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Positive Reinforcement by Spikez_tart
Chapter 3 – Testing Spike Out
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Spike slept with his head on a bath towel and his long legs scrunched up in the tub. The tub was too short for him to stretch out. He was enjoying an excellently bloodthirsty dream featuring him hunting down the Slayer and biting her lovely tan neck while she begged him to ravish her. Her blood smelled of dark red wine with copper flecks. The scent of warm, tasty blood from his dream blended into reality and woke him.

The Slayer leaned against the sink, holding a mug of warm pig’s blood. “Giles said you hadn’t fed in a while.” She held out the pig’s blood and put the straw in his mouth.

Spike looked at her while he sucked the blood through the straw. He suspected Buffy was up to something. She hadn’t brought him any blood in his mug in a long time, and then only when he complained he was starving. Now, she was bringing him blood, without being asked, and pretending her Watcher had something to do with it. Fat chance.

Slayer blew hot and cold. You never knew what mood she’d be in or what you were going to get with her. One day she might give you a punch in the nose. On another day, you might get her warm little hand down your pants, like the time Red put that bleeding spell on the two of them.

He wouldn’t mind the Slayer helping him out in the sex department. She was a hot number in her tight leather pants and skimpy tops, when she wasn’t ranting about how evil he was. His hunting wasn’t the only thing that suffered since he’d been chipped by the government and chained up by the Slayer.

He finished sucking down the blood and spat the straw out of his mouth. On the off chance the Slayer was in a good mood today, he made a big production out of licking his mouth.

She rolled her eyes and rinsed his mug out.

“I have a proposition for you, Spike,” she said. She pulled the black plastic box out of her jacket, activated the wristband she was wearing and placed the box on counter by the sink.

Now, I’ll find out why she’s here, he thought. “I like propositions from you Slayer. Come sit on my lap and tell me about it.”

Buffy pulled a stake out of the back of her pants and jerked it up and down to remind Spike to behave himself.

Spike sighed. “You’re always threatening me, Slayer, and here I am, a completely harmless creature, chained up in your Watcher’s bathtub.” Spike would have continued whining if Buffy hadn’t interrupted him.

“Put a sock in it, Spike. Here’s the deal. This box is tuned to your chip. Instead of giving you a zap, it’s supposed to give you a warm fuzzy. Are you game?”

Spike was not at all game to have his chip zapped. His brain hurt like the devil when the chip went off. “Hell, no,” he said.

“If the box works, I let you out of the tub …” Buffy said. She adjusted the controls until the box registered the frequency of his chip. She didn’t look at him, pretending she didn’t care what he decided, one way or another.

He could get out of this damn bathtub and it was about time. Getting loose was worth chancing a painful zap to the brain if he could escape from the Slayer’s Watcher and her git friends.

“What do I have to do?”

“Nothing. I can test it on you now. If the box works and you agree to the rest of the program, I unchain you.” Buffy held the box up with her finger poised to fire off the lowest level of chip vibes.

“Nothing ventured. Go ahead.” He grimaced and waited for the chip to send an electric shock through his brain.

Buffy lightly tapped the key and waited. Nothing happened. “Did it hurt?” she asked.

“No. Can I get out now?”

“No.” Buffy fiddled with the controls some more, raised the level a couple of numbers and tapped the controls again. She looked at Spike for a reaction.

“Nothing,” he said.

Obviously, the controls aren’t very sensitive, she thought. Buffy raised the controls to the top level and pushed the keypad and held it down. Spike’s chip received such a strong pleasure signal from the box, he was knocked unconscious. His head flopped onto the towel he used as a pillow and his eyes tipped back in his head. Buffy panicked and snapped the machine off.

“Spike! Are you all right?” Buffy patted Spike on the face to bring him back to consciousness. Did she accidentally hurt him? This was terrible. After a moment, Spike shook his head and started to wake up.

Buffy felt woozy herself from seeing Spike’s eyeballs go totally white. Also, she hadn’t eaten any lunch and was hungry. Her lack of food must be making her dizzy. She needed some carbs to tweak up her blood sugar. That thought scarcely entered her mind, when she realized food was not the bodily desire she most needed to satisfy as soon as possible.

She stared at the confused Spike as if she’d never seen him before. How could she have forgotten how hot he looked? He had a cute face, cuter butt, nice muscles, curly hair and blue eyes. She remembered how great he looked with most of his clothes off. The thought she wanted to have sex with Spike popped into her brain. She ripped off her shirt and unbuttoned her pants.

Spike came out of his chip-induced daze to find the Slayer half undressed and taking off the rest of her clothes as fast as she could. What happened while he was knocked out? Whatever it was, Buffy looked like she could eat him up.

