Reminder: AOL doesn't like us.
Nov 03 2007
If you register an account using an AOL email address, chances are you won't receive your activation email. If you have a non-AOL address available, use that; otherwise let me know, and I'll activate your account by hand.
by Diabola
Hey, Dia, I'm not sure that hotmail likes us anymore, either. I stopped getting review notifications from the verse about the same time that I stopped getting them from LJ. I've had to switch my e mail at LJ to a Yahoo account. Do you think I should do that here too - or just wait until after the upgrade and see what happens?
Nov 03 2007 by slaymesoftly
The upgrade won't help with the email thing. If hotmail is acting up, switching is probably the best course of action. But thanks for letting me know, I'll look into the hotmail thing, maybe they'll be easier to convince we're harmless than AOL.
Nov 03 2007 by Diabola
OK - I'm just guessing that it's something similar as both sets of comments disappeared at the same time and I've received nothing from the verse since. Could be a coincidence, and there hasn't been any other correspondence from the verse since that one set of missing reviews but that's not normal.
Nov 04 2007 by slaymesoftly
You're probably right about the problems being related. My guess is that hotmail changed their settings concerning what is spam and what isn't. Emails sent by servers, not people, are always suspect, and tend to only get through if the server in question is on some kind of whitelist. LJ is most likely already negotiating with hotmail to be put on the new/changed list. I'll see if they have some kind of form or something that will allow me to request the same for our server.
Nov 04 2007 by Diabola
I had that problem with SR, even on yahoo. I had to turn off spam filter and use email that didn't get a lot of spam -.-;
Nov 04 2007 by Blood Faerie
Whatever it was, it seems to be fixed. I had two more non-notifications, and one for a review that wasn't there (?), but now it seems to be OK, including e mails from people who needed to talk to me and went through the verse to do it. That was my big worry, but it seems to be fine now.
Nov 05 2007 by slaymesoftly
*blinks* I did something that should have helped with the hotmail problem on Saturday night, but I got an error message and wasn't sure if it went through. Either they fixed it themselves, or what I did worked better and faster than I expected. Oh well, at least it works again.
Nov 05 2007 by Diabola
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