Buffyverse 2014 by slaymesoftly
Chapter #1 - All
Title: Buffyverse - 2014
Rating: R or NC17
Season: Takes place in the future
Disclaimer: Not my characters
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Word Count: 5600
Summary: Takes place 10 years after the events in AtV season V. Buffy is 33, Spike is still Spike. (Doesn’t acknowledge AtV series-ending apocalypse)

Buffyverse - 2014

“Andrew, I need to…” the small blond woman blurted as she burst through the door to his office. Buffy’s abrupt entrance brought a smile to the face of his guest.

“Still haven’t learned to knock, then, Slayer?”

Her face went completely white, then bright red. “I – I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had…. I’ll just come back later.” She whirled to leave, her face tight and her heart pounding.

“Buffy.” The sound of her name on his lips halted her progress out the door, but she didn’t turn around.

Andrew looked back and forth between the two former lovers and at Spike’s jerk of his head, he stood up, edging around Buffy and muttering, “I’ll just go get us all some …some…something.” He bolted out the door, shutting it behind him and then turning to press his ear against it.

Inside the room, the vampire slipped quietly to his feet and glided across the floor to stand behind her. He reached one hand toward her trembling body, then let it drop to his side.

“I’m sorry, love,” he said softly. “I was told you were in Paris. I thought it’d be safe for me to pop in.”

“It’s OK,” she whispered, drawing a ragged breath. “It’s not like I didn’t know…..I mean, we had to bump into each other eventually – working for the same –“

“With,” he growled. “I work WITH, not for!”

She smiled briefly at this sign of how little Spike had changed in ten years. Forcing herself to take deep breaths and calm down, she gradually turned to face the man she hadn’t seen since she had left him burning up and bringing Sunnydale down around his head.

He looked different – no black leather coat, light brown curls instead of gelled platinum hair, a blue shirt that matched his eyes and a silver tie. (Spike in a tie!) She glanced at the rest of his body and noted the soft denim and the Docs on his feet. (At least some things don’t change. Part of her was also noticing how good he looked in the blue shirt and how it showed off his upper body without clinging to it as his tee shirts used to.

(And I guess that explains the unusually large number of young slayers and secretaries outside Andrew’s office)

For several minutes they just stared at each other. The distance between them seemed much greater than the few feet it actually was.

(She’s still gorgeous. This is not going to be good for my mental health.)

Spike drank in the sight of her – soft, golden curls around her face, petite but shapely body, and huge green eyes that riveted him in place as they gazed into his as though searching for something.

Finally, Buffy broke the tense silence by shaking her head and looking away, as she muttered, “I don’t know if I want to hug you or hit you.”

“Sounds like old times, pet,” he snarked as she turned to glare at him. “Do I get a vote?”

“No!” she snapped, but her eyes softened and she gave him a tentative smile. “I’m sorry I wigged out. I just wasn’t expecting to find you sitting in Andrew’s office….or anywhere, really…..and I just…..I didn’t handle it very well, did I?”

“S’all right, Slayer. Kinda at a loss for words myself,” he finished, trying not to be too obvious about devouring her with his eyes.

“That’ll be the day,” she rolled her eyes. Spike laughed and suddenly they were relaxed and moving toward one another.

“So, it’s a hug, then?” he asked softly, smiling and holding out his arms.

“I guess it is.” She smiled back and slipped into the familiar embrace. She was instantly reminded of how well their bodies fit together as she put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

(This feels so good. I’d better be careful, don’t want to make him uncomfortable).

(Right, no kiss then. I can live with that. I’m touchin’ her for the first time in ten years. No sense being greedy.)

Spike felt his body reacting to her scent and the feel of her lithe body near his in the same way it always had. He shifted his hips away from her to make sure it was a chaste, friendly hug from the waist up only so that she wouldn’t feel what she was doing to him.

