He Who Hesitates, is Lost by Always_jbj

04/14/2008 05:45 pm
He Who Hesitates, is Lost         
Loved it!
Thank you!

04/24/2007 05:28 am
He Who Hesitates, is Lost         
I Love it! Beautiful representation of how they both hesitated again and again and never did kill each other.
And aren't we all soooo glad they did!? Thank you for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

04/23/2007 10:09 pm
He Who Hesitates, is Lost         
The seed planted, I can just see his bewilderment!
LOL. Yep, not something he wants to be thinking too long or too hard about!

04/22/2007 05:07 am
He Who Hesitates, is Lost         
He did hesitate and lost. Are there any more drabbles? You have me hooked.
He did indeed...although I think he was already lost...or he wouldn't have hesitated. LOL

There are many more drabbles on my drabble page http://www.axisoflove.org/Drabbles/drabbles.html

You can even put in a request in the form at the bottom of the page if you'd like. (Just please read my will do/won't do's first)

04/21/2007 07:52 pm
He Who Hesitates, is Lost         
Great drabble. Definitely in tune to season 2. We all know he was obsessed with something besides killing her, even back then. (ahem, "Halloween" video looping, anyone?)
Thanks! Yeah, the boy was a little obsessed and it wasn't with putting her in her grave. lol

04/21/2007 07:21 pm
He Who Hesitates, is Lost         
Nice moment.

I think you may have a typo: "kipping."
Thank you.

Nope, no typo... to kip up from the ground is to go from lying flat to standing in one move.

04/21/2007 06:30 pm
He Who Hesitates, is Lost         
lol...how very perfect to represent spike and buffy during this time..so many times when either of them could have done in the other, and didn't...and later on we saw the reasons why thanx for this great little piece, love
Thanks, sweetie. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

04/21/2007 03:49 pm
He Who Hesitates, is Lost         
Yup, poor confused Spike *G*. There were SOOOO many times he could have had her early on but didn't. I especially remember the Halloween when she was unaware of her power.....he HAD her but kept delaying it until he lost the chance! Even that early in the "relationship" he was hooked.

Good view inside his head.

Thank you!

LOL...Yeah, Spike really doesn't want to think too hard about what just happened there...any more than I imagine he would like to examine his actions during "Halloween" ... much better to just let himself think that Buffy got away again. *grin*