The sequel to 'To Sin--Divine!' OK... first and foremost this is a gift for the lovely Mefiant.. I hope it made her feel a little better. And then it is for everyone else who nagged me narrow asked nicely for a sequel to Sin. Um... rating MA 15 maybe... definitely no higher (sorry to all those looking for more smut) lol. HUGE thanx to my lovely beta AmyB and to Mefiant  for the original challenge and for requesting this epilogue. **My Feedback Policy: Feedback is always VERY MUCH appreciated - from a simple "I liked it." (or not) to detailed con-crit, both are equally welcomed and appreciated when delivered respectfully! If you would prefer to leave feedback by email you can do so at
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance, Non-Bitey - Rating: R
Warning: , Explicit Sexual Situations, Extreme Violence
Words: 1,631 - Updated: 09/21/2005 11:51 am