from the side menu, please ignore it. You don't want to click on something that leads no where, or, worse yet, to something containing malware.
by slaymesoftly
Memberhsip reminder
Oct 12 2014
Just to remind guests to the site, we have had some spam issues in the past (and still do from time to time), so we are very cautious about adding new members. If your email addy and/or name are at all odd-looking, your application will probably sit for awhile until I can be sure it isn't going to show up on a list of spammers or bots.  If you've been waiting what seems like a long time and/or reapplying, feel free to email me and let me know that you are a real person who is here for the fic and I'll take care of it immediately. You do not need to be a member to read here, so please continue to enjoy the fic while you wait. :)
by slaymesoftly
Dia's Birthday!
Jun 09 2014
Our fearless leader, Dia, had a birthday this week. I have no idea what happened to the birthday message I thought I put up here.  Hope it was a good day!
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by slaymesoftly
Mar 04 2014
I'm working on the spam as fast as I can, but I do have a life.  Apologies!
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by slaymesoftly
For those who are new to us or to writing fanfic
Feb 06 2014
The forum contains many entries designed to help new writers find and please betas, and to help them with their own self-edits and proofreading.  Each entry, in addition to the original post, contains all the comments that appeared after it was posted, many of which contain even more helpful information.  I'm rereading a lot of these older threads both to bring them up again so that newbies can see and access them, and also so that I can look over the ones I've contributed in case I want to change or add or subtract something based on my new experiences in the past few years.  So far, I'm finding that they all stand up pretty well. *is pleased*  But I do want them to seem more current, so I'll be adding something to each one to bring it forward and make it easier for newbies to find them. (ETA - I don't think I can do that with each one. There are too many. Suffice it to say that most of the help can be found in the Forum - Writing - General Tips section.)

The rules for punctuation and grammar are just that - rules. They usually aren't negotiable (although there is room for argument about commas sometimes) and should be followed to the best of your ability. Ditto for spelling, although there will be differences between American spelling and British on many words.  I will post a funny anecdote about that on the forum....

The "rules" for writing well are a bit more flexible and are subject to personal preferences to some extent.  However, there are many writing quirks that are very common for new authors that really could use, if not complete discarding, at least some judicious paring; so a hard look at the writing "rules" and tips presented on the forum would be a good idea. "Never say never" and "Learn from the best" might be two thoughts to keep in mind when trying to adapt your style to something that will please the most people. When in doubt, feel free to ask someone on the beta list or who has posted frequently on the forum to look at a small sample of something you're worried about and get their opinion on it. A good opinion sharer will give you the reasons for objecting to something so that you will #1, understand better why it isn't considered "good" writing, and #2 be able to make an informed decision if you decide to incorporate into your work anyway. 
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by slaymesoftly
Holiday Greetings
Dec 24 2013
Wishing all our members and guests a very happy Spuffy holiday season.  
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by slaymesoftly
Beta stuff
Dec 19 2012
I've put a new thread in the forum asking for people to update the beta list. We always have authors asking how/where to find a beta and I'd love to be able to point them at our list and know that they have a good chance of actually finding someone there. :)
by slaymesoftly
Fighting Spam
Jul 09 2012
Quick reminder that, in addition to known spammers and spambots, we also deny membership requests from anyone whose user name and/or addy look suspicious.
If you've applied more than once and haven't received membership notification, please contact one of us via e mail and tell us who you are. It's possible your addy is triggering
rejection for one reason or another. Sorry for the extra steps, but the spam has been ridiculous and we're trying to keep them out.
by slaymesoftly
May 25 2012
Spam is getting worse. We know. We're doing our best but we do have lives, so please bear with us. And please don't click on any links, I don't trust them to be legitimate.
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by slaymesoftly
Apr 03 2012
Sorry for all the soccer spam lately. I'm deleting them as soon as I see them. Let me know if I miss anything.
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by slaymesoftly
We can't read everything -
Mar 04 2012
As you all know, authors posting here must have their chapters validated one at a time by one of the mods until we have determined that they are not likely to be posting anything that shouldn't be here; at which time they become validated authors and can post at will.   However, in many cases, we are no longer reading those fics once the author has been put on auto, and we have no way to know if they are continuing to use a beta, posting appropriate material, or otherwise meeting our criteria. So, if you spot something you think we should know about, please let one or the other of us (Slaymesoftly or Always_jbj) know. If an author has obviously ceased to use a beta, has posted a story that is not Spuffy, is AH, or some other violation of our criteria for being on the BSV, we may not know about it unless someone tells us. This is your archive. Help us keep it the best it can be. ;)
by slaymesoftly
Possible downtime and maybe some bugs
Oct 12 2011
Just heard that our host will be installing some upgrades in the week between the 17th and the 21st of this month. They can't tell the exact time yet, but they hope it won't take more than 10 to 15 minutes. So if the site acts up or becomes unreachable for a while there, don't worry.