Buffy clung to his neck, inhaling the smell of tobacco and whiskey that meant Spike to her. When she felt the familiar thrill pass through her body, she froze and tried to keep her heart rate even so he wouldn’t suspect the effect he was having on her.

As soon as the vampire felt her stiffen, he let go and pulled away.

(Damn, she must have figured it out.)

Buffy flinched as he pulled away from her and released him immediately.

(Shit! He must have sensed it –damn vampire enhancements.)

“I’m sorry.”


(He’s sorry he doesn’t want me that way anymore. That’s OK. We can be friends).

(She’s sorry she doesn’t feel that way about me. That’s OK. Just being around her again is plenty.)

Both Slayer and vampire studied the floor uncomfortably while they tried to swallow their disappointment and embarrassment.

Finally Spike cleared his throat and said, “ You look wonderful, Buffy. How have you been?”

“Thank you. You look good too. (Too good.) I’ve been good. Good, but busy. We’re still finding new slayers every once in a while. But the school is going well – of course you probably know that. I hear the girls have to fight you in order to graduate. It’s the highlight of their time here.” She blushed as she recalled some of the conversations she’d overheard.

“Yeah, well one of the perks I guess. I get to be waled on by Buffy wannabes on a regular basis.” He smirked.

Buffy rolled her eyes and asked him, “They don’t have to beat you, do they? ‘Cause I just can’t see most of these girls winning a fight with you.”

“No, they don’t have to win. And only one or two have even come close so far. There’s only one Slayer’s ever been able to kick my ass. And that’s all there ever will be.”

Buffy colored slightly at the implied praise and waited for him to continue.

“But,” he continued, “they do have to show me enough that I don’t think they’ll get killed first time out. If I don’t think they can cut it, I send ‘em back for more training.”

“Well, we appreciate it – giving up your time, I mean. I’m sure it takes time away from whatever it is you do there in LA.” She twisted a strand of hair as she asked, “What exactly is it you do, anyway?”

“We help people when we can. Keeps me in smokes and scotch and gives me my daily spot of violence. Lots of nasties in LA – not all of ‘em demons,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. “And don’t get me started on Hollywood!”

They laughed together comfortably and he said softly, “Feels good, pet. To hear you laugh again. Been a long time.”

“Yes, it has,” she said, suddenly serious. “Why has it been such a long time, Spike?” She fixed her liquid green eyes on his and he felt like he was falling into them.

Trying to change the subject, he asked instead, “So, are you and the Immortal still an item? I hate the poncy bastard, but I can see how you might-“

The Immortal? What has that got to do with –?”

“Well the last time I saw you, you seemed happy with him. Like you were having fun and…”

“I SEEMED happy? When did you have a chance to notice how I seemed with him?” she asked, a dangerous tone creeping into her voice.

(Uh,oh. I wonder if there’s a way to save this?)

“Well, Angel and I – we had to go to Rome, not long after you started seeing him, and we tried to find you. To, uh, warn you…”

“Warn me? About what?”

“Um, uh. About him, actually. The Immortal. We kind of have a history with him and we wanted to protect you from…..”

“Protect me? From what? Good food? Good conversation? Understanding and compassion? Dancing? Nice cars? Good prezzies? Good shopping? Good se-“ she stopped herself in what she hoped was the nick of time.

(Don’t let him know what I was about to say. Please don’t let him know.)

One look at his stony face told her she had said too much. “Yeah, he’s quite the lover. Heard it before,” His voice was tight and even though his face was closed and impassive, she could feel the anger radiating off his body. “So, you’re still together then?”

(I’ve got to get through this. Then I’m going to go kill something. Anything.)

(Oh my god, how did things go so wrong so fast? I should have kept going out of the room.)

“We – we’re not together. Haven’t been for years. He was just somebody who was there for me at a – a – difficult time in my life. I was vulnerable and he was –“

“Convenient?” he quirked an eyebrow at her.

