Teacher's Pet - Twisted Spuffy Style by bloodshedbaby

01/03/2012 07:52 am
Chapter one         
That was awesome! There has to be more!

08/30/2011 02:15 pm
Chapter one         
You really don't wanna know...  hehehehe....  there sure was a lot of that going around!   Man, this needs a second act!  It is hysterical.



08/28/2011 04:14 pm
Chapter one         
Very ingenious way to insert Spike into Season 1.  And I love the runnning "you don't want to know"!

09/01/2010 06:43 pm
Chapter one         
haha damn, what a way to lose it. a very entertaining read. great work

07/23/2010 03:56 am
Chapter one         
hahaha! That had to be one of the funniest things I've ever read for a spuffy! I love how everyone's going, "You don't want to know." I know it's a one shot...but I'd love to have a second chapter to show the aftermath....it's bound to be funny! Anyway, keep writing spuffy!

08/11/2008 08:07 pm
Chapter one         
Its sensatual, and expicetly dilish!!!

05/31/2008 07:34 am
Chapter one         
LOL!   And kudos for redeeming an obscure episode!

01/28/2007 12:18 pm
Chapter one         
Awesome story!!!!!! May be my favourite one shot yet! Thanks for writing!

01/21/2007 05:02 pm
Chapter one         
AHH@!! i love it =]

07/13/2006 08:35 am
Chapter one         
loved the "you dont wanna know" sitch at the end. Well done

05/16/2006 03:01 am
Chapter one         
ahh i just love your stories. please write some more.

04/29/2006 08:53 pm
Chapter one         
You know titling this chapter one implys a chapter two *hides from BSB*

04/28/2006 10:36 am
Chapter one         
I really enjoyed the way you twisted this episode. I loved the humor through the whole fic, and thought that the ending with everyone telling Giles that he didn't want to know the perfect touch. And Buffy and Spike, very hot.

03/25/2006 05:05 am
Chapter one         
hey girlie! a finished story - woohoo! (hint, hint). i really liked the way you got spike into this one. it was so neat! thanks for writing this little nugget!

03/22/2006 07:28 am
Chapter one         
I've already read this one several times BSB. You twisted this episode awesomely. Yeah that probably isn't a word, but it's true. Kick butt job, and YEAHHHHHHH a finished one. {giggles} Always look forward to when you share your vast talent with us begging readers.

03/21/2006 07:04 am
Chapter one         
Brilliant little change of a story there. Wonder what's gonna happen to Dru now that Spike has a new princess. Fabulous.

03/20/2006 07:15 pm
Chapter one         
Woo Hoo! I love this Season 1--Great way to insert Spike. Of course I'd love to see more of it also...

03/19/2006 10:31 pm
Chapter one         
Wow, that was just amazing. I'd never even thought about what would happen if one of the people she captured ended up not being quite so virginal. That was a nice twist to the story.

03/19/2006 07:55 pm
Chapter one         
LOL at Spike the Maybe Virgin. You are however, BSB a coward for letting Xander and Blayne off the hook. Loved it.

03/19/2006 06:58 pm
Chapter one         
Oh yeah..the things Buffy has to sacrifice for her duty ...:::snort:::... Oddly believable, great read.


03/19/2006 10:27 am
Chapter one         
Loved this so frickin' much. I was hit with the major giggles with the whole thing! Of course it was hot and damn sexy, but the idea of Buffy giving hand jobs at night was just priceless!

03/19/2006 07:22 am
Chapter one         
SQUEE!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Great twist on this eppy and boy, do I wish that it had happened on the show. It would've been much more interesting.

03/18/2006 08:30 pm
Chapter one         
very fine read. thanks

03/18/2006 06:37 pm
Chapter one         
Wow, that was fantastic. I loved it! Yay evil Spikey! And yay no Angel deflowering!


03/18/2006 03:18 pm
Chapter one         
good story!

03/18/2006 01:31 pm
Chapter one         
that's great!!! as soon as i saw where you were going with that i was cracking up...and in a good way...hilarious and sexy and pretty much perfect.. great story

03/18/2006 01:23 pm
Chapter one         
OMG! That story was great! I absolutely loved it!

03/18/2006 12:22 pm
Chapter one         
lol thats funny!!!! thats really good.. i never even thought that they would do that.. i was kinda like buffy.. lol

03/18/2006 10:17 am
Chapter one         
Oh I soooo do wanna know! I know you said this was complete...but more would be of the good! Loved it...but then I always do when you write.

03/18/2006 09:46 am
Chapter one         
Yeah a lot of not really wanting to know in this story.....this was really fun to read.

03/18/2006 06:54 am
Chapter one         
That was great, loved the ending

03/18/2006 06:33 am
Chapter one         
LOL love the ending!! and teh smut? HAWT!

03/18/2006 06:28 am
Chapter one         
rofl, there was a whole lotta denial in that ending! great twist lots of fun!

03/18/2006 05:56 am
Chapter one         
LOL damn you been writing fic and damn good fic. If I beg loud enough can we get more???
That would be a no, followed by a HELL NO. This one is complete and I know better than to promise a sequel. Why? Because it will never, ever happen!!!