Rebellion by Thianna
Chapter #1 - Prologue and Chapter 1
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Spike felt the whip hit his back and he closed his eyes one more time, trying to brace himself for the pain. He wasn’t really sure what felt worse at the moment -- the seemingly endless stinging on his back or the swollen lip that felt like it was getting ready to explode. His arms were tired, his wrists even worse as he felt metal digging into flesh. He closed his eyes to shut the world out, trying to picture his dark goddess comforting him in her arms. But a voice wouldn’t let him dream.

“Has my dear childe had enough yet?” a sultry voice asked from somewhere above him.

Spike knew that voice well and he tried to hide the dread that was growing inside him.

“I don’t know. Spike’s been a very very naughty boy”, another woman chimed in. "Ms. Edith has seen him. Ms. Edith says he wants to take me away from Mommy and Daddy." At the sound of the newcomer’s voice Spike let out a sigh as his heart sank. Any hope of having this torture session end left him as he knew that his sire and grandsire wouldn’t let it stop until they had their fill of violence for the day.

He craned his neck to try and catch a glimpse of Drusilla. His dark haired goddess was affectionately in the arms of their grandsire Darla. The two were giggling and obviously finding amusement at his present condition.

He tried to shut everything out – close out his senses and ignore the pain and the humiliation. He was over a hundred years old … stronger than most vampires in the coven, a master in his own right, yet here he was broken for all the coven to see and all because he was brave enough to speak his mind.

Angelus was their Master, the head of the Aurelian clan in Sunnydale, but Spike was getting bored with life in good ole Sunnyhell. He wanted a change, wanted to leave the coven. All of which was acceptable. There were no rules against that, but he wanted Drusilla to come with him. Unfortunately, his Dark Princess didn’t want to go and leave her Daddy behind. To say that Angelus was furious upon finding out that Spike wanted to take his precious daughter with him was more than an understatement. Over and over again, Angelus told him that he had no right to even think about taking Drusilla away from her family. She belonged to the Master and to no one else. And since mere words were never enough for Angelus, he devised of Spike’s current humiliation to bring his point across.

Spike cussed himself out, wondering why he had allowed any of this to happen. He should have just grabbed Drusilla and left town. Instead, he listened to his lover’s request to stay a bit longer only to have her tell Angelus of his desires. He didn’t dare fight against the Master. It wasn’t that he couldn’t hold his own, but that to have fought back against Angelus would have incurred the wrath of the entire coven. He didn’t really care about anyone else, but had he struck back at Angelus then he would have lost Drusilla forever. Of course, now it seems it wouldn’t have really mattered.


Spike was unceremoniously dumped back in his room. With a groan, he put one hand on the bed, trying to lift himself up from the floor. He heard his door open again and a frail creature stepped in, bringing some washcloths and some blood. He looked at the girl again, trying to remember her name. She was Angelus’ new human plaything. She was a wisp of a girl, golden tresses framed her flawless features and Spike couldn’t help but admire her beauty despite his present condition.

Quietly she went about her business – using the washcloths she brought in to tend to his new wounds. She wiped all the blood from his body and even offered to help him change which he flatly refused. Shaking her head, she tugged on his jeans, “The Master will be cross with me if you do not change. He wants you to dine with him tonight”, she said looking at him with her pleading green eyes. He could hear her heartbeat calling to him as his worn-out body ached for blood. It would be so easy to just take her right now … to pierce her lovely neck and drink. But Spike knew that that would just add fuel to the fire.

“Fine”, he said unenthusiastically. He didn’t really feel like being cordial with anyone right now.

Angelus was trying to test his patience, trying to see if he would crack but Spike didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Even sending his new toy was a mockery. Angelus was dangling his new slave in front of him, showing off the teenage beauty to his childe.

“What was your name again?” Spike finally asked giving up on wracking his brain for the information.

“Buffy”, she said offering him a tentative smile.

Spike could tell by her movements that even though she was a willing slave at the moment, she wasn’t exactly happy with her situation. He really couldn’t blame her. Knowing Angelus, he could only imagine what sick and twisted pleasure he took from her.

She pulled a fresh pair of jeans and a shirt for him to wear, and then stood in front of him, waiting for him to stand up. Shaking his head, he pulled the clothes from her hands. “I’m not that bloody helpless. Just leave the blood on the table and you can go.”

She put the bottle down on the table beside her but then turned to face him again. “I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“The Master said that you should bring me with you.”

Spike couldn’t help but let out a growl which made Buffy take a few steps back away from him. It was to be another humiliation. To bring Buffy with him in essence made him a slave’s escort, lowering his status even further within the coven. He wondered what the consequences would be if he just decided not to go – beatings, torture? He knew he was going to get more of that anyway. He looked up at Buffy and caught her eyes. It seemed like she too was fully aware what was to become of her, if she went to meet the Master without him. But why should he care what happens to her anyway?

She stood there, nervously biting her lip, her eyes pleading that he not make her go alone. He moved towards her, grabbing the bottle of blood from the table. He tilted the bottle to his lips and let the sweet liquid slowly move down his throat. Closing his eyes, he let out a sigh and waited for the sweet ecstasy of blood to consume him. His body craved the sweet elixir and he couldn’t stop the low moan that escaped his lips as the wounds on his body started to heal.

Curiosity got the better of Buffy’s fear as she moved to touch his slowly healing wounds. Spike smiled and caught her hand in his. He brought her hand to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss upon it. She pulled her hand back in surprise and tried to hide the warmth that was growing in her cheeks. He let out a chuckle, then busied himself with getting dressed.

Buffy gladly turned around and cussed herself out silently, reminding herself that the man in the room was a vampire. But she couldn’t deny that there was a sweetness to him that she hadn’t seen in Angelus. Shaking her head she reminded herself again “killer, murderer, monster!” She chanted those three words in her head, trying to be realistic of the situation.

“You’re not wearing that outfit, are you?” Spike said as he finished buttoning his shirt.

Buffy turned around looking at him questioningly.

If Angelus wanted him to be an escort, he’d at the very least doll up his date.
Chapter #2 - 2 - Dinnertime
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

Chapter 2: Dinnertime

Spike gently closed the door behind him and took in the room that Buffy occupied. It was small, having but a full size bed, one chair and a dresser. Spike didn’t even bother with the chair and headed straight for the bed, leaning himself against the headboard with the pillows propped up behind him for support.

Buffy opened the closet doors and looked through the clothes that had been given to her. She went through one hanger after the other, sighing softly when she saw an outfit that she knew she would never be caught dead in. She really didn’t have any choice in the matter. The coven pretty much gave her the stuff that none of the other females wanted. There was even a hamper full of stuff in one corner of the room.

Buffy found a two piece dress in dark blue and she held it in front of her for Spike to see. Spike raised an eyebrow and smiled devilishly. “You know pet, I can’t make a very good objective decision if I don’t see you in it.”

Buffy bit her lower lip, her eyes scanning the room for a place where she could change but there really wasn’t any.

“Come now love. No need to be shy around me”, he smiled giving her a wink.

Embarrassed nonetheless, Buffy turned around to face the closet, her back to the vampire as she removed her shirt and shimmied out of her pants.

Spike looked her over, his gaze moving from her elegant legs up to her tone behind, followed by her slim waist and a glimpse of her breasts. He couldn’t help but grin as he watched her change into the dark blue dress. She turned around as she smoothed the dress waiting for his approval. Shaking his head in the negative, Buffy let out a sigh as she looked once more in the closet for something else.

This went on for about another fifteen minutes with Buffy trying on various outfits while she tried her best to cover herself up. As she pulled the black dress up her torso, Spike knew they found a winner. The dress was cut short and low, accentuating all her features. Turning around, she paraded in front of him and she could tell by the way his eyes were roaming on her body and his tongue licking his upper lip that this was the dress he wanted her to wear. She really didn’t understand why there was a need for her to dress up. Nothing special was going to happen. He would bring her to the table, she’ll have to sit quietly behind Angelus and watch in disgust as the vampires feast. It was hardly an occasion to dress up for, but who was she to argue with a vampire that could break her neck in a second. She was just happy that despite the beating he received just a few hours ago, he did not take his anger out on her.

Buffy sat in front of the dresser, looking at herself in the mirror before rummaging through her bag for some make-up. A little eyeliner and lipstick helped brighten up her face.

“Pull your hair up, pet.”, he said startling her. She didn’t even hear him walk up behind her. Spike watched patiently as she pulled her hair up into a bun then pulled a few strands lose to gently frame her face.

Spike positioned himself behind her, pulling out the black choker he found among the pile of clothes in one corner of the room. He fastened it to her neck, bending down ever so slightly as the blood vessels in her neck sang to him. He could feel her pulse, the vein lulling him to come closer. Her scent filled his senses as it drew him to her. He gently placed his lips near her neck, just below the choker. Moving ever so gently, his lips moved against her skin, his tongue daring to taste what his nose can smell. Her blood was calling to the demon inside him as blue eyes shifted to yellow. He fought for control, shaking his head and pulling away from her. “No, now was not the time.” he thought. He wasn’t stupid enough to mark her before Angelus did, but what he was planning tonight, should at least annoy his sire to no end.

“Ready pet?”

Buffy nervously stood up, not really sure how she felt about what just happened. She felt his lips on her skin and it ran a shiver through her. She thought she wanted more of it until she heard the subtle demonic rumble from his chest. Since he had no reflection, she couldn’t see exactly what he was doing behind her, but the rumbling unnerved her. But before the fear could really register in her brain, he was backing away from her. She turned and saw him offering her arm. Gingerly she accepted and Spike led them out the room and down the hall.

They arrived in the dining room, Spike moving to wrap his right arm around her waist as they entered. The other vampires had already gathered there and Spike knew that all eyes were on them. With his left hand, he gently caressed Buffy’s hand trying to assure her that he would keep her safe. As they reached the head of the table, Buffy stopped by one of the chairs a few feet away from the head chair. Spike shook his head, and led her to the seat right next to his assigned one. It was the seat that Drusilla usually occupied, but Spike had a feeling that tonight, his Dark Princess wouldn’t be needing it since she would be most probably be all over Angelus anyway.

The other vampires continued to follow them with their gaze and whispers ensued. Spike pretty much ignored them, putting all his attention on his “date”. Buffy was beautiful and Spike knew he wasn’t the only that thought so as he caught a couple of vampires looking her. He could tell that she was nervous. She wasn’t supposed to sit beside him, but that was just another little part of Spike’s plan to piss off the grand Master. She leaned over nervously, “Spike…let me sit where I’m supposed to sit.”

Spike shook his head and gave her a toothy grin. “Don’t worry my pet.”, he said his fingers gently caressing her cheek. “I won’t let him harm you. Besides, would you really want to be over there where he’ll ignore you when you can be here with me?”

Before she could answer, Angelus with Darla and Drusilla draped on either arm entered the room. There was cheering from the other vampires as the three took their seats. Angelus had a smug look on his face as he took his seat at the head of the table. The smug expression on his face quickly faded upon seeing that Spike was already in the room, with Buffy sitting closely beside him. Spike returned his gaze with a grin as he leaned towards Buffy’s ear saying something that made her giggle.

“Stop that…” she said mid-giggle. “He’ll get mad.”

Spike brushed his lips against her ear once more. “Let him. He won’t be able to do a thing with both Darla and Dru with him tonight.” The thought of Dru with Angelus was a bitter pill to swallow but he tried his best to act like he didn’t care. He thought it best to focus all his energy on Buffy tonight.

Buffy quickly glanced over and true enough, both Darla and Drusilla were keeping Angelus occupied. Buffy recalled on one occasion how she ended up on the receiving end of Darla’s palm. Angelus had wanted her to sit on his lap, among other things, and Darla was not too pleased at the way he was hungrily looking at her as more than just a meal.

“But... tomorrow, it will be different”, she said solemnly.

Spike put a finger on her chin and made her look up at him. “I’ll take care of tomorrow, love. Right now, you’re with me and all that matters is you.”

Buffy sighed softly. His blue eyes looked so sincere and his words were laced with what seemed like concern. She had to remind herself of the chant to keep her from falling for his seduction. But it didn’t seem like that was working. He was pretty much ignoring everyone else in the room and rarely let his eyes move away from her. She couldn’t help but feel somewhat special.

Soon, the sound of shuffling feet started to echo through the room as it grew silent when “dinner” was served. Buffy saw the others lick their lips in anticipation as she steeled herself for what was to happen.

Spike smelled humans on the way, and his body yearned for blood until he felt a warm hand on his, trembling slightly and she saw the fear in Buffy’s eyes. Something inside him felt like it twisted itself into a knot as he studied her trembling features. “Bugger”, he whispered and with a long sigh, he reached out and pulled her closer to himself, letting her bury her face in his chest, one hand covering her exposed ear from the various muffled cries. Spike preferred a spot of violence before his kill, so he rarely attended these gatherings that Angelus loved so much. The Master drank in the anguish and cries of the victims before him, taking much pleasure in the fear he created.

Spike was hungry and the smell of blood in the air wasn’t helping. But somehow it just didn’t feel right to feast before her and he wondered how many nights has she been witness to this. Was Angelus trying to drive her mad like he did Drusilla before turning her?

Spike could feel Buffy clinging tightly to his shirt. As if on instinct, his hand moved to stroke her hair to try and calm her down. “It’s alright, pet. No one’s going to hurt you.” Buffy loosened her grip on his shirt, but her heart was still beating erratically.

Angelus had been watching the interaction between his plaything and his childe. “Spike, you’re not eating. I know you must be hungry after what you’ve been through”, Angelus directed at him as he nursed a wine glass filled with blood.

“Thanks for the concern Angelus. But you were gracious enough to send me a gift.”, Spike said with a devilish smile as he moved his left hand to Buffy’s chocker, his fingers dancing gently against fabric and skin.

Angelus returned Spike’s comment with an angry glare and a low growl. Spike delighted at his grandsire’s reaction. Buffy apparently meant something more to Angelus and that just made it more imperative that he try and take Angelus’ new plaything away from him. Besides, Angelus had taken Dru as his, why can’t Spike take this human? She was mortal anyway, just food, the coven wouldn’t really care. He looked down at the woman in his arms and pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Upon seeing this gesture, Angelus pushed his chair back and strode towards them, yanking Spike from his seat and startling Buffy who was finding comfort in the latter vampire’s arms.

“You don’t know your place, boy” Angelus growled through vampire fangs.

Spike wore a smug grin. “Oh I know my place. It’s that seat over there, beside her. You did order her to be my escort for the evening. That means I can do whatever I want to her or with her as long as she’s willing. She’s property remember and you just gave her to me.” He said licking his lower lips. “Oh, unless of course the great Angelus has a thing for humans now.”

Angelus glared as he released Spike by pushing against a wall. Spike hit the wall with a thud. Grinning at his grandsire’s temper, Spike straightened out his shirt then walked over to Buffy to see if she was okay. He pushed a lock of hair that had fallen from her bun behind her ear and gave her a comforting smile. “Let’s go, love.”, he said offering her his right hand. She placed her small hand in his, her eyes affixed to the floor. She didn’t want to see the anger the she was sure was on the Angelus’ face. She followed her escort as he strode out of the room, down the hall and towards what she remembered was his room. He opened the door and quickly ran in to grab a long black leather duster. He quickly checked the pockets for his cigarettes and lighter and happily started to make his way back up the hall, planning on a change of scenery. Not hearing her heartbeat close to him, he turned back and frowned, seeing her transfixed in front of his door. “Pet, you coming?”

Buffy turned towards the sound of his voice and debated on what she should do. If she stayed behind, Angelus might have some mercy on her or he put all his anger on her. If she went with Spike, she … she … She wasn’t really sure what would happen if she went with Spike. He had been nice and sweet to her so far, but he was a vampire. All he would want is blood right? Her hands fidgeted with her dress, trying to decide which evil would be less painful.

Spike made his way back to her, his hand lifting her face to meet his. “Pet? Night’s young. Do you really want to stay here?”

“But… Angelus.”

“I told you not to worry about him.”

Biting her lower lip she nodded.

Chapter #3 - 3 - Need You
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

Chapter 3 - Need You

It was well past one o'clock in the morning when Spike and Buffy returned. Buffy was a little sweaty but seemed happy to have been able to go out. Spike had taken her to the Bronze and she danced. She had thought about escaping on their way there -- wondered if she could just run. But she thought against it, knowing that Spike was more than capable of outrunning. That and the promise Angelus had told her on more than one occassion to hunt and kill her mother if she ever tried to escape left the notions of running away undesirable. Buffy knew that Angelus wasn't just spitting out an idle threat.

Spike was nothing but nice to her tonight. He bought her drinks and a meal, let her dance, and even danced with her. It seemed like the life she had known for the past three weeks wasn’t real. It seemed like this was the reality – that she had a normal life and she was just going out on a date with a handsome guy. But at the back of her mind she knew that this was just a fantasy. As they drew closer to his room, she knew the fantasy would be ending soon. Tonight, she at least had the semblance of freedom. Spike never threw it at her face that she was a lowly human enslaved to a vampire. Nor did he ever hint that anything she did was possible only because he had let her. Tomorrow would be different though. Tomorrow she would once again belong to Angelus.

Spike opened the door to his room and went inside, holding it open for her.

Buffy just stood outside in the hallway, shaking her head. “I should go back.”

Raising an eyebrow, “Why? We’re not done yet.”

Buffy looked at him wide-eyed.

“The way I see it pet, I lost a meal because of you.”, he said chuckling. “Least you could do is keep me company.", he said pulling out the two bags filled with red liquid that he had hidden in his leather duster.

Buffy remembered what they were. They had stopped by this store on the way back. She glanced down the hallway, unsure of what she should do. Spike reached out for her and gently pulled her inside. She wasn't ready for it and she clumsily found herself snug against his chest. Her cheeks warmed at the sudden contact as she tried to find steady footing. Spike gave her a winning smile and a quick wink as he closed the door.

He motioned for her to sit on the bed, while he looked around the room for a mug. Finding one, by the bedside table, he grabbed it quickly, rinsed it out, and then poured the contents one of the bags into it. He took a sip and grimaced at the taste. It was a little cold and funny tasting because it wasn’t human. He had wanted human blood initially, and the clerk gave him a weird look when he changed his mind. He thought it best not to tempt fate lest he lose himself in the bloodlust and accidentally crave more than he had bought.

Buffy looked up at him curiously as he grimaced. She though that blood always tasted good to a vampire. As Spike sat down in the only chair in the room, he caught her questioning look. “Pig’s blood”, he said with slight disgust. “Of course, maybe I can have a little dessert later,” he said half jokingly. Buffy’s hands flew to her neck, her head shaking in a definite no. Spike couldn’t help but laugh. “You do know if I wanted to, I can bite you anywhere.” Her lips formed into a pout and he thought that the face she just made was purely adorable. He took another sip and smirked at the thought that came to mind. “I could even make it worth your while.” At that Buffy’s cheeks colored and Spike could hear her heart beat faster. He smiled with amusement at her interest in his offer.

“So, uhm.. Buffy… Your parents really named you Buffy?”

“Well can’t be as bad as yours. I don’t think your parents named you Spike!”she said rolling her eyes.

“Touché, pet! Touché!”, he said giving her a quick wink. “Summers… so you from around here?”

“Uhm.. no. Just moved here right before the semester started. Didn’t think I’d have an extended vacation.” she said with a sigh.

“Well do you really miss all that homework? I’ve heard a couple of the newbies complaining about it ceaselessly. Rambling on and on. Didn’t seem like it was that much fun to them, love.”

“Well, some stuff was cool, but history could be a drag, all those wars, all those dates. I mean, who can remember all that?”

“Aaah.. war… was a bit of fun doing hunts during those times. Everyone so paranoid you can hear their heartbeats miles away. Then …”

Buffy gave Spike a funny look as the vampire started reminiscing about past kills. It really wasn’t something she wanted to hear about. She had seen the vampires feasting enough times, and that was enough to make her stomach turn. But now Spike was talking about hunting and killing and she could see the pure joy it brought him. She shook her head, trying to shut out the things he was saying. She was having a good time tonight and she didn’t really want to end her fantasy thinking about killing people.

Spike stopped in mid-sentence, seeing her squeamish face. “Sorry, love… got carried away. Let’s talk about something you like.” He took another sip of blood.

“Uhm…”, she let her eyes wander the room. What could she ask a vampire without getting her killed. She pressed her hands on the bed and noticed for the first time that the sheets were made of silk. She looked down at it then at him. It didn’t seem to fit. When she glanced at his clothes earlier, all he had were black jeans and all dark colored shirts. His hair was obviously bleached and he had a number of rings on his finger. Silk sheets and his rock star outfit just didn’t seem like they went together. Maybe it was Drusilla’s influence then. But she took another look at the room, and there wasn’t anything there that looked feminine at all. She had seen Dru many times, holding a Victorian doll and she wondered if there were any in this room.

“Looking for something, love?” Spike said curiously looking at her.

“Uhm.. well… just that I would have thought there would be something of Drusilla’s in here.” Once the words left her lips, she wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. She closed her eyes and hoped he wouldn’t get angry.

“Bullocks, you women are nosy. A bunch of gossipers the lot of you!”, he sighed as he stood to refill his mug.

“Sorry”, Buffy said sheepishly. “Just that… silk sheets and black jeans don’t exactly go together.” she said hoping that would ease the tension in the air.

“Well, you know, pet, there’s only one way to find out.” He said with a devilish grin.

Buffy could feel her cheeks blush again and she fought to regain composure. She tried to chant those three little words to try and get her composure back. But it was a little hard, his eyes seemed so sweet and he was so nice to her tonight.

Spike looked her over carefully, not the least bit trying to hide that he was admiring her many assets. He had seen fire in those eyes though brief and when he watched her dance tonight there was something about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He had to admit that it was fun teasing Angelus tonight. He had taken from him, and Spike thought it only fair that he take something in return. Pig’s blood just wasn’t that satisfying and he let himself imagine sinking his teeth into her smooth neck. He knew the drill, once his fangs hit her skin, he’d sense that rapid rise in heartbeat and she’d struggle against him. He wanted to feel that – wondered just how much she would struggle, wanted to see that shock in her eyes when he took her, tasted her. Then, maybe he’ll let her know what silk would feel like. Angelus would be furious, more than he was now. Spike smiled hoping that his grandsire was pacing and brooding right now, maybe imagining all the things he was about to do to his new plaything. Then tomorrow would come and maybe another beating and Angelus would unleash his fury on both of them. And then he saw the fear that Buffy wore earlier and it pained him. He took a long drink of blood, trying to let it wash away the apparent worry he had for her. What would he care if Angelus hurt her? She was just human, nothing more than food. He had told her that he would take care of everything but he was just saying that so that she’d go along with him. Right?

A knock on the door was a welcome sign. He was starting to think too much again. He opened the door, his mouth forming into a frown upon seeing Darla, standing there with a sweet smile on her face.

“I see that you’re back.” She paused for a moment, trying to peer over his shoulder, “and she’s still here.”

Spike cocked his head to one side. “And?”

“You know Angelus doesn’t like it that you have his new toy.”

“So sue me.”

“Now, now, is that how you’re going to treat me?”, Darla asked so sweetly, reaching out to cup his cheek.

Spike took a step back successfully avoiding her hand and giving her an irritated look.

Darla crossed her arms across her chest in slight disappointment at his blatant rejection of her affections. “I can get Angelus off your back if you would do something for me.”

Spike looked at her skeptically but he was curious. He could use a good spot of violence. “So what will it be? Something you need swiped? A demon you want battered and brusied?

“I want you to take her.” she said pointing to Buffy.

Spike looked at her in disbelief and regret since he was hoping to break a few bones. “You want me to what? You know I can’t do that. She belongs to Angelus.”

“Since when did rank really mean anything to you, my dear sweet William? Besides, I don’t want her near my Angelus anymore.”

“Why? Jealous?”

Darla gave him a deadly glare. “I don’t like her. It’s been three weeks now and Angelus has not even drunk from her. I know he likes to play but he’s carrying on and on about her. So take her and keep her from Angelus and I’ll protect you.”

“And I want Dru.”

“You tried to take my baby away from me. Why should I help you get her back?”

“Well good night then,”, Spike said motioning to close the door.

“Fine!”, she said as she stretched her left arm to stop him. “Do this for me and I’ll get Angelus off your back and talk to Dru.”

Spike ran the deal in his head once more, giving her a serious look before nodding. Darla took one step forward and lifted her right hand to him. He took her hand in his, bringing it to his lips more out of respect than affection. He bade her good night and waited till she was a number of feet from his door before closing it. He released the shudder he had been holding. He could smell Angelus all over her, and it nauseated him. The only good thing now was that he could wash the taste of pig blood from his mouth. He turned back to Buffy, his mind focusing on the soothing beat of her heart.

“I don’t like her,” Buffy said out of the blue as he moved closer to the bed.

“I think the feeling’s mutual, love.” He eyed her neck, the black chocker teasingly hiding his prize from view. He moved closer to her, a lazy smile on his face as he reached out to push a lock of hair away from her face.

Buffy bit her lower lip nervously at him being so close to her. She wasn’t sure if she should fear for her life or if she should listen to the flip flops that her stomach was doing. “Uhm.. it’s getting late. You’re done eating so I should just go.”

Spike shook his head slowly, his hand reaching over to unclasp the choker. Her heartbeat quickened and Spike smiled to himself.

As the chocker landed softly on the silk sheets, Buffy knew which response she should have listened to. She put her hands up against his chest, and moved her head as far away as she could from his. Spike chuckled softly and pushed her down on bed, pinning her with his body as he moved closer to his prize.

“I told you I’d take care of tomorrow,” he whispered lovingly into her ear. He let his lips brush gently against her neck before he sank his teeth into her flesh and blood spilled into his mouth. Both of them closed their eyes – one in pain, the other in ecstasy.

Buffy panicked as she felt her back hit the bed. The fantasy was over and this was reality. She felt his teeth break skin and she tried her best to hold back the tears and the pain. She closed her eyes and felt his lips move, his tongue lazily drawing patterns on her neck as he pulled blood from her. She tried to push him off, her body wriggling beneath his. But that seemed to only fuel him to press harder against her. Then something else came over her. There was a sense of peace and comfort washing over her, and she wondered if this was what dying was like. If it was, then maybe dying wouldn’t be so bad. She would be free from here, she’d no longer be a slave.

As Spike drank, he closed his eyes in pure joy. Her blood was intense, it was sweet and smooth and it made ever part of him tingle. He thought for a moment that maybe it was just because he had been drinking animal blood just a few minutes ago, but as he quickly compared her taste with that of others he had before, he knew she was different. The struggle she put up, though futile, only added to Spike’s enjoyment. The deal he had just made wasn’t going to be as bad as he thought. If he could drink like this every night, then maybe facing Angelus’ wrath wouldn’t be so bad. He knew Darla would keep her end of the bargain , but he wasn’t stupid to think that it would keep him totally immune. Buffy’s blood was strong and in the end if he could get Dru back then all would be right with the world. He pulled away from her, his tongue lapping up her wounds closed. He saw the look of contentment on her face as he moved from the bed. It wasn’t quite what he was looking for.

Buffy slowly opened her eyes as she felt his weight off her. “I’m.. not?” her right hand instinctively moved to her neck and she winced as she made contact with the bite.

“No love”, he said licking his lips, savoring the taste of her blood which now coursed through his body. “Wouldn’t want you to go just yet. I need you.”

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Chapter #4 - 4 - Wear my Mark
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

Chapter 4 - Wear My Mark

Buffy's eyes slowly opened only to find herself in an unfamiliar room. This room was fairly bigger than the one she had been occupying and the furniture was definitely much better. She wiggled her body, finding comfort in soft pillows and satin sheets. "Wait, satin sheets?!" Her mind panicked as she tried to recall the events of the night before. She remembered the Bronze, dancing, then Spike talking to her with his hypnotizing voice, then pushing her to the bed and ... and... Her fingers flew to her neck and she felt the two slowly healing puncture wounds that he had inflicted. She tried to remember anything after that but it seemed blurry.

A strong but cold arm, wrapped around her waist and pulled her. Quickly turning her head around she caught a flash of platinum blond hair followed by strong features and high cheekbones. She relaxed a bit, thankful that at least it was Spike beside her but she couldn't remember anything. What did they do? She peaked under the covers and saw that she was down to her bra and panties. "Okay, at least I'm not naked. But that doesn't mean...", her cheeks warmed at the thought that suddenly invaded her mind.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're pretty wild in bed, pet?" apparently the sleeping figure beside Buffy was actually quite awake and what he just said made her extremely embarrassed. "Next time we do this, I'll have to restrain you. I don't know how many times you kicked me.", he said with a mock groan as he pulled his arm away from her and sat up.

Buffy looked up at him, seeing his curly locks in slight disarray. She liked it, his features much softer now that his hair wasn't styled back. It wouldn't be so bad waking up to him if he looked that yummy every time. Yummy, yummy?! ... Buffy what in the world is wrong with you? One he's a vampire and two he just like took advantage of you!"

Spike looked down at his bed companion and chuckled as he watched the string of emotions evident on her face. He flipped the covers back and stretched his muscles. "Don't worry love. Nothing happened last night. We just talked and then you fell asleep. 'course we could do something about that."

Buffy shook her head in a definite no. But part of her was wondering why she just did that. Not wanting to think about it anymore, she thought about what was in store for her today and her lips quickly fell into a frown. It was the next day and she had to get back before Angelus sent for her. She stood up from the bed, and picked up the black dress she wore last night. She started pulling it up when she heard Spike give out a low growl.

"Don't do that. I mean I'm sure you'd want a shower and mine's a whole lot better than the one they have you using. You can go after me." Then he locked himself in the bathroom before Buffy could even argue.

She sat back on the bed, somewhat dumbfounded.

Soon, the bathroom door unclicked and Spike came out, hair still dripping wet and a towel around his waist. He ran a hand through his hair then shook his head, sending small droplets of water Buffy's way. She pouted slightly and was thinking of something witty to say when she saw him saunder of towards the closet, his thumbs hooked on the towel hanging on his hips.

Buffy hurried towards the bathroom, not sure if she was ready to see him in his birthday suit.

Spike pulled on a pair of his black jeans then headed over to the bedside table for a smoke. He sat down on the bed, leaning against the headboard and thought about everything that just happened. It was strange that in less than a day he went from being flogged to stealing away Angelus' precious beautiful little plaything. He looked around the room and what Buffy had said last night came to mind. Nothing of Dru's remained -- her clothes were gone, her dolls all taken to her new room where he knew she now lavished her affections on Angelus. He couldn't help but let out a growl as he stood up and started pacing the room. He accidentally kicked something soft and looked down to see Buffy's little black dress. His thoughts wandered to the night before and smiled at images seeing her with and without the dress on.

The click from the bathroom door brought him back and he turned around to see Buffy emerge from the steam-filled bathroom with a towel wrapped around her lithe figure. She was a vision, like an angel emerging from the clouds.

"I just thought of something when I got out of the shower. I don't have exactly anything here for me to wear here." she said with a small pout. "And I'm not going to walk down the halls in this."

Spike walked over to his closet and pulled a dark blue button down shirt. "You could wear this for now."

"Thanks", she said with a small smile as she strategically put the shirt on first, before removing the towel around her. Just as she finished putting the last button in place, there was a loud knock on the door and Spike let out a low rumble. His vampire senses already revealed to him who was on the other side. It was Angelus. He didn't feel like dealing with him at the moment but knew it was inevitable. Sure enough the Master's impatience got the better of Spike's door, as the door was kicked open.

Angelus stormed in, the demon seemingly out for blood. "You!", he said pointing a figure at Buffy, his anger growing at the realization that she was wearing Spike's shirt. "Why are you still here? I had sent for you. One night slave! That's all I gave you." He rushed towards her, but Spike answered back putting himself between the angry vampire and Buffy. Angelus was enraged at his action, throwing him a punch. Spike just let out a smug grin and pushed him back.

"Come here!" Angelus bellowed and nervously, Buffy took a step forward.

Spike raised his arm stopping Buffy from moving any further. "You don't have to listen to him. Not unless I want you to."

At those words, Angelus' stare grew icier. "What did you do childe?!"

"Something you apparently wasn't man or vampire enough to do."

Angelus wrapped a hand around Spike's throat but Spike continued to look defiant.

"She wears my mark and I think she's more than willing to be here. So unless you feel like going against those rules you hold so highly ..." Spike felt the punch on his stomach before he could finish what he was about to say.

Angelus had moved over to where Buffy was standing, the latter keeping her eyes on the floor. He roughly tilted her head to the side, and sure enough Spike's bite mark stood out proudly against her smooth skin. He growled angrily and slapped her. "Whore!"

Spike rushed to Buffy's side as she fell. His demon came forth and blue eyes turned to an angry yellow.

"Angelus", a feminine voice called from across the room. The Master turned around to see an irritated Darla with her arms crossed across her chest.

"She's mine." Angelus answered his sire with a slight whine.

"She's nothing more than a distraction." Darla responded as she walked towards him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "You don't need her, do you?", she said caressing his back and pressing her hips against his. "Come... you need to hunt. The night is young ... "

Reluctantly, Angelus let Darla lead him out but not without giving Spike another deadly glare to which the younger vampire just rolled his eyes and let out a low growl.
Chapter #5 - 5 - Ready to Go Out?
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

Chapter 5 - Ready to Go Out?

Buffy looked at herself in the mirror. She had moved into Spike’s room two nights after he first bit her. He had told her to do so. By some strange vampire practice that she didn’t understand, she was looked upon as belonging to Spike. She had cautiously asked him about it and he said that everything was tied to blood and since he drank from her and bore his mark, he in some way now owned her. Ofcourse, she didn’t really have much choice in the matter.

Buffy really wasn’t sure if her situation had gotten that much better. She was still here, she was still property, but at least Spike treated her a little nicer. Deep down, she knew she was just kidding herself. She was being used – she was a toy, something for him to parade around and rub Angelus’ nose with. She traded bruises for bite marks as she looked at the healing wounds littering her neck. He drank from her almost every night and it was during those times when she felt the most scared and the most at peace. She was his now, to do with as he pleased. He always seemed gentle with her as he drank his beloved elixir but she never knew if he would stop or drain her dry. His words were often laced with sweetness and at times, his hands would touch her in places that ran shivers down her spine. She wasn't sure if she should be having such feelings and it made her feel dirty at first but then the calm would wash over her and then all she’d feel was his soft cold lips on her skin.

Taking a deep breath, she went back to prettying herself up. Spike had indulged her one night when they were out and let her buy some stuff to make her feel more like herself. She lit up when he said that he was taking her shopping and from the way he acted, it looked like he was having fun watching her. She wondered ofcourse where he got the money to pay for everything. He obviously didn't have a job but it looked like he had an endless supply of cash. She had asked him about that but all he said was that he had his ways.

He had complained out loud once at how his room was starting to look like a chit's room, with makeup in the bathroom and underwear in the drawers. She had thought for sure that he was going to hit her then, but he just whined about it some more and joked that since she had so much of her undies in the room, he should have her be in nothing more than her bra and panties when they were alone.