Buffy visibly flinched, then reacted as she always did, with anger. “He was THERE and he made me go out and enjoy life when I could and he let me cry on his shoulder when I couldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t have thought you’d have had much to cry about – world saved, evil defeated, lots of assistant slayers to pick up the slack, finally getting to see Europe, dancing in discos-“

The sound of her slap startled them both almost more than the force of it. He straightened up, rubbing the side of his face and said quietly, “Some things never change, do they, love?”

Buffy was staring from her hand to his face in horror. Shame at what she’d done struggled with the anger still burning in her chest.

“I – I’m sorry,” she whispered. (I am so sorry.)

“Guess I should be grateful it wasn’t your fist and my nose.” He shrugged. “Mind telling me what the hell I said exactly?”

Buffy’s eyes were filling with tears as she struggled to meet his angry glare.

“How could you ask me what I had to cry about? The man I was in love with -the one who swore he would never leave me -burned himself up to save the world. I had to run away, leaving him to die thinking I was a liar. That made me all kinds of happy. Then he came back, but he didn’t want to see me; didn’t even want me to know he was alive. I had to find out by accident.”

Spike closed his eyes briefly as a physical pain shot through his body. Buffy was struggling to control the quiver in her voice and didn’t notice his shocked expression.

“I was just learning to live in a world without him, and then I find out he’s still in it. He just doesn’t want me anymore. So, yeah, I had a few issues for awhile.”

She stopped talking to take deep ragged breaths, blinking rapidly to control the tears that threatened to spill down her face.

Spike felt his insides shrivel as he heard her out.

(I’ve been a bleedin’ fool.)

“Buffy,” he got out in a strangled voice. “I never – I will want you till the day I die – again.”

“Then why….how could you….?”

(How could you hurt me like that?)

“I never thought…..I was so sure you didn’t love me.” He flinched when her face twisted in pain. “I just figured you were better off without me in your life.” He stopped to pull in a breath, “If I wasn’t around you could get on with having a real life. And when I saw you dancing in Rome...” He plunged on, ignoring her gasp of surprise, “You looked like you belonged there. You looked happy and carefree and I knew I didn’t stand a chance of being the one you’d want to spend your life with. Never figured to be the long-haul guy anyway. Just wanted to be with you as long as I could. I figured my time was up. I – we, Angel and me, we did try to see you; but you weren’t home and when Andrew told us you’d moved on, it just seemed like going back to LA was the right thing to do.”

The vampire stopped talking and fixed his eyes on her anguished face. There were tears in his own eyes as he continued, “I never meant to hurt you, love. I would cut my heart out before I would knowingly hurt you. You have to believe me. Please,” he added softly.

She sank down onto the couch and gave a shaky laugh. “This sounds like something out of a soap opera. I think you don’t love me anymore – you think I don’t love you – so we end up spending the next ten years on opposite sides of the world. It’s almost funny,” she finished as she dropped her head into her hands.

“Oh yeah, it’s a bleedin’ riot. If I wasn’t busy trying to hold my heart together with both hands, I’d be slapping my knee, “ he growled as he sprawled into the chair.

Both Slayer and vampire just sat, heads back, eyes shut for several minutes; their tense postures the only sign of the emotions roiling through them.

Spike stirred first. Raising his head and fixing her with a steady gaze, he asked, “So, Buffy. What now?”

“I don’t know – my head hurts,” she moaned.

“Sun’s about to go down. How about I buy you dinner while we try to suss this out?

“Dinner?” She peered at him through her hair. “Are you asking me out? On a date?”

“I’m offering to buy you dinner, love. If it’s a date or not is up to you. I’m just glad we’re talking to each other again. Just not ready to say ‘good-bye’ yet.”

“Oh” she said softly, “OK. I’m not ready for you to leave yet, either.” Their eyes met as they both recalled the last time she’d said something like that to him. “But – I don’t think I’m ready for a date,” she said apologetically.

