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Real Me by CG again
Chapter 14
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Warning- a bit of non-con in this chapter. Nothing too graphic, though.

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I frowned. “This is no good.”

Willow eyed it. “Turn around.”

I spun once, letting the gauzy green material of my skirt rise a bit. “It makes me look pasty. No one’s going to want to dance with me!”

Willow grinned. “Not even Spike? He’d dance with you if you were wearing a burlap sack.”

I blushed. Spike and I were going out again after the last night’s success, and I was determined to look perfect. Unfortunately, none of my clothes seemed apropos. What did I have to make a vampire’s jaw drop? Um…vampires. Plural. Because this was totally about patrolling. I was all business. Right. “Will! Help.” Who was I kidding?

Willow frowned and dug into my closet. “How about this?”

This was a red peasant top. Combined with my black mini… “Perfect.” Spike’s colors. I granted Willow a grateful smile. “And people say you have no fashion sense.”

“Hey!” she protested.

I just patted her head and pulled on the top.

I was meeting Spike at the outskirts of the campus, since we were still worried about the Initiative. The less time Spike spent in the area, the better.

I heard a rustle behind me, and turned. Nothing. Weird. But things that went bump in the night were never a good sign, so I quickened my pace.


“Hello?” I called out nervously.

A dark figure stepped out into the path in front of me, and I jumped back in surprise. “Hey, Buff.”

“Oh. Angel,” I said unenthusiastically. “What, are you stalking me now?”

He smirked. I’d never seen that on his face. It twisted it into something almost mocking. It was actually an improvement, if a little unnerving. “Just wanted to say hi. Let’s go for a walk.”

I shivered. This wasn’t Angel, the silent, dark presence from behind my sister. This Angel was laughing at my uncertainty with utter disregard. “Aw, poor little Buffy, out alone all night. Who knows what demon could get you if you’re not careful? It could be a Fyarl. Or a Polgara.”

He moved until he standing right behind me, his voice low in my ear. “Or maybe a vampire.” His hands moved to my hips.

My phone rang, and I jerked out of his grasp. “Do you mind? The freaky rapist routine’s getting old.” I fumbled for the phone. “It’s Dawn. I’m going to get this.”

Angel slipped an arm around my waist, yanking me back to him and forcing me to drop the phone. He bent and retrieved it. “Hello, Dawnie,” he said smoothly. “Buffy’s a little busy right now.”

I could hear her voice cursing from the other line, and took a chance. “I’M ON CAMPUS! HEL-mmph!” Angel clapped a hand over my mouth.

“Well, that’s no good,” he observed. “Now Dawnie’s going to come after us here.” He smiled cruelly, twisting me to face him. “Thing is, Buff,” he drawled. “Dawn just wanted to tell you the great news. That pesky soul? All gone now!”

I struggled in his grasp, my movements wilder as a hand reached carelessly to my leg and tore my skirt open. “Shouldn’t dress like this if you’re just teasing,” he taunted. His tone grew reflective. “Imagine waking up and realizing that you’ve become the most pathetic vampire in history, and wasted the past hundred years hiding from the would and eating rats. Rats!” He shook his head in disbelief. “I tell ya, Buff, this was a real wakeup call. Made me understand some things. Like you.” His hand slipped under my panties, a finger plunging inside. I bit hard on the hand covering my mouth. He just laughed. “That idiot I became was so confused. After all those years living in dirty alleys, he’d suddenly met the Slayer. And he loved her for her goodness.” He snorted. I sobbed in pain and humiliation. “But then, there was her sister. A hot number. Not a little girl. And his demon wanted her.” He released my mouth, gazing at me in mock concern. “What’s wrong? Don’t like this?” He prodded me. “Sure feels like you do.” He twisted us around until I was backed against a tree. “Two sisters in the same night. Haven’t done that in…oh, a hundred years.”

I gasped in a breath, and let it out in a howl. “SPIKE! SPIKE! HELP!”

