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Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by TalesofSpike
Chapter 5.02
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Note: Thanks to my beta t_geyer for her unending patience, perseverance and support.

Chapter 5.02
Monday, May 20th, 2002

Buffy sighed and somewhat gingerly began to raise herself off Spike's erection only for the vampire's arms to tighten around her, holding her to him in a grip not quite tight enough to hurt but too firm for her to break without a lot more effort than she was currently in any state to expend.

"An' where the bloody hell do you think you're going, pet?" he asked.

"Spi-i-ike!" Her tone betrayed irritation at the very least, if he had needed any aural clues, and made Rogue, who was now curled in one corner at the foot of the bed, open a tired and slightly swollen eye. "We have to tell Wes and Giles. If they get the council on it straight away maybe they can get her out of there before anything happens. There can't be that many wannabe slayers with pink hair."

"Right, so we tell them." Spike gave an evil grin and reached over to pick up Buffy's cell phone from the bedside table. "Just because we're goin' to get the former wankers out of their cozy, little, lonely beds doesn't mean we can't stay right... where... we... are..." Each of his last four words was accompanied by a roll of his hips that set off whole new batches of sensation in the nerve endings of Buffy's internal walls, just when the slayer was becoming accustomed to the almost comforting ache of bruised muscles being stretched around him.

"God!" she gasped. "Is that thing ever going to quit?"

"After ten pints of slayer blood? With my sexy lady right here? Not any time soon, kitten... but I figure it could take a rest long enough for you to make a couple of phone calls... on the proviso that you let me shuffle my butt out of this rather large wet patch before it starts lookin' like a prune. An' you promised. We were lyin' on the floor, just over there somewhere, as I recall... somethin' about gladly spendin' all day..." The vampire waved a hand in the general direction of where the couple had been when Tara had come into the room that morning. "Now c'm'ere."

Buffy couldn't help but smile as she found the number for Giles' hotel and allowed Spike's arms to pull her back down to him so that her cheek rested against his shoulder before he squirmed his way over to the very edge of the bed.

"Giles has gone back to his hotel, right?"

"I believe so, love. Think Bee was gonna drop him off on her way home an' since I heard her screech her way out of her parkin' spot just before I..." The vampire was silenced by a fingertip pressed to his lips.

"Rupert Giles' room, please."

Slayer and vamp waited while they were put through to the correct room and then waited even longer before they got a response.

"Buffy? Is that you?"

"And who else calls you at one thirty in the a.m. , Giles?"

"Who indeed? Though I wouldn't put it past dear old Quentin at the moment."

"Actually we kinda need you to put the boot on the other foot." The slayer frowned as if trying to work out whether what she had said made any sense. "We had another vision and-." Buffy paused when she heard Giles draw breath for one of his lectures.

"I really hope that you and Spike have not been so irresponsible as to indulge in blood play when you had donated over half your blood supply to the... man tonight already."

"Giles! Haven't you realised by now that Spike would never consciously do anything that would endanger me in any way?" Of course, there wasn't a lot either of them could do when they both did what came naturally while they were sound asleep. "Call it a 'slayer' dream if it makes you any happier. Just get on the phone to whatever you guys have instead of an embassy in the fatherland. And why is Germany the fatherland and England's the motherland? Is it cause England's got more women? Or..." Buffy decided that perhaps impugning the masculinity of the English nation as a whole was not a wise choice considering she was currently impaled by a vampire who just might feel he had a point to prove. "Anyway, proto-slayer, pink hair as in fuchsia, kinda rock/biker chick thing going on with the major boots. Somewhere in Germany, can't say where 'cause we didn't get a decent look at the skyline or any landmarks or anything-."

"Or Austria or Switzerland or any of them other places as stick up street signs in kraut."

Buffy frowned. "I'm sure 'kraut' isn't-."

"Just give the old man his deadline, pet, and let him get on with it."


"She was killed, Giles. I mean she will be killed if the council doesn't get her out of there. The bringers will have closed in on her. Don't ask me how. I mean, I guess it's one of those dream things, but we both knew it's going to be tonight."

"Which tonight? Tonight here or tonight in Europe?"

Spike muttered under his breath as he did some mental arithmetic. "Nine or ten hours ahead so call it 11.30, not too many German speaking countries near the equator so say May-time you're lookin' at maybe eight or nine before it starts gettin' dark." He took the phone from Buffy's grasp. "Reckon you've got about ten hours, Watcher. Let's just hope that it's one the Wankers have already got their beady little eyes on 'cause I kinda liked the look of this one. She's got a bit of fire in her. Be a shame if it gets put out before it comes to anythin'. So, maybe once you set things goin' officially, you can ring round any of your old mates as might have pulled a tour of duty over there. We'll get Junior Watcher to do the same."

"And if she'd been some mousy type in a cardigan and sensible shoes? Then, you would be quite happy for her to die, is that it?" Giles asked.

