Echoes of Beljoxa by myrabeth
Chapter: Unfought Demons

06/29/2015 02:34 pm
Very unpleasant Ben, spooked Buffy and hence the lack of romancing on a date -- but so far so good.  Giles returning was a surprise, nicely done!  He started well but was soon back in the land of the bewildered, that was fun!
Poor Giles. He came back thinking he could start fixing things, and immediately learns the situation isn't exactly what he thought it was.

06/16/2015 03:37 pm
Speak to us of really, really perfect timing... for mayhem and misery... 

He's back five minutes and he knows his slayer got married.  Without him.  to a vampire.  Yup.  That was painful! 

Loved it.  Moar, moar!!  (raises the electronic bic lighter with the long flame)
More has posted! I have to keep feeding your addiction, don't I?

06/16/2015 03:10 pm
Whoa,  Ben got more sure of himself!  It's like Glory is leaking over in a gimme way.    Looking forward to Gile's reaction in the next chapter.   The way you drop reminders of previous things and connecting them is wonderful.  You are a very talented writer. 
Aw! Thank you! That's very sweet. 

I think you'll like where things are going with Giles. He came expecting to make the first small steps, and ended up finding the first one was going to be a lot bigger than he imagined. Poor guy! He just can't catch a break with these time travelers, can he?