Angel- Angelus- smirked. “Oh no! My wayward fledge! Whatever shall I do?”

I struggled to think with whatever faculties remained. One arm pinned my legs, one my arms. I was trapped against the tree. I needed to break free, but I couldn’t move away from his bulk.

Then Angelus drove me over the edge and I couldn’t think anymore.

He murmured into my ear, “It’s more fun if you run,” and then stepped away.

I stumbled forward, the black skirt I had obsessed over tattered and my dignity in shreds. Angelus watched me, amused. “That’s enough. Run!”

I ran. Behind me, Angelus followed slowly, his laughter ringing in my ears.

Got to find Spike, Got to get away. Got to-

“Buffy!” Spike ran to me, pulling me into his embrace. “What’s wrong? What happ-“ He froze, recognizing the scent. “Angel.” His voice was cold with fury. “What did he do to you?”

I shrank into his arms and wept.

“It’s going to be okay,” he crooned. “Spike’s gonna make it okay.” He lifted me into his arms, holding me close. “I’m going to take you home,” he informed me, his voice shaking with rage. “And then I’m going to kill that bastard.”

I laid my head on his shoulder, still shivering. I couldn’t think. But with Spike, I finally felt safe.

He carried me back to the dorm room, ignoring the stares from passing students. Willow had already left for the night, and I was grateful for the empty room. This wasn’t something I was ready to share.

Spike laid me down on my bed, stroking my hair gently. “Are you going to be okay on your own?”

I shook my head, shivering. “Don’t…don’t leave me.”

He crawled onto the bed and stretched out beside me. “I’ve got to go take care of Angel,” he said darkly.

“Angelus,” I whispered.

Spike paled. “Oh, bugger.”

I curled into his side. “He said…he said he lost his soul. I don’t…”

“Shh,” Spike murmured, his lips grazing my forehead. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of everything.”

“I need to call Dawn,” I whispered. “She’s coming to get me.”

“I’ll do it.” Spike reached for the dorm room phone, dialing the number I gave him. He spoke for a minute, then hung up. “She’s already left. Girl really needs a cell phone.”

I sat up, fear for my sister more overwhelming than fear of Angelus. “We need to go warn her. If she just charges into things...” I yanked up a pair of pants from the floor and pulled them on, opening the door as I dressed.

Spike pulled me back. “You’re not going back out there!”

I wriggled out of his grasp. “I’m not staying here! Not while Dawnie’s in danger!” I ran for the stairs.

Spike cursed under his breath and followed.

Outside, the area was dark and still. Someone moved in the distance, but it was just another student, his frame much smaller than Angelus’s.

Spike came to stand beside me. “You shouldn’t be here,” he said through clenched teeth.

I clutched his hand in my own, the fear strong again now that I was back outside. “We have to find Dawn. She’d probably come in near Weisman Hall.” I pointed, and we headed in that direction.

On the way, I stumbled over something on the ground. It was my phone. Which meant that that tree had been the one where…

Spike was sniffing the area, his eyes dark and hard. “I’m going to kill him,” he said blankly. “I’ll rip off his head and set him on fire. I’ll tear open his chest and pull out his unbeating heart-“

I squeezed his hand. “Please, Spike,” I said shakily. “Let’s just find Dawn first.”

He pulled me back into his arms, kissing my forehead. I raised my tear-stained face to meet his, and he tilted his toward me, and…

“What an adorable scene,” Angelus drawled. “William’s found himself a nice human girl. How very pathetic.”

Spike tore away from me and charged at Angelus, his game face out and his fists clenched. He swung a fist at Angelus’s face, but the older vampire sidestepped and caught his wrist in midair. “You bastard!” he roared. “How dare you…you…”

“Oh, come on, babe,” Angelus said, smirking at me. “I thought we had a good time.”

Spike kicked him with full force, and he went flying into a wall. I watched Spike distractedly, focusing on the fight.

