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I Would Die For You by slaymesoftly
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Chapter Five.

Before anyone attempted to leave the house -- including Joyce, who fumed at being kept from her business, but acknowledged the wisdom of not putting herself in possible danger -- Giles made a phone call to Council Headquarters, and then another one to a local number they provided. He listened carefully, asking a few terse questions from time to time, then hung up and turned around with a satisfied look on his face.

“It appears that the military investigators have arrived and taken control of the facility. They are in the process of sorting out which demons may be harmless enough to release and which should be humanely destroyed. They would like our assistance in helping them with identification.” He turned to a still-sleepy Xander. “Do you think Anya would be willing to come with us? I am sure her knowledge is much greater than ours when it comes to knowing which demons might be considered harmless.”

“I’m sure she would,” the boy responded, “She loves to be asked for information. And, hey, speaking of harmless demons…”

They all followed his gaze to the doorway, to see Spike standing there, one hand gripping the doorjamb in a futile attempt to seem strong and healthy. Buffy immediately leapt to his side, putting his arm over her shoulder as she helped him walk to the nearest chair. He sank down into with a quick smile of thanks, paying no attention to her muttered threats of retaliation for his being “such a moron” as to come down the stairs unassisted.

While she went to the kitchen to get him some warm pigs’ blood, Willow and Tara looked at him sympathetically. The blond witch said shyly, “I’m g-g-glad to see you are awake. You had us worried last night.”

“Yes,” Willow added. “Buffy was afraid there might be permanent brain damage.”

“Not a bloody word, Whelp,” Spike growled and pointed at Xander who was just opening his mouth.

“Oh, come on, Evil undead. It has to be said.” Xander’s indignant response was accompanied by a small smile.

“What has to be said?” Buffy came into the room holding a mug of warmed blood which she handed to the vampire before sinking to the floor at his feet.

Giles answered dryly, “They were discussing Spike’s fortuitous escape from having his brain permanently injured during the altercation on your behalf.”

Buffy’s eyes darted back and forth between Spike and Xander and her back stiffened as she realized what Xander wanted so badly to say. However, when she saw that he and Spike were actually smirkng at each other instead of glaring, she relaxed and leaned back against the chair, her shoulder just brushing Spike’s leg.

“Well,” she said coolly, “it was scary to see. I hope you aren’t planning to make a habit out of doing that.”

“Doin’ what? Biting big, ugly gits that are trying to kidnap you? I hope I don’t have to do that again either. But I will, if I have to,” he finished quietly so that only Buffy and those closest to them could hear.

While Spike slowly drank his mug of blood, Giles began the process of deciding who would go to the Initiative labs to meet with the new commander and help him assess which demons could safely be released back to their lives and families. It was determined that Willow, Giles and Anya, with Xander accompanying them because he wanted to see more of the facility, would make the initial trip. Spike agreed to help them with any that Anya couldn’t recognize, although he admitted dryly that her 1000 years of life as a vengeance demon would probably give her a slight edge over his own 124 years of demonhood.

At Joyce and Buffy’s insistence, Giles agreed to leave the vampire at the Summers’ home until he seemed to be completely recovered from the debilitating effects of the chip’s constant assault on his brain. Buffy walked to the door as her Watcher and friends prepared to leave, laying a gentle hand on the man’s arm. Giles turned to face her, his brow raised in question, only to find that now that she had his attention she was wordless.

The Slayer squirmed and cleared her throat, casting a look back at the vampire before squaring her shoulders and saying firmly, “I want you to ask them about Spike’s chip.”

When the man’s face darkened and he began to speak, she interrupted him quickly. “I’m not saying I want them to take it out. At least,” she admitted slowly, “not right now. But I want to know more about it. How long will it last? Could it malfunction and go off on its own for no reason? What would happen to him if it did?”

Giles glanced from the vampire, who was resting his head against the back of the chair, pretending not to listen, to the anxious Slayer and said coldly, “I will not even consider asking them to take it out. You need to understand that, Buffy. He is a cold-blooded killer and that chip is the only thing keeping us safe from him.”

There was a soft growl from the chair in which Spike was sitting and he was now staring right at the Watcher. Giles was surprised to see more pain than anger in the vampire’s expression, and he dropped his eyes in the face of what he had to admit was his own ingratitude.

“I’m sorry, Spike,” he said quietly, avoided Buffy’s equally angry glare. “I know that you have gone against your nature recently to protect my Slayer, and I do appreciate that; however, surely you don’t expect me to believe that you would not go back to feeding on helpless humans if you were able to do so safely.”

“Don’t care what you believe, Watcher,” Spike answered dully, “Only care what the Slayer thinks. And her mum,” he added quickly when Joyce frowned at him.

Buffy looked back and forth between the two men with distressed eyes.

“Just see what you can find out about it, Giles. That’s all I’m asking. We need to know more about…about what they did to him.”

The Watcher gave a brusque nod and continued out the door, promising to call or come back later to let her know what they found in the former secret facility.

