Halloween Trick or Freak by bloodshedbaby

01/02/2012 09:18 am
Part 2         
That was bloody fantastic! So very awesome I can't wait to read more of your stuff!

08/30/2011 05:30 pm
Part 2         
...Maybe you could explain why we're here chattin' each other up, instead of trying to do the other in, like good little mortal enemies are supposed to do?"

Hilarious and hot! As evidenced by:

"Why is there a sticky boob on the ceiling???"

among other things....   I really had a ball with this!


05/06/2010 03:18 am
Part 2         
Oh, wonderful randomness there at the end. Nice fic all around.

2nd Wind
05/07/2008 11:34 pm
Part 2         
lol that last line was so random i literally fell out of my chair laughing. (but I may be loopy from being up so long...)
oh well. Love your story finnaly something not so angst-y!!

04/04/2008 06:50 pm
Part 2         
Excellent, loved the ending!

10/06/2007 08:09 am
Part 2         
lost control of rational "sticky boobs"and "Bloody fabulous invention." delightful read, thank you.

09/07/2007 03:20 am
Part 2         
awesome fic

10/19/2006 02:44 am
Part 2         
Brilliant, just brilliant. Don't suppose there's a sequel with a disgruntled Angel? I do so enjoy a disgruntled Angel...

10/17/2005 04:29 pm
Part 2         
LMAO at the last line!! This is a really fun story without the yards of angst and guilt usually associated with Spuffy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thank you for sharing your talent.

10/14/2005 02:46 pm
Part 2         
"Oh... I'll wallop your willie, Spike," :ies laughing:: BSB, this is the first story by you I've ever read, and it was awesome! The wit, the dialogue, the sticky boobs! Kudos!

2nd Wind
05/06/2008 11:16 pm
Part 1         
This is an awesome story I can't wait to read more! Spike being a cowboy was just hilarious XD

btw there is that one section that repeats itself

04/04/2008 06:20 pm
Part 1         
Very fun, can't wait to go read the rest!

10/06/2007 06:31 am
Part 1         
please bear with me. chapter1 --delightful read. chapter 2--buffy like chapter 1 even more than i did. angel liked neither. chapter 3 --your spike is hilarious. chapter 4--joyce steals this chapter, really wish you had included her meeting with the watcher. chapter 5 --the last line covers it. very good read, thank you.