“Right, then, it’s just two old friends catching up on each other’s lives.” He smiled at her worried look. “ ‘s OK, love. Probably better that way. No expectations on anyone’s part.”

(Hopes, maybe, but not expectations.)

“That’s good. Lack of expectations is... good…”

(Would I be happier if there were expectations?)

“Ok, then. I’ll just tell Andrew we’re leaving.” He walked over to the door and shouted into the keyhole, “We’re going out to dinner now, Andrew!” laughing as he heard the sound of feet scampering away from the door.

When he opened it, Andrew was sitting on his secretary’s desk, looking both happy and offended.

“Spike! Did you and Buffy have a nice talk?”

The vampire just rolled his eyes at him and started from the room.

“Uh, Spike?” Buffy said timidly. “I need to, um, make a phone call before we go.”

“Ok, love, I’ll wait –“ as he saw her shift uncomfortably from foot to foot, he had to push his demon down.

(She has to call a man – probably already had a date for tonight.)

He was able to shrug casually and said, “I’ll be right out here”.

(Don’t be an arse. She’s breaking the date to be with you. Keep your cool.)

He carefully closed the office door and strolled up to Andrew’s secretary.
Putting on his most charming smile, he asked, “Do me a favor, pet? Make dinner reservations for two at the Royal Garden. Say about an hour from now?”

“Sure, Spike. I’d be happy to.” She gazed up at him adoringly as she reached for the phone.

“There’s a good girl,” he encouraged and touched her chin with a cool fingertip. There were groans of envy from women all over the room as they saw the exchange.

When the door opened and Buffy came out, all eyes swiveled to her. She was flushed and looked agitated. (Bloke didn’t take it well, I guess) his demon said smugly. He quickly stepped up to her and asked “Everything all right, pet?”

“Yes, fine. I just had to re-arrange a few things. That’s all.” She smiled brightly at him, but he could read the guilt in her eyes.

“I don’t want to mess up your life, Buffy,” he said carefully. “Just want to spend some time with you. If this wasn’t a good time, you should have said so.”

(How does he read me like that? After all this time, he still knows me so well.)

“It’s no big. Just a bit of a misunderstanding.” She shrugged off his concern.

(No way am I telling you he’s angry because I told him not to come over later.)

He studied her face thoughtfully, then looked up to Andrew’s secretary, tilting his head questioningly. She gave him a thumbs up to indicate the reservations were arranged and he blew her a kiss of thanks, causing her to blush all over.

“You’re incorrigible.” Buffy shook her head at him, but she was smiling and she was very aware of the envious looks from all the other women in the big room as Spike touched the small of her back to guide her to the door. The light, but somehow intimate, touch sent a bolt of lust shooting through her body and she twitched before she could stop herself. He withdrew his hand immediately with a murmured, “Sorry.” A glance at his face told her he’d completely misunderstood her flinch and she stopped him with a hand on his arm. She felt him flinch in turn and she withdrew her hand quickly.

They walked the rest of the way to the lift in uncomfortable silence. Being careful to stay far enough apart that no accidental touching could occur.

As soon as the door slid closed, they turned to speak.

“Spike” “Buffy”

“You first, pet.”

“Can we just agree – no touching until we…we decide when - if we’re ready for it?” she pleaded, her eyes anxious but warm.

“Why is that, love?” he asked, moving closer to her. He could hear her accelerated heart beat and had to force himself to stay out of kissing distance.

“It just makes it harder to think clearly,” she admitted. “It complicates things.”

“I suppose it does, at that,” he agreed reluctantly. He pushed his hands into his pockets to keep them from reaching for her. “Guess that means there’s still somethin’ there, eh, Slayer?” he smirked.

“Oh, like you couldn’t tell,” she grumbled – moving further away from him and his enhanced senses.


When they reached the restaurant, Buffy was amazed to find the staff was obviously well acquainted with Spike; fawning over him as they were shown to their table. “Mr. Bloody, so good to see you again!” the headwaiter said with what appeared to be genuine delight.