Giles had indicated to Buffy’s mother that any possible retaliation from Initiative soldiers seemed to be unlikely with both Riley and Maggie Walsh missing and all the others accounted for and confined to their barracks until decisions were made about how responsible they were for the abuses in the facility. In light of that information, Joyce decided she would go in to her Gallery for the day and she went upstairs to change.

Promising to stop and get some more blood for Spike on her way home, she ran a motherly hand over Buffy’s head and left for her place of business. Joyce knew that her daughter faced sudden death every night when she went out to do the work for which she’d been chosen, but the idea that she could face death or danger from other humans was not something she usually worried about. Once she knew what Buffy was and understood how deadly her own daughter could be, she had been relieved of the normal mother’s fears about Buffy’s safety in everyday situations; replacing that with the fear of the monsters and demons she went out to fight every night.

To discover that the very people Buffy risked her life to protect would be capable of wanting to harm her daughter had Joyce wishing she still had the fire axe she had used on Spike when they first met him years ago. She shook her head at the way the blond vampire had wormed his way into a place in their lives, knowing that Buffy would be furious if she had any idea how often Spike had stopped by for hot chocolate and a sympathetic ear -- long before he was chipped. Somehow Joyce had never been afraid to have the vampire in the house, trusting him when he said, almost shyly, that he just wanted to spend some time around a woman who wasn’t cheating on him or trying to kill him.

Joyce’s wry smile at the reference to her only daughter had cemented the trust between them and she had never told Buffy about the vampire’s rare but enjoyable visits. As far as Buffy knew, he had only been there the one time she had caught him baiting Angel while waiting for Buffy to come home.

She grinned to herself, remembering one of their first conversations in which she had threatened to take the axe to him again if he didn’t quit trying to kill her daughter. Spike had reacted with rueful laughter, saying, “I wouldn’t be worried about that, Joyce. She’s too good for me. I try to give her a good fight, but she can pretty much kick my arse anytime she wants to.” He’d paused, a panicky look coming over his face. “But you can’t ever tell her I said that!” he’d said, his voice rising in fear.

She’d laughed and assured him she had no intention of telling Buffy that the Slayer of Slayers was afraid of her.

“Not afraid,” he’d mumbled. “Just don’t want her getting too cocky, is all. She might make a mistake and get herself killed.”

With a sudden burst of insight, she realized that Spike’s desire to protect the girl he’d come to Sunnydale to kill had begun long before the Initiative had put the chip into his head and she almost turned around to go home to chaperone the two blond superbeings that she had just left alone together. A moment’s thought and she shook herself mentally.

Buffy is not a girl any more. She is a young woman and she is entitled to make her own decisions about her life. If there is something going on between her and Spike, it is their business and they will tell me about it in their own time.


Left to their own devices, Spike and Buffy maintained an uncomfortable silence until the impulsive vampire could not contain himself any longer. Putting down his now-empty mug, he crooked a finger at her saying softly, “Commere, pet.”

She approached slowly but willingly, pausing when she reached the side of the chair and sitting on the wide arm. She put one arm across the back of the chair, absently tangling her fingers in the soft curls he’d not yet had time to tame.

“What?” she asked somewhat defensively. She knew he’d been able to hear everything she said to her Watcher and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know how he felt about it.

He surprised her by not mentioning his chip at all.

“Nothing,” he said quietly, taking her free hand in one of his and stroking it with his thumb. “I just wanted to be close to you for a while longer. Thought I’d take advantage of the empty house, is all.”

“Oh.” His quiet remark took away all the words she had been preparing to use to explain why she wasn’t asking that his chip be taken out right away.

She made no complaint when he pulled her down into his lap, putting his arms around her loosely and resting his chin on her head. She snuggled into his chest, resting one hand on it and marveling at how comfortable and how right it felt to be there. When she began tracing small circles on his chest, getting closer and closer to one nipple as she did so, his arms tightened briefly and he made a soft sound, somewhere between a growl and a purr, that vibrated throughout her whole body.

“Have I ever mentioned what a sexy sound that is?” she asked breathlessly as her body responded to the vibration.

“Liked that, did you?” he growled again, smiling when her heart rate and body temperature went up.

“Oh yeah,” she responded with a small whimper. “Do it again.”

Instead of answering her, he picked her up and turned her so that she was facing him, one knee on either side of his legs and her crotch poised over the growing bulge in his jeans. He slid down until he was slouching in the chair, his hips pushed forward and her rapidly dampening center just touching him. When he let go, she sank down onto him, gasping as he pressed up into her, then moaning when he began a steady purring that sent vibrations from his body directly into hers.

The pleasure he took from having her warm, moist sex pressed onto his hardened cock made it easy for him to continue the purring, interspersing it with an occasional growl as the demon struggled to demand more. He kept his hands resting on her waist, gently pressing her hips down onto him as he watched her face fill with lust and enjoyment.

It wasn’t long before the vibrations had little gasps coming from the Slayer’s mouth as she began to grind down onto him in an attempt to reach the release she could feel building.