She heard him moving against the bedsheets and turned to watch his sleeping form. He still wore the peaceful look on his face that she saw when she awoke earlier. She wished she had slept as well as him. There was no room for another bed and she didn't feel like it was proper to sleep beside him so he gave her a choice of either the chair or the floor, both of which she found were quite uncomfortable. He had tried to convince her over and over again to sleep on the soft mattress, but she was afraid of the sensations he was giving her when they were near each other. As she stretched out tired aching muscles, she felt cold hands on her back, rubbing and kneading exactly where she needed it. She sighed softly as Spike worked out the tension in her back. He lowered his head to her ear and whispered, “You know this wouldn’t happen if you’d just sleep with me.”

“Ewww… No thank you. You’re like cold and undead and like ancient.” she said hoping she sounded convincing.

He grinned evilly. “Believe me, you wouldn’t know the difference, love. And I didn't hear you complain before." he said with a wink. "Besides I’ve heard you moan … once or twice, when I've kissed you." his hand moving over to her neck. "Would love to make you scream.”

Buffy rolled her eyes and shook her head not really in the negative but more of to shake the thoughts that invaded her. Spike just laughed and disappeared into the bathroom for a shower.

Buffy quietly finished getting ready, then moved the chair so that it wouldn’t be facing the bathroom and sat down. She knew that he would come out with just a towel around his waist, if she was lucky, and she didn’t really feel like hearing another comment from him. When he was done getting dressed, he walked over to her, and pulled her up towards him, his left hand playing with the choker she felt obliged to wear now to hide all the bite marks. With a sigh, she tilted her head to once side, and undid the choker. He gently traced the marks he had made, a satisfied grin on his face knowing that his mark was forever on Angelus’ former plaything.

“I feel like breaking something, love.” he said as he lowered his lips to her neck. She waited for the sting that never came as his lips pursed around each bite, mimicking previous sessions but not piercing skin. When he moved away from her, she gave him a puzzled look. He caught her reaction but said nothing. He just grabbed his black coat and fished for his car keys in one of the pockets and opened the door, waiting for her to step through.

The drive to the bar that Spike had chosen was riden in silence. Buffy pondered upon what had happened, and wondered why she thought his lips on her neck didn’t seem so bad. You’re delusional Buffy. Get a grip. He’s just playing you again, just like what he does every night. She had hoped that he would have chosen to go to the Bronze, at least she could pretend things were normal. But Spike chose a seedy looking bar in the not so nice part of town. She knew what he wanted. He wanted to have a little fun tonight, and that meant getting into a bar fight, then maybe continuing it outside before he fed on the poor loser. Her role in all this? She was bait.
Chapter #6 - 6 - Turn Me
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

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Chapter 6 - Turn Me

It was as Spike put it bloody perfect. Ever since he bit her, he had been very protective, not giving Angelus any chance of possible taking her back. He took pride in bringing her to dinner when he felt like showing her off. Buffy still felt a little uncomfortable about it, not really liking the constant stares they would get from everyone else in the coven. Spike always ignored everyone else, focusing all his attention on her. It worked well, with Angelus usually giving him deadly glares each time he held Buffy close.

That, of course, put a damper on his nightly activities since she hated seeing him feed. He ignored it the first couple of times, ignoring her complaints and the faces she was making as he took his prey. But it started to get annoying. Then one night, while they were walking, Buffy decided to walk a few paces ahead of Spike, complaining that he smoked too much and embarrased her in the Bronze since he was drunk. Then, a group of men hanging out in the streets decided to toy with her, thinking she would be an easy mark. One had even pinned her against a building, making lewd comments. Spike came to her rescue and he noticed that as he killed the men, drinking one or two of them dry, she didn’t seem to mind so much. Guess it was her version of justice for what they had done. He really didn’t care what it was, as long as he could get his kicks in.


Buffy tried her best to hide the grimace she was feeling as she walked into the bar. It wasn't the cleanest and it didn't look like the patrons were any better. The smell of sweat and alcohol lingered in the air. Buffy scanned the bar area nervously, spotting an empty sit. She made her way to the empty barstool and tried to ignore the numerous looks she was getting. It was making her feel uncomfortable, but at least the plan was working and a number of patrons were definitely noticing her. Buffy was thankful that she chose to wear pants today instead of a skirt as she tried to find a comfortable position on the bar stool.

Buffy ordered a bottle of beer and gave the bartender a quick thanks and a couple of dollars when he dumped the cold bottle in front of her. She took a big swig of the cold liquid, hoping that the drink would calm her down a bit. She turned in her school, her back now to the bar as she casually glanced at the room wondering which one of them would unknowingly meet their end tonight. She felt a tinge of guilt for being part of this charade but it really wasn't like she had a choice not to participate. And, any guy who wouldn't listen to a girl saying no should be punished in some way. Which is most probably why Spike chose this place to begin with because from the way the patrons looked, it didn't seem like anyone was a gentleman.

As Spike entered the establishment a few minutes later, he quickly locked on to where Buffy was sitting and smiled when he saw that around three rough looking men were beside her. He could tell that she was getting nervous as one of the men moved closer into her personal space. He made his way towards the bar and pushed one of the men to the side to get to Buffy.
"Sorry I'm late, love." he said leaning down to kiss her cheek.

Buffy looked at him with relief in her eyes as she tried to ignore the fact that one of the men was obviously looking at her clevage. The man that Spike pushed aside gave the vampire an irritated look.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

Spike ignored him, motioning to the bartender for some Jack Daniels.

"Hey pal! I'm talking to you. What's the big idea? We were talking to the lady here."

Ignoring him still, Spike paid the bartender and took a gulp of his Jack Daniels. Angry that he wasn't paying them any attention, the man pulled Spike back. "I said, what's the big idea? You deaf as well as rude pal?"

Spike calmly looked at the hand that was still on his shoulder then moved his gaze to the face that the hand belonged to. "Would appreciate it if you don't touch me, mate."

"Oh really? What are you going to do?"

"You wouldn't want to know." Spike knew that he could have easily taken this man and his two cohorts in a few seconds but he was out for some violence tonight and he didn't want it to end quickly. So he was stringing them along, hoping to build the rage in them to make the kill all the more enjoyable.

Buffy watched in silence as the two men exchanged words. She was trying to be as still and quiet as possible, hoping that everyone would just stop noticing her. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, as the man that she knew was staring at her breasts decided to be a little more aggressive and he moved closer, his hand reaching out for hair. She cringed away from his hand, pushing herself closer to Spike's back.

"Don't think she appreciates that, mate!" Spike said followed by a low growl. "Touch her again and I'll break your fucking hand."

The man started laughing, "You break my hand? I don't think you can even throw a decent punch."

"Want to find out?"

"Oh, fuck off man! Don't want to embarass you."

Spike downed the last of his Jack Daniels, and let his smile turn into a girl. "I dare you to try."

Pissed off at Spike's cockiness, one of the men threw him a punch which he quickly avoided as he formed a fist and punched the man in the stomach.

"HEY! TAKE THAT OUTSIDE!", the bartender bellowed.

"So care to continue this? Or have you had enough?", Spike taunted. He looked at the three faces before him, seeing the rage in their eyes just teeming below the surface.


Spike was obviously enjoying himself as he kicked someone in the face and elbowed a guy that was coming up from behind him. The three he had taunted had other friends in the bar who decided to join in on the fun, thinking that it would be easy to gang up on him. Little did they know they were tangling with a vampire.

Buffy was hoping he’d hurry up because the guy that was holding her to keep her from helping Spike, was moving closer and closer into her personal space. Two more joined in and Spike’s grin just grew bigger. He flung one man against the brick wall, knocking him unconscious then he threw his fist into someone’s nose, effectively breaking it before grabbing him from behind and biting down on his neck. As the guy screamed in agony, the man holding Buffy started to get nervous and she could feel him reaching for something. Next thing she knew, there was a cold barrel pressed against her forehead. "What is that thing?" the man asked nervously. Spike heard the gun cock and still in vampire guise, blood dripping from his mouth, he rushed towards Buffy. His face scared the man out of his wits as he let Buffy go and pointed the gun at Spike. Laughing, he lunged forward and bit him, draining him dry. Buffy closed her eyes and waited for him to finish.

“All over now love.", he said morphing back to his human form. With the back of his hand, he made sure his face was clean of blood. "You okay?”

Buffy tentatively opened her eyes, to see shiny blue eyes look at her. She was thankful but something inside her got her furious. She could have been killed, and all because he wanted to play. Her hand curled into a fist and she punched him square in the chest with all her might.

“Ouch…” Spike said jokingly. “I said I would handle it.”

Buffy glared at him, then turned her back and walked away.

“Hey, come back here!”

When she didn’t even look back, he ran up to her, grabbing her arm roughly.

“Why the bloody hell are you walking away from me?”

“Do I even have to justify that with an answer? You’re the one who’s suppose to be older and wiser. You figure it out.” Buffy wasn’t sure where that came from, but she was so angry at him for almost getting her killed that she was seeing red.

“You raising your voice at me now?”

“What? What are you going to do about it? Hit me? Bite me? Break my neck? Here…” she said, ripping the chocker from her throat “Go ahead. Do it! I know you want to. Do it right this time.”

“You’re better to me alive, pet”

“Why? So you can show Angelus that I belong to you now? Turn me or kill me Spike. I’m getting sick of this. I don’t know how much longer I can pretend.”

“I want Dru back.”

“That’s all you have to say?! Wake up Spike! Aside from those two nights where she came to your room and I had to be totally grossed out, she hasn’t even turned back to look at you. “

“Shut the fuck up!” he said turning back into vampire guise.

"She doesn't want you. If she did, she'd be here instead of me!"

"I said shut the fuck up!" Spike said, roughly holding her by her arms.

“What did I hit a nerve? Turn me or kill me Spike. I can’t stay like this anymore. You don’t care about me. You whisper sweetness in my ear and I listen because it makes my life easier to bear, but all you want is my blood. I have no choices. If I leave you, I know Angelus will just take me and how would that be any better. Turn me or kill me Spike."

He pushed her against the alley wall, pinning the hand that had hit him. She looked at him defiantly, serious about her decision. Spike saw the fire in her eyes and he was drawn to it. He knew there was more to her than just plain obedience. He could hear her heart pounding strongly against his chest. She was a drug to him. He wanted to consume her, to make her completely his, to release her from her morality and mesh with the beast that was aching to break free. He moved his head closer, nuzzling her neck as he took in her scent. Licking his lips, he committed everything he could sense about her to memory. She was challenging him to take the next step, offering her body as he had offered it to Dru. Dru. His mind flooded with memories and he pulled back.

“Do it!”, Buffy screamed, frustrated that he wouldn’t give her release. She grabbed his coat and tried to pull him towards her but Spike just hung his head. “Do it!”, she screamed again, as the tears slowly came to blur her vision.

Spike raised his eyes to her emotionless, grabbing her small frame roughly to him. He pulled her into his coat, left arm hooking possessively around her shoulder. She sobbed into his chest and grimaced at feeling his shirt starting to dampen with her tears. He didn’t like seeing her sad. Taking an unnecessary breath, he looked up at the night sky and held her close as he walked towards the car. “No one tells me what to bloody do!” he said softly but firmly but he wasn’t sure who he was directing it to.

Chapter #7 - 7 - If I Can Just
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

Chapter 7 - If I Can Just

Buffy was still clinging to Spike when he unlocked the car and opened the door for her. He gently placed a hand on her shoulder, pulling himself from her and urging her to get in. She looked up at him, tears staining her cheeks and more threatening to flow. He looked away, trying to act impatient. With a whimper, she dutifully climbed in, her hands on her lap as she tried to control her emotions. Spike slammed the door shut and hurried to the other side settling into the driver seat. He wanted to go home, back into the solitude of his room and forget everything that just happened.

Just like the ride to the bar that night, the drive back to the lair was silent. Both of them lost in their own internal battles. Buffy eventually calmed down, and furiously wiped the tears from her cheeks. She took a deep breath and forced a smile on her face.

As Spike parked the car and pulled the keys from the ignition, he turned to Buffy. She met him with a small smile. "Feeling better, pet?"

"A little. Guess I just need some sleep."


Spike walked into the house with Buffy dutifully in tow. He could hear the incessant laughter combined with the occasional moaning coming from the other room. The door soon opened and the happy couple half danced, half groped each other into the receiving room for all to see. Spike shut his eyes and tried to calm his nerves. He remembered times when he and Dru were bound together as such and he could only imagine what new tricks Angelus had taught his daughter. Upon seeing Angelus, Buffy moved closer to Spike, trying to hide herself from the master vampire’s view.

Angelus could smell his former plaything and stopped. His hands still paying Dru attention, but his eyes following every curve of Buffy’s body. Angelus wrinkled his nose at seeing her choice of clothing for the night. Her jeans though accentuating her figure showed no skin and her top though cut somewhat low, covered most of her body. He had preferred her in outfits that left nothing to the imagination since he knew it made her uncomfortable. As his gaze moved up to her neck, he saw the marks that littered it and gave Spike an all knowing growl. He held Dru tighter, nipping at her neck, sending her to giggles. Angelus moved to embrace Dru from behind so that Spike could get a better view of what he was doing to his beautiful Dark Princess.

“Does Spike like playing dress up with his dolly? I remember when we played dress up.” Dru said as he leaned into Angelus, giving his jaw a brief kiss.

Spike tried to look bored, fishing for a cigarette and his lighter.

Angelus, still not taking his eyes of Buffy, leaned in for another kiss, his hands continuing their wanton journey throughout his daughter's body.

“Are you quite bloody done?” Spike said, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

“Doesn’t my beloved want to play?”, Drusilla stretched her arms out to Spike and he wanted nothing more than to feel them wrap around him. But he felt Buffy’s hand grip tightly against his coat cowering in fear as her eyes locked onto Angelus.

“How does she taste Spike? I can hear her heartbeat singing to me.” Angelus said, reluctantly letting Dru go and moving towards his former toy.

Buffy started circling Spike to move away from Angelus. Spike was somewhat uninterested in what was going on, his eyes looking Dru over, wondering what he had done to have caused her affections to leave him. He loved her so much. He was devoted to her and did everything to protect her from harm. All he wanted was something different, he wanted them to be alone together for a while. Angelus talked about grand schemes, sometimes even talking about opening the Hellmouth, but all Spike wanted was to be with his love.

Buffy held on to Spike’s arm, pushing herself as close to him as possible as she tried to hide away from Angelus. “Please.. no..”, he heard Buffy whimper into his duster and with a sigh, he protectively placed his free hand on her head, petting her gently.

“Give her to me!”, Angelus said glaring at his childe.

“Face it Peaches, she prefers me to you.”

“Know your place childe! I can unmake you.”

Spike glanced up at Dru, and saw her pure delight at the impending fight. Prying Buffy’s fingers from his arm, he pushed her behind him then flicked his unfinished cigarette to the ground. “I’d like to see you try.” Spike growled back.

With a smug look on his face Angelus rushed at Spike, knocking him against a wall. Spike stood up quickly, dodging a punch that Angelus intended for his face. Spike focused all his anger on his grandsire, trying to ignore the shallow whimpers he could hear from Buffy and the giggling Dru was emitting at seeing her father and lover fighting. Angelus was strong and angry at having been rejected and Spike was somewhat glad that he at least had three victims worth of blood in him. They exchanged blow after blow and kick after kick – wrecking havoc to the house’s receiving room. Angelus was relentless, and it didn’t help at all that Dru seemed like she was rooting for her sire. Spike’s heart sank. If he could only win, then maybe she’ll see. In that split second of doubt, Angelus saw his opening, grabbing him by the throat and flinging him hard unto the cold marble. Angelus scoffed at him as Spike tried to focus his vision.

Wiping blood from his busted lip and a cut on his cheek, Angelus bent down. “Know your place childe. I am your Master. I am your grandsire and I can take any and all I please.” He lifted Spike’s head. “I have tasted your lover before you were made. She is mine, my daughter and she has returned to me because I will it.” One hand still on Spike’s throat, he raised the other to point towards Buffy. “She’ll be next William. The name she will moan will be mine.”

With seething hatred, Spike pushed Angelus away from him. “Kiss! My! Arse!”

Angelus growled and stepped back, a smug look on his face as he looked at his handiwork.

“Can we play dress up now?” Dru asked as she moved towards Angelus. Angelus took her hand and kissed it. “Yes dear. I’m bored now.”

“Bloody fucking hell!” Spike said in anger as he picked himself up. The fight was not over. It was far from over. "Get back here you, ponce!" But Angelus didn't pay him any heed.

Buffy rushed to his side, offering her shoulder for him to lean on. He tried to wave her away in disgust but only managed to stretch an already bruised muscle. Buffy took his left arm and wrapped it around her neck, propping him up as they walked towards his room. Both secretly thankful the room wasn’t upstairs.

Spike leaned against the doorframe as Buffy fished for his keys and then opened the door. He gingerly made his way to the bed and sat down with a grimace as he quickly scanned for any liquor in the room. Eyeing an open bottle of Jack Daniels on the bedside table, he leaned back and reached out for it. Buffy gently closed the door and turned around. She wasn’t sure what Spike was going to do. She knew he was frustrated about what just happened and she could only hope that he wouldn’t take her anger out on her. Taking a chance, she walked towards the bed and knelt down by his feet. Gently she started unlacing his boots, pulling them off to try and make him more comfortable.

Spike’s eyes closed as he let the alcohol numb his senses. He knew he needed more to dull the pain but at least it was a start. He felt fingers trying to pry his beloved bottle from his hand and he growled, possessively drinking the rest of the bottle’s contents. He heard a sigh as the fingers moved from his hand to his shoulder, motioning that he needed to remove his duster. He looked at Buffy annoyed, growling at her with vehemence. “Why don’t you just leave?!”

“Can’t.”, she said solemnly as she pressed herself against him, trying to motion him to a sitting position.

“I’ll break your neck!”

“I know. Now get this coat off so I can see if your wounded anywhere else.”

Spike glared at her and was surprised to see that same fire staring right back at him. “Why are you even here?”

Buffy didn’t answer, not really sure why she was so concerned over the vampire. It was hard to determine how she really felt about him. She was still a little furious with him for gambling with her life earlier. Then, she had asked him to turn her in the hopes that that would be her means of escape from this life of semi-servitude. But he wouldn't do it and instead preserved her life and protected her from Angelus. She knew he was hurting because of the scene between Angelus and Drusilla and her heart went out to him. And damn it she couldn't deny that he always somehow managed to make her feel safe. She could just leave him be -- let him wallow in his misery. But she knew she couldn't after seeing the anguish in his face.

She went into the bathroom to grab a towel, dampening it so as to clean his wounds. She settled down on the bed beside him, the question he had asked still hanging in the air. She blotted at the crusting clump of blood stained blond hair that been soaked by a cut on his head. He pushed her hand aside, looking into her eyes, searching for an answer as to why she would stay.

“I can’t leave you. Especially not after what you just did. I know it maybe wasn’t for me, but you protected me." She proceeded to clean his wounds as best she could. Spike grabbed the hand that was on his head as he locked eyes with her, not really understanding the answer she just gave him. She looked into his deep blue eyes and wished that what he did earlier was all for her, that it wasn't just because he wanted to piss off the Master of the coven. But who was she kidding? "I have no other choice.” she proclaimed as she tried to convince herself that was the reason why she was here now, tending his wounds.

It was just like how it was over a month ago. Except this time, she was here because she wanted to. She convinced herself that it was motivated by her fear of being taken by Angelus that she stayed with Spike. And that it was this same fear that was pushing her to care for the beaten vampire. She wished she was stronger – strong enough to take care of herself and not depend on Spike. But right now he was all she had. She found another bottle of alcohol for him to chug on. His wounds seemed more emotional than physical, but being of his nature, she knew that there was only one thing that would make him feel better or at the very least calmer. She bit her lip, wondering if what she was planning was prudent. She watched him drink a few more chugs before finally making up her mind. Throwing caution to the wind, she took the bottle he was nursing and ignored the growl he gave back in reply. She moved closer, wrapping both arms around his neck as she moved her neck to his lips.

Chapter #8 - 8 - Exile
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

Chapter 8 - Exile

“Ooouuuccchh!”, Buffy cried out.

“Well you better be more careful next time, pet”, Spike said grinning as he carefully pulled another thorn from Buffy’s arm.

“Well you didn’t tell me the demon had thorns.”

“Hey, I got the sodding lot of it!”, Spike said showing off his left side littered with small red pierce wounds.

“Yeah, but you were wearing that thick leather duster. My denim jacket is ruined.”, she said pouting.

Shaking his head not really wanting to argue, Spike pulled the last two projectiles that had lodged into Buffy’s right arm. “I told you not to come. I could be in a bar right now, downing some Jack if I didn’t have to take care of you.”

“I’m sorry.” Buffy said lowering her gaze to the floor.

Letting out a sigh Spike looked at Buffy and wondered how he had sunk so low – self-inflicted exile from his coven and babysitting a teenage human to boot. He decided to do what he had wanted to do for a while now. He stayed in Sunnydale but left the protection of the coven, not wanting to deal with all the bullshit that was going on. Buffy, of course, went with him.

He filled his nights with blood and violence wherever he could get it, and she insisted on being with him reasoning that she didn't want to be alone, just in case Angelus decided to come take her. He thought the bint was paranoid. All she had to do, was stay in the room they were renting and just not invite any other vampire or baddies in. But he learned the hard way that it was useless arguing with her. At least when they went out, she wasn’t entirely useless and she was a quick study too. Apparently she was a cheerleader in high school and her quick reflexes and gymnastics training came in handy at times. He grinned evilly for a second at the thought of seeing her lithe body doing summersaults in a skimpy cheerleader outfit.

He never understood why she even stayed with him after he repeatedly told her to leave. What was even stranger was the fact that he had no real desire to turn her at all. She had begged him a number of times now… wanting to be stronger so she could take care of herself, but something deep down Spike didn’t think it was well … right. He dismissed it of course as not wanting to lose his favorite pet. Her blood was divine and at times he would swear that it tastes better now than when he had first tasted it.

He found himself staring at her as she dressed her wounds. Her hair up in a ponytail, her face full of determination. She had changed a lot since fate decided to throw them together. She wasn’t as squeamish when it came to demons or vampires feeding, most of the time rolling her eyes at him when he decided to get a little snack. But lately he found himself drinking more bagged blood than he would ever care to admit. There was like an unwritten agreement between them. He knew she liked it better when he didn’t feed on the innocent and it seemed like she was more willing to offer herself to him when he did what she liked. He wondered if he was losing his edge with her here.




“Why what?!”

“Why are you still here? I can help you get out of here. Go to L.A. You can be with your Dad. I mean, this is the bloody sodding Hellmouth.”

“I told you …”, she said obviously fighting back some tears. “I can’t leave my Mom.”
"Gah, shouldn’t have brought that one up!", Spike thought as he recounted the events in his head. Buffy had found her mother and it really wasn’t the reunion she was looking for. She was in a coma and things didn’t look too hopeful. Apparently after Angelus took Buffy in, he had it arranged for her mom to get into a little accident, thus ensuring that Buffy had no one else to turn to. Spike had to endure a good bout of sobbing that day, one that he didn’t want to be repeated. Yet he just held her close that day as she crooned into his chest.

“You can go to your Dad, then you can transfer your Mom over there.”

“Is this another one of your I’m-a-bloody-vampire-so-piss-off speeches? Because I’m so not in the mood to hear this.”

“Well you’re a bloody idiot! I don’t know what you think we’re doing here, but this isn’t a game and it’s certainly not the kind of life you should be living.”

“Well vampire, as you’ve told me over and over again, you’re not my keeper. So I can…”

“Buffy! The things I do.. the long nights, the drinking, the fights … it’s not for some sense of justice. This is who I am … a vampire and I’m bloody proud to be one. And right now, I need to get stronger, need to be better than Angelus to get Dru back.”

“I know what this is about. You’ve told me before. But… do you really think I can go on knowing what I know now? What he’s done to me?”, she said staring at the floor in utter shame. “He was your sire, you know what he can do. I see him in my dreams Spike, hear him calling to me, using me and I want it all to stop. I’m scared he’ll come after me and the only time I feel safe, feel like I can be myself again, is when I’m with you”

Spike heard the words spilling from her mouth and he wasn’t sure what to make of it. Should he be insulted that after over a century of chaos and destruction he was reduced to this – having one human, a girl in fact, feel peace with him? Or should he listen to her heart, her pain, her blood as it called to whatever semblance of humanity he had left. She offered her life to him almost every night, and each time he found himself protecting it instead of taking it.



“She doesn’t deserve you.”

“What?”, he said raising an eyebrow and hating the fact that she kept pushing at his emotions.

“All that you’re doing… for her … she doesn’t deserve you.”

“Oh, are we a bleeding love doctor now? What do you know about love?”

She fell silent. He was right. She’d been with boys before but she knew when they all ended that it wasn’t love. She was by no means an expert. All she knew was that the way he talked about her and what she’d learn, Spike treated Dru like a goddess. And now, despite Dru being with Angelus which was beyond Buffy’s comprehension, Spike still pinned for her, fought for her… doing everything he could to win her back and it didn’t even seem like she cared. She let out a sigh and knew it was useless to say anything else. She stood up to walk to the bathroom to wash her hands. As she turned around, she let out a yelp in surprise as Spike stood there blocking her path. She didn't hear him move.

He stood there watching her, wondering why he was even entertaining the notion that was buzzing in his head. Maybe he was just hungry. It had been months since he’d touch a woman and though the idea of drinking from her was pleasure enough, his body yearned for something more. Every time he tasted her, he felt that subtle move of her body, the fleeting caress of her hands as she almost always now locked her arms around his neck. He ignored it every single time not knowing why. But now as her heart called to him like it always did, he wondered if she would open herself up to him. And he thought about what she would do if he replied to her subtle hints. He searched her eyes, trying to figure out what she was thinking… trying to see what she apparently saw in him. There was no fear in her eyes. The one emotion that Spike knew and yearned for in his victims wasn’t there – not for him. He reached out for her neck, his fingers following the curve of each mark he had inflicted on her and still there was no fear. She looked up at him and smiled, a quiet anticipation tugging at her lips. He lowered his head and they slipped into an embrace they both have come to know well. Spike heard the familiar muffled moan escape her lips and her hands gently caressing the nape of his neck as he let her sweet blood slowly pool before lapping it up. He entertained notions in his head, letting a little bit more of his demon come through.

Buffy felt him pressing against her and though his body was cold, she found a warmth and a longing there. She knew it would end soon. Once the calm washes over her, he would pull away and she knew deep down that she never wanted him to leave. He snaked his arms around her, pulling her closer and she could feel him moving slowly against her hips. She closed her eyes and snuggled closer, as she felt a longing build below her waist.
Chapter #9 - 9 - A Taste
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

A/N: Here is what everyone is waiting for ... the reason why this fic is NC-17. Sorry if this isn't that good.


Chapter 9 - A Taste

Spike felt Buffy responding to his touch and he pushed her against the wall, pinning her body with his own. His let his right hand slither down her side and rest gently on her behind before flexing his hand, giving it a slight squeeze. He waited for her reaction, as if waiting for permission to continue. His demon was pushing him forward, somewhat annoyed that he was intending to be gentle. With a huge amount of restraint, he pushed the demon down, retracting his fangs but keeping his lips on his bite. He let his tongue dance over the wound, slowly savoring her blood.

Buffy felt a shiver run through her as his touch sent her skin on fire. She let her hands move to his chest, caressing his muscles with need. She tilted her head a little more to the left, enjoying the feel of his lips and tongue on her skin as he slowly licked the wounds closed. He moved his lips to a different spot on her neck, mimicking his previous actions, enjoying the subtle changes in her breathing as he licked and sucked on her tender flesh.

She was biting her lower lip and her breathing was starting to get erratic. She pulled away from him wanting to see his face. She looked at him with lust in her eyes and with a devilish smile, Spike licked his lips then captured her mouth with his own. The kiss was tentative at first as they first tasted each other. Spike let his tongue run lightly against her lower lip. The kiss grew more passionate as he slipped a hand underneath her top and let his fingers dance to the swell of her breasts. He cupped one breast, kneading it gently as he continued to assault her mouth with his own. He slipped his right hand down into her pants, letting his fingers play with her panties before moving lower to caress her need, smiling briefly when he could feel her arousal. He rubbed her clit slowly, enjoying the moans that rumbled in her throat. Slowly, reluctantly, he broke the kiss, wanting to see the pleasure that was washing over her.

Buffy whimpered when he took his hand away as he quickly took her in his arms and deposited her on the bed. Before she could even react, she found that he was divesting her of her clothing … first her pants, then her top. He took in her beauty and her scent, her arousal calling to him just as strongly as her blood called to him earlier. He pushed her bra down to expose one breast, his mouth clamping on, giving it as much attention as he had her neck earlier. Spike could hear her heart beat faster and he wondered how much faster he could make it run. He let his hand wander back down, slipping a finger into her warmth. He heard her gasp as he invaded her, promising pleasure and release as his own arousal answered her mews. Wanting to hear more, he let his finger slip in and out of her, giving her a preview of what was to come.

She could feel the warmth and need building inside her, and she wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her. “Please …”

“Tell me what you want, pet.”

Buffy was lost in the pleasure he was giving her, her hips buckling wanting his finger to go deeper. “ Need you … want you”, she was able to muster out between moans. Spike pressed his thumb on her clit, rubbing it as he slipped another finger into her aching warmth. Buffy arched her back as she felt herself lose control as her orgasm hit.

Spike waited for her to come back down from ecstasy, before standing up and divesting himself of any remaining clothing. Still standing, he pulled Buffy towards him, removing her panties to expose his prize. He let the scent of her arousal wash over him as he gave her a hungry smile.

She lazily looked at him, satisfaction on her face which Spike knew was going to change soon. He bent down to brush his lips against hers before angling his body and sliding inside her. The demon inside him rejoiced as he melded with her over and over again, his thrusts growing deeper. Buffy wrapped her legs around his waist, taking all of him in. Her breath grew ragged as each thrust sent her closer and closer to the edge. Buffy answered his hips with her own as she lost herself, her muscles clamping down on his length as she came. Spike threw his head back as she felt him squeezing him, sending him over the edge. Satiated the two reluctantly disengaged from each other, Spike climbing onto the bed. Buffy curled against him, resting her head on his chest.

“We’ve just started love. I told you once I wanted to hear you scream …” With that, Spike turned Buffy on her back, planting soft kisses down her throat, wanting so much to hear her moan once more.

Spike woke to the sound of a steady heartbeat and a warm arm casually sprawled across his chest. He smiled remembering what happened last night as he turned to look at Buffy’s sleeping form. He replayed brief moments inside his head, seeing her thighs quiver over and over again … her hands curling into fists and her voice screaming his name between mountains of gasps and ohs.

He couldn’t resist planting a gentle kiss on her forehead as she slept. She looked so peaceful … so calm … and he wished he could keep her that way. Why? Last night was just that right? Last night… a little release from all the tension they were both feeling. It’s done now. No more wondering about how she would feel -- because he’d felt it. He took her whole body not just her blood. But he wanted more ... more nights like that. Just lust, right.. just memories in my head of what Dru made me feel." he thought. But sad thing is, Dru never made him feel that way. It was different. There was no violence attached to it, no need for destruction to fuel the demon. But there was still need and desire and passion and … Spike growled softly as poems half written, almost forgotten came to mind.

Buffy stirred, her face contorting in pain. Spike could hear her labored breath and he reached out a hand to a bare shoulder to shake her from her dreams. She woke up disoriented, her eyes trying their best to focus. She registered his cold hand on her shoulder and she shrieked away, clutching the covers as if to hide herself.

“It’s alright love. It’s just me.” he said reaching out his hand. Why did he do that? Why did he care?

Buffy stared at him, letting his face register inside her as she shrug the last remnants of her dream. She finally saw soft blue eyes looking at her and she smiled knowing it was Spike, knowing she was safe.

Chapter #10 - 10 - Calling
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

A/N: Death warning is just bad guy vampy death.


Chapter 10 - Calling

Spike took another sip of his beer as he watched Buffy giggling on the dance floor. She had insisted that they go dancing tonight and not wanting to hear any whining later, he just let it go. He knew he’d take his revenge some time tonight. As the song ended, she smiled sweetly, making her way back to the booth they shared for the evening. A few men that had been dancing around her, decided to follow her, but quickly turned around upon seeing her platinum blond companion. Spike grinned proudly, knowing that they were envious of him. She slid into the seat beside him, happily sipping on her soda. “Wish you would dance. It would be more fun.”

Flashing a grin, Spike wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him “Need to save my strength, love.”, he said giving her a quick wink.

As a new song started playing, Buffy clapped her hands and pleaded with the vampire, trying to convince Spike to dance with her. “Please? Come on. I bet you’d look all nice and sexy and get all the girls jealous of me!”

“Don’t need to dance to do that.” He said grinning.

Without any success, Buffy stood up only to feel her vision blur and her stomach go into knots. Spike caught her quickly before her knees buckled and she almost crumpled to the floor. She felt his cold hand gently cupping her cheek as his other arm was wrapped protectively around her, cradling her body against his.

“You okay, pet?”

Buffy couldn’t answer, the pain in her belly was making it hard to concentrate on anything else. She took a couple of deep breaths, trying her best to make her eyes focus and the pain to go away. “I’m okay, I think. Feel a little weird… kinda tingly…”

“Enough dancing from you, love. We’re going back.”

“But I’m okay now … just a dizzy spell.”, she said pouting, not really wanting the outing to end.

“That didn’t seem like just a dizzy spell. We can come back tomorrow.”

Pouting still, “You just want to leave so you can do the vampy thing.”


Sighing, Buffy let Spike lead the way outside.

As they fell into their silent walk back to the motel they were staying at, Buffy felt another dizzy spell coming along. He tried to steady herself, catching Spike’s arm to keep from falling. Spike gave her an all knowing look but as she was about to retort, she felt the pull on her stomach. Was that her stomach? No it was her abdomen muscles, cramping up in excruciating pain.

“Well, well… if it isn’t Spike.” Buffy heard from behind her.

Turning around, Spike gave a cocky grin as he saw who it was, “Jason …”

“Been a while Spike. Everyone’s been wondering about you. “

“Oh, I’m so bloody touched. What do you want Jason?”

“Angelus wants his plaything back.”

“Well you can tell the Grand Poobah that she doesn’t belong to him. He has no right to her anymore.”

“He said you might say something like that so he told us that we could take her by any means necessary.,” he said as he slipped into vampire guise and four more vampires moved into the light from the shadows.

Spike pulled Buffy up and pushed her behind him as two vampires lunged at them. Spike fended them off with a roundhouse kick. “Watch your back, love.” Spike called out as he punched another vampire in the face. He hoped that Buffy was well enough to fend them off and sure enough, he was wrong. He heard her scream his name and he turned around just in time to see three vampires, pinning her down on the ground. Spike cursed out loud and was heading over to help Buffy out, when Jason blocked his path. The two fought, the latter obviously trying to stall Spike.

