Master by Aurora
Chapter #2 - Chapter Two- Things Change
Chapter Two: Things Change

The room was nearly dark when she woke up, most of the candles having melted down and the windows being draped with heavy black curtains. She noticed that the strong arms that had once held her during the night were gone; she rolled over and found herself to be the bed’s only occupant. “Mornin’, Slave,” a deep voice called from the washroom. “Actually, good afternoon s’more like it.” Spike added as he strolled to the bed.

Buffy groaned as she moved around trying to get up, her muscles still a little sore. Luckily, the swelling in her face was almost, if not completely gone and her cut lip didn’t even hurt anymore. Buffy didn’t realize her makeshift nightgown had slinked up her thigh, nearly giving the vamp a good peep show. She quickly readjusted herself, yanking the bottom of the black t-shirt down near her knees. “What time is it?” she asked as she brushed a strand of hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear.

“’S ‘bout two-thirty, pet.”

Her mouth formed in an ‘O’ as she started to slide out of bed, feeling kind of sheepish for sleeping in so late. As she reached the edge, Spike sprang up in front of her. “Did I say you could get up?” he asked, in a scarily different tone from that of last night. There was no smug cockiness or strangely gentle subtleness, just a voice riddled with pure dominance.

Buffy defiantly looked him square in the eyes, lifting her chin up like she did whenever she felt threatened. “No.” She knew that being healed up would mean he’d want her. Even if he was going to take her, she would still have her dignity. Regardless of how painful it was going to be.

“That’s a good slave,” he said stroking her cheek. “Now, take off the shirt.”

Buffy hesitated at first but with trembling hands managed to grab the hem of the tee. She glared at him as she dropped the garment on the bed, remaining seated as he looked over her, bringing a hand up to stroke her arm.

Spike watched as she struggled to not fight back. He was pleased that she was listening to him without much resistance. He gradually looked over her naked body, admiring her silky bronze skin as it gleamed in the sparse candle light. Taking note of every curve, mound and dimple found on her perfect body, Spike could feel himself harden all over again. The mere site of her perky breasts and strong thighs were nearly enough to send him over the edge.

She saw him, standing above her, still only wearing his black jeans that were, at the moment, doing nothing to hide his erection. She felt awkward, not only from being naked, but because her posture was so rigid; both arms at her sides and knees dangling over the edge of the bed. She watched as Spike leaned down, hovering over her, placing his hands on either side of her. “’m very happy I didn’t kill you,” he mumbled, making her skin flush and goose bump at the same time.

Spike moved his mouth down above her collarbone and placed few kisses along the sensitive skin. As embarrassed and as angry as she was, she couldn’t help but get aroused from what he was doing to her. He gracefully moved down her chest, latching onto one of her breasts, liking and suckling at a painstakingly slow rate, sinking down in front of her so that he could gently nudge her to lie back. One talented pale hand slid down to the other overlooked breast, tweaking the nipple between his finger and thumb. Buffy arched her back and moaned as his mouth and hands simultaneously worked her.

His mouth left her chest, causing her to whimper at the loss, and began to trail down her hot stomach, his cool tongue making a path to her navel and fiercely plunging into it. She gasped as that same tongue twirled around while his one hand returned to pinch her now overly sensitized nipple. Spike continued on, his mouth inches away from her wet sex, inhaling the scents of her arousal, and allowing Buffy to stew as she waited for his next move. She cried out when his tongue slid down between her soaking folds and flicked her clit.

“Hmmm. You taste so good, luv,” he stated before twirling his talented tongue around her swollen nubbin.

He could hear her heart racing and see her chest heaving as she tried to compose herself. Spike’s free hand brushed against her sex, two fingers entering as he alternated between sucking and nibbling on her clit. His fingers slid into her slowly, easing into her, stretching her.

“God, pet, you’re so tight. So fucking tight.”

He started to push against the bundle of nerves inside her, pumping harder and faster on her g-spot. Buffy couldn’t take any more, her head thrashed back and forth, waiting for the feeling to wash over her as he kept working her with his tongue.

“Please…” she pleaded, desperately needing the release.

Pulling away from between her legs, Spike smugly grinned and asked, “Please what, Slave? You want me to stop?”

Buffy whimpered and shook her head. “Please…” It was all she could manage to say.

“I know what you want, what you need, Slave. But I don’t really like the way you’re askin’ for it,” he said, pulling further away from her.

With her last ounce of dignity vanishing, Buffy begged, “Please, Master.”

It’s what he had been waiting for. He wanted her to give in, to succumb to the desire so that she wouldn’t fight back any longer. For her to use the words he knew she wouldn’t until he put her in her place. And put her in her place he would. As fast as the words had escaped her lips, Spike’s mouth was back on her clit, greedily sucking as his fingers plunged into her core. Buffy screamed as her orgasm roared through her, making her spasm and arch her back even more.

Spike slipped his drenched fingers out of her, slowly rising back up so he could look down at her. With glazed eyes, she stared up at him and watched as he sucked her juices off his digits. Her breathing started to get out of control again as she watched him. She’d had her share of orgasms before, but they’d never come close to what she had just experienced.

Once pulling the fingers out of his mouth, Spike asked coldly, devoid of all emotion, “Did I say you could come?”

Buffy couldn’t even put together a coherent thought and tried to shake her head.

“No. No I didn’t. Get up, Slave,” he said.

