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Drowning In You by BloodEnvy
First Attempts
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Chapter Three-                 First Attempts

Spike watched as Buffy fended off the vamps’ attacks, landing blows but no stakes. She dealt a few good, hard combinations on the leader, before sending some painful-looking kicks on the others.

He flinched as she sent a kick into the pink-haired leaders head before rolling his eyes as she taunted the vamp about his choice in hair color. She never could resist, could she? She had a point though... what the bloody hell was the prat thinkin’, walking around with hair that color? Bloody ponce.

Spike felt his body start forward instinctively as Buffy took a blow to the stomach and fell to the ground. Waiting for her to rise again, gripping the axe tighter; he relaxed slightly as she did so. The success was brief though, as they forced her back against the wall, surrounding her. Glancing down at his axe, then once behind him, he rolled his eyes, tightened his jaw and pushed forward.

Tapping Pinkie on the shoulder, Spike swung the axe forward to cut clean through his neck.

“Howdy all, mind if I cut in?” Gripping the axe in both hands, he kicked the vamp to his left, forcing it to crash into the one standing next to him, before turning to deliver a blow with the handle of the axe to another’s nose. Glancing over at the Slayer, who was staring at him in incredulity, he smirked at her.

“Hello, cutie.” Not waiting for a reply, he ducked a swing from a vamp and threw himself after it.

Buffy stared wide-eyed at the man across from her. A very non-Riley shaped man. A not-a-man-a-Spike shaped rescuer. He threw a smirk and a glib acknowledgement her way, and attacked the beefiest of the vamps, axe whistling forward.

Shooting a scissor kick at an attacking vamp, she hit him with a combination of punches, sending him flying back as another came running at her. Reaching automatically for her stake, she found her back pocket empty. Hurriedly knocking back the vampire with a knee to his stomach, she grinned at him as he grimaced in pain, recognizing him as the one who had winded her.

Sending her knee up to connect with his stomach again, her smirk widened as he snarled.

“How’s it feel, arsehole?”

She jerked her knee up again, hitting him again in the stomach, her foot coming up in a sideways swing from her knee to ram into the side of his head, before delivering another kick to send him into a tombstone with enough force to break it. That vamp down for the count, she turned to the other vampire and began pounding on him.

Spike blocked the vamp’s blow to his face with the axe, gripping the handle at both ends. Forcing the first back, he kicked the other in the knee, grinning as he heard it snap. Bringing the blunt side of hit the vamp in the chin, he continued the swing behind him to sink into the back of the vamp behind him. Jerking the axe out from between its’ shoulder blades, Spike grabbed the fallen stake from the ground.

“Buffy!” Flinging the stake her way, he watched as she caught it easily and plunged it into the heart of the vamp she was fighting.

Swinging the axe around, he felt it slice through the neck of the vamp at his feet, and continued the motion until the vamp behind him was dust too.

Turning back to the blonde behind him, he saw her take a blow to the mouth, the hit causing her to stumble slightly. Pushing past the Slayer, he punched the vampire in the face.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you...?” Spike snarled at him he raised the axe, only to be forced out of the way.

“... don’t play with your food!” Buffy finished Spike’s taunt, before shoving her stake into the vamp’s heart. Watching him dissolve to dust, she turned and sent he fist flying into Spike’s nose.

Spike felt his eye’s tear, blood dripping into his mouth. Hand flying up to stem the blood, he stared, bewildered. “What the bleedin’ hell was that for?”

“That was for kidnapping Riley’s doctor!” She punched him again.

That was for trying to kill me!” She threw another punch.

“That was for Harmony shooting Riley in the leg!” She sent a combination his way, managing to evade three of his blocks, her last blow connecting sharply with his nose again.

“And that was for stealing my kill!”

Spike wiped the blood from his face with the back of his hand, he glared at the Slayer.  “The Boy Scout lived, didn’t he? And since it’s still Chips Ahoy in my bloody cranium, I don’t see what you’re so bloody...  Stealing you’re kill?!” Spike segued in shock. “I saved your bloody life, you stupid bint!”

“Saved my life?! I didn’t need you to save me! I was fine.” Buffy folded her arms over her chest. “Besides, you tried to kill me yesterday! Why the hell would you try and help me!”

Spike cocked his scarred eyebrow at the girl. She was unbelievable. Here he was, jumping in, saving her life, and she was yelling at him? “You weren’t fine. You were about to get turned into a family meal! I was helping! You needed me!”

“I don’t need your help!” Buffy spun away from him, briskly heading back toward the cemetery entrance. “I don’t need you! Ever! I don’t want you in my life, Spike I want you gone!”

Spike stood, blood running unchecked down his face as Buffy stormed away. “And that wasn’t what I was going to say!”

He kicked himself mentally. Could he have ended that argument on a stupider bloody note? He sound like a bleedin’ prat.

But the truth was, her last comment hit to close to home- it was so like what she had said in the dream.

She didn’t need him.


She didn’t want him.

He would have to change that.
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