Then Spike heard something hit a tree so hard, he heard branches cracking. Glancing quickly to where Buffy was, he saw her standing, pinning one vampire against a tree with her foot. The other two that had held her initially, stood up from where they were on the ground and tried to tackle her. Moving quickly, Buffy ducked and rolled out of the way. She jumped up to hoist herself up on a tree branch. The three vampires looked up and glared at her. Growling at seeing their prey escape them. Smiling to herself, she used one hand to steady her stance on the branch and with the other she broke off one of the smaller branches. She then jumped down, her makeshift stake ready, aimed at the chest of one of her attackers. As the vampire withered to dust, she moved quickly to her feet, landing a backhanded punch on another vampire’s head. She saw her opening and thrust the stake through its dead heart. The other started to run in fear but she followed it, kicking it for good measure before giving it a dusty end.

Both Spike and Jason watched in shock, a devilish grin dancing on Spike’s lips.

“A Slayer …” Jason exclaimed.

“My Slayer,” Spike replied as he reached out to snap the other vampire’s neck then kicked him hard towards a tree, its chest pierced open by a branch.

“Feeling better?” Spike called out as Buffy made her way back to him.

“Much… though I don’t know how I just did that. Something came over me, like deja vu. Like it was something I saw in a dream not too long ago.”

Spike cocked his head, trying to see if he could physically see anything different about her. No one would ever think that someone so petite could be a Slayer.

“Hey Spike, that guy said something about uhm… a Slayer? What did he mean by that?”

Spike ran his fingers nervously through his hair. “If I’m going to be the one to explain that to you love, we’re both going to need a drink and for you, pet, to uhm… get rid of anything that can get me dusted.”

Buffy looked down to see that she was still holding her makeshift stake tightly in her right hand. Letting it go, she rubbed her hands on her jeans.

“Bloody hell”, Spike said to no one in particular as he thought about how this was going to change everything.

A/N: Well since I've revealed in this chapter that Buffy has now been chosen, just wanted to point out (but I'm sure you guys have already guessed it), that the dreams mentioned in Chapter 10 were actually Slayer dreams. Didn't want to expound too much about the dreams cuz then it would have given too much away. Hope you liked it. Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews.

Chapter #11 - 11 - Your Blood
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 11 - Your Blood

“So spill already”, Buffy said eagerly as she lay on her front on the bed, hugging a pillow underneath her.

Spike looked at her for a second, looking like a little girl excited about hearing a bedtime story. He knew it seemed utterly inappropriate for the Slayer to be hearing about her destiny from someone like him. He pulled the bottle of Jack he just bought from his coat pocket before slidding the duster off his shoulders and arranging it neatly on a chair. He needed a drink. Not even bothering to pour it in a glass, he unscrewed the top and took a long swig, wondering which god out there felt like having a good sodding laugh at him.

"Stop with the drinking and start with the telling!" Buffy insisted, bending her knees up and down.

"Just a minute!" he said, taking another swig. "You know pet, I’m the last person on this sodding earth that should be telling you this.”

“Well …”

Spike thought about what he was going to say. He could lie, twist the truth around to make it work to his advantage. Wouldn’t that be grand, to be the Big Bad that had a Slayer under his control. But somehow that didn’t really sit well. She would find out the truth eventually. And when she does, she'd be more pissed and most probably would want rightly kick his ass up and down the street.

But what was going to happen between them now? But why was he even thinking about this? He’d finally be rid of her, she’d leave because there would be no way she’d want to stay with him now. Strangely enough, the thought of her leaving wasn’t sitting too well with him. He looked at her lying there and something inside him ached at the thought that if she knew who she was now, that she’d look at him differently. Taking a deep breath … “You’re a Slayer, love. The one in a generation …. Chosen among all others to protect the world from bullocks like me.”

Her brows knit. “ So you’re telling me, I’m a vampire slayer?”

He nodded slowly.

“And that’s why I have like super strength?”

He nodded again.

“Well that’s good right? Now I can go with you and you don’t have to worry about me at all.”

Spike’s eye widened at her comment. “What are you bloody talking about, Slayer? Why would you still want to hang out here?”

“Because, I need you.”

Spike moved to sit down beside her. “Buffy… you’re the Slayer now and as much as it would be a --- high to have a Slayer under my beckon call,” he paused winking at her “ you can’t live in my world. And this just shows that you weren’t meant to live in it.”

“But I don’t have anyone.”

“You don’t need anyone, especially not me. Besides, if you’re the Slayer, your bloody wanker of a Watcher will be looking for you. The Watcher will be your guide.”

“But Spike?!”, she looked up at him pleading.. begging that he not turn her away.

Next thing Spike knew, Buffy was pressed against him, her lips brushing against his own.

“Buffy, don’t start this. You know I can’t stop, love.”

“I don’t want you to. I don’t want to leave you.”

Spike pushed her away at arms length, effectively stopping the kiss she was leaning into. “Buffy, if we do this, if we keep doing this, one of us will end up hurting if not dead.”

“But you didn’t care before, and I know you don’t really care now.” She said, her hand trailing down his chest, moving lower and lower, going down below his waist.

His tried to ignore her touch, pushing back the demon that wanted nothing more than the feel of her. But she wouldn't let up, fingers dancing along his cold skin. Her tongue teasing him of what she could do. He was the Slayer of Slayers. They were meant to fight, not take each other to bed. His demon had tasted her, and her death didn't seem as appealing as her body. His demon pushed through, a low growl rumbling in his throat at feeling her caresses. "No, not now... Have to be ... " he thought. He shook his head, trying his best to reign the demon in and look at this with a level head. He took a few unneeded breathes, forcing his human face to show. “The rules have changed, pet. Every fiber of your being will start to despise me because of who you are. It will eat you up inside.”

Buffy shook her head “No.. nothing’s changed, not between us.”

“What is us anyway? This is a joke Buffy. The kisses and the caresses… just an illusion, make believe, something to pass the time as we heal from our own wounds. You’ll see the truth and all this will be reduced to nothing more than a sweet seduction from a monster, from a demon you were meant to kill.”

“No, it won’t be like that. I know you.”

“You know nothing of me.”, he said raising his voice, as his left hand grabbed her hair, and pulled it back roughly, exposing her neck and the fervent kisses that he had inflicted. “I’ve killed your kind. Two slayers in fact and I can remember ... ever ... delicious ... moment as I took their lives away.” He changed his features to show off his fangs.

“But I’ve seen you fight for me, protect me… refuse to turn me.”

“Just your blood calling to me, pet. My pet whose blood I can take whenever I want.” "That was the reason right? That had always been the reason." he resounded in his head. But somehow Spike wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince Buffy or himself.

Buffy looked at what seemed like Death, but she wasn’t afraid because she felt deep down there was nothing to be afraid of. She reached out and caressed his face, her fingers dancing lightly against the bumps on his brow. It didn’t instill fear but comfort. Spike was her salvation – her escape from the abuse Angelus had inflicted on her. She looked into his yellow eyes, wishing silently she could see his pools of blue. His eyes always held so much life which seemed ironic for the undead. Maybe he was right and that this was all a mistake and an illusion, but she couldn’t deny what she felt. He made her feel safe, he made her feel loved and albeit it foolish, she wanted to take away all the pain that she knew he felt. He’d hide most of it behind vices and bravado, but there would be the slightest of looks, the lightest of holds where she knew there was something beneath.

Buffy placed her left hand over his and squeezed it to release his hold on her hair.

“If you’ve killed my kind, then end it like I’ve asked you before. I have no one but you. I’m stronger now, maybe even strong enough to fight Angelus but I doubt I could kill him. I would die, and he would win and there would be no one to mourn for me because he has taken everything away from me. You taught me to rebel. I could have been just your pet, a willing slave and maybe I would have been happy because I wouldn’t know any better because my spirit was already broken. But you pulled me away from that – treated me more than … a happy meal with legs.” Spike couldn’t help but snicker at her recalling how he viewed most humans. “If my blood calls to you, then take it,” she said sadly “for what you’ve done for me I give it to you, freely, like I have in the past.”

Spike looked at her dumbfounded. She sure knows how to make this as sodding difficult as possible! In frustration, he clenched his fist and hit the wall behind her. Buffy got startled, unsure of what Spike was thinking. Then she felt it, the fangs digging into flesh, the blood being pulled from her being. After a few gulps, Spike pulled back, his eyes closed and his chest heaving. He pushed closer to her, his desire for something else apparent as he unknowingly ground his hips against hers. “You know this will end badly, love.”

He gasped as Slayer blood worked through him. "God you're a drug!" He lifted her up, her back against the wall, left hand holding her up by her butt. He let his right hand trail along the length of her side, brushing against a breast then moving lower as he eyed the mound beneath her waist. He could smell her desire and he looked up, a ravenous need etched on his face which was further fueled by the way she had her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted. He savored that look on her face for a few more moments before roughly throwing her on the bed. "I've got better things to do with you than drain you."

He eyed her carefully, seeing how she was laying down, her hair fanned out on the covers, her legs teasing him with an invitation. He pulled himself free only to clothe it the next second inside her warmth. Slayer blood invoked the demon to play and he just hoped she could keep up because he had no intention on being gentle tonight.

Chapter #12 - 12 - I Already Know
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 12 - I Already Know

Buffy walked through the cemetery alone, senses alert and stake at the ready. It had been a pretty uneventful night. Her stomach wasn’t doing any flip flops which was good. She quickly looked down at her watch. Two more hours to kill. She wished Spike was with her tonight but he insisted that she couldn’t go where he was going. She wasn’t sure if it was a good idea for her to be by herself but Spike assured her that if she could handle herself before she was the Slayer, then this should be a walk in the park.

Buffy let her instincts take over, as she fought the fledgling vampire that had just clawed his way out of his grave. The fight didn’t take too long with Buffy as the victor, but the fledgling was able to put a few whacks in that she knew would leave a mark for at least a day. She was learning to trust her body and her instincts. As dust settled on her feet, she felt another pull on her belly, but smiled as she heard the familiar dulcet voice call her name. “Buffy, left yourself a little too open on your right, Slayer.”
She gave a little pout, then rubbed the sore spot on her side where the vampire had hit her. “Been stalking me again?”

His lips formed a knowing grin as he sauntered slowly towards her. Buffy shoved the stake she was holding behind her back and looked down to notice the big scuff mark on her right boot. “Awww… just buffed these yesterday.”

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Take me shopping? I could use some new clothes.”

“You know we have other things to worry about.” Spike said as he turned his back to her and started walking towards the direction of her house. They moved in there about a week ago. They could have moved in weeks earlier, but Buffy was always afraid that Angelus might show up there. But since becoming a Slayer, she felt a little more confident about being on her own. It took a while to go through all the junk mail and bills that had piled up since her Mom got into her little accident. She had to ask help from her Dad on paying the bills and he was nice enough to give her some money. It wasn’t easy to explain why she didn’t want to really move to L.A., but like her father really cared what she said. He had a new life now and Buffy wasn’t too thrilled about her stepmom so in the end it all worked out – sort of.

Spike stopped in his tracks when he heard her call his name.

“I don’t want to go home yet”, she said solemnly.

Spike turned around and cocked his head to one side. "What's wrong, love?", he said walking back towards her. When she didn't answer but just looked at the grass by her feet, he pulled her into his arms and started nuzzling her neck. "Well, if it makes a difference, I want to go home." He pulled his head back for a moment, looking at her with want and need. He moved his left hand to caresses her arm tenderly, sucking in cheeks into that devilish grin.

Buffy couldn't help but blush a little and she leaned in to taste his cold lips. “Can we pass by the college tonight? I heard they have a football game.”, she said when their lips parted.

Spike raised an eyebrow questioningly, but knowing full well why she wanted to pass by. It was just another layer to the illusion of normalcy. She could just pretend that everything was alright in her world surrounded by people her own age. But normalcy also meant not being able to entertain his desires. He would be a field full of people and he knew she wouldn’t let him feed. “I haven’t fed yet, love. And I know you wouldn’t want me to eat any of the spectators.”

“But I want you there with me. Besides, its football. You know, broken bones, people getting crushed..”

“Ain’t fun unless someone at least bleeds.”

“I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

Spike raised his eyebrows in interest, “Well I was thinking of something fun to do, but now you've got my bloodlust peeked. Only thing I’m really interested right now is feeding. Don’t think you can top that, pet”

“Oh, I think I could”, she said licking her lips and giving him a playful wink.

"Better than last night?", he asked as he recalled moments of skin against skin, lips slightly parted, warm breath on cold muscles, soft breasts begging to be fondled.

Buffy leaned in attacking his lips with passion, letting her tongue play with his own.

His curiosity raised with a promise of a night possibly better than the last, Spike let her take his hand and lead the way.

Spike took little interest in what was going on on the football field. He pretty much occupied himself with people watching and annoying Buffy with flirtatious advances. His objective was two-fold. He could hear their blood calling in unison much like the cheers they were giving for their team. The demon in him, hungry for life, wanted to cause chaos and death, but by focusing on Buffy, he could push the hunger down for a little bit longer. The memory of the taste of her blood, enough to temporarily satiate the appetite that was inside him. And second, it was amusing to watch her reactions to his advances. She’d glare at him or slap his hand away and it was fun watching the range of emotions on her face from her pouts to that subtle hint of desire when he’d touch or kiss something that she liked.

When the game was over, they waited for the crowd to thin out before heading out themselves. No sooner had they left the field that Spike gently nudged Buffy against a tree, pinning her against it with his body. He wanted a quick taste of what was to come tonight ... wanted a bit of his prize now. He pressed his cold lips on hers for a moment, before moving to trail kisses down to her jaw, then to her neck. He smiled seeing the scars that she wore, his tongue lightly tracing one of them as he inhaled her scent. He moved his head back a bit, letting his demon out and as he lowered it once again to now taste her, he felt something wet and burning hit his face.

“Stay away from her, vampire!”, he heard a man call from behind him. Turning quickly, he saw a middle-aged man holding a couple of small vials of holy water, arms raised ready to throw another his way.

“Bloody hell, what the bugger do you think you’re doing?”

The man paid him no heed but was looking straight at Buffy. “Are you okay Ms. Summers?”

“Uhm… yeah.” Buffy said a little confused and flustered.

“Run Ms. Summers, I’ll take care of this vampire!” He said, gingerly tightening his grip on a wooden stake he had in his left hand.

“Why would I want to do that?” Buffy said, moving in between the man and Spike, more to protect the newcomer as she could sense the agitation in Spike’s stance.

“He is a vampire. He is evil. And he will kill you.”

“Well you got one and two right, but as for killing, he hasn’t yet.”, she said turning her head to look at Spike, smiling at him sweetly.

“Oh my God, you’ve been bitten.” The man said in utter horror as he saw the bite marks that marred her neck.

Instinctively, Buffy touched the right side of her neck and let her fingers trace Spike’s branding. “Nothing wrong with that is it?”, she said, leaning into Spike’s frame, hoping that he was starting to calm down. She smiled, as she felt his cool arms snake around her, his hands possessively resting on her waist.

“But you’re the Chosen One, the Slayer. If you had been turned, the Council would have obviously told me about this.”

“The bloody wanker is a Watcher.” Spike said finally breaking his silence. “Told you they’d eventually find you, Slayer.”

“Wish you wouldn’t call me that. Just doesn’t seem right coming from you.” She said with a little pout.

The man lowered his hand, vials disappearing into a coat pocket. “So you know?”

“About being a Slayer? Uhm, yeah. For every generation, a girl is chosen, called to be the Slayer to save the innocent and defeat the vampires. Or something like that. Oh and FYI, I’m still 100% human, well, will Slayer powers.”

“But then why are you letting a vampire bite you.” the man said flustered, as he adjusted the glasses on his face.

Without even flinching, Buffy looked at the man straight in the eye. “Because I belong to him.”

Chapter #13 - 13 - About the Council
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 13 - About the Council

It had taken Mr. Rupert Giles, the Watcher a couple of hours and at least two pots of tea to digest everything that was going on. Buffy did leave a couple of things out of picture though, not wanting to discuss what exactly had happened to her while being with Angelus. She didn’t even tell Spike about it and thankfully, he never pressured her for details. Giles was obviously disturbed about the whole situation and just like what Spike warned her before, a Slayer and a vampire together seemed to be viewed as an abomination.

Spike watched warily, his leg bobbing up and down, as the two talked. He was pissed off at the whole situation. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen now and he wondered if the end was near. He figured this would happen some day. Her conscience wouldn’t be able to ignore who he was or what he’d done, they’d end up arguing then fighting then going their separate ways until the day he'd have his good day and he’d take from her -- body, blood and soul. But he was enjoying himself with Buffy too much to let it end so quickly. He wished she would just kick the old fart out so that it could be just the two of them, and he could pick up where they left off before being rudely interrupted.

“Well,” Giles said nervously cleaning his glasses “Does Angelus know about, uhm, the current situation?”

Buffy turned to face Spike. They had decided it was best for Buffy to keep a low profile, and they had been successful so far. Spike had always reminded her that if she was going to do her Slayer duties that she had to make sure that she killed every single baddie she met.

Spike would often visit his contacts to see what they knew. “Just rumors… Everyone believes that there’s a Slayer in town, but so far, haven’t heard anyone confirm that it was Buffy.”

“Well then … I guess that’s good … yes .. yes … Now, as for your training. There are a couple of things we will need to go over and I was hoping that maybe we can meet tomorrow?”

Buffy sighed with boredom and Spike could care less about the formalities going on. He headed towards the kitchen and started rummaging through the refrigerator for something to eat. He wondered how much longer the wanker of a Watcher was going to stay. He could go out and get something more warm and living. As he poured the contents of a bag of blood into a mug, the thought he had earlier was starting to sound really tempting but he didn’t trust leaving Buffy alone with this Watcher. He seemed harmless enough just by looking at him, but there was something about the way he carried himself that sent tiny alarms in the back of Spike’s head. He could still hear them but tried his best to ignore what was being said. "Not my bloody problem. Not my bloody concern. Instead, he watched the mug travel around in circles in the microwave, half anticipating, half dreading the drink he was preparing. A few more rotations and the microwave beeped, but Spike could have sworn he heard something else. He closed his eyes, trying to determine if he could hear that sound again but all he got was the damn watcher raising his voice and Buffy’s heart now running a mile a minute. Without really thinking, he rushed back into the living room, his eyes catching a glimpse of the gun the watcher was aiming at the slayer.
“Forgive me Ms. Summers. But if you insist on continuing your relationship with that vampire, then I will be forced to deal with the situation.”

Buffy was in shock. Her body didn’t move although her mind was willing it to. As she heard the gun fire, all she could do was close her eyes and wait for the pain that she knew was coming. But it never came. Instead she felt the floor shake beneath her.

“Buffy, you okay, love?” Spike asked though he already knew the answer to that question.
She opened her eyes tentatively and found Giles on the floor, with Spike pinning both of the watcher’s arms down.

“The Council will not let this pass unnoticed.” Giles said struggling uselessly against the vampire.

Buffy finally got control of her body again and took a few deep breaths as she walked over to the Watcher. Spike looked up at her, the demon out in full view, and he licked his lips obviously more than ready to drain Giles dry.

“I don’t know much about the Council. But if this is how it works then I’m not sure if I want to know anything else about it. You don’t know what kind of vampire Angelus is and I know I’m not strong enough to go against him. I need Spike if I hope to ever destroy Angelus. But I could use your help, if your willing. But come between me and him again, and I’ll give the Council something else to find unacceptable." she said trying her best to sound threatening.

Spike bared his fangs again toying with the Watcher before quickly relieving the Watcher's gun as well as the stake he was carrying before releasing him.

Giles picked himself up, his eyes moving from Slayer to vampire as he was trying to figure out why the two obviously had a bond.

“Ms. Summers, Buffy … surely you must reconsider. You are a Slayer. He is a vampire, a killer…”

“I don’t want to hear anymore. You don’t know what I’ve been through and with your action here tonight how do you expect me to trust the Council at all. Where was the Council when I was kidnapped? Where was the Council when my Mother was hurt? Has the Council even tried to look after her welfare? Oh, I forgot, nothing else matters but the Slayer right? That’s why Watchers are sent to train the Slayer… yet, if a Slayer goes against what they deem is proper, she should be terminated like the demons she is sent to kill? Who is really evil here? I’ve lost everything … my Mother may never wake up and my life is forever changed -- saddled with a destiny where I have no future, nothing to look forward to but to be your weapon. So tell me Watcher, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you have me kill my savior?”

Giles was silent for a few moments, getting a better understanding of the situation. Sighing softly, Giles knew that what he was about to do could get him kicked out of the Council. But there was just something about Buffy. And maybe the fact that Spike hadn’t killed him was something to consider as well. For now, he’ll be her Watcher, give her a chance. Maybe he could still sway her decision. “I will continue to hope that you will reconsider. I’ll see you?”, Giles said hopefully.

Buffy rolled her eyes in irritation but nodded anyway.

“I guess I’ll take my leave then.”, he said as he turned and walked out of the house.

Buffy took a deep breath to try and calm herself down. It was bad enough that she had to worry about vampires, now she had to worry about a Council who might very well kill her as help her. Buffy turned to Spike, wanting to thank him for intervening, but he already had his back turned to her, heading towards the kitchen and his now cold mug.

Buffy followed him but stopped in mid-stride when she smelled what seemed like burning flesh. “Ewww… what did you put in the microwave?”

Chapter #14 - 14 - I Don't Pretend
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 14 - I Don't Pretend

Spike knew what that smell was. Damn wanker, dipping his bullets in holy water! He grudgingly grabbed the mug from the microwave and downed its contents, knowing he that he would need the strength to fish the damn bullet that was lodged in his left shoulder. He then rummaged through the cabinets and found him a bottle of JD and proceeded to down almost half the contents of the bottle in one swig.

Buffy gave him a curious look until she saw the tiny rip on his shirt.

Spike gave her a languid smile. “Need a knife, love.”

Buffy moved to the other side of the kitchen to fetch one while he stripped off his shirt. Blood had dripped down from the wound and a thin line of reddish brown had painted his left arm. Around the bullet wound, the flesh was smoking which accounted for the stink that Buffy had smelled earlier. She handed him a large kitchen knife as he took another swig from the bottle. Taking the knife in his right hand, he sliced his shoulder open, grinding his teeth to bare the pain. He carefully placed the knife down on the counter and took a deep unnecessary breath to ready himself. He thrust his fingers into his shoulder, fishing around for the blessed bullet. Finding his prize, he let out a sigh as he dropped the bullet on the counter before washing the blood off his fingers.

“Bloody wanker of a Watcher!” Spike huffed as he dried his hands, thankful now that the burning had stopped.

“I’m sorry.”, Buffy said her head bowed trying to concentrate on cleaning the now bloody kitchen counter.

“For what, pet?”

“I froze. I should have been able to handle that myself.”

“Yeah, you should.”

It was not the response she was expecting from him, but he was right. Here she was thinking of taking down a master vampire when she couldn’t even defend herself against a Watcher with a gun.

“Do you think I was right to let him go? To stay with you?”

Spike shrugged. “Don't know, love. I can’t tell you that. I still would have rather fed on him but I know you’d never let me.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of Spike. I’m afraid I would have let you. I know it’s wrong, but he wanted me to leave you. ”

“I know I’m irresistible!”, Spike said giving her a playful wink.

“I’m trying to be serious here.”

“What’s there to say?”

“Why are you with me Spike?” she looked earnestly into his eyes.

“Bugger. I thought we already had this conversation, pet.”

“Indulge me!”

“Because you asked me to and I said I’d protect you. Because we have an understanding you and I.”

But that understanding was never really official – no handshake, no pinky swear. Fate brought them together and she didn’t want to be alone. Was that all it was, afraid of being alone? She needed him to feel safe, to feel loved, to affirm her existence. But if that was all it was, why did she let him take her? She craved his attention, his kisses and his embrace. He said before that it was all an illusion, but she ignored him. It couldn’t be. She remembers the way he would hold her protectively, the way he would look into her eyes with such sincerity and the way he just used his body to shield her from her Watcher. Could that be all an illusion? A lie? But to what end?

She looked at Spike who was now rummaging through the refrigerator for another bag of pigs blood. She caught the disgusted face he made as he found one.

Blood. He took from her religiously but she didn’t care. It felt warm and comforting. It felt good because in some way she could help him and give him life. Was that all he wanted then? Blood? Like before? And if it was, why is she worrying about this? She had told Giles earlier this evening that she belonged to him. They weren’t in the coven anymore. She was now a Slayer, but she knew deep down that she belonged to him. The words came out easily tonight. She felt no shame in it, no disgust in herself. She was happy when he was close. But what did she mean to him? He never gave her any real answers about it. His responses would most probably be just like what he just said minutes ago. Was she lying to herself then? Was she desperately clinging to an illusion like he had said.

“Do you still think about her, Spike?” she asked feebly.

He knew she meant Dru. Taking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes. He didn’t need this now. “What do you want to know Buffy? You know you don’t need to beat around the bush with me, pet.”

What did she want to find out? What kind of answer would make her happy? That he belonged to her just as much as she belonged to him? “Just wondering.”

“It ain’t wondering when you get all huffy like that.” He abandoned the blood near the sink and moved behind her, his arms wrapping around her ignoring the pain of his healing shoulder. “What’s bothering you, love?” he said before planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

With a sigh, Buffy leaned against him. She took a moment to enjoy his closeness before taking a deep breath and continuing. “This is what’s bothering me. What are we to each other. I mean … uhm … we never really say anything about it. I mean, I know I need you but …”

“But, does any of it have to really mean anything?”

“One would hope – hope that when I feel you, I’m really seeing you and not an illusion. Hope that there was some truth in the kisses and the caresses.”

He held her close, not really sure what to say. He hated having to think about their relationship. Wasn’t it enough that they were together? That he would keep her safe? They didn’t have to put labels on it, didn’t have to analyze it because once you do it gets all muddled and confusing. She was making him think about it. It was easier a few weeks ago, when she was called to be the Slayer. It was simple then. Vampire. Slayer. There was no way two beings who were meant to kill each other could be together. It was black and white. The decision was clear. One lifestyle negates the other and it would result in someone’s death. But she ignored that title and asked him to stay. He did. For what purpose? To feed on her? To one day kill her and better his reputation? Or better yet to turn her and have a Slayer as a willing follower. Though all appealing, why hasn’t he done any of it yet? She was still new, inexperienced and most of all she trusted him. It would be so easy. Kill her in her sleep. Drink from her and drain her dry. No, those would be too easy. The kill would be better if they fought. Unfortunately, during the few times they had sparred, he ended up teaching her tumblings of a different sort -- tumblings that he found himself craving more and more.

“I can tell you want you want to hear, but that’s not what you’re looking for, eh love?”, he whispered into her ear. “So I‘ll tell you what I know. I hate Angelus and I know he wants you, perhaps now more than ever if he knew. And I took you from him as my prize. But I never thought ...”, he stopped then straightened himself up.

Buffy caught the uncertainty in his voice. She tried to turn around to face him but he held her fast so she opted to continue leaning against him, her head resting gently against the right side of his chest. Spike looked down and smiled at the contact. It was those little things that she did that he couldn’t understand why he enjoyed. “I won’t lie. I loved Dru, maybe a part of me still does, ... I guess. She was my salvation from human weakness. She gave me a century’s worth of sensations.” He saw her nod slowly and could tell by the subtle curl of her lips that she was holding her comments about his relationship with Dru. “What we have is different, but ... " he closed his mouth for a moment, not really sure what to say. "If you think that I'm just using you to get back at Dru or to pretend that I'm with her, then you're bloody wrong. I see you. ... I know it's you. I don’t pretend that I'm with someone else. ... But what you're sodding asking me ..."

Buffy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He was saying riddles again, but what did she really expect. She moved closer to the counter, and gently placed a hand on his arm, pulling it up slowly to untangle herself. “I’m sorry. Forget I said anything. Just the shock I guess of what happened tonight.”

Spike looked at her intently. What did she want from him? First she was opening up to him and now she was locking herself up. “What now? What do you want me to say?”

“Nothing.” She said solemnly, throwing herself at cleaning up the kitchen counter.

“I tell you the truth and you’re treating me like I said otherwise”

Buffy shrugged. “You’re blood is still by the sink.”

“You’re not changing the subject on me. You brought this up Buffy. You wanted to talk. So let’s have at it, pet. What? You want me to say I love you? That I care? That I pine over you like a bloody teenager?”

“That’s not it!”

“What then? I’m a vampire Buffy and proud of it! I’ve lived for over a century and have seen, felt and done things that you could only imagine. Emotions are something very human. Most of you think that everything can be summed up to either being here”, he said pointing to his head. “Or here”, he said pointing to his chest. “But it’s just chemicals and hormones. I don’t pretend, never pretend that it’s something more. I loved Dru. She was in me, my world, my blood. Is that what you want Buffy? For me to pour myself into this, into us?” He waited for her to say something but the only indication he had that she was even listening was that she finally stopped trying to clean the counter. He felt fidgety and his hands needed something to do. Running his fingers through his hair, thankful that his left shoulder didn’t sting as much, he waited for her to say something.

“Buffy, I told you before that this was just something to pass the time and that someday love, you would grow to despise me. But you apparently didn’t care. Now, you’re asking me for something more without thinking. You’re a Slayer, Buffy. What will happen when you’re blood finally screams for my end? You say you need me? Why? I don’t know what Angelus exactly did to you, but I can imagine what it was. I’m not like the ponce and I know you cling to that. But when this is over, when Angelus is gone would you still stay with me?”

Buffy dared to look at him, trying to let his words sink in. She didn’t fully understand it. She felt no disgust towards him. There was no hate. Even when she knew he would go out and feed, it didn’t really bother her that much. She knew the prey he usually went after, the prey that fascinated him. He opted to go after the not so innocent, those with a pretty dark past. He once boasted to her that he could smell it on them and that the terror was sweeter when it came from someone that knew the darkness because they usually thought themselves to be invincible. Maybe this was what he was trying to tell her, that as the years progress, that it would matter to her. That maybe after they defeat Angelus that then it would all matter. “I .. I don’t know now.”

“And that’s okay.”, he said, moving closer to her and placing one hand on hers. “I care about you, Slayer. I have to, to put up with all the bloody nonsense you throw at me.”

At that she stuck her tongue out at him. “I don’t give you nonsense. Buffy makes lots of sense” she said pouting first then eventually giggled.

Spike smiled, happy to see the smile back on her face. At the back of his mind, he was relieved that they were off the subject. It was too confusing to think about human emotions. He had no need of them, right? Who are you kidding Spike? As much as he’d like to deny having any attachments to anyone, he knew he was knee deep in it. One hundred and twenty years with Dru was bliss beyond words. Everything about her made him euphoric from the way she’d kill and share her prey, to the way she’d tease him in bed. She was his goddess and now he was scorned. If he killed Angelus, she’d come back to him. That was the plan. But somehow the plan didn’t seem as exciting as it used to be. Killing Angelus was still a must, but getting Dru back was … well … "That’s not right. This was all to get Dru back, right? Why in the world would I be with a Slayer anyway.” But thinking about Buffy and feeling her warmth so close to him brought other notions into his head. He tried to shake the images that invaded his mind. It was just to pass the time, letting his demon bask in desires. He suddenly realized that his hand was on top of hers, his thumb absently caressing the back of her hand. He quickly pulled it away and took a step back.


“Uhm … hungry.” he mumbled, as he made his way back towards the kitchen sink and his lonesome bag of blood. He took the bag in one hand, wondering if he could get something a little more appetizing. He looked out the window, and judged that he still had a couple of hours left before dawn. He tossed the blood back into the fridge then grabbed his shirt.


“Going out. Be back soon.”

“But, it’s late.”

“Yeah, and you should be in bed, love.”, he said hurriedly putting his shirt back on then moving into the living room where he left his coat.

“You don’t have to go.”

Spike thought about that for a minute, knowing full well what she meant. Before her Watcher happened, he thought it was going to be a pretty good night. But now, with a wounded shoulder and human emotions threatening to drown both of them, he didn’t think it would be wise to stay. He shook his head, trying to get rid of images of her screaming his name. “Don’t think that’s wise, pet. Need blood and I’m not in the mood for the butcher special.” He headed towards the door, checking his pockets on the way there to make sure he got his keys. “Told you I’ll be back soon”, he said looking back at her. He caught the look in her eyes of wanting him to stay. “Not tonight Buffy, you don’t need me in your head tonight. And I have you in mine too much already.” He headed down the street to look for something to kill.

Chapter #15 - 15 - Want to be Close
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 15 - Want to be Close

Spike walked through the front door about an hour before sunrise. He felt a whole lot better, but his thoughts were still filled with what happened just hours ago. "Get a grip, Spike. You just need to get some sleep." he thought. But as he closed and locked the front door, the familiar scent of vanilla permeated the room. He turned to see a sleepy-eyed Buffy walking towards him from the stairs.

"Hope I didn't wake you, pet."

Buffy yawned and shrugged. "I couldn't really sleep, been tossing and turning for hours."

"Right. Well, uhm ... I'm knackered so I'm heading to bed." he said passing by her to get to the stairs.


"Yeah?" he stopped and turned to face her.

"Are we okay?"

He looked at her curiously. "Didn't think we really had a problem, love."

She smiled at his response. "I'm glad your home. I was getting worried."

" 'Bout me? You know better than that."

"I know." she said looking up in his eyes, then tiptoeing to kiss his lips.

Spike placed his hands on her shoulders, pushing her away gently. "What was that for?"

"Well, for lots of things. For being with me tonight. For saving my life." she leaned into him again and kissed him, sucking gently on his lower lip.

"Buffy, you don't have to."

"I want to." she said huskily as she grasped his hand and led him up the stairs towards her room.

Spike couldn't resist her with the way she was looking at him with want and need so he let her lead him without question. Upon entering her room, Spike let his duster slip from his shoulders, carefully placing it on a chair.

Buffy moved towards the windows, closing all the curtains, making sure that no sunlight could come through. When she turned around, Spike had already taken his shirt off. His right hand was gingerly poking the spot where the bullet had gone through. The wound still looked tender but it was pretty much healed. She hurried over to him, concern on her face at seeing his bullet wound.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Just stings a little. It should be fine by tonight."

Buffy placed a gentle kiss below the wound before moving to plant soft kisses across his chest. She lowered her body, lips leaving a trail of heat down the length of his torso. Spike could feel himself harden with anticipation as he heard his belt buckle being undone. His jeans loosened from his body and fell into a heap by his ankles. Buffy peppered kisses near his belly button, teasing him by lightly brushing her fingers against his growing member. Then she moved lower, planting kisses on his inner thigh as she let her fingers dance ever so lightly around his manhood.