A bottle of excellent wine appeared on the table “Compliments of the house” as the waitress took their orders.

“Why do I have the feeling you’ve been here before?” Buffy asked wryly.

“Because I have, love. Nice place. No mirrors to worry about, soft lights, good food. And they know how to treat a bloke.” He grinned at her rakishly and added, “ Of course, I’m also a bloody good tipper.”

Buffy listened with interest as his working class accent came and went depending on whom he was speaking to. She was far from an expert on British class distinctions and accents, but she knew enough to recognize the difference between his usual rough language and the cultured tones he used with the wait staff.

Before dessert, Buffy excused herself to go to the restroom, grateful that at least there were mirrors in there. While she was in the stall, two members of the staff came in chatting eagerly about one of the patrons. It took only a second for Buffy to realize the cocktail waitress and one of the bartenders were talking about Spike and his “date”.

“How long do you think this one will last?” one of them asked.

“No more than a couple of weeks. Just like the rest of them. Maybe less. She’s not really his type, is she?”

“No, not really. Too skinny. And that hair…..”

Buffy only realized she was clenching the handle of the stall door when it broke off in her fist. As the other women went out, still comparing her to Spike’s other dates, she found herself trapped by the now handleless door. She debated very briefly about crawling under, then with a growl, just ripped it off its hinges and stomped to the sink.

As she washed her hands and combed her hair, (what’s wrong with my hair? Stupid, jealous girls.) she tried to calm down and smother the little ache growing in her chest at the thought of Spike’s having brought other women here.

(Way to go, ego-girl. It’s been over ten years and you’ve been dating that whole time. Was he supposed to remain celibate while you went on with your life?)

The mental pep talk helped to calm Buffy’s anger, but it did nothing for the pain that the image of Spike with other women was causing her. (Guess it’s time to have that talk now) she told herself as she made her way back to the table.

Spike’s eyes lit up as he saw her gracefully winding her way through the crowded restaurant. He saw no sign of the thirty-three years she had been on the earth – defying all expectations of Slayer longevity. She looked like the young, beautiful woman she was and he cursed himself for a fool for letting her get away without a fight. Briefly he wondered about the man she had called earlier and the seriousness of the relationship. He knew Buffy too well to think she would be involved with someone unless she had feelings for him. His demon was insisting the man could be taken care of, and he struggled to smother the homicidal urges towards someone he hadn’t even met.

When Buffy saw the awed expression on his face as she approached the table, she felt her whole body growing warm and she blushed as she sat down.

“Stop looking at me like that,” she whispered; although she knew he knew she was enjoying every minute of it.

“Sorry, love. Can’t help it. You’re the most beautiful woman in here.”

“You sure I’m not too skinny?” She tried to bite her tongue, but it was too late to call back the words or the tone.

“What?” he gaped at her. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, “ she said quickly. “Never mind. Just something I heard…”

He looked at her quizzically for a second, but when she didn’t explain, he shrugged and shook his head.

“Don’t know where you got that idea, love. You’re as perfect as you’ve ever been. It’s amazing, really. You don’t look any older than when we left Sunnydale. In fact, considering how worn down you were then, you look better than ever. Haven’t aged a bit – still delicious.” He leered at her but with a twinkle in his eye.

Buffy blushed at his praise and at the hungry look he was giving her. To avoid having to answer the implied suggestion, she explained that apparently Slayer healing also retarded the aging process and she was in many ways the same woman.

“You mean, you’re immortal?” he gawked.

“We don’t know. I’m the first Slayer to live past her early 20’s, so this is all new. All we know is that my body seems to be repairing itself as it goes; so no wrinkles, no slowed reflexes or arthritic changes, none of the things you’d expect to see in a thirty-three year old woman who’s led the life I have. It’s either slayer-related or, maybe a result of Willow’s resurrection spell; we’re not really sure yet.”

