Hatred by ya_lublyu_tebya
Chapter #1 - One-shot


“I hate you,” she bit out, pinning him against the wall.

“I’m sure you do, love.”

Before another word could pass through those beautiful, dangerous lips, she covered his mouth with her own. Angrily, passionately, she devoured his evil, addictive mouth, releasing his arms to tangle her fingers in his hair, her nails biting into his skin. He held her painfully close, crushing her to him- matching her violent passion with his own.

This shouldn’t feel so good. She knew this burning, this longing too well. It pushed her ever closer to a place she didn’t want to go, a place she was afraid to go.

Despite her mind’s rage, she softened now in his too-familiar arms, letting the welcoming wave of passion wash over her, pull her down with it. Her fingers brushed gently against his skin now and he in turn became gentle- his fingers threaded through her hair, one arm around her waist, holding her close. She melted against the hard contours of his body, letting him lead her into the darkness.

When later they lay together in the dark, she found herself holding him close still, her arms wrapped around his neck, her head on his shoulder. She spoke with fear in every syllable, hiding the whole truth as she hid her face against him.

“I can’t hate you.”

“I know, love.”