Echoes of Beljoxa by myrabeth
Chapter: Slipped Words

07/03/2015 01:28 am
Flying by the seat of your pants in time shifting.  Brilliant possible scenarios!
It is nice to have some options on the table beside Willow's flexible ethics and unexplained whims, isn't it?

07/02/2015 10:42 pm
Surely they'll complete the claim now!
While Buffy is taking Dru at her word, and now believes the jump is very unlikely, it still isn't certain. Remember what she said when she told Spike she wanted to put off the claim: "As soon as I make damned sure I'm not going to make you a widower or a dust bunny."

So do we think she's "sure" enough to go ahead with it?

07/02/2015 06:03 pm

She lifted her glass. “To Anne and Henry.”

He lifted his. “And their poor, buggered parents.”

Love it!

OK, I officially hate you... another cliffhanger?  What does Spike hear?  Is it one of the idiot glorygits?  Sigh. 


It wasn't Spike that heard something. It was Buffy, accidentally hearing his thoughts. That extra strength suppressant spell has been showing signs of wearing off for a while. It looks like it's gone.