Passing the Torch
Aug 02 2006
I'm stepping down as owner of the Bloodshedverse and giving it to Dia, who has already done sooo much work on it already, she deserves to get full credit for it! I'll still be around and am in no way 'leaving' the fandom, I just know that it is in my best interest (and the BSV's) to hand it over to someone who can give it the full attention it deserves! Thank you Dia for your willingness to take over!! *hugs you*
by bloodshedbaby
Thank you for providing this site for die hard Spuffy fans! Best of luck in all you do!
Aug 03 2006 by Joyce
*Hugs* You BETTER still be around, woman!
I have loved this site since I first stumbled across it way back when... and I don't think you could be passing your baby on to a better person than Dia.
Aug 03 2006 by Always_jbj
Thank you for the wonderful site you have created and for giving me such a warm welcome when I started to post in January. Am glad you will still be around. *hugs* xxx
Aug 03 2006 by just_sue
awww thats good that you'll still be hanging round.. i love this site! i was so happy when i found it! you've done a great job! *snaps for BSB*
Aug 03 2006 by Spikes Slayer2
*sniff* When I first started coming to this site, you drug me out of my 'lurking'. *hugs tight*
Aug 03 2006 by Karyn
*hugs* Without you there wouldn't be a Bloodshedverse. I'm very glad you founded it. And I'm relieved that you'll still be around (here and in the fandom).
Aug 03 2006 by Cordykitten
*sniff* I'll always associate bloodshedverse with you. This is the site where I read my first spuffy fic, left my first review, posted my first story and recieved my first review,found my first beta. Thanks for this wonderful site BSB. You're to me what Bloomsbury's to J K Rowling.*hugs*
Aug 03 2006 by fallen_angel
Stacy - you lured me away from lurkerdom, encouraged me to write, and gave me a home at the HOB. I'm saddened that you are stepping down, but you've left the Verse in very capable hands. I'm glad you're sticking around, and you know you can always count on me whenever and for whatever you need. *hugs*
Aug 04 2006 by Oracleholly
Oh my gosh, Stacy. This threw me for a loop to see. I am very glad that you aren't leaving the fandom though. You have been a part of it for so long, and you've done so well with it. The BSV is my favorite archive, and it was my favorite at the old site too. You have put a lot of time and effort in it over the years, and I know that I sincerely appreciated it. A lot of people got their starts at the BSV, or had their fics showcased here ... and we have you to thank for that. {huggles}
Aug 04 2006 by Tasha
awww....thanx for all you've done BSB....i'm getting all misty here...but i'm glad you're still gonna be around, and i know dia's gonna do great!! thanx again
Aug 04 2006 by DreamsofSpike
I am gald you are not leaving the fandom all together. I am sad to see you stepping down. I wish you best. *HUGS*
Aug 04 2006 by meli1_77
*blinks* You're stepping down? Wow. I know the site is being left in capable hands with Dia but YOU will be missed! Very relieved to hear that you won't be leaving the fandom. Without your support I wouldn't have come as far as I have with my writing. You're a wonderful person Stacy and you and this site mean a lot to very many people. *huge hugs*
Aug 04 2006 by angelic_amy
*hugs you tightly* I am understand about your reasons, but am just glad your going to still be around. Dia is amazing so I know we will be in good hands. *hugs you tightly* I have missed you since Atlanta!
Aug 04 2006 by Athenewolfe
awww thanks you guys!! Reading all of these just made me tear up!! *hugs everyone tight*
Aug 04 2006 by bloodshedbaby
I really can't compose my thoughts -- on the one hand I saw this coming, on the other hand I'm sorry its come to this. I know you've left the BSV in the best possible hands and yet. . . . yet, I am so very sorry to see you step down. This was the very first place I felt welcome in the fandom -- the first place where I felt like I mattered and that's all because of you. I'm glad we had time to talk in Atlanta and got to know each other beyond the internet. And I'm just really glad you aren't completely walking away, coz I'm not sure I could handle that. Thank you, for having the courage to establish this site, for taking the stand you have about the stories you accept and just generally being you. *hugs*

Thanks Stacy, for everything. You are a star.

PS. I still think this site saved the Spuffy fandom from extinction.
Aug 05 2006 by Niamh
BSB - Thanks for all your work to make this a totally awesome Spuffy site. Hope you will have more time to hang with the tag and write write write.
Aug 06 2006 by Spikez_tart
Stacy - wow. I'm just. Wow. You are wonderful and I can't begin to detail what you've done for the fandom. I am glad we aren't losing you, and though I'm sure the BSV is in good hands, your insights and knowledge and determination will remain to be held in awe. *hugs*
Aug 09 2006 by Irishrose
thank you for everything youve done for site and for me, personally. So pleased you will still be around and on LJ, I hope. Cant do without your comments and advice! Hugs. Lots of hugs.
Aug 10 2006 by Lilachigh
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