Spike closed his eyes focusing his senses on her ministrations. He let out a surprised gasp when he felt her take him into her mouth. She moved slowly, pleasing him with her lips as she enjoyed the soft moans and growls that rumbled from his throat when she let her tongue lavish affection on his shaft. Spike placed a hand on her head, encouraging her, letting her know that he wanted more... wanted her. Buffy licked and kissed and sucked and soon enough, Spike had his fingers tangled into her long golden locks as she brought him to ecstasy.

Spike couldn't help but have a silly smile on his face as pulled her up from the floor. He crushed his lips against her, tasting a little bit of himself on her lips. Not breaking the kiss, he stepped out of his jeans carefully then maneuvered both of them towards the bed. His hand slipped underneath her shirt and cupped one of her breasts. Buffy moaned as she felt a cold hand caressing her bosom, sending a shiver down her spine and a warmth between her legs.

"Want to see you, love. Want to see all of you." he said breaking the kiss.

Buffy pulled her shirt off and pushed her shorts and panties down and out of the way. Spike took a moment to take her in, before lifting her up, and gently placing her on the bed. He settled himself on top of her, his manhood teasing the entrance to her quim. Buffy looked up at him with lust in her eyes. "Spike... I need you." He replied with an evil grin as he decided to attack the curve of her neck with lips and tongue, ignoring her request. He moved his hips slightly, caressing her nether lips with what she wanted. He could feel the heat radiating off of her and that combined with her breathing was further fueling his desire. No longer able to wait himself, he slid into her enjoying the feeling of her muscles around him before moving inside her. He buckled his hips back and forth, each time trying to see if he could impale himself deeper into her. Buffy's moans grew louder as she felt him inside her, completing her. She moved against him, finding a rhythm that only heightened each sensation. Soon she felt herself reach her peak as she screamed out his name, telling him to keep on going. Spike complied, not letting up even after her orgasm was over. Not long after she was able to catch her breath from her first bout of ecstasy, Spike took her to heaven once again and he basked in the sound of her voice screaming his name over and over again as he emptied himself into her.

Spike knew that the sun was up outside. It was time for vampires to sleep. But sleep didn't seem at all desirable at the moment as he looked down at Buffy -- her chest heaving up and down, her breasts begging to be kneaded, her body covered in a light sweat and, her eyes lusting for more. At the back of his mind he wondered if this was going to complicate things even further, but her arousal called to him and he wasn't about to refuse?

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Chapter #16 - 16 - A Small Surprise
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 16 - A Small Surprise

Spike stared up at the ceiling wishing sleep would wash over him. Buffy was far gone into the land of dreams and he wished he was there with her. He should be sleepy given the night he just had. It should have been a quiet night -- a drink at the bar, meet Buffy at the cemetery, then go home for a good shag and a Slayer snack. Instead, he got a pissed of Watcher, a Slayer questioning their relationship, then a frustrating night of hunting. At least he still got the amazing shag.

Giving up on sleep, he carefully disengaged himself from her naked form. He grabbed his jeans, pulling them on and buckling his belt in one swift move. He rummaged through his coat for a pack of cigarettes and his Zippo.

He quietly went downstairs and gave out a sigh seeing how bright the sun was shining today. He then made his way down to the basement. He didn't even bother to turn on the solitary light that illuminated the room. He lit his cigarette and took a long drag. Exhaling slowly, he closed his eyes letting everything that happened last night somehow make sense in his head.

Buffy has a Watcher now and a somewhat dangerous Watcher at that. He was amazed that even though she froze for that one second, she still found the courage to tell the wanker off. The question now was will they have to fight the Council of Wankers as well? When that time comes, what would Buffy do? A better questions would be, what would he do? Would he just leave her then, hoping that the Council would be satisfied with that? Or would he turn her, finally? Then, there was the third option. But he doubt that his family would accept that at all.

"Argghhh!" he growled. He shook his head, hoping that that time would never come. Then his thoughts went to the night out he had.

When he stormed out of the house, he walked away from Revello Drive with no real destination. All he knew was that he had to get away.

He soon found himself near the Bronze. Lucky for him, he found someone being mugged by three men near an alleyway. Happy that he could let his demon out, he rushed at the three men. He toyed with them for a little bit, enjoying the feel of his fists making contact with their bodies, the sound of their pulse racing and then the silent gurgle from their throats as he drained them dry. Fresh blood coursed through him and his demon basked in the sensation of it all. Then he heard the slightest of movements against the wall. He turned to see the woman who was a victim just moments ago. He tilted his head, debating for a split second whether to take her or let her go. She had her head buried in her hands and he could see that her body was trembling. "No need to be afraid of me, love." he said letting his human face come out as he moved towards her.

She lifted her head and he stepped back. Blond hair and green eyes looked up at him. She looked nothing like the Slayer he left at home, but her hair and eye color was enough to remind him of her. Without another word, he just turned his back on her and walked away.

Here he was, trying to get her out of his mind, but somehow the fates where mocking him. He stopped walking when he turned the corner. His right fist flew out and hit the brick wall of a building. He focused on the pain. Focusing on the pain was better than all the other thoughts swimming in his head.

He stood there for a few minutes, trying to clear his head. They had their talk. He said the truth and that should be enough. He knew he should be somewhat disgusted with himself for bedding a Slayer, but she felt and tasted too good to give up. It would end someday. And then what? He should just savor her as much as he could now. Take from her as much as he could. Then he would kill her, drain her dry and then she would be a part of him forever. He reminded himself of that over and over again as he walked back home.

And now he was in the basement, smoking a cigarette and pacing the length of the room in darkness. He looked at his right hand, his knuckles a little swollen from punching the brick wall. He had a feeling this might happen a lot and he needed to do something about it.


Four nights later ...

Spike woke up to something shaking the bed. He opened one eye to find an excited Slayer sitting right next to him.

"It's still early pet. The sun's not even down yet."

"But it's five already and you've been asleep all day!"

"So?" he said grabbing the pillow he was laying on and putting over his head.

Buffy quickly pulled it away from him. "You did it didn't you. It couldn't be anybody else. Oh thank you thank you thank you!" she said plopping down on him and threading her arms around him.

"Uhm... welcome?! What are you talking about pet?"

She pulled away from him and gave him a slight pout. "The basement."

"Oh you found that. Was hoping to show it to you tonight as a surprise but looks like you beat me to it. So you like?" he said sitting up then running a hand through his hair.

She gave him a huge smile then attacked him again with a hug.

"If you get this excited about a punching bag and a couple of mats, I wonder what you'd do if I get you a shiny trinket." He spent that last few nights getting everything ready. Things just seemed to fall into place because he knew she wouldn't go down to the basement for laundry till Sunday and the past few days she had been spending most of the day and night with Rupes training.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to get carried away. It's just that, well ... it's kinda sweet in some sort of way." she said smiling.

"Hey hey. Sweet? I'm not sweet! Besides had a selfish reason to it as well." he said flexing his right hand.

"Yeah yeah. ... you're the Big Bad!" she said rolling her eyes.

"So I'm guessing you can't wait to try it out?"

"Well Giles was teaching me a few things and I was hoping to test it out."

"So that's why you woke me up way before sunset. And here I thought you just couldn't resist me." he said with a cocky grin.

Buffy went from cheerful to serious in a blink of an eye. "Well I've been training with Giles for a few two days and I just realized how much I don't know. Hanging out with you, I thought I've seen a huge range of demons. But Giles has books ... no volumes ... of history and demon lore. I ... and I'm suppose to fight all of them? I don't know if I can do it. I need to train ... need to be better, especially if I want to take on Angelus."

Spike reached out to stroke her hair. "You're strong Buffy. Hey, I've sparred with you remember?"

"You think so? But I know you always hold back."

"How do you figure that?"

"I've never sparred with you when your all vampy."

"You sure you want that, love?"

"If I want to be stronger ..."

Spike shrugged his shoulders then stood up after he threw the covers off of him. He reached out for his jeans and slipped into them. "Ready?"


The room shook once more as Buffy threw Spike on the mat. The vampire gave her a toothy grin, showing of his fangs. He was enjoying the little sparring match they were having. He was still in the lead but Buffy was quickly catching up to him. The first few times, he easily got her either cornered, pinned or his lips on her neck. She was always a quick learner and for the past hour she was deflecting his blows easily.

Buffy let him go and stood back a few paces from him.

"Well I think you've got the throw attacks down. And your kicks are stronger. How about we do something I'd enjoy." he said raising an eyebrow and licking his lips.

"Pervert!" she said jokingly.

"Who's the pervert? I was just going to suggest choke holds." he said laughing.

Buffy's cheeks warmed in embarrassment. She turned her back to him quickly hoping he didn't see it.

"No need to be shy, love." he said walking up to her. He slid his right arm around her waist, pulling her close to him. He placed his left hand on her left shoulder. Then he let it slowly caress down the length of her arm. He tilted his head to the left and opened his mouth. He moved quickly aiming for her neck, stopping only when he felt his fangs touch skin. He felt her shock. He let her go and started laughing. "That's twenty. I win."

"HEY!", she said furiously, turning around to face him with her hands on her waist.

"First to reach twenty kills wins. And that, pet, was twenty!" He turned around and walked away from her still chuckling.

Buffy narrowed her eyes then launched herself at him. Spike fell on the mat hard face first. He felt her fist tap his back and he knew if she had a stake he would be dust right now.

"Let's change it to first thirty kills." she said still sitting on top of him.

Spike raised his upper body away from the mat using his arms to support himself. "I think you're enjoying this too much, Slayer. But as you wish."

Chapter #17 - 17 - Scents
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 17 - Scents

... about a week later ...

Spike watched from across the room as Buffy enjoyed herself on the dance floor. He watched her body move to the beat and amusingly smiled at the small group of men that had casually formed to dance near her. The past week had been hectic. He knew Buffy needed some time to unwind. She had been busy with Giles most of the week, since the wanker wanted to school her in demon lore and vampire history. He had even heard of a few things about himself which Giles had so eagerly brought up.

Spike remembered when Buffy told him about it a few nights ago. The information made him snicker at the obvious errors but was obviously proud at how vicious they had painted him to be. She just gave him a reprimanding stare which resulted in a veiled threat which then led into a heated argument. He didn’t want to hear anything else about it and turned his back, which got him punched in the nose. Angrily, he retaliated and they ended up hitting each other until it resulted in a stalemate. They didn’t talk for at least a day after that. It was one day that he was sure Giles loved. Knowing Buffy, she would have complained to her Watcher about him and Spike was sure the latter encouraged the idea of staking the vampire. Fortunately, the Slayer didn’t listen and opted for an apology for hitting him first.

A scent pierced through Spike’s senses and broke his train of thought. With a grimace, he took another swig of his beer. He knew who it was before he heard the voice and his eyes grew sterner as he picked up another scent mingling with the first.

“Well well, it’s been a while, William.” Angelus said, staring down at his child.

“Piss off.”

“Is that any way to treat your Master.”

Spike afforded him a cold stare before turning his attention back to watching Buffy.

Angelus followed his gaze then decided to take a seat in the booth Spike was occupying. “I see you still have my pet. Have you been keeping her well for me?”

“She doesn’t belong to you.”

“The way things look, she doesn’t seem to belong to you either?” Angelus said pointing out that Buffy was dancing pretty close to one of the men on the dance floor.

Spike didn’t reward the Angelus with a response. He knew what the master vampire was trying to do and he didn’t want to play into his game. He just continued to watch Buffy, her hips reminding him of times when they would sway for him. The song soon ended, and after what seemed like some casually pleasantries to her dance partner, Buffy turned and headed their way.

Spike knew that being the Slayer, Buffy most probably already sensed Angelus’ presence. But as she drew nearer, she showed no indication of noticing him. In fact, she completely ignored Angelus, sliding into the booth beside Spike and wrapping her arms around his neck.
She pulled the beer bottle from his fingers and placed it gently on the table before arching her body to kiss him fully on the lips. He returned her fervor, letting his tongue caress her lower lip. She giggled for a second as she made contact with his eyes. “Want you …” she said huskily before crushing her lips against his once more.

When they finally broke the kiss, Buffy leaned in to nip his ear gently. “Was that good?” she whispered sweetly. Spike bent his head down to her neck and trailed kisses down the length of her neck as his response. He knew she wasn’t really referring to the kiss she just gave him. Her kisses were always welcome, but the look on Angelus’ face when she leaned into him was more precious. The master vampire was obviously irritated that his child was getting so much affection from his plaything.

Buffy eventually pulled away from Spike, but made sure she was sitting very close to him. “Oh, Angelus I didn’t see you there, ”she said matter-of-factly.

“Well it’s good you haven’t forgotten about me yet my pet.” Angelus said half sneering.

Buffy rolled her eyes in response as she tried her best to calm down. Spike found her hand, and squeezed it gently.

“I doubt this is a social visit so what do you want mate? We don’t have time for your mind games tonight.” Spike said seriously. He could distinctly smell Dru’s sent on his sire and he tried to focus his senses on the Slayer beside him, letting vanilla and strawberries take center stage.

“Simple really, I’m here to take back what’s mine. I’ve lost a few good minions because of you and for that I should be angry. But you know I really don’t care about that or them. You have something of mine Spike and I’m here to take it back.”

“You’re a bloody fool chasing after your plaything.”

“Well it seems that you’re a fool as well having her with you as a companion but obviously not turning her. What delusion have you lost yourself in this time, William?”

Spike growled low at him using his real name. “I don’t have to force her to do anything, Liam!. And as for turning her? Why?”

Angelus watched them closely, his senses picking up something he didn’t notice before. His gaze went from vampire to girl then back to vampire. “ I can smell you on her. You can’t seriously tell me you enjoy taking this one to bed?!”

Spike let out a devilish grin. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Angelus let out a chuckle. “My how my child has fallen.”

Buffy was trying her best to keep her emotions in check as the master vampire continued to insult her. She wondered how Spike could keep his cool, especially since she’d seen him explode over smaller things. She felt him squeeze her hand gently before his thumb slowly started caressing the back of her hand, trying to soothe her.

Spike finished his beer then stood up, gently pulling Buffy to her feet. She stepped away from the booth, her hand still intertwined with his. “Well, nice seeing you, Grandpa!”, he said sarcastically “The lecture was interesting too. Of course, for someone that defies human emotion, you sure pine over something you can’t have a whole lot lately.” He said giving him a quick wink as he settled his left arm around Buffy and led her towards the exit.

Angelus rose in anger, letting his demon come out and hissed at them. Without even looking back, Spike raised his right hand and gave him the finger. Buffy couldn’t help but giggle but that ended quickly as she felt another strong vampire signature behind them. She stole a quick glance back and saw blond hair beside Angelus. It was Darla and for once, Buffy was glad that she was in the same room as her.


As Spike and Buffy stepped outside, both of them could tell that Angelus didn’t come to the Bronze alone. A couple of vampires were hanging around in various locations. She looked up at Spike as they walked towards his car. He had a stern look and the way he carried himself pretty much told everybody else not to mess with him. He kept his arm around her in a protective hold until they reached his DeSoto.

Buffy counted a dozen vampires hanging out in the parking lot giving them various looks. Her hand itched for a stake and she pulled closer to Spike, reaching around into one of his pockets where earlier that night, she half-argued, half-convinced him to keep her weapon. She was glad she won.

Feeling her hand reach into his duster, Spike beamed her a wide smile, “A little more to the left, love. I’ve got a little itch over there.”

She answered him with a smirk as she pulled the stake and slipped it behind her. As the stake slipped into place, her Slayer senses went into overdrive as the vampires she had been watching all shifted into game face and Angelus’ signature came into focus as well. She looked up at Spike, who now had her against his car, his back turned to the others. He smiled sweetly, anxious for the violence that he knew he’d be dishing out. He leaned a little closer to her, filling his nose with her scent. “Watch your back, love and try not to get this anywhere near me.” he whispered into her ear as his right hand reached around and gently rested just below her waist where he knew she slipped her wooden weapon.

She gave him a slight smirk “My aim’s improving!”

“Sure pet, sure.” Spike heard one of the vampires about ready to pull him back and in annoyance, he let his right arm fly backwards until he heard a grunt and a smack. Letting his demon out, he growled loudly. Three of the younger vampires stepped back, but as Angelus approached, they hesitated and then stood their ground afraid of the Master.

“William, dear William. You’re not making this easy.” Angelus rebuked him.

“Why, was I suppose to? Sorry to disappoint.” Spike said as six minions surrounded him, fangs bared and ready. A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth as he flexed his muscles. He could tell that they were trying to cut him off from Buffy. The other five vampires surrounded her and his car. In a blink of an eye, the dance began. He moved with stealth and precision, effectively knocking down his opponents and reveling in the sweet ecstasy of violence.

Feeling that Spike was being kept busy, the five vampires that had surrounded Buffy inched closer, and she tried her best to calm down. As one of them bared its fangs and rushed her, she quickly dove forward and tucked herself into a roll. As she stood up, she saw a fist flying towards her. She quickly moved out of the way and raised her own fists up in defense. She traded blows with two vampires – the other three thinking she wasn’t that important to fight. That of course changed, when she found her opening and drove her stake into the vampire before her. As the others looked at her in shock, she turned quickly and dusted the other one she’d been fighting. She afforded a glance at Spike and saw that he was down to two. She caught the smile that was on his face and knew that he’d been toying with them.

Buffy felt something hit her square in the stomach and she cursed herself for letting it happen. She felt Angelus moving closer and thinking it best to keep the charade up, she let the vampire drive her back to Spike’s Desoto, feigning being hurt. She let the vampire corner her, but avoided most of his attacks. Then she heard a loud growl and the vampire was suddenly yanked backwards.

“Have some respect for a bloke’s car!” Spike yelled before ripping his victim’s head cleanly off his body. He quickly looked up at her, his right eyebrow raised questioningly.

“Sorry.” She said trying to sound apologetic. She still didn’t understand why the vampire had such an attachment to the junk of a car. The only endearing quality she thought it had was that it ran.

Spike looked at the two remaining vampires and gave them a warning growl. They looked up from him to Angelus, and Spike could feel his grandsire shifting forms. In one swift motion, he slid his coat of his shoulders and handed it to Buffy as he faced Angelus.

Buffy looked on somewhat worried. The two circled each other and it reminded her of a time in the mansion not that long ago. She hoped that Spike had grown strong enough to defeat Angelus this time but it couldn’t be denied that Angelus had age in his favor. She folded Spike’s coat neatly, knowing that no matter what the outcome was, he’d be cross with her if she let it get any dirtier. She knew she shouldn’t interrupt a fight like this. And though she secretly wished Spike was fighting for her, she knew he was doing this more for himself. He had something to prove and Drusilla to gain. She felt a little envious of Dru. She was lucky to have someone as devoted as Spike loving her. He loved her and revered her and Buffy wished that he would feel even a fraction of that for her. They had kissed and they had sex and though it seemed like he cared about her deeply, he often reminded her that all of it was just an illusion.

Buffy was so engrossed in the two vampires exchanging blows that she barely had time to react when one of the two remaining minions that were cornering her earlier, grabbed her. The Slayer in her took over, twisting her body to try and break free. The vampire held her tightly. She saw her chance at escape when the other minion approached them. She lifted her legs and kicked against the new arrival, driving the vampire holding her against the DeSoto. She heard that satisfying thud as the grip on her loosened and she slid down. Picking herself up quickly, she hit the one that was holding her square in the face then shoved the stake into its heart. The last one growled at her. Before she could turn to face it, she felt its claws dig into her right arm. She winced in pain as blood started trickling from the fresh wound. A smug look crossed the vampire’s face as he saw that he wounded her but the look soon turned into that of fear.

“Slay… Slayer.” She heard him mutter out. She twirled the stake in her right hand then executed a round house kick to knock him onto his back. She was on him quickly, driving the stake into its dead heart.

When the smell of blood tainted the air, both Angelus and Spike closed their eyes for but a second, trying to register where the blood came from. Spike registered it as Buffy’s as he knew that the charade was now up. Angelus would now know for sure what Spike had been hiding from him.

Chapter #18 - 18 - Choose
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

Chapter 18 - Choose

“Slayer!” Angelus mouthed with a slight growl. He looked at his grandchild in disbelief with a slight hint of jealousy. “You've been keeping a Slayer from me? How dare you?"

Spike started chuckling. "Finders keepers!"

Angelus gave out an irritated growl. "Are you insane? You’ve sided with the Slayer?”

Spike ran his fingers through his hair then smirked. “I’m hurt Peaches. I thought that after all this time you'd at least know a little more about me. I don’t choose sides.”

“But you’ve …. with her ... How can you?" he said trying to hide the curiosity in his eyes.

“And tasted her. Sweet ambrosia, just like the others. … No. Better. Better than the others.” He said licking his lips and closing his eyes for a second remembering the taste of her blood on his tongue.

“You’re pathetic.” Angelus spat on the ground.

“And you want her." he said with a grin. "What she freely gave to me, I can see you yearn for.”

Angelus lashed out at him angrily and they danced once more.

Buffy felt two more vampires approach the parking lot. Darla and Drusilla lazily walked closer to the commotion. They looked at Angelus and Spike somewhat bored, not the least bit surprised that the two were at each other’s throats.

The Slayer knew that it was only a matter of time before they would notice her if they haven’t already. She held her stake tighter and tried her best to keep her heart from racing. She watched Spike and Angelus battle it out, but a part of her kept cautiously checking if Darla and Drusilla were interested in her. She caught Darla giving her a vicious look but she made no attempt to come near her.

Both kept on fighting, their clothes almost reduced to shreds now as pale skin was stained with their blood. Spike seemed to be gaining the upper hand but a well placed kick sent him flying against the wall, his body slumping like a rag doll on the ground.

Buffy felt her heart race in concern, her body moving forward wanting to go to him until she saw Angelus turning to face her. She stopped in mid-stride, eyeing the master vampire. He didn’t look as impressive with the cuts Spike had inflicted on his face and chest. But she knew better. He was healing and though his body looked tired, each second that passed meant that his body was slowly knitting itself together. She could only hope that the same was true for Spike. She saw Dru walk over to where he had fallen, cradling her former lover tenderly. Buffy felt a pang of jealousy at their closeness, wanting to be the one to sooth the blond haired vampire like he had soothed her before. She felt Angelus move closer, her Slayer senses bringing her back to the problem at hand.

Angelus looked at Buffy from head to toe. He wanted her, more now than he did months ago when he first saw her in the Bronze. She had an air of confidence around her, a sense of power that he wanted to control. Months ago, it was her innocence that called to him. He wanted to take it and corrupt it. And he was close until that one day when Spike marked her for his own. He could have taken her back, eradicated the mark with his own. But Darla thought otherwise. She was obviously jealous and he knew better than to go against his sire.

Things are different now. Buffy is a Slayer and surely Darla wouldn't mind if he took her now as his. Taking her would bring glory for the Aurelius clan. Furthermore, Spike had hidden this tiny little fact from his family. Destroying the Slayer and taking her away from his grandchild was imperative now.

“Time for you to come home Buffy” Angelus said, his hand outstretched to her, his demon fading away. “You know deep down you belong to me. I can make all your pain go away.”

Buffy shook her head, her hand gripping the stake securely. “You lie.”

“Do I? I can give you peace. The life of a Slayer is hard and lonely. Now, I know you don’t want that.”

“You know nothing of what I want.”

“Did I not take care of you when you were under my protection?"

“You call that taking care of me? Taking me away from my family, treating me like property, parading me in front of your clan like a toy?”

“What family? Your mother who couldn’t see how much you were hurting inside? The same mother who cared more about her own pain rather than her child’s? That is what you told me when we first met.”

“You ... you took her away from me!” she screamed, burying the guilt she felt with her anger. He was right, she did tell him that. But that was then, when she was foolish and hated the fact that her parents just got divorced.

“I did, didn’t I?” Angelus said with an evil smile. “But I thought that was what you wanted. I guess I was mistaken. If you want her back, I can do that. I can make her all better."

“And what price do I have to pay for such a gift?”

“All I want is you, Buffy. By my side.” he said so sweetly as he moved closer to her. “I can give you a family. I can give you anything you want.”

She bit her lower lip nervously, taking a step back as he moved closer. She saw Spike, now standing against the wall, nursing his wounds as Drusilla pressed kisses on his face. She closed her eyes not wanting to see. Just illusions, that’s all they are. But no matter how many times Spike reminded her and no matter how many times she told herself, she knew she was done for. She needed him and now it seemed like she was going to lose him.

Just a couple of hours ago, she belonged to him and a part of him was hers, but now she was alone. "The life of a Slayer is hard and lonely. ". Angelus’ words echoing in her mind. If she accepted this, she would be with Spike. She would at least see him and perhaps comfort him when Drusilla would fancy another. Or perhaps it wouldn’t matter. She would be the undead and all the pain in the world wouldn’t matter. Her gaze still rested on the blond vampire. She could hear Angelus’ honeyed voice but her eyes were fixed on the one that had been her savior.

She felt Angelus move behind her, his hands rested on her waist as he pulled her roughly against him. He bent closer to whisper sweet words in her ear. “Be by my side, Buffy. I’ll take all your pain away.” His hand caressed her right arm, making its way to her hand to loosen the stake she had held tightly.

The sound of wood hitting pavement didn’t even register to her, as she continued to watch Spike and his Dark Princess. She would be part of his family soon. She would finally get what she had been asking for months ago, before she became the Slayer. She could feel her heart racing, her stomach twisting in knots. The Slayer in her was telling her to move, to fight back but she couldn’t find a good reason to listen. To fight back meant a life of responsibility, of saving the world and for what? For college? For a career? Slayers die young. No time for family, no time for love. Even if her mother did come back from the coma, would she live long enough? Or would her mother bury her anyway?

She heard Angelus growl angrily, as his fingers traced the scars that marred her neck. “Spike”, she said softly.

Angelus roared at the sound of his grandchild’s name, his hold now forceful as he tilted her head to the other side. He wrinkled his nose in disgust seeing that Spike had marked her there as well. He turned her around to face him, shaking her roughly then hitting her forcefully on the cheek for daring to speak another’s name when he is master.

A growl erupted from behind her, as she picked herself up from the ground and backed away. She turned her head cautiously to see what was going on. She saw a ticked off Spike spewing obscenities at Darla who had planted herself between the blond vampire and the Slayer.

Angelus eyed his grandchild sternly vowing silently to teach him a lesson for his insolence. He moved two steps closer to the Slayer, watching her look desperately at Spike. “Come now.” he said extending his hand once more to her. “It will only hurt for a second then I will wash everything away. Come to me and I’ll make everything better. I’ll let you be with my grandchild if you wish as long as you know you belong only to me. That is what you want isn’t it? I can see it in your eyes. I can make him yours.”

Buffy knew he was right. And that was when she realized how truly different they were. Spike never forced anything on her. He was patient with her despite his brash and headstrong behavior. He could easily have turned her if he wanted. She was more than willing, but he always said that he liked her the way she was. That she was special that way. But Angelus obviously hated who she was, wanted to change her to fit his mold. No. If she let him turn her, then everything will change. Spike will be less hers than he is now. Despite Angelus’ talk of freedom and peace, she knew it wouldn't be any different from what it was like when she was his slave. He’ll dangle her in front of the rest as the Slayer that he made his pet.

Buffy bore her eyes at Angelus and shook her head. “No more lies Angelus! I’ve had enough.”

Angelus gave her a cocky look. “Oh, we’ve just started.” he said lunging at her, knocking her down and pinning her body with his.

Buffy tried to break free, twisting her body to catch him off balance. Her eyes frantically looking for her stake but it was out of her reach. She heard a loud growl and felt Spike’s vampire signature register loudly. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to throw the master vampire from her, she curled her hands into fists and tried to aim at his nose. It afforded her some freedom as Angelus loosened his hold to tend to his face. She bucked around, trying to slide from underneath him, using her arms to pull herself backwards. She was able to get one leg loose and used it to kick him square in the chest.

She stood up quickly, her vision spinning somewhat when she felt the wind knocked out of her causing her to stumble backwards. She felt like she was going to fall again, but cold hands gripped her tightly. It was Spike and she smiled warmly until she saw up close the cuts and bruises that were on his body. In the background she could hear an angry Darla vehemently cursing and a confused Drusilla wailing at the moon. Angelus looked over at his sire and daughter in disgust, not looking forward to what he had to do tonight to calm them down. He could smell their blood in the air. It seemed like his grandchild had bared his claws at them.

He looked at the scene before him, his grandchild holding the Slayer protectively. A thought crossed his mind and an evil grin formed on his lips. “Enjoy her as much as you can William because I doubt your Dark Princess will take you back now.” He turned away from them and walked towards his sire. “The Slayer will unmake you and you will destroy her. And on the day when your blood calls to rip each other to pieces, I will be there.”

Chapter #19 - 19 - Your Fault
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 19 - Your Fault

Spike woke up to a warm hand on his forehead and the smell of blood and vanilla in the air. He opened his eyes slowly, pulling himself up to a sitting position. The bruises and cuts were long gone but his ribs still needed a little more time to completely heal.

“Hey sleepyhead.” she said as she unceremoniously shoved a large mug of blood in front of him.

He sniffed it tentatively and smiled when he smelt human instead of pig. “Thanks, love. Uhm ... not to be ungrateful but how have you been getting this stuff?"

"I got some help from Willy."

"Don't tell me you've been going there on your own."

"No need to worry. I went during the day. Now go drink up."

“That doesn’t mean … “

“Drink!” she commanded.

She watched him silently as he happily consumed the drink, his face shifting as he licked the rim of the mug clean. He let the blood warm him, his eyes closed savoring the taste on his tongue. He felt the wind move slightly near his face, feeling her fingers reach out to caress the ridges on his brow, trailing a path down his cheek to his lips. She brushed her index finger against his lower lip, pooling what little blood was left there onto her finger. Spike opened his yellow eyes in wonder as to what she was doing when he saw her look at her finger mesmerized then put the blood on her tongue. He felt a shiver run through him as his eyes focused on the blood that she painted on her tongue. He didn’t even notice that he growled until Buffy looked at him embarrassed at being caught.

She stood up quickly, obviously flustered “Just curious,” she said trying to sound casual.

He watched her intently, following her with his gaze as she busied herself tidying up his room.

It had been a little over a week now since the incident outside the Bronze. They didn’t seem to say much to each other lately and Spike hated not knowing what was going on in her mind. But it wasn’t her fault really. He had been a stupid git as she nursed him.

(...flashback ...)

He was angry and irritated. Angelus was right. He had lost Dru forever. He had hurt her. He had hurt his Dark Princess. He had bared his claws and fangs in anger, struck her and spat in her face and he did it to get to Buffy. He felt a brief moment of joy having Dru beside him, holding him up as she planted sweet kisses on his face, but then she whispered riddles in his ear.

“You smell of sunshine, but sunshine burns. William has been a naughty boy and Miss Edith doesn’t like naughty boys. Daddy says we can play again, but you smell like sunshine. Can we play William? Can we play when Daddy’s away?”

He could smell it, Angelus looming all around him with Dru beside him and Darla a few paces from him. He could smell his grandsire on his beloved and it sickened him. He pushed her away, not wanting the scent mocking him. But everywhere he turned he was there. He saw Buffy fall and struggle against his grandsire and without thinking, his demon burst forth again, clawing at those in his way to get to Buffy.

When Buffy offered herself to him that night, he hissed at her and threw her against the wall, the smell of his grandsire evident. She left his room without a word but he could hear the silent sobs as she drifted off to sleep in her room.

For the next few days, the events at the Bronze would replay in his mind and he cursed himself for being so foolish. Dru was lost to him and he hated himself for it. He shouldn’t have left, should have swallowed his pride and waited for her to return to him. He should have left Buffy or turned her not take care of her and protect her. It was all her fault, her blood. She is the Slayer, he should have killed her. And because of her, the Bronze happened and now Dru’s gone.

That conclusion ran over and over in his head so much so that when Buffy would come each night to check up on him, to bring him blood he would growl at her. He would take the blood she offered gingerly gulping it down quickly without a word. When she’d come nearer to see how he was healing, he’d push her aside, barring fangs and hissing angrily. Until one night he refused the mug she offered him and as she set it on the bedside table, he grabbed her hair and pulled her roughly on the bed. The look of shock on her face fed his demon as it came out. But the shock soon faded and he saw concern and pity in her eyes. He didn’t want that. Why did she feel so much for him? He backhanded her cheek, ignoring the pain as his still mending ribs shifted. She wasn’t suppose to care. She was suppose to fear him, hate him, anything but care. Only Dru cared, only Dru gave … could give him that look and he hated it.

It was the Slayer’s fault, changing him, making him protect her. He sank his fangs roughly into her neck. He wanted to drain her. He wanted to punish her for making him feel. He bit deeper and pulled on her blood but then he felt her arms around him. He could feel her wince in pain, and her muscles tensing underneath him, but she cooed in his ear.

“It’s alright Spike. I know it hurts.” she said soothingly and it enraged him.

He retracted his fangs from her neck and glared at her with angry yellow eyes. She moved her left hand to caress his face gently and he growled loudly, fangs snapping for her wrist to make her stop touching him. She moved her hand but his fang scrapped the side of her palm. She closed her eyes as the cut registered in her brain. He growled again then lowered his head and bit her ferociously in a different spot.

“Shhh.” she said now, her right hand was playing with the curls in his hair. “Shhh. ... Let it go Spike. I’m here.” she said planting a soft kiss on his ear. “ I’m here, please get better.”

Why? Why did she care so much? A part of him wanted to listen to her, to savor the taste of her blood on his tongue and melt in her warming embrace. But his demon was angry at this woman that was changing him … seducing him … breaking him. It would be easy to kill her. He was already so close, but the feel of her fingers on his neck told him that this was different from the others he had killed.

There was no fear, no anger, no resignation that death was knocking nor was there that sigh of relief that her torment as a Slayer would be over. He knew of a Slayer’s death wish and he’d seen Buffy have one before she was called. This wasn’t it. As she moved to plant a soft kiss on his forehead, the demon inside him withdrew. Whether it was because it was satisfied with her blood or curious with her actions, he didn’t know. He pulled back and with deep blue eyes saw the damage he had inflicted.

She laid quietly on the bed, the sheets a mess and smeared in certain places with her blood. Her blond hair in curls, fanned out seductively where she lay as her chest heaved up and down and she looked at him with her green eyes. She was beautiful and something inside him ached for attempting to destroy it. He bent down to lick her wounds closed and as he looked upon her again, she smiled up at him, squeezing his hand gently before getting on her feet. She placed one hand on his forehead, gently letting a few fingers play with his curls then she left the room. She said nothing and she didn’t have to. He saw it all in her eyes.

He thought for sure that she would hate him now. Or worse, maybe lose the trust they had unknowingly built between them. But her eyes said it all. She cared for him still. He lashed out at her in anger and it didn't matter.

He looked at the spot where she had been, her scent and blood still fresh in his mind and he hated himself.

(...end of flashback ...)