The implications of that discovery and what it could mean to their situation were not lost on either one of them.

(I could be with you forever. You’d never have to watch me grow old and die.)

(You could be with me forever. I’d never lose you to old age and death.)

Spike’s hand had crept across the table to cover hers.

(Bugger the no touching rule. This is too important.)

“Buffy,” he began in a tight voice, only to be silenced by her fingers on his mouth.

“Don’t” (To hell with no touching) Her fingertips touched his soft, cool lips and he automatically began kissing them. “We aren’t ready for that conversation, yet.“ (But we will be!)

With great effort she pulled her fingers away and turned her other hand over in his so that they were holding hands lightly.

“Don’t we have a meal to finish?” she asked, even as her breathing and the pounding of her pulse told him she wasn’t thinking about food.

“Not hungry,” he growled, the look on his face putting the lie to his words.

“Me neither,” she said, never taking her eyes off his.

“We should go then,” he said hoarsely, as he motioned for the check.

“Yes, yes, we should. They’ll need the room for other customers and if we’re not…..” Buffy realized she was babbling and stopped talking, but she never took her eyes off his. The waitress began her “Do you want dessert...” spiel, but swallowed her words when the electricity crackling between them became obvious. Instead, she just presented Spike with the check, which he signed without ever taking his eyes off Buffy.

“Thank you, Mr. Bloo-“ was not even out of her mouth before her customers had left the table and crossed to the door faster than she would have thought was humanly possible.

The two decidedly not ordinary people – one most definitely not human – barely made it out of the restaurant before they were in each other’s arms and falling into the kiss they had been putting off all evening. Oblivious to the amused looks from other pedestrians and the encouraging beeps from cars passing by, they clung together and let their lips and tongues try to make up for ten years of separation.

Moaning with desire and relief, Buffy lost herself in the feel of his supple lips and tongue. She could feel the emotions behind his kiss as though they were being absorbed into her body. Desire, need, tenderness, longing, happiness and the overwhelming love that had always been present, even when she hadn’t wanted to acknowledge it.

(No one should be able to put that much into a kiss,) she marveled. (No one else can.)

Spike surrendered to the sensory overload as her scent and the feel of her lips on his, as well as the pulse pounding through her veins, made him tremble with desire. His demon was clamoring for him to take her right then and there and only the soul gave him the strength to resist.

Eventually they had to stop so that Buffy could breath, and with an embarrassed start, she realized they were standing in the middle of a public sidewalk. Her face flamed as the small crowd that had formed around them broke into applause. The vamp just grinned and bowed before grabbing her hand and pulling her away.

“Which way, love?” he demanded.

She understood him completely. “Two blocks, that way,” she said breathlessly, pointing toward her flat. They made the two-block walk in less than two minutes; slowed only by the fact that Buffy was wearing high heels.

As she fumbled to get her key in the door, Buffy was trying to maintain the fiction that they were going to talk and take it slowly, deciding where they were in this new relationship. However, as soon as the door closed behind them, she gave up the pretence and came willingly into his open arms.

“Love you, Buffy. Love you – want to make love to you. Please, baby, now, let me love you now.” The constant murmuring from the vampire as his hands roved her body, loosening her clothes, touching all the places he knew she liked, had Buffy’s head reeling.

She felt his hard and throbbing erection pushing against her stomach and she reached down, unzipping his pants to allow it to touch her bare skin. Feeling it’s velvet hardness pushing against her abdomen wasn’t enough and she shoved it between her legs to press against her suddenly moist underwear. He shivered as her warm hand touched him and he growled softly. Clenching her thighs around him, she could feel her juices soaking through her panties and coating his cock.

Spike braced himself on the door and lifted her onto his body. He tore off what was left of her underwear and then captured her eyes as she lowered herself on to him. In a repeat of the first time they were together, they stared into each other’s eyes while Buffy slowly rode up and down on him. Instead of the shock and awe that had been in their eyes that first time, the looks they were exchanging now were full of the denied passion of the last ten years and their relief at finding themselves joined again.

