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Where Do I Stand? by Thianna
26 - But He Was Older
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Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.


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A/N: Thanks to my wonderful betas 2zen2 and McChick

CHAPTER 26 - But He Was Older

… Chicago, Illinois … 1948

Elizabeth was able to calm down the little girl. Her sobs eventually turned to mumbled whimpers. She looked from Elizabeth then back to me as I quietly smoked a cigarette. It was all I could do to distract myself from wanting to do other things.

Slayer blood was pumping inside me and after the initial pain it caused, my body was asking for something else. My mate was just a few paces away and I wanted to take her, to feel her, to be complete with her. Unfortunately, there were other things she wanted us to do. We had to bring the children to a safe place. Part of me just wanted to do away with them, but Elizabeth would never allow me to do that.

I took another long drag from my cigarette, letting the nicotine calm me down. The little girl took a step towards me, looking at me curiously, her initial fear fading as she studied me.

“Wot do you want?!”

She looked down with a frown and I heard Elizabeth hissing at me, affording me an icy glare as she tended to the little boy. I shook my head and let out a sigh. My mate was right. She had just calmed the little girl down and it wouldn’t help us out one bit if I scared her back into crying. I was about to apologize to her when I felt something approaching. A second or two later I could hear heavy footsteps rushing towards us followed by a threatening growl.

The little girl ran behind me, clutching my leg in obvious fear as the creature stepped out of the shadows. It was a vampire, older than most I had encountered and from the looks of things hungry to the point of insanity. He reminded me of a rabid animal, the blood lust taking over his mind. His claws were painted a sickly red and his mouth glistened wet from the blood of his last victim.

The smell of death and blood were calling to me, especially now that I couldn’t quench my other hunger. The demon wanted to take its mate but since that was going to be impossible at the moment, it would be happy with a little more violence.

The rabid vampire growled once more. “You have what’s mine!”

I let out a snort. “Really now? What could we have that belongs to you mate?”

He answered with a growl and moved towards me, reaching for the little girl that was clinging to me tightly. I clamped my hand down on his wrist and pushed him back. I was surprised at the strength that coursed through me. He was older than I was but I flung him back as if he was a mere fledgling. He hit the far wall with a loud crashing sound, taking some of the stone bricks with him. He shook his head, dust clouding around him as he shook pieces of stone from his hair. He let out another menacing growl.

“It’s him… it’s the monster!” the little girls managed to say. “We have to run. We have to hide. Mommy told me to hide.” Strangely enough, now she was tugging at my pant leg, urging me to run with her. I glanced over at the vampire she called monster as he slowly picked himself up. I turned back to look at Elizabeth and let her see the determination in my eyes. She let out a sigh and opened her arms towards the little girl.

“Go girl. Elizabeth will keep you safe.”

“But… you can’t fight that thing. He will … he will… kill you. He is bad. He will … “ she started whimpering again.

“I’m stronger than that. You should go with Elizabeth.”

“No,” she said with another tug at my pant leg.

I let out a low growl. “GO!”

She took my hand then and squeezed it before running towards my mate. She screamed as the vampire lunged at me, but my senses already told me he was coming. I crouched low to avoid him, dropping down to the ground and rolling out of the way. He hit the wall behind me, and growled out his displeasure.

“Come on, mate. Is that all you’ve got. Can have a go against harmless humans but not against me?”

“Give me back what is mine.”

“Yours? She doesn’t belong to you mate.”

“I found her. She is mine to eat.”

“Honestly, I think you’ve had enough, mate. Or are you just stallin’ because you can’t fight worth shit?”

That did it. He lunged at me again and this time I took it, letting him pin me to the ground as I laughed. He pushed his whole weight against me but there was something inside me telling me that it didn’t matter. I knew I could handle it. He roared as he threw a punch aimed at my cheek. Pain was supposed to follow but it felt more like a slap than a punch. I could get used to this. Perhaps this was an added bonus to having Slayer blood coursing inside me.

I grabbed his arms, shifted my weight and then raised my legs up to throw him over my head, trying to slam him as hard as I could on the ground. A smile painted my lips as the subtle sound of bones breaking reached my ears. With an evil grin, I picked myself up and rushed towards him, clenching my right hand into a fist as I jumped up and slammed down, hitting him square in the chest. His chest muscles gave as blood gurgled from his throat.

“Did they taste sweet, mate? How many did you kill tonight? I bet it wasn’t enough. It will never be enough will it. Not for you. The lust has taken over, you pathetic fool.”

“Better… better than any you’ve tasted. You… you smell of drunks… and sewers.”

I clamped my hand on his throat. “And your sense of smell is partly off! You’re lost to the blood lust that you can’t tell subtle differences anymore can you? And you have the nerve to talk to me that way you mindless piece of shit! You have one thought on your mind… to kill by impulse. You have no respect for your victim. That train car was just mayhem. There was no thought in it was there? No art! No elegance! Just the demon going insane. Do you know who I am?”

“You’re … you’re … no one.”

“You’re older than me. So perhaps you’ve killed more than me, but you kill those who have no chance of fightin’ back. I’ve faced Slayers before and taken them as my prize. I may be no one, but who’s layin’ on the ground right now, mate?” I said squeezing my hand around his throat until the muscles on his face started tensing.

