Jul 14 2011
Dia took care of it. As far as we know, those two links been there for a long time, undoubtedly unbeknownst to the author. They're gone now and we're hoping that's all there was. But still, be careful. Don't click on any links you see where it makes no sense for there to be a link. :)

I've been warned by an alert reader that at least one story on the BSV has Trojan links to viruses  in it.  The links are highlighted in the text.  PLEASE do not click on any links within the text of any stories. If you see a link - to anything - do not click on it. You won't like where it takes you.  Have forwarded the info to Dia and we will try to have these removed ASAP, but please be aware that we know of at least one affected story and there may well be more. There would be no reason for an author to insert a link into the text of a fic, so just assume, if you see such a thing, that it is NOT meant to be there. 'K? Thnx

PS If you see one, please let us know where you saw it in case these turn out to be something that has to be removed on a case by case basis.  Thanks.
by slaymesoftly