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Holiday Memories by Blood Faerie
Part 3. The Simple Life
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(Part 3 - The Simple Life)

AN: A little over halfway done! I planned 5 chapters then back to working on my usual WIPs. (So no chasing me with whips about them! LoL) Oh, and finally the smutty goodness! Yay! Thanks to Jessica and the others that helped me with this chapter.

William was carrying some laundry up the stairs when Buffy came back in the door and she rolled her eyes, following after him. He hardly looked like the same vampire anymore. He had scoffed at the clothes that she had brought of Spike’s and so she had bought him some slacks and sweaters more to his liking. He did not gel his hair back severely, and so the only thing that remained of her Spike was the blinding colour of his hair.

“You’re a guest; you’re not supposed to be doing our chores for us. That’s just wrong,” she told him for what must have been the hundredth time. She eyed the mess of curls on his head while his back was to her, putting away the towels in the hall closet. They look so soft... What? Stop thinking like that, Buffy!

“I could not just sit around all day and take advantage of your family’s kindness,” he straightened and turned back towards her. He held out a towel, knowing she would like to take a shower after patrolling. “Afterwards, I would enjoy your company downstairs with some cocoa and cookies.”

“Again? Why did mom have to teach you how to make cocoa and cookies?” She teased and started to head for the bathroom. “You better be careful or I’ll get used to this treatment.”

“If... if my amnesia lasts for some time, then you should,” he said shyly, cheeks warming as he watched her move in his usual awe. “And perhaps, even if I get my memory back then I shall continue to do kind things for you.”

She paused in the doorway and looked back at him slowly. “You really shouldn’t make promises like that until you remember being yourself, you know.”

“Buffy,” he moved towards her, leaning in close. “I may not have my memories, but there are more things to a man than his memories. I am still the same man, memories or none.”

She hugged the towel tightly and shook her head, “No... You’re not.”

She ducked into the bathroom and closed the door, leaning against it and burying her face in the towel. Why couldn’t things just be simple again... like before she became a slayer and could be that vapid cheerleader again that thought the world was a safe, simple place?


“Buffy?” William called softly into the bedroom, glancing warily at the window before walking towards the bed. He set the tray on the nightstand before kneeling next to the blanketed pile. “Buffy?”

A groan was his only response and the form shifted. Billy yawned and stretched in her little doggy bed then trotted over to sniff at him curiously. He fed her a piece of bacon then looked back at the bed and pulled back the edge of the blanket enough to reveal Buffy’s peaceful face. He could watch her sleep forever he was sure, but it wouldn’t be gentlemanly of him. He could easily see why he had fallen for this girl, though. She was so beautiful and so very out of his league, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try to gain her heart as he had Cecily’s. And, she was much kinder than Cecily anyway.

“Buffy, I brought you some breakfast,” he said softly and reached out to brush his hand over her cheek. “Please, wake up.”

One emerald eye peeked open to study him cautiously before the other one opened as well and she took a deep breath. “William, w-why did you...”

“I enjoy doing nice things for you. Now sit up and let me serve you breakfast in bed properly.”

“William...” she sighed and started to sit up, stretching so that her camisole lifted to reveal her toned tummy. She was flattered to note the way his eyes were glued to her like he had never seen a woman before. Well ‘William’ probably wasn’t used to women showing so much, but she was still flattered. “Okay, fine... but just this once and you gotta stop pampering me, okay?”

He set Billy at the foot of the bed to curl up against her master’s feet and sat on the edge. He set the tray across Buffy’s lap, smiling proudly of the meal Joyce had helped him with. Buffy fingered the rose lightly to avoid meeting his gaze. She would rather be fingering one of those soft platinum curls, and traitorous thoughts like that weren’t making it any easier to meet his eyes.

“A lovely lady like you should enjoy being pampered by the man who lo-“ He stopped, realizing what he started to say and blushing furiously. He quickly scooped up Billy and hurried for the door. “I shall take Billy outside for her morning powder break.”


