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Positive Reinforcement by Spikez_tart
Chapter 2 – Kind of Yucky
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Back at her dorm room, Buffy showed the box and wristband to Willow.

“Professor Walsh told me when I see Hostile 17, I mean Spike, do something good or helpful, however, you know, lame, I touch the keypad on the box and the box zaps his chip and gives him a feel-good.”

“Wow, Buffy, this is exciting. Let’s go test it on him,” Willow examined the wristband and box minutely, reading the instructions on the bottom and testing out the zap controls. Willow loved technology, almost as much as she loved magic.

“Look at this, Buffy, the wristband lights up when you hit the zap pad,” Willow demonstrated how a tiny red LCD light on the wristband lit up.

Buffy wasn’t paying attention. “I don’t know about this, Will, what if she’s lying and the zapper box hurts Spike? I wouldn’t want to hurt him - much.”

Buffy had doubts about the professor’s project now the immediate threat of being flunked out of class was removed. She felt a tender spot for Spike. He did like Passions, the same soap opera her mother watched religiously every Tuesday night. She almost felt sorry for him, chained up and helpless, except he was a brutal killer.

There was the business with Willow’s spell, too, when he asked her to marry him, even though he didn’t mean it. Buffy never received a marriage proposal from anyone before, not even Angel. Sitting in Spike’s lap and kissing him and making wedding plans was more than fun. It was, well, romantic.

“What else do you have to do?” Willow asked. She wasn’t overly concerned about zapping Spike or whether it might hurt him.

“I have to wear this wristband all the time. I have to keep Spike with me 24/7 for the next six weeks while I give him zaps when he’s being good. Knowing Spike, six weeks will entitle him to about six zaps. I have to log on to the professor’s website and record all the times he does something good and I give him a zap.”

Willow handed back the box. “It is kind of yucky being with Spike all the time, but at least you won’t be kissing him like when I put that stupid spell on you.”

Kissing Spike. Lips of Spike. Mmmmmm.

Buffy wiped the smile off her face. She did not want to Willow to know she was thinking about kissing Spike. She also didn’t want Willow to know about the time she and Spike did quite a bit more than kissing while they were under the spell and the gang left the two of them alone in Giles’ house. Thinking about the whole episode made her remember how excited she felt when Spike… Buffy blushed and reminded herself Spike was a pig.

“Let’s go test the box on him to make sure it doesn’t hurt him, and then you can make up your mind,” Willow said.

Buffy agreed and she and Willow headed to Giles’ house where Spike was sleeping the day off in the bathtub.
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