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Poppycock (formerly Dead Things fic) by slaymesoftly
Chapter Four

Buffy quietly let herself back into the crypt, closing the door firmly behind her. She walked quickly to the ladder and dropped down to the rug-covered floor below, landing softly so as not to wake Spike if he was sleeping. She knew that the more he slept, the faster he would mend, but she also knew what else he needed even more; almost as much as she needed to give it to him.

Slipping off her shoes, she carefully lowered herself onto the bed, edging as close as she could without knocking off the sleeping vampire’s ice bags. She curled one hand around an unbruised place on his arm and allowed herself to relax and give in to the relief she’d felt at finding him alive.

(He could have been dust. This vampire - no, this man who loves me so much he let me beat him almost to death could have died because of me. Because I couldn’t stop myself. Wouldn’t control my anger even when he didn’t fight back. Why didn’t he stop me? Why didn’t he fight back?)

Tears began to leak from her eyes and she trembled with a suppressed emotion that she didn’t want to examine too closely.

“Why didn’t you use the word,” she whispered with a sob, not realizing she was verbalizing her thoughts. “Why didn’t you use the safe word, Spike? Why didn’t you say—“

“Poppycock,” he whispered hoarsely.

Her head snapped up and she saw him looking at her with the one eye that wasn’t too swollen to open. She saw no anger there, none of the disappointment in her she had every right to expect. She saw nothing but a calm acceptance of both his condition and the woman responsible for it.

“Not NOW, you moron!” Even as she chastised herself for getting angry again, she couldn’t stop the abusive terms from falling out of her mouth and she cringed internally at her own insensitivity. “Then! Why didn’t you say it then? Why didn’t you stop me?”

“Weren’t playing a game then, were we, pet? You needed to beat on me. Needed to let that anger out before it consumed you. I thought if I let you take it out on me…”

“You thought I’d change my mind about turning myself in…” she finished for him. “If I took it out on you, I wouldn’t feel the need to punish myself.”

“Well…yeah,” he admitted, shifting his body with a wince and sending several of his ice packs skittering onto the floor.

She shook her head slowly, understanding gradually sinking in. “You stupid vampire,” she added softly with no anger, just a resigned sigh.

“Might not ‘f been one of my better ideas, now that I think on it a little more.”

His lips crooked in a gentle smile that did nothing to make her feel better about what she’d done. She stared at him, completely astonished at the soft, joking tone of his voice. From out of nowhere a bolt of pure understanding went through her and she recoiled from him involuntarily.

(No one has ever loved me like this man does. No one ever will. If I didn’t have him in my life…)

She watched the hurt cross his face when she flinched away, and quickly leaned in to kiss his cheek and whisper, “Your ideas never work out. I would have expected you to know that by now.”

While he watched her suspiciously, she sat up and began to unbutton her blouse, shrugging it off and tossing it to the end of the bed. He frowned at her as best he could with his swollen face and began, “Buffy, I don’t think I can…”

“Shush,” she murmured, pushing the rest of the ice bags off onto the floor. “I just don’t want to get blood on my good shirt.”

She ran her hands over the puzzled vampire’s chest, carefully identifying where the cracked ribs were and where it might be safe to touch him. When she was sure she had found a way to straddle him without putting pressure on too many of his bruised and broken bones, she slipped on top of him and lowered her face to his.

The look he gave her was one of profound hurt and disappointment before he shut his eyes with a resigned sigh. With sudden insight, Buffy realized that he thought she was going to fuck herself on his broken body. Once again, tears filled her eyes at this proof of how thoroughly she had convinced him that she only cared for one thing.

“Spike,” she whispered, her voice thick with emotion, “look at me, Spike. Please?”

When he opened his one eye obediently, she almost choked on the pained resignation she saw there. She leaned down and, being careful not to touch the broken ribs, began planting light kisses on his neck and jaw line. She worked her way up to his mouth, whispering, “I know what you need to heal those bones, Spike. I want you to take it from me. Let me do this for you. Take my blood, Spike, please.”

She felt his body tense in shock as he understood what she was offering, but he made no move to let his fangs drop or to touch her neck which was placed as close to his mouth as she could get it.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing, Slayer?” His voice was still raspy from the abuse his windpipe had suffered at her hands, but she could hear the horror and fear in it. “I’m not going to kill you, Buffy. I know you want to go back to…where you were…but I’m not going to be the instrument you use. I don’t care how guilty you feel about this, or how unhappy you are here. Don’t ask that of me, Buffy. Please, love, I can’t….”

She shook her head at his denseness and tried again. “I’m not asking you to kill me. I’m asking you to take what you need to heal. Slayer blood is the best medicine for a vampire and I want you to feel better – now.”