Dawn came outside, sitting on the porch beside William. She looked up at him with a friendly smile then reached down to pet Billy when the puppy came over to snuff at the teen’s feet.

“So, how’s life in the future so far?” she asked him.

“Very complicated,” he looked at her. “But, your family has been so kind and generous that I have enjoyed every minute so far. Perhaps, except for the blood drinking.”

He chuckled as he remembered the many failed attempts on Buffy’s part to get him to feed before eventually he had gotten hungry enough to finally drink the blood. At least once or twice had been purely because he had choked on the blood when she had touched his arm, sending him into a sputtering frenzy. He just got so flustered around her; she affected him in ways that his crush on Cecily never had.

“Yeah, it’s a miracle, Buffy’s behaving herself and not being a total bitch to you,” she rolled her eyes.

“We do not seem to have the best history from what I hear,” he gave a soft sigh. “It seems terribly unfortunate.”

Dawn eyed him slyly. “You like her.”

“Yes, I am afraid I do,” his cheeks coloured. “I am at a loss as to what to do. I try to do kind things for her, but she does not like me waiting on her hand and foot she says. I think I am just at a loss as to how people court in these times.”

She thought for a moment then took William’s hand and stood up to drag him inside with Billy bouncing after them. The teen had an idea for a quick cram session on dating in the new millennium as well as helping William with ideas on how to ‘woo’ her sister. They needed a game plan and one was quickly forming in her head. She almost didn’t want to help Buffy; her sister didn’t deserve such a sweet guy... but she loved her sister and apparently so did Spike/William, so she could put aside sour feelings for the holidays.


Joyce and William were talking quietly in the kitchen when Buffy walked in the front door and they quickly separated before the slayer caught onto the fact that everyone else in the family was conspiring against her. Joyce started to head out of the kitchen just as Buffy came to stick her head in to greet them. She gave her daughter a quick peck on the cheek.

“I’m heading up to bed to read before I go off to sleep,” she told them. “You two behave.” She winked at William then left.

“Night, mom,” Buffy looked over at William and offered a small smile. “Hey. Well, I’m going to go get a shower then work on wrapping presents before bed.”

She started to turn to go, knowing he was going to offer her cocoa and cookies like usual. Part of her was trying to come up with a good way to turn him down while another part looked forward to the new routine. It was just, all the fawning over her embarrassed her somewhat, especially since he seemed to think she was some goddess among women and she could remember, unlike him, all the horrible things they had done to each other. Not to mention, she didn’t want to get attached to William only to lose him when Spike came back; to be hurt again just when she was getting over Riley leaving her, too.

“Buffy,” he called out and walked after her, catching her just as she was starting up the stairs. “Could you do me the honor of joining me back here once you are finished with your shower? The presents can wait a bit longer.”

“It’s late, William.”

He took her hand and held it, “Please. It is not as late as we usually stay up and I really quite enjoy your company. I look forward to our nights together all day long. All I want is a few stolen moments of your time.”

She swallowed hard. Damn him for being so sweet and adorable. How was she expected to turn him down when he’s looking at her all earnestly like that, huh? This was just pure evil, that’s what it was. Yeah. Evil. She pouted slightly.

“Okay okay, I’ll be back done after my shower,” she nodded and took back her hand. “But really, I can’t stay long.”

He smiled brightly and nodded before hurrying off towards the kitchen. She shook her head and went upstairs, slipping out of her clothes then into the hot shower. The scalding water felt nice and she dawdled under the spray for as long as she could, wondering if she stayed long enough he might get tired of waiting. Probably not, this was Spike... sort of... With a sigh, she got out of the shower and towel dried her hair before heading into her room to pull on a camisole and some shorts then dragging her feet all the way downstairs.

William wasn’t in the living room or the kitchen and she looked around curiously. Did he really get tired of waiting like she had hoped? Her brows went up and she glanced at the door to the basement before starting to tiptoe back towards the stairs.

The basement door flew open and William hurried after her. “Wait, Buffy, I went downstairs to change. I am sorry that I must have taken longer than I intended.”