"What? I was just sayin'... We told you, didn't we? What the hell else do you want us to do? It's not like there's any point us rushin' for the nearest airport. When all's said and done we don't know her. Chances are we never will. People die every day. It's what you mortals do. It's why we're not meant to get tied up with you lot in the first place. So what if I'm not gonna cry myself to sleep over it? Just make like ET an' phone home, Rupert." With an irritated sigh Spike stabbed at the button that ended the call and passed the phone back over to Buffy. "When you ring Wes, I'm not even here, right? Ten hours tell him, maybe twelve tops..."

It took Buffy maybe five minutes to repeat most of her earlier phone call with Wes on the line, by the end of which time Spike's lower lip was sticking out in an outrageous, little-boy pout. Buffy couldn't resist the urge to grab it between her teeth, tugging at it for a second or two before she let it go and looked down at him, her eyes glittering with laughter. "What's up? Did the big boys steal your marbles?"

"No-o-o," Spike answered almost hesitantly, his head tilted forward so that he watched her through his lashes as if he was shy, but nothing could disguise the laughter in his cobalt eyes. "But the nasty watcherses went and ruined the mood so you didn't get to enjoy your favourite bit... so... way I figure it..." The vampire looked her straight in the eyes now, with no further attempt to hide his desirous stare. "...You've got about five seconds to work out how you want it before I screw you right back into that nice warm happy place all over again."

With a shriek from the slayer and a pained wince from the vampire beneath her, Buffy threw herself from the bed, dancing toward the end of the room. "Oh, no you don't."

Spike gave a growl and set off in pursuit, reaching the connecting door to the bathroom just after Buffy clicked it shut and slipped the bolt. "I need to pee," she almost whined through the wood. "There isn't enough room for you and all those cups of tea you English guys kept making me drink."

Spike backtracked to the bedroom door as he heard her matching actions to her words. He listened intently, filtering out the sounds of Tara moving around in her room, to ensure that Dawn's even breathing indicated that she was asleep. Then, checking either way along the landing, he made a dash for the bathroom's other door, only for Faith to appear at the top of the stairs when he was still several feet short of his destination. He immediately slowed to a walk from his previous slightly awkward run. He could have pretended not to notice how Faith's attention was fixated on a certain portion of his anatomy. Instead, when she did finally lift her gaze toward his face he just raised an eyebrow in her direction, the coolness in his eyes making it obvious that he couldn't care less for the blatant admiration in her own, before continuing on his way, letting her see the back view of what she was missing as well.

"I'd either go back downstairs and cross your legs, or go see if you can find a convenient bush in next door's garden, pet," he drawled without bothering to look back. "...Because this bathroom is about to be busy for a very long and preferably private time."

When he opened the door Buffy was still sitting on the toilet a hand clamped over her mouth to stop her from laughing out loud. "You are evil! " she finally managed to hiss as Spike slid home the bolt and swaggered inexorably toward her, his penis swaying like a charmer's snake as he moved. Buffy grabbed a handful of toilet tissue, trying to get herself cleaned up before he reached her but the slick fluid that coated her thighs was resistant to her efforts.

Spike smirked. "Wouldn't even try, pet. There's gonna be a damn sight more where that came from before the night is through..." He licked his lips as he came to stand with his feet either side of her own. "And there's better ways to clean it up." He bent over, fingertips making Buffy shiver in anticipation as they slid over her inner thigh before he gently grasped her knees, spreading them open as he was about to kneel before her. Instead her gentle whisper told him to stand up and come closer.

"Buffy?" The vampire tilted his head on one side, clearly puzzled.

She reached up to stroke his cheek as she answered. "Let me take care of you, Will. For one thing I'm still kinda 'sore and limpy'." Then, she had to rush to clarify when she saw the look of concern that appeared instantly on the vampire's face. "...In a very good way... and nothing that's gonna stop me making the most of having you fit and well again, just maybe a break for half an hour or so wouldn't be a bad thing. Besides, our little eavesdropper's already heard me screaming plenty. Time she heard you for a change." Buffy didn't bother to say any more, she just turned her attention to what was right in front of her face. She slid swollen lips over the head of his shaft, running her tongue over the shallow groove that, after only her words, had already held the first thick drops of his pre cum, before raising her head once more.

She lifted his hands in her own, placing them at either side of her head. "Guide me, baby. You set the pace. Help me make it good for you. Tell me everything you want."

The vamp tilted her head back so he could look into those hazel-green eyes that he adored. "I will, honey, I will... only these things can get intense... maybe even hit the boundary on what's safe so the first thing we gotta do is make sure that we've got a signal for if you want me to let go or stop whatever I'm doing. So, you have any problems or you're uncomfortable with anything, you just slap me on the leg." He leant forward to kiss her tenderly, his fingers tangling in her hair, before he straightened up again.

