Happy 2017
Jan 09 2017
Welcome to another year at the BSV. We've started the year off with a bang spam-wise, so I want to remind prospective members of two things: #1 - you don't need to be a member to read here (or to comment, I think, but I might be wrong about that), and #2 - 99% of our membership requests (and challenges) at this point are spam bots attempting to gain access. As a result, I delete membership requests with a pretty heavy hand. If your user name or email addy mentions an obvious product to sell, you're gone. If your addy is from a suspect email site (ru, I'm looking at you), you're gone.  If I can't spot either of those warning flags, I will usually google the addy to see if it shows up on one of the many spambot lists. On days like this where, after only two days away, I had 16 membership requests and 7 challenges, I may or may not take the time to google. So, if you submitted a legitmate request to be a member and haven't been notified that you are, please send an email to me via the BSV and tell me who you are and that you are a real person who likes Spuffy fanfic. Then you can resubmit. (all I want for Christmas is the ability to delete multiple requests in one fell swoop)  Challenges also have to be deleted manually one at a time, but I just click the X and I'm done. Way fewer steps than the membership requests. 

by slaymesoftly