“Crap.” She stopped and turned around to look at him, lifting a brow as she noticed the dress shirt and sports jacket that hadn’t been a part of the clothes that she had bought him. He looked nice. Really nice. Stop that, Buffy. She quirked a smile and teased, “You look like you have a hot date tonight.”

“I do,” he blushed and looked down. “Well, at least I hope I do.”

“I’m feeling a bit underdressed,” her tongue darted out to wet her lips nervously.

“I think you look wonderful no matter what you wear.” He shyly peeked up at her then motioned towards the living room. “I have a movie that Dawn said you liked a-and some popcorn and sodas so that it is like I took you to the movies. I hope that is okay. I do not have modern money to do it properly and it would not be gentlemanly to make you pay for the date.”

She smiled reassuringly. “It’s better than going out where you have to put up with rude people.”

He took her hand and eagerly led her into the living room, getting her settled on the couch with the bowl of popcorn and a soda before going over to turn on the movie. The lights went out and he settled onto the couch beside her. Her scent teased his senses and he shifted, trying to remember the things he had learned from Dawn’s teen movie-fest.

So first, he reached into the popcorn bowl, brushing her chest with his arm as he did so then innocently munching on the popcorn he snagged. Buffy got a weird look on her face, but didn’t look at him. William wouldn’t cop a feel... Nah... Afterwards, the offending arm rested between them with his hand near hers, barely touching her with his fingers. Since when was he afraid to take her hand? Something was up.

Then, about halfway through the movie he suddenly stretched and yawned, which really was even less believable when the guy is a vampire, but he was too innocent to get that. His arm snuck around her shoulders in the classic date move and she got a bit more suspicious, glancing at him out of the corner of her eyes and keeping her back stiff. Maybe that arm was just possessed. I should slay it, she thought with a mental giggle.

Towards the end of the movie, she was finally relaxing a bit and gave a small yawn, a real one, as she started to lean against him. Maybe the “moves” had been a fluke or either way, she could forgive him. He was way too sweet to get mad at for a few cheesy moves. She just wanted to know where he had learned this bad behaviour. Dawn? Mom? That’s the only other people he had been around since his amnesia. It was probably whoever had given him the nice clothes.

The movie ended and she started to sit up. William turned off the TV and turned to Buffy, reaching out to take the empty cup and then the empty bowl of popcorn. His arm brushed her chest again and before she could say anything, he hurried into the kitchen to put the dishes in the sink.

Buffy shifted, licking her lips as she tried to ignore the tingling where he had brushed against her. Maybe now would be a good time to escape upstairs. The date was over, right?

William came back into the room, unaware of her of her rebellious thoughts. He was, though, aware of a strange new smell coming from her. A smell that wreaked havoc with his senses and made his pants unbearably tight. With that reaction, it didn’t take him long to realize what the scent was. He knew enough about biology from his long days reading to know enough about animal mating habits and how the female musk affected the male strongly. After his initial flustered feelings, he was pleased that Dawn’s teachings had helped.

“Tonight was very nice, yes?” he went to sit beside her on the couch again. He shifted to find a good position which made his obvious problem a little more comfortable and a little less obvious. His brain was racing for what to do now, trying to remember what had went on in the movies. His hand slid over her knee, “I cannot wait to show you the surprise I am planning for Christmas.”

“William, what is going on?” she looked at him with a quirked brow then down at the hand on her leg. She was very much avoiding looking at his crotch, even if she knew he wouldn’t crow about it like Spike.

He thought fast, finally remembering something from one of the movies. He pointed towards the window, “Buffy! Look, I think it is a demon!”

Caught off guard, she actually lifted her head to look and that’s when he swooped in to capture her mouth. He remembered what Dawn said, to rely on instinct and use what he felt for Buffy. He also hoped Buffy would help and not turn away.

She didn’t turn away and he was elated, but still a bit uncertain. He awkwardly put his arms around her to pull her closer to him, moaning softly when her soft body brushed against his harder one. Her little hands slid under his jacket and a soft growl welled up deep in his throat, startling him. She did finally pull back after that and he looked at her worriedly.

