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Every Little Bit Hurts by Schehrezade
Chapter Five
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"This sucks."

"What, the waiting?" Spike rolled onto his side and looked up at the petulant beauty that stood above him with her hands planted on her hips. His heart leapt at the teasing twinkle in her eyes and he smiled at her. In the last week since reading the stupid article in the Enquirer, she’d undergone a transformation. Her honey blonde hair was back and she’d taken to sunning herself daily, slowly regaining her bronzed tan.

She had also taken to nagging him about his contact and whether there was any information. He knew that it wasn’t that she wanted to return to the Hellmouth. She’d announced that in not uncertain terms as she rode him into submission the first night. She was home and all she had wanted to do was leave no loose ends. Her whispered promise of forever against his panting mouth had filled him with warmth and security. He understood the reasons for them having to return to Sunnydale and accepted that if it were necessary, then they would be a united front against enemies and friends. They would kill the scum that had taken Dawn from them and leave without a backward glance. So her demands for information never worried him, they were just an extension of her slayer needing action and nothing more.


Buffy stared down at her lover, a mixture of lust and poutiness on her face. As much as she didn’t want to return to Sunnydale, to the scene of where her family had been ripped from her, she knew deep down that she had a responsibility to ensure that the monster that had taken Dawn from her was truly dead. The article in the Enquirer had freaked her out; they had both seen the vamp dust, so reports of green-eyed monsters in her old hometown were not of the good in her book. If the journalist was right, then she had to go back and destroy the vampire, otherwise she would lose the newfound peace of mind that she and Spike had achieved here in their new home.

"Well, we both agreed that it was best to if we sussed out the situ in Sunnyhell before we headed off back there and find out that we're not needed." Spike flopped onto his back and checked the angle of the sun. He glanced up at the awning he'd fitted a week ago and nodded, it had been a good idea. His golden minx had turned pale in her determination to stay with him, this way they had the best of both worlds he could loll around on the veranda and she could get some sun on her pale body. He eyed her now, the gold hued vision in front of him and sighed. She was a vision of sun bronzed skin and slender curves. The gaunt look she had worn had slowly dissipated as he fed her up on cakes and any fattening food he could slip into her mouth.

“Yeah yeah, I know, but the waiting is driving me nuts. What did your poker buddy say last time you called?”

“Nothing much, luv, you know that. You were standing right next to me to be earwigging the entire convo.”

Buffy flopped down on the sunlounger and prodded his supine form with a pointy finger. “Call him again,” she demanded.

“Bossy bint, would think you wanna get back to the stink-hole right sharpish the way you’re acting,” Spike grumbled, capturing insistent finger and slipped it into his mouth. His pupils dilated at the taste of her sun warmed finger as his cool tongue wrapped around the succulent digit and suckled on it.

“Spike, quit with the sexy distractions!” Buffy moaned as he began to nibble her wrist, his fingers gently holding her hand as he lathed her pulse point, watching carefully as she swayed under his sensuous assault.

Spike trailed his tongue up her arm, pressing alternating kisses and nips as he reached her inner elbow and the with a purr, sank his fangs into her soft skin and supped at her blood briefly before moving onwards and upwards to her shoulders and throat. He chuckled at her gasp of pleasure at the stinging sensation of his incisors piercing her willing skin. He glanced up at her face and their gazes locked as he brushed a kiss over her shoulder.

“Spike…Hellmouthy stuff, call buddy…ohhh yes,” she hissed as he nipped at her collarbone and then soothed the reddened area with his tongue.

He chuckled at how easy she was when he got a bit nibbly near her throat, then sat up and captured her face in his hands. Spike stared down at her face, his fingers curled into her damp hair and tugged her towards his waiting lips. “Kiss me, love,” he murmured as she parted her lips with a soft sigh. She leaned forward and caught his bloodstained lips with hers. Her tongue traced around the firm edges, dipping in and out of his panting mouth as she teased him. Her hands lay on his torso, fingernails scraping his pecs and kneading the firm muscles that rippled with every kittenish touch.

Spike sighed and let her pink tongue slip back into his mouth to toy with his fangs. His hands slipped from her face and curved around her slender back, searching for the ties of her pale green bikini. He tugged them loose in seconds and let her full breasts drop into his waiting hands.

“Hmmm, maybe we should take this inside?” she suggested in a husky whimper. “Don’t wanna freak out the neighbours,” Buffy whispered against his pouting swollen lips as she covered his squeezing hands with hers.


