Dawn by Always_jbj
Chapter: Dawn

04/04/2014 05:07 pm
that's dark.  I feel sorry for Angel.  Glad Buffy stood her ground, but oh, what a heartache when she finds out he's gone for good... 

04/04/2014 05:04 pm
that's dark.  I feel sorry for Angel.  Glad Buffy stood her ground, but oh, what a heartache when she finds out he's gone for good... 

08/30/2011 06:20 pm
Loved both stories!!! The first one got me all hot and bothered. This one was great.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

02/06/2011 05:41 pm
Totally in agreement that I don't want Angel dusted.  But, moody broody vampire equals stupid acts.

06/10/2009 06:46 am
Can I say poor Angel?? I mean, Spuffy fan to the core here, but I still like Angel as a character (just not when he's with Buffy. lol). Good story, even if the end did make me sad (to be fair though, anytime anyone gets heartbroken it makes me sad...I'm a total sap).
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

LOL The person it was written for specifically asked for a dusty Angel, so...

03/16/2009 10:12 am
*Sigh* I do so love a dusty ending (for Angel that is)

01/08/2009 10:11 pm
but but...sniff why? there should be more! that was awesome!!!
LOL Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, but there definitely won't be any more sequels to this one.

04/16/2008 09:33 pm

That's it,Poofster,suicide! I love you more than none when you are deader than usual! Suffer,you soulful piece of dirt!!!!
...Sooo loooved the sequel!
Thank you for being the great author that you are
LOL Don't hold back, sweetie, tell us how you really feel!

Thank you for all the lovely reviews!

12/08/2007 06:39 am
upon reading this excellent sequel, i realized i have read both tales. it was back in the day when i did not appreciate the fact the comments were not only a courtesy but wanted. my apologies. thanks for the fine read. (angel dust is always welcome.)
Thank you! I'm glad you still enjoyed it on the reread! I always love your reviews.

11/16/2007 09:17 pm
LOL! Love the dusty ending. I know you had fun writing that!
Oh yes! Dusting Angel is always fun... *cough* I mean, no, of course not... I felt so awful having to dust the poor heart-broken vamp...but an author must do what an author must do for the sake of the story. ROFL

08/08/2007 09:04 am
Are you sure? I love this. Almost made me feel sorry for him, but not quite. Never liked him, never will. The best way to end a Spuffy fic, with Angel's dusting! Great work, thanks.

07/13/2007 08:21 am
Aw... that's just...

I feel pretty sad for broody-pants...

Even though I kinda loathe the Angel from the series and am willing to admid I'm kind of a Spuffy-addict

Good job, I didn't think there was an author alive who could make me feel sympathy for the guy!

Please please please keep up the goor work!
Thank you!
I can assure you that any Angel!sympathy I inspired was purely accidental! lol

05/17/2007 03:17 am
oh that was so sad, Angel killed himself because of Buffy being with Spike and it was confusing at the begin, then when Angel came was that after there first night or did Spike break the window to get in.
This is set the same night as 'Sin' just later that night...and written from Angel's pov.

Angel broke the window to get in... **His terror found him driving his fist through the glass and climbing rapidly through its shattered remains, oblivious to the deep gashes the clinging shards rent in his clothes and flesh.**

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

12/22/2006 05:38 pm
Omg!!! im really suprised dat angel would kill him self becuz Buffy got sumone new. the part about spike of course i luved
Angel is SUCH a drama queen. LOL... Actually Angel!dust was specifically requested for the sequel, so he had to go one way or another. *evil grin*

Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

08/31/2006 08:48 pm
Please? Just one more, I'll send you a cookie if you will do it. mmmmm cookies
LOL...sorry, not even for cookies!

01/26/2006 07:30 am
PLEASE! we need scooby reaction and joyce reaction we NEED it...like drugs...or more importantly...chocolate.
LOL... *shakes head* Nope, nuh uh, no way... no more!! I have waaaaay too many wips as it is!

09/25/2005 07:57 pm
The end. (and I mean it this time… no more sequels!!!) lol. Just one, Angel's first days in hell
No sweetie... no more sequels not EVEN Angel in hell... have too many wip's!!!

09/22/2005 07:57 am
Wow! We got Spuffy and no more Angel. Yeah! This was a wonderful story. I loved it to pieces.
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09/22/2005 07:56 am
aww! please do a sequel. a long one! there's always the scoobies reaction, Gile's and of course Joyce's reaction. Let's not forget Dru's reaction to the mating of buffy and spike. Interesting twist with the dusting of angle (the wuss) enjoyed the story. keep it up.
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09/22/2005 07:55 am
AMAZING! There really just isn't another word for it. I really loved the sequel. Angel meeting a dusty end...always good.
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09/22/2005 07:54 am
Great story and sequal - Loved it! Are you sure there can be no more sequals. ::
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09/22/2005 07:53 am
This was just great. The heartbroken tear before he dusts himself is priceless!
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09/22/2005 07:52 am
Awwwwww, don't you love a good thwarted Angel fic? And a dusty Angel? Perfection I say!
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09/22/2005 07:52 am
OMG!!! That ending was killer!! (hehe, no pun intended, of course) Wow, I'm totally loving the Angel POV because you totally had me there for a sec thinking it was someone else....WOW! ( Back Captain Forehead! Back!!) Great job sweetie!!! No more sequels? Could you maybe do another S2 fic? Hehe, just asking...promise not to beg....too much....
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09/22/2005 07:51 am
awww poor widdle Angel... NOT!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Loved it C
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09/22/2005 07:50 am
C you're so good to me *squee* The epi was perfect sweet, Angel dust always makes for a happy ending
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09/22/2005 07:49 am
Yeeha! He offed himself. And the world breathes easier. *does the happy dance* This was a cool follow up to a really nice one-shot. Yippeee. . . hopefully you've slain the blockage beast.
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09/22/2005 07:49 am
Whoa! C. That's cold! Dusty Angel ...and by his own hand (so to speak) Gotta say, I didn't see that one coming! Good job! I hope it made your muse happy....
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09/22/2005 07:48 am
YEAH! Thanks for the epilogue. {Smiles}
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