“We should... well, not on the couch, you know,” she said, cheeks blushed and lips swollen. “And not my room, so... down in the basement?”

He smiled and nodded gratefully, standing and taking her hand to lead her eagerly to the basement. He opened the door for her and closed it behind them before hurrying down the steps after her. He stopped at the bottom and looked at her with a goofy grin, still lightheaded from the lack of blood to the upper brain and trying to figure out if he should just grab her again to continue the kiss.

She made it easier as she walked over to him, sliding the jacket off his shoulders. He started to lean in for another kiss, but she held up her hand.

“Who put you up to this?” she tilted her head curiously.

“Whatever do you mean, Buffy?”

“The lame moves and the nice outfit that I didn’t buy you. You didn’t act alone. Who was on the grassy knoll, buster?”

His brows crinkled, a bit confused by the reference, but sighed. “I expressed to your sister my desire to woo you and she helped me learn about how men and women court in your time. She showed me many movies and I learned those ‘moves’ from them. I did not realize they were lame. As for the nice date clothes, your mother helped with that.”

His cheeks were flaming brightly and he shuffled his feet, taking a couple steps back from her then going to sit on the cot.

Her brows went up. “Oh...” Her cheeks flushed and she licked her lips then quickly covered her embarrassment with a quip, “Is there anything else you all are plotting that I should know about?”

“Th-the Christmas p-present I mentioned,” he started to lift his hand to adjust the nonexistent glasses again before stopping. “They are helping me with that as well. I did not mean to plot against you. I just... I needed some help.”

“Oh, William,” she breathed and went to stand in front of him. “I’m flattered, don’t worry. I’m sorry to sound like I was accusing you of some coup. It... Thank you for all the nice things you’ve been doing for me. It was nice tonight and any woman would be lucky to have a sweet man like you.”

“I only want you, though.” He tentatively lifted his hands to slide over her hips and pull her forward until she dropped to straddle his lap. “Only you, Buffy.”

She looked into his eyes, wanting to know why. She also unsure if she wanted to chance getting close to William only to have him get his memories back and have Spike reject her. The decision flew out of her head when William got impatient with her so close, her scent teasing him. His hands buried in her hair and he kissed her again, holding her close and almost painfully tight. He leaned back against the wall as they tongues dueled, gasping when she brushed against his sensitive groin and his hips lifted of their own accord.

“Mmm,” Buffy tried to lift her head to talk as he was holding her so tight she could barely get space to talk. “Are you... are you sure you want to take this beyond kissing? You need to tell me now. I know how shy you are and I don’t want to do anything you would be uncomfortable with.”

“I am quite sure, my love,” he recaptured her mouth quickly then as an afterthought paused to say. “You will... have to show me, though, I am afraid. I do not know what I am doing... or at least, do not remember, obviously.”

She smiled softly. “No problem. I promise to go slow.”

She took his hands and moved them back to her hips, then pulled her camisole up over her head to expose her upper body to him. His eyes drank her in and his hands lifted nervously to touch her breasts. She leaned into his touch and kissed his neck, smiling as his breath hitched. Just like Spike, he breathed even though it was unnecessary. She found it so charming right then and flicked her tongue over his pulse to make him do it again.

“B-Buffy, should I-“

“Oh, yes you should remove your shirt, too.” She grinned, knowing that was not exactly what he had been about to ask.

She began unbuttoning his shirt, kissing her way down his chest as she exposed each inch. She pulled the shirt off and tossed it aside then reached down to start undoing his belt. His hand stopped her and he looked up at her with a soft smile, starting to get bolder as he lifted her back to her feet so he could begin sliding her shorts off along with her panties. He mimicked her, kissing down her thigh in the wake of the shorts. She finally gave into the urge to bury her fingers in the soft curls as he did, stepping out of the shorts as soon as they fell to the floor and kicking them away.

“You are so lovely, Buffy. Lovelier than any piece of art I have ever laid eyes upon.”

