Buffy isn't feeling well... is it somehow Spike's fault? A porn-with-a-fair chunk of plot. lol. In an attempt to combat a severe case of writer’s block the lovely Mefiant set me a challenge to write a short fic… well as is typical, the muse who would not previously be tempted, cajoled, bribed or threatened into working decided he liked this challenge… so my short fic became a rather long (16 page) short fic. Lol. Details of the challenge posted at the end so as not to spoil any surprises. Thanks to my wonderful beta Amy B for her work on this, her encouragement and her infinite patience. **My Feedback Policy: Feedback is always VERY MUCH appreciated - from a simple "I liked it." (or not) to detailed con-crit, both are equally welcomed and appreciated when delivered respectfully! If you would prefer to leave feedback by email you can do so at alwaysjbj@axisoflove.org
Genre: Romance, Porn w/Some Plot - Rating: NC-17
Warning: Explicit Sexual Situations
Words: 9,146 - Updated: 09/21/2005 11:35 am