Destiny--fulfilled. by Always_jbj

04/15/2008 06:58 pm
ARGH-Why do you do this to me?! Love your works,but,hey,can't get enough of them! It very cruel of you to cut it like that. I want more of your beauties!
So,,I think I might've loved this one too...
LOL Sorry! I am somewhat of a drabble-a-holic, and I find that sometimes you can convey a lot more in 100 words than in a longer piece as you don't have to maintain it--it's just a look at one brief (preferably intense) moment in time.

I'm glad you enjoyed this.

11/19/2006 01:00 am
Good work.
Thank you!

03/19/2006 09:57 am
Destiny--fulfilled. that...i always loved the idea of buffy being turned for some reason... great drabble
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it... and yeah Season 2 Spike with a chance to get his fangs in her throat wasn't likely to hesitate! And I think she'd make a damned good vampire!

02/21/2006 02:32 am
ohhh me likey... me likey a lot... fans self with thoughts of bitey spike running through my head!
LOL...well I can definitely think of WORSE ways to die!

02/15/2006 03:44 am
OH god????
Had to give the boy his one good day... besides Buffy got to ie happy!

12/25/2005 02:40 pm
what i wouldn't give to be pressed hard against a brick wall by Spike...mmmm!!
Thank you! LOL...well I can definitely think of worse ways to die!

12/20/2005 07:19 am
Thanks for the drabble.
Thank you for reading and reviewing!

12/19/2005 11:10 pm
A fun little drabble. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it!