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Positive Reinforcement by Spikez_tart
Chapter 5 – Training Me
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Buffy crashed into Spike, kissing him as if he couldn’t possibly kiss her back fast enough or deep enough. She peeled off her own clothes, tossing them on the floor, as she struggled to keep kissing and touching him. She tugged his clothes, ripping his tee shirt in her haste.

Spike pushed her away and took off his own boots and pants, taking his time.

“Hurry, Spike,” she said. “I want you.” She wrapped herself around him from behind, stroking his back and his chest while he pulled off his clothes.

Spike didn’t understand how she could be so anxious. They’d had it off several times today. He wondered if she was always like this, bursting with desire. He was ready to slow down and enjoy drawing out her pleasure, as well as his own.

She stopped pulling his clothes to pieces and clutched her head in her hands.

“What’s the matter, Buffy? Does your head hurt?” He lowered her onto the bed, his arms around her, holding her.

Hearing him say her name, sweet and deep, soothed her. Buffy kissed his mouth slower, deeper, allowing him to take the lead. “I was dizzy for a minute.”

“Let’s go slow and you won’t get dizzy,” he said. He broke the seal on her wristband and tossed it on the floor next to her bed where she’d dropped the black box that controlled his chip. He turned off the machine and gave his full attention to Buffy.

He looked into her eyes, as his hands moved on her head, her hair, her body, idly fondling her without any purpose yet, soothing, relaxing, slowing down her fevered pulse. He thought about what he wanted to do to her and how he wanted to make her feel. He wanted to pull her across his knees and give her a good spanking. He was sure she’d like getting spanked, but fear of what the chip would do stopped him. Instead, he made her wait to be kissed and to be touched.

“Sp… William, what am I doing? I’m the Slayer. I shouldn’t be having sex with you.”

He kissed her mouth again softly. She was sure the kiss lasted an hour, his tongue warm and wet in her mouth, his hands brushing her neck delicately, tracing the path of a single vein. He grasped her wrists and pressed her hands down to the bed so he could control her, make her concentrate on the feel of his mouth on her skin. His mouth moved from her mouth to her neck and her collarbone.

“You’re training me to be a better vampire, remember?”

He paused, taking her neck gently into his mouth, sucking over a vein to bring blood to the surface, leaving a rose-colored mark. He could feel the blood pulsing through her veins. He imagined slipping his fangs into her neck, and drinking. He fought to keep his demon from coming out and taking her.

Buffy made kitten mews of pleasure. “What are you training me to do, Big Bad?”

“To love everything I do to you.”

His mouth continued to travel down her body, suspending in the air over one rose-tipped nipple. He lapped her breast, his rough tongue making her shiver with pleasure. She fought to break her hands free, until he took the tight bud of her nipple into his mouth and sucked the point harder. She sighed with relief and relaxed her hands. She waited for the next thing he would do to her. She understood she was supposed to wait.

Slow is good, she thought.

He nibbled down her soft belly with blunt teeth, then, slipped his fangs out, delicately brushing them against her without drawing blood or breaking the skin, allowing her a tingle of pain-pleasure before hiding his fangs. He was reminding her he was being gentle, but he could be altogether different. He kissed her bellybutton and her pelvic bones, sliding his tongue down the hard ridge of bone. He gently pushed aside her damp curls.

She cried with frustration as he explored her, caressing her roughly, then gently, petting her with his coarse tongue, until she whimpered, then begged. Please, please, please Spike. He rewarded her with a single sharp dip of his tongue. He placed his mouth over her, sucking her gently. He grasped her wrists more tightly, as she twisted her hands again. She wanted him inside her. She pleaded with him and jerked her hands desperately, fluttering her fingers as she tried to reach him and touch him, until he brought her to the edge and tipped her over.

He released her hands after kissing and sucking the hot pulse points in her wrists. Then, he crawled up the bed and stretched himself on top of her. He nudged her legs apart and slid into her.

“Ready for the next lesson?” he asked.

“Mmmmmm, teach me more.” She made tiny scratches on his back with her nails as he thrust into her, lazily, easily.

He held her head, his fingers tangled in her silky waves of hair. He rested his forehead on hers, concentrating on the movement of his body in hers and the smell of her sweat, her arousal and the swipes of perfume on her neck that intensified with the heat of her body.

He wanted to suck the scar on her neck where his enemy drank from her. He wanted to obliterate Angelus’ mark with his own, but fear of the chip stopped him. His demon skipped closer to the surface, demanding her blood. Spike turned his face away from hers on the pillow, in case his vamp face tore out when he came. He didn’t want her to see him looking like the demon he was while they were making love.

Buffy wanted something. She wanted, not just the release that was coming, but something darker. She felt frozen in place, unable to move her hands or her mouth, because Spike was holding her head. The answering thrust of her pelvis against him seemed to be the only movement possible.

Buffy remembered the intense feeling she’d only satisfied once before. Angel’s bite had been painful and raw, but it awakened a dark need in her. She wanted Spike to satisfy that need, no matter if it was painful. She wanted him to wipe out the time before and replace her scar with his own mark.

“Please, Spike, you know,” she said. She pulled her hair away from her neck, inviting the danger and the hurting.

If she’d asked earlier, he could have ignored her, left her wanting. Now, he was too close to the border, too close to be rational. As he slipped his razor sharp fangs into her tender vein, he steeled himself to endure the pain, but it didn’t come. He removed his fangs and held his mouth over the slashes, drinking the blood that spurted into his mouth. He forced his mouth away from her shoulder, pressing his fingers against the wound to cap off the bleeding. She crushed her mouth against his, tasting her own blood as her release came.

Her blood surged through him and he pumped his seed deep into her body.
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