“Love you all warm from the sun,” Spike murmured against her back as he ran his tongue down her spine, tasting the salty tang of her skin. His hands were busy on her side, dipping around and under her wriggling body and teasing her nipples with his fingers. Buffy grunted and buried her face in the pillow. She rocked her hips against the mattress when Spike pinched her aching peaks into hard points, his fingers unrelenting as they teased and tormented her breasts.

“Spiiike,” she wailed into the cotton cover and spread her legs as wide as she could, trying to entice his mouth downwards.

Spike sat up between her spread legs and gently smacked her undulating backside. He grinned as she groaned and watched her skin redden under the skimpy fabric that was stretched over her peach-shaped bottom. “Minx, wait until I am done.” He pressed the palm of his right hand down in the small of her back and watched as she wriggled around, trying to ease her burgeoning excitement. Her hands reached blindly behind her trying to reach him, to entice him into touching her in all the right places.

“Oh please, Spike. I need more. I need you—” She moaned and wriggled some more, hoping to tease him into pulling off her soaked bikini bottoms and sinking into her saturated depths. She’d had enough foreplay and wanted to get to the main course. Her desperation made her whine into the pillow and press her palms flat on the mattress to try and push up.

“Oi.” Spike smacked her again on the backside. “All in good time! I think we’re going to have to deal with this naughtiness.”

Buffy nodded frantically, “yes we do, we really do!” and arched her back, pushing her hips up as high as she could in her face down position. Hoping that the scent of her would overwhelm his defences and Spike would pound her into the mattress. She curled her legs around his thighs as he knelt up, and tried to wriggle backwards until her pussy was pressed against one of his knees, but his firm hand on her back kept her still.

“Right, that’s it,” Spike grumbled and before she could move he was over her in a flash. There was a clinking sound as he rummaged along the wrought iron headboard searching for something. Buffy turned her head and tried to catch his eye, but his torso was over her hand and she couldn’t see anything but rippling abs. “There we go.” With that Buffy felt his hand grab her wrists and pull them over her head.


“Hey! No fair. It was supposed to be your turn the next time we played bondage fun.” Buffy yelped as the familiar cool grip of their handcuffs tightened around her slender wrists, anchoring her to the headboard.

“Told you to be a good girl,” Spike chuckled as he ran his fingers lightly down her stretched arms and tickled her at the armpits. He watched as she lurched from side to side, trying to evade his merciless teasing. His hands then continued down her silky sides and tickled the edges of her breasts before moving to her slightly reddened bottom, two pink handprints from where he had smacked her contrasting with the bronze of her skin. It had been pure chance running into the drunken surgeon who had been in hiding in the small village down the coast from them. He had escaped the Initiative when Buffy and the others had stormed it and destroyed Adam and had been on the run ever since. It had taken a handful of cash and a mild threat from Buffy, but the doctor had caved and taken out the chip. Spike had been unleashed and yet had been a good puppy ever since—for love.

He’d never abused the trust that the she’d given him. His demon was content with the Slayer and bided by her rules. No biting the innocents of the world and he had acquiesced without hesitation. Perfect! Spike rubbed the reddened areas and smirked as she squeaked and groaned. He had never expected to be freed from the chip and then had also never considered the reasons why he’d lost interest in draining mortals for food. Instead, he continued to bag it and the vixen that was splayed before him occasionally supplemented his diet during their love play. Her blood satiated anything his demon ever wanted from its victims.

“Sweet morsel, I could eat you all up,” Spike purred as his hand settled on her inner thighs and flexed, bruising her soft skin with his grip. It was the one thing above all others he appreciated, to be able to make love to her with everything he was and not worry about being zapped in the noggin.

She felt her blood rush to her core, her labia swelling in excitement and her clit tightening and hardening in anticipation of his talented attentions. She let her thighs drop apart and curved her back cat-like, offering herself to him. Spike stared down at the soaked gusset of her bikini, his mouth watering in anticipation of her hidden secrets that were coated in her juices. He ran a finger along the edge of the green cotton; he slid a finger under the flimsy material and ran it along her slit. Buffy was delirious with need, his tormenting of her was driving her insane. Her brain shut down and her body became a conductor of all her sexual energies and she panted as Spike’s finger teased around her inner lips.

Deciding that he wanted to see all of her, Spike hooked his finger into the wet fabric and ripped it off. “Ow,” Buffy squeaked and then realised that finally he’d revealed her cleft to his hungry gaze. She licked her lips and waited to see what her vampire had planned for her. She loved it when he cuffed her to the headboard—even though he knew she could easily pull free, but trusting her to let him play and surrendering herself to his control. She grinned wickedly, remembering all the times he trusted her and let her chain him down and explore his willing body.