And then Drusilla swept over to me from where she had been waiting across the path. “Sunshine is so warm,” she cooed, letting her fingers run down my face. “My Daddy’s back. The stars are singing in my head.” I tried to step away from the crazy vampiress, but I was frozen in place by a force I couldn’t comprehend. “They say that my Spoike will return to us.”

“Like hell I will!” Spike snapped, swinging around to glare at Dru. “Get away from her!”

“The sunshine’s still. I’ve tamed her.” Dru announced.

“Good girl,” Angelus said absently, his fangs out and sunk into Spike’s neck. A haze was settling over my mind, and everything that was going on suddenly seemed to be happening in the distance, like I was watching a movie. “You can have some fun.”

Instead, Dru moved to pet Spike from his place on the ground. “My Spoike. So lonely without his dark princess,” she crooned. “Daddy’s made me all better now. We’re a family again.” She growled low, her lips at Spike’s throat. I wanted to push her away from my Spike, but I couldn’t lift my legs to move.

Angelus circled me. “Really, Spike, what were you thinking? Everything you have is mine.” He ran his hands over my breasts, and Spike tore at him. Angelus lowered his head to my neck. “Ah ah ah,” he cautioned, and Spike froze.

“Let her go,” he hissed.

“Willy, my boy, you had such potential.” Angelus shook his head sadly. “I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and blame that chip in your head for your recent behavior.” He laid a hand on my shoulder. “I get that, the whole handicap thing. Been there, done that. So I’m going to give you the chance of a lifetime.” He smiled magnanimously. “We’ll get that little contraption out of your brain for you.”

Spike’s jaw dropped. “What are you playing at?”

Angelus shrugged. “Shouldn’t be too hard. Bully the right doctors, and it’s gone. I hate to leave something like this Initiative standing, anyway.” He smirked. “Waddaya say?”

“Let Buffy go and we’ll talk,” Spike hedged.

Angelus shook his head. “The girl goes when you leave with us. Otherwise…” His hand wound around my waist possessively. “It’s your decision.”

“Why do you suddenly want me?” Spike demanded. “You never did before.”

Angelus wrinkled his nose. “Hey, I’m not dealing with a loony vampire with no toys,” he informed the other vampire. “What Dru wants, Dru gets.”

Dru clapped her hands and squealed. “I will have my Spoike back now!”

Spike turned to meet my eyes pleadingly, begging me to understand. I couldn’t do much of anything to respond. God, Spike, please don’t…

“Alright.” He said finally. “You’ve got a deal.” Dru jumped into his arms, and he held her, just like he’d held me earlier.

“Good.” And Angelus sank his teeth into my throat. Dru’s thrall faded when the fangs penetrated my neck, and I struggled. Angelus wasn’t trying to be sensual and slow, like when Spike had bitten me before the chip. He tore into me with ferocity, pulling blood from my body to his mouth with abandon.

Spike threw Dru aside and ran at Angelus, but he’d already released me. “Just so you remember who’s in charge,” he said smugly, shoving me away.

“Spike,” I whimpered, reaching for him.

“Let’s go,” Angelus said, turning away. Dru followed eagerly.

Spike looked at me with such desperation, I wanted to cry. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

And then he was gone.

I returned to the dorm with leaden feet, greeting Dawn dully when I found her in my room. She left shortly after, looking just as shaken as I was. She thankfully didn’t ask about the tattered skirt on my bed.

I showered feverishly, scrubbing at my skin until I bled. I could still feel skilled, rough fingers on my body, and it took nearly an hour before I finally returned to the room.

Willow returned to the dorm much later in the night, telling me the latest gossip on campus about Professor Walsh’s mysterious death. I remembered Angelus’s words about the Initiative and knew what had probably happened. But I couldn’t bring myself to care very much.

My mind was full of things like Angelus’s hands, Drusilla’s eyes, and Spike’s back, walking away from me. And my heart was breaking.
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