To Live Again by Always_jbj

04/05/2014 05:35 am
Chapter 6         
that's a brutal end to the story.  would really like to have you not end it here!  Did Angel lose his soul?  What the hell happened?  so many questions...  Please let us know the answers...


04/21/2008 12:27 am
Chapter 6         

“The bastard had tortured her for the bleedin’ fun of it, raped her, mutilated her body and left her tied to her babies’ swingset by her own entrails.”

I'm afraid that if I say "I loved it",I'll be misunderstood and be considered as a monster.So,I'm clearing that bit up a bit; I loved the fic,and I'll read the following chaps with joy when-or,if-you write and send them,but Faith...I liked her. Darn f.ckng Angel & Angelus & Liam & whatever the f.cking hell he was calling to himself,that sick bastard... I want an end for him that'd please Redwulf so very much!

08/07/2006 09:58 pm
Chapter 6         
I just finished reading "Axis of Love" (which I thought was an absolutely fabulously story) and the first 6 chapters of "To Live Again" (which in every possible way is just as fantastic).

TLA from the beginning chapter is both a gripping and heart breaking story. The years of loneliness that Spike unlived, always staying on the edge of life, never letting himself feel or love again, living every day with the memory of his love for Buffy in his mind and heart (it hurt, yet at the same time filled my heart).

Having Buffy come to both Spike and Beth in their dreams, telling them both that it was okay for Spike to live and love again, it was something that I felt that the spirit of Buffy would truly do for Spike. I also loved that she gave Beth her powers as "The Slayer", it seemed to feel "right".

The new Watcher, Robert Giles, made me think more of Wesley than Rupert. But, he is young and inexperenced, much like Wesley was (although you haven't mentioned Wesley in this story so maybe he never existed in your verse).

The last chapter, with the return of Angel/us to the story was terrifying. What he did to Faith, and to the Potentials over several years was horrible, but also a dramaticly necessary part of the story. Looking back at what Angel did to Spike in AoL clearly makes the case that Angel with a soul is clearly just as evil as Angelus without a soul, maybe even more so.

Please, are you intending to continue this story? Have you continued it on another site? Or maybe on your LJ? I would so much like to read more of this story in the future. Please!
Wow! Thank you for this lovely review!

I am so glad you are enjoying TLA... YES I do intend to continue it... it is all plotted out to the end and I would never leave a fic unfinished... it is just the least regularly updated of my fics because it is very emotionally draining to write. Also I have this obnoxious muse who thinks it is fun to abandon me for weeks on end! lol.

You will find all my fics on my website and I have an update list if you want to know when I update... I HOPE to have the next chap of TLA out in the forseeable future. At the moment I am trying to work on a update for one of my other wip's.

Thank you again for this lovely review. You really made my day!

06/18/2006 01:36 am
Chapter 6         
oh how horrific...that's awful, poor faith!! excellent, moving chapter though...are you going to continue this, because it rocks!!
I know, poor Faith, I didn't want to do it to her but I needed to... and what ended up in the chapter wasn't as detailed as I had originally planned I just couldn't bring myself to write it the way I had planned to!

I would never abandon a fic... so, yes, I will be continuing it as time (and the muse) permit. Thank you for the lovely reviews!

12/30/2005 10:48 pm
Chapter 6         
good chapter, now this is what i would expect of the most disgusting mass murdering vampire in history. They didn't convince me in canon. I think xander is gonna be broken. And hope that someone is gonna stake that fatass poofter. I hope buffy isn't gonna feel two sorry about angel cus they weren't that close in your story.
Thank you! Yeah he came across rather pathetic in canon really... He was supposed to be terrifying but really he was just lame! Goldfish murder designed to instil fear in the hearts of man?? I think not! lol.

12/30/2005 09:02 pm
Chapter 6         
Good start, so is Angelus on the loose or just Angel gone completly off his rocker?
Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying it. All will be revealled in time! lol.

12/30/2005 06:13 pm
Chapter 6         
Eeek! Not so much fun to be had there...poor Faith. Love this fic and looking forward to more. Thanks...I think!
Thank you! No, not so much fun. It was a hard chapter to write and has taken me ages because even though I knew I needed it for the plotline I didn't want to write it!

12/30/2005 05:08 pm
Chapter 6 gave me shivers, fantastic update sweets.
Shivers?! Cool!!! Thank you, my dear! I am so glad you liked the chap!

12/30/2005 01:34 pm
Chapter 6         
Can i just say... ew? i love that Beth's new watcher is related to Giles! Perfect!
I'll second that 'ew'!! I was actually going to go into details as to what he did to her... but couldn't bring myself to write it! Yep Beth and Robert are both Giles'. He has quite a legacy in fact... I actually drew up a family tree so I could keep track of who was who LOL. It gets REALLY confusing otherwise with all those years having passed.

04/21/2008 12:09 am
Chapter 5         
You set everything up pretty good! It's so enjoyable to read your works. Thanks for giving those works to us readers.

06/18/2006 01:33 am
Chapter 5         
wow...i like the younger giles...excellent characterization and lovely writing...this is an awesome story..on to more
LOL... Robert is a bit of an arse on occasions... but he's a Giles through and through and he will get better.

10/17/2005 03:22 pm
Chapter 5         
excellent, as always. thanks.
Accidental double post.

10/17/2005 03:22 pm
Chapter 5         
excellent, as always. thanks.
Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying it.

09/24/2005 11:50 pm
Chapter 5         
I'm happy that Spike found somebody else to love since he had to live after Buffy was gone. More soon please.
Thanks! I am glad you enoyed it. There will be more... this fic isn't updated very often though... just when the muse feels inspired to work on it.

04/20/2008 11:47 pm
Chapter 4         
Awesome!!! Awesome is how you are and how this fic is! Loved it so much!!!

06/18/2006 01:32 am
Chapter 4         
that was an excellent way of handling spike's eternal love for buffy, and merging it with the feelings for beth...great chapter
Thank you. That was a difficult chapter to write because of the level of emotion. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

12/30/2005 01:24 pm
Chapter 4         
I'm reading this fic again. God damn I love it!!!
Thanks sweetie! I'm so glad you are still enjoying it. I promise not to take so long for the next update... it is all plotted out I just need to write it (along with the 500 other wips I have!!)

04/20/2008 11:12 pm
Chapter 3         

I wouldn't change my mind.
Would you,Always?

06/18/2006 01:26 am
Chapter 3         
i like this've given her a genuine personality, which can be quite a feat with an oc...excellent chapter
Thanks. I wanted Beth to have the 'slayer attitude' but by the same token not be Buffy or Faith... I'm so glad you feel that I'm succeeding!

06/18/2006 01:23 am
Chapter 2         
this gets better all the time...very intriguing, mysterious sort of feel you've given to this story ... excellent so far
Thank you, my dear!

04/20/2008 06:41 pm
Chapter 1         
Wonder how this is gonna be Spuffy.
Loved it!'s not.

It's the sequel to my Spuffy fic Axis of Love.

06/18/2006 01:03 am
Chapter 1         
something tells me all that's about to change...this is an intriguing start, fascinating so to read more
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

01/24/2006 09:48 pm
Chapter 1         
Okay, I've picked some fics and saved them to Word. Should be back with "proper" reviews mid Feb.
Thanks, sweetie! *chews nervously on fingernails* I look forward to reading your reactions! I DO hope you enjoy... but as you know constructive criticism is always welcome.