Stupid Vampire! by Always_jbj

04/15/2008 07:14 pm
Stupid vampire!         
Cu-Skinny,she says,huh?
Who the bloody hell is she kidding!!!!
Looooved this so damn much! Way to go!
Hee! Thank you!

06/11/2006 03:38 am
Stupid vampire!         
A lovely piece=D
Thank you!

03/19/2006 10:00 am
Stupid vampire!         
lol...hilarious...great job
Thank you! It was fun to write.

02/18/2006 02:29 am
Stupid vampire!         
LMAO - great drabble!
Thanks! It was a fun one to write.

02/15/2006 03:18 am
Stupid vampire!         
LOL, yeah Buffy gonna make him pay, pay for the condoms, the lube and the Pregnancy test
ROFL... Pup... vampire=infertile (barring mystical intervention of course)

11/28/2005 02:10 am
Stupid vampire!         
Sure she wasn't looking. Cute.
Thank you! LOL... who wouldn't look?

11/28/2005 12:22 am
Stupid vampire!         
Nice little drabble.
Thank you!

11/27/2005 11:22 pm
Stupid vampire!         
He he he- cute
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

11/27/2005 01:41 pm
Stupid vampire!         
Cute drabble. That was amusing.
Thanks for reviewing. Yeah, I was aiming for amusing...glad it worked.

11/27/2005 01:14 pm
Stupid vampire!         
Teeheehee! No Buffy, the first thought was correct.
LOL..yeah it really was! Thank you for reviewing!

11/27/2005 12:17 pm
Stupid vampire!         
Enjoyed it!