(This is what home feels like.)

The unspoken thought was there for both of them as their eyes filled. Buffy pressed her forehead to his and allowed the emotions to flow, knowing he was feeling the same things she was. There were tears running down both their faces as they surrendered to the overwhelmingly intimate moment.

She was still for several seconds; just reveling in the way he filled her up and understanding how much she had been missing this part of their relationship.

(No wonder I’ve never been able to fall in love with anyone else. This is the body that was meant for mine.)

He didn’t mind when she stopped moving. He could have stayed in the same position for hours, just enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by her again.

(This is why I never found another love. This is the woman I was meant for.)

“Ah, love, none of that unless you want this to be over very quickly.” He chuckled into her ear as she unconsciously clenched her muscles around him in an effort to make sure he stayed put.

“I don’t ever want it to be over,” she whispered. “Can you stay here forever?”

“If that’s what you want, love. But I can’t promise to stay still. As happy as I am to be here, parts of me are insisting on more action….” He began to rock his hips gently against hers and she resumed sliding up and down on his now slippery cock. He held her rounded ass in both hands so as to be sure she was getting the right contact on her clit as she moved. It seemed like no time before she was biting his shoulder and digging her fingernails into his back as she squeezed around him and shuddered all over with the force of her orgasm. As soon as she tightened down on his cock and he felt the beginning of her climax, he allowed his demon full rein and he spurted into her, growling his pleasure.

When they had both recovered somewhat, she slid down his body until her toes were on the floor. They both whimpered as his softened cock slid out, but they kept their arms tightly wrapped around each other so that their bodies remained almost one.

“I love you, Buffy,” he breathed in her ear. “I love you and I don’t ever want to be without you again.” His hand was gently rubbing up and down her spine as he whispered, “Say it again.”

Buffy looked up at him apprehensively and asked, “ Will you believe me this time?”

“Say it, love. Say it for me, please?”

“I love you, Spike. I loved you then, and I love you now.”

His arms tightened even more as he pulled her closer and she eventually had to say, “Spike? Breathing issues, here. Could we take this to the bed?”

He smiled and scooped her up, hoping as he did so that his pants wouldn’t spoil the romantic moment by falling down around his ankles. “Which way, pet?” he asked, nuzzling her hair.

She pointed silently in the direction of her bedroom and pressed her face against his chest, inhaling his scent and tasting her sweat on his skin. He stopped just inside her bedroom door and looked at the room. He frowned at the lack of personal belongings. A couple of photos of Dawn, one of Willow and Xander and that was about it. Even allowing for her having lost everything when the hellmouth was destroyed, surely in ten years she had accumulated some personal mementos?

He sat down carefully on the edge of the bed, still holding her in his arms. She sat up on his lap and began tugging at the sleeves of his ripped open shirt.

“Too many clothes,” she pouted. “Clothes bad – skin good” (Great! Now I’m channeling Cave-Buffy!)

“Never thought I’d see the day you didn’t like clothes, Slayer” he smiled at her as she continued tugging on his shirt.

“They have their place,” she allowed. “But my bed isn’t it! Not on you, anyway.” She finally wrestled his shirt off and slid off his lap to begin taking off his boots and jeans.

Finally getting them both naked enough to suit her, she climbed back onto his lap and wrapped her legs around him again.

“Now, where were we?” she asked softly as she nuzzled his neck and allowed her senses to be flooded with everything Spike.

“Where we were meant to be, love.”

“Don’t leave me again, William. Promise me? You won’t leave me?”

“I’ll never leave you again, Buffy. I swear it. Anyway,” he added, running his mouth down her neck and nipping lightly at her skin, “We’ve got ten years of not being together to make up for. I s’pect that’s going to take us awhile.”

“Probably so. We should get busy on it now, don’t you think?”

“That we should, love. That we should.”

And they did.

The end