To Feel by Always_jbj

04/16/2008 09:44 pm
To Feel         
Dark as it is,liked it.
Thank you!

03/24/2006 05:25 am
To Feel         
{shivers} What the girl did to feel was not humane by any means. She used Spike, and then when he was pushed beyond the limits ... limits that she bounced back and forth on ... she accused him of the unthinkable. Good writing job here.
Thnk you. And yes I ageree... what happened in the bathroom wasn't by any means good... but it wasn't in my opinion the attempted rape that everyone makes it out to be. She had spent so long not only physically, mentally and emotionally abusing him, she had also conditioned him to believe that 'no' meant 'yes'... given the circumstances I really don't believe he thought she meant it when she said 'no' that time... once he did realise what was happening he was horrified.

03/06/2006 10:42 am
To Feel         
nice and dark - i liked it!
Thank you!

03/04/2006 06:26 pm
To Feel         
Yes...the perfect view inside Buffy's mind and heart. This is the reason Spike could forgive her so easily....this is what he KNEW she was feeling and needing. He was willing to be whatever she needed, even a punching bag. Yes that made him an enabler, but hey, vampire not psychologist! Excellent.

Thanks! Yes, he knew what she needed and was willing to do anything to help her... It's amazing what the 'soul-less evil thing' could do for love isn't it!? It doesn't make that scene any easier to watch though. *sigh*

03/04/2006 06:20 pm
To Feel         
You did a great job of capturing what Buffy felt during that scene, which I will continue to hate still. It's made me even start a rewrite of it (the scene, not your drabble).
I don't think anyone (not even a Spike-hater) could like that scene. It is horrific and shocking and more than any other scene it showed just HOW much Buffy was going through since coming back from heaven... and just how much spike loved her and what he was willing to do to help her. Knowing she was hurting and why she did it doesn't make me any more inclined to forgive her for it though! Poor spike!!

03/04/2006 03:40 pm
To Feel         
Well... not really!! LOL... but I know what you mean! Thank you, my dear!

03/04/2006 02:49 pm
To Feel         
wow...that is dark...and a bit disturbing...i hated buffy for a while after dead things... but this is very well-written and good, love it
I don't think it is possible to watch that scene and NOT be hating her... it was horrific. *cuddles poor battered Spike* Thanks!!