Their contact was filled with love and encouragement. "Just start off like you normally would, baby. You know how to make me moan. You know you do. An' a little surprise is as good as anything. Just follow your instincts... Tease me. Make me beg."

Buffy looked up with puckish smile, keeping her eyes on his face as she used the very tip of her tongue to trace along one edge of the ridge that ran up the front of his penis. She started midway up, just at the height her mouth had happened to be at and then stretched her body upwards, tilting her head back further to follow the line up to where it met his foreskin before tracing it all the way back down to the shaft's base. A deceptively delicate hand reached out to cup his balls as she blew softly on the damp skin from a distance of about half an inch working her way back up again, having to occasionally move back as his cock seemed to twitch toward her of its own volition.

"Oh, Christ, Buffy." He started out half way between a whisper and a groan as the slayer repeated her slow torture, tracing the other side of the vein. He couldn't take his eyes from hers, and she knew that that eye contact fed his desire at least as much if not more than anything else she did. This was just a start though. He was still trying not to make too much noise, but by the time she let him come, he wouldn't care if they heard him in Dutton.

When she let him come... She reached behind her, picking up a ponytail band that she had left sitting on top of the tank one time when she got ready for bed. Spike's eyes widened with surprise as he realised what she was about to do. He winced in discomfort as she pulled it tight enough to get it to circle his shaft just below his foreskin for a second time, far tighter than would have been really safe for a human, before rolling it slowly downward until it encircled the very base of his cock.

"You could have just told me not to come in your mouth, pet," the vamp said softly, though the teasing look in his eye let her know that he knew, sooner or later she would live up to her promise to let him do whatever he wanted.

She licked away the milky fluid that had adorned the tip of his cock, pressing her tongue into the crease there and swirling it slightly as if she could make it open out further before she slid her lips slowly down over, taking him in. One hand still caressed the sacks that seemed already to be almost ready to burst. Her other hand first stroked the lower part of his penis and then, as she began to raise and lower her head, she used it to grip the shaft, pumping slowly up and down to stimulate the parts her lips had yet to reach and keeping up that same rhythm with her hand, even when she returned once more to using her tongue to trace the groove under his glans.

Spike's hands gripped her head more firmly, but only because his legs were no longer as steady as they had been. Buffy grinned and then took him slowly in once more. This time when his dick reached the back of her mouth she concentrated on relaxing her throat and little by little she swallowed him down, her lips reaching just a little deeper every time. Somehow, she didn't think that Giles would want to know that slayer muscle control could help overcome the gag reflex. Spike succumbed to the almost involuntary rocking of his hips, easing into her throat in time with her own movements.

"Remember, baby, one slap. Just one."

Instead, Buffy slid her hands around to clasp his butt, making his next thrust deeper and harder than he had intended.

She was rewarded with his loudest moan to date and the blond vamped out. As she realised, her pride and glee fed straight through their bond.

"God, Buffy." The vampire groaned, realising that any physical signal was redundant. He began to thrust deeper and faster into her mouth with every stroke, his hands tangled in her hair to guide her head and instead of the distaste or awkwardness he had worried about, all he could feel was her triumph at how she made him lose control.

"God, Buffy, let me come, ple-ease, baby. Let me come in your throat, in your mouth. Let me come all over your tits, so I can taste it on you when I kiss you..."

She reached up and pulled his left hand from her hair, guiding it toward his dick before tapping on his taloned nail. The vampire gladly used it to slice through the constrictive band, his seed streaming into Buffy's throat almost instantaneously as he bellowed her name. She pulled away slightly so that his semen spilled into her mouth and then leaned back and pulled his head down to hers for a deep, searching kiss as the last of the pearly fluid spilled over her skin. Without breaking the kiss, Spike scooped her into his arms and carried her back to their bed.

It didn't go unnoticed that the vamp made sure that he was the one who ended up lying in the damp patch they had made earlier and it wasn't that he had ever been anything but solicitous of her needs, yet somehow she felt that he considered that she'd given him a deeply precious gift. Though she hadn't thought it possible, it was as if he somehow cared even more deeply for her than before. She could almost believe that the bond was visible in the air around them, a shimmer of violet and gold, and if reading his feelings seemed effortless then surely that just meant that he couldn't help but be aware of her own contentment as he licked her skin clean.

"Spike?" she finally summoned the curiosity to ask. "What's the big deal? We've done other things that are more taboo than that."

"The deal, big eyes, is trust. The deal is you putting your life, almost, in my hands and believing that no matter how carried away I might get, if you gave the signal or showed any sort of distress, that I would stop. The deal is feeling your joy when I vamped out instead of being made to feel like the monster somehow makes me less than a man. The deal is you wanting to do whatever it took to give me pleasure, even though until you actually did it, you weren't so much expecting to enjoy it as thinking it was sort of your turn. The big deal, my beautiful girl, is you."
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