Ace Up My Sleeve by myrabeth

11/25/2015 07:01 am
Well-sustained mood, nice character voicing, and great dialog that reveals deep, troubled waters.

05/15/2015 12:14 pm
That is truly terrifying... and feels utterly right.  That he'd go into it with his eyes wide open and 100% aware. 

I really like this in spite of Buffy's feelings of loss...  some times the right thing to do will cost you everything.

Typical Spike fan that I am, I never felt wearing the amulet was necessary to complete his 'hero's journey / evolution. But until I wrote this, I never looked at it from the perspective that maybe *he* did (prior to the amulet activating, when he insisted on seeing it through). And Buffy knowing what it's coming is deeply unsettling. Giles' concerns about her as a general vs. her as Spike's still-close ex is put to the ultimate test. It's kind of awful in every direction. Thanks for reviewing, Blue!