She blushed faintly and chuckled before dropping to her knees in front of him. She went back to her previous work of undoing his pants so that she could release his hard cock to her waiting hands. He was so... Her eyes went up to his face, smiling as she saw him with his lower lip caught between his teeth. She continued to watch him as her hand began to stroke him, watching his eyes darken further and grow heavy. Her other hand slipped just inside his pants to brush over his balls, bringing a little sound from his throat.

“Ohhh, my William,” she breathed with a small smile and her hand picked up its pace. “This is just the beginning and already you look ready to blow.”

“Th-th-there is m-m-more?” he stuttered with difficulty.

She chuckled before bowing her head over him to blow a soft breath over the sensitive head then flicked her tongue around the slit. His hips jerked forward, hands balling in the blankets as he watched her. Her hands briefly left his cock to pull his pants off and remove his shoes. Then, she crawled onto the cot beside him and took his hand, taking it to between her legs. She met his gaze as she showed him how to stroke her as well, giving a soft moan when he began to do it himself. Pleased with her hips moving against his hand, she bent to take his cock into her mouth.

“Buffy!” His hips jerked again.

After a few minutes, she was sure he wouldn’t last much longer so she lifted her head to smile at him. She continued to let him stroke her for a bit, moaning again as she leaned in to kiss him.

“You’re really, really sure?” she asked again as she shifted to lie back on the cot.

“Very,” he responded huskily, following after her. “I do not think I have ever wanted anything more.”

His senses were being assaulted as he covered her body with his. All his nerve endings were singing where she had touched him. He could smell her arousal again and her little moans had been such sweet music. He could watch her move forever and the look in her eyes when she looked at him assured him that she may deny it, but she surely returned his feelings. It all was building close to sensory overload and was making his demon start to make its presence known again. A sensation he had only felt before when feeding. It nearly confused him before her hand on his cock made it impossible for him to think.

“You don’t have to worry about being gentle, okay? I’m not a virgin and the whole slayer thing, yeah,” she smiled up at him encouragingly then kissed him slowly.

He nodded and returned the kiss, shifting as she guided him to her entrance and teased herself with the head. He groaned at the sensation, thinking he was going to burst into flames before the actual act. She lifted her hips and moved her hand to his hip, nodding at him as indication he should go ahead. He swallowed hard before thrusting into her, his hoarse cry mixing with hers.

“Oh my lord, oh my lord,” he repeated for a bit as he rested his face in the crook of her neck.

“I know,” she breathed with a smile and held him close as she rocked her hips against his. “Just... follow your instincts, William. It’s just natural, move your hips with mine. Yes... like that...”

She kissed all over his face, neck, and shoulders as he thrust into her. Breathy words of encouragement fell from her lips between the kisses. His thrusts picked up in pace and force as second nature took over. His demon threatened to take over as well, feeling the warm body that moved against him. The blood that rushed through her veins called to him. He thrust harder and harder.

Her head fell back as she moaned loudly, sure that soon she would fall under the waves of pleasure. The smooth column of her neck and the wildly beating pulse there was like a siren’s call to him; his eyes were riveted to it. It was like she was tempting him with it on purpose. He tried to resist, though, but as his climax neared he could no longer hold off the demon roaring in him.

“Buffy! Ohhh, Buffy!” He cried before his face shifted and he bit in her neck.

She was surprised for a second, but then her own orgasm claimed her and she screamed at the pleasure and the pain. He spilled within her as her muscles milked every drop from him, his mouth feeding at her neck simultaneously. Eventually, he got the demon under control and he licked the bite closed before sagging against her.

“William, you bit me...” she breathed in shock.

“I’m sorry, pet. I couldn’ help myself.” He apologized, rolling to the side so he didn’t crush her. His head continued to rest on her shoulder, though, and his arm curled around her possessively.

Her brows drew together at the change of accent. “That’s okay, it... it felt great.”

He finally lifted his head to leer at her with a very Spike-like look, not the kind of look she had ever seen her sweet William give her. “Bloody hell, it was amazin’!”


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