And here they were. Neither brought up the incident that happened not too long ago. Spike felt ashamed of what he had done, though he never fully understood why. His demon didn’t care. She was the reason for his torment and he wanted to lash out at her. But a part of him answered to her gentle words and kisses Illusions he told her so many times, so why did he care that he hurt her?

“How’s the wanker?”, he said trying to break the silence in the room.

She turned to face him, plopping down on a chair and sighing, “More books, more lectures, more blah,” she said sticking her tongue out. “Between his lectures on demon body parts and the zoo, I think I have too much anatomy swimming in my brain.” Buffy got a job in the Sunnydale Zoo. It was the perfect match. She started at the bottom of course, but a little episode with some of the jungle cats got her a better position feeding the pussycats who seemed to like her, after she showed them who was boss of course.

Spike resisted the urge to follow up her last comment with an innuendo. He let his eyes wander to the thick curtains that held back the sunlight since he wasn’t really sure what else to say. It would be dark soon and he was aching to get out of bed.

“What time you going on patrol tonight?” he asked casually.

“Why, you planning on sneaking out and following me again?” she said slyly.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Need something to kill. You’ve got me cooped up. ‘sides…” he said a little softly “had to be sure you were safe.”

Buffy stood up, her hands on her hips and shaking her head. “You’re talking to the Slayer here. I can take care of myself.”

Spike raised his eyebrow in disagreement. “Slayers get killed love, I should know I killed two.”

“Yeah yeah… I’ve heard the bragging before. I’ll get cleaned up and change.” She turned towards the door, then glanced back at him wrinkling her nose. “If you’re coming, you should shower, seriously. I didn't need my Slayer senses to figure out you were following me last night.”

Spike shot her an evil stare as she headed down the hallway giggling.

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Chapter #20 - 20 - Visiting ; 21 - Admit
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 20 - Visiting

... a few nights later ...

Buffy walked into the hospital with flowers in her arms. The nurse smiled at her warmly as she passed by and headed towards her Mom’s room. She put the flowers down on a table and pulled a chair to sit beside the still figure. She looked around at the different machines in the room her sigh drowned out by the little beeps and whirls.

“Hi Mom. It’s Buffy. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. Just, lots of things going on. I’m fine, don’t worry. Dad’s been sending money but I’m working too. You know, I told you, ‘bout the zoo. Everyone’s nice I guess.” She said with a small smile.

“I know you wanted me to be in college right now, but, just that ... things well … Just doesn’t seem right right now. Busy with work during the day, then the stuff at night. Maybe when you’re better. You’ll get better right?” Buffy looked on, but there was no change. She just saw the subtle rise and fall of her mother’s chest and she resigned herself to be happy with that.

“You know that house guest I told you about before? Oh you remember. He's the one that saved me from that ... uhm ... kidnapper. He took me out of there and protected me. Well, he’s still living in the house. I know you might get mad but I think you’ll like him. He’s nice enough, I guess. I mean he takes care of me, protects me. … I trust him, Mom. Part of me thinks that maybe I shouldn’t but compared to everyone else I trust him. I don’t know who else to turn to. I can’t go to Dad because you know he doesn’t really care, and then…” Buffy paused trying to hold back the tears that were coming.

“I miss you Mom. I wish you were here. I wish you could tell me what to do.” She took a deep breath, somewhat unsure if she should speak her mind but she had no one else to confide in.

“I think I … I've been having these feelings for him. I thought that maybe it was just a crush or just some kind of infatuation. But I think it's really more than that. I ... I love him. I guess I should know better but… but…" she took in a deep breath before continuing.

"We’ve kissed and stuff, but it’s more than that.” Her fingers tracing the marks he’d given her. “I keep saying that I need him because I can’t do this alone. When I go out at night there are times when I feel so lost but when he is with me, everything just seems right. He makes me feel safe. I don’t think he feels the same way. I’ve tried to just ignore it but I care about him. I really care about him. Maybe this is wrong. Everyone tells me it’s wrong, but why does he make me feel complete? I love him, Mom. I guess I shouldn’t but I do." Buffy gripped her mother’s hand and raised it to her cheek, trying to find comfort in that touch.

Out of the corner of her eye, the nurse caught sight of someone in black standing somewhat impatiently against the wall. She looked up, to try and see if she could help them, but all she saw was a blur. She closed her eyes and shook her head, thinking that she made a mistake and needed another cup of coffee to stay awake.


Spike dug into his pockets for a cigarette and his Zippo. He took a long drag from his cigarette letting the nicotine calm him down. He waited in the shadows outside the hospital entrance, debating inside his head whether he should wait for Buffy or just go on and find something else interesting to do.

He paced back and forth trying to decipher what he had just witnessed. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop. He just finished a round at Willy’s and headed over to one of the cemeteries that he knew Buffy visited first. But he caught her scent going elsewhere and he followed it here. He kind of wanted to surprise her. He wanted to see if she wanted a bite to eat before continuing with her patrol. But he was the one that got the surprise. She loved him. Despite his nature and history which he didn’t hide from her, (well mostly didn't hide from her) she still loved him. Even after he told her about their relationship was nothing more than physical, she still loved him. Even after what happened a few nights ago, she still felt that way? He almost killed her. He took from her when she didn't offer it. But that was what he was suppose to do. Right?

He took another drag from his cigarette, wondering what he would say when he saw her come out. What could he say? She was the Slayer. He was suppose to kill her not love her, yet she was in his arms often enough and in his bed just as much. He growled softly in frustration.

“I think you’ve tortured the walkway enough.”

Spike turned to see Buffy, a stake gripped firmly in her right hand which she was now moving to tuck underneath her jacket sleeve.

"Hope you haven't decided to sent me to my dusty end, pet."

Buffy looked at him sheepishly. "Sorry. I felt a vampire, but I wasn't really concentrating enough to figure out it was you."

They stood there in silence for a few minutes. Spike was unable to really look Buffy in the eye.

“Didn’t think I’d see you here. I thought you went to Willy’s.” Buffy said breaking the silence.

Spike finished his cigarette then extinguished it with his boot. “I did. Was bored, so came looking for a spot of violence.”

“In a hospital?” her head cocked to one side.

“It’s been known to happen. But was looking for you, love.” He felt her heart beat a tad faster and he could have sworn she blushed and he liked it, the smile tugging his lips upwards. “Feel like eating? I could use some wings and beer.”

“Uhm, was hoping to go patrolling first.”

Spike nodded and started walking. Normally he would walk behind her but he knew with everything that he just found out, watching her hips sway from side to side wasn’t something he needed at the moment. He hoped the demons felt like playing tonight because he had a lot of things to work through.


Spike hit the fledgling over and over again. The beaten vampire was pretty much unconscious but Spike was still pummeling him.

"Spike, I don't think that guy can move anymore. Just stake him already." Buffy said from behind him.

Spike grabbed the fledging by the lapels of his suit and shoved him against a large tombstone before rushing to where he landed and twisting his head off. Spike stood up and wiped the dust from his hands on his jeans.

"Problems?" Buffy asked him as she moved to stand beside him.


"Yeah right?! You've pretty much beaten the past five vampires into a bloody pulp before killing them."

"So? That doesn't mean anything, love."

"Maybe not since I know you love your bloody spot of violence." She said mocking him. "But I thought you were the one taught me that a quick kill was always the ideal."

"So you actually listen to some of the things I say?"

"When you make sense I do. ... Which isn't often." She said giggling then sticking out her tongue.

Spike shook his head then turned around. "What am I going to do with you Slayer?"

Chapter 21 - Admit

... a few nights later ...

The night started of pretty much the same. Buffy was on patrol and Spike was at Willy's for some refreshments and information. He wanted information on Angelus, but apparently the only rumor he could dig up was something about some warlock or sorcerer coming into town. He never liked magic, things always go wrong with magic and he could only hope that he'll never hear this rumor again especially not ever together with the Poofhead's name attached to it.

It was getting harder and harder to get anything out of anybody nowadays since news has spread that he was with the Slayer. Unfortunately, he had to result to some insults and lewd comments about Buffy to keep the demons talking to him. He knew Buffy wouldn't approve and would most probably hit him if she found out what he was saying about her. But then he knew she would give him her signature pout which he loved so much. Loved? Did he just think that he loved something of hers? That word has been coming to mind a lot lately ever since he overheard her admitting her feelings for him to her mother. It was easier to ignore the feelings he was having when those three words hadn't passed her lips. It was easier to just concentrate on the heat of the moment. Just think about the sensations she was giving him and not the emotions behind them.

He concentrated on the mug in his hands. It was better to think about food than her. He enjoyed the last drop of his mug of blood and glanced up at the clock, somewhat anxious that the hand would move faster so that he could get out of here. And that was when it hit him. What was he anxious for? Why did he want to leave? The answers were obvious and he sighed realizing that he was helpless. He wanted to see Buffy in action. There was just something with the way she moved when she slayed that lured him. Perhaps it was those hips that would sway or the tight outfits that she would some times wear that just drew you to her ample assets. She reasoned of course that it was for better movement, but Spike wasn't sure if that was the only reason. She was always a little bit more frisky after a bout of slaying, which suited him just fine. He unknowingly started moving his leg up and down.

That was it. That was the answer. He just wanted a good shag. He wanted to feel her skin against his fingertips. He wanted to taste those lips that could speak of lust and tenderness all at the same time. He wanted to be engulfed by her presence as his arms were full of her ... and ... and ... Bugger, who was he kidding? He wanted something more.

"Nervous?" the demon sitting beside him commented.

Spike cocked his head to one side and smiled. "More like anxious." He gave the clock another glance and decided he couldn't wait anymore. He motioned for Willy to come over and paid him before heading out towards his car. Chuckling softly to himself as he opened the door and plopped down on the driver seat. He wanted to see her, watch her slay, see her smile up at him, feel her heartbeat quicken ever so slightly when she found out he was there. He was hooked, she had captured him, and strangely enough, he wanted more of her.


Buffy was an animal when they finally got home. They barely made it up the stairs and into a bedroom, both frantically kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off. To Buffy’s credit, Spike knew he had a lot to do with their current intimacy. He watched her from the shadows as she went on patrol. She was a little minx teasing him as she slayed. She must have known that he was watching her because she always seemed to sway her hips a certain way, making sure he saw ever curve and angle of her ample assets. It turned him on all the more and it took all his will power to wait till they got home.

They’ve been at it for over two hours now, resting only to catch their breaths. Buffy took him fully into her mouth and she let her tongue play with his shaft. She raised her eyes to watch him, enjoying the fact that she could pleasure him so. With increased vigor, she lavished him with such attention that Spike could no longer hold back the moans. Soon his orgasm washed over him, but Buffy wouldn't stop, stroking him back to life before joining with him once more. Buffy wiggled and squirmed on top of him, pushing him deeper into her. Her breasts swayed with her every movement and Spike wanted to feel her soft flesh in his hands. Cupping them gently, he let his hands caress and squeeze her soft mounds, his thumb rubbing her now hardened nipples. He let his hips buck upwards, finding a rhythm that made her gasp each time their bodies met. Soon Buffy was arching her back as her muscles tightened around him. Ecstasy washing over both of them as she screamed out his name in pleasure.

She laid her head on his chest, a somewhat delirious smile plastered on her face. Spike moved his arm in that familiar position around her, his hand gently caressing her hair. She snuggled closer, her warmth giving him comfort.

“I love you.”, she murmured into his chest. His hand stopped in slight shock at her open admission. He knew she loved him. He heard her admit it to her Mother. They had argued about their relationship enough times now but he always dismissed it as nothing more than physical. He was able to always steer the conversation into that direction but now she laid it bare. There was nothing to argue about. He could say that she was lying. He could deny it. But for what purpose?

He moved his head trying to see the expression on her face, trying to read any truth into her declaration. But her eyes were closed and the lazy smile on her face didn’t reveal anything else. What was even stranger was that he wanted to respond back. It was wrong, this was wrong… the feelings he was having for this woman, this human, for the Slayer. He knew it was wrong, but she found her way in. This wisp of a girl had found her way into his heart and into his demon. His action tonight at Willy's -- feeling anxious, wanting to see her -- proved that and as he recalled other nights in the past he realized that he had been acting that way for quite some time now. And he felt a little embarrassed. For all his preaching about not being able to feel for a human, about the nights they had as being nothing more than physical, here he was, faced with an emotion he thought he would, could never have with her. “I … feel the same way”, he blurted out.

Similar to his reaction, the small hand that was drawing circles on his chest stopped and he felt her head move up to look at him. He met her eyes and gave her a sheepish smile. He could tell that she was trying to see if he spoke the truth, but the words she spoke showed she didn’t believe him. “It’s okay Spike. You didn’t have reply to that. I understand.”

Spike pulled himself up, to get a better look at her. Looking tenderly into her eyes, “No love, no illusions and more than just this.” He said, letting his free hand lightly caress the length of her side. “I know what I said before. A bloody idiot now that I think about." he moved to clasp her hand then bent down to brush his lips lightly over hers. “You got me, Slayer. I love you."

Buffy looked up at him tenderly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. The night was still young and Spike felt he had a lot to make up for.

Chapter #21 - 22 - A Solution
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 22 - A Solution

Spike leaned against a tree as he lit his cigarette and watched Buffy work her magic. The night proved to be entertaining with four fledglings, a stray werewolf and a small gang of biker demons on the menu, not to mention the last group of vampires that decided they could take on the Slayer. What some of them didn't count on was the fact that this Slayer had an extra set of muscles working in her favor.

Spike watched Buffy’s lithe body move with grace and power as she dispatched the last two vampires into a dusty end. She stopped to catch her breath, her eyes glaring somewhat at Spike who was happily smoking and picking at his nails.

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Was enjoying the view!” he said with a devilish grin.

“You could have helped you know!”

“And what? Be accused later that I was being chauvinistic? Besides I helped with the werewolf and the sodding biker demons.”

“But you're suppose to be my knight in shining armor!”

Spike stood up straight and mockingly gave her a curtsy. “Bugger that! Now come here!”

Buffy stuck out her tongue and playfully ran away from him. Spike couldn't help but smirk at the game she wanted to play. He chased after her since he knew that was what she wanted. He let her run for a few more feet before he caught her arm and swung her around. He sucked his cheeks in before leaning down to attack her lips. "Want you ... you minx." he said as he reluctantly pulled away from her.

They had one more cemetery to patrol before going home. They both knew that when they got home, a different kind of stalking was going to take place. As they reached the end of the cemetery, Spike couldn't help but pull Buffy in for another kiss, savoring the feel of her body against his and the sweet taste of her lips with remnants of a little bit of Buffalo wing sauce from dinner. The sucking motion he was doing to her lower lip made her giggle. She took a second to catch her breath then renewed the kiss, showing just how much passion and love she had for him.

"Hmmm ... keep that up love and we might have to skip the last cemetery or I can just ... "

Buffy slapped him playfully before he could finish. "Hey, don't be a perv!"

"You bring it out of me, love. Of course I didn't hear you complaining last night."

Buffy blushed slightly remembering how Spike took her over and over again the night before.

"Based on your cheeks and your heart rate guess I did the job last night."

"Oh I wish you'd stop that. That's so unfair."

"Yeah, but you love it."

"I love you." she gave him a quick kiss then slipped her hand into his as she led him towards their next destination.

Spike stuck his free hand in his coat pocket and smiled at the night sky. He was happy for once, as long as he had her, everything seemed right with the world.


But unbeknownst to them, two sets of eyes were watching them from a far.

"So that is the Slayer. My my, I would have never known dear William could weave such a spell. I may have underestimated him."

"But sire? "

"Now daughter, all will be well. Perhaps it's time for a change."

"I do not like it."

"Are you questioning me?"

"No, sire."

"I know it will pain you, but William has captured the Slayer. She is the only one that can stop us. But with William, perhaps our family would grow stronger instead of being destroyed."

"What of Angelus?"

"What choice does your child have? We shall see how insolent he has grown and then I will make my decision."


Two days later, Buffy and Spike returned from patrol. As usual, when Buffy closed the front door, Spike was on her, engulfing her in his coat as he pressed her against the door. He caught her ear in his mouth, playfully nibbling on it giving her a preview of what was to come. Buffy was giggling profusely as the feel of his lips on her ear sent her into a ticklish fit. She tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t relent, grinning and happy to hear her laughter.

He finally pulled away, and watched her catch her breath and calm down. His eyes turned from tenderness to something more wicked as he thought of all the things he was going to do to her tonight. She had teased him relentlessly all night as she went on patrol. There was the way she would angle her body to give him a better view of her assets or the way she would fling her hair back, exposing the flesh of her neck. They didn’t have to hide their emotions anymore, spending most of their waiting time between slayings with kisses and caresses. She offered both her body and blood. And now being back home, he intended on taking her up on her offer.

“I have the day off tomorrow. You know what that means?” She said in a sweet seductive voice.

Spike’s grin grew at the thought of what that meant. He leaned down for a kiss.

“Movie night!” she squealed.


“No work tomorrow so I can stay up all night watching movies!” She stuck her tongue out then started giggling like a little girl.

Spike shook his head and let her go. He was always amazed to see how different she was now – his property turned lover. She was happy most of the time, but of course there were always things bubbling just beneath the surface. There were three things that Spike never brought up – her mother, her job and Angelus.

He knew that it would never be easy to talk about her mother. There was still no change, and each day that passes he knew that the likelihood of her recovery was getting smaller. He felt helpless not being able to help Buffy, but what could he do? Sometimes he wondered which would hurt more, seeing one’s mother wither away slowly or watching one’s loved one almost lifeless trapped in a state of unconsciousness. He knew what it felt like to lose a mother, he only hoped that the time would never come when Buffy would have to play god with Mrs. Summer’s life.

Now when it came to something he could help out, he would get reprimanded. Ever time he brought up the fact that he could take care of her, she would put her foot down and give him food for thought. He had ways, he had connections, he could get her anything she needed. But she insisted on continuing to work. At least she seemed to enjoy it, but he knew that at times she was spreading herself too thin. But she had made up her mind and there was no changing it. Perhaps it gave her a semblance of normalcy. He knew being with him was far from normal and he wished things were different.

And then there’s the Poofhead. For obvious reasons, neither one of them wanted to bring him up. He would catch her at times … a look … a touch … a split second of panic when something triggers a hated memory. Spike knew what Angelus was capable of. The head of the Aurelius clan in Sunnyhell relished in anguish as well as death. He loved to see pain and despair in his victims and he would go through any lengths to achieve it. Ironically, it’s because of his grandsire’s nature that Spike is happy today. His desire to destroy his grandsire still hadn’t wained though, and he knew Buffy most probably felt the same. Angelus was, is responsible for her mother’s current condition. But if they hope of defeating him, he had to be alone. Minions though nothing but a bother still took one’s concentration and with both Darla and Dru by his side, there were just too many variables that could go wrong.

Buffy saw that he was deep in thought and playfully poked his chest with a finger. "What's wrong? You going broody!"

"Just thinking."

"Oh no! The world must be ending."

Spike responded with a smirk. "Seems like my Buffy likes making fun of me. You know you'll pay for that!" he said sucking his cheeks into a devilish grin.

He was enjoying this time with Buffy until he sensed something near the front door. Apparently Buffy felt it too as they both looked at the door. Spike let his demon out, heightening his senses. He let out a low growl, announcing to whoever or whatever was on the other side of the door that he was treading into his territory. But whoever it was didn't stay long. Spike waited a few more seconds, before opening the front door. There was no one. Could he have been mistakened? But Buffy felt it too. He stepped outside cautiously, his foot hitting something on the porch. He looked down to see a package. That wasn't there before. He crouched down, picking the box up and sniffing it. Buffy walked up from behind him, trying to look at what he had in his hand.

"Stay back, love. Don't know what this is. Don't want to take it in just in case it might hurt you."

Spike looked at the package again warily and smelling nothing that seemed dangerous, he opened the box and found a smooth blue green gem accompanied with four white crystals.

"What is it?" Buffy asked from behind him.

"I don't know."

"What's that thing at the bottom of the box."

Spike peered in and saw a piece of paper. "I thought you might find this useful for your little problem." Spike read out loud.

"That doesn't make any sense."

"I know, love. Seems pretty harmless though. Maybe your Watcher would know more about this. Guess we have to visit him tomorrow."

"You know he doesn't like it when you come with me."

"Tough shit! I'm going with you." Spike said standing up as he put the gem and crystals back in the box as he stepped into the house. He wondered why there was always something interrupting them. But the night was still young and his girl wanted to snuggle on the couch. Who was he to argue?

Chapter #22 - 23 - I Won't Let You
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 23 - I Won't Let You

Spike pushed through the doors and let the familiar scents of alcohol, blood and the pleasant and not so pleasant demon odors fill his nostrils. He wasn’t in any mood to deal with anyone today. On top of that, he wished he didn’t feel so rotten inside. Well, that was why he went to Willy’s right? He surveyed the room quickly, taking a mental note of who was in the bar. If he was going to get shit-faced drunk tonight, he wanted to make sure he could handle the crowd just in case things got a little interesting later that night. He grabbed an empty seat at the bar, taking a spot that wasn’t near anyone.

“Oy Spike! What will it be today?” Willy asked from behind the bar.

“Blood. Two.” He said lifting up two fingers for emphasis. “ And some Jack, leave the sodding bottle.”

“That bad huh?” Willy replied.

“Don’t even ask!”

Willy nodded knowing better than to further aggravate an already aggravated vampire, especially Spike. He quickly filled the order and let the vampire drink in peace.

Spike downed the blood in a few seconds, not even caring that a little bit of it was dribbling down the sides of his mouth. He didn’t care much about anything at the moment. It wasn’t right. He didn’t feel right. Nothing in his bloody unlife made any sense at the moment. He shouldn’t be here, He shouldn’t be wallowing in blood and whiskey. He should be home. With her . With his girl, his Slayer. They should be tumbling between sheets or at least something of that sort. But no, she had to be high and mighty. She had to be a sodding bitch of a the Slayer and tell him what to do. What right did she have to tell him what he could and couldn’t do? He was a vampire! He was the Slayer of Slayers! But he realized there was one thing different between her and the two he had killed. The one thing that was unique in how he had treated them and the blond haired beauty that had decided early on in their relationship to dance with him. He was in love with Buffy. He loved anything and everything about her.


Buffy sat quietly beside her Mom’s hospital bed. Mrs. Summers had gotten a little bit better. They had moved her into a less critical wing of the hospital and there weren’t as many machines hooked up to her anymore. Buffy was glad she had gotten better, but she was still sleeping and she needed her now more than ever. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, wasn’t sure if it was the best course of action. But it seemed like the only plan that made sense.

... earlier that night ...

Spike was pacing back and forth in Giles' living room, anxious as usual at being cooped up. Giles had said that the four white crystals were typically used in magic to power something up. The question was, what was the blue green gem for? Giles had been pouring over books for almost two hours now and Buffy being curious wanted to help. Spike would rather be out there beating something into a bloody pulp but he didn't want to leave Buffy behind.

After another hour, Giles finally found out that the blue-green gem could, given the right spell, trap a demon inside it. So Buffy thought that that would be the perfect thing to use to defeat Angelus. Giles of course expressed his opinion of being cautious especially since they still didn’t know who gave them the package. But Buffy didn’t seem to really care. She wanted Angelus gone. Then, of course Spike decided to butt in – saying that it was dangerous because for the spell to work, the gem had to be right inside a magic circle powered by the four white crystals.

“There’s no bloody way this is going to work. You know that. Says here the gem has to be inside a magic circle made up of the four white crystals. So what? You’re going to waltz right up to his royal Poofness and tell him hold out your hand, please hold this for me and don’t move?”

“Well … “

“I can hit him, love. Distract him a bit. But with fighting you can’t guarantee that you’ll stay within the circle, assuming it doesn’t get destroyed in a scuffle.”

Buffy bit her lip, lost in thought for a few minutes. “I can keep him there.”

“What do you mean you can keep him there?”

“I said I can keep him within the magic circle long enough for Giles to do some mojo and make the gem work.”

“And how the bloody hell are you going to do that?” Spike said eyeing her. When she didn’t look up to meet his eyes, he somewhat understood what she was thinking off. “Bollocks! You bloody will not! He is not touching you!” he said giving out a threatening growl.

“Well it’s not really your decision to make.”

"I think I have a say in this." Spike argued.

"Not really Spike. This is my job. I'm the Slayer."

“Argh! Are you off your bleeding rocker? First of all," he said raising his index finger for emphasis " ... there is no way I’m letting him touch you." He raised a second finger, "Second, what are you going to do if he becomes violent? Or worse, turn it into something I know you wouldn’t enjoy. And third, if he pulls too much from you, how are you going to get out in a weakened condition?" he said raising up his ring finger. "Too many risks Buffy. I won’t let you do it.”

“Again, not your decision to make!”

"Buffy, will you please listen to reason. Rupert, can you talk some sense into her."

... back in the hospital ...

Buffy let out a sigh recalling how it snowballed from there. Thinking about it now, it sounded petty and stupid. Things came out that she knew she didn’t really mean but he was just as much at fault as she was.

“Mom?” Buffy spoke softly, reaching out a hand to clasp against her mother’s unmoving one. “I wish you were here. I’m sorry for every bad little thing I’ve done and said. I know I’m not the greatest daughter around. This thing I’m going to do … this thing I've decided to do, I know it’s risky. Heck what I do every night is risky, right? But I’ll make him pay, Mom. I’ll make him pay for taking you away from me. He'll pay Mom for keeping us apart.”

Buffy stood up, then leaned over and planted a kiss on her mother’s forehead. “ I love you Mom. Please wake up soon. I miss you so much.” With one more look and a gentle squeeze of the hand, Buffy then left the room and out the hospital. “I miss you so much Mom. Please wake up… and hopefully I’ll still be here when you do.

Chapter #23 - 24 - I'm Done
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 24 - I'm Done

Buffy walked all the way home, her tears slowly flowing out of control. It never really occurred to her that what she was planning could result in her death. She knew at the back of her mind each time she went out on patrol that there was always that chance. Spike had drilled that into her brain early on, even before she was called. So why was this decision affecting her so much? Spike was right. What she was thinking was extremely dangerous. But she had to do it. This is an opportunity to defeat Angelus and she had to take it.

She looked up at as she neared her house, sighing softly. She opened the front door and sighed once more when she knew that Spike wasn't home yet. She knew she had to talk to him, to let him know that this was the only way and that she could do it. She slowly made her way up the stairs and into her room, discarding her coat on a chair before climbing into bed. She turned her head on her pillow and Spike's familiar scent invaded her nostrils. She wished he was home. She wished he was here embracing her and stroking her hair. She shifted on the bed, pulling a little more of the pillow from her head so that she could hug it as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Spike left Willy’s in quite a drunken stupor. At least the alcohol was doing its job. It felt good to feel numb at least for a little while. He walked the streets in silence, his hands buried deep in his pockets. He soon found himself in front of the familiar porch steps. He could tell she was home but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to face her. They had left each other on a sour note. But he knew he was right. She was playing with fire and he couldn’t convince her otherwise.

What was he going to do? Should he just leave her to her little plan and just say to hell with everything? But just the idea of Angelus being that close to her again was pissing him off. She was his. And knowing Angelus, he would ignore the marks that Buffy wore as a symbol that she was his. Angelus never respected him. Even after years of mayhem and chaos, Spike never got the respect he truly deserved. It seemed like he was just a glorified babysitter for their darling Drusilla. He gave her everything -- protected her from harm and still that wasn‘t enough. But fate decided to step in and somehow reward him with the one thing he thought was impossible.

She was up there -- his happiness. So what was he doing down here? He didn’t want another fight. He didn’t want to see her green eyes look at him so coldly. “Sod it!” he mumbled under his breath as he fumbled for his keys and opened the front door.

Buffy awoke to feel something tugging at her feet. She sleepy raised her head, trying to see what it was.

"It's alright pet. Just me. Just trying to take your bloody boots off."

He was home! And he was talking to her. She sat up and smiled seeing blue eyes and platinum blond hair by the foot of the bed. Spike eased one boot then the other from her feet. She then went through the motions of getting ready for bed. She climbed out of bed and removed her clothes. She then walked towards her closet and put on some shorts and a white tee. Spike didn't take his eyes off her as he let the leather duster slip from his shoulders and pulled his shirt up and off his torso. He sat on the bed to unlace his boots, his face obviously deep in thought.

When Buffy was finished changing, she made her way to stand in front of him. Spike took her hand and pulled her to sit on his lap. She leaned in almost instantaneously, her head nestled between the crook of his neck and shoulder.

"I'm sorry!" they both blurted out at the same time. Spike smiled, wrapping his arms around her and gently placing a kiss on the top of her head.

"I can't change your mind can I?" Spike asked sounding defeated. He knew the answer but wanted to hear it from her lips.

"I have to do it. I can do it."

"You know maybe a good ole' fashion standoff would be better."

"You mean like the last time?"

Spike growled loudly. "And here I thought we trusted each other. Buffy, I know you can do this. But you can't blame me for being worried. And what if the magic doesn't work. What if Giles screws it up? You know the Council of Wankers would love to see you killed."

"It will be fine. I'll. Be. Fine."

"You know there are consequences love, especially with magic. Are you ready for that? I just don't want to lose you."

"You won't. In a few days you'll take those words back because then I'll be talking your ear off."

"I love it when you start yammering."

"Oh really? Hey wait. ... I don't yammer. Buffy does not yammer."

"Yes you do, and I love it because then I can do this." he said clamping his mouth on top of hers effectively silencing any protests. The kiss was tender and sweet and was centered on just being close to each other. When they parted, Buffy leaned in once again into his loving and comforting embrace as she savored each second that passed, just in case these next couple of days would be her last.


Two days later as the sun set. All was quiet in 1630 Revello Drive until around 8 o'clock when the front door swung open and then slammed shut as an angry bleached blond vampire clad in leather came storming out. He turned around to face the house once he cleared the porch steps. He growled in utter frustration, looking up at a lighted window in the second floor. He growled once more then stormed off.

Spike once again found himself, sulking in Willy's. He hated being away from her but she left him no choice. He just wanted everything to be over, and go back the way it was. It was all Angelus' fault. All of it! Even now, now that he found the woman he loved he was still interfering, meddling his way between their lives.

As soon as Spike emptied his first glass of blood, he smelled vanilla in the air and could hear the hush that waved through the bar. He couldn't help but let a proud smile creep through his lips. But he knew that she would be angry ... the fighting would continue and there was nothing he could do about it.

Buffy stormed through the bar, making her way to Spike with ease since it seemed like the demons just moved out of her way. "Spike!" she said trying to sound as stern as she could.

"Sod off, Slayer."

"We need to talk."

"I said sod off. Do you want me to say it in a different way? Piss off and fuck you! I'm busy."

Buffy narrowed her eyes, and placed her left hand on his shoulder to make him face her. As soon as his face was in view, she punched him in the face. "I said we need to talk."

"Ouch! What the bloody hell was that for?"

"You didn't want to listen." She said crossing her arms across her chest in irritation.

Upon hearing the commotion, Willy came by, trying desperately to appease both Slayer and vampire. Spike rolled his eyes and got up, pushing past Buffy as he headed towards the exit. A fuming Slayer followed him.

Once outside, Spike started walking away from Willy’s only to have Buffy grab his hand and turn him around. "I said I wanted to talk."

"So speak. What you forgot to tell me something when you threw me out?"

"How could you?"

"How could I what? You're being very cryptic, love."

"That girl. You killed a little girl. Don't deny it, I saw you."

"So?! Just a girl, she won't be missed."

"How could you just say that so candidly?"

"Uhm, hello. Vampire."

"But I thought?"

"Thought what pet?" He said moving closer to her, caressing her cheek. "That I'd change? For you? You're more gullible than I thought. But that's all you needed isn't it? A touch, a kiss ... "

"Shut up!"

"I can make you feel that way again, love." he said pulling her close to him. Both of them hesitated at the closeness, but both of them had to remember that they were fighting, neither of them wanting to concede and show weakness.

"Don't flatter yourself." Buffy said pushing him away hard making Spike fall on his back.

Spike started chuckling, “Looks like the Slayer has forgotten her place. You belong to me, my property. I saved you from that sodding coven and I own you. I don't have to explain myself to you ... more like the other way around. The only reason I let you throw me out is because I couldn't stand being in that house any longer -- all prissy and girly. It's disgusting! Seriously, grow up!" he said picking himself up from the ground.

Buffy's fists started flying as Slayer and vampire danced in a way they hadn't in a while. Fist against fist, kick against kick. They flowed in a fluid dance until Spike twisted his body, avoiding a punch aimed for his jaw and caught Buffy in a choke hold.

"You're not worthy, Slayer. I'm done with you." With that he pushed her away from him and stormed away from her.

Buffy slumped to the ground in defeat, her hands covering her face.

Chapter #24 - 25 - Barriers
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 25 - Barrier

Buffy picked herself up slowly. She looked around to see if Spike was still in view though she already knew the answer to that. She wore resolve on her face as she walked away from Willy’s. She made her way towards her usual patrol route. Once she neared one of the cemeteries, she pulled her stake out. She walked by familiar tombstones, hoping that tonight would be quiet. Of course things never go the way she liked as she felt that familiar knot in her abdomen.

"It seems like today is my lucky night."

Buffy turned around and did her best to show no emotion on her face. "Angelus. So nice to see you come out of your comfy mansion. What? Darla got tired of you? Or did Drusilla finally go sane."

"I see you've been picking up some of William's humor." Angelus said making his way towards her.

“Among other things.” she said slyly.

Angelus let out a low growl.

“Oh, I’m so scared. So how do you want to do this?" She said raising her stake.

"Now now. Is that any way to treat your Master."

"You are NOT my Master. I don't belong to you."

"You did once. And you will again.” he said smiling. "It seems the day I've been waiting for has come."

"And what day is that?"

"The day I take back what's rightfully mine. I told you this day would come, the day when you would realize that Spike can never give you want. He can’t give you what I can give you.

“What can you give me?”

“Anything your heart desires my little Slayer.”

“Funny, I was with you for months but in days Spike was able to give me more than you ever could.”

“Yet my child has abandoned you.”

"Seems like news travels fast then. But he hasn‘t abandoned me. We just had a little … uhm … disagreement."

"Is that what a disagreement is these days?”

Buffy just stood there, a stern look on her face as she crossed her arms.

“Let's just say, your little show tonight with William was quite entertaining."

"What? Jealous that he could be so close to me?"

"Hardly. I told you before that I own you. Just wanting to keep my word."

"I won't be as easy as the last time."

"Good. Then this will just make it taste sweeter." he said letting yellow eyes burn forth as he growled then lunged at her.

Buffy let her instincts and training flow through her muscles as she defended herself and looked for openings for a stake. Feeling that he was trying to corner her, she did a back flip and ran to a more open section in the cemetery -- one with lesser tombstones. Angelus smiled at seeing the slight despair in her face as he kept pushing her ... wanting her to tire so that he could make his move.

