New submissions help
Nov 28 2009
I have posted a new thread on the forum (Here) which has links to many of the entries on mechanics in the BSV General Tips section, as well as links to several entries on Riters_R_Us. I'm hoping that prospective new authors will take a look at this thread at the same time that they read the rules for posting and will get information that will help them avoid that dreaded rejection letter. The thread itself will be found in the Support section, but I intend to try to keep it visible in the forum entry box so that it is easily accessed by everyone.

by slaymesoftly
Slay - what got decided re Spike/Shanshu stories?
Nov 30 2009 by Spikez_tart
Sorry - I just noticed this. I think we decided Spike/Shanshu is fine, as long as he was the "real" Spike before he shanshued. I think I might have run it by the other mods and Dia as to whether a fic that begins after the shanshu is ok, but I don't know why it wouldn't be.
Dec 23 2009 by slaymesoftly
As far as I am aware, Shanshu Spike stories are fine as long as they are set in the world of canon, not (as someone pointed out COULD happen) amnesiac-Shanshued-Spike meets Buffy-the-truck-driver and they live happily (or not so happily) ever after.
Dec 24 2009 by Always_jbj