He tried to pull my hand away from him, but I held firm. In desperation, his claws reached up to scratch me, any part of me he could. I felt him digging into my right arm, turning my sleeves into shreds and revealing my marking. In anger he used his entire body to buckle and throw me from him. He succeeded and I slid a few feet away. He stood up once more and growled out both his frustration and anger. I picked myself up and goaded him on, letting my eyes turn golden and my fangs descend. He rushed towards me but instead of clenching my hands into fists again, I kept them open, intent on ripping his heart out. He was blinded by anger and didn’t even notice it when he plunged himself into my claw. He looked at my face in disbelief when he realized just what had happened. Then he saw the red marking on my arm.

“You… you have come… to cleanse … to change… How can you be … “

I squeezed my hand, feeling the muscle of his heart turning into ash in my hand. With a smug look, I just turned my back to him, not even waiting for him to crumble into dust.

//Spike? What did you do? How did you do that?//

//I don’t know luv. Felt good though. Real good.//

//But he was older than you.//

//Yeah, so?//

Elizabeth had not taken the children far, so they saw the monster disappear. Suddenly the little girl freed herself from Elizabeth’s embrace and ran to me, wrapping her arms around my leg like earlier. I didn’t understand what she was doing.

“Will he come back?” she asked softly.

“No, little one. He won’t bother you anymore.”

She released my leg but then clung to my hand. Elizabeth picked up the little boy that luckily was still unconscious. She gave me a worried look before turning towards the subway stairs.


Elizabeth let out a tired sigh as she plopped down on the bed in the hotel room we had rented for our stay. We had just come back from dropping off the two children we had saved earlier that night. That took longer than I thought and almost got us trapped in the hospital all day. Both children didn’t want to let go of either of us and we had to wait until they both fell asleep before the nurses could pry them away from us.

My mate looked up at me with worry. “Are you okay Spike?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Spike, what you did tonight…”

“Killed another Slayer,” I said with a shrug.

“Well yes, but the other one… that vampire.”

I sat down on the bed beside her. “What of him, luv?”

“How did you do that?”

“I don’t know. Does it matter? Killed him. Got you and the little squirts out of there safely. Don’t tell me you’re goin’ to give me a lecture about the violence are you?”

She breathed out a sigh. “No, but with everything that happened tonight aren’t you the least bit curious?”

“Of course I am. But there’s a simple explanation for it. It was just Slayer blood Elizabeth … Just Slayer blood doing its magic.”

“But that vampire said something to you. What was it? Umm… to cleanse … to change.”

“He was insane, pet. How can you trust what he says?”

“Our Sire is insane and she has insight on things.”

“That’s different, luv.”

She leaned on my shoulder and I kissed the top of her head. She smiled up at me then stood up and took my hand, pulling me towards her. I complied without argument as she led me towards the bathroom. She turned the water on, preparing a warm bath for both of us. As we waited for the tub to fill, she pulled me into a kiss, wrapping her arms around my neck and letting her body relax against me.

She sighed softly and moved to kiss her claim mark on my neck. It sent a shiver down my back and I let my hand slide underneath her top to touch her skin. She pulled away slyly and turned the water off before it spilled over the tub. She slowly shed her clothes, teasing me with her skin. I followed suit, but before I could slip into the tub, she had already settled into it. That wasn’t right. I wanted to be behind her and have her lean against my chest. She shook her head and opened her arms.

I gave her another frown but I knew there would be no convincing her so I complied and settled against her body. She wrapped her arms around my chest while I placed a hand on her knee, caressing it slowly. The water felt good and with a night like tonight, we both needed to relax.

I leaned my head to one side, unknowingly exposing my neck to her. With a small sigh she bent down and kissed my neck again. This time though, she pulled flesh into her mouth, teasing skin and muscle with a playful bite. Her tongue teased and caressed my neck, mimicking motions as if she was drinking from me.

“Go ahead luv. Bite.”

She hesitated, moving away from me as if she was guilty of something.

“No luv, you need it. You know that whatever I have inside me is better than anything you would be willing to drink and it’s too late now for you to go out and get anything else.” I raised my hand and placed it gently behind her neck, pulling her down to my neck.

I felt her purr softly before her fangs buried themselves deep into my flesh. The hunger for her I had earlier had returned as she lapped up at blood and suckled on my neck. I took her hand and placed it on my hardened shaft. She grasped it gently, her thumb stroking the tip in lazy circles. I gasped as she pulled more flesh into her mouth and pressed the soft mounds of her breasts against my back. Her name escaped my lips as she started moving her hand in long, slow strokes. She played with me, her fingers ghosting over me one minute and then the grasping me tightly, squeezing gently the next. I couldn’t help but move my hips in time with her hand. She moved her hand back and forth as she drank happily. She showed me just how much she enjoyed my blood by continuing to please me until I could no longer take the pressure building inside. My body tensed as I fell into ecstasy, screaming her name and professing my love. I collapsed against her, sighing happily as she pulled her fangs and licked the fresh bite marks closed.

“Elizabeth, I … “

“Shhh. … Spike it’s okay. You don’t need to.”

“You know I want to, pet.”

“Later, Spike. We have all day.”

“It might take all day, pet.” I said, leaning my head back to kiss her. I licked her lower lip, teasing her lips to part as I tasted her and my blood in her mouth.

“Mmm… Spike… Don’t boast.”

“It’s not a boast luv. I’ll show you how much I love you.” I kissed her once more and showed her just how serious I was.
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