The script should work with the upgrades, but in case anything goes wrong anyway let me know. I'll run a few test once they are done, but it's always possible I'll miss something.
by Diabola
Just in case..
Aug 15 2011
.. it was a real person after all.

If you write an introductory "about me" post that talks only about your business qualifications and post it to Episode Discussions of all places, chances are it's gonna be deleted.

I am pretty sure it was spam, but one never knows. ;-)
by Diabola
Database switch done
Aug 13 2011
Let me know if anything unexpected comes up, but it should be ok.
by Diabola
Different server
Jul 16 2011
You're now using the BSV version on the new server.

I hope I didn't create any bugs during the move, but if you notice anything, please describe the problem here: http://www.diabola.net/bsv/forum.php?go=read&no=25512

The old version is in read-only mode, but if you need to compare something or whatever, you can still reach it here:

Should it turn out that this move didn't help with the lags or even make things worse, I still have the old server and can simply put everything back, so don't panic if this doesn't improve things.
by Diabola
Jul 14 2011
Dia took care of it. As far as we know, those two links been there for a long time, undoubtedly unbeknownst to the author. They're gone now and we're hoping that's all there was. But still, be careful. Don't click on any links you see where it makes no sense for there to be a link. :)

I've been warned by an alert reader that at least one story on the BSV has Trojan links to viruses  in it.  The links are highlighted in the text.  PLEASE do not click on any links within the text of any stories. If you see a link - to anything - do not click on it. You won't like where it takes you.  Have forwarded the info to Dia and we will try to have these removed ASAP, but please be aware that we know of at least one affected story and there may well be more. There would be no reason for an author to insert a link into the text of a fic, so just assume, if you see such a thing, that it is NOT meant to be there. 'K? Thnx

PS If you see one, please let us know where you saw it in case these turn out to be something that has to be removed on a case by case basis.  Thanks.
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by slaymesoftly
Mar 24 2011
I was trying to avoid taking up space here for this, but PLEASE, people, put your fic searches on one of the two threads for that purpose. One is titled AH fics (not that we expect many for that on this site, but we did have a little flurry of them a few months ago) and the other now reads "search for fics here, please" or something like that. I'm doing my best to keep them visible and near the top of the list of forum entries.  Which would be a lot easier if they weren't constantly being forced off by people doing one-shot forum threads to ask for fics.... Thank you for paying attention. :)
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by slaymesoftly
Contrast on Stories
Feb 05 2011
Someone mentioned having problems reading for longer periods with the white-on-black default skin. To help you with that, I added a third feature in the reading area, in addition to text size and the width or the text, you can now also pick whether you prefer light-on-dark, dark-on-light or the skin default setting. Of course like the other two options, you can also choose a default in the Account Settings - for example if you like the blacknwhite skin, but prefer to read longer texts in dark-on-light.
by Diabola
Back with some changes
Jan 30 2011
OK, looks like everything worked out.

Not all the changes will be visible to you, but some of the most important ones are:

~ new version of the editor
~ more textareas have been replaced by the editor
~ CAPTCHA for anon reviews and forum-posts
~ reply to specific post (forum)
~ choose text-width for fics (life or fixed via Account Settings)
~ Sort by: (Author | Title | Word Count | Date) in Updates and Complete

For those who preferred the textarea for posting fics, the new editor has a button called Paste as plain text if you use that and input the text you've prepared for the textarea, the editor will interpret everything correctly.

Oh, and the other admins can now activate accounts, so asking around in the forum should be enough that it gets back to someone who can help you out. If you've already tried registering and didn't get your email, please post your requested username and email-addy in this thread.