“Ah, ah,” he scolded gently, holding her off just a fraction, “let it come by itself, love. Don’t force it. It’ll feel all the better for taking some time.”

“Spiiiiiike,” moaned the impatient Slayer, complaining even as she complied with his directions. She was sure if she had to remain still any longer she was going to lose her mind entirely as waves of sensation swept over her from the steady vibration against her clit. He held her gently, whispering in her ear how good she felt on him and how happy he was going to be to see her come for him again. The urge to push up into her willing body was strong, but he fought it down, wanting to watch her face as her pleasure built and ecstasy flooded her body.

He held her hips firmly as the first waves of her orgasm washed over her – letting her neither move away from the steady vibrations, nor to grind down harder. Her head went back and her eyes closed as she hung there helplessly while wave after wave of pleasure so acute it was almost painful flooded her being. When her body finally could no longer produce any more ecstasy, she fell against him with a shudder, taking deep gasping breaths and struggling to regain her senses.

She finally recovered enough to breath normally and mumble against his chest, “Angelus, shmangelus. That’s probably what made Dru go crazy. It was all your fault.”

His deep chuckle resonated against her cheek and she raised her head to meet his eyes, only to drop them again, blushing deeply. She burrowed into his chest, embarrassment at having allowed her body to respond to him as it did making it impossible for her to look him in the eye. She could tell from the continuous chuckles that he was thoroughly pleased with himself and the small part of her that wasn’t completely mortified at having lost control in front of him was happy with the knowledge that giving her that much pleasure made him happy.

With a guilty start, she realized that except for stroking his ego,the whole exciting episode had been all about her and she squirmed uncomfortably against the still rock-hard erection the vampire was making no attempt to hide. With a sly grin, she decided to try to wipe the cocky expression right off his face.

Still keeping her eyes averted, she pushed herself away from his chest and began to slide down his reclining body, stopping when her face was only a few inches from his straining zipper. Using her teeth, she delicately took the zipper in her mouth and pulled it down slowly, smirking to herself at the vampire’s sudden gasp. She nuzzled her way back up the now-open fly, running the tip of her nose lightly along the pale shaft trying to push its way out. When she got back to the snap at the waistband, she realized that the small piece of flesh she could see peeking out the top was the reason his cock hadn’t sprung free immediately. She flicked her tongue across it quickly, before grabbed the denim fabric in her teeth, and with a quick prayer that her teeth were as strong as bones, she yanked the pants open, allowing the captive body part to burst free.

Spike’s sigh of relief told her how uncomfortable it must have been for him while he was giving her the best orgasm of her short life, and she felt guilty all over again. The tight waistband on his jeans had left a red mark around the head and she leaned in to plant a small kiss of apology on it, laughing when the vampire gasped and shifted his hips.

Determined to make him feel as good as she did, Buffy ran her tongue up the sides several times before slipping her lips over the head and pulling as much of it as she could into her mouth and throat. Spike’s hissed, “Slayer…” was all the encouragement she needed to begin a series of long, hard pulls on his willing cock, pausing occasionally to swirl her tongue around the tip and nibble on the foreskin she found there.

When she had him babbling her name over and over and running his hands through her hair where it fell onto his flat belly, she renewed her efforts, trying to get as much of the throbbing member into her throat as possible. She wrapped one hand around the base when she realized that she could not fit the whole thing in her throat, and began squeezing gently while swallowing at the same time.

She was just beginning to worry that she was going to have to stop and breathe soon when she felt him tense up and, with a strangled cry, he began to jerk his hips, pumping into her while she quickly swallowed everything he had. When his hips stopped moving and she felt him relax against the chair, Buffy slowly allowed his softened cock to slip from her mouth, leaving a small kiss on the tip before straightening up to look in his sated face with a smile.

“So, are we even now?” she chirped cheerfully.

“Bloody hell,” was the only reply as he pushed himself into a sitting position and pulled her back up onto his lap.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” she said, suddenly shy again at the adoring look on his face. She tried to look away from the intense blue eyes boring into hers, but a gently hand on her chin prevented it.

“Don’t look away from me, love,” he said softly. “It makes me think you’re sorry about it. Don’t ever want you to be sorry about anything you do with me.”

The frightened sincerity in his eyes had her nodding quickly and reaching up to kiss the mouth that was already moving in anticipation of having to argue his way back into her good graces. When she brushed her lips over his and whispered, “Not sorry, just embarrassed,” he laughed with relief and captured them in a deeper kiss.

“Don’t want you to ever be embarrassed either. Nothing you could do would ever make me think less of you. Least of all anything you do that makes me feel that good,” he added, wiggling his eyebrows for emphasis.

As he’d hoped, his remark made her giggle and she relaxed against him, enjoying the way he nuzzled the top of her head and stroked the arm resting across their bodies. They drifted off to sleep, the vampire still needing time and rest to recover from the chip’s effects and the Slayer satiated by her two orgasms in one morning.

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