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I Would Die For You by slaymesoftly
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Chapter Four

Hours later, when the filtered light coming in the heavily curtained windows had roused her, she opened her eyes to find herself face to face with his equally open and smiling blue ones.

“Mornin’, luv,” he said quietly. “Care to tell me what’s going on?”

“Hi,” she answered shyly, suddenly very aware of their close proximity as well as her mother’s presence across the hall. “How do you feel?”

“Like I’ve been run over by a truck,” he admitted, groaning slightly as he moved his head. “What hit me?”

“You don’t remember?”

“Remember that bitch threatening to take you into her chamber of horrors, and the big git pushing me down; that’s about it. It’s pretty much blank after that.”

Buffy pulled a hand out from under the blanket and cupped his cheek as she answered, “She tasered me and I was out of it for a few minutes. When Riley tried to carry me out for her, you…you bit him. The chip fired, but you kept biting until…” She looked up into his horrified face, easily seeing his certainty that she was going to stake him for killing the man. “You didn’t kill him,” she said quickly. “You just dropped him and tried to keep her away from me.”

“Don’t remember any of that,” he muttered.

“I’m not sure you were still conscious,” she smiled slightly. “The chip had pretty much fried your brain by that point.”

“So,” he looked around quickly, “how did I get here? And where are we? This isn’t your room.”

“It’s our guest room. My mom insisted you be put here when we brought you home.”

“Your mum tell you to keep me company?” he asked with a skeptical twitch of one eyebrow.

“No. But she didn’t tell me I couldn’t, so…”

“Your mum’s a very nice woman, Slayer,” he said sincerely. “I like her,” he added, in a teasing voice. “She’s nothing like her irritating bint of a daughter.”

“She likes you, too,” Buffy answered with a mock glare. “I’m not sure why.” She giggled at his growl, “But she does and she wanted you to have someplace safe to recover. I just didn’t feel like arguing with her.”

“Is that so? And where would you have put me? In the basement?”


Her hand was still on his cheek and she patted it lightly as she spoke, neither of them taking seriously what the other was saying. The familiar bantering eased Buffy’s fears that the vampire was going to be permanently damaged by the chip’s constant shocks and she relaxed, dropping her hand to the blanket.

Spike rolled to his back and attempted to sit up, only to find himself too weak to lift anything more than his head. He groaned in frustration, rolling his head back towards the frowning girl.

“Bloody hell! I’m weak as a kitten.”

“We can fix that,” she said quietly, not looking at him.

“Yeah, I will, pet. I think your mum’s probably still got some blood in the kitchen. Soon’s everyone’s awake, you can go get me some and I’ll be up and around in no time.”

“That wasn’t exactly what I meant,” she said softly, meeting his puzzled gaze with a quiet sureness. “You could have some of my blood. It wouldn’t take much – just a few sips, probably.”

He looked at her with dawning understanding and disbelief.

“You are amazing,” he said with a tremor in his voice and an expression on his face that sent her heart racing and warmth flowing throughout her body.

“Hey,” she said, blushing. “It’s no biggie. You’ve got more right to it than Drac does. You don’t even have to bite me, so we don’t have to worry about the chip. You can just pull the scabs off his bite.”

She sat up and studied the weakened vampire, trying to decide how best to get her neck close to his mouth. With a blush, she moved so that she was lying on top of him, placing her throat close to his mouth. She placed her elbows on either side of his head, holding herself up for a second as she said, “I don’t think the chip will fire if it doesn’t think you’re hurting me, but if it does, you stop and we’ll do something else. Okay?”

She lowered her head until it was beside his and her neck was touching his lips. Buffy shivered all over when he ran his tongue over the newly healed bite, laving it until the scabs softened and came off. When he applied his mouth to the wound and began a gentle sucking, the sensation went directly to her lower abdomen eliciting an involuntary moan. Apparently the chip had no problem recognizing the moan for what it was, as Spike continued to suckle, taking long slow pulls of her blood.

