Apr 09 2006
Yep, it's me again! I just wanted to mention quickly that while reviews are what authors 'work' for, opinions and reviews that border on rude aren't really appreciated. So if you're being an ass? Please stop. Thank you!
by bloodshedbaby
hey BSB.. um just a thought.. see how you have a beta list? (u do have one right.. hmm.. lol) um i was just suggesting if we could have a banner list as well.. for those who want to make banners for the authors.. .. just a thought :)

Apr 13 2006 by Spikes Slayer2
Well you know your sit it popular when you have your own critic. Who is this Richard guy anyway? Gods, just reading his revews of the wonderful storys Im reading makes me feel like Im back in middle school and one of my teachers (you know the kind, the ones that are only teachers because they couldnt get the grades needed to be more so settled. And they dont like kids.) is taking apart my paper word for word in front of the whole class.
If you like the story leave a revew to tell how you like it, if you dont like it STOP reading it, dont what for a update to read it and tell what you feel is wrong with it, its your opinion and you have a right to it, but as my grandma used to say if you dont have somthing nice to say keep it to your self.
Apr 28 2006 by Cewcew
I know someone's going to frown at me saying this, but I get annoyed reading reviews from people who I wonder why they're even here... not just those Bangel fans that sneak on once in a blue moon to flame us spuffy fans. But people who don't even seem to like Buffy (the char)... it's like, go read a different pairing then... *scratches head* Or people that leave reviews complaining about the plot, but I see them review every chapter... you think they would stop reading if they didn't like the story! LoL
Apr 30 2006 by Blood Faerie
I agree...I get the same thing, readers who tell me chapter after chapter that they hate what i'm doing with a fic...I'm like, then read a different story cause this one is *mine* and I'll write it how I want...not to be offensive but come on! lol
Jun 03 2006 by DreamsofSpike
LoL, actually your story was one of the ones I was referring to, lol... And yeah, people have different tastes so not everyone is gonna like your ideas, but the audacity of some flamers...
Jun 03 2006 by Blood Faerie
I love constructive critisism. I find it really helps me improve and honestly as a 'new' writer I can use all the help I can get. But I have one constant reviewer who appears to just review to tell me how many plot points I'm avoiding or ignoring or just plain missing before I have the chance to finish that particular section of plot. It can be a little frustrating. I just wish that some people would realise that sometimes the whole story takes a little time to tell.
Jul 01 2006 by Jackofspikes
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