Back with some changes
Jan 30 2011
OK, looks like everything worked out.

Not all the changes will be visible to you, but some of the most important ones are:

~ new version of the editor
~ more textareas have been replaced by the editor
~ CAPTCHA for anon reviews and forum-posts
~ reply to specific post (forum)
~ choose text-width for fics (life or fixed via Account Settings)
~ Sort by: (Author | Title | Word Count | Date) in Updates and Complete

For those who preferred the textarea for posting fics, the new editor has a button called Paste as plain text if you use that and input the text you've prepared for the textarea, the editor will interpret everything correctly.

Oh, and the other admins can now activate accounts, so asking around in the forum should be enough that it gets back to someone who can help you out. If you've already tried registering and didn't get your email, please post your requested username and email-addy in this thread.

Now let's hope I didn't miss anything. (Before I forget, forget about Search for now, I'm only just getting around to that, so it still doesn't work properly.)

Looks like we survived the upgrade without problems, so far so good.

Since I wasn't sure what the outcome would be, I used the wait to give the code a bit of an update too, and while everything went fine, I'm still going to put the new stuff up. The code has already been tested, so there shouldn't be too many problems, but since I made changes to both the PHP-code and the database-structure, there will be times during the upload that parts of the site won't work.

I shouldn't need more than a few hours at most, so I'm asking you to NOT post or change anything while this message is up. I'll change the notice once I'm done.

(Yes, I have the old code here in case something goes wrong.)
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