Just Not Done by Always_jbj

03/15/2015 05:06 pm
Just Not Done         
Built in "costume"!  Definitely whipped. 

04/14/2008 04:17 pm
Just Not Done         

So sweet,loved it!
Thank you!

11/16/2007 02:58 pm
Just Not Done         
LOL. I needed to smile today and that just did it. Thanks!
I'm glad I was able to make you smile! Thank you, sweetie.

11/02/2007 05:24 am
Just Not Done         
delightful! dawn could/would do it. thanks for the fun read.
LOL Yep, she really would! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

11/02/2007 12:13 am
Just Not Done         
Oh, I like that; I love stories where Dawn is twisting Spike around her little finger!!! Great job!
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

11/01/2007 07:32 pm
Just Not Done         
Oh yeah, he's whipped by his girls. I can see him doing guard duty on Dawnie.

Too funny.

Thanks, sweetie! Oh, yeah...totally whipped! lol (But he loves it!)

11/01/2007 05:24 pm
Just Not Done         
ROFLOL... hilarious. I can just see it...
Thank you!

11/01/2007 12:56 pm
Just Not Done         
Wow! That is a lot of great humor packed into just 106 words. You are a master of drabble!
Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

LOL Word says it is 100 words--for some reason Word and the word count on here never agree.

11/01/2007 05:52 am
Just Not Done         
Poor Spike!

This was a cute little drabble.
Thanks, sweetie!
LOL Yeah, poor Spike having to play escort...(although we all know that secretly he loves it).