Under His Spell by Always_jbj

09/22/2011 02:48 am
Under His Spell         
Oh my!  (Fans self)

04/14/2008 11:22 pm
Under His Spell         
Tee hee...Loved this too!
Thank you!

03/23/2006 10:07 am
Under His Spell         
Ooo ... a teasing drabble. Evil one.
LOL.. I HAD to tease the pup... I just can't help myself!

03/06/2006 01:12 am
Under His Spell         
Oh yes i loved it - gotta love wulfie requests
LOL... yes Wulfie requests are always fun.

03/01/2006 02:23 pm
Under His Spell         
ok, its official, you are just mean. you have given us just a little tease, are you going to elaborate on what the rules of the game are and how well they played?
LOL... I planted the seed... the rest I happily leave to your imagination!

03/01/2006 09:18 am
Under His Spell         
YES! YES! Is awesome.
Thanks, sweets! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Was fun to write... had to see HOW much I could tease the pup without actually giving him what he wanted. *is cruel*

03/01/2006 07:13 am
Under His Spell         
Oh so hot...
Well Spike is ALWAYS hot... give him a riding crop and... well... yeah... *jaw meet ground!* Thanks, sweetie. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

03/01/2006 05:14 am
Under His Spell         
oh how sexy... yum...i'm game, i'm game!!
LOL... I don't think he'd have a problem getting volunteers! Thank you.

03/01/2006 05:01 am
Under His Spell         
you are so evil. thanks for the read.
LOL... it was for the pup... of course I was going to be evil! Thanks for te review... glad you enjoyed.