New Beginnings by Always_jbj

11/26/2006 08:45 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
Oh I just loved it!!
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it... it was nice to get them back together, where they belong!

09/27/2006 10:23 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
awwwwwwwwwww so very sweet.
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

07/17/2006 09:55 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
That was a sweet and beautiful way for this one to end. Thanks for doing the second part.
Thanks, sweetie! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It seemed a fitting way to end it.

07/16/2006 04:29 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
That was incredibly sweet. I would ask for more... but that really is all that it needs, isn't it? Love it.
Thank you!
Yes, I think that is all it needs... the rest is up to them (and our imaginations).

07/11/2006 11:26 pm
New Beginnings- Part Two         
Thank you, I like your "New Beginning" for them.
Thanks, sweetie! I'm really pleased that you like it. I like the idea of them having a chance at a new start!

06/30/2006 05:00 pm
New Beginnings- Part Two         
awww, really sweet continuation
Thank you! I'm so glad I made you happy! *big smile*

06/27/2006 01:37 pm
New Beginnings- Part Two         
Fantastic ending. I love how she greated Spike and what she said to him.
Thank you. Yep, I was very happy with that line and I'm glad to see it has been popular with readers too! *hugs*

06/27/2006 02:02 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
excellent read. thank you
Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

06/26/2006 09:48 pm
New Beginnings- Part Two         
All I can say to this is awwwww! I'm glad you added the second part. It was just the right touch. Good job.
Thank you. I'm so glad you liked it.

06/26/2006 07:47 pm
New Beginnings- Part Two         
AHHHHH that is so adorable! I love the sweetness and gentleness of it. What a great ficlet and how how wonderful! I love the "yes I do" as what she says first to him
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I figured, Buffy being Buffy would have been waiting to get the last word in that particular discussion! LOL

06/26/2006 02:52 pm
New Beginnings- Part Two         
You know I love this -especially that line - "Yes, I do." Perfect!
Thank you, my dear! I rather like that line too! *hugs*

06/26/2006 09:20 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
That was so sweet! I'm glad you added a second part.
Thanks! I did have a plot bunny for a longer continuance but I really didn't want any nmore wip's... and this fit the birthday request beautifully, so...

06/26/2006 08:02 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
awwww...that was so beautiful, was a great little piece this is!! love it!
Thank you!

06/26/2006 06:04 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
OH YES! Wonderful. . . just really, really, short, sweet and to the bloody point
Thanks, Nia! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

06/26/2006 05:58 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
Hell YES!
Thank you!

Spikes Slayer2
06/26/2006 05:39 am
New Beginnings- Part Two         
awww.. gotta love a happy sappy suffy ending!
Thank you! Yep, happy, tender Spuffiness was the birthday request...

04/15/2008 05:23 pm
New Beginnings         
Damn I love your work!
No need to say I loved this one too.
Thank you!

06/27/2006 01:34 pm
New Beginnings         
I loved Buffy's reaction to The Immortal and her realization as to the only reason she was even with him.
Thank you! LOL.. yep, the Immortal so needed a good smack in the nose. And that or a spell is the only reason I can imagine Buffy being with him so soon after losing Spike.

06/27/2006 02:00 am
New Beginnings         
fun read, thanks. could have had more than one punch to the nose. thanks again.
Thank you! LOL.. I think breaking his nose and then leaving him standing there was probably more effective than beating him up.

06/26/2006 07:45 pm
New Beginnings         
AHHHH - just had to reread this and once again find it to be quite wonderful and lovely - really looking forward to the sequal!
Thanks, sweetie!

06/26/2006 02:51 pm
New Beginnings         
Go Buffy! Just how she would/should have handled it!
Thanks! yep *nods* I agree... he so deserved a good punch in the nose!

06/26/2006 08:01 am
New Beginnings         
love that! love her punching the immortal in the nose!! great chapter, off to read more
LOL. Thanks! I figured if Spike's poor nose could be on the receiving end of her temper so often, The Immortal's could have a turn too!

02/25/2006 07:04 pm
New Beginnings         
Excellant ficlet - I would love to find out what happens here... the reunion scene would be so wonderful to see.... hmmm If you ever do a drabble call I know what my request will be. What happens after this! *huggles*
LOL... I have an ongoing drabble request on my site... anytime you want a drabble just go to the drabble page and pop in your request (I just have a few rules in regard to things I won't write). As for the reunion I have a maybe, possible bunny for continuing this one day (so no I won't do the reunion as a drabble). I have a few fics which WANT to be written that I am refusing to start until I have finished all my current wips.

11/28/2005 12:08 pm
New Beginnings         
Never liked the Immortal or even that episode in particular. Nice ficlet. {Smiles}
Thank you! I don't think anybody liked him or the ep! lol

11/28/2005 07:23 am
New Beginnings         
Neat and...punchy. Oooh, cool as well - can't forget cool. Could have had a bit more violence thrown towards the Immortal IMHO *grins* Loved it. Thanks so much.
Thank you so much for your lovely review! I am glad you enjoyed it. I think there may have been more violence towards the Immortal if getting to Spike wasn't her highest priority! lol.

11/28/2005 06:11 am
New Beginnings         
Nice work in disposing of the Immortal.
Thanks! He so deserved that! And of course (in my happy little world) the first thing Buffy would do upon finding out Spike is alive is go to him!