Buffy kept on backing up as Angelus pushed forward, trying to find the right moment to act. As she stepped back one more time, she cursed herself at finding that she hit a tombstone. Moving quickly, Angelus saw his chance and grabbed her wrist, turning her around so that she was held tightly in front of him. He moved his head down towards her neck, his demon taking in the scent of the Slayer as his eyes focused on her jugular. It was teasing him for a bite. He smelled his child on her and couldn't help but growl some displeasure. He would wipe those scars clean. She will be his, the way he always intended it to.

"Come. It’s time to be with me. It‘s your time to fully be mine" He bared his fangs and sunk them in deep. Buffy closed her eyes, trying to shut out the pain as she felt him pulling at her essence. There was no comfort here -- not with this bite ... not with this vampire. It was painful and savage. He pulled his fangs out then moved towards another bite mark. He planned to overlay his mark on ever single kiss that Spike had tattooed on her skin. As his teeth sank anew, Buffy tried to struggle, not wanting the pain to continue.

She was starting to feel a little lightheaded. She tried to focus her thoughts. "Must stay awake! Can't pass out ... not yet ... Can't belong to Angelus.

As her eyes fluttered, a blue green gem unnoticed on the ground by the dreaded tombstone started to glow and electricity seemed to fill the air. Angelus sensing the change in the atmosphere, let his prey go. Buffy slumped to the ground for the second time tonight.

The master vampire growled, his demon telling him that this was not a good place to be. He turned to walk away but after taking fifteen paces away from Buffy he noticed that he could not keep going. He raised his hands, trying to push through what seemed like a wall keeping him from moving forward. But it was to no avail. He heard something else ... something distant then slowly growing louder. His eyes narrowed in anger at seeing a man in a suit, holding a large book. The man was chanting.

At the realization that it was magic, Angelus hurried back towards Buffy’s still slumped form. "What did you do, whore?" He screamed, as he lifted her up but the lapels of her jacket. "Tell me."

She looked at him weakly. "I don't belong to you."

Angelus backhanded her cheek for that comment. "Tell him to stop!" he said with seething anger.

"Make me!"

Angelus dragged Buffy to the end of the barrier where the man in a suit was still chanting. "Stop this. Let me go and I won't kill the Slayer."

The man continued with his chanting never leaving his eyes from the book. "Don't listen to him Giles, finish the spell." Buffy said half delirious from blood loss.

"A Watcher." Angelus said in realization. "Watcher, let me go and I won't snap your precious little Slayer's neck."

Giles continued chanting and then when the last verse was said, he looked at the vampire coldly.

Angelus slammed a fist against the barrier, but it wouldn't budge. He turned his attention to Buffy, angry at this slip of a girl that had eluded him at first, rejected his seduction and now mocked him by magic. He threw a fist at her, sending her flying a few feet away. Then storming in anger to where she landed, he picked her up again. "I could have made you complete, Buffy. I could have shown you how to find pleasure in pain and darkness."

Buffy looked at him with disgust. "I don't need anything from you!" With that, she gripped the lapels of his coat, raised her legs, bringing her feet to his chest and pushed him away from her. She picked herself up and readied herself for another attack.


Spike could no longer watch in darkness as the scene unfolded before him. He rushed towards Giles, wondering how the Watcher could watch idly by as his weakened charge was fighting Angelus with the possibility of being trapped in the gem with him. "What are you doing Rupert? We have to find a bloody way to get her out of there."

Giles lowered his head. "The spell has been cast, no one can come out until the magic has done what it needs to do."

"You're just going to stand there and watch her get imprisoned with Angelus?"

Giles shook his head. "I made the spell specific to vampires alone. Buffy will not be imprisoned."

Spike looked at the fight between the Slayer and his grandsire. Buffy was holding her own, but he could tell she was getting weak. As she landed one more time against the ground, Spike knew he couldn't just wait here like the wanker beside him. He moved towards the edge of the magic which is where the barrier started. He tested it, reaching out with his right hand to try and force his way in. Seeing that it allowed him entrance, “Bugger this!“ he said as he steeled himself and jumped through. He rolled and quickly jumped to his feet. He released the demon inside upon seeing Angelus, glowering over Buffy's form. He lunged for his grandsire, knocking him away from the Slayer. "Stay away Poofhead."

"Aaah .. William. Come to join the party?” Angelus said laughing as he stood up. “And here I thought I might get bored spending eternity with MY plaything. You could provide some entertainment as well."

Spike threw a punch at him. "Stay away from her."

Angelus laughed. "Come now William. She is mine. And she tastes exquisite. Her blood rich and her body supple. Does she moan for you as well when you drink?" he said trying to unnerve his childe.

"Piss off!" he hit his grandsire again and Spike took over as Angelus' dancing partner. He hoped that he could buy the spell enough time to finish. Anything to keep Angelus away from Buffy... anything to end this symbol of her despair ... anything to keep Buffy safe. He did his best, keeping Angelus as far away from her as he could. He was worried about her. He could hear that her breathing seem labored and though she stirred, he knew she still hadn't stood up.

"You're distracted dear William. I thought I had taught you better than that."

Glaring at him, Spike replied with a punch in the gut. "I never needed anything from you."

"Really now? Everything you are ... everything you have ... came from me -- your unlife, your sire, your slayer ... All mine!"

"Stop flattering yourself, Peaches."

"She is sweet ... and rich, perhaps I wouldn't mind sharing her with you like Drusilla."

"She is nothing like Dru. And you keep both of them out of this. Between you and me Angelus. That's how it's always been."

Angelus mockingly bowed in front of him and they then resumed their dance. Anger raged through both vampires as blows were exchanged.

Buffy focused her senses, feeling two vampire signatures instead of one. Upon seeing Spike battling Angelus, her heart both melted and sank. She couldn't believe that he would risk this -- his unlife -- to save her. She knew how he adored being a vampire, how he reveled in the power and the freedom. Yet with this one act, she knew he was voluntarily putting all of that on the line. She melted at the knowledge, that this time it was for her and for her alone. But she was starting to feel cold. When the spell is done and the gem has finished it's work, she would lose him. Giles had explained to her in confidence that he would alter the spell to ensure her safety. But what about Spike? Giles has never shown any liking to him and it was only with the fact that her Watcher had kept her relationship quiet that the Council had not gone after them. Or at least that was what Giles had assured her. But who was to say that Giles wouldn't try to kill Spike if given the chance. It was a perfect opportunity, Angelus and Spike all in one move.

She stood up, wondering if she should interfere in their heated fighting. She looked around trying to see where she left her stake just in case Angelus decided to come after her again. She heard a large thud as Spike was thrown against a tombstone, effectively breaking the stone in half. Looking up, Buffy rushed to his side, eyes full of hatred for the master vampire for so many reasons.

"Well look at this lovely scene." Angelus said, wiping blood from his busted lip. "MY child and MY plaything, mocking me still. So should I assume that that little tiff earlier tonight was for my benefit. I feel so special."

Spike growled loudly and lunged back at Angelus, revealing the stake that he had found Buffy had dropped earlier. But his grandsire was able to move at the last minute. The stake lodged itself in his shoulder instead. Angelus stepped back in shock, not really expecting his own child to have had the audacity to stake him. He looked down in disbelief.

Spike stepped back himself, cursing himself for not being faster. Buffy stood up, moving close to Spike, her arm snaking inside his duster. He looked down and afforded to give her a quick smile.

"What are you doing here?" Buffy whispered.

"You know me. Can never resist you, love."

Angelus growled as he pulled the stake from his shoulder, hatred at the couple before him. "You dare ..." He said lunging the stake in Spike’s direction.

Buffy moved quickly, pulling the stake she knew Spike kept in his duster's inner pocket and shoved it in Angelus' heart. The master vampire looked down once more in disbelief before he faded away to dust.

Spike jerked his head backward in pain as he felt the loss of his grandsire. The thread that had connected Angelus to the Aurelius family now cut.

The blue-green gem started to glow brighter as the spell was about to reach the final phase. The dust that used to be Angelus, swirled into the air and was quickly absorbed into the gem.

"Looks like we didn't need the bloody trinket after all pet."

The magic swirled around them, and Spike had a feeling that this could be the end. He stared down at the blue-green gem. He stared down at his future.

"We did it! But we need to find a way out of here." Buffy said.

"No love, you did it. And you'll be safe. But I doubt I'll be so lucky. Rupes told me what he did to the spell."

"No. I won't accept it. We'll find a way."

He reached out his hand to cradle her cheek, he loved how she could be so stubborn at times. "Don't worry your pretty little head about me, love. You'll be free now. You're a Slayer. You don't need me."

"NO! I'm not going to lose you." Buffy looked frantically around for one of the white crystals that was forming the barrier. There was only one thought in her mind now. She had to save him. She wasn't going to lose him. The blue-green gem glowed brighter and she grew frantic, knowing that the spell would end soon. She dropped down on all fours, frantically pushing away dirt and leaves for any signs of the white crystal. She found one hidden behind some leaves and she grabbed it. Without thinking about the consequences, she smashed it against a cold marble tombstone. The barrier turned into a binding light, but the blue-green gem still glowed brightly. Buffy averted her eyes as she hunched to the ground while Spike protectively covered her with his body. He hoped that was enough but with magic you could never be sure.

Chapter #25 - 26 - Next
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


CHAPTER 26 - Next

Buffy opened her right eye tentatively and then her left. She looked around her but saw nothing but black. Smoke and whiskey assailed her nose and then she realized that cold arms were protectively around her. She did her best to keep her eyes from watering at the knowledge that he was still here. It worked. He was here with her. The black soon disappeared as she felt Spike helping her up and releasing her from the confines of his leather duster. But although she was free of his coat, he held on to her tightly.

"Damn woman. You could have burned us into oblivion by breaking that crystal and releasing the power within it. And you accuse me of being reckless?!"

Buffy gave him a smirk and elbowed him in the chest, making him fall and release his hold on her. "Hey, I just saved your life ... or I guess your unlife. You should be kissing my feet!"

He raised an eyebrow and licked his lips. "Would kiss more than that and would do more than kissing if you let me. 'Course I should be bloody pissed off at you Slayer for doing that. Told you a good ole' fashion stand off was the best way to go."

"But it all worked out in the end."

"Yeah, because I came to save the fucking day. God, Buffy I thought you were better than this."

"But you went along with the plan anyway."

"Because you can be such a stubborn bint."

"Well it seems like everything went well." Giles said as he moved closer to them. "Though I would have to agree with Spike on this one. It was quite dangerous for you to have done what you did." He said taking his glasses off and cleaning them. "Magic is complicated and you were lucky that the results came out favorable for uhm ... you."

"I'm touched Rupes. You actually agree with me." he said picking himself up from the ground.

"Well I don't intend to make a habit of it." he said, putting his glasses back on.

"Same here." Spike grinned to irritate the Watcher.

Giles let out a sigh and moved to gather up the blue green gem, and the other three remaining crystals. "So I will take this back to my place and keep it safe. I trust that you will head back and ..." he turned around to face them and let out another sigh at seeing that his audience had started kissing. He didn't know what to do with Buffy. He wasn't sure how he could keep his Slayer's relationship with Spike a secret. He suspected that with Angelus out of the way, perhaps Spike would be in line to head the Aurelius clan in Sunnydale. If that was to be the case, then it might prove even harder to keep this relationship a secret. He had always been against it. Even now he was strongly against it. But after witnessing what happened that night they first met, he thought it best to keep things hush hush. He had never seen nor heard of a master vampire protecting a Slayer. And Buffy was extremely attached and dependent on him. For some strange reason, this vampire gave this Slayer some stability in her life. Giles could see the potential in her. She was resourceful, strong and brave, but this vampire -- the one that scourged through Europe so many years ago, the one that had taken the life of two slayers himself, gave her a reason to fight harder. It was a difficult pill to swallow, but it was true and it was evident.

"I guess I'll be going." he announced though he wasn't sure they were listening to him at all. "I trust the both of you can find your way home safely. "

Spike raised a hand and waved at Giles, never breaking contact from his beloved girl. "Hope I didn't hurt you too much earlier." he said between kisses.


"Of course you know what we have to do now when we get back?" he asked seductively.

"What?" she asked as she pulled away from his lips to look into his eyes and try to figure out what he was implying.

"Well since we had that little fight earlier, I was thinking it was time for a little making up."

Buffy eyed him, then without warning, pushed him back down on his butt. She stuck out her tongue then quickly ran, giving him chase all the way home.


They played tag all the way home. That game eventually ended but was quickly replaced by a new one when Buffy decided to go into the bathroom to get cleaned up. She knew she was filthy with leaves in her hair, grass stains on her clothes, and dust on her face. She was slowly removing her clothes when Spike shook his head and stopped her. He batted her hands away as he unbuttoned her top slowly, dipping his head down to lick then kiss the flesh that was revealed. As his lips focused on the smooth skin of her belly, his fingers worked to unzip and push her pants down. He knelt down, his hands moving firmly into place against each butt check as he moved his head to smell and feel the heat and arousal from her quim. He nuzzled her need through the sheer fabric of her panties. She squirmed slightly as she felt him pushing against her clit, but he held her firmly.

Spike growled as he heard the soft whimpers coming from Buffy's lips. He smiled to himself before grabbing the crouch of her panties with his teeth and tearing the fabric away from her. He continued to lap at her juices with more fervor than before, occasionally teasing her clit with his tongue. Buffy moaned and laced her fingers through his hair as each lick sent her closer and closer to ecstasy.

Spike looked up a her, a devilish grin on his face. "Hope you liked that."

Buffy answered with a soft mew. "What was that for?"

"Smelled it. Wanted it. Took it."

"Was that it?" she asked looking somewhat disappointed.

He searched her eyes then stood up. "Buffy... I almost lost you. Heck, I almost lost me!" he said wondering what possessed him to risk so much for her. He loved her. That was the answer. "Wanted to know you were real ... you were here. I hope you don't plan on making a habit of this."

Buffy shook her head. "How many times are you planning to apologize anyway?" she said trying to lighten the mood.

"Actually, the way I see it, you should have your fair share of apologizing as well!" He said, tilting her head to the right, growling angrily at seeing the angry bite mark she now wore. "Nasty bite. That could have been avoided you know!"

"It will heal. No biggie."

"No biggie?! Just because you're the Slayer doesn't make you immortal. That's my department." he said growling again trying to show her that she should listen to him next time.

Buffy looked at him apologetically.

Spike sucked his cheeks in, his jaw somewhat clenched. He reached his hand out to tentatively touch the new bite mark. He shook his head. "I won't do it now, but you're not wearing anything of his. You're my girl." he said caressing her cheek then letting his fingers move towards her hair. He let them lace between her locks then pulled her possessively to him, kissing her full on the lips.


Darla sat quietly, her hands clenched together on her lap. By her feet, Drusilla looked like a broken doll. Just moments ago she had finally sobbed herself to sleep at the loss of her "Daddy". Darla was more in control of her feelings as she fought back tears at the loss of her child and lover. But things were now set in motion that were beyond her control. As much as she loved Angelus, he inadvertedly chose his own fate by going after the Slayer. The Aurelius Clan had plans for the Slayer but Angelus' intentions for his former plaything were not part of it. Or perhaps it was because the true Master of the Clan just didn't like Angelus that much.

"It was a loss. Though I did not think your child would do what he did. He almost sacrificed himself for the Slayer, such devotion, especially for a human … a Slayer … is unheard of." a foreboding voice came from across the room.

Darla looked up and nodded. "William is quite brash, which on a few occasions can be an asset. At the very least he is quite entertaining."

"Yes, entertaining. ... I know you do not like this Slayer, my child." the vampire clad in black said moving closer to Darla and placing a loving hand on the top of her head. "But she will be part of our family soon enough. In one way or another she will be a part of us."

Looking up, Darla nodded solemnly. "Yes Master. It will be as you wish my Sire."

Chapter #26 - 27 - After Us
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 27 - After Us

Spike took one last drag from his cigarette before extinguishing it under his boot. He was guessing that Buffy was about an hour into her patrol and he was getting ready to head up and meet her when a swirl of blond hair and lace blocked his path. Discovering who it was, Spike rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"What the fuck do you bloody want?" Spike asked in anger.

"Will your manners never improve dear William?" Darla replied.

"Is there any specific reason why they should?"

"The way I see it you should feel some sense of remorse. You killed your grandsire."

"I think you need to get your facts straight though I wish I could claim that one."

"Ah yes, the Slayer. I would have thought you had the balls to put that bitch in her place."

He mockingly chuckled. "So we're resulting to insults now. If I recall, the great Poofhead didn't do that much better. And what is it to you what I do with her?"

"I should kill you for helping the bitch destroy my beloved child. What you did is punishable by death."

"So go ahead. You know he had it coming. He was always in my business. He was always in my way. He took Dru for crying out loud."

"She is his child. She is our daughter. You should know the relationship that exists between sire and child."

"Yeah. Yeah. Blah. Blah. Blah. So what Darla? Are you going to talk me to death then?"

Darla crossed her arms in front of her chest and let out a sigh. "As much as I want to rip your heart out with my own bare hands, you are still family and your family needs you."

Spike had to stop himself from busting out laughing. "My family needs me? Bollocks! What a load of shit."

"The Master has returned and he wishes you to have an audience with him."

At the mention of the Master, Spike fell silent. The Master had asked for him personally so that could either be a good thing or a bad thing. The way Darla was talking, it was a good thing but he never fully trusted anything that came out of her mouth. He had left the coven and he helped destroy the Master of the Aurelius Clan in Sunnydale. He was half-expecting that they would be after him by now but no one haa dared challenge him yet. If the Master wanted him dead, Darla wouldn't be here talking to him right now. She was his beloved child. He could have sent any ordinary minion to tell him the news but he sent Darla instead. He thought about what he should say.

"Please tell the Master that I will grace him with my presence when I'm good and ready."

"It's not really a request William."

"Fine! I'll come by tomorrow. Now you mind stepping aside?"

"What? So you can go back to your whore?"

"Speak for yourself, love."

"We are your family William, not the Slayer. Do not forget your place."

Spike walked past her and shifted his thoughts to more pleasant things. He would be with Buffy soon and then he could drown himself with her presence. He didn't know what the Master wanted but he had a few ideas what they could be. The bad thing was, most of those ideas resulted in not so quite pleasurable situations and Spike wasn’t sure what he would do if things did turn out to be bad.

Spike waited for Buffy at the entrance to the cemetery. She smiled upon seeing his figure propped up against a tree smoking a cigarette. She ran towards him, giving him a huge hug.

"Nice to know someone is happy to see me." he smiled, extinguishing his cigarette then flicking it to the ground.

"I love you."

"Love you too pet." he said giving her a quick kiss.

"I'm hungry. Where we eating?"

"Nice to know slaying doesn't deter your appetite, love." he said offering his arm.

Buffy took his arm and they walked towards the downtown area. They walked like that in silence for a few minutes before she looked up at him questioningly. She saw that he seemed to be in deep thought and she wondered what was bothering him.



"You're usually talking my ear off by now."

"Sorry! ... I just have a few things on my mind."


"It’s nothing. Don't worry about it."

"Come on. Something is obviously bothering you, so spill."

Spike took in a deep unnecessary breath. "Soon Buffy. It might be time."

"Time? What are you talking about?"

"You know I love you. I'll do anything to protect you. There might come a time when I'll have to do something you won't like. It will haunt us, love. You're the Slayer. I'm a vampire."

Buffy leaned her head against his arm. "We'll face it together, Spike. Whatever it is, we'll face it together."

Spike couldn't help but smile at what she just said. He didn't know what the future will hold for them but no matter what happens, he had to keep her away from harm, even if that meant possibly keeping her away from him.

Spike smiled at the fact that his girl was beside him and loved him dearly. Despite the little encounter with Darla earlier that night, it had turned out to be quite a lovely evening. Of course Buffy always had a way of making him feel good. They would be home soon and he couldn't wait to have his arms full of the Slayer. But there was something tugging at his senses. It felt like someone was watching them. He had dismissed it earlier when they walked to the Espresso Pump but when they walked out the door, he felt it again. He thought he was being paranoid but it was usually better to err on the side of caution.

Buffy's cell phone started ringing and she disengaged her arms from Spike to answer it.

"Oh, hi Giles. What's up? ... Huh. The what? ... What's that? ... After me? Why?"

But before Buffy could continue the conversation, she took two steps back as Spike held his hand in front of her, catching an arrow aimed at her heart.

"Bollocks! Damn wooden arrows. Buffy we need to get out of here."

They both ran, rushing down streets and alleys. Buffy's mind raced trying to figure out who would try to kill her. Well, that list wasn’t exactly short. There were many that would most probably want her dead, especially since she dusted Angelus. She was the Slayer, the enemy of vampires and demons. But who ever it was that was chasing them weren’t vampires because the only signature she registered was Spike's. Maybe they were the ones that Giles was trying to warn her of. Giles said something about the Council. He said something about someone going after her. The last thing she heard him say was Retrieval Team. They were going to kill her. The humans she was working for wanted her dead. She knew she shouldn't be surprised since the first night she met Giles he tried to shoot her. But they had developed a good relationship. He felt like her guardian, maybe even the closest thing she'd have to a father at the moment. She had foolishly thought that maybe the Council would be more understanding. But here she was, running from this Retrieval Team.

Spike knew they couldn't go home tonight. It wasn't safe. He led them to another alleyway where he knew there would be a sewer entrance. Quickly lifting the manhole cover, he motioned for her to get in. "Sorry if it stinks, love"

Buffy let out a sigh then jumped in. Spike followed, covering the manhole before jumping down beside her.

"Where to? Man it stinks down here."

"This way ... and you're lucky you don't have my sense of smell. Come on."

Spike led her through the tunnels. They needed a place to hide. He led them towards the Sunnydale Hotel. It might not be the best place but he knew someone in the staff that could keep their presence in the establishment pretty much a secret.

"We'll go spend the night in the hotel for now. I'll go pull some of my contacts and see what they know."

"It's the Council Spike. Giles said something about a Retrieval Team."

"Wish we could talk to Rupes about it, but that might be dangerous. They might be holed up in his place waiting for us to slip up."

"They want me dead."

"Won't let that happen. I said I'd protect you. Well at least they're human. I'm sure I can pull a couple of favors that could keep them busy if not out of town. Perhaps we can make it seem like you skipped town."

"I'm scared, Spike."

"I'll figure something out." Spike said. He just hoped she'd be okay with whatever it is he came up with.

Chapter #27 - 28 - Come Back
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 28- Come back

A soft knock on the door roused Spike from Buffy's embrace. He moved cautiously towards the door. He sniffed the air, determining by his sense of smell who was on the other side. He opened the door to reveal a pretty brunette smiling up at him.

"Hey Spike. Antonio told me you were here. But it's not Wednesday and I don't have any kittens with me."

"Hey Marissa. I was hoping you'd stop by, pet." he said stepping back to allow her access into the room. He closed the door quickly once she was inside the room. "Don't need kittens right now. I need your help for something else."

"Something else?"


"Magic? Okay. What trouble have you got yourself into this time, handsome?" she said crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Nothing I can't handle. Just need a little help is all. Maybe a teleportation escape spell and some cloaking or glamour spells?"

"That seems like a tall order."

"Oh, come now pet. Those should be nothing for you."

"So what's in it for me?"

"I'll pay you. You know I'm good for it."

"Yeah yeah. So, where is she?"

“Where’s who?”

“Oh stop playing games Spike. Antonio told me that you had a pretty hot blond with you tonight. And I‘m assuming based on all the rumors I‘ve been hearing that it could only be the Slayer.”

Spike turned his head towards the bedroom. "She's sleeping. It's been a pretty rough night. I think the damn Council of Wankers is after her."

"The Council? Say no more. I'll help. I want to give them a piece of my mind." she said closing her eyes as if trying to push down some emotion.

"I didn't mean to bring up anything painful Marissa."

"That's alright. I just miss him is all. Henry was my life and a damn good Watcher. But when the Council found out about us, they ... " her eyes shut even tighter.

Spike put a hand on her arm trying to comfort her. "It's alright, pet."

"I'm sorry. Well let's meet the Slayer." she said rubbing her eyes to dry the tears that were starting to form.

"I'm here." Buffy said with a slight yawn from the doorway of the bedroom. "Thank you for helping us."

Marissa smiled. "Well it will cost you a pretty penny." she said moving towards Buffy looking her over from head to toe. "I can do both the glamour spell and cloaking spell. Knowing them, they'll try to locate you no matter what. But Spike, what's the transportation spell for?"

"I have to go somewhere and get some answers but I ain’t going without an ace up my sleeve."

"You're leaving?" Buffy asked worried.

Spike made his way towards her and took her hand in his. "It’s just for a little bit tomorrow, love. There’s some business that I have to attend to. Marissa's spell should keep you safe."

Marissa watched vampire and Slayer and smiled. She could sense the difference in Spike. She had known him for a few years now, helping him with his supply of kittens for poker. Spike always had an air about him, a certain cockiness and confidence that drew you to him. He was always pleasant company as long as you don't get on his bad side. But lately, he seemed genuinely happy and she now understood why. She had heard the rumors that he was fighting alongside the Slayer, but the rumors never mentioned anything else beyond that. The body language between them said everything. They were in love. She had seen Spike with Dru before but the way he acted with this blond haired beauty was different.

"I'll see the two of you tomorrow then. Both of you get some rest." she said turning around towards the door. "And if I see any suspicious looking Watchers lurking around I'll keep them busy for you."

... the next night ...

Spike fingered the small amulet Marissa had given to him just moments ago. He waited patiently outside the bedroom as Marissa performed the glamour spell on Buffy. Minutes later the door opened and two brunettes stepped out.

Spike smiled at seeing that even he didn't recognize the Slayer. "Marissa, one of your best work yet. I can't even smell her." Aside from her hair, her eyes were now a shade of brown, her skin paler and she even looked a bit taller.

"I added an extra layer onto the spell. Actually, I made her look like my cousin." She said with pride.

"How about the cloaking spell?"

"It's there but I was thinking of taking her to my place if that's alright with you. I'll keep her safe Spike. You know me."

Spike thought about it for a minute then nodded. He walked over to where Buffy was and pulled her into his arms. He looked at her tenderly for a minute, caressing her cheek with his fingers. "I'll be back soon, love. Watch your back." he whispered into her ear.


Spike stopped walking about a block away from the mansion. He wasn't sure what was going on and wondered why the Master would even want to meet with him. For all he knew, this could be his last night. But if it was, then why did they go to all that trouble having Darla talk to him. At least he had an escape plan. He took in an unnecessary deep breath, stood up to his full height and strode of towards the entrance to the clan's lair.

He didn't even bother to knock, striding in like he owned the mansion. Normally minions would be all over the place but it seemed like the lot of them got out of his way. He used his senses to pick up Darla's scent and strode through the hallways until he stopped in front of one of the rooms. He could sense someone else in there with her and he could only assume it was the Master.

The door soon opened and Spike saw the Master sitting down in a large chair. He tentatively walked into the room, while Darla excused herself and closed the door behind her as she left. He knew it would have been more appropriate to kneel in front of him and kiss his ring but that just wouldn't be his style. Instead, he stopped a few paces from his sire and bowed. "You summoned for me, sire?"

The Master clasped his hands together in delight at seeing the stubbornness in his child. "Ah yes, my dear William. So young and so impetuous. Your terror across Europe with my daughter was quite impressive and the deaths of two Slayers under your belt bodes far for the clan's honor."

"I'm glad you are pleased, sire."

"Though I have heard news that is quite troublesome to my ears. It seems that you have taken a Slayer under your wing. Or maybe it is she that has taken you?” he said pausing for a second.

Spike raised an eyebrow questioning his remark.

“Though I am not surprised. She is lovely, this Slayer of yours ... and quite strong. But it does lead one to wonder where your loyalties lie." The Master continued.

"I take care of my own. But I do not hesitate to dispatch those that would go against me."

"Such bold words to say in front of me my child. But I like your honesty. With guidance you will go far within the clan. This foolishness with the Slayer must end though. It would not look good for my general to be consorting with one such as her."


"You heard me correctly, William. I need strong children to do my bidding. Though you may be considered young, you have proven yourself quite resourceful."

"You honor me, Master."

"And as a reward for doing my bidding, I will be kind to you. I will allow you to turn your precious Slayer and I will let you keep her."

"You wish me to turn the Slayer?" Spike asked a little dumbfounded.

"Why yes. I believe she will be a great asset to this family. I have plans for her. With her blood William, we can further strengthen the line. And we can protect her. I know the Watcher's Council is after her. What you and this Slayer have is quite ... unusual. You should have known that it was only a matter of time before the nosey little mice found out about your relationship. I, on the other hand, am more tolerant to these things. You must think of the future William. She is mortal. Do you not wish to preserve her beauty and strength?"

Spike couldn't deny that that is what he wanted -- eternity with the woman he loved. But to turn her? It just doesn't seem right. It never seemed right.

"Sire, I ... "

“You wish to see her age and her beauty fade then? Are you prepared to keep on running away from the Council?”

Spike thought about that for a moment. If he turned her, she would be immortal like him and being part of the Aurelius Clan, she would be protected. But turning her would mean destroying who she was now. And he wasn’t prepared to do that to her.

"Now dear child. You misunderstood me. It is not a request." the Master said standing up from his chair. He moved towards Spike, placing a hand on his chin to force him to look into the Master's eyes. "You will take her into you. You will turn her and make her part of our family."

Spike felt a comforting feeling wash over him while the sound of the Master's voice echoed inside his head. "She will be yours forever. ... The Slayer in your arms. ... Immortality your gift. ... Protected from all that will harm her. ... Loved for all eternity. ... " Spike smiled hearing those words in his mind.

"Good. ... Now, show me your hand dear William." The Master ordered him.

Spike complied without hesitation, lifting his right hand, palm side up. The Master took his pinky finger and with his long nail placed a gash across Spike's palm. The younger vampire didn't even flinch as blood dripped from the wound. The Master moved quickly, catching Spike’s precious blood into a chalice. A devilish smile was painted across the Master’s face as his plan seemed to fall into place.

Chapter #28 - 29 - Start to Unfold

Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 29 - Start to Unfold

Spike found himself alone in the room. The Master was nowhere to be seen and he could sense no other vampire nearby. He stood up, looking around the room a bit puzzled. The last thing he remembered was the Master talking to him about turning Buffy into a vampire. He remembered going against it, but then the Master gave out some valid points. He had to turn her. There really was no other choice. It was the only way he was sure of protecting her. With the damn Council of Wankers sending that damn blasted Retrieval Team and then the other demons wanting to kill her, being a part of the Aurelius clan will give her protection. He would be able to fulfill his promise. He would take care of her. The clan would take care of her because he would take Angelus' place and the coven would be under his disposal.

That somehow gave him a sweet sense of satisfaction. He was taking one more thing of Angelus’.

He ran his fingers through his hair and felt the slight sting in his right hand. He looked at it curiously. When had he gotten hurt? The wound was sealed but still swollen. When did that happen? He stared at it as he wracked his brain trying to remember. Things seemed a little fuzzy. How and when did the cut on his palm happened?

Then the answer hit him. It was Dru. That was it. She had come by to see him with Darla when she heard he had returned. She was sweet at first. Planting a kiss on his forehead. Then she got angry. She sensed Buffy on me then she started talking in riddles about how I destroyed her Daddy. She was angry ... had a knife ... lunged at him. The knife caught his right palm. Why didn’t he strike back? Oh, because he was in front of the Master. He didn’t want to seem disrespectful.

Then, the Master growled at Dru for such a childish display. He banished her and Darla away from Sunnydale because they would get in the way. That was it. Dru was gone and Spike could now be with Buffy. The Master had approved. He had given his blessing that Spike could bring the Slayer into the family. All he had to do was turn her.

He walked with purpose through the mansion. The minions still getting out of his way. He was about to step through the front door when a thought crossed his mind. He saw a minion from the corner of his eye and growled, urging the young one to come to him.

"Dalton ... find him!"

Spike waited in the receiving room for the vampire he had summoned for. Ten minutes later Dalton came, standing a few paces from Spike, his eyes focused on the floor. "You called for me, Master?"

Spike smiled at the new title. It seemed like his new rank had now spread throughout the clan. "I need for you to hunt for Watchers. A group of three, calling themselves some sort of Retrieval Team."

"You wish them dead?"

Spike shrugged. "I don't really care... alive ... dead ... run out of town. Just get them out of the way. If you have problems, let me know. Trap them somewhere and I'll take care of them myself if they become too bothersome."

"Yes, Master." Dalton said bowing once more before excusing himself.

"Be careful Dalton. They aren't ordinary Watchers."

Dalton nodded and disappeared down one of the hallways to assemble a hunting party.

Happy that one thing was taken cared of, Spike strode of into the night to return to his beloved Slayer.


Marissa busied herself in the kitchen while Buffy, still under the glamour spell, occupied her time by watching some TV.

"I'm sorry I don't have anything else to offer you, dear."

"Marissa, I told you that soup and salad is fine. That's a whole lot healthier than what I've been eating lately."

Marissa giggled. "I guess Spike isn't really a good role-model for healthy eating." she said making her way to the dinner table and placing two bowls of soup down.

“I know. It’s unfair. He could eat like a pig and of course he doesn’t gain any weight.” Buffy said with a giggle. She then stood up and headed towards the kitchen to help her host. She grabbed the salads while Marissa took care of the drinks.

"Thanks so much for letting me stay here." Buffy said when she sat down by the dinner table.

"No problems dear. Spike is paying me for this and I always like messing around with the Council."

"Yeah.. the Council of Wankers ..." Buffy said trying to imitate Spike's accent.

"That they are." Marissa agreed.

"So uhm ... how do you know about the Council. I thought that the Council was only known to the vampire community."

"Well demons are quite the gossipers. Plus the fact that the Council has been around for centuries. It's a little hard to keep them a secret if they've been around for so long."

"But why would you help Spike or me?"

"You mean aside from the financial gain?"

Buffy nodded.

"Well, the Council took something away from me."

"What was it?"

"Well it was more like a who dear. They took my... uhm... they took a very good friend away from me."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up a sad memory."

"No. It's okay dear. It's been a while now."

"What happened? If you don't mind me asking that is."

"Well, it was a while back. As you know, I like dabbling in magic. I found out early on in my magical career that the easiest way to make some money was to deal with less than noble customers. I was careful though. Then I met this man. We started of as friends which led into something deeper. He was a Watcher. Not like yours though. He wasn't assigned to a Slayer. He was more of a researcher."

"Aren't they all?" Buffy giggled.

"That's true isn't it?." Marissa laughed. "Well where was I? Aah yes. He was quite the researcher. He was interested in magics and demons that use magics. Perhaps that was what brought us together."

"I can tell he was very important to you."

"Huh? Am I giving that whimsical look?"

"Uhm.. I guess." Buffy said with a smile.

"Don't worry about it. I've heard many people tell me I give a certain look when I talk about my Henry. I think Spike was one of the first that pointed it out to me. Well to make a long story short, the Council started interfering. They were not too pleased with my relationship with him. They acted all high and mighty and threatened both of us to end the relationship. When that didn't work, they sent him on this mission knowing how dangerous it was. He was killed. So I'm not too fond of them."