She could feel him growing stronger under her as he absorbed the tonic that was Slayer blood. His arms came up to wrap around her, holding her against him even as he stopped sucking on the wound and began to lick it closed. She could also feel his reaction to her nearness pressing against her hip and she squirmed around until the bulge he couldn’t hide was caught between her thighs.

When he stopped licking the wound and raised his head, she slid a little further down his body, allowing his erection to press into her center while her lips sought his eager mouth. Even the coppery taste of her own blood on his tongue couldn’t spoil the incredible intensity of the vampire’s kiss. Buffy sighed into his mouth, her tongue tangling with his while her warm breath brought another groan from the aroused vampire.

His hands crept under her pajama top, caressing the soft, warm skin he found there and pulling small whimpers of need from the Slayer’s throat. Buffy frantically tried to cling to the knowledge that they were not alone in the house, that her mother could appear at any time to see how Spike was doing; while he struggled to hold the same thought. In no way did he want Joyce to walk in and find him shagging her daughter in the bed she had trusted him to occupy, but at the same time the whimpers coming from Buffy as well as the feel of her strong body on his had him so hard he was aching.

He dipped his hands into her pajama bottoms, cupping the silky skin of her ass and pulling her hips against him even harder. Trapped by her position on top of Spike, Buffy could do nothing but tangle her hands in his soft hair and grind her hips into him.

“Want you so badly...You feel so bloody good, love…Please, Buffy…I need…”

“We can’t,” she gasped, even as she rolled them over to wrap her legs around his hips. “Somebody might come in…” She moaned low in her throat when he slid a hand between them and ran his fingers into the heated dampness waiting there.

Within seconds his talented fingers had her panting and whimpering, her legs spread as she arched into the hand that was quickly bringing her to a fever pitch. She buried her teeth in his shoulder as she shuddered against his hand, muffling the scream of release that tried to make itself heard. She continued to tremble, while he whispered in her ear how much he wanted her and how good it felt to make her come.

With a quick glance at the still-closed door, Buffy ran her hand down his hard stomach, smiling when he sucked it in with a gasp. The gap between his soft skin and the rough denim of his jeans was suddenly large enough to allow her hand to slip in and find his swollen cock. His whimpered moan when she wrapped her hand around him was all the encouragement she needed to begin a rhythmic stroking and squeezing. The vampire grabbed a pillow, pulling it down tightly over his face as he pushed up into the warm hand bringing him such welcome release.

When he had taken the pillow off his face to look at her with admiring eyes, she smiled and, with a final caress, pulled her hand out and wiped it on the sheet.

“I guess I’d better get out of here before we do something that makes my mother come after you with the axe again,” she said with a sigh. “I’ll go get dressed and heat up some blood for you. You can come downstairs when you’re ready.”

He pulled her down for another kiss, one that threatened to begin the whole activity all over again until they heard the distinct sound of her mother’s door opening. Buffy shot up off the bed and was at the door by the time her mother knocked politely on it. She opened it immediately, murmuring a “good morning” as she went past her mother to the bathroom.

Joyce stepped into the room and surveyed the tired-looking vampire. His eyes were still bruised and damaged-looking, but they were open and alert enough to cause her to give a sigh of relief. She waved him back down when he sat up, his weakness still evident when he tried to swing his feet onto the floor.

“Stay there until Buffy brings you something to eat,” she ordered in her best ‘mom’ voice. “You’re not leaving here until I know you are completely recovered and that it is safe for you to go home.”

“Yes, Mum,” he grinned at her, leaning gratefully against the headboard.

“Thank you for protecting my daughter,” she said quietly. “You seem to be doing that a lot lately.”

“Dozy bint keeps gettin’ herself into these situations,” he said with a straight face. “You’d think she was the Slayer or something.”

Joyce smiled ruefully. “Point taken,” she agreed. “But I am grateful never-the-less. You didn’t have to do it.”

“Yes, I did,” he responded truthfully, allowing Buffy’s mother a quick glimpse of something she had begun to suspect already. She shook her head at her own dreams of Buffy’s having a normal life and went downstairs to begin fixing breakfast for her guests.

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