She looked at his dubious face and smiled as she stroked his cheek softly. “I don’t want to be dead again. Not anymore. I have too much to live for. I have good friends, a sister who needs me, a sleazy robot-builder to bring down...and a man who loves me…” She stopped, willing him to see in her eyes what she wasn’t yet able to put into words.

Even with one eye closed and his face too battered to show much expression, Buffy could tell he was looking at her with amazement and reverence. For the first time since he’d come out of the shadows, clapping and promising to kill her, the vampire who had become such an important part of her life was rendered speechless. She gave a little giggle and dropped her face down to nuzzle his neck and suck on the spot she knew made him crazy.

When she felt his body shake with a deep growl, she pushed down the Slayer’s reaction and sucked harder, bringing the borrowed blood to the surface of his silky skin. His arms went around her body, pinioning her with no regard for his broken ribs or bruised chest, and she felt his face shift.

His cool tongue running up the side of her throat made Buffy shiver all over, and when he lightly ran his fangs over the same area she felt unexpected moisture pooling in her underwear. She gasped in surprise and felt him smile against her neck as he continued to lick and tease the skin on her throat.

He slid his fangs in so quickly and gently that she wasn’t even aware that she’d been bitten until the unmistakable feeling of having her blood pulled from her body sent a thrill right down to her core. Heedless of his bruises, she allowed her body to melt into his, grinding their pelvises together and moaning. She momentarily worried that he would think he was hurting her, but found herself unable to remain quiet in the face of her body’s reaction to the bite. Spike’s demon had no trouble recognizing the moan for what it really was and he continued to pull long, slow draughts from the Slayer until he felt her begin to weaken.

He pulled his fangs out gently, taking care not to tear her delicate skin, and running his tongue over the small punctures until they stopped oozing. His body began knitting itself back together almost immediately and Buffy could feel the bones in his chest as they shifted beneath her. Spike could feel his cuts closing as Buffy’s magical blood worked its way through his body. He brushed his still swollen lips against her forehead and breathed, “Thank you, my love.”

Buffy’s only response was a soft sigh as she snuggled into his newly healed body and fell into a restorative sleep. As soon as he was sure that she had not been harmed by the amount of blood he’d taken, Spike allowed himself to join Buffy in exhausted slumber. His rapidly healing lips were curled into a small smile as his body relaxed and healed while he held the Slayer carefully in his arms.

During the course of the next several hours, while the Slayer’s remarkable powers of recuperation replenished the blood she’d lost and the vampire’s own quick healing was enhanced by the powerful elixir he’d taken from her, their positions had shifted so that Buffy was lying on her side, her back pressed against Spike’s chest with his arms still wrapped around her protectively.

Buffy awoke gradually, aware of very little at first except that she felt very cherished and unquestionably safe. Bits and pieces of memories came floating back as she struggled toward wakefulness, and she knew without looking in whose arms she was so lovingly wrapped. Where before she would have shrugged him off with irritation, now she simply turned her head slightly to plant a kiss on his bare arm, bringing the vampire out of his own restful sleep. He smiled against the hair tickling his face and tightened his grip imperceptibly.

Buffy turned slowly until she was facing him and could look into his still swollen, but open eyes. The wonder and adoration she saw there made her blush and she ducked her head with embarrassment, burrowing into his chest and putting her own arms around his waist. Wisely deciding not to force the issue, Spike just dropped a kiss on the top of her head and said simple, “I’m yours forever now, Buffy. Never leave you, my love, never.”

“Don’t want you to,” she mumbled against the skin on his chest, breathing in the scent she loved and sticking her tongue out to taste his newly repaired skin. She giggled when he hissed at the touch of her warm lips on his skin, eliciting a low growl that she felt down to her toes.

“Have I ever told you how sexy that is?” she asked shyly.

“Can’t say that you have,” he rumbled, the vibrations from his voice sending more shivers through her body.

“Well, it is. It makes me feel all…” for lack of a good word to use, she just wriggled against him, provoking another growl and a noticeable hardening in his jeans.

“Watch it there, Slayer, I think I’ve got all my body parts in fine working order thanks to that wonderful elixir flowing through your veins.” He began to run his lips over her face, working his way toward her mouth. “You don’t want to be bringing anything up that you didn’t mean to.”

‘Well,” she breathed, turning her head to meet his mouth. “I didn’t really MEAN to, but if it happened …”

Spike’s lips were still slightly swollen, but when Buffy tried to pull away with a sympathetic wince, he pulled her closer and fastened them on hers, whispering, “Vampire, love, remember? We like a little pain with our love making.”

For the first time, Buffy didn’t contradict his use of the term to describe what they were about to do. She just wriggled closer and purred, “Then a little pain is what you’ll get, vampire,” as she grabbed his lip in her teeth and shook it gently. With another growl, he flipped them over so that she was underneath him, looking up into his eyes with complete trust even as he went into his game face again.