"I'm sorry."

"Now dear. That was in the past. I know Henry wouldn't want me to be sad."

"Uhm... how long have you known Spike?" Buffy said wanting to change the subject.

"Spike? I think I’ve known him for a few years now. I guess you can say that I’m Spike's kitten supplier."

"Kitten supplier?" Buffy said wide-eyed.

"For poker. Demons gamble with kittens instead of money. When ever Spike feels like a little game he comes to me for kittens. We have a give or take relationship. He does some favors for me, I supply him with kittens."

"Oh... Well I guess that explains why I sometimes find fur on his duster." Then Buffy’s face turned serious.

“Is there anything wrong dear?” Marissa asked with concern.

"Marissa? About the Council. Do you think I'll be able to stand up to them?"

"Well you are the Slayer Buffy. I mean, you're the first Slayer I've ever met but I've heard plenty of stories from Henry. And based on those stories and the few things I’ve heard about you from … people, I think you’re really are strong Buffy. The demon community talks about you a lot."

"They do?"

Marissa nodded. "And you know it doesn't hurt having Spike by your side. He's quite smitten with you dear. It's nice to see him smile lately and I can tell you're the reason for that."

Buffy felt her cheeks warm. "Don't you think it strange? For him and me I mean?"

Marissa giggled. "Not at all. Of course my relationship with Henry was viewed as "unusual" by most. I believe that what's important in a relationship is what's between the two of you. Nothing else should matter dear. Nothing else."

"Thanks Marissa. For everything." Buffy said with a heartfelt smile.

Chapter #29 - 30 - I Love You that Much
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


CHAPTER 30 - I Love You That Much

Spike walked in the shadows, careful that he wasn't being followed. He made his way to Marissa's place, knocking on the door only when he was sure that he was alone. Marissa opened the door, smiling at seeing him.

"Everything okay?" she asked.

"Never better, pet. How's Buffy?"

Marissa stepped out of the way to let Spike in. From the kitchen, a pretty brunette stepped into the living room, smiling at seeing the bleach blond vampire.

"I'm good. It's been quiet all night. I was a little worried about you." Buffy asked.

"I'm good. You ready to go, love? Sunrise will be here in an hour."

"You going? Spike, both of you can spend the night here." Marissa reasoned out.

"Thanks but I don't want to impose."

"Spike, you know me. You wouldn't be imposing."

"Well I'm not exactly the most quiet house guest either." Spike said with a grin.

Marissa shook her head with a smirk on her face. "Well I can see you have a one track mind. Alright. Take this then." the witch said shoving a black crystal into his palm. "I put the same kind of magic in that one as the little bracelet that Buffy has on her wrist. As long as you have that on you, the glamour and cloaking spell will be in effect.”

Sure enough, Spike's features started to change -- bleached blond hair turned black, blue eyes traded for a more green hue and his build grew bulkier.

"I trust you didn't make me look like a nancy boy eh Marissa?" Spike said tilting his head to the left.

Buffy smiled looking at Spike. The features she loved so much were gone temporarily but the look he gave her could still send shivers and tingles.

The witch smiled admiring her work. "You know me better than that!"

"Exactly! You'd do it just for a small giggle."

Marissa gave him a big grin. "I guess you do know me. But I assure you you don't look like a nancy boy!" she said raising her right hand. "Anyway, that should get both of you safely to where you're going tonight. You still have that amulet I gave you earlier?"

Spike nodded. "Thanks dear. I owe you one." He said shoving the black crystal into one of his duster pockets.

"Don't worry Spike, I'll find a way for you to pay me back. Now go before the sun rises."

Buffy turned and gave Marissa a hug. "Thanks for letting me stay here."

"Don't worry dear. Just be careful. I'll see both of you soon."

Spike took Buffy's hand and led her out into the night. They walked in silence which unnerved Buffy a little bit. He was in his pensive mood again which usually meant he had a lot on his mind. Buffy didn't really know what business it was he was going to take care of that night and it worried her a bit that he was so tight lipped about it. She knew he still kept some secrets from her, mainly about his past, but when it had something to do with her, or pertained to her in any way, Spike was not the type to keep it hidden. But she knew now was not the time to press him since they had to get to a safe place before dawn.

Spike led them back to the hotel they had stayed in the night before. They slipped in quietly, taking the stairs up to their room. Once inside, Spike slipped his duster off and plopped down on one of the chairs. He closed his eyes, leaned his head back and had his palms up. His features changing back to normal.

Buffy saw the mark on his right hand and she rushed to him with concern. "Spike, you're hurt."

Spike opened his eyes to look at her. "It's nothing love, just a little scratch."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"You've seen me with worse. I'm fine ... never better actually now that we're together again." Spike said tapping his lap. "Come here."

Buffy smiled, settling on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." He said letting his lips nuzzle her neck.

"Spike, I think you need to go to bed. You seem so tired, like you're not all here."

"Huh, I guess." Spike took hold of Buffy's body against his and stood up, carrying her towards the bedroom. He gently set her down on the bed. Buffy moved to remove her shoes and strip down to her undies while Spike turned around and did the same. With a sigh, he settled on the bed beside her. He looked at her features over and missed her golden hair which reminded him so much of the sun. "Wish you could take that bracelet off, love. I would love to see you. But I guess you should keep it on for just one more night." he said caressing her cheek gently then letting his fingers run through her hair. "I love you."

"I love you too." Buffy said as she settled into his arms. Soon they both drifted to sleep.


Buffy woke up feeling gentle fingers caressing her waist. As she gained more consciousness, she felt lips planting soft kisses on her neck. Spike nibbled slightly on different areas on her neck. She moaned softly enjoying the feel of his hands and lips on her skin.

"I want you Buffy. I love you so much." Spike said under his breath. "Want to see you. Want to feel you. But I don't feel right taking you when you look like this."

Buffy felt overcome by his show of emotion and the realization that he really loved her. It was sweet that even though she was still Buffy, he thought it wrong to take her when she looked like another woman.

Spike teased her neck with blunt teeth and lips. Even though he knew it was her in his bed, he still felt like he was cheating on her because she looked different. She smelled different. It just felt wrong taking her like this.

She smiled up at him, hoping he would how much she loved him through her eyes. "But Spike, the cloaking spell."

"Don't worry about that love. I think we've seen the last of those wankers. And to tell you the truth, you're worth the risk."

Buffy nodded and slipped the bracelet Marissa had given her from her wrist. She carefully placed it on the bed side table then turned back to smile at Spike. "This better?" she asked as her features returned her to the blond haired, green eyed woman that Spike fell in love with. His senses were assaulted with her scent which gave him both a piece of comfort and a wonderful sensation in his groin. His eyes narrowed in on her neck as his fingers tapped each bite mark he had inflicted on her. He leaned in and clamped his lips down on each bite sucking gently while his tongue traced each scar.

Buffy closed her eyes and tilted her head back to give him better access.

"Much much better dear." he said as he trailed kisses up her neck to her jaw line before crushing his lips on hers. "Love you so much, Buffy. You don't know how much."

Returning his kiss with just as much passion, she let her hands wander over his body -- gently caressing his taunt and well sculpted body.

"Buffy, I need to hear it. I need to know that you feel the same way."

"Spike, you know I do." she said brushing her lips against his.

"Need to hear it, love. How much do you love me Buffy? How far are you willing to go?"

"I trust you completely. I'll do anything you want since I know you won't do anything that will put me in danger."

Spike let his fingers travel down to her thigh, gently caressing the skin of her inner thigh near her nether lips. "So warm Buffy... I wonder if ... " his words lost as he planted kisses down the length of her neck, moving to the mound of her bosoms. "She will be yours forever. ... The Slayer in your arms. ... Immortality your gift. ... Protected from all that will harm her. ... Loved for all eternity. ... " Words floating in his mind. He had to do this, had to take more from her than he had before. He knew it would hurt and he hoped she would be able to take the pain. It had to be done, to protect her, to make her his.

"Make love to me Spike. I want you now."

Spike freed her breasts from the confines of her bra, marveling at the soft mounds that bounced gently as she squirmed from the attention he was giving her nether regions. He gently licked one of her hardened nipples making Buffy gasp at the new sensation. He continued rubbing her clit with his finger, feeling himself grow harder with each moan that escaped her lips. "That's it love. Want to hear you moan ... Always want to hear you scream my name ... Want to hear your heart beat faster ... Want your warmth all around me." He said huskily.

Buffy complied, letting herself go, focusing all her senses on Spike and his touch. He brought her over the edge, pleasure running through ever muscles as she screamed out his name. Spike let Buffy catch her breath for a few seconds before sliding inside her, burying himself inside her warmth. His senses were focused on the sound of her heart racing and the blood pumping in her jugular. He bent down to nuzzle her neck, sensuously licking each and every bite mark that adorned her neck. His hips moved faster with need as his demon anticipated the taste of her blood. As his climax neared, his visage shifted as his fangs came out and pierced her tender flesh. Buffy winced from the pain but it was soon lost by the feel of him moving faster and deeper inside her. Slayer blood spilled into his mouth -- sweet succulent blood, rich and nourishing. He continued to pull from her, his demon drowning in sexual pleasure and blood. He felt Buffy clamp down on his cock as he spent himself inside her.

He didn't stop pulling her blood, pinning her body against the mattress with his own. "Spike?" she asked nervously, wondering why he hadn't stopped.

Spike was lost in bloodlust. "She will be yours forever. ... The Slayer in your arms. ... Immortality your gift. ... Protected from all that will harm her. ... Loved for all eternity. ... Turn her. ... Make her. ... "

As he took more and more from her, her thoughts seemed to penetrate through the haze that seemed to cloud his now one track mind. Her voice was in his head.

Turn me or kill me Spike. I can’t stay like this anymore. You don’t care about me. You whisper sweetness in my ear and I listen because it makes my life easier to bear, but all you want is my blood. I have no choices. If I leave you, I know Angelus will just take me and how would that be any better. Turn me or kill me Spike. He heard her.

“No I want more than your blood... I love you... love all of you.” Spike thought back in reply.

“Because, I need you. I don’t have anyone. I don’t want to leave you, Spike.”

“I'm doing this so we'll never be apart. I want you with me forever.”

“Stop that…” she said mid-giggle. “He’ll get mad. But... tomorrow, it will be different. ... I'll be his tomorrow. I‘ll have to go back to Angelus.

“No Buffy, you belong to me love, always and forever. I love everything about you. How you smile, how you hold me, how you kiss me ... how you wrap me in your warmth. How you make me feel. I love you just the way you are. Just the way you are.”

With that realization he pulled his fangs from her jugular in shock. Buffy lay beneath him, her breathing weak, her heart slower than it usually was.

"God no Buffy. What have I done?!"

Buffy looked up at him weakly. "Spike?"

He looked down at her in horror. The bloodlust had consumed him and if he hadn't stopped, he would have drained her completely dry. He would have killed her. But wasn't that his intent? But why? Why now? Why would he want to turn her? To protect her from harm... to make her his. But she was already his. She loved him completely. He took from her without asking... How could he do that? What made him do that?

Chapter #30 - 31 - You Don’t Know Me
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 31 - You Don’t Know Me

Spike looked on in terror as he watched Buffy's labored breathing. He pulled from her. Maybe he pulled too much. He cradled her in his arms, holding her close to him as he tried to assess her condition. Her heart was still beating and that gave him a little peace. He was lost in his thoughts wondering how he could have let the bloodlust consume him. All he wanted to do was keep her safe so why did he find himself in this predicament.

He reached out with one hand to pick up the phone receiver. He tilted his head to place it between his shoulder and his cheek as he dialed Marissa's number.

"Marissa! … Pet! ... I need your help quick."

"Spike? What happened?" her sweet voice answered with concern.

"Buffy … it‘s Buffy. I didn‘t mean to. I … I pulled too much ... I ... "

"Shhh... Calm down dear. Give me one second."

He heard a click and before he could even put the receiver back on its cradle, he sensed Marissa outside the bedroom door. He looked up and was thankful that she was here.

"Come in pet." he called out.

Marissa opened the door and shook her head seeing Buffy in his arms. Blood still stained Spike's lips and one would have thought that the woman in his arms was dead from her stillness. She moved to the other side of the bed, kneeling down as she placed a hand on Buffy's forehead. She closed her eyes as her hand glowed lightly.

Spike held Buffy tightly, concentrating on the sound of her heart beat. He let that beat fill his senses as if willing it to beat stronger for him.

"She's okay Spike. She is the Slayer after all."

"But I ... "

Marissa shook her head. "You just think you did and I think she wasn't ready for it."

"I know how much I drank, Marissa. You don't need to be nice to me." he said holding on to his beloved tightly.

Marissa gave him a slightly annoyed smirk for questioning her. "Her heart is strong and her body is compensating for the blood loss. She is nowhere near death. She's a fighter."

Spike nodded though still a little uneasy but he trusted Marissa’s conclusion.

"Let her sleep, dear. The rest would do her good." she said as she stood up. "She should be fine Spike. Don't worry okay."

"Thanks pet."

Marissa said. "You know where to find me if you need me." She turned and made her way out the room.

Spike heard her leave through the hotel room door and breathed a sigh of relief that he didn't hurt Buffy that much.

"Ouch. Spike ... " he heard her weak voice.

"What, love?"

"When ... did your grip ... get this strong?"

"Huh?" He looked down where his hand was clamped around her upper arm. He didn't think he was holding her any different from the other times but when he released her, the skin underneath told him the truth. It was turning pink, bordering on a sickly pastel of blues revealing the bruise he had inflicted. It was then that he realized other things that were happening to him. He had turned to his human visage minutes ago, but his senses still felt like he had his demon out. He could feel power surging through him. Perhaps it was the Slayer blood. But it never did this to him before. Then again, he had never drunk so much from her before either.

"Spike? What happened? My neck ... "

"My fault. I don't know what came over me."

"I just want to sleep. Feel so tired."

"I know, pet. I know.“ He said gently caressing her hair. “You need your rest, love." he said as he carefully climbed out of bed hoping not to disturb her. He walked out of the bedroom and plopped into a chair to watch some telly. His new found power gave him the ability to monitor her even from out here. He could hear her breathing and her heart beat loud and clear as if he was sitting right beside her. What was this? How could he do this? He gripped the remote control tighter in his right hand and felt a slight sting. Letting the remote control go, he looked at his palm and saw the now fading line of his wound. It was the wound that Dru had inflicted on him in her rage. Wait? Dru? No. He didn't see Dru at all last night. He saw Darla, well for but a moment, but not Dru. So where did that memory come from? What was he doing last night? He met with the Master. They had a conversation. Then … Then? It all seemed fuzzy. What happened?

Spike watched the images flicker on the television screen, not really concentrating on them. He wanted to figure out what just happened. He had a feeling he just got played and if he did, then he just entered into a much bigger game with his and Buffy's existence possibly up for grabs.


"Spike?" Buffy calling his name roused him from sleep. He somehow managed to walk back into the bedroom with his eyes only half-opened. Buffy was sitting up in bed with a look of confusion on her face.

"I'm here. Feeling better?"

"I guess. I'm a little hungry."

"Well that's a good sign. I thought I ... "

"Spike don't. I'm fine so don't worry."

Spike lowered his eyes. "I ... I hurt you!" he said with utter anguish.

"I wanted it. We both wanted it. I could have stopped you if I didn't really want it."

"No, Buffy. Stop rationalizing it for me. And I don't think you would have been able to stop me. I was determined to take from you last night. I was ready to do what you've been asking me to do for the longest time. The only difference is, I wanted it this time not the other way around."

"What made you stop?"

Spike closed his eyes and tried to run the scene over in his head. He really wasn't sure what made him stop. Even now when he looked at her, he wanted to take her. His demon faded in and out as he tried to take control. "Didn't think you were ready for it yet." he lied.

"Spike? What's wrong?"

"What are you talking about? I said I didn't think you were ready for it!"

"You don't have to be so defensive about it. I was just concerned. I know you wouldn't hurt me." she said with a little pout.

"Buffy ... how can you be so sure? You don't know me."

"Huh? Of course I know you Spike. We've been together for months now."

Spike shook his head. "I've been alive way longer than that, pet. No, you haven't really seen who I am. You don't know what I can do. You don't know how close I was last night."

"But you didn't go through with it."

"Buffy are you even listening to what I'm saying?! You haven't seen me lose control. You don't know what vampires do when the bloodlust takes over."

"But Spike you'd never do ... "

Spike let out a low annoyed rumble. "BUFFY! No, you don't know that. I've kept my demon reigned in for as long as you've known me."

"But I've seen you unleash it on people when you feed."

"No you don't. That’s just me feeding. There was no real need to fight. It was just my face when I want to eat. You don't know what I'm like if the demon takes over completely. Do you want to know the truth?"

Buffy nodded slowly.

"I almost killed you last night. I almost turned you in the very thing that you were meant to kill." Spike moved closer, sitting down on the bed beside her. " And though the thought of that doesn't seem to affect you, there is a darkness ... a hatred ... an evil that could have consumed you." his thoughts went briefly to that of his mother. It was a painful memory. Even after all these years it stung. The one woman he loved and devoted himself to in his human years was destroyed by his own hands. He wasn't about to make the same mistake with Buffy. The notion of spending the rest of his unlife with her forever was more than alluring but he loved her as she is now. To turn her would destroy this Slayer that he had grown to love. "Buffy... I lost control last night. The bloodlust took over. I don't know what's going on and certain things about last night seem like a blur. You have to promise me something, love."

"Spike, what are you getting at."

"Buffy, when the time comes... when the bloodlust takes over. You might have to ... "

Buffy shook her head, tears staining her cheeks at the thought of what he was asking.

"Buffy!" he said grabbing her arms. "When the time comes, you have to do it. You have to promise me."

"No. I won't do it. I love you! I know you can fight it Spike."

He shook his head. "Something's happening, pet. I don't know what but I need you to be ready for what you might have to do."

"I won't do it."

"You won't have a choice."

"I would rather be turned and be with you than be the one responsible for your end."

Spike hung his head and released his hold on her. "I love you too, Buffy. But ... " he thought then sighed. He'll have to convince her somehow.

The sound of an angry growl echoed through the Aurelius Clan's Mansion. "Impudent boy! Breaking my thrall. Having the fortitude to save the Slayer once more. I will have her blood! I will have it. She will strengthen this family. She will reshape it. If only dear William can see this. The boy lacks vision!"

None of the other vampires that were in the room dared to raise their eyes at the Master. They knew better than to look upon him when he was angry.

"Tell me, what of the Watchers that our wayward William has asked you to dispose of?"

"One of them is dead. The other two are being held and treated as you have requested, Master."

"Good. … In due time our honored guests will join the party. But for now, send a few of our friends to visit them."

Chapter #31 - 32 - No Choice

Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 32 - No Choice

Spike plopped down on the couch ignoring the pain his wounds were giving him. It seemed like every demon in Sunnydale was out for them lately. Buffy made her way towards the couch and kneeled down in front of Spike. She gave him a worried look as she took his hands in hers. He had been pushing himself for the past couple of days, taking the brunt of the attacks. Buffy had repeatedly told him to hold off, that she should be fighting beside him and not behind him. But Spike was adamant. It seemed like he was pouring all his frustration into the fight. Or was he trying to protect her from something?

"Spike, we need to have your wounds looked at." She said giving his hand a light squeeze.

"Don’t worry, pet. They'll all be gone by tomorrow or the next day." he said shaking his head.

She gave him a little pout, hoping that that would sway things in her favor. “Maybe but with all of them and your bruises you should at least feed.” she said offering him her wrist.

He looked at her tenderly and gave her a small smile. He bent down and took her wrist in his hands. He pursed his lips on her offered wrist and let his tongue play with the small bump of the vein underneath her skin. He pulled his cheeks in and sucked gently at her wrist. Buffy closed her eyes as she felt goose bumps forming on her arms at his attention. Spike grinned and released her wrist when he heard the subtle moan that escaped her throat.
"No Buffy, I'll be fine though I could use more physical contact."

Buffy gave him stern look. "Stop being so stubborn."

"Well you need to look at your cuts as well, love."

"Slayer healing will kick in."

"Now who's being stubborn?!" he said chuckling. He pulled himself into a sitting position, and gestured for her to sit beside him.

"Is it me, or is there like a big bulls eye painted on my jacket. Because I could have sworn that ever single baddie out there knows exactly where I am and wants a piece of me." She said settling in beside him.

Spike had a rough idea what was going on. His memories of the that one night were still a little hazy but he could pretty much figure out who would have a vendetta on him … or them to be more precise. The Master was back and both he and the Slayer were responsible for Angelus' demise. Maybe Darla convinced the Master that they should be punished. Or could it simply be that the Master had it in for them because he was with the Slayer. The second idea seemed more feasible. He wondered how long they could last like this. This had been going on for almost a week now and there didn't seem to be any rest in sight. He was wary and concerned about Buffy's safety. The days only provided Buffy protection against demons of the night but there were demons that didn't have the same weaknesses as vampires. That was when he was worried the most. During the day he couldn't be with her and at any time when they were not together, something could happen to Buffy.

Buffy leaned against Spike's chest, sighing softly as she let tired muscles relax. "Spike, you need to drink. You need to keep up your strength."

"You'll keep on nagging me woman until I do it huh?"

"Just think of it as your reward for saving me tonight." she said tilting her head up to kiss him.

"Is that all I get pet? One measly kiss? I usually get more loving than that for doing much much less." he said with a grin which proved to be a mistake as a cut on his cheek stung from the movement of facial muscles.

"I don't think you are in a position to do ..."

"When it comes to you love, I'm always in a position." he said licking his lips.

Buffy shook her head then rolled her eyes.

Spike wrapped his arms tightly around her and sighed softly as she nestled her head on the crook of his neck.


… a few days later …

“Spike” she cooed against his chest as she settled in his arms.

Spike planted a kiss on her forehead and rested his hands on her hips, absently caressing her skin. He knew that the only reason she stopped kissing him was because she had to catch her breath. Though he was more than happy with the feel of her beside him, his mind was somewhere else.

Buffy noticed the change in his mood and she looked up at him. Spike was staring up at the ceiling, his teeth slightly clenched together. She reached out to caress his face, hoping everything was alright. “Spike, what’s wrong? You’ve been distracted all night.”

Spike looked down to see the concern in her face. “I don’t know how long we can keep this up, pet.”

“But nothing happened today.”

“Only because of Marissa’s glamour spell. Nothing happened because they didn’t couldn’t find us. They’re after you, Buffy. They‘re after us and I have a feeling they won’t stop until they do.”

“I don’t really think we can help that. I’m the Slayer. They’re demons. We’re suppose to fight.“

Spike shook his head. “No Buffy, I mean they ARE after you. And I’m afraid that I might not be strong enough to protect you.”

“As long as we’re together Spike, I know we can do it.”

“But I’m not with you twenty-four hours a day. I can’t be with you twenty-four hours a day.”

“You know I’ll be careful.”

“It’s not just that Buffy. Have you forgotten what I almost did to you last week? There’s a distinct possibility that you might not even be safe with me.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Spike took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Maybe it’s time pet. We have to talk about it. You have to face the fact that there might come a time when you will have to kill me.”

“No. I’m not listening to this.” she said pushing away from him.

“Buffy, you have to. This time you really have to listen. This isn’t me trying to scare you. This is a possibility. I’ve been trying to replay things in my head this past week and all I get is bits and pieces. What I do know with certainty is that the Master is back and he wants you. The demons we’ve been fighting night after night were most probably sent by him. He’s toying with us Buffy. He's bidding his time. And I have this feeling he's using me to get to you. So you have to promise me that you'll do whatever it takes to keep yourself safe. Even if that means staking me, Buffy. You have to promise."

"No. I won't kill you. I can't do that."

"It won't be me Buffy. When the bloodlust takes over, the man you see won't exist and I don't know if I'll be able to forgive myself if I did anything to hurt you."

"We'll face it somehow, Spike."

"But how Buffy? What are we going to do?"

"We can leave Sunnydale. Just you and me. We can disappear."

"Disappear? No matter where we go you'll still be the Slayer and I'll still be a vampire. They'll find us, pet. The Master will not stop. He'll use any means possible. He's set his sights on you and he won't rest until he's done with you.“ Spike ran his fingers through his hair. "And if I recall, the clan exists almost everywhere. We wouldn't be able to find solace any place."

Buffy fell silent. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She snuggled as close as she could against him. "I wish we could just stay here forever. I wish we could stop time and just be like this forever."

"I know love. I know." He said holding her tight against him.


Spike could hear her cries but was unable to do anything about it. He cursed himself for not being fast enough, for not being strong enough. But there were just too many of them. They had been ambushed. If he just saw the bloody poisonous sting in time, this wouldn't have been a problem. But the poison worked quickly, slowing his reflexes, blurring his vision. He didn't even know where it came from. With his head cloudy, he was easy prey. Vampires that he felt were kin were on top of him while the others rushed his Slayer. Buffy took some of them to their final deaths but there were too many. He also knew that her concern for him could be dulling her edge. "Bugger." he said weakly as everything went black.

"SPIKE!" Buffy cried out one more time as she saw him fall, pinned beneath a number of vampires. In anger, she dusted the vampire in front and behind her. She was ready to attack the next set of vampires when she heard one of them.

"Slayer! " She looked to see Spike held tightly by two vampires, the one that spoke holding a stake by Spike's chest. "Come with us peacefully and he will remain unharmed."

Buffy hesitated. How could she trust them? What was her assurance that they wouldn't stake him once she gave up. "How can I be sure?"

"He is more important to us alive than dead."

"How do i know you speak the truth?"

"You don't!"

Buffy looked at Spike's limp body and though she could hear him calling her foolish for what she was about to do. She lowered her stake and surrendered.

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Chapter #32 - 33 - The Play Begins
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 33 - The Play Begins

The Master leisurely sat in a fairly large chair facing the fireplace of the study. He sipped casually from his glass, letting the rich blood abate his momentary thirst. He could hear the young vampire behind him fidgeting slightly. For a moment he wished it was Darla that was waiting on him. She was such a dutiful child and very attentive to all his needs. He understood that she was not happy with his plans. He would have forced her to stay to serve his every need. He knew she would have obeyed him without question but he felt like being kind to his daughter. He had sent her away together with her crazy daughter. If they stayed, the two would only serve as a distraction to dear William.

“Hmmm… William … “ he murmured.

William was quite a puzzlement -- too many emotions in that one. The young one had turned his mother when he was but a fledgling. The fact that he was able to survive the blood letting was a statement to the strength of the demon he had inside. But the act of turning his mother was a symbol of his attachment to the mortal world. It was lucky for the dear boy that Darla had kept her family to herself for years because if that had not been the case, then the Master would have seen to it that William was killed. The show of human emotion and attachment to the world of men was a weakness. In addition to this, he staked his own mother. Though it wasn’t really something to be concerned about because she was technically William’s child and thus William could do whatever he wanted, the Master was intrigued about the addition of this woman. He felt that the demon in her would have been quite delicious to watch and taste. But from what he had heard, dear William thought she was unworthy. But the Master knew the truth.

To preserve the family he would often take note of each addition to the Aurelius Clan. The minions were of no consequence to him, but those that were made into childer should always be looked upon. Though the link now between him and his children diminishes with each generation he could still feel a smidgen of their being. Of course William was not that far from him, since he came from Darla’s line. When William was turned, the feel of his addition made the link to Darla’s line feel like a glowing ember in his mind. The same was true when he turned his mother. He could feel the vestiges of a sadistic nature in that woman and in but a blink of an eye it was extinguished. The anguish that flowed through the line when William killed her was faint as a ripple in a large pond but it was there and he knew it was more than just because he killed his child. If Darla had not taught him well William would be no more today. William would have been too soft of a vampire to have been deemed worthy to the clan and the Master would have had him disposed of long ago.

It is ironic how things come to pass. The Master saw great potential in Angelus. At first he was displeased with this vampire that drew his beloved daughter away from him. But after years of bloodshed and chaos he began to see the creature of the night that his daughter had so lovingly created. The chaos and violence in him was sweet. Though he drowned himself in the sensation of destruction a little too much. Years pass and he eventually bestowed upon Angelus the right to lead the family that stayed behind in the Hellmouth. It was a great honor to protect their property on such evil ground. But then the Master saw how he became obsessed with the sensation of despair and misery. The Slayer was an enemy. She was meant to be disposed of not toyed with. Though Angelus intentions were correct in the need to turn her, what the Master had in mind needed a Slayer willing to offer her blood.

And then the opportunity presented itself in the form of young William. The Slayer was attached to him, glowed with a light that he had only seen in claimed vampires. He thought at first that perhaps William had done a first by claiming the Slayer as his own. It seemed like the only explanation as to why a Slayer would follow a vampire with such devotion and vice versa. But the Master felt no such mystical connection. But with this Slayer ... this Buffy, he could improve the Aurelius line, making any vampire that William sire stronger and perhaps even have lesser weaknesses than the others. That is what the spell he had found explained.

In truth, he cared not if the Slayer survived. All that was important was that William drink from her till she was almost drained. The spell would make William stronger. If he in turn does turn the Slayer, then she being his child would be stronger than any currently known vampire. This was how he intended the Aurelius line to grow.

But William had somehow broken his initial thrall and had refused to drain the Slayer. The spell was forfeit, for now. A bigger scene needed to be weaved, one that will ensure that William will pull through.

Finally after a long silence, the Master raised his hand. "Tell me young one, how are our guests fairing?"

"The Watchers are quite strong Master but they are slowly weakening after being held for days now. By your orders, the Slayer has been kept in a different room from Spike. We have seen to the needs of the Slayer though she sparingly eats. As for Spike, we have ensured that he has not eaten anything in two days. The thirst will be upon him soon."

"Good. Very good. Perhaps our little play shall begin soon."


Buffy woke up hoping once again that this was all a dream. But she felt the heavy shackles on her wrists and ankles. She had been here for what she thought was either one or two days. It seems like she was back to where she started when her life all of a sudden changed because she thought some tall, dark and handsome man in the Bronze was a hottie. That was a huge mistake. The only thing that was at least a comfort between then and now was that at least now there was no torture involved. Though maybe she should be afraid of that even more. They gave her food and enough slack to go to the bathroom if she needed to. So they obviously don't want her dead any time soon. It seemed like they were keeping her alive for some reason. She was worried about Spike though. She had no idea where he was and when someone came to check up on her, she couldn't get a word out of them.

She still hoped that wherever Spike was he was fighting. Maybe he was finding a way to get them out of here. She knew he would come for her. He loved her. He promised to protect her. But what if they had staked him? No. She mustn't think that. Spike was strong. He would find a way.


Spike opened one eye, his body feeling weak from lack of blood. The hunger was getting to him. They had him shackled but that was about it. He was pretty sure that when he first felt the cold steel clamp around his wrists and ankles that he was going to get his fair share of beatings. The Master was most probably furious with him for not turning the Slayer. But the only torture they were inflicting upon him was hunger. His demon was getting impatient and it didn't help that he was angry at himself for getting captured. He was worried about Buffy as well. But he knew she was still alive. He could smell her on the minions that came to check up on him. That gave him some small comfort but without blood, he was getting weaker.

He tried tugging on the shackles again. He had to get free. He had to escape from here and find Buffy before he was too weak and too hungry to think rationally. He tugged again, feeling the chain links clinking against each other. There had to be a weak link in there. He just had to keep on trying. He's been at this for days, surely at least one link should give way. He heard the door to his room opening and he quickly let his body grow limp. As the minion entered the room, Spike could sense that he wasn't alone. But that wasn't what had his demon raging to come out. He could smell blood ... Slayer blood. He had to find her. He had to get out of here and find her.

The minion stayed by the door in reverence and Spike looked up to see why. The Master entered with a somewhat sympathetic emotion on his face.

"What did you do to her?" Spike said with seething anger towards his sire.

"Moi? Come now William. I would do no such thing to someone as precious as the Slayer."

"Stop mocking me!" he said straining to get to the Master. He wanted to destroy something. He knew that he would kill anyone and anything that harmed his Buffy.

"I speak the truth William. I gave you my word that I would let you keep her."

"Yeah. That's why you sent those vampires and demons to protect us." he said with such sarcasm.

"Now now, I was just trying to help you realize the truth of the situation."

"Like I'll bloody believe that. So what now? You keep me here while you do what you want with her?"

"On the contrary, I tried to keep her safe until you came to your senses, but unfortunately as you can sense, the Slayer has ... uhm ... "

"What happened? Tell me!" he growled.

"She is dead!"

He strained again, pulling the chains taunt trying to get to the Master. "You … how dare you?!"

"Now William. You have me all wrong. I did not do this."

"Yeah, you just ordered it."

The Master shook his head. "The Watcher's Council. As you ordered Dalton, they were able to capture the Retrieval Team, but they escaped and found your Slayer."

"They fucking did this?"

The Master nodded solemnly.

"You lie. You ordered them to kill the Slayer since I wouldn't turn her."

"How little you trust your Sire. You do not believe me? Come, I will show you." The Master motioned the minion to release Spike from his restraints.

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Chapter #33 - 34 - Watchers
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.

A/N: Please be warned that this chapter is a bit violent. Though I don't think it really qualifies as Dark Fiction and I don't think I was that graphic, some might find the violence a bit offensive. Just warning you guys.


Chapter 34 - Watchers

"She is dead!"

Spike strained again, pulling the chains taunt trying to get to the Master. "How dare you?!"

"Now William. You have me all wrong. I did not do this."

"Yeah, you just ordered it."

The Master shook his head. "The Watcher's Council. As you ordered Dalton, they were able to capture the Retrieval Team, but they escaped and found your Slayer."

"They did this?"

The Master nodded solemnly.

"You lie. You ordered them to kill the Slayer since I wouldn't turn her."

"How little you trust your sire. You do not believe me? Come, I will show you." The Master motioned the minion to release Spike from his restraints. "The minions along with Dalton and a few others were able to over power them. I thought of destroying them myself but I thought that that honor belongs to you. I am truly sorry, William."


Why should he believe any word that the Master said? He could be lying. But his nose couldn’t lie -- that was Slayer blood he was smelling. It was Buffy … her essence … her life. He had drunk from her enough times to know with certainty this was no trick. He shouldn’t have stayed here. He should have taken them out of town. They would be running everyday, but she would still be alive. They would still be together. He wanted to lash out and it didn’t help that he was weak from not feeding. His demon wanted blood and his regret for not being able to protect the woman he loved made him feel nothing else but rage. He would kill those that took her away from him. He would take his revenge and he cared not who got in his way.

He let his nose lead him to the smell of humans. He didn’t even bother trying the door knob as he kicked the door down in fury. He felt three heart beats in the room, but smelled four scents – three males and Buffy. One of the men was chained to the wall, while the other two were only shackled by one restraint. He thought that it was strange that one of them had “special” treatment but his mind was too much enraged to think anything out thoroughly.