She languidly sat up and shakily rose to her feet, steadying herself against the bed. Spike sat down in her spot, his erection more evident through his jeans. She yelped when he grabbed onto her waist and pulled her over his knee; his hard member digging into her stomach, causing him to groan.

“You begged me for it but I never said you could come. Now you have to be punished,” he stated as Buffy felt a hard hand smack against her bare rear.

The shock of his actions masked the sting of the strike as she gasped. He smacked her ass with an open hand, at least five times before he asked, “Do you like this?”

She was still too dazed at what he was doing to notice his fingers were traveling into her wet pussy and stroking her clit. “I think you do, Slave.”

“Stop! Don’t! Owww!” She screamed and squirmed from the sixth smack, the feeling of the assaults finally sinking in.

“Shut up! Did I give you permission to speak?” he scolded as he gave her two more slaps.

“Stop! Why are you doing this?!” she asked, only to receive another whack.

“I told you to shut up! D’you want me to take off my belt?” Spike threatened, delivering another strike. He eventually sensed that she was starting to hold back, trying desperately to control the urge to cry out.

Spike lightly stroked the reddened skin, which made her reluctantly sigh from its relief. He lifted her in his arms and flipped her violently back onto the bed, making her bounce up and down. Throwing off his pants and pouncing on her in lightning speed, he swiftly entered her to the hilt.

He screamed from the sheer pleasure of her searing inner heat and she screamed from his girth stretching her. He began to languidly pump his cock into her, slowly sliding in and out, as she thrashed under him. She didn’t want to orgasm until he said so, afraid of getting hit again if she did. He started to increase the tempo of his thrusts; the bed shook from the force he was exerting. Buffy arched her back as Spike grabbed her legs, pushing them up against her chest, so that he could angle himself to go deeper.

Finally, hearing the words, “You can come,” escape his lips, Buffy threw her head back and came violently; her inner muscles clamping down around his member.

Barely holding out a little longer, he lowered his mouth to her neck, vamping just as his fangs pierced the sensitive skin. She came again, as he drank from her, ignoring her survival instincts to push him off since the feeling of his bite was so sexually consuming. He finally came, spilling his cold seed and collapsed on top of her. Spike gently pulled out, fangs and dick, and licked the wound on her neck before rolling off of her.

“Cor, luv. I forgot how good it was to fuck a human. Especially one who’s a somewhat consenting participant,” he commented as he stroked her flushed face.

The meaning of his words sunk in and Buffy’s conscious crashed against the simple immorality of what she had just done and all the things she had easily allowed him to do. Cringing away from him, she quickly sat up and threw on the black t-shirt she swiped from off the floor, scurrying away as far as she could. She pulled her knees to her chest and rocked against the foot of the bed. “You’re a monster,” she stated as he remained in the spot she had left him, unmoved by her actions.

Gradually sitting up, he responded, “Didn’t seem like you were complaining five minutes ago.”

She glared at him, disgusted at his vulgarity. She shook her head and began to ramble, “No. I couldn’t…I didn’t just… You’re evil… You kill people, innocent people…Oh my God, how could I have let myself have sex with you? Aren’t you dead? Or is it undead? I’ve heard that about vampires, that their dead. You’re a living corpse. Oh my God, I’m no better than a necrophiliac,” As she hysterically rationalized her actions, she began to grow frantic, endless self-hating tears escaping her eyes.

“I like you better as a wanton whore,” Spike stated.

“Fuck you!” Buffy yelled at him.

“You’ve done that already, pet.”

Buffy couldn’t take it any longer. Without really thinking, she uncurled out of the ball she had been in and flew for the door, willing to take on a house full of vamps just to get the hell away from him. What she hadn’t expected was Spike’s super vampire strength and speed as he grabbed hold of her and slammed her up against the door.

She struggled against his death grip, rambling. “Let go you fucking evil piece of shit. You might be going to hell, but I sure ain’t gonna risk it for a good fuck. I’d rather die. Why are you doing this to me?” she said as she delivered a painful knee to his exposed crotch. When he knelt down to hold onto his newly battered balls she Tae Kwan Do spun kicked him across the chest, making him fall back in pain from the assault.

Buffy frantically grabbed the door knob, pulling at it to no avail. There was a lock, but no key. Spike, who seemed to have recovered fairly quickly, rose back to his feet, chuckling as he watched her pull and struggle with the door. “Need a key there, pet. It’s a prison for a reason.”

She turned, back pressed against the door, feeling trapped more now than ever. She reached for her silver cross necklace that usually hung around her neck, but her hands only clutched at air and skin. Spike continued to look amused at the horrified expression on her face. “Took it off when you were asleep, luv. Wouldn’t want you to use it against me.”

She was furious; it was one thing to be killed by an evil soulless vampire, it’s another to be used and ridiculed by one too. “I fucking hate you!” she spat out. “You act all gentle and kind when your goons beat the shit out of me and kidnap me, then you use me, do things to me that I would never…” she paused as her voice choked up. “Never let someone like you do. At least give me my dignity and just kill me!”

“Not gonna happen, pet.”

“You think I’m just gonna fucking lie around and let you use me? Fuck you! One morning you’re going to find a cross in your mouth and the curtains wide open. I hate you and hope you fucking burn in…” she ranted, unable to finish when a hand flew at her face and the world became dark as she slipped into unconsciousness.