“So pretty and wet, all for me?” Spike asked as he sank down and brushed a kiss over her smooth nether lips. She’d surprised him with the waxed smoothness the other day and he adored it. They were baby soft and anointed with her fragrant excitement. He slipped his hands under her and used his thumbs to spread her lips and expose her to his eyes and mouth. He pursed his lips and blew a cool stream of air over her clenching opening and then bent forward and caught her clit in his teeth, tugging gently.

Keeping her in a state of arousal by combining pain and pleasure with expert finesse, Spike played her body until it vibrated with uncontained passion. He watched as her clit darkened with blood and began to twitch in anticipation of his lips. He chuckled and then let his thumbs move downwards, pressing on either side of her nub and began to torment her with the pressure. His mouth was busy on her backside, biting and licking the soft mounts before dipping down between her willing thighs. With unerring accuracy he latched onto her clit and bit it hard. His hands keep her writhing form still. Buffy’s wrists reddened as she twisted her hands and strained her whole body under his relentless onslaught.

“Taste like peaches and cream, love, can’t get enough of you.” He growled and vamped out, his fangs nicking her swollen labia and letting minute drops of blood mingle with her juice. Buffy shrieked. Her hips rocked as he thrust his tongue into her and began to wriggle it deep inside her tight passage. Pushing her over the edge, she raised her head from the pillow and screamed out her orgasm with a long animalistic moan. Her hips rocked her quim against his devouring mouth, drawing out her bliss for as long as she could, silently thanking god that he didn’t need to breath.

“Spike, I need you inside me now, please.” She managed to lever herself onto her knees and looked over her shoulder, her face flushed with spent arousal. Her hazel eyes were begging for more as she spread her legs and let his dazed eyes alight on her dew and blood-slicked cleft. Spike gulped at the sight of her quivering inner thighs and her dew soaked skin. All he could smell was her and he wanted more, he wanted his cock sheathed inside her as she screamed and moaned. He wanted her muscles to squeeze him until he popped and howled out his love for her.

“Bloody siren, you are,” he muttered as he rose to his knees behind her. Buffy giggled, braced her legs far apart and wriggled her hips from side to side to tease him some more. Her neglected breasts swung freely and her nipples crinkled tight. Spike placed a steadying hand on her hip, the other hand idly pumping his cock. He was aching to be inside her scorching hot satiny depths, churning her juices with his hardness. All his being screamed at him to stop the teasing but the demon inside him wanted to draw out the fun.

“Good things come to those who wait,” he growled and then curved his body over her sweating back. His hand reaching under her and sighing in contentment when her needy breasts dropped into his palms. He kissed the nape of her neck as his cock nestled against her heated core, the blunt head of it pressing into the cleft of her backside as he rocked his hips back and forth. The base of his cock pressing up against her nub sent shocks of electricity from her clit to her womb and then up to her swollen breasts. He tugged hard on her nipples and then twisted them gently with his dextrous fingers. The pale skin surrounding her rosy nipples was beginning to flush a deep red from her excitement and the pain his fingers were creating. Spike’s ravenous mouth was busy on her sweating neck, sucking hard and bruising her. Fangs scraped red lines and then soothed them with his tongue. Buffy gritted her teeth and let her head drop down as she slowly climbed back up to nirvana. Her body was flushed red under the bronze tan and sweat, coating them both as her side heaved with each breath.

Buffy panted and moaned as she writhed against his cock, desperate for him to slip inside her. Little grunts escaped her open mouth as her arms quivered under the strain of holding them both up. The handcuffs dug into her wrists, reddening them as her fingers gripped the headboard. She squealed as Spike muttered all manner of erotic nasties in her ear and tormented her over sensitised nipples. “I need more…”

“I know love. I know,” Spike hissed as he dipped his hips and finally sank into her willing depths with a groan. He felt her slick sheath stretch and strain as his cock opened her up. Shifting his hips from side to side, he pressed reverent kisses all along her neck before sinking his fangs into her throat.

They both moaned as their bodies finally succumbed to the inevitable. Buffy screamed as her vampire drank from her, his cock pumping his semen into her waiting body. Spike moaned as he drew her intoxicating blood into his mouth, hips jerking against hers as her channel milked his cock dry.

“Bloody well love you…you ravenous minx.”

Before she could reply, her arms gave out and they both dropped to the mattress with a grunt, his soft cock secure and resting in her channel as their combined juices seeped out of her. She tilted her head as best could and brushed a kiss on his sharp cheekbone. She took a breath to declare her love and the phone rang, breaking their idyll. A sense of foreboding hit as she watched Spike reach for the phone. She just knew their quiet life was going to be thrown into a flux and they would only survive if the two of them relied on each other.

It was time for them to return to the Hellmouth.

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