Her scent was thick in the air, but it wasn’t her shampoo that saturated the atmosphere, it was the heady scent of her blood. His demon craved the smell, despite his grief. He wanted blood having skipped around three days worth of feeding. His eyes flashed yellow as he rushed one of the men, lifting him off the ground by the neck with one hand.

“How dare you?!”

The man tried to pry Spike’s hand away from his neck which only caused the vampire to clamp his hand down even tighter. Then he saw it and smelled it. Buffy’s blood on this man’s hand. The fingers that were trying desperately to free himself were stained in her blood.

“I … don’t … know … what … you ... mean …” the man tried to say.

Spike growled then pushed him roughly against the wall. He pulled him back then rammed him back into the wall. The room seemed to shake at the impact and Spike smiled at the sound of a shoulder bone breaking.

“I can smell her on you.” Spike said narrowing his eyes.

The other man looked on with fear but tried to hide it. “He’s telling the truth. We don’t know what you’re talking about vampire!”

“And why should I believe you?” Spike replied glaring at the other man as he held fast to his first victim.

“We haven’t seen the Slayer in almost a week.”

“You were sent here to kill her. For that alone I should rip your limbs apart. But tell me Watcher … how did you kill her?”

“We … didn’t …” the first man said.

“Then tell me how your hand is bathed in her blood?!"

“I … don’t … know.”

Unsatisfied with the answer, Spike banged him against the wall one more time. A smile crept on his lips as he saw the Watcher’s blood leave a mark on the hard cement wall. He let the man go, watching with a grin as he slumped to a heap on the ground. He knelt in front of the fallen man. “Can you still talk, mate?”

The man only grunted.

“Looks like I didn’t squeeze ‘ard enough. I must be ge'in' soft. Let’s see…” Spike clamped down on the man’s broken shoulder and squeezed, kneading the flesh as if trying to see how broken his bones were.

The Watcher cried out.

“Definitely ge'in' soft. Got a nice voice on you, Watcher.” Spike tilted his head to the side contemplating what to do next. Then he shrugged his shoulders and broke the man’s neck. He turned around to the second man. “Let’s see what you’re insides look like.”

Spike sauntered towards the second Watcher and assessed him for a second. The first kill wasn’t as satisfying and he decided to play with this a tiny bit. He rained down punches and kicks on his second victim. The man defended himself as best as he could but it was obvious that with his restraint and whatever other form of torture he was put through diminished his abilities.

Spike was able to knock him down with a kick then he moved quickly, taking the chain that was holding him and wrapping it around his neck. He twisted the chain behind the man’s neck, twisting it tighter and tighter hoping to either suffocate the man or break the bone within. The sound of the man’s racing heart inspired him further and he held the chain tight for a few more seconds. But suffocation seemed like a merciful punishment for one who had killed his Slayer. He let him go, the chain clinking against the floor as the man gasped for air.

Spike looked around the room for a weapon but couldn’t find one so he opted for the next best thing he could think of. He went over to one of the cots in the room and shoved the thin mattress to the floor. He looked at the metal frame and broke off a piece. He smiled to himself, twirling his makeshift weapon expertly in his left hand.

“So Watcher … let’s see if you’ve done your ‘omework.” Spike said turning back towards the second man. “You know my name right?”

The man nodded slowly in fear. His eyes were transfixed on the metal rod that Spike was constantly twirling in his left hand.

“And do you know ‘ow I got my name, Watcher?”

The man’s eyes grew bigger as he tried to get away from the approaching vampire. The chain attached to his ankle kept him only a few feet away from the enraged vampire.

“Based on that reaction, looks like you pass with flyin’ colors. Of course experience is the best teacher, eh wanker?” He said ramming one end of the metal rod into the man’s thigh. The watcher screamed and it was music to Spike's ears. "I didn't quite ‘ear that," he said with his lips parted in delight. He pulled the metal rod out and rammed it into another part of his leg. Blood was quickly pooling beneath the watcher's appendage and threatened to flow towards the master vampire’s boot.

Spike bent down, letting his right index finger touch the blood. He started drawing lazy patterns on the floor. A smile on his face as he heard the Watcher cussing in pain. He relished in the fear and pain that was painted in his victim's face. He looked at his bloodied finger and cleaned it with his tongue. "You taste a little flat, mate. Guess you ‘aven't been taking care of yourself. Not that i' matters now.”

He stood up to his full height then stepped on the man’s chest to pin him to the floor. “Let’s see which part we should do next. Innie minnie miney MO!”


Buffy stirred. She heard screams calling her from unconsciousness. The last thing she remembered was a needle being stuck in her arm -- the same arm that is stinging at the moment. She tried to move her hand to feel for what was causing the stinging only to find that she was shackled. She opened her eyes slowly. The first thing she saw was that she was wearing different clothes. It looked like she was wearing man's clothes. She rubbed her eyes and when they came into focus she noticed that it wasn't just her clothes that were different. She didn't feel any different but her hands looked old and masculine. Her mind started to panic. What was going on? She took a labored breath to try and think things rationally.

This felt similar somehow. The last time she felt this way, ignoring all the pain that is, was during Marissa's spell. So could this be a spell? But how was she going to get out of this situation? Then she heard a familiar voice and for a brief moment Buffy had hope. But that was somewhat shattered when she let the scene unfolding before her sink into her brain.

She saw Spike torturing a middle aged man with what looked like a metal rod. There was blood on the floor and based on the tone in her beloved's voice he was extremely angry.

“Spike?” she said weakly and hoarsely. She tried to clear her throat and a scruffy masculine grunt echoed in her ears. She tried to convince herself that her mouth was just dry. “Spike … “ she said again trying to catch the attention of the blond haired vampire across the room. But the voice that came out wasn’t hers. It wasn’t even feminine. Her eyes opened wide at what she saw when she finally took real notice of all her features.

The sound of flesh hitting concrete along with cries of agony brought her attention to Spike and the crumpled body that was before him. There was blood everywhere. Splotches and droplets staining gray concrete. She heard the man try to gurgle out another shout of pain but it sounded more like a strangled whimper. She couldn’t stand anymore. The man was thoroughly beaten and tortured. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he died but Spike kept on hitting him and stabbing him. The sound of metal hitting flesh made her cringe. She had to stop this. “Spike!” she said trying to get his attention once more,

Spike paused for a second then turned his head to the left. “Aaah… awake at last Watcher. Just ‘aving a little fun with your mates is all.” He said kicking the fallen man in the gut.

“Stop that!”

Spike chuckled. “Patience Watcher. I’ll be with your turn shortly.”

He called her Watcher twice and it finally sunk in what she must look like. She must look like one of the watchers in the retrieval team. She had overhead one of the vampires talking before she lost consciousness that they had watchers in another room. She watched in horror as Spike put in a few more hits. She had tried to pull his attention to her. The man was obviously far too gone to be saved and his life would ebb eventually. She saw no need to continue to torture him so, but Spike found delight in causing the man such pain. She saw him kneel near the man’s head. “Looks like your friend’s awake. I’ll take good care of him like I did you, eh Watcher. You should have known better than to kill my Slayer.”

Spike knew that the merciful thing to do would be to end this man’s pain and just break his neck. But mercy was the last thing on his mind. So he stood up and grabbed the man’s collar, hoisting up to his feet. He swept around so that he had the Watcher’s head locked in his arms as they faced the final member of the Retrieval team who was the one that was chained to the wall.

Spike could hear his victim’s erratic heart beat. Seconds later, he could feel the subtle shifts in the Watcher’s body as it went into shock from all the torture that it received. “Don’t go so soon mate. You’ll miss the final act.” Spike said smiling

“But … he’s … dead … ” The man said as he recognized the man Spike was referring to.

“Not yet … but ‘e’ll be.” Spike replied as he let his victim go. The Watcher fell to the floor limp.

With cat-like grace, Spike licked his fingers one by one of Watcher blood as he made his way to his final victim.

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Chapter #34 - 35 - Not in Darkness
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


Chapter 35 - Not in Darkness

“Are you sure the glamour will hold, human?”

“Yes Master. I have made the spell to your specifications. The Slayer will be under the glamour spell until she is near death.”

“Good. Very good Mr. Rayne. And what of her blood? Everything would be wasted if dear William recognizes the taste of Slayer blood.”

“That was a difficult addition to your request but it is in place. William the Bloody will not know that the Watcher is in actually Ms. Summers.”

“And the changing spell? Is it in place anew?”

Ethan nodded. “William the Bloody will be transformed with Slayer blood and as you requested the transformation will become permanent upon the Slayer’s death. This will change him and the traits will be passed on to his children.”

The Master clasped his hands together in delight. “Good. You are dismissed Mr. Rayne. I presume your payment was satisfactory?”

Ethan nodded with a smile. “Yes, thank you.”


Buffy saw Spike approach but with her voice and appearance, she was sure there was no way he would recognize her. And the fact that he was convinced that she was dead did not help matters any. What had they told him? What trick was being played? It was obvious that Spike was furious and she could tell from the look in his eyes that he was tired and hadn’t fed in days. She knew that the thirst strained his control over his demon, but now it made sense why he was so furious. News of her death had sent him over the edge. He made her promise that she would do all in her power to stop him from becoming a bloodthirsty monster but how could she when she herself was powerless.

She convinced herself that she shouldn’t give up. Even though she was under a glamour spell, she was still Buffy. Her appearance may have changed but her abilities and who she was hadn’t. Maybe she could convince Spike who she really was. She knew that would be a long shot because even she didn’t recognize herself with the features she had seen. But it was worth a try and if that didn’t work, then maybe she could trick him into setting her free. Anything was better than being chained up here, waiting for her demise.

"So ‘ow shall we do this Watcher?" Spike stopped a few paces from Buffy and turned to survey his handiwork. A grin tugged at his lips at seeing the blood on the walls and the floor. "Seems like I've wasted two precious meals." He said licking the last remnants of blood on his fingers. "Though ‘e did taste a little bland for me. I wonder what you would taste like Watcher."

Buffy bit her lower lip trying to think of what to say. She tugged at the chains holding her, hoping that maybe she could at least get one appendage free.

Spike looked at his next victim, tilting his head to one side thinking of which form of torture would be most satisfying. He closed the distance between them and let his eyes wander through the Watcher’s form.

"Going to beat me senseless like the last one?" Buffy said trying to sound defiant. She didn't want to do this but there was no way he would believe she was his beloved Buffy with a voice and a body like she had right now.

"Oh, you've got a little spunk in you, wanker."

"And you're a mindless fool. How sure are you that the Slayer is dead?"

Spike looked at Buffy sternly before backhanding her. "I've got a better sense of smell than you Watcher. I can smell Slayer blood on you as well as the other two wankers."

"Oh wow... Blood! ... Did you even see a body?"

Spike growled obviously irritated with this chatty wanker. "What the fuck do you know? You just follow orders from your stupid council. She was still your Slayer. She was still fulfilling your duty. Killed a master vampire she did but that didn't mean anything to you."

"Spike ... "

"Let's get this over with Watcher. I'm bloody ‘ungry." He moved towards her again.

Buffy had to think fast or else this would be the end. "Oh the great vampire killed two Slayers in a fight but can't off three Watchers without having them chained to the damn wall."

"Is that what you want? Well let's see what you can do Watcher." Spike noticed the keys near the door. He made his way to the keys them went back to where Buffy was and freed her from her constraints.

He stepped back as Buffy rubbed her wrists. She looked at Spike warily wondering how this was going to turn out. She quickly glanced at her body, wondering if maybe she had something on her that kept the glamour spell intact. She remembered that Marissa did the glamour spell on her by imbuing a pretty little bracelet with the magic. But there was nothing on her out of the ordinary except for the cut on her left arm which she didn't notice before because she thought the stinging came from the needle they stuck her with. That could explain why Spike was saying he smelled Slayer blood on the other two watchers. The cut looked like it came from a pretty sharp knife.

"Well are we going to do this Watcher? I can't wait to sink my teeth in you. ‘aven't fed in days. I just ‘ope you taste better than the last one." Spike rushed towards Buffy, raising his fists at her.

Buffy fended him off, surprised at the force he had behind them. As they fought, she realized how many times Spike usually took it easy on her when they sparred. His punches were quick and forceful. She was sure that the rage he had inside was adding to his fighting ability as well. The only good thing about this was that she sparred with him often enough that she anticipated some of his moves. But she still felt lost. She didn't want to kill him. She never did. Even when he made her promise that if the time came that she would stake him, she never believed that that situation would ever come up. Therefore, she never really thought if she could do it or not. Now she realized she couldn't.

Spike was surprised at how well this Watcher was fighting. He had moves that he didn't think a middle-aged human could do. It was strange that he seemed to read some of his moves. But the violence was exhilarating. This would make the kill all the more sweeter ... the taste of blood as his reward all the more intoxicating. Then when the killing was done, what then?

He had nothing. Buffy was dead. And it was partly his fault because he wasn't able to protect her. The Master would most probably welcome him as his General and perhaps he could drown himself in that responsibility. Buffy was gone to him and nothing else really mattered. Maybe he would even find solace in Dru again since Angelus is no more. He would find pleasure in Dru. He would drown himself in her again. It wouldn‘t be the same, but at least it would be something to ease the endless days. She would be a body to make him forget what he had. At least he would feel some semblance of love and then it would be like it was before any of this ever happened. He would have power. He would kill again. He would have Dru completely. But deep down he knew it would never be enough. One day he knew it would eventually come crashing down and he would walk into the sunrise and be with his Buffy.

But now he had to make the man that helped kill her pay. He doubled his efforts wanting the fight to end quickly so he could drink blood at last.

Buffy felt the added force in his moves and knew that she wasn't going to last much longer. Her heart really wasn't into fighting him. "Spike... she isn't dead. The Slayer isn't dead."

"Shut up wanker. I've ‘eard you say your lies before."

"I'm not lying."


"Because I'm the Slayer."

Spike paused and started to laugh. "I think I've punched you a little too ‘ard."

Buffy shook her head. "Spike it's me. It's Buffy. I know I don't look like me but it's a spell. I'm telling you it's a spell."

Spike looked at her seethingly. "You're mocking me Watcher. You don't look like ‘er and you don't smell like ‘er."

"Marissa did a spell like this for us. You couldn't tell it was me then either. Please Spike. Please believe me. I don't want to fight you."

"Fuck you! I'm tired of ‘earing your lies." He rushed Buffy and pinned her to the wall. In one swift move he had his fangs buried into her neck.

Buffy tried to push him back but he locked his hands on her arms, holding her tightly. The more he pulled from her, the stronger his grip got. She tried again and again, not wanting to lose hope as she felt herself slowly loosing strength as he pulled from her.

Spike pushed her even harder into the wall feeling her struggle. He wanted to cause pain and he bit down harder, his fangs embedded all the way into her neck.

"Spike ... " Buffy said weakly... her voice resembling that of a teenage boy as it started changing.

"Spike ... please stop." Buffy said again, a little relieved that her voice was sounding more like her own now despite her body loosing more and more strength. She wrapped her arms around his neck, letting her fingers play with his hair. She closed her eyes taking in the feel of him against her body. "I'm sorry. .... I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough. I couldn't ... could never keep that promise. I ... Spike ... I love ... you .... too much." Her arm fell from his neck as it went limp.

Her words finally registered in his brain and his chest felt soft mounds pressed against him. He pulled back slowly blood smearing his lips. He didn't want to see with his eye what he knew was the truth. Her scent was around him now. The Watcher he was fighting ... the watcher he was feeding from was gone. The words of the second watcher he killed came back to haunt him. "But … he’s … dead … ” Spike thought that the Watcher was stating a future fact. He thought his victim meant the fate that he was going to instill on the last Watcher. But now he understood that he meant that Watcher was dead. It was a trick. All of it. This entire time it was all a trick so that he would kill Buffy and it seemed like he was a fool enough that it worked. Buffy was right to have called him a fool earlier.

He mustered the courage to look at her and he could feel his hands shaking as he brushed hair from her face. Her heart was still fluttering but it was getting weaker. This was worse than before. This was worse than when he made love to her then took her blood. "Buffy? Luv?" He shook his head in disbelief. How could he have let himself be duped? How could he have believed the Master so easily?

He wanted to save her. He wanted to be with her for forever. She was suppose to be with him forever. He had lived for almost a century and a half. But it was only now that he knew he found true happiness and in an act of anger he himself ended it. Tears were threatening to blur his vision and he did his best to push them back. Now was not the time for tears. It was time for action. He had to save her somehow. She was still alive ... barely alive.. but still alive. His demon told him of a solution -- the only viable solution.

He moved her to a better position, lowering her to the floor with her head on his lap. Without thinking, he slashed his left wrist open. The pain of it not even registering as his senses were all focused on her. He moved his wrist closer to her lips and he watched with eerie fascination as his blood made a trail down his pale skin. One drop fell towards her partly opened mouth.

Her heartbeat sounded so strongly. It was fighting. It wasn't giving up and in that moment, before one drop of his blood fell on her lips he pulled his wrist away and let his right hand catch the demonic elixir.

No! She was still fighting. He wouldn't destroy her like that and imprison her in darkness. No matter how much he wanted her to be by his side for all eternity, he would never shut her away in darkness. She was meant to be in the sun. She looked gorgeous under the sun.

He loved every single facet of her. He loved her strength, her kindness, her soul and the violence that bubbled underneath when she fought. Turning her would rip the soul from her body and would leave him with a demon shell. There was a chance that once she was turned she would still love him. No. He knew that her love was strong enough that in the end the demon that would take over would most probably love him just as much. But how could he say truthfully to her face that he loved her when he would easily destroy everything about her when she was still fighting?

It was different back then when she wanted to be turned. At least that's what he thought. She was confused and lost. She had no purpose and just wanted to mean something to him. If he turned her, they would have at the very least a sire and child bond that Angelus wouldn't be able to take away from her. But now things were different. She still had her life in front of her and somehow he wanted to give her a semblance of normalcy that he knew Slayers were never given the luxury to experience. Maybe after all of that ... maybe after she lived some more of her life, then he would turn her without any regret because then she would be asking it of him not out of desperation but out of a true choice. Perhaps his thinking was warped but he loved her that much.

Then he caught something at the corner of his eye, something that was swinging from his neck. He looked down quickly and grabbed the amulet that Marissa gave him. He pulled it free and rubbed it, hoping the spell would work. As the amulet started to glow, he laid it on Buffy's chest hoping that maybe Marissa could save his love in time. She was fighting for her life but if she didn't get help soon, then she would die. He leaned down to kiss her lips hoping that he would be able to taste them again. But he wasn't sure if that was a possibility after what he was planning on doing.

"I should be the one that should ask for forgiveness. For all the pain I've given you when all you've done is love me. We wouldn't be ‘ere if I was stronger. ... If I was smart enough to keep you safe from harm. Forgive me, luv. "

In a flash of light Buffy's body was gone. Spike closed his eyes and said a silent prayer that she would be safe.

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Chapter #35 - 36 - You Want This?
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Chapter 36 - You Want This

Spike let out a loud growl. It was a growl mixed with anger and frustration.

He heard clapping behind him and he knew before turning who it was. His demon came out wanting revenge.

"My my! … Not once but twice you seem to disappoint me. I gave you the perfect opportunity yet you still turn your back on it. How difficult is it to turn a human?" The Master said pausing for but a moment mocking Spike. "As I recall, you turned your own Mother when you were but days old. Your own sweet, frail, loving mother!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Spike yelled back.

"You could easily turn your mother but not the Slayer. I wonder why that is? I thought you love her, this Slayer of yours."

"I said shut the bloody 'ell up! You sodding tricked me. You wanted me to take 'er against my will."

"So?! That is our nature William. We live for blood. ... We live for chaos. ... We are messengers of death."

"I will not make 'er that."

"She is already part of it, William whether you like it or not. You cannot stop it. She is the Slayer. Her hands are stained with as much blood as yours. Her existence ... her essence is older than you. ... Just because she slays demons and not humans, doesn't mean she isn't violent. She lives for violence. Come now, don't tell me you don't love it. You're attracted to the violence she is capable of."

"Why? Why did you do it?"

"I was just trying to help you realize who you were. You could be so much better. You could have been the key to making our family stronger than the others."

"I want no part of your bloody plan."

"Your loyalties should lie with the family."

"I told you before. I keep my own safe and I will destroy any that will stand in my way. You want this sodding strength so much?" Spike rushed the Master, knocking him against the wall in the hallway. He then gave the Master a menacing look. “You got it!” He pulled the Master back by the lapels of his robe then slammed him again against the wall with force.

The Master seemed to remain calm and smiled. “And what are you planning to do dear William? Are you planning to go against me as well.” He said pushing William back.

“I thought that was fairly obvious.”

“You dare go against me after everything I have done for you? Perhaps I was hasty in thinking you were better than Angelus. You had such focus before … such drive. You played with your victims enough but never obsessed about them. You were the perfect candidate to bring this family forward."

“You chose me over Angelus? … You mean? … “

“Why yes? Who else do you think would have helped you out? Those demons you associate with when you drown yourself in a drunken stupor? I chose you for what you could give me, but I see I was sadly mistaken though at the same time quite intrigued.”

“Piss off! You were playing with me. … You were playing with 'er!” Spike said rushing the Master again as they exchanged a few more blows.

“In the end I am your Sire. You belong to me. … Anything and everything you are, you have, belongs to me. You have always been mine child.”

“I belong to no one.”

“Except for your precious little Slayer. Am I right? How many times did she offer her blood and spread her legs so that she could weave her spell on you? How many times did she act like a whore, letting you bury yourself inside her in exchange for protection? ... for sanctuary? You were just her escape."

“Don’t you ever talk about 'er like that!” Spike said aiming a punch at him but struck the wall instead. The hallway shook with the force of his bunch. Plaster and dust started swirling in the air before falling ungracefully to the ground. Luckily, since he was feeling stronger from Buffy’s blood, the contact with the wall didn’t hurt him at all.

"And how else should I talk about my errant child and this banshee of a Slayer that has captivated you so? You lack vision William. You should be thinking of the future."

"Fuck you and your sodding future! I make my own destiny. I am not and will not be controlled by anyone -- sire or otherwise!" He attacked once more, raining down punches and kicks against the father of his line. His demon knew with perfect clarity that this was against the code. But despite that feeling, it wanted to lash out at the Master that had made him almost destroy his beloved.

She had entrusted her entire being to him. Even before she was called and even before she had the strength to protect herself, she chose him to protect her. He didn't understand it back then and maybe now he still doesn't fully understand why he wanted to keep her safe. But he had thanked everyday since they confessed their love to each other that she came into his unlife. She made him feel alive. For once in his existence, he truly felt complete. She filled his unlife with meaning and he knew that for once he could be himself. He could be the lover, the warrior, the killer and the poet inside. She accepted him for who he was and he loved her as much as she loved him. But with a flick of wrist ... a command from his sire, he had betrayed that trust. ... He had betrayed that love. He cursed himself for being such a fool and he vowed to make his sire pay for mocking him and his love for Buffy.

"Come now Sire, is that all the strength you have after all these years?" Spike said taunting the Master.

"Can you not feel the strength coursing inside you? Do you not want that forever? Do you not want your children to be as strong?"

"And what? 'ave little bloody bastard versions of myself running amuck with this power. 'Sides why would I want that. Power means everything, why should I share?."

"Such narrow-minded thinking."

"Just being realistic."

"I have wasted enough words with you. I should have had you disposed of years ago." the Master lunged at his child with his claws and fangs bared.

Spike fought back, meeting each lunge, each punch and each kick with his own. He let his anger for the Master and his love for his Slayer fuel him. He found his opening and threw the Master against the wall, his demon relishing at the sound of broken bones. He leered at his sire with confidence in his gaze.

"I must admit the strength is quite intoxicating Master." he said with sarcasm as he pinned the Master against the wall with his left hand on the Master's shoulder and his right hand pushing the elder vampire’s face to one side. "But perhaps I can add to it if I do this." Spike bared his fangs at the exposed neck and bit down ferociously. Vampire blood spilled and burned into his mouth. It was unlike any he had tasted before. He had tasted his Dark Princess' blood and it was comforting, like a warm blanket or a loving embrace from a parent. But this was like liquid fire. It burned as it ran down his throat like potent alcohol -- white lighting coursing down his throat.

"Abomination!" the Master spat out. "Ingrate child."

Spike would not let go. His demon held fast as he drank. He let the blood continue to spill down his throat as he pulled from his sire.

"Do you know what you have done child?" the Master said weakly.

Spike released him as his sire slid down the wall and was deposited on the floor. With an icy glare, Spike wiped the blood from his lips with the back of his hand as he gasped unnecessary breathes from the exhilaration of the Master's older blood.

"I did what you asked Sire. You wanted me to lead so I made my decision. You wanted me to pull the clan forward and to make changes. I think I did just that. Aren't you proud of me?" he said with a little snarl.

"How many times will you go against your nature you insolent fool?"

Spike shrugged. "Guess I'll always be a rebel." He knelt down and moved his lips near the Master's neck. "But I take care of my own and I don't like being used." he whispered. Spike held the Master's head between his hands.

The elder vampire stared straight into his child's glowing yellow eyes. "Foolish yet brave. Strong and brash. Such a waste... such a waste."

"Bugger off! You don't know me at all." Spike jerked his two hands and twisted the Master's head. Dust rained down upon him as he braced himself for the pain he knew would come. He had killed his sire. He had killed the father of his existence. He had severed the link and the broken bond would be felt by all down his line.

It came slowly at first. It was a tiny prick at the back of his head and then it grew like a throbbing migraine. Spike yelled out in pain. It was worse than what he felt when Buffy staked Angelus. He never knew how much comfort the Master had passed down to his children with his bond.

Spike clenched his jaw wanting the pain to end but now he was feeling something else. He could hear them. He could sense Darla, Dru, and the Master's other children. Some that were beloved to him were crying out in agony. The others, he felt bowed down in reverence. And then there were those that felt discontent with the clan and it's leader as they washed Spike with a sense of relief. The range of emotions was coursing through him and he was taken through a roller coaster of feelings. He bellowed out once more, the throbbing seemingly endless.

Spike tried to stand, placing one hand against the wall for support. But the pain was starting to become unbearable. He tried to pull himself up, but his knees buckled and he fell down to his knees right beside his sire's remains hoping that in time the pain would dull away.


Buffy clung tightly to Marissa as she cast the teleportation spell.

“Buffy take it easy. You’re still not at 100%. You almost died for crying out loud!”

But Buffy would pay her no heed. She had to find Spike. She needed to know that he was safe. She ran through the hallways and rooms with a stake held firmly in her right hand. Though that in itself seemed useless since none of the minions dared to come forward to get in her way. Most of them actually ran in the opposite direction on sensing her presence.

She moved through rooms, trying to remember where they were held when they were captured. "Cement… walls of cement… Basement!" she thought out as she rushed down the stairwell. She moved through the hallway and relief started to wash over her upon feeling his signature. He was close. As she rounded the corner, she caught sight of blonde hair speckled with drying blood.

"Spike?" he heard from behind him as warm arms wrapped around his neck and a warm body pressed itself against his back.

"Spike? I'm here."

He turned to face her but his eyes looked glassy. “I didn't think it would hurt so much."

“Spike? "What did you do?" Buffy said releasing him as she moved to face him and held his face in her gentle hands.

“Buffy?” he said weakly. "I ... I killed you." he said, the tears threatening to overflow.

"No... no... I'm here! I'm alive!"

"A dream... another trick... Just leave me the bloody 'ell alone! Go away!"

"Spike, it's me Buffy. Please ... " she said in desperation.

"I said bugger off!" he said, pushing her away with such force that Buffy slid a few feet away from him.

He tried to stand once more, but his legs wouldn't work.

... What have you done, child? How could you do that? ...

... Well the fucker's gone, thank god! ...

... William the Bloody? You've got to be kidding right? ...

... That git had the balls to kill the Master?...

... Why? Why? I needed him. ...

... He was to be our salvation. The Master promised. What are we going to do now? ...

... Death! Death! …

... My little boy's been naughty. Clawing at granddaddy! Damn the sunlight! But it won't last. She will live in darkness, twinkling stars... she will crave for blood ... his blood. My precious little Spike doesn't even know what he has done. ...

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Spike cried out trying to ignore the pain, the loss, the thoughts of the Master's children flooding him and trying to take over.

Buffy glared at her lover and walked back to him, punching him square in the nose. "Stupid vampire! He can't tell when I'm under a spell and now that I'm right in front of him, he says the stupidest things! You are one bloody stubborn vampire. Why do I even put up with you?"

Spike felt the pain register as she punched him and a part of him was actually happy at the new sensation. It was something to dull the pain in his head. But only one person liked hitting him in that spot. He tried to push the throbbing pain away and focus his senses on this woman in front of him. "Buffy?"

Buffy smiled at him, relief washing over her that he seemed to be fine. “That's what I've been trying to tell you." She wrapped her arms tightly around him. "I was so worried when I woke up at Marissa's and you weren't there.”

"I killed 'im. I killed 'im, Buffy. I killed 'im for you ... for us ... for what 'e did to us."

“Everything’s going to be okay now. Nothing will ever keep us apart you know that. I love you.” She said kissing him fully on the lips but Spike didn't kiss her back.

“I don't deserve that." He said but he avoided her eyes even though she was forcing him to look at her.

"Yes you do. Spike look at me. Please look at me!"

“I 'urt you.” He said bluntly.

“No. You just didn’t know what was going on.” She said pulling slightly away from him. She took his hand and placed it on her chest. “See. Feel that. I’m fine Spike. You saved me. Marissa healed me.”

“Heart…” he said with a small smile. “My heart … “

“Yes Spike. Yours… Always yours.”

Spike didn’t know what he would have done if he had lost her. He knew he would have never been able to forgive himself if she died from his own hands but she was here. She was really here with him and everything was alright. She was alive and she loved him. And that was all he needed for now.

“Ahem! Not to interrupt this moment but I’d feel more comfortable being anywhere but here.” Marissa said at the two lovebirds before her.

Buffy stood up and helped Spike to his feet. “I can never live without you, luv.”

She smiled at him tenderly. “Good. Because I don’t ever want you to leave.”

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Chapter #36 - Epilogue
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... around ten years later

“You sure about this, luv?” Spike said watching her as she knelt down in front of a tombstone.

“I've been wanting it for years but you’re just a stubborn old man.”

“Maybe, but this old man got you all 'ot and bothered last night.”

“Ewww! … Spike, not in front of my Mother.”

"Joyce loves me. She doesn't mind."

Buffy cleaned the tombstone of leaves and loving placed some white lilies on it. "She loved you, yes. But you know she was in complete denial for almost a year that you were a vampire."

He moved to stand beside his beloved and offered his hand to help her up. "She was a great woman, luv. Couldn't 'ave asked for a better Mum."

Buffy smiled at the hand he offered before taking it. "I know."

"So you still sure about this?"

"How many times do I have to tell you yes?! I'm ready now. Mom's been dead for over a year. I don't have any other ties to this world."


... a week later

Spike watched from the open doorway at the still figure that was lying on his bed. Silk sheets covered her naked frame. The room was fairly dark with candles being the only illumination. She was older now, more mature. The frightened teenager he had first met ten years ago was gone. In her place was a strong independent woman who had enjoyed life and answered her calling. She was a Slayer, strong and beautiful, deadly but loving. She was his anti-thesis and his ultimate happiness.

The past ten years have not been easy for either of them. More than once, Spike thought he was going to lose her. There were times when he could deny his nature only to an extent and like any other relationship, they had to adjust to each other's wants, needs and changes.

She had asked him early on to turn her but he always refused. She was a child of sunlight in his eyes and he always thought that it would be a shame to imprison such light in darkness. But after ten years, he was ready. He was sure now that when they both took that huge step there would be no regrets.

Ten years. Has it really been that long? His angel was as beautiful as ever in his eyes. Her body was more tone now and though she complained that she was getting a little too fat, secretly he loved the slight curves she was sporting. The thin silk sheet that barely covered her, left nothing to the imagination and he couldn't help himself as he imagined past declarations of love that they shared on the very same bed. He was replaying it in his head, a devious grin on his face as he felt himself strain in his pants.

"Mmmmm... " the still figure said softly.

Shaking his head, Spike made his way towards the bed and sat down beside his Slayer.

He held an image of being between her legs, holding her hips as he traced the slit of her womanhood with his tongue.

"Mmmm.... aaahh..." the Slayer moaned in response.

"I knew you were always 'ot for me, luv."

"You're just a huge pervert." she said with a yawn as she stretched her arms. She turned her head to the side and her neck revealed the freshest of Spike's bite marks. Instinctively, her hand traced the fresh marks, smiling to herself as she felt that he placed it right beside his claim markings. "How many times do you like telling the world I belong to you?"

"As many times as I can, luv. You're mine forever."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." she said with a huge smile.

Spike leaned down to kiss her passionately, slipping his arms beneath her body to pull her against his.

"I'm hungry."

"Is that always what's on your mind?"

"Not always. But I haven't fed yet."

"Fine, I'll be right back. Got some bagged blood downstairs."

"We're not hunting?"

"Well if you're a good little girl maybe I'll take you."

Buffy gave her signature pout.

"Luv, don't do that. You know I can't resist when you do that."

She smiled at the knowledge that she had a secret weapon to use against him for all eternity. Eternity. ... They were truly together now. They were partners. They were lovers. They were mates. She smiled even bigger at that thought. The concept wasn't entirely new to either of them. Spike had claimed her almost a decade ago, though it took a little convincing from her. It was the only way she could think of to bring him out of his slight depression over what happened with the Master. But still he wouldn't turn her. In the end, she was thankful that he waited. She got to live her life. She was able to spend time with her Mother. He was right. There were no regrets and now she couldn't be happier.

"Get dressed then, and we'll go out. But you're still eating something before we leave. Don't want your mind clouded by hunger. I'll be downstairs if you need me."

Buffy nodded and pulled the silk sheet towards her as she climbed out of bed. She was about to turn towards their walk-in closet when she decided on something that would be more fun. She quietly made her way down the stairs as she filled her thoughts of trying to decide which pair of undies to wear. She knew Spike would be able to sense what she was planning if she didn't throw him off.

He was standing in front of the microwave, tapping his fingers on the kitchen counter as he watched the mug go around in circles. She let the silk sheet pool around her feet and then she walked up to him, placing one hand on his behind and the other on his crotch.

"Blood ‘ell woman!"

Buffy just smiled as she pressed himself closer to him, letting her fingers play with the growling bulge inside his jeans.

"I thought you wanted to ‘unt tonight. You start this luv and you won't even get passed the living room, much less out the front door tonight."

"I did want to hunt." she purred into his ear. "Seems like I caught me my mate."

Spike turned around and lifted her up and onto the kitchen counter. "And what are you going to do now that you've caught me, pet?"

"Every little thing that my Master desires."

Spike leaned in and captured her lips just as the microwave beeped. But the sound was lost to both master vampire and his child as they strengthened the bond between them with flesh, blood and the sweet eternal declarations of love.

The End.

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