When she finished pulling off most of her clothes, she leaned over him so her lips were very close to his and said, “Are you okay? I’m sorry I zapped you so hard.”

This was new, the Slayer being concerned about him. She’d never been concerned all the times she’d punched him in the nose. Spike didn’t wait for an invitation. He grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap.

“I feel good, Slayer. You gave me a hard-on. Unchain me and help me out with your pretty mouth.” He kissed her.

Instead of boxing his ears, as he fully expected, Buffy kissed him back, dipping her tongue into his mouth and stroking her hands on his chest and arms. Buffy straddled him and unzipped his pants with one hand, while clutching Spike’s hair with the other, her mouth demanding hard, deep kisses.

“I have to fuck you, Spike,” she said between kisses and biting his neck.

Spike, who was chained up, was not able to participate much. He wanted Buffy to unchain him so he could give her the proper rogering she certainly deserved for all the teasing she’d done in the past weeks.

“Buffy, luv, what’s the hurry? Why don’t you get the key …”

Buffy couldn’t wait long enough to fetch the key, so she pulled his erection out of his pants and impaled herself on him, crying out with a mixture of relief and frustration and some pain at Spike’s size. He didn’t feel as cold as usual, although cold would have been okay, too, since she was burning up. She slid herself up and down on him, panting and making desperate squeaks of pleasure as she took him deeper into her body.

Spike forgot about foreplay or going slow or anything else except how warm and tight and wet Buffy was around him and how he couldn’t get good leverage in this position. He forgot about his uncomfortable position too, when Buffy seized his face again, kissing him and thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She broke off the kiss and cried out his name as she came in great loops of pleasure. A moment later, Spike’s seed jetted into her, and she collapsed on top of him.

Buffy was licking Spike’s ear and catching her breath, when Willow called out and asked how they were getting along. Buffy’s eyes popped open and she immediately stopped licking Spike’s ear.

“Bloody hell!” Spike said. He was hard inside her and ready for another go or two, preferably without the chains.

Buffy looked at Spike with horror. “Oh, no. What did you do to me?”

She pried herself off him, leaped out of the bathtub and frantically searched for the clothes she’d scattered all over the room in her haste to get Spike inside her.

I am a total slut, she thought.

“What did I do? Innocent victim of your rampaging hormones, here, Slayer,” Spike rattled his chains at her.

“Damn, damn, damn,” Buffy said to herself as she pulled on her underwear. She answered so Willow could hear her. “I’m testing Spike out. His chip, I mean. I’ll be right there.”

Spike accepted he wasn’t going to get another taste of the Slayer for the time being and awkwardly pulled his pants back in place. “Zip me up here, will you Slayer? I can’t reach.”

Buffy leaned over the edge of the bathtub, her butt in the air, to jerk his zipper up and saw he was hard as a rock. Wow, she thought. Her teachers never said anything about continuing hard-as-a-rockness in Health Class.

She felt an intense desire to kiss Spike some more and do a little testing of her own. She’d never given a man – or vampire, either - a blowjob and here was a golden opportunity to try something new and hone her skills on someone who was in no position to complain if she didn’t manage things right.

She forgot all about getting dressed, and put her mouth around Spike’s erection. Spike moaned with pleasure as she ran her tongue up and down him then took him fully into her mouth. She sucked and licked him as he rocked into her.

Still in chains, he could only stroke her hair and enjoy what her mouth was doing to him. When he couldn’t hold back another moment, he spurted into her mouth and sighed.

Buffy gave his tip a last lick and zipped up his pants just as Willow knocked on the door.

“I’m done,” Buffy called out. She avoided looking at Spike while she finished putting on her clothes. She didn’t know whether she was more aggravated at herself for jumping on him or at him for being so inviting.

I’m being ridiculous, she chided herself. I’m experiencing the normal needs of a grown woman. I’ve neglected taking care of myself and things got out of hand and Spike took advantage of the situation. If I had a regular boyfriend this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. It has nothing to do with wanting Spike or having feelings for him or anything like that.

She took down the key for the chains which Giles left hanging on the back of the bathroom door, outside Spike’s reach, and opened his wrist locks. She said, “I forgot to tell you you’re going to be with me night and day for the next six weeks. And, you can forget about a repeat of what just happened.”

Buffy grabbed the zapper box, tossed Spike the key so he could finish taking off the chains himself and ran out of the bathroom.

Spike grinned as he unlocked the remaining chains. He was going to have six glorious weeks with a sexed-starved Slayer. He could hardly wait.
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