“But just a little,” she whispered. “I think I’m done with hurting you.”

Just as quickly as they had appeared, his vampire features went away and the face she had been afraid she would never see again was looking down at her.

“Not even if I ask you nicely?” He smirked at her serious expression.

“I’m trying to set a tone here,” she grumbled. “There’s just no point being nice to you, is there?”

“Don’t know, pet. Might take me a while to get used to it. Kindness from the Slayer – not something a vamp is likely to see very often.”

“How about kindness from his…girl friend?” Buffy’s voice was hesitant and she bit her lip uncomfortably, but forced herself to meet his eyes firmly as she gave him the crumb he’d asked for so long ago.

Trying to sound casual, even though he was sure his heart was going to begin beating any second, Spike said with a shrug, “Well, I guess from a girl friend it would be alright, if it didn’t happen too often…”

“I think you can pretty much count on that,” Buffy said with a sheepish smile. “I’m fairly sure bitchy Buffy isn’t going too far away.”

“Well, that’s good then. I’d probably miss her.” As he spoke, he was nuzzling the marks he’d made on her neck, smiling when she shivered under him. “Like that, do you, love?” he murmured, beginning to unfasten the snap on her pants. He popped it open and slid the zipper down, brushing his knuckles over the soft skin of her stomach as he did so.

With a little mew of contentment, she got her fingers into the waistband of his jeans and yanked until they popped open. She slid her hand in and wrapped her fingers around the smooth, hard shaft she found there.

“Is this what you were afraid I might bring up?” she giggled, stroking him the way she knew he liked.

A heartfelt groan was her only answer as he rolled them over again so that he could push her pants down her legs. Buffy obligingly kicked them off, then moved away so that he could wriggle out of his own jeans. He slid back into vamp face and used his sharp fangs to slice through the sides of her underwear, leaving them to fall onto the mattress while his hands were busy unfastening her lacy bra. They had reached an agreement weeks ago that Buffy would buy cheap panties at Wal Mart for him to rip apart and/or steal, but that he would keep his claws and teeth off her expensive Victoria’s Secret bras.

Running his rough tongue down her chest to her belly button and tickling her there, he remained in his vamp face, using his enhanced senses to drink in her scent. He used his hands, being careful not to scratch her with his claws, to pull her legs apart so that he could move his mouth down to begin lapping at the moisture he found there. He used his rougher vamp tongue to spread the moisture, sending Buffy into a moaning frenzy. Knowing her slayer healing combined with his saliva would close the wound quickly, he allowed one fang to nick her clit when she clamped her legs around his head and arched her back keening her pleasure.

With a quick lick to close the tiny wound, he slid back up her body and placed the head of his cock at her entrance. He waited until she had stopped trembling from the after shocks of her orgasm before nudging his way in far enough to get her attention. When her eyes focused on him and she wiggled her hips slightly, he grinned and asked politely, “May I come in, love?”

“Ooooo, inviting a vampire in, I don’t know. Sounds dangerous.”

Even as he played the game with her, he was sliding into her welcoming warmth, sighing softly as she gave his cock a gentle squeeze. They both moaned with satisfaction when he was fully buried, losing for just a second the thread of the conversation. Then, as Spike began to rock his hips he took up where they had left off.

“You’re the Slayer, love. What’s the worst that could happen?”

His hips were moving harder and faster and he had dropped his head onto her shoulder so he didn’t see her face as she whispered, “I could fall in love with him.”

“Well, yeah, I guess that could…”

He froze in place, sure he’d misheard her. He raised his head slowly until he was looking down into her frightened but resolute face.

“Buffy?” The hope and fear in his voice was almost painful to hear.

“I…I mean, it could happen, couldn’t it? Maybe by accident? When I wasn’t paying attention and it kinda snuck up on me and I—mmmph!”

The only sounds to be heard in the underground room after that were moans, gasps, whimpers and panting cries as the Slayer and the vampire who loved her tested the limits of their super strength over and over again until the arrival of the dawn began to force Spike into the deep sleep he needed for at least a portion of the day.

Instead of jumping up to run home when he sleepily informed her of the time, Buffy snuggled into his side, yawning and pulling the blankets up over them.

“You’re not going home?” he asked dubiously. “What about the Bit?”

“She’s a big girl. She can get herself off to school. Anyway, Willow’s there. She can do something to earn her keep for a change. I’m going to sleep. Here. With my l…lover.”

Spike was rendered completely speechless – sure that anything he said would cause her to wake up and rethink what she’d just said. He nodded dumbly and pulled her closer, burying his nose in her hair and purring quietly as he drifted into a dreamless sleep. Just before he lost consciousness, he thought he heard her mumble, “Xander will tell them where I am when he picks Dawn up for school. It’s all good….”

The End