Now let's hope I didn't miss anything. (Before I forget, forget about Search for now, I'm only just getting around to that, so it still doesn't work properly.)

Looks like we survived the upgrade without problems, so far so good.

Since I wasn't sure what the outcome would be, I used the wait to give the code a bit of an update too, and while everything went fine, I'm still going to put the new stuff up. The code has already been tested, so there shouldn't be too many problems, but since I made changes to both the PHP-code and the database-structure, there will be times during the upload that parts of the site won't work.

I shouldn't need more than a few hours at most, so I'm asking you to NOT post or change anything while this message is up. I'll change the notice once I'm done.

(Yes, I have the old code here in case something goes wrong.)
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by Diabola
Possible upcoming problem
Jan 22 2011
At 2:00 p.m. CST on Saturday, January 29, 2011 our host is going to transfer all websites to a new server, so there we may be experiencing downtimes, and anything you upload while the transfer is ongoing (they suggest four hours, but who knows) may not make the move. Your best bet is probably to leave the site mostly alone during that time.

The real problem is that the transfer comes with a security upgrade, and it is entirely possibly that editing and/or submitting fic will no longer work afterwards. If that's the case, don't panic, I'll either move it to a new host, or change the script so it'll work with the new security settings.

If it comes to that, posting may end up not working for more than a few hours. Just so you're warned.

I'll put up another message to let you know the outcome sometimes on the 29th.
by Diabola
New submissions help
Nov 28 2009
I have posted a new thread on the forum (Here) which has links to many of the entries on mechanics in the BSV General Tips section, as well as links to several entries on Riters_R_Us. I'm hoping that prospective new authors will take a look at this thread at the same time that they read the rules for posting and will get information that will help them avoid that dreaded rejection letter. The thread itself will be found in the Support section, but I intend to try to keep it visible in the forum entry box so that it is easily accessed by everyone.

by slaymesoftly
Dennis speaks - official challenge
Sep 13 2009
Find out more
by Diabola
Official new Betalist (finally)
Sep 07 2009
The new betalist is finally online. Rather than explain how it works here, I put an explanation at the top of the old list: Betalist - Old Betalist. I'll add an FAQ entry as soon as I have the time.

Questions? Complaints?
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by Diabola
Possible new feature
Sep 05 2009
by Diabola
New Beta List
Jul 03 2009
We've started a new beta list - to be used only for beta information. Only one sign-up so far. If you were on the previous list and want to continue to offer your services, please add your name and contact info to the new one. Let's keep the old one around for adding tips, comments, and continuing discussions, but please use the new one for listing and finding betas. Thanks!
by slaymesoftly
We do what we can
Jan 31 2009
Some of you may have noticed that we've had some...what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, impolite visitors (no? you don't think that's the word? lol) on the chat and the forum lately. Not much I can do about the chat, although I have notified Dia, but I can and will delete any gratuitously rude, vulgar and pointless forum entries. We have no problem with the forum being used for discussions - even if they become heated at times; but anonymous posters who are there simply to be rude will be treated with all the consideration they deserve. If you see something and it doesn't go away quickly, let one of us know, will you? Thanks.
by slaymesoftly
Submitting a story
Jan 16 2009
Just a quick note for those submitting a story...

Please remember to read the submission rules, you will find these in the 'Support' section if you would like to check them in advance, you also have to agree to them when submitting the story.

If submissions do not comply with the rules they WILL be rejected. The moderators' decision is final, so if your story is rejected for whatever reason (and if it is, you will be told why in an email), please do not email us to argue the point. We are happy to answer any questions you have, but arguing will not make us validate a story which does not comply with our rules.
by Always_jbj
Challenges, challenges, challenges
Sep 21 2008
I was going to do a long rant here, but I think I'll just point down to Dia's post from last March. I'd add to it: I, personally, (don't know about the other mods)will only edit and correct those challenges submitted by people who are obviously not native English speakers. Anyone else will get tossed if it's full of misspellings, netspeak, and so forth.
Please check through the challenges already up (and, yes, I know there are a lot of them)to be sure that yours isn't too similar to some already there. Ditto for fics aleady written. If we know that there are already a lot of fics with the same theme as your challenge, we probably won't put it up.
Also - PLEASE do not keep submitting the same challenge over and over just because you haven't seen it yet. If you submitted it, we got it. We either haven't had time to do anything about it yet, or we didn't take it for one reason or another.
by slaymesoftly
Challenges rant
Jan 29 2008
OK, you know what, I don't care if this is going to make me sounds like an absolute bitch, I'll say it anyway.

Story submissions on this archive are moderated, our rules say things like "proper grammar and spelling", so why is it so hard to figure out that the same rules would apply to the challenges? I get that you don't want to bother someone about proofreading those few lines, that you may not have the option to spell-check the text, or that English may not be your first language, but goddammit, there is no, absolutely no excuse not to capitalize the character names! And chat-speak? You've got to be kidding me!

I proofread and fix up the submitted challenges, but it would be nice if you could at least make some effort.

I've decided that if it is obvious that you didn't even try to spell things correctly and form coherent sentences, I'll not try to fix it up either, I'll just delete it. I'll make sure to add a note about that on the challenge submission form so everyone knows about it before hitting Submit.

Sorry to everyone who does make sure to use proper language and spelling in their submissions, this rant was obviously not directed at you, and your stuff will be in no danger of being rejected. This is for the people who think chat-speak in a challenge is fine, while capital letters and punctuation are optional.
by Diabola
Reminder: AOL doesn't like us.
Nov 03 2007
If you register an account using an AOL email address, chances are you won't receive your activation email. If you have a non-AOL address available, use that; otherwise let me know, and I'll activate your account by hand.
by Diabola
Let me clarify something!
Nov 17 2006
For most of you this post will seem odd, but those that have seen/can see a certain other post will know what this is about. Everyone else, just forget about it. LOL

I do not, have not, nor will I ever delete a fic or account if it hasn't been requested by the author/member in question. Besides me only BSB has access to those features (because I saw no reason to revoke her rights when she left), and I seriously doubt she did anything like that either. Neither Always_jbj nor Slaymesoftly have the rights to do anything but validate/reject fics and post in the News section.

The only way I will delete an account/fic, is if it was specifically requested. And even then I will verify your email address first to make sure the request didn't come from a third party who wants to harm you. (The last time I deleted something was ComedyOfErrors a few months back, because she wanted all her stories gone form the web for personal reasons.)

If your fic/account suddenly disappears and you don't know what is going on, you contact me and ask! It could be a DB error, in which case I might be able to find the file and fix the DB entry. It could be an error in the code, in which case I absolutely NEED to know about it, because it could happen again if I don't fix it. It could be you accidentally deleted it yourself. It could be that someone hacked into your account (stole your pwd), and deleted things to spite you. The only thing it will never be, is me deleting something without your explicit request.
by Diabola
Emails again
Sep 18 2006
Ok, a new tip for those of you that have problems recieving emails from the site.

Check your spam-filter (the local AND the online one) and see if you have a so-called whitelist. Add the following address to that list: httpd@web14.websitesource.net

That's the addy the server uses to send the emails. It's NOT the addy that shows up in the FROM: part of the header, so don't let that confuse you.
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by Diabola
Passing the Torch
Aug 02 2006
I'm stepping down as owner of the Bloodshedverse and giving it to Dia, who has already done sooo much work on it already, she deserves to get full credit for it! I'll still be around and am in no way 'leaving' the fandom, I just know that it is in my best interest (and the BSV's) to hand it over to someone who can give it the full attention it deserves! Thank you Dia for your willingness to take over!! *hugs you*
by bloodshedbaby
Apr 09 2006
Yep, it's me again! I just wanted to mention quickly that while reviews are what authors 'work' for, opinions and reviews that border on rude aren't really appreciated. So if you're being an ass? Please stop. Thank you!
by bloodshedbaby
A Quick Reminder...
Mar 30 2006
Authors, when you post a story that has been beta'd, please don't forget to thank that wonderful person(s) in an author's note! Thank you!
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by bloodshedbaby
Everybody is welcome!
Jan 24 2006
In light of Buffy/Spike Central not being online right now and Spuffy Realm's space limitations, I just wanted to assure new/returning visitors that you are more than welcome to register and enjoy the site REGARDLESS if you post fic